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Buffalo Bills football Friday that won't know who the our Sports Radio five feet yeah. Buffalo Bills roundtable abroad do you buy it. Northwest of this week's. Four lumber billionaire build fast I was impressed with western New York's traffic turned your ticket to justice doctor. And why don't match heating cooling more comfort in less pitching give bell never rains. Indeed that is right it is Buffalo Bills football Friday in this is our roundtable. Minus one might as they often race itself. Is ought side behind the bull by real live at 716. Neighbors and her teams come up provided seven. Pregame six Saber GMD's apocalypse by thirty from now until that. More football odds for real. Bill put gateway popped out of the bills want to receive. It's silly to even ask reached on a run the ball and that was trouble coy probably got offense that's probably what they wanna do right. You know how easy is that to do it's that you don't I don't I think this game is more bow. What what do we do well and not. Necessarily what the other team will give us. Because I think right now police dolphins are playing and he took the cast your what you do well make them stop you. Because they're there they're playing well in the secondary. That label raw defense. At the bills what they've done well recently is on the football. They are. Now suddenly and top ten team I believe and rushing overall they have a running back who's that in the league in rushing over a thousand yards who by the way the 39 parity that now average career that's. Benchmark they wanna get into Hampshire early on in this game that they can do that. And I think that overall you look at the numbers in a nice job lately the last 34 games the bills that partly to maintain that kids need to do that. Let's I think if you can't. Kind of where I'm Miami a little bit. Where they're wheeled out a little bit in this cold tea from you know coming from South Florida coming up here. I think that makes it a little bit tougher of the day on them and maybe you can jump out of a little bit and and at top of that. You know maybe Jay Cutler that has to. Reliant try to come back that I think they'd like to establish something early with the run game to forced Miami into you know doing some. Yeah I you know him newswires that built on the right. The passing game and it you know news is is limited and weapons to be limit. What what are the chances of Kelvin Benjamin point. I think right now we're probably looking either aid. I don't know I think it game time decision which could be possible or at least a Saturday night decision giving me they they go to bed at started I think he's either in or out. We may get to Sunday and not know for sure. Until we get one of those 5 AM out of chapter tweets don't let that be happiest if he's actually. Can a player now which it seems like we did every week. But I think it's looking better for him Sean McDermott said that. Today that you know if he's feeling good about it doesn't mean he's going to you know play on Sunday but. I just think that the fact he's been in the eighties that support this week. That's a good side but I wouldn't be surprised if suddenly he's out on Sunday I mean he is here with a knee injury for a second time after going off last week he didn't. Heating go to the locker room we didn't really finish the game on the field was on the sidelines so it wouldn't have. Prize BP doesn't play I think at this point I would say chances are more likely plays that doubtless did see. A comment from him today where he says something effective when I'm know I'm I'm getting through it operated gold medal battle. Political battle my guys target as the dogs will see if he gets that chance. I'm outside I I would say this birth per as bomb. As frustrating as the bills passing game at the end and recognizing that Tyrod Taylor in the saints game did have Kelvin Benjamin total. And three times early and then we did see him again until Peter bean got in neck even the score was. Out of hand. I would I would like to see a team where you know what's with the team not but a blowout. And Taylor and Benjamin on the field like seat theater he can make something I. Very we haven't seen that yet. And but here's the thing I mean I'd like to see that too but I think for her. The three years essentially whoever it is CB Watkins. Or all his weapons Charles clay Kelvin Benjamin. Kind of set that same thing insert name here now it's Kelvin Benjamin what they do together. In the passing game hasn't gotten any better than what we've seen in the common denominator has been at the quarterback took the hit. It is what has got to do this he's got to get the ball alphabet to contain it and until you start doing that I'm not. I backed properties going to be able to until I see it actually could appeal because whether it's even Watkins or whoever it is that that on this roster Calvin management now. That has been the biggest limitation to this buffalo bills' offense is throwing the ball getting too wide receivers to make plays. How bottom. On the other side of this matchup defensively would want one wide have to deal with your weak side I I have a bomb party respect for. Landry Parker late night guys like he can catch the ball make plays. And receiving corps. Cutler is certainly capable that was what