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Saturday, December 16th

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I GR. Why maybe it's time to take a look inside a high school sports. Kelly hearing he brought to you by mighty taco my entire school. Would go great right about now. My new ones have you Italian sausage it taste the difference quality makes and buy dinner. Neurological institute developing solutions and neurological problems faced an hour he. Good morning welcome inside high school sports on your host. Tony Caligiuri. Joined by a cast of which echo these guys my crew would cover about Francis back and Frank Wolf Western New York athletics in studio. Along with our residential troublemaker. Roger why he sedate theory is behind the wheel. Driving the starship inside high school Sports Illustrated and it is a bed time. Why residential from while not really a good thing. It. Moaning here all morning Tony things that you guys that are this good putters and act owner. That they're doing here. Echo echo echo it that we've got a lot to talk about today were kind of put the football season to bad. In the fact that we're gonna throw some names around. You know a lot of arguments over you know all Western New York this and that. We're gonna throw around names of all players who I deserve to be recognized. You know whether the first Chamber's second team or third team really doesn't matter we just think it. These guys need to be recognized for what they did this past year we'll talk about coaches will talk about programs. We'll have all of that. Hopefully. The driving does seem to be too bad so hopefully you're able to get out there and get your fit and finish or Christmas shopping today as I am after the show. Curacao towns. It was scary yucky out north Boston. Snorting you and what a surprise. Baraka managed to remain T for those few people. Coming from the sells for the banquet and a once you pass. Two point DA action and by the time we get to masturbation of them went payment yeah Niagara Falls boulevard is actually clear so you'll have no problem. And you travel. I got a question comment acting Niagara Falls boulevard. Portrait yeah no orders or if you're coming back is looser maybe buffalo bomber whose tiger falls over his own mark. Don't consumption of people flew home early did they wanted to keep it that way that it wanna confuse you. In new really really more. You mean more confused and usually more than usual price IC so there they did you a favor we had this same problem Iowa you know. Root twentieth southwestern boulevard plea after going to Pennsylvania. Where you're coming back wouldn't it be northeastern ball. Think we just going to cool off and I'm Mary Ellen I'll orbits get out of difference. Good out there we know people can understand what I'm going to roll. He thinks it's always meet again and I you know wires that residential troublemaker art news and those guys Raj do you have anything. I just want I know shop for rock basketball junkies who don't all about it which is probably few and far between the rest of the had proper roll off. My senior Marten. You see IC challenge takes place today in a Quinn topple patterns that I usually if there's five gay Yemen were doubtful there. Ed new hornets Maple Grove against Christians central academy. 13 the is to have pew. Are against. Us. While Walsh. 3 o'clock it would be medallion of verses is saying our plants don't Ayman Bono Dolly it's reflexes Francis and Dinah. That throws you have to go to banquet we can't seize those those three games the last two games should be pretty good time and vs will solve. And this one out of Rhea real parameter Anthony health science vs tenacious. Whoa there out of beer parameter and from my eye at all. You have arguing that. Top small school playing trapping school in western new York at least in the early polls I believe those are the true number ones they are going had that in. Approximately. 6 o'clock. Might be a little bit later sometimes. Those games are always go as fast as they shouldn't be of one overtime game in there and everything will be moved back. I wrestling event going on to gay and does start toward the sea ice he championship they're starting at 9 o'clock so. That's already going on now I think it was off postponed from yesterday wasn't. There was a postponement. Us and our point yesterday all afternoon yeah activities were canceled because I was gonna rooster are pointing. One cent a piece girl's game and I knew it was sincere I didn't. And stuff for you football junkies out there our friend James Mallory if you're familiar with them he has his. United athletic services. US UA ask blaze travel. 