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Friday, December 15th

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Don't reveal whom the Buffalo Sabres live from 716. Food in sports this he's not homeless. You belts post game show on the Buffalo Sabres radio. Here's your host Ryan cozy old. Fortune that need it for what. But have been me. Maybe a perfect script night project cycle. It's pretty good night for himself three goals first ever NHL Patrick but the sabres fall in overtime as Carolina. Beats the Buffalo Sabres by a five to four score we will give you besides that what's extreme sport Frankel you with you here this is. The official Paul Williams fell savers folks killed. But I hadn't had a sting a little in the sense that. It was setting up for the dramatic. Endings. Suited CO CK here that he looking at Michaels and get the puck on the ice. She gets to keep his fourth of the night or at least be involved in the game winners that it's Jacobs late. Getting it's there to the year to fifty nudity OT CB Chad Johnson. And the savers. Call tonight in overtime by that by this score. Coming up here on post game of course more on what Jack Michael did tonight he took over. In the third period three buffalo back from the fourteen deficit. And tying things up at four wheel that player reaction. Which include Jack does Paul Hamels that is on his weight sabres dressing room and we'll get some reaction there will get a chance to hear from Michael as well as some others here on our Paul Williams built post game. Also we'll have Phil Housley is like posting comments he meets with all the rest of the yet. Think therefore that movie opponents say it's all the highlights. Get a chance to use of these calls technical. That were to stay the course your phone calls are welcome. Number locally in the buffalo area it's 80305. It you know 30550. Told free anywhere around the world that are idealistic it's 1888552. If you. You can send us a text on the eighteenth he talks like that numbers like that but if he's switching TT wireless DirecTV today they connected all season long AT&T entertainment. Your way or you could semi sweet if you're on Twitter tonight at Bryant double BC on. Well I mean the story. Would have been sweeter but EI the main story is about right. Three goals tonight its first ever career Patrick and even beyond his scoring a goal that he or even before he got seconds there that was. Talking with Paul Hamilton in the press boxing out. He goes skating great tonight. He works last night set up. Couple of his teammates for quality opportunities to score tonight they only got one. Tonight though even before Michael had gotten his second and third I mean I just thought you would actually. Some really good. Puck handling skills in the first period of play and sending a picture it's enough for equality opportunity. Then later in the second again rates the handling brings in setup to me for a chance. Then in the third. As Carolina had scored three quick points. The big scores that was Michael brought the puck he would. It had a great opportunities for them to keep all of a political statement to one lead. That stalled Bryant went home all sports fans forget that that Carolina would afford to over. But then Michael took over. Any scores his tenth. And eleven. Of the season and second part is that an accurate but slave and unfortunately and his sequence there that game could have wanted on a breakaway. We intervene has been. Little snake bitten as of late I'm sure he's not too happy about that. And it's late in the when pilots go to the room live reaction to start with Jake became involvement. Thanks Brian Jacob a lot of motions and I came in Europe are down your back your back I mean in minutes in overtime means very up and down game wasn't. There was there's a realism and common. Laker game for the most part that we had too many mistakes collectibles and where games that right now we can afford those. You know we did show good resiliency come back to America. Obviously in the charger and take over the game but. You know resolving to the two points in that and the day and just knock the effort to help will you guys back to pull for. It's it's just kind of players he wants when every now and he's. You know he's a guy that you know puts a lot of burned himself to produce and tonight he did that for us and and like I said. You know we need and a you know and held Johnny backed area every time you know it's been in their we've we've given up way too much and whoever they like to get them form and just partially full of shorts and a that's structuring. The mistakes in pockets. Because I'm I wouldn't say there were a lot of them. But they seem like the came in pockets and they're not there's not lichtman glaring mistakes and an argument I'm but the small the small ones out up in an economic plan Lawler. First offense and comic you're Briscoe passed and that's you know we're stuck in Arizona and you know that may not happen that play but you know couple post on the road you're tired and you know that's been you know those blistered