I took away from a denies that remarkably he can be really good the east and it really pays the league east he's certainly. Got the skeleton reached he's got a big armies. Maybe even a little more athletic than he gets credit for right couple plays he made Beckett on Monday night were impressed pretty out of trouble and still rule hitting receivers. And I've got a running back who my little idea in a couple of weeks ago I was not thinking about this break it all went with this guy. Accurate and Drake immediately it really nice scheme last Monday night and on this past when I Ani the guy that those are content with he can run the ball he gets on the back field. He's a guy that at Shawmut service that today is really good on third down there gonna look form a lot riding the key is really Cutler. Cut Jay Cutler's either going to. Help this team win that game because of what he can do or he's going to help you win the game because of one of them can view which is throw the ball for a look horrible. I he is not being good in cold weather throughout his career I've. I saw us that and that a little bit earlier today. You know he's it when it's under forty degrees east no one in whatever I don't know whatever it's whatever the record is. Is that a good passer rating and but I'll say that he's. He's performed pretty well last couple weeks and especially this past week against doing it. The public is that he's usually never strung together two or three games literally that this would be the third game is play like that and I don't know he is usually doesn't do that so. I think your bills that you hope the that the normal against Jay Cutler comes the play got the guy that oh my gosh he's on fire and everybody left and right. He can really. He can give his team. A disadvantage by all the mistakes he can make. And I think you have to try to force but that now if this isn't right at the better athlete he said he's been around but he won't run. Ratliff and Ronald not so I think you at least it will extend some plays once in awhile. But he's also a guy that. Pretty for weird reasons which I don't know suddenly he'll get in these situations where they'll have a game here game here few games here where you want to get it. It just throws all do you is it like it hit and I think that's maybe because of the cold weather something you have to try to get him to be able to do that. I would the end of it that's right click here with us right it is should be cold bottle it and we're gonna snow. Necessarily but it'll be it'll at least be right cold. Wednesday that would get on the field get this note okay. How well. Is he wanted to talk at all this week I would imagine probably know. About the speed in it for him. Its first home game. He. Recognizes that that's possible. He has not that I'm not discussing that or anything but he's spoken each recognize that's possible. But. He's also maintained they look we a lot of late we're here this is about today about this game this is about. What's going on on Sunday and try to put ourselves in position. To make the playoffs no he leaves. As Kyle always does he take the professional approach I respect. I respect that's out there I respect the U wanna ask me about it. But at this point what's important to me is preparing to day it was my idol that Sunday they try to beat the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. We don't know what's gonna happen. You know Kyle's contract is up. At his age. I don't know if they would wanna bring him back but I also know that he has tremendous value to what this particular regime wants any football player in that locker room. And it wouldn't surprise me if they did bring him back at a one year deal at a at a cheaper price. It also wouldn't surprise me if they said well. Colleagues that I'm not give my body in that for three million a year right now so there for 88 while we can't afford any more than that. Irretrievably younger we yourself cap restrictions so I think there are so many possibilities here. I would not be. A bit surprised anything that happens. Now I yeah I hear that because you as the the only thing that really is surprises like some malt I expect the right after Nolan Nolan I think it is great it really expecting back. As he then. Other signs of we are fairly easy how he played I guess in your view. I think house played well. I don't lake house had a great great year like oh my guy flashy user belongs in the pro ball. But I think that he's been steady he still then maybe the best player that he that's a line as a whole. It's just that it deep that's why there hasn't played well as a whole. Consistently this year. He gets double Timor without martial artists there and it's tough for anybody to fight through right up I think one of the what it thinks he's been healthy all year which is really good at least the point of we don't know about any injury Joey public fighting through stuff as every guy does he's been he's been healthy this year. He's a leader of that group. So I would not say that his play has dropped off necessarily I just hope he's had a caddie here where you notice all the time and say. Oh my gosh and agree here at the pro wolf I think a lot of extenuating circumstances there. But I think he's at least polygamy you're gonna say who's been the best guy hit in our defensive tackle rotation is probably