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Saturday, December 16th

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I can always tell the younger producers produce the opens here you know the things that. They come up with that brought you here. At buffalo sports. 3840. McKinley parked c'mon over they are sharpening skates for free all weekend before we get to our guests let's throw back to date Geary. In our studio at some headlines in the sports world right now. Out. I don't fight this year at WWR 550 dot com. That's right sell some headlines for you last night obviously the sabres who. In overtime they lose that once that Carolina hurricane. Five to. Fore check out of its African when this first one as a saver four points overall that matches a career high bills in action tomorrow they beat six and seven. Miami Dolphins seems like every year or every other year when it over the bills that they played the dolphins late with big implications. No different this year for bowl games in action today I think the best when you're looking at it's likely this afternoon 330. In the Las Vegas, Nevada bowl. They will face off to the beat Boise State ten and three for Oregon probably your best game this afternoon to NFL games as well won the first one's going to be Chicago Detroit. The later on magic that's going to be one bills fans wanna pay attention to it is chargers sheet with a lot of draft positioning applications and playoff seeding as well self. Now do back here for headlines that keeps. I think you very much back here buffalo sports that 3840 McKinley parkway right across McKinley mall c'mon down 20% off all ski politically downhill and cross country skis. Knew we use helmet ski snowboard everything. That you need free skate sharpening all weekend eight magic eight ball games that are going on today. You have the. Let's see think of my time here 1 o'clock is the first bowl game of the season. It'll be out or eligible Troy gets sort Texas insecure ball in Orlando at 230 western Kentucky gets Georgia State the Las Vegas ball on in. I clean up Las Vegas Boise State taking out organs that one. In the the New Mexico on Albuquerque martial against Colorado State that's happening at 4:30. PM and then become really able. Too valuable to come malleable tunes me in my government themselves I was say at 8 o'clock tonight middle Tennessee. Against Arkansas State 83055888. By fifty to Baghdad these as we get to hooked up Greg like it's election doubt I think we have a right now the eighteen to outline. Greg like it's gonna drive and I had to have a lot of news today because of the special basketball game. Going out at 1230 and I got to get this guy out in time I'll be on the air I apologize I'll be a little distracted when our Syracuse Orange. Take got Georgetown Greg likens from 790 the ticket down in South Florida. What do you think about this Georgetown Syracuse matchup today Greg assert that. You. About it we see despite you know be disintegration of the big defense that we know it that they kept some of these rivalry but why aren't they cute. Even more special whip up Patrick Ewing now roaming the sidelines so it should be ditched a great goal and nothing will be better and sea search used Hugo orders their first law at Seton that it. Yeah attic last year they Georgetown won about winning this game they played great on the same time. Last year your right and it's nice to have this rivalry but it just doesn't feel the same right to be quite honestly that the stakes are quite as high. You're not seeing them twice a year where it matter what happens there's gonna be rematch down the road and let's be honest. Now that the big east is no longer there it's not quite the physical bruising type of atmosphere that we knew we were used to seeing. No on course and I agree it you'll Seward but. You like that practically beat her art still. Probably some of these teams. And I would but last. Whole insert you game that they waited at Georgetown big east play I would debated video retired are well at the certain number fifteen Jersey. Unfortunate certain law that they've put it we circled the beater for the final that you hold matchup against or. Avery real lasting on this we have a lot of circuitry it's obviously here in. Western New York what what what do you think about their chances in the ACC this year ultimately when it comes out and selection Sunday. Well I think they're a bit better then everyone anticipated before the start of the season you know they do work you know. Predicted to do very well by the pre season rankings and at some of the votes by the writers by. You know I'd. Doubt we talked the other day I think you literally deploy Jim I'm seems to rise in the scenario where he yeah underdog in the game. Come into his seat and where it less hype so. You know I'd like it guard play certainly they they need to stay healthy and you could stay out of foul trouble and Toby Young guys. Download you already developing over the course the C Olympic by the time we get into 2018 into the spring. Some of the young guys come together in combination with there's still a guard what do they have to be on team and virtually. And it seemed everytime there on the court. By the way the next two games for Syracuse that. The buffalo bolts. On Monday an NC Bonaventure on Friday so that it's a local flavor here in buffalo where we are the bulls and and NATO and a great job with that program of course march written a great job bottom ledger there's going to be two tough game for the Syracuse sort coming up in the Carrier Dome next week actually. That you are I guess you