adding up so going forward membership counts mean to continue to. In a worker consistency through a full sixty minutes when you looked up re pretty sure your vote count when he when he saw the replay. Doubtful and I don't think Internet too much on so. I'm hopeful for sure. How much does that appointments it's just an increase in total tonight at opponents this overnight. You know going into on players when Trevor at the goal is possible to get bodies there and arms united to you saw us produce schools because of so going for the something about her picture. Let's take McKiver on the post game Brian back to. Thank you very much falling alternate with Jake Davis he had the other buffalo goal tonight. McKee scored consecutive season that led off the story get any very wild third period that saw six goals scored. Three for Carolina three for buffalo put it at that point there. Indicate that a very geeky he has three points overall goal and two assists definitely one of its that's offensive. Productions of the season so far the sabres getting anything. Offensively from their defense and influence. But back to the relief inventor dean now. Other games. Yeah there is. For the crowd and good time it was exciting embarked. So fun listen. Are we here is able to come back I mean personally I believe now they score but you rules and you guys come back at square punch holes look at what got guys back into it. I think just the goals. You know we. Occasionally Utley in the third period there two on the scored two quick ones there. It gently there and if you're curious or otherwise and we we respond quickly and dollars us a tough postponed because. Better chances and tonight a plan my chances the resistance you guys did you there it seemed like yet these three goals and four minutes seem like in games. Asking that the time it and pulled it this coast that didn't. Tonight you know I think we've done a good job of felon back in the third period in our query about. It's a thin and it's like enough and I'm on a bigger reason. Why it's not enough to that roll off his stick in overtime. Than to name a thank you really got to look for ya got up and roll position at times. They should know better basis not very good in overtime and Firefox and for what does it and it's. I do it I think we you know we we played with some jam. Throughout the course of the evening. No special hours after period. Two tie at the cannon and and finish. And it's unfortunate that. We were able to complete the comeback. And McCain and post game Brian back to you. I that the standards mean. For the fact that settles it rankles me if you fight and work. It goods. The sabres fallen let's go to the room here's Jack like the ones. Yet if these things it's you know tough on a thought we did pretty good job because of momentum back after this would place there and and we its chances in overtime. And I really sure what happened on the last play I think history and John a little bit there extra. Martha shot I've almost broken playoff look at the end but that's thing's for sure you know. To the building into it crowd's going. Would this. Don't forget it. That. That's because you scored three goals looked like you were flying for a lot of the night did you feel good most of the night I mean I focus. You know the elegant jump. Trying to use my speed. Should the puck in and create fear for our team and I thought. Federline had some good chances in the first and then. We're able to go in the second and then a couple good chances in the third and scored two goals so. You know it's good things. That Patrick. There's an and one in this building 2011 I know that's sadistic creep in your mind to places like. I mean you are with me to think water you know you don't really ever go into the game saying that here trying to Patrick here you know Yahoo! is on just. You hope your team trying to win the game and and you know stick with the game just in Trenton. If Trent can do things in the two successful so you know photo shoot the puck pretty well tonight. A credit to some guys I thought. If you were paid really well he gets you know. To really get plays there and and I don't care Farmar obviously. You know we're big so. You know there's a lot of things but. They really get one point and and sings a little bit. Select mistakes came just in a much. I mean it was like you made a lot of them but in that little bunk area work Carolina got the goals it it seemed like you guys piled them up and in a small monster did mean. I mean notes that. Frustrating. You know Arab protest statement and bowl. On the back then and and careless change what comes up as swearing him in. Bad timing. And the other two obviously. You know it to look at him and you know transit system. You know things that we obvious if they get better at their d.s own and you know we did some good things in and this is a group we all want to. No we all wanted to better north's. No it's not good enough to get a point you know it seems like that's been the recurring theme apparently you know we've we've had good efforts and we've put ourselves