silk. It was an honest with it. But one I wonder just what what that with that position not the guards tackled a zero with a wind itself. Looks like it could be. And Jack lawsuit news that it is that a certainty that he's back next year after having this year IR I don't think so you were kind of a let down for him. Here are huge carries a big number. He does but I think it's a little while number you know I look at you know what ZEB. At exactly nose cap number off topic but I look at it that it's a livable number I think for the fact that he is a really good pass rusher easily this. A player that's going to a game mostly to help ports anywhere you know when picture we have that I've walked on this player whatever. So I don't think. As they sit here today I don't think it's something that a lot from especially. Bolt them together I don't need to do that right you just jettison all these guys I'll be yeah I think that's a little bit much accent ask so. They sit here today I think you're the kind of player that probably want back in this TV but given the number he has. I think we get caught up too much in you know how much guys are actually you're making in relative. Fashion to. You know how much salary cap this is they're going to be they're going to be higher paid players and every team. Everybody knows you can't automatic. It is it high speed there's got to go well that's next as they played got to go right they did that would errors they might do that according to let that so what you get to guys we're like wait a minute. This guy who are making a big number it was some accord is the same situation now I mean he's still your best offensive player. It was cutting nine million dollars or yourself were kept next year. Where will the running game be if you don't publish on the court. We'll get I don't know I don't I don't think you have any semblance of an office. Be quite a note that that that I'm glad you brought him off because. Did he get straight here is it right away to do for your contract extension yeah ended his speech. And with the amount of Wear and they're already going to be here to there which a lot of touches yup what got you. And I sort of thought you know what is the sort of deal you make with a it was a really great north star player yep and it's more than that for the first two years of the contract and and just hope that the the bet that the third your doesn't kill you and beat the Fortier walking away. Right we thought we pleasure expecting the production in Europe your traffic hope that it that I can visit some kind of a wall right mean. As pat has there been any ever. There's been no evidence that this is a guy. Who came into this year averaging 76 and a half yards per game rushing in his career. So for his career savvy six and half yards rushing per game he's averaging this year 77. Yards rushing game regular is averaging what are more this year. That is statistically. Going into this year for his career. At the age of 29. With problems I think upfront with the scheme blocking that have showed up this year that's how good of the year he's having. He's still making a big number he still motivated he wants 121000 yards. I think that bush on has morphed. Into much better teammate maybe ever was. To be quite honest with. I just see that from being around that you lecture I think the things he says relational McDermott talked about him. I think he's he's bought into this team concept what they're trying to build. Make no mistake she still those which he is all about it and he wants she wants the numbers I get it right and he knows that he's on the brink of being a hall of Famer. And that's important to him. But I I think he offers valuable on the field and going for the locker room with this team from what they see from him. I wouldn't be surprising Geddes in that boat couldn't buy just what do you all know what would rather not operate is recipe what because studies that he's had a he's had a good year performances that. But I I've got. No no issue going into next year and what an even at this age. He's had a bad second half they had a first half this year the whole offense ran the ball but. That's what's been remarkable to me so he he shows no signs of slowing down to me it takes care of his body. He's still one of the best backs in the Eastern League rushing over a thousand yards it's pretty crazy what he's. He wants 121000. Twelve K chase that wouldn't end it rarefied air via. I I've I wanna guess he doesn't get that. Well here here's the thing is two years left on his deal. Oh after this nationals who want so okay if you want him to get 121000 it will uniform he's probably hit 121000. Is it okay I thought it was only natural or this year. American and it's OK so. I don't know where they wanna start. I root for OK the chargers chiefs I've got here here's how the maybe you can stop me if I make a mistake. If it's two team tie chiefs and bills aren't good I got the treatment we had had. It through to two team tie with the chargers looked bad obviously they kill. Soul that's the problem. The opposite is the case of the three team tie it Tennessee provided Tennessee loses Jacksonville that even if she lost. Three team tie with cheese bad will be achieved when in doubt. Three team tie with the chargers in this with Tennessee beat Jack's handle the demands that. I'm