7 on seventeen they have their first try out and practice common up for the 2018. Season it'll be on December. Thirtieth so cold and contact united athletic services if you need more information. I don't know a whole heck of a lot this morning Tony obviously yesterday with the weather there was a lot of postponements cancellations what have you suggest. Take a look at the FaceBook page and I'm sure all the the new dates will be posted as they become available. Where you can just go to the section six website as well and they will have the the team's. Us posted up there as well. Earlier in the week out of boys born for chem or east Colby. We were out ski. A non butcher and then he bowled get off ski in the whole country and he bowled a 300 gloom and now. So first one of the year arm I should know that kid because he actually played basketball. And BS EC cool so I do remember that kid could cause a real good and nice family. Yes so basically this is actually is becoming common place now. In high school. Every year or reason. Abbas several 300. We we had three last year but distinct Kaplan's listening Hampshire he can practice and send us between. I believe there were three last year. Is not asking lot of good hockey action earlier in the week I'll start off from I was at saint Joe's kinesis Cayman. Even though saint Joe's one for nothing was a lack closer than the score indicated at the end it was only one nothing. Heading into the third but Joe's got a very quick goal in the second and the third period. And after that it got really chippy. But it was a pretty good game from saint Joe's son Spencer for home announce that early in the week he would be attending hop fluid. He is going to Harvard nice and he's going to attempt to walk around and play soccer there he had a goal and echinacea scheme is very big goal for them. SA tells him off to a nice start as usual as usual armed they're not I don't. And prelude butchered for this but I don't think there is good as they were last year. But I still think that the cream of the crop and voice that will they lose a lot of seniors from last year's team and those guys twenty state championship and honestly so and I think they in there a little bit of her building. But I still a little bit anonymous. Yeah there's there's still good enough to win at all. But the good thing is will north they won't have to worry about a when they get around the playoff time. And the three stars for good WY athletics for the boys is CJ costs. As the first our he had a goal and two assists in nineteen verse tenacious. Oppressor Dino will Norris had a couple of goals. This week in and will EC impasse store on any given the third star. You may remember last year again a little bit of trouble and incident with the referee during a game whose posts all over YouTube. Again he turned it around he's having a very. Good early season and I was out at the practice earlier in the week he's worked and extremely hard I talked to coach would you area when the assistant coach and he said that. Frankie that kid is really putting a lot of effort into the season and he knows he embarrassed the school and is in the team and himself last year he's working extremely tired. To put that behind him as Cody learning from your mistake and he's playing phenomenal hockey for them right now will least thrust major down year. Nobody told them that they're off to a great start. And voice bad for the girls. Nom the third star Amelie chrome or from the flop she's playing great as always I'm a fossil number two. Star from cash here a lot of punch your goals this week vessel and then Brooke Sprecher had two goals history in the big game against cash she is the first there. Times notes some off the field in the is that a saint Joe's they needed interest in higher this week. Jason Jarome for index. Sports are fuhrman's will now work with B at the campus I diesel weak Q. Work with them on their athletic training for the marauders. There's Sony chasing higher first saint Mary Dooling canisters. They had a new performance center coming they hired somebody sold you an interesting. Are we see higher you see on the shift to. Trainers and athletic services. Like. You know when you mention and what Ben was doing with this TA. And how many teams are go over to us to export performers of all these different. Training groups sort of speak and the high schools are really embracing is lease a lot of Omar. And his show was on the field on the ice on the court. It's really big for impact to go to. Sign up for gateway until with the angels like that that's huge for him that shirt is you know and in big deal groups like you Packard. Keep on doing this and they're gonna make our schools or matter you know. It'll improve you know when you when you're seeing. A trainer us talk to my doctor during the week in. You know. Talk mark Clarence and they'll be utilized. Is just amazing what the stuff that's going. You know with trainers and stuff that they come up with him. Some things year round and yet rush. Couple football notes. You. Vader you're paying attention or not. Warrior all of modern guys AJ look at a from front chair repeat all American for all for certain stunt you're here and Alfred he's stop. And throw you out there are wondering I don't think it's really cage on him remove them. I don't think it's a release relation to join look at these poses name. Allied Capital CH EA finals Gill's listening you'll set me straight if I'm incorrect. And also. Dolan Rick Duffy. A year ago who was. Stanley Cup finalist when he resisting France's and then move down the sweet home for her senior year he has. Verbally you're officially sign was a universally available. Before. Ball verbal later and no signing dale officially sign and I'm still hearing hole hotter rumors. Matt Myers is not a 100% UV just yet I know he's been offered. He hit his official visit last Saturday that's why he wasn't able to. Join us in studio the word on the street is that they wanted to him to be a tight end and not a quarterback but I think that's about tunnels. You're in the same thing so I've heard rumors of that effect. Boy he's gonna have to be richer and taking your offering donor weight room presumably you it and take it slow I'll tell you what though I don't think he cares much right