in. In games and opportunities to get winds in the and we're coming out with in overtime loss is so. It's it's it's a bit frustrating but. You know always gonna have to move on from it and keep going and Republicans here for the Christmas break and then. You know or on the New York City so. You know it is off here and they're ready for our next game more pleasant to see that resiliency. In the third period going out fourteen and it to be at a time that. At stake and obviously. We think we're an erotic games and and that's been the case here we've put ourselves in. The opportunities to win. It's a slow frustrating you know you'll. Top off at two points. Thanks a check back on post game Brian back to you. All right Paul Hamilton there. Our Paul Williams felt post game rankles you hear that what's that spot for Carolina Michael Patrick. Takes over the game of the third period but sabres. Unable to finish it off by getting the two point tonight you hear that frustration and all the if they gave it gain in Jack cycle they're all part of our political block for reports. Front to back that atlas air quality health coverage it's our mission. Physically doubtless there dot work still to come Phil Housley live post game comments we'll have Paul Hamilton's take when he through the highlights to whom called 803. Hope by fifty you're 1888552. But if he thought. For all our local affiliates receive it guides you wanna keep listed a post game. Go to WGR by fifty dot com or on the they'll yards by it yet but we're all gonna like to hear buffalo what were revealed by fifty or Paul Williams felt post game coming up. Five for me but it OT I've rankles he'll let it settle at six. This is the Buffalo Sabres radioed him. Talk talk talk straight ready. Big it's. My ward picked picked up another big key vote. 257 of overtime. We know back the other way crossing the buffalo line Michael faculty ice ozone hole cuts to the net. Home. Now expect to see what. Curtis Jacobs even from the slot and music into overtime at. Carolina leaves 054. Win. On that all pretty much in the same sequence being goes down on the breakaway. Then. Aboard a big save witches Clark Geico save of the game brought to buy a local Psycho agency 50%. This fifteen minutes to Rebecca what probably Scott. Fortunately will be to the goal in a moment but Phil Housley is that to the podium let's take you there live. And weirder issues that means we'll ahead next thing you know my bag vendor I'd like to. The next thing that is hiding in that sequence. Isn't a lot of open them. Well when you look at the game and I thought we had a real good control but. Up until the third period. You know system. It's a recognition part when the the puck changes possession have an urgency to come back. And you know as a bad break that Evander Kane broke his stick on that one goal. Look when when you when your net position in the and you see. You lot of games that we played this is their fifth came in the night this is. The second leg of a back to back and and to our guys to find. The energy to come back and and tie the game I thought it was a great effort on their part because. Could have easily gone a different direction but. For the most part you know are we played a really really good game it's just those little details. And I continue to talk about it about or play without the puck pockets that that urgency. That's something bad can happen and and it did you know so. It but the great thing is is that you know we find a way to battle back which is which is costs and buyer guys and it really. Was it the point in the game and where we were in the in the energy level that we had. I'll buy it you know it's just tough to lose in overtime you know this is. Continuing story try to change it to London. The end of the lines trying to give it something different because it hasn't worked and that's the disappointing part because you find a way to get back in the game to tie the game you get a point in overtime and you're looking for something. More here looking for a win. I think he just uses speed especially through the neutral zone. I think is and in some must've been triggered because he starts you're in the popular come and gone off a bad thing we really talked about. You know you're playing Carolina there's over one shot attempt seemingly. You know analytically there you know really getting off the charts and 55%. Coming into the scheme. The last five games and so we want to take a little bit of that recipe in this throw as many pucks as Annette and and that's what happens you look at his first goal withdrawal hoc committee gets a rebound. And then we just continued to shoot you know. We have to keep that identity is their team and and Jack was beaten took matters into his ankle and a little bit there and in the in the in the third and and found ways to tie the game which is a great effort on his part that. The dollar guys where we're starting to get their attitude about getting more pucks that are not. Yeah I mean I think what we gain that a little bit and started in Colorado went on a tough road trip the come