know everybody's in the current site Syracuse were. It was very close all scheduling good teams with a New York State like. Look more. Great on the leaders struggled to program. Absolutely all right Greg likened 790 the ticket out in Miami. The dolphins they go to and if abolish figures it's been doing it comes to that a Monday Night Football last week and they just look like one of the better teams that. AFC about the NFL for that sixty minute period they do that. Against Miami and was that just. Kind of an aberration for them or is this who they really can be. Well. We're still trying to figure out LP. You know I'd call me cynical but I kept thinking it has that game wore on Tom Brady in the paper to find a way to come back in Jay Cutler April pick six and murderer back you're old when he. But they held on your right it really oppressive and ultimately dominate that game. Statistically for the full sixty minutes. I'll let you know if you couple that would fit the way to get the Broncos the week before and you're saying man got the world beaters here they're figuring something out. The Broncos game it was what impressed with the is that team. There's been enough of freefall what the papers where I think really opened up everywhere side now that being said. Those two rain came. On the heels of a five game losing streak and all wall he's really been very good even older ones to games. Every bit they're still all we have eighteen points per game on offense and defensively the numbers have been good so. You are still. Am very skeptical about how good it seemed to be put certainly. With those two wins they've now made it interesting with the final three weeks of the season with two of those games really get buffalo still haven't slept well what a lot. I've had a theme here today asking people of buffalo why it seems like there's not. Quite the buzzer usually would be for game of this magnitude because those are right there in the thick of the playoff race or 76. And they have they hated rival Miami Dolphins come to town and a snowy weekend. It just doesn't have that same type of vibe. And I think a lot of that has to do with baby where the team is and how people are more comfortable with the future necessarily more than where they expected to be right now. But I am wondering about the expectations from Miami where they are now on. What the feeling is on the dolphins are people getting a little excited thinking OK maybe they can actually make a run at this thing went out and possibly gain a playoff spot. Yet there are more. Well now now it's amazing just in this two week span we went from goal you know talking and what they're gonna do with the quarterback position hopefully right they'll help you nectar like. Really ever vertical look. And now back to back victories but what it. It's renewal of and so meaning is that 2017. He insult. I think regardless of their line gaming certainly divisional rival the bills so that that adds to a regards to wind up back it would Altman. I've now. They themselves mathematically. You know it's so light in what's been. You know strange AFC right you get the patriots in this dealer through the pop and then they'll get you could get some credit jaguar but really bring muddled up. Besides that without a lot of great teams a lot of decent genes are all fighting below what. But up plot that not all that found themselves. On the outside foot in that it so to speak that they can handle their own business so I paid pretty sharp contrast. Two weeks ago and now were suddenly the Balkans and that they are more excited and optimistic that perhaps something to be baited with C. How have they been able to force teams into I believe one for 24. Third down conversion rate over the last two weeks. Well again at the rock codes Trevor sit in where it was terrible eaten three intercepts and an up Arco's opera project done it and got nobody offered year by the league that the Broncos were just pitiful when they came down your art rock stadium so. That would be brought in the lot leaking the road so not a bad team. How you bet against Brady and the patriots were the patriots were all well let me did not convert a third down. I'd still trying to wrap my mind around that would now mean you know we need it is in the division the bill golfer and at the patriots. Like year and you don't usually a big vote awful and Miami give them awkward scenes where and there are all wrapped up home field advantage but. We've got that that you could machine collapsed that he'd one year sort of backed it. They force that without a third down version that would report card since 1991. That the paper it would out of the merchant game. How would it be seen not the Arizona looked in the cardinals when that. And I was obviously pretty Belichick Brady so. I don't last week. It's your question I think what they did well against take Greek word that quite a lot of open on really physical with their receivers a lot of scrimmage battle without. Question opportunities like he can't wait if adopted soup and that pressure just builds over the course of the game so. But really what what beyond its RBC you bet that they are going to be a little little luck involved as well. Like at seven I the ticket joining me here at the AT&T hot lights out about July that buffalo sports here today McKinley parkway. Red cross and make it remarkable outing get your skates sharpened you ice skate Greg. I know walk on public. But in my under brigades that are users but got to log on. Lobby. Had you did you did you could come here today were I mean it's skates sharpened our it will take carrier group