now because he's it really having a great senior year. And you know he was there a lot of fun to watch a football field. He should see him play hockey. He's a very cerebral player eased a lot of fun to watch he's talented hockey player. Its interest in. Well I don't know. Kind of open stays a quarterback last thing I wanna you gotta give a major shout out to those draws from Franklin they'll. Coming up anchor and shocking sacred heart I mean that was a heard throughout the state. That victory was heard throughout the state so huge congratulations. To those girls. They want 68 to 56 and disarmament. It was like god. Seeker was late coming out of the locker room Modano scored some ridiculous thing like twelve to four in the third quarter. Well it's sacred marriage and that was a difference in the game rock. Don't get me wrong around Franklin mills got everybody back including second team or not the least of which Danielle I ask all only a sophomore who. If she's. I think if you averaged 45 points a game for oral history years she'll break economy tax section six record while. An incredible congratulations. Our guys let's move on to talk enough football and this past season and definitely an interest in season as as they all are. Surprises. Disappointments. I. It was I guess there's a lot of predictability. But at the same time. Some weeks we were scratching our hands as to what was going on out there. You know some players didn't live up to. You know the pre season hype that they were runners that they are going to have. And some came out of nowhere and did very well for talk of also the players and who do what kind of break it down by a opposition. You know we had the yard trash trophy recently. And rather than breaking it down it was senator guard tackle destruction thoughts on some of the line and that you guys have seen this year. That deserve recognition. Well obviously I don't think we need so worried about Sanders and I can recognition. Driven hyper in him for three years and all Latin and he lives up to it yes. But the only thing when he was a finalist so it's not like he had. This triggered by the trench I was kind of disappointed. What would Derek from all. Evil frank Franklin the oil releases Stewart and it. Franklin bill law for whatever reason got left off on market leaders. I think there was immense and its got a system and the success. Although war I and he makes fourteen which would even put him being what forty. I was looking like that again that I just I see in his name are you share. I could've sworn I seen his name not at first but I'm pretty sure mark and I'll look again I'm waiting everywhere I mean I know it was on a class. So I just want to make sure I Lakewood Derek but my favorite lineman from class. Enjoy in this decades of bowl fund would Derek to talk to their kids. I'm in a really miss him but Thomas tell lawyer from CE SP. I gave you was voted number one lineman and all of class the. Yeah out by the coaches voter number one I think what deterrence really took him does consideration what Derek was. Both ways Duca and his voter numbers that I don't think dollar played both ways. At least that. What are 48 minute game and all why. Hate to see so many Nike credit because they don't play. Offense and defense of if you have a line and and hit his technique is solid. He does a great job as he opens holes pass protection is great he needs to be recognized. Not penalized because he doesn't play. I don't office so much pro allegation and I went to the very first game. And that's where I gather. No I get the seniors from both. What was it for a shelf was the first game right that they played the and I evil frank rules Bruce golf game and the maple world one of the two not out of an assertiveness from I went down south for that one too. Put even at halftime you know and he strapping. Listings and referees now line. You know. Her freezer singing she and number 56 for a Franken who like autism mania can I mean in a positive way. He's never stopped highway and city yes and so that's why I pass at ads. You know Karl curses series capacity you know that week and I guess they checked him out on huddle and long be old he was one of the first. In fact he was a first week Tammany and people are seeing harbors such raven a bottom so while I'm just happy for him. Was and Becker who is a kid. Who's to keep your mentioning. From Randolph revert. I hear you dude nobody is an out and McCain that an unexpected or was also would number one. First selection for class. Now is name is keeping me please line that current defense from maple girl it is unbelievable. Offensive lineman. Carter so now on our dialogue that PJ brown. Oh come here thinking. It'll come to me how much an exact trim trim the exactly should this. I mean I still remember and a game that to all the Schiller and TV. And being all I was there are obviously. To running grant gained about twenty hours and fumbled. And because trim was after completing the assignment was coming down the field recovered. The Maple Grove of fumbled I believe that led to a score. To meet all comes down to technique you watch a player doesn't bend. Well does he move his feet well to go side to side and that's what did I sat in the Andes through the guys these guys watch films. And I mean they can just watch linemen I'll mention some you know. Nazr mound and i.'s Peter terrible long haul it. Okay I'll take your word for these guys are underwater for you know forty years and write what