in fact our building and you know if you could see where we're question and a good direction even though we lost in overtime. To Chicago and Saint Louis. We were we were making steps in the right way you know it come down from 20 the time Saint Louis with them that a lot of teams have been able to do. You know I thought in Philly we we had a solid effort in the could have gone either way in that game and we've just got to could keep pushing forward I think. We got to just keep moving in the in the right direction I know we want the results that at this point their season I'll take it. Retailers. We're. See more of what she needs via. Well you Lawrence does a terrific job under penalty kill he's always in the shot plane that was in our bench really rose after that in the guys were really. Pumped up for him to be able put his body in harm's way and that is just a great effort is especially in our penalty penalty kill at that point in the game. I. Tonight there's a coach Phil Housley line posting profits brought to you like all we built our. But North Carolina in overtime rankles with actors that that's what we got the technical topic the highlight. We gained him lenient policy could sleep there the year that the game winner. And it's our top kill all of the games. Literally a hockey god four cups of gold in front by Clarence its design studio for a beautiful not jumping to treat it. Clearance it's designed to him surgery. If called it intensity here in this one moment but for those of you. Aren't driving home maybe you can see it figured broadcasts but independently he's called the Michael Patrick here we go. His first one coming. Just thirty seconds that the Carolina had scored just leave but. Picking the one that nothing but thoughtful response. As the tense moments shot from the point in his ninth here. Good move but nearby buffalo which made shot Delta's home. It was second. And so the big shot in front it's been an article puts it one of one sport that point. That was where these different due to the third we go McCain scores with Michael bring in the pocket another play where he looks very quick. In this one it was safer drug puts you want but that that. He's come back to re enter roles all over the state line with a six million homeless nine hits suddenly Carolinas by two exported to. Seven minutes into the third period but here's where Michael it really takes over. First one incident of his second of the night put traffic in front is expected to hear and it's constantly the one. Pass some time he'll take you to get the Blue Line. Jack looking first shooting lights. And it's like goals and secondly. Even also assisting fourth three Carolina and the ten seconds later I don't forget his eleventh of the year. His first career at. Lot of hands on the ice for Michael and I think it's his first career hat trick. Of course for technical and tonight for a high tech clearly game and try to relax when outdoors store. For hardworking many way to get through. But it's the world. Five court days when it rankled them here so what's next let's go back across the street. Ball into the game winner in a moment but fans talking about cycles before. Here his first ever hear Patrick. They were some moments tonight expect a lot of them where he was definitely the best player in the nicest fans have been waiting for women's takeover game while. He was that you that you took the points away. You have to say he played very very well on the skating all night he was on it. You know just very impressive and that's the thing go when he. It's like he probably has good pickup. He certainly came through with a team needed him the most unfortunately is he said he thought he screamed goal in overtime and that's something you. You're gonna learn as a young player you don't go and hit out of the way but. Still. They don't even get one point it's not for him. At all. Movies when nobles who scored. But the game hold it makes it to Waterloo third Holmstrom in this. Bringing it game go to the net of. Lakers last night I. It encourages the first period but beyond silly stuff with his own goals I mean. The complete player was on display. Yeah how many times have you heard you say your best players have to be your best players and he's certainly wise and I know team was very upset with himself that. He didn't come through in overtime but normally you know he's he's a guy that you know is gonna come through for you. And unfortunately you know he gets the breakaway in overtime and then. I really didn't get it done so. You know you use you'll look at it. And it's just you know he had so many opportunities. But I never really got the chance to. Church did have plenty of opportunities try to score on it. By you know it just couldn't come through and that's what they need just one of those to come through warm. And. It just didn't. King last night holiday. High quality kids or obviously haven't been you're the OT tonight to. Look at these numbers that you rate that savers that's not the players on night that your friends are. But. After awhile it got that it's news