Pernod down a flight appeared the game tomorrow he the other nice weekend. Here buffalo speak and that is not going to be what it was last Sunday that we all saw the weather it's going to be cold here it's going to be typical type of buffalo weather last week was. Atypical is not really what is normal for buffalo this time of the year hollow. Have the dolphins Qaeda but what's their mindset going into coming up to buffalo cold game in December 35 degrees chilly sizzle on the ground. Yeah you know what a word about that now be they don't dislike. Late December win government ordered teams from the south border it's you know really warm humid then that advantage for the bulk. It though it's disadvantaged the dolphins to go to whichever cold weather environment in December and so to see the build on the schedule especially going to snow. In Western New York. I'm concerned about that back here now know last year. Words. What surprised all the fancy your mind it finally sweep this series football for that mean well we'll won four straight at home in the series. And I I get that feeling that psychologically. Awful always an edge because they're custom. Studio and so that's going to be a huge part of it it's a bigot but let that thought it'd. Psychological for this all seems so. Now. That means that if a different look to a different mentality it looked lost just two weeks ago so they can carry that the buffalo they're going to be in good shape but. Not that helped me you're going to be in it just the record for them when they get up there in Libya cold weather and certainly it would no. We talk about the other side of the ball came in Drake looked great last week against the Miami doll against the New England Patriots. For Miami the bills and had some problems stopping the run at times this year. But I will say one of the things that they did Miami was. For the first time the is that empty set and they you know they were using Kenyan Drake that may be that at least gives the bills a bit of a blueprint on how they can attack you expect more that you expect injury to be a really heavy part of the key when will they use more that that empty set and throw him out of the backfield the way they did last week. They will and the strange thing about what happened on monitor football salad that you that you you mentioned a lot of the different. A unique eat this you re offered that we saw madam case and I think. A lot of Balkans brands and a meteor like respecting what a lot of we've seen all year a web page when he came here. Was that your there's operative masterminded it you know even at that it coach Hughes. Also Paula played real world the impression that he would take other takeovers quarterback they're gonna move people around to a lot of different looks. And where every game. Operated they've got for the patriots is their second matchup with them and that it would work but. Think they need to keep doing that opinion three is clearly very good honorable or fall evidenced by the fact you all over uttered and fourteen yards rushing the last two weeks but you also who reluctantly says the combined under receiving yards so. I think they need to keep doing that's another thing it did on Monday night Jarvis 101 of the backfield marquis gray it's I didn't lineup are all back. They really move a lot of players around and I was effective so I think you're they'll work if the patriots which you try to do it again this week to get the pills what did we get out Stewart canyon Drake is going to be a teacher back again. David Williams I doubt we'll play and obviously which rigid guy earlier this week. When you and I talked early on this year after the team heel injury I think we all I said I think Matt Moore is perfectly capable I think you needed Laden's side. Jay Cutler I think you had a C a similar type of sentiment cell a two part question here about the quarterback position with Miami. Let's talk about how Jay Cutler tell me about you know how he's played this year. And then on top of that what does the future look like get the position with its hand held next year where Cutler isn't where this organization is. Yet Jay Cutler. Is you know it deceit and Ben the same quarterback that we see over the course. This is career right knees up and now it argue what's really execute at physical. Still on display that you know made the first rocket unit made him out of a polite album of the course his career. And it aren't you look terrible when he put detectors it and it attitude. They're bad the body like. That can at all. Cutler so far but its credit he's played a lot better over the last. Couple weeks senator brutal six weeks of the sea and in fact if you if you take a look at what he's done. The last two games which they want he completed over 60% of his past you. Averaged seven point two yards for camp five touchdown used to interceptions almost 400 passer rating it's since weeks six no quarterback you know thought more accurate. Percent lies growing in the red belt so he I think you become more. Adjusted to the players around him you'd be operated switched. Yet it's really dirty with out of gate would certainly what the familiar with the personnel we put a lot better bookmark or. He hadn't done enough in my opinion what he just like the world of Bible while we see and to be their quarterback next year federal be nature's been playing I got the ten million dollars a moderate tyrant but it and it will everything emperor is on track. And you will be healthy in the offseason and I it will be the quarterback next year now there's some buzz about them essentially bet he's in a