they're talking about this why. I appreciate whatever the final results are by the trench trophy community based study who sadly greasy one game to game two dollar. They go through films they asked us he would cancel these three different games either in person or on film to be even able to vote for again. Well that's how you do it. And prestige and when he went you'll sit turner herself from class DNN nice here remain sacking team for all football weekly. Monsignor burn Gary went under the radar with Saint Francis Chad -- gala. He has some pedigree. He has brother I think lead his brother he's two Brothers once the quarterback and once the tide and it it picked up. So he gets and pedigree there. So eating nice year obviously for down. So we kids out visas senior or if he's yet Levys is senior so he's done but it obviously nice career for him. You just wish they would had a better year. Analyst be curious to see what linemen we're gonna be watching next year. You know who's gonna who's gonna spend time in the weight room and get themselves bigger and stronger that come out next year until hours from Lou port yeah and then the other kid Boyd from Altera. Those are two juniors a potential for brought along with them to the ceremony or it's all about was tackle for saint Joe's. Cody CO TY. Archer's I think senior. Yeah yeah so every ethnic we talk to him last Henry I don't talk about a modest there it is it's I apologize names escape amoeba. Real solid football player. And I know he was some looks awful colleges. I know you're talking about disappointment Newton was who what was his appointment here in what was under what was so positive year. Whatever but to me you know. Saint Joe's has been just a supporting the past couple years to meet. The program is just so far away from work thesis is right now well especially in the skilled position and it. Their final game though they were up play away from winning making their running game was surprisingly very strong. And I guess that first match Evan -- for there are a lot of Joe's guys that are injured so that's their war he needs is new the arena for a top team and they got it. And a lot of those guys from Joes for juniors and the Eagles can you should seniors a top team. I think they're gonna make a big leap next year and they could be the top of monsignor Meriden. All right guys let's take a break when we come back throws more names in teams around you are listening to inside high school sports on WGR Sports Radio 550. You want kids theme and so we can expect when. And Arnold and violating the clean and I. Comes to train its new being held disease. Three. Don't worry by the time these five it'll be his favorite my kids' whereabouts they go crazy for him now as my favorite. When you watch the greens she wouldn't watch rude off just. Well liked his early Larry I just not scary. Because I just kind of scary you know who's. My daughter was painted as the rich history as sound and a half. She elaborated taken off and mostly at the kick out of that with an easy. What the Christmas specials I really do me through. But we got football penalties today saw master Chris all the bad burn academic cousins glorious and they're going to watch a movie outdoors elf outdoors as I'm driving home and a blizzard. Nice these don't its 45 degrees in Jackson on the game rating go on watched elf on the big screen outdoors. Click I hate me. All right guys is get back to talking in that throws names out here a title dot is the one that I was thinking as adult. Tony Dodi or die the sum it up from saint Joe's also film on him. Earlier in the year I was really impressed if we talked to him last year doing real good kid you have. So that was an analyst rollout. Regardless of class sizes you know anybody else so far. With the line you guys wanna throw out there. I mean you get the kids from mayor. And Cleve held Arrington Kidd right can't pronounce is a kid Manny Al Mari thank you Francis. On he had a phenomenal year old is your turn to drink trophy finalists but you gotta also think about a kid Lincoln though those. From Akron I mean Sarah had such a strong year Jacob Cerro using an account compared his line looking at what his line did for him. Frank to spends a from Wilson Wilson started to come on and yes show things are made so and and he's our senior but still that could go under a surprise absolutely absolutely right. You know Rodney believe her pouch tight wasn't I great team but you know he had the talent from game one and that cuts tech defense does almost unstoppable I mean there are teams where you deal where the way you beat him is you blame eighteen nothing. Literally indeed just now he gave you once or any hope that would be enough my stack was in a lot of games until that third fourth quarter when they start to get lower by our. I have to look at yet there are literally on the at the an engineering yet they Eddie junior quarterback can tell that. They were you before they beat Niagara Falls in the playoffs and Africa that you're vulnerable that that game. Under not so great so weather conditions. But remember played yeah really frosts that watched our program don't know if we can consider room for a coach of the year because he's. Not the united cold but it defensive coach would not give some credits and tutor he will come up with schemes. Absolutely. I remember the call first week of the year they play well north and although will north point one in nothing I was getting text messages and tweets