okay. Yes but it got this after that so I tell you pump dock. I doubt that that's all affiliates about what's up the equipment the sabres games as an it was a tiebreaker and I'll leave that bottom. Ago the rest is not a finance. So the answer your question is there's no. One team you should root for. It really doesn't know what you think is going to happen otherwise him. One point two remarried and exactly because there's no way for us now what is Baltimore that you what is Tennessee can did you pack evens it even. Even LA and give the city with the interview. I would take a look at who has the harder schedule with the coming up with the chargers after this game and it come up with a G-7 this team they have the dolphins at home. In the they go to the Broncos. You could see that when I shoot insurer and all those games coming up for the chargers after the scheme they're at the jets. And then the raiders in oh. So either one of these teams right bulk of them could without after this week. Right right so if you think both are gonna win out. Then you're probably get a lot of me in the three team tiebreaker. Which you're gonna wanna have. City wing tomorrow night right let that get that certain. The three team tiebreaker I feel like because I think yeah if such model. There porch you port at three T Brodrick that you might as it has not able went out yeah after after this I IE I can cut. Now I will say this Australian rules lawyer are going to tomorrow. What time. That would help every boat with one out I thought I think that I forgot I will say that that's. Who you care about the draft. Let's look at the foot but my. I mean you're the graphic of the chief of default right out I don't want any part of a three team I stole. Rooting for them to lose how old is in Spain. I mean I know they did lose in a row through. Buffalo the Jetsons somebody else in there that you like the giants lost in joint. You know put the Tuesday when they play I think probably. Waited years on what I'm not expecting that are not expecting them to do. You know I the children adult I don't see that team music. So the traffic the visas. You'd think the chargers have as much talent as anybody in this conference to be they could what it would count it would surprise me at all. So. I guess the answer to the question is. Whoever loses tomorrow you wanna lose again. We. Want your way lightly loses tomorrow. That's that's that's. Where he. I. And apply weeks. It's. Wild West Coast lost right and they're underdogs. It's Cisco this weekend. His record and it got the rooms. It acts and how well the thing is I need that Jacksonville game we lost. The news all actually all right okay. It. They aren't going to remember this like you you don't see him for. Augusta. Because that's. Right yes right right. Because it three eyes like I thought to have the three week hybrid or diamond and you know I. So. The victory should go to the heat treatment and and six. It Bryant. All. Cells called mod if this team blow whatever beat beat beat Miami to nothing now when I beat Miami on Sunday. It's almost all they beat the week somehow happens. It is just like it was two weeks ago I sent you the New England here that you have to make you cannot use. OK so so it is. Pittsburgh beat. The bills. 1670 rightly don't shop. Jacksonville is night and for. It Jacksonville loses this week. New England is stuck at too. Much. Who's. It. Right. Right for well. I think it is into the game. Well good. So much earlier a well rounded. Sports. All right. Are free speech threes which are. There others. Out there rock. But all right so macho football Friday roundtable take time out and shipped. Back in the hockey as Ebert have decent pop on his way. Here at 716. Like yesterday up on the bulldogs though. This is Rick general reminding you to keep up to date on all the latest hockey news from your home for the Buffalo Sabres play by play action. WGR. Sports Radio. I don't need to bring this up on here but I'm buying Beers won't. But what I just want to sell the popular Jason bottles and Virginia. It's hearsay ordered returned to. Which like what's the best part of the front and Cuba and brought his good. It's the chiefs the chiefs that is all well you as well William Blount perfectly right on top of that classic rock of my targets and she often does it get for now. Rookie maneuver preferences. That is I've. I'm just don't I mean you look like you look you're the kind of shape theory and I'm in the country positive ice great that she's off the side of the crop can eat that I don't let me. It's a strategy. Thanks for coming over at no problems palms start with the winner class. What what was estimated talked to him like what it was at just the promotional thing I imagine on the way to the. York you relevant thing in NATO's great to have myself out there Marty firms out there to some hormonal lawless who played in the first went to him. Our our entire team is very excited about this game just from the standpoint of you know to celebration as it's at today it's a celebration National Hockey League but it's also breach of hockey and these guys look at it is it's not just an advocate it's in the Fam is going to be around a lot more day before I have a family stayed out of nice stuff and because really enjoy this this opportunity and it's fun to do you. But there's got to be