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It's time to talk sabres hockey. On WGR Sports Radio 550. Now rob ray brought you by Jim stay gap because hockey fans he told us by the locked court outdoors store. High impact your for hardworking men and women. By the greater buffalo area Honda dealers Condit was named Kelly blue. Do what's best value grants you greater buffalo area Honda dealer today and my first Jewelers for all the moments in your life go forth. Super. As often happens robberies. It's not exactly shaking hands and kissing babies but there is. The meet and greet portion. Robs afternoon news is under way. Yours at 16. Rubble is situated here momentarily robberies he'd be visit I simple logic. Like as the day off today. We are alive 716 neighbors and Carolina Hurricanes coming up tonight at seven pre game rolling at 6 o'clock. South pot you'll be along at 434. A football Friday roundtable and we will also have Siebert GM should. These Jason box. And here. Well for 530 pills well six see how long ago. With the secret general manager he spoke with the media at large earlier today the two classic rock I guess. The ice making truck was on the way through there sabres and Rangers getting ready to play on New Year's Day. That Citi Field. In New York City than so that was for awhile and GM took. The time to it for a few questions about his team we'll have them our selves here. One on one coming up at five. So sabres and hurricanes sabres lost to Philadelphia. Well last night who want to talk more about that team. With rob coming up here at a moment and then with all have a that was repeated pre game. Kind of look at that disappointing game that the sabres had point 24 straight games coming into the game rob and despite it being kind of bogged down there were a lot of shots really either in. Ample opportunity to tidy chemo. Yeah they did the in the third period they they did a nice job taken plucked to. Philadelphia in maintaining and there and it's still didn't. And manufacture the shots the puck to the net nearly got to the front of the net to. And you missed the net an awful lot. You know without being McCain earlier in the year well. You've always hitting them that he and so are the times he was hit the goaltenders were in the chest and but he was he's given himself a chance or you know rebound opportunity. Now there are starting to pick that corner and they're trying to pick that spot in the missing the net than their. They're giving up a lot of free opportunities that they're creating so. Just I think just trying to be maybe a little too precisely what two fifths he calls them. They've got a simple fight to skip the part that that that that Philadelphia was not. Team that. Physically dominated in front of the net they went fourteen to hammer you on the walls I thought we were probably the more physical team and that game. And still we couldn't penetrate the middle the likes he got to get to the middle of the ice and I'm talking middle of the ice is between the the hash marks in front of the net that's where you you got to get your dedicate yourself to be there with the. Plus degree care. But the first per it was the best opportunity. And Michael and pulled in there you know don't goalie got that yet but what really sloppy as a reporter for both sides now than that this this. Mushy game back and forth really neither side neither team could really pass get things going for your right. Overall I think that the sabres. My they had little better puck control part not management but time of possession that's what will ultimately I think I thought they had it appeared. To come out only like a 11 knew what was talked. Came armed say they had chances to tie that gave a figure came in the open and that's really. That made it out that that was then that's that's your guy you don't write eased. Each other certain gradual puck mr. Wright game and Jacqueline banners one you know Kyle postal maybe you'll get those the kind of guy that you gotta get you're trying to get the puck to. When you're growing up playing in the last minute of the game that dreaded bright guy game. It's not getting the puck aren't too Jake McCabe stickers or or or. Julio it's that you're talking about getting detractors hammer somebody like that that's gonna get through. Sold them the street with points at Steve's ends and I don't know all too. I don't know that I thought he went through certain standings with great curiosity. I don't know how we talked about. Britain declined and they still went into play last night at five points behind seventh place in the world vision. They got as a result. By getting points work for him but he that it did it in from one spot but. There was still a long way to go now I wonder if last night doesn't just start another. You don't slide this team. It's really been the story for a few years where. You know nobody slide are restarting the eagle eagle ground you're rolling a little bit and then you know you. You don't get points in 34. That'll I don't think that that could be you've got the Bruins coming up after this guy Carolina tonight which of the team that is you. There's no reason why you shouldn't beat them or you know you have your chance to brilliant game I think it you know the fires again next week so. The next three games there's there's possibility where you could win all three games there's it's not a that it played anybody that so dominant. And then you backed up with Carolina against Carolina twice in Philly again and now like I say the next four games this that the spurs look look here you've got opportunity to win four games if you if you had your game together. This that was so many little things last night that. You know getting the puck at your own trimming time. Seeing guys would get an expert moving up and trying to exit the zone in the peace lower they've been looking around to see who they're gonna path for that get checked from behind it turned the puck over. They wouldn't get a note that last ten feet they are the problem distance at the Blue Line. This just little things that they hurt themselves like him and it's all mental things that you can change that should be able to be changed but. Are also things that shouldn't be happening at this point of the season so. You know things like that happened early in the year yet but not thirty some games into the the season that Elektra thing should be cleaned up but he. Robbery here at 716 with me on people like Mike as they often a sabres and hurricanes. Coming up tonight at seven from keybank center. Chad Johnson goes back in you know Lennar Robyn Meier has played last night with his fifth game row. And he had really been rolling it's not much of a surprise with back to back here and the fact that yesterday it was his fifth straight games that rates are. That you would get to it that Chad Johnson. What do you. It's important that you Johnson for a contract here he's had a which numbers are bad. Maybe he's been. Unfortunate these teams he's played