quarterback. Of the future early in the trap. We'll see I think a lot not outright and it works probably yup that perhaps physically bonds being. An image that Greg play let's go about the a college football scene down there now at the hurricanes of kinda had a revitalization. Down in South Florida. Eight when they're good it seems like they're the team that people latch onto the dolphins have a a pack. Passionate fan base of their own right but it seems like they're her give credit to take over that town is that the way it's gotta bend this year with the way the two teams have kind of played. For sure this year in particular that who it spread now mean hurricane relief exceeded expectations I think they were. But you're to edit struggle with with the wind a little bit put up there in the impressive. Ron that they went on but Mark Richt is so much for the job program and you're right I mean. Anybody who watched the match was televised games in back to back weeks against Virginia Tech Notre Dame at all. It worries and electric atmosphere and an art stadium. Is different now with we can you have their sudden that sound reverberates in its a better hold due to bandage from that's important minority. I'll put it you can Wear it. The ball and you know it party were talked about them building while they were they figures haven't played. Very good football certainly been a tremendous static weekly thing. So you can find that was with the losses and it spread it very difficult team to really get excited about where is the hurricanes. Or about one and I think they really have captured the imaginations. The fans in south border where did he did I would still argue that the ball that went through Super Bowl again. That that would be the biggest story in town because the door opens. If they can put together and insist that winning seasons are still the team when it comes up boards for. How big of a story is that you Carlos the stuff that's going. And everything surrounding that or everything surrounding that and Jeter in the ownership and that the selloff and all that. Yet and moved back out the story. It's it's an interesting dynamic because there aren't that big most people look at. The Marlins even lol we use in college they haven't had urged him to work hand. L lot of that you do with the whale or shippers on things prior to Jeter so Jeter's. In you know I think he is getting criticized rightfully so what he's doing but he also. Very good want just. The worst owner in Major League Baseball that used taking over for proceeded him major reward major Gloria lease. That taxpayers. In Miami Dade County to get that stadium built that up the plight of the value of it's rich guys he sold it six years later he also gave John pros and the back loaded contract and then. So the team that beat that I'm that money was spiked up so it's a combination of of that. Some preparation and good Jeter's inheriting. A difficult situation and it that the team had to make money however Jeter's investment group. They put together one point two billion dollars by the team but it's actually don't have any other money to spend on the on the payroll. So I don't know what Major League Baseball ever agreed that this was a good idea out suspected Derek Jeter is an eye on the sport. So there's financial issues bidder in an unpopular thing. Jeter he hanged himself five million dollars a year to basically be bizarre of everything for the Marlins. And the only invested 25 million dollars that was Almonte suit from the get go. So he's gonna pay off that that investment. In five years so all of that upon what the fact it. They're getting rid of all they're not players. And getting back the prospects. Just that led to really sour feelings about baseball now or in a week. The mining model. It does sound like a mess. Our body lets another alleged double election watch a game where are you watching it today what's your plan for Syracuse Georgetown in six minutes. Not a great job that the all of which which I like you do start with that brought out there and take everything in their and a yeah I'll be watching that game that brought in via Miami Heat game that I looked so much about what they. That's nothing and as we get in the nose relate. You and I may be talking in two weeks from now because we got another bills dolphins gave him the could mean something right. I hope so I hope it will mean something now and yeah look forward to it I'll hopefully for your sake built the weather will better. I like the market. Yeah no doubt about our buddy go enjoy the give act Greg likens LI TC an ass out Twitter I appreciate your time today thanks for joining me. It OK that is Greg likens down at 790 the ticket in Miami good stuff is really good follows the South Florida sports scene very well. He's this or he's got I gotta tell you the first time I've told the story in the air first time ever met Greg. Randomly was at Las Vegas and that was the last time I went because her former son was born and my wife and I were there watching the NCAA tournament march. And we happened at Syracuse let me play out west than yours so it was great timing of the plane at like 7 o'clock at night which was. 10 o'clock here in the in the east so we go to one of the sports books and I can remember which one was at the time. And I go in these guys sit there hey you know the answer is jerseys on these are like talking to a what it takes your gaze to go there I went there. What you do bottom front of the media on an immediate to where your work and Miami were to buffalo and met Greg a few other guys it was great so it's been nice to get to