story at the eighth. Like if I would understand what. And delete frustrated with himself that he's got a high bar for himself where he. Excellent but I can sense that the road when I hear these comments I mean stand right next to him. Yes he created a lot the last two games in helping us on informed so. You know that's the thing that's a finger to self. You you know that that that's. What you say I mean he's creating he's playing the way he's supposed to do it's just not going in the net forums so. Won't you know when you look at it that way. You know doing his best and it just he gets into those slumps sometimes where he just can't seem to convert. And but I think you would be more worried if he's not creating opportunities but he certainly is and getting. Oodles of opportunities there just aren't going to incorporate well he got the power play goal last in the one timer that he did move up puck away when. With the wind and cinema for the power play games to go. It's not like never scores but. You know he's definitely been frustrated because he feels he's one of the guys have to come through and he hasn't. Here. Even thinner right. It in the overtime as. At a break away from the previous week. The way I hope they get good point and I know that. Nor nor should they be yeah I guess that the good night. Still got that high art but they'll probably tonight. I think it's all the shock and he's looking forward and end up with one hand he also was inspired by their energy there which is something. The case. And what's your excuse. But I thought that was their most energetic it. All of that night and maybe even hope that this experience becomes real athlete village. It's definitely not an excuse what happens there is they came back. And they needed energy to come back they have the energy to come back right. In the long run they never should have been behind. To me you know if you look at it that way. You know if too many mistakes with him behind him and a bad break. You know the broken stick with the bad break. So you know that happened also. But you know really if you if you look at that we've we've never driven behind both you you have to give them credit they have you know you come back we've seen them come back and that's the problem with this you know they're chasing game and Jason Lott we'll talk about it. Bill how we talk about the players have talked about it it's not a recipe for winning hockey you just aren't gonna win hockey games when you're chasing needles. It also couple days off from game action. There home again on Tuesday from. Pruitt and then they'll get the same yeah they saw these last night they get Philly Carolina again. And in the whacky National Hockey League here we are forgot points and five us what 560. Yeah but it doesn't feel like it does now. The players are. He's happy. I guess we'll pull it. Semi progress. And rightly getting one point. Here there along the way is never. Then all of a sudden back into. This playoff what. Let's say what the sabres that's all the players have to believe that so. For them to be getting one here one there and I understand why. Okay what well guess what it was the first Patrick at home since the eleventh and it but that was 245. We watched a lot of games. It seems almost impossible I know it's true. But that seems like how does that happen. Well it. When it goes through ten season. Scored. When you have these cameras in the lineup for the three and Emerson. We can go back Google's closely to bring those jobs. And I fall have a secret hope that I dreary weekend it. So through declared victory pulled him in your post game pipe or. Carolina victorious. Phone calls coming up next 8030 by 51 if they thought it seems like it's the it had checked the NHL might look to see with the Bruins are a few that savers. Next week for now Longoria action on the South Carolina OT win. Rankled deal but it's a similar successes hosting you on the Buffalo Sabres. Good Carolina's zone as you try to clear far side big hit overall the boards. But they've got time. Ticket. Are ecstatic over the deck of the game rocky place and hopefully pathetic and the coach them. Here this level of six who scored Ryan pulls you. He called. 85. Think tonight they completed the scoring. He's thirty. Airline five. Victory tonight over the final stats Gloria power plays folksy. On the night shot totals. We need 41 shot outlook for the sabres tonight. Thirteen in the third two video TV we'll be one Carolina with thirty. Restart sleep with the game winners started. David very solid night beautiful to resist it started to force technical result first career actually. Star. This. Deliberately withheld and whether it looked like John Kerry. 