saying this. They can't move the ball on this defense. Will north they could not move the ball on to Darrow is defense that was back week one against will north who had two very. Stud running backs don't get pretty close. You can lose it he can give up four touchdowns is still be very strong defensively. What happens during the course of the game is. It might be a broken tackles. You know had had a guide me to tackle you don't get that touchdown her turn over there weren't real horror special teams. Heard her pick six or so many ways you know this so difficult to contain your opponent who you're able to shut down but unfortunately mistakes are gonna happen you might have a breakdown. Here and there. And give up that touchdown and you know. You were able to beat three and now the rest of the game. So may have only been four big plays that cost of the game and it but the rest of the time you you're doing your job. You know unfortunately that happens in Lancaster is offensive line west cycle west offensive line you hate to single out one kid but as a unit. Those are parts of lines would be absolutely. Bet you can't both sides of the ball yet he can't discount that South Park against south park's line sure you know even with Sanders with the without seeing as I thought they were pretty good. Right because Hereford times he. Mr. pars again because he was banged up front hallway and he wasn't on the field as much as you would think somebody of his ability was put pace all the at all. It was business as usual they were you at all. Torture off. Ploy he's scheme this is as much of northern you know obviously Sanders through legal. Downing you look at the teams that put up points also the teams that had offensive lines that did their job was Seneca east yeah yeah I can only the amount they had a phenomenal year. Grand talent reality about Grand Island comes to Syrian agree year run the ball. Gary give a lot of credit to their offensive lineman little. And I don't know all of voting one dollar but one guy and I memories demos of the game with. Frank when we went founded Jamestown what was the wool mart came annoyance. Both were five and oh yeah time no off moral belief formal ya I was getting facts we are right. No lectures OOO linemen both ways for Jamestown. This case motors announced that the row you know. Furniture and we came out of the dressing room until he walked back into the dressing room at the end of the game I thought you might be a little bit more recognition. Clinton have won the positions I love to watch when I go to games linebacker play it's not an easy position to play. Especially for young guys suit takes a lot of learning. But I love watching it and I don't think I saw one batter than Lancaster injuries and. Well you know what if injuries and wasn't on the team damning army. I mean unfortunately because and reason it was so good in so dominant times and you know dummy Danny. Took almost a backseat to some degree but decade but that tandem motorists to act yeah absolutely and then I would like this Dylan Kelly from well north. Will north next years gonna surprise some teams and it's gonna come either younger on our team this year are very young team Scott backed Hopkins. Big tough and in fact written Wilma Earthlink guessing game how can schema camera like from my. Who is this guy. I know I didn't miss this can collier had been a hand flood will north gains but he got on to their feel nice wording dad he grew a fought through. We were at the arm. The media day on him he was the absolute biggest kid there really easily junior. Some other linebackers that you guys. It's all this year that. That you want to. Take notes of nick is scandal from Maryville and nice years leading you know there was Maryville team that went to the final. The class B final he was in charity that defense rated middle linebacker he's also lineman Aaron. I do you know he's looks like he's giving some anti three T two looks I think eases seniors I think. So it he looks like he's going to be playing at the next level. Top skated. He knows where the ball is made some tackles. Nate I believe in that teach a lot of Maryville team he recovered a fumble rate. Yet sounds right I'm Rashad law Beaulieu. You know I think detail as you I mean he's fun to watch and we get to see him next year again. And he's only junior easily teach you mental where jail he he had a phenomenal season in every way shape and form. So I mean he he was the MVP of that team via you know mr. Leon. But linebackers. Why is Ryan talk about linebackers. He played linebacker and defense about correctly. From renewal for him but it was Fabrizio a linebacker to. You're better decade can play anywhere I don't care. The school he can play anywhere in he would be dominant any school he would have been. You know allies. I am the one thing we're hoping for Tony who is saying you know what we hope and knew what kind of change we let her talk internal one of the breaks. I'm hoping these class. On Wednesday. He played if they don't have the east earn or I don't and an order for them to play his schedule they play. All seven league games figured out. Figured out may call us or anybody that that it's in danger of losing the programs you have to look at that that might be a weakness going to be opened well this there's talk. Amateurs are are hardly what you merger talk pickles on foam in you know a few weeks ago all the way out animals or hearing and Maple Grove mine and it went off the field of arson