organization whose appointment without the season's gone so far bigger blast in the division you were last week for awhile. Does does any of that disappointment extend to the fact he's going to be on the stage in the limits the marquee event in the league at least a wild. To me it's a situation where it's it's a positive in the season from the standpoint that you get to be on center stage here let's let's have a go at it let's have a good effort out there. And it's it's a treat to be part of it success summit to reminisce about the last ten years I think that leads an amazing job with this event over ten years but some great memories really. Whatever team that's part of it if you look at some defense whether its at Wrigley Field. Send me. Down Heinz Field that's of great situations that the great environment so where our group just feels that a situation with Amy this season hasn't gone way we wanted it. But this is great opportunity enjoy the opportunity to be a part of this incident and. Something the sabres missed out on you obviously your port when it was at. I'm Ralph Wilson Stadium mountaineer field ten years ago. Was the road to their classes. Which originally was an HBO show and now it's on NHL network I guess the first episode debuted on Wednesday. I Walt. The HBO addition to them. I just think we're just fantastic and the hockey frequent fan but watching with my son's in it is really really thinks that first rate. Pat powers having the table from the ground there forward. It's been great so part of given so much character players and coaches and I think it's just. The generation now for myself where a microphone while his players who feel awkward but now I think nowadays guys are so open about it. And feel very comfortable with that and there's a lot of trust between the camera crew of us and understand and you know what's going on in that situation but. I think I agree with it the shows have been outstanding over the years you know look at the fans. Oakland's behind the scenes and then motion. Excitement but also the display answered situations. When it was HBO it was it was awful. If that's blowing accurately you know that's used to look different language of their yeah. You have got to be better that we outward a lot of approved growth a true picture from both sides that's for sure it's impossible here. With me Mike has to pay off today on the whole argument that one succeed with her feet coming up tonight at seven soul. Check out here's what you would like to win that game last night had a four game point streak. Powell arm. Audi Q your team has been playing even through that because two of those overtime losses were. And it's lob sided as far as shots and shots on goal for Chicago street Louis put it got points. California cumulative team has been. I think it's too good to do well overtime loss for different surmise that you doesn't matter what the shots are. The Chicago we've you're disappointed you know it's a situation from a standpoint that's. Yeah how to lead going into last five minutes on the power play to give up the short chemical have an opportunity in overtime with to have a couple chances don't score in the Catholic when apparently so there's a real disappointment there. It was a little different you know you're going into the third period down two schools you have to come back you know you feel good about at least in the point of that game. I'll overall you know I think I think it was disappointment that the two games against Pittsburgh review made some adjustments to your team reevaluate things we'll but after that. And I've been compressed to compete battle level since then. That's right they'll last night again. Let's keep the momentum going it and I think we had opportunities. To capitalize early in the game to make it dinner one athlete to not than maybe three nothing else affiliate creates a nice chances late in the second question the third. We just to capitalize and those are things that if you better talk to at least get the point in the game like that and hopefully get to. I agree with that I thought the first period last night you guys had the better of the play and I was which poverty. It jacket goal posts and there was another goalie misplayed it almost got another gift there. So so tough. Since we last visited with you. Matt Olson has been sent. Wolf you can wave could ultimately won't doubt. Two and HL team in California. Scott Wilson has been brought an avid Rodriguez had shown up. We'd just the tip of the iceberg with changes right now we think. Well I think it it there's you brought those changes up but I also think just our defense finally get healthy I think that having defense of the corrosion recently Nintendo. McKay now hopefully tonight we'll get we'll move back in the lineup that wolf we're finally seeing a little bit of her defense that we envisioned in the summer. Com and then I think just trying to add more skills more speed. A front and certainly brings more skill to us we are hoping that happen at the start of the season but Curtis Hanson and the pre season Aaron took a little while to get back but he certainly fit in nicely both on the power play. And you know create opportunities at 55 so and bring in a player like Scott Wilson of unfamiliar with them from this district is just not comfortable winning culture. North some little