know him ever since and now it's time we need to get the lowdown what's going out with South Florida sports. A tournament it great like so I appreciate him joining us here today south about July 3840 McKinley parkway that's redefine buffalo sports c'mon out today. Free skate sharpening all we get along and he can bring enough for all families make skates you need to sharpen their gonna do that date for yet also 20% off all ski equipment including downhill. It cross country skis knew he used helmet ski snowboard whatever you want now hockey equipment. For the ice hockey pond hockey street hockey sticks balls pox nets. Goalie equipment everything out here at buffalo sports here. I'm McKinley parkway gonna take time out come back we'll get back into some. Bills talk to look around the NFL as well some key matchups this weekend Napier is back in the studio will help me do that. As we try to sort or try to it's it's gonna be using for it. But they are gonna try to sort through some of these scenarios of what you want to happen this weekend. With the bills and how it's gonna shake out the next few weeks. When it comes in the NFL I promise though it's not going to be easy it's still going to be more confusing when we're done maybe the when we start again Acura sports talk Saturday. We roster update for the bills quick roster update the bills they have signed a cornerback ray on the borders of Agrium mortars pills the 53. Roster spot for the bills. He apparently has played plate freed briefly this year pre season with the Oakland Raiders coming in as an undrafted free agent. With duke but remember they put to port land on IA are yesterday. So Graham borders takes up the final roster spot that was available to them. Here today. So out of Roger here sports talk Saturday. Nate hearing back in our in her studios. Bills dolphins tomorrow we get records bills beginning at seven area. That we have a count down to kick off at eight. And if it is Howard Simon taking the rest of the way till 1 o'clock. And of course it is the game at one with John Murphy. Mark Kelso and I'll be on the sidelines against post game coverage we'll all your calls shall for the Bulldog right after the knicks can be taken over the overtime show. Right after that are are you in your fantasy football playoffs what's going out of their Nate. Say I wish she would nasty it's I they'll look I don't like that I don't like that yeah it's. Sensitive subject list on points on both my leaks I am I out. Well here's my thing IE you know. Heroically came back from one in five start to sneak into the playoffs and then unfortunately Alvin commit error. Got injured Iranians I started team is listed itself not not not a good round one arena was eliminated. Right now at Geisel happier penis he stuff tomorrow at 7 AM so it's always great job that you really good job there with Joseph in there. All the state they they they debate a little too much at some guys are that I'm more confused who I should play but it ain't. And it back and forth they do a good job trying to break it down her. They give you know especially for those daily fantasy you know like that that's all I've got left that's all I've got the left do you really come I had on cell. I'm gonna listen imminent when they had in the morning so. All right so we got some games going on today in the National Football League. Starting off at 430 so every year the NFL has Saturday games once the college regular season is basically over what you get to the last three. Weeks of the year generally the NFL as. A Saturday afternoon and or Saturday night game today. One of the 430 it is the bears. At the alliance and that it eight point five it's the chargers and chiefs that's the one getting obviously. The most talked here in buffalo because of what it means. For the bills and their possible playoff implications. Like many relationships which a wildcard playoff berth is for the Buffalo Bills it's very complicated folks okay. Here's what you need to know now they maybe you can try and help me explain this explain it better maybe I don't explain it well up because it just seemed too confusing for everybody. I think this is basically want to approach it. I don't think there's no right answer to say who you should root for. Statistically. It maybe a little bit. Batter if the chiefs win for the Buffalo Bills and the reason is but I don't I still think it's necessarily you should app to root for them. The reason it is. If it comes out to a two way tiebreaker. With the chargers. They get over the bills obviously. If it's a three way tiebreaker. Including the chargers the pills would actually haven't over them because head to head wouldn't matter. It's a two way tiebreaker with achieves the bills that it it's a three way tiebreaker. The chiefs have cell. I think I don't know you tell me what you think. I think it's more likely to have a three way tiebreaker scenario at the end of week seventeen. That is that a two way with any one of these teams so therefore it's probably better. You have the bill's it that three way tiebreaker scenario with the chargers have the chiefs win the last. I think I saw tweed might have been. She's beautiful ones but I thought it was may be the most important thing to cheer for portage your against. But I would kill the bills in this game like that's the one thing they tell what I think it would it would be I don't think it was he got no I think that's probably the worst case scenario I would be. Okay usually I would think that the opposite I don't know I'm asking I really don't know I would thought it would be actually good because either team