and combines some pictures she talked political is that there has learned they had created few years Brandt I know this discussion scored an effort don't know whether they want to work it's I think they want to priority is for only combined with a Westfield and honest look at it was split it up for Don you may now want to I think one of the other teams. Wanna go on their own. I think his Brockton I would guess between him. Bratton was for efficacy went after via slowed cancel out to some as well and otherwise feel were the player. Yen. About three years ago on homeland they were sure you know because of the concussion. And injury. Marcus and these are all rumors there's no nothing's rights don't right just sum for us to talk about exactly. How awesome defensive backs. And he did an important index as chart that's part. Even tougher than linebacker. Is seems like defensive backs not release a strong position in high school. You know when you look at technique wise. I'll say one around to get the recognition for his output was Joey Scheffler yes. Panties I Willie was at her and we will always was and he. The last cut for. Coming up anti ship flew it was an envelope is down news on there. Gather tap rose's fifteen whatever. And men you know I thought you had a fantastic year. In all around their kids Zack Fisher from Maple Grove and eastern tanner. Those kids play both ways did you have to down indeed those kids are motor's always gone they were offered pretty share. Kind of sense of. I just run my travels and honesty and I'm you know prices are likely to you know all that I don't think you're here and flocks. And that they are ally and a lot of times you're gonna go watch him. You're gonna do it early in the year when the weather's good he would try to get it out of the way. We want a lot of these people go down and try to see as many deep teams. Because clear whether enough law because of what they're not only that where is all these others losses and we won. To get in that league team out of the way they don't like to schedule league game in week one if by some well that's the way to do it concession to offer this is exactly. Whereas there is no tour of requests easily go down agencies to clash tees. You know team by going out for one game. Classy couple good cornerbacks. One room was this kid tenor Feeley from Wilson and then. To merry old. Pretty clean pill to Mario granted Mario graft from Cleve L he's just in June Clinton. Non so I know coach grams he loved to have him back those are a couple of nice to. Did he backs from see. Yield from double AA noticed. John Stephens. From Clarence he would have big year for them they would. Well answer in line him on the offensive and around the ball. He Elmo at least he had two touchdowns any almost skirted the game winning two point conversion against about it team. And you know that could it change things play out parts that they get that went right so he was big for them this year they had animals they handed the ball almost. Exclusively do you have against ban. How about punters and kickers in Africa and off. Came from OP. Yet that's very trying to trick she evil street while yeah our dialogue is beginning. According to his father he's keeping division one blocks and division Q looks. I was told the that they're teach you teams out there who would it take him this year he's that good well. Aria everything. And of course he had. Made me a break all over my face. On a Saturday that we I agree tally put every kick in the end zone. In a week later they play Jamestown. Clearly kickoff and wind after they scored the opening touchdown so automated of the five air live from the get from jays out to get to the Al east. After I'm saying what weapons does aren't one yard line but other net punting and kicking off and field goal. Inside the third he was. Anything almost automatic and was he the lefty yes but what. Well I saw I still cringe every time I see some way to put their love what I I tried that once in my life it doesn't end up in traction. At that at an act it's not easy to do wish your normal foot in the do the opposite what is even worse sorry guys let's take a break we'll come back. Both brought more names. Out there for you sports talk Saturday coming up at eleven. Make sure you keep a race here on WGR Sports Radio 550. Yeah. Okay let's listen we are joined right now. You call. We just learning to play promotions for this in July may only have a week it's. Come mind. My little cousin on Iraq on it right from. Ohio T here I guess she list in his first six hours straight in the car drove my and author crazy that's. You know it yet every if you don't they changed schools he Tia so. A look them up by YouTube and watch a concert. It's. Amazing I don't think I've ever seen anything. Like that what they're able to do with Natalie music but it state show it's it's the complete package it's in rentable. I went favorite acts I guess I can maybe check. Watch a little bit of a one night knows what can you hear you know every Christmas you'd hear their music so I decided one night to. Just put my headphones on and I watched a concert from Las Vegas the whole thing it was like two hours long and maybe even longer. And I was glue which is law be at the stage show generation that went on during musicianship like these. These are from me easy musicians. So it was great stuff that you footage of Billy Dan and I think we don't use our laws it's. I might bucket list one of these years to catch. Actress