details. Not to give victims were but hopefully we can play with whom were speaking on the fore check in opens up now regards but. Right we're gonna continue to look at different things and how to adjust their team we're so if I this. Don't need to reiterate we're not where we wanted to meet. We were very happy with some things where they're going on rock just to give those kids opportunities here in the second half and we also wanna see what else was available there but it stuck do you think you have a good idea of who. New York core group is or is that something you're still. Anticipating could be in flops. I think we know zero are gonna keep the people that group but it's it's a situation of that players can go in another group and stuff for sure and then also just a dynamic that they were finger. Like you were still understand their personalities and when when what streets they happen with if a person to the player we need to bring into that group to make this group were successful. What about eight days away from the roster freeze. And then in the holidays can come and go. Are you who this week. Well certainly busy political lot of teams are are busy around this time to look to see. It's now they have a better assessment team and look at this sort of spur growth and what you wanna do in the second half here I think come. There's a lot of sort of blocks in the league Dolan. There's a let teams that still don't know I think in your class given an occupant of lefty so it's. They could be a buyer seller the trade deadline so there's a little and big news there but I think there's a lot of communication going on before the trade deadline for our student before the roster freeze. I'm not sold that this that that's kicked you know point that are crucial sort of you know what's point there and stuff I think those discussions continue on throughout the reason something happens quickly efforts view. You feel like you. I'll certainly solid the where you are in the standings it's just it's gonna take incredible. At least try to make up the Atlantic right now where Iraq is where we're not really talking about selling things right now what's more the situation of great. We we have some players that a certain other teams want stuff to try to make up a hockey treat from that standpoint bomb but on. We obviously. Are you trying to. Opera team right now but it's officer where grandstands that look at future chip have you. Thought about any sort of an extension with the indicators that it's not something I took office. Right now look I have that a lot of conversations with his native great roster we stay pretty guzzle a lot of clients are on the team yourself. Secure to just talking about it and another thing and I'm very well aware of we're if I understand it. Sort of status isn't his and his desires and we've talked about our situation a lot stuff I think both sides respect each other's opinions here but right now we're not sort of focus in on. And accidents were the focus and trying to. Trying to get winds trying to improve our team here right now I think that's the main focus for us could you improve the team right now. In a trade with a player like Adam expiring contractors that almost almost always have to be future. I think for the most part I never once in nets never but I think most part it was it was and it is expiring contracts like that its its future contracts for the future trait that you can bring him. Scenario and that's mainly because. And in a situation like that where you're trying the team acquired him. Their musical and Vernon stomach up front they don't wanna take players off their own team they want to magnify their team as much as possible in the lead to give buffalo but for the future for. Just went right now. They were GM Jason brothel here with us it's not sick for a few more minutes you've educating your Decourt that together and there was a lot of focus on that summer. And you didn't have it together here and they really haven't even with the coaching getting that point you went out. Very soon thereafter disease you've not met the group and but a boy you expected tonight or not. Hi I wanna talk about was the line and who I speak. Been I don't know how much all about this week. Within buffalo that with the stats community has been all over him at first time the eyeball people which I guess I'm more one of our more of an eyeball person. Two legs are required to speak faster speeds morally what was not a lot of and what what the stat. Studies have not really point that out with. Large this year it is starting to turn in that department. Which is weird because earlier in the year I was starting to see you maybe you like some of crap shoot him that I hadn't noticed before I'm wondering. Your overall evaluation of him since he's been back. After missing game with the injury I think he's what they test. I completely agree with and I think he's you can just look at our win loss record with another lineup. As evidence that we really have some reason not and one of look he's a young defensemen. I think yes sometimes we think some of these players like Reinhart and were stolen and you know that we expect so much room because that if you seem like they've been around forever but they're still so young players. And you know we'll see a player like that. It is to an apology might