in it and maybe some of the worst performances by the team. In the season and they you know. But either one battle with. With the Minnesota yeah you know or an escort from the goal line in the united three are both fired shots so overall I was proud I was guaranteed we're scheme it. He hasn't been that bad either either cool about that and I think putting Robin. In the first marine injured right it was hot he did an excellent job he he. Even last night it wasn't from a letter that you know and all of these issues game it's offensively you've got to generate some you know you know support to go with what you're doing back there. But I you know it time we got to keep you got people who will that are going that you never know. You're coming in to a point in the season now to come holidays. You know who knows what could happen coming out of this hole with this team you know. He's about those cocked an awful lot he wants you to Christmas new year type thing and he's gonna hurt you know. Maybe make some moves that are building when he needs to build here so. A goaltender could be one of those guys are on the move and others talked the other day's news and you know lot of talk going on around that. Philadelphia was looking for goaltender and Robin let her name was was popped up in and you know to be said that the possibly heading down there so. A lot of things can happen in you know wanna get yourself in the position where you may trade your your. So called top guy and then you're you're secondary as blatant a month ago that got to throw him in as well so right. You've got to manage your team you gotta manages the goaltending in the utes it's only fair to it. The back of goaltender is well that he's he's gonna get in did he gets himself to play and try to keep himself going. Right and if he's on the team needs significantly on the right. So Lampe out I'm fine with that. If they if they find a way to trade even if they. Probably to trade liner with where they're at this season but I'm not about my gravity problem with the bullets were even this spot should do. Rangel mark up in the navy panel mark becomes the number one before next year you know to see how that goes this year tried out. And then she be ready for well I think that. Moving forward here at the Jason's. Gonna have a very good idea what he wants to retain for next year and what he doesn't and anybody that's in the archer of their contract if it would hit a certain point. That if he did not. Get rid of them by the deadline. Then in other could be guys just sitting on the sidelines. You know in in younger kids coming in and and starting deployed it to try to get themselves. Groomed and ready for for the future this team. In a lot of cases there's no sense playing summary this summer orchard view when you have no aspirations of resigning him. When you could be playing kit that it could be getting it tremendous amount of our people experience so. It on the road a lot of that could happen but I would think for the most part that if if Jason as. The season goes on here and especially early into the new year that if he's got guys that he's knows he's not gonna. Retain the services that he's he's going to be looked content to move it how how. How disappointing is it. That would with where this teases in the standings that the say that when the season began you would have expected this right I wouldn't expect this type of this team would. What matters it's with the new collection and it and and even you know moves that would made. In the off season. But that that guys like Bailey Baptiste still. Not found a way to break. We don't why I asked Jason box that's maybe the first time we've sat with him. This regular season he said well you know he cited the guys that console whoever I knew that that have to put their timing down there. And he actually you know. They beat the blossomed at me and make me believe they included top players. Have a out dogs are that would speak you know what we're both familiar both guys were going to be a major players they need Blakey who won this you know. You can throw it hurts and bashing into that too. On you with those guys these guys have got plenty of opportunity over the last few years well a team is the bottom of the pile. You know in in and here having difficulties cracking in the lineup. The athletes her bottom three team in the league for the last two years then. You know other there could be a little bit of an issue and I would think that you know even if if it was over rate now offer. Believe in bad seeds and and and fashioning these guys could not walk away and say they didn't get an opportunity. And I think that. Old management and new management is both give these players plenty of opportunity to the community play. If either one could have committed in and been consistent with where they played when they got here rate alcohol. Because you know they always made. Rave remarks about the reviews for how they committed played the first few games. And then the tail off and that's that's the difference between you or regular NHL for errors that's you know could be. Open downer or or not. Get much more of a chance because he got to be able to be the consistent right and I don't think that. They've been able to do that. In your opinion is that. More about ten hours of maturity. Focus like what what is that like bashing the most recent example he is still here by the way he just hasn't played. He played three games in an IV units. Are started out really well and sort tail off and now. There's been scratched. Maybe he'll get back in here before it sent Donald stated that he used here there. The what what what drives that is it but I tend to think maybe the guy gets but he. Talent and the town of in the community show that they can do it they've proven that they can do they get more. Situation were immensely you've got to be tough enough and strong enough to realize what your role is and and prepare yourself to go through each and every night. Sometimes guys get a little success meant me get a little slack in you know there there's situations not naming names I see kids. On this team sometimes. That you know you're on the road and you know that many had a good gamers so that all of sudden there's an optional practice comes up somewhere along the line and you see young kids. Take in the option. It's sort of being out on the case. You know continuing to work in and get themselves better. Duo or I've got a couple good games here I played her name joking around this year and might rest to take the day off here and I and come back a very you don't do the you can't do that today people are watching that too and they're seeing who the guys are that are stepping back and and and not you know giving that actually there's even some guy Manning talking the Kipp kids there's guys here that in your effort. You know 23 years that still have that mentality that. I don't have to be out there every day and I don't have to work you know on this days of option that's for