Iberia were sent issue because the founder I believe in the guitar player passed away so is they were able to Rome. You know continue and I remember it was. Early in my career I was. Producer Gary Mac commercial. And so guy shows up at the stations as I have this CD my son's believes that drummer. And it was before they were called trans Siberian orchestra. Try to remember the name of it now it's in my mind he's he's got checked themselves and it was Christmas Eve in Syria able. One we played in the falls well while people wanted to and the rest is history have been. Absolutely phenomenal our casket back to talk of football here we have one. Last break in one. Is reentry are gonna quick announcement I just got a text from Larry Jones breaking news the 'cause assets. And let the tests Tom Brokaw for him because of the weather conditions down south. Archbishop Walsh will not be coming up to participate in the and prolong my junior Martin EC AC challenge so their game with two Pugh has been canceled. So I move everybody now that's what I'm worried here I'm sending LA area text out of find out what makes sense. Yeah how what would match for me because I'm bored missed part of the world sometimes in try object for what it's worth. Anyway also my ideally. Chaired Beers by acts of up to fuel. His. 26 points shy of 1000 years chance of reaching 1000 that they were it was pleased gave. So law that might be put on hold for a couple games for. Chair at me I'd be remiss of you mentioned that. You'll throw around a lot of names especially players that are not from the bigger schools that as I said deserve recognition. On top Russell the story lines during the year some of the things that jumped out you may be. You know this anywhere you guys jump and surprises a dozen point. The answer is no bigger news this year than time and and back in June late June no bigger news then Charlie come refer walking away and jets sent. The Western Europe football landscape into. Hysteria there pretty much. And I always thought you know we wondered if they relieve me you can feel the team. And then you had to you know players that transfer Carlos west senate less obviously a beneficiary. Of that same assault park. So you know way to help the other teams. Oh boy you're right that was a huge story. And a band of hiring of Joel acog yeah and you know the respect he has and we know that I'll turn. Under the circumstances. What he walked into aria you know do you get a new again known. What an emerald job tremendously and I put them football team together the more I think about it I love the hire more and more because he's Guinea he's gonna be able to build a program. The way he wants to. He's bringing in his guys and the kids just Slava Miley is it time in this week Carolina basketball game they love coach row. They're having time they're playing as a team and I think then that you were written there that farm yeah I like that. There was a priority and I. I don't understand that time and culture because I didn't I'm not from sell buffalo I don't understand it but. I think for that program the best thing they can do is bring someone in from the outside to take a look. To every program. Every move looking trainee and Joseph look at us as young as he is he's been around. And this is a kid who was drafted and actually got into NFL pre season game we're talking right he did he knows his way around sports complexes this complex is he knows the rules. Joe's gonna do a fabulous job extremely. Right young man and couldn't be happier for him mature beyond his years anybody who's at the Cali couple. Lunch and heard him use a key speaker. They were very impressed yes answered it did you guys hear from Larry Jones there will be no 130 game occasional mound being moved optional. That you go to John in Mary's or whatever Gasol over some of the other. Thirst watching emporium the media in general ill timed out there but he yelling go out there. What about what your go to pick whatever works. Guys were pretty much out of time and you know again. Kudos to everybody from this past season. Coaches administrators everybody has helped out with this program that sends us information keeps sending in this. Info will keep pass it on fund raisers. You look at it and you know advertise so we'll thrown out there for you Tony at WGR 550. Dot com is my email address and Tony 10764. To get me on Twitter. And just look up Tony tell injury on FaceBook. Befriend me were just Joyner are our patients side high school sports to search for that and we'll have you on their continue to follow. A Western European athletics is a great job different differences. Are doing. They should make yours for producing in Vegas one was only seven months shall practice from alliance global cherry. And. What team they get a patent right here do this to me hey Jack actually was very Andrews Johnson days. There as soon as federation basketball's over he counts invasion of the belt next year. I next week organ and cocky right guys yep we got. Wes and he'd say coach Phil print in jagr managing. The goaltender cool in studio I would. Give it a hockey talk next week in. You know. Ears a single annually I know we hate west we would turn Western New York but to let this is the winter season goes by so fast. Basketball and hockey. If you blink your right next thing we're going to be talking about. The finals on March oh let's let's enjoy it all right guys we'll see you next week with more insight high school sports.