become an article at CNET stage that Bristol is right now. Homes and talk about development and that's what we have to work with him right now. You know does he have very good player at the national hockey level but there's still lots developed within itself. But. You know and what we've liberal like this it's been very communicative with their coaching staff he wants to work on his skills and he's just an all around very good defense. As you described in the trade offence in the puck up. He has had a shot from the point that we like to see a look at Mora for sure. And in an offensive zone he he could be very physical back there and he's always find it's other players talk lines you you can have that is a moment ago the other team's top lines the competitive price. It's if you just took you how do you feel Bogosian play it. I think he's you know it's it's when you miss that much this time it's very difficult to answer you back right you're strike. But he has such composure back there's such a presence with our group back there in depth. It's not only how he plays the thing that he he'll leave you its fixed some minutes away from say a McCabe reporting live. Thor and certainly are a crystalline and and the scandal and in summertime so we've been plain and you know stand Elena recently I don't their optical to thirty minutes it's just too much you know I think and I gave against Ottawa they're accused days. They were closer to 22 point three that's where we need and that's the help Bogosian can come in there and take some of those minutes alleviate the situation for others. I noticed that two bit restored and it was right on point one minutes on Tuesday and that's a game three nothing lead midway through the second period it is. Is this more a factor in something like that like does it make it easier for a coach you know I could roll the dice a little bit I've got a lead it's. There's not much urgency to get. Your best guy out on the ice against you know whenever shame. Whoever gets it still points but it's it's difficult with wrist though just because. No matter what your youth certain while we're on the ice whether you have one goalie either couple acknowledge that you want him to beef before your best defenders if you're trailing in need to get a goal. He's one of our best offensive guys did so it's always seems that you're still throwing them out there on the ice but in the situation like DeVon Tuesday. We felt all through Karen Perdue and pretty good job and just take a couple minutes played just given those guys will put more breather especially with scandal honestly and they think very fiscal back there. You can get roommate a little bit of a more appropriate for each period when once you've timed spirit and it just wasn't that much more effective out there. How about your goaltender Chad Johnson will go back in tonight and he said. Will you tell me you see the victim mode support play by Eckstein whose numbers are like this career what was crossed. We haven't given a lot of support offensively and it but I think you chatted with the also you know take. You look at himself and say yes be a lot better stuff you get a great surfers went for a sudden I'm really helped us when McCain there and look at district numbers against Carolina he's gonna greatest job that's what happened again here tonight. I even lost game it's Carolina was unfortunate bounce late in the third period to sort of a lot of let's is that accurate but overly but saw him there. Robbins an outstanding you look at distract lasts a week week and a half he's you know he's like shots very good man. You know to me. He's been focus and practice this year he's been a situation where Obama our our coaches have challenged him about his practice habits. These amendment and a lot better job with that now seeing results in the game. Juniors. And they're still the decision be made about a out the Lander there now and Sweden. I got to treat if they want him. So it would take up the but we will so certainly wants an end that we've been in touch with Alex's camp and all. You know it's a situation where we're focused on the games in right just this weekend but this week Steve has been very open with us that it that are willing to take Alex and any time I've been on record saying that I instantly in the tournament but that stuff too and I think it's great development for young players. Plain truth so we'll see how things go this week it and will make decisions about next week some time working. Long to think if he were having a better time of it it's because he was voted exactly what ball games. There have been a lot of production if he'd. I hit the ground running sort of speak in Rochester would you be more open nobody can go in Idaho State at some point in play in the world hears. I don't I don't think it really matters I'd look at his situation where I think. One and he has conference they're playing against their league games and like I have a lot of respect. For the American Hockey League is that ultimately but I also haven't been respectful reviews when he gets their teams countries and you know with the gold medal on the line those are big gains in eventually Wear our organization wants to get to we want between a big games that we want players that have that experience. Well enjoy I don't know how much of the juniors we've seen