5 to 7 o'clock hours. However for those that did it. Consolidated down here they've got to feel like they got their money with key technical. And propel here's a look at the whole house with nothing to go to Jordan buffalo tight toward the bedroom posted. Football graduation. Can first pit. Who served me you wondered. And they do is. Through some. They didn't get hurt that they view this fourth point you would. Create edit. The federal orders booked and it is but obviously this team is having trouble. Our goal. Relatively. Distant built plea agreement of that. And you've got a bit. Leave more night time. There are. Well I think that that was. The that he needs to create more offense that spots and guys if it might hurt their. Everything correctly. And asked people to Jack Nicklaus asked before that event are needed defensively. Which would be Phil Housley strong suit. And Jordan sank that if that's the fuel that better work itself as well which. What would meet tonight at three point yuck looking at this time last night it elephant I've seen with a little there period it. Like that they need to build out more about that missed the line for him to have no goals for the good lately that's not acceptable. Before the gave. Now that's just his second year he should have more offensively. Bella. But the wildcard to me this whole equation is Zach Bogosian. And and what he can do offensively in. It with how fluid he is of the eldest Peter is the first pass out of the zone all those things. Right so it's only eight games. Exactly so put that. You know the points of either I think it's just a matter of time. Panel like tonight it was a matter of time port Jack cycle finally broke out. This season and it really took the people were in we saw that with those two pools that's our fifth. The rest of the night. Thanks brightest one in on going midway through the first period in Vancouver do not want sharks want. San Jose is tied up after Michael Grant but gotta spit at the air for the home team Derek and what I want. It'll stages of the opening stands at between Vancouver. San Jose earlier on tonight the doubles by two winners over Dallas while the Rangers doubled the clean sport to. Chris Snyder writer Rick Nash. Also Kevin Hayes TT Miller the political scores for the Rangers neck contest 25 safer Jimmy Howard the rattling stuff that they police we don't want tonight. Now those are also getting his tenth goal. While the season error at a final Rochester tonight as the Marlys dumped the efforts to read it to a third period goal for Toronto. Gives them the wind. Over the efforts tonight. So like at the NHL Brian in the same result a couple days to it to rest in sort of recharged the batteries at drew what what's that ate steadily busy week but his a couple of weeks for this team. They go Michael. I threw a rock tonight they're home tomorrow. And they'll play the New York Rangers. Density and the plot beautifully Saturday. Monday isn't. They'll go three and four nights. See all red blood. Should he. Right this is a time when the sabres have to make Boston look like. The more tired team now we saw just earlier this week with the sabres looked like your little ones coming off 34 nights or 58 at the time but they do it. We're pulling the first thought of that string itself. They get data through light and it's that's what the sabres have really struggled to do now is he's there for awhile. I'd be the big moment for tonight the news that's when I don't think so the two goals and that is part. That is why. I think everyone visit. Clinton you're going. The generation of players. Individual plays already. Right but who would. And to me it was the second goal that really stands out because he gets that goal. Goes to the bench just does the cursory health this bumps along the fence you can see the look in his eyes that he is not happy that still for a three game at the time. This look at the scoreboard you're losing. Ten seconds later he gets the game tying goal that's to be right there is that is the point where you say you want somebody to step up in just want somebody to want the (%expletive) out there stick. Jack cycle is that all the right there. Was saying to me with with the way he keep. The e-book out on the ice that that's great I got my second album look at my third tie this game because it's the wind. That's exactly would be yet. With that deal. And or greater pain. With the puck on the stick. The way it and he dismissed it just flat out didn't get a shot on it and to support the pinnacle you'll elect. That thanks Brett. All 54 overtime exit the Bruins will be up accident. Next weekend we'll see these two against Philadelphia. And Carolina tacked back and forth all those games will be right here Buffalo Sabres radio network. All right we put a wrap here on our Paula the belt post eight kilowatt except what's excellent thank you for listing here. The way home opener you can see right over the weather that they at least outside the windows here that went to downtown it was like. Snow has stopped with a knife next to work through. Back in her neighbors studios to do look better than Republicans and I'll fall out of social media. Our premiere of the banks that are pedal Karl Jonathan Scofield Paul Hamilton over. For pregame show host the bulldogs. Were even though. And corroborate findings as rifles they'll make you get within the final note see Carolina hi buffalo. Talk to get that data rate you all the publicity. Radio network.