the guys that are playing in the guise or July and while it's not. It's not it's it's for guys that are still trying to battle. Through to get themselves better to get them sauls on a higher line it's there's so many. Variable that they should be out there doing it and and and pro with a basketball. Proving in showing to the coaching staff and management and whoever else may be watching that. Hey you want to allow a wanna be the best I could be and I wanted to do the best they can do it and it by taking days off but don't think that sometimes. And that path that I would think it find out tees off this out. I think Jason borrows a very very Smart guy and he's able to read people extremely well. And I would think that. You know he says the U wants to take its time to make sure you make the right decision on guys but I would think that. The amount he's been around the mound he makes contact with the players you see you clocked employers an awful lot coaching staff watching. All the games. No he knows exactly what he has legion this story Alan and it's it's a matter of him. Deciding who's going to be part of this team moving forward and and finding out who that he could actually moved. To better the team. How we if you had a. Now which Howell. How dramatic. You make changes. Its key event like rip stuff all year. Or you think it's more of sort of I think that he's he. First and foremost. He's looking at the core of this hockey team deceive its accord that he's comfortable moving forward with. Because if you have that established group of guys. That you can fill in around it. Pretty easy you know because with a lot of guys out there and a lot of guys that you know come in and whether one or two years and you know they they. Play over top of them so sometimes because they're trying to. Through to get contracts from Alabama Julio right now you know a guy like that to me and not over achieved with his play lights out do a great job. You could find those guys but I think it's it's more important thing now for him to figure. The group of guys that you consider your core guys moving forward but they're the ones I want there are they the ones I want leading my team and in doing what's gonna. We need him to do I think that's where he's figured out where I would bet that. I would say with the exception of Jack can and and maybe restore line and on this team. Anybody else it would be available right and he would and then what really to listen to anything on anybody. And if one of those guys were to move them that would answer the question. Reports about the but he right it is it is feeling completely clear on earnings record beauty he treats and mine are going in you know what you know particles or feet. Rates are absolute. Than what he's don't use this guy in subway. Was not what we now we're. We needed expect them to be or what we've not what we need to build the team that we wanna build moving forward even though look at it require the to be very good work what. The style in the game that we wanna play and he might not fit into it. So. You move. That's where you sit there every night when when guys score Evander Kane everything he scores you should be happy if a that's you know all these guys when they have a good night it's like you and yoga and another one get a hold their of them that do let them get another one. Because it's only gonna benefit us as there almost. In your mind always be trying to keep these men. I'm accurate it is think that. I don't know I I honestly can't say how they feel about them and always he's done an excellent job Sheila I think this. I think it commander Cain is matured an awful lot in the while. And he's grown up and he's not quite the same person but him and McCain on the other side to his is different than most guys out there he's a guy that. You know he doesn't need to do a lot of things that normal guy have to do to be it will play his game he can get away with a lot more. And still be able to play the game he needs to play so he's different. Then almost anybody ultimate team and mourn and there's only a handful of those that we got reasonably in I've only ever played with him for those guys in my entire career. So are special players that are counted specialists that. That's you just have to decide is as a group that if you take the chance moving forward the date. Do you play the same way what you get a contract. You know views does he continue to play which you need to be still being that same person all the kind of things that. But not all yeah it's all Russell ballpark yet feels very much really if he were you are going to be capped. Probably be hearing something about negotiations. Any report on that we hear about him is that the beat on it sent right but it's always. He caricatured and McCain is never thought they are an outside where relatives and we're just over the sabres are talking about content when you're on the road in your doctor and you know a lot of guys. That are Scopes that are part of other organizations and wherever Hugo were every night in the building theirs. When he difference coats and when he the fourteenth and you get a lot of questions. About him and another you get a lot of questions about them is yours. That people have a lot of questions about him. Like why it is what you one you know the one that 22 he I understand that Palestinian and the other. That's a lot of birds and are considered judge that because that that the situation with the aim and and you know they they looked at half performance sometimes and filling a role. Economic and if you go to a team via third line checking senator only killer in and play usual routine that's you know great talk to law school. No he could definitely feel that that spot that was a time when I thought. Almost half a percent that was what he was gonna do for this but you gotta have the top two lines go with it before you know the benefit. His greatest asset and I think that's that's defensively right now. We are we're we're out of time it's just funny amused looks like I'm I'm off after today Chris it's so it. America's Snickers was view it OK to say that viscerally to sign in a month's final weekend before Christmas and going home for Christmas and I actually. Are all the stores families sterling sterling river over Christmas tomorrow back home. All right so looking forward to a whole family don't hold my my whole side you're gonna learn the game and picking up your stomach him in order to ago. Some Republican or copy the hall he got it I mean you totally. Get out of here it bought Rama what amounts are the award. All we aren't you know things to discard them were over in little boys. He'll talk to vote able to remember this snoring in the right into the wall and nobody. With some of the radio address the way. Oh joy that safe travels and thank you guys ever occurs we're happy I'll tell you do badly sclc are ready so. It's so hard to see you're C repair and instead of always good bills that. But. Will get that sorted out thank you rob.