you guys in the New York I mean you can the team we'll be in New York but actually will be back here the start watches on the road juniors then and the team goes out to Minnesota would take a close their attitude and in the house some of our prospects like. School got. 44 prospects playing right Czech Republic Finland US and my forgot that we got maybe one of Sweden mostly been with outs possibly to a sweet okay. Or does not Davidson thank you right mind would think you know if sort of wrote that down thank you for the visit I have my pleasure happy all the same view gates about the sabres GM sabres and hurricanes coming up at seven will. Ramp towards pre game coming up here in just a bit and noble bought lots of 16 this WG. Three days Eads team time 515 game time now available on draft descent towards phase two pages grill and bar and JP FitzGerald. Friday night. Downtown what better. Happening. All day long because I got here it through. And gotten. Lotta Lotta different plates in the garage it's got to be tournament there's like it's walking around with your. So you're not uncommon. But at the October but not in this building owners and hockey rinks and a hotel restaurants are pretty much custom made rocket Dermot. Are you it has been seen here all day and it is champ. Yours we to close to the 6 o'clock hour and shifting our focus do tonight's game between the sabres. And the hurricanes I'm mobile blog Mike is at the day off today. Jason box rule I you know we talked about it a few different times on the show. I'm just. I'm not sure why. Won't the movie's supposed to be. Because. There there might there might be. Serious. Structural flaws to know who this. And I peak wind you skier. Your MacKenzie using your breakers in the national reporters I don't know we hear LeBron out. You know reporting. Pretty much anyone that's not yet Michael. Issues you know is available. I. I think that that that is an indicator. To just Powell. Serious. The problem is her. I don't know if I asked him but you think you know your courts. Did you catch that answer that answer was just sort of work sale it was Smith's column ones whose. We know we told some of the guys some guys could be moved in and out of like. So dole who did you know priest leave such you don't know your core I think it's what I take away for Matt because if you did you maybe wouldn't pull the you may view was that off for five eighths of guys who are your core and I think we know who those guys are supposed to be. And right now with the way reply has been playing. I I I I eyed boy moved him over to the article on. Evidently. My idol who can can one day be a pile are our goal is is is the only guy that I beat you would consider untouchable. I would respond quite that but like idol I don't believe it anyway a problem I think he is starting jewels of the theater. And I've thought all along with the skill set the talent was there for that sole. Beyond the who's who beats me I don't know I really don't know. Little room door I robbery two hours ago we had this conversation and those were the two days. And beyond that it's like nobody when US general manager you have to give up the good feeling as to who your organs. And he can't reach to a list of four or five games. I have no threat that speaks volumes and did not say I'm treating everybody. Like you know who's gonna say that. I think. If you would have asked. To Maria a year ago. He's the man who built the scheme largely bottle that total they've with that bring in some players to start this season. But didn't we all know the court was. Well I think what we've got is we don't with a court supposed to be and we're pretty worried about it. And what it tells me this this is gonna be a very I think a very interest being. You watched who watch it see what happens if it made me maybe in the summer because. I don't know how old are aggressive. Jason bottles prepared to be he does have to be careful not to just roll idol reportedly you have to give me consideration what you are. In the trade. Of course. Great ability of the player considering its contract orbits also. The key element that bought. As of this I'm thinking there were years here where I'm pretty sure there are two years we had a swat team. What we want to be able. Or just. Never found it in him to meet the deal. Could make the right deal didn't want to keep these on a deal and to sort of he sat with a team that was you know clearly had a miscue behind. But he was reportedly operate the opposite that it just. I want to vividly what else can throw it all look. Like that was similar. What does spot going to be missed. More like RC like measured careful to the point of stagnation. I certainly don't see evidence that he's going to be. Like what they're you know. White Marie it's not just would want to predict that when it's Donald. What he's gonna have to do something apparently just what is. Is anything out of bounds beyond maybe a couple players I'm I'm betting on no. I'm betting on no I mean. Statement but it's a huge statement there. Very last one point five points provision that we had errors yeah. Atrial oak of course they're going to be ticked will take time out all able to will join me coming up on the other side of an update. As we get into sabres regained sabres and hurricanes tonight I'm the ball blog lives of what's next WT.