that would get to eight wins in the bills could say he wins tomorrow. They could however and up at 96 and one and I think that's where. It could get bad. Okay because if you're thinking skills and at night and sat right in it you know why don't each of those teams somehow. And up to be 96 in wind and the bills are dynamic date you're not render the tiebreaker there they get the tiebreaker. So so so really here's here's what was out. I don't think there's a right it certainly should root for what it does matter is whoever wins. Certainly impacts going forward how you view the rest of the games and that who should win. Between all these other teams. I do know this. The Tennessee Titans need to lose separatist great for the bills right but. It as a three way to review of tennis in there it's a scenario which is. There's just there's a lot of scenarios the kind of play out and honestly there's not a top pond of and just kind of look into the schedule yet there are some. Bigger games for the AFC but. You know not not a lot of teams like good teams facing off against other good AFC teams that are going to be you know better student has implications for the bills so they just need like you mentioned the niners who are. Playing a significantly better. Their favorite I I am not shocked by Atta via. All I I think ticket I think they are gonna beat Tennessee Titans I think that that to be quite honest I don't think tennis and that good things that I also think that the 49ers are just. A little bit better than people work even they listen they lost the Tunney games early on a lot of pilot one possession a lot of people were comparing and the browns. Now they're they're better in the brown dirt piece of football team now they have a copy. Who's better charter trees. There's I think it's going to be chargers right right I think the chargers have a bit better quarterback. I think that I think the charges that I'm make a bold statement. Top to bottom 53 man roster. I think they have the most solid roster AFC. I don't know it's a hot taken big I think I totally agree there and he just started off terribly agent and it's terrible start. They don't have Tom Brady and the rivers is really elegant but Brady makes the difference in doing it right yup and I do not trust Pittsburgh's defense especially without rights easier or Joseph I think this I think the LA chargers that's right I think the only chargers. Top 53 from one the 53. Have. The best roster in the AFC and I think he I think it's getting that's going to be up to the task I really do think they're gonna end to figure out a way to in the plant. Arts so. Here's what you have to look at after this week chargers have dolphins. In LA. And that they go to Denver if they lose either of those teams I don't excel. I maybe it said in Denver right. Only I'm sorry I'd look at the chiefs get. But it let me let you look at that again that let's start over here. Our let's go to let's look at the worst chiefs have dolphins in Kansas City excuse me and then they go to Denver. The chiefs lose those games if they lose the golf. All next week or at Denver and the CBC I think. Unfortunately. If the dolphins lose on in the bills win I don't know that they're gonna add. That's employers their mindset right at top. Because the cheetah that would have so much more play for. The dolphins already had eight losses they're they're thoughts of any playoff hopes are gone. So who. Hence the title the chiefs lose either those being utilized I really don't think so that's why I think if you're gonna pick a team it gets picked beat the chargers right. OK but but here's thing here's the chargers that they go to the jets next week. The raiders at home and the C man. That's great news for the bills so so so exactly so the problem is I think the problem or caught with yours. All these teams after this week at very winnable games. I think what you need to root for it to be even more confusing for everybody that you want the raiders to be is alive as possible headed that I agree. Because that you need them to be playing for something. Right because just fine not. What teams knocking each other off and that would be that would be the best case scenario for one of those teams not each other up in the bills did beat the raiders so they were it would act which is off. They would be in it drivers that are. This so convoluted at its mobile. I just can't I can't really remember Utley listen there's been a lot of hunts I mean we ban in a number of these situations before. I don't know that I remember one being this like having so many scenarios being. While and there is there are three weeks after this week a lot of things will clear I think after tonight a budget things clear up because at least you kind of get a better feel. From what you need to happen tomorrow and especially. Next week after tomorrow our Packers are Panthers tomorrow the storyline in this game is the return of Aaron Rodgers. I just don't know this is us a really good indicator that Aaron Rodgers so to speak because he's got back against one of the best pass rush is that the best pass rush. In the NFL Carolina Panthers Heidi is this game. I mean net I don't know why Aaron Rodgers is playing this game but then I looked at it may play. They play next week. Minnesota so it's like who were you putting. Air routers up against the minister is defense point where you put him in the Kansas deep and get back as he's healthy if he's healthy get it because you are actually if you are and it operates putts. Is good as the pass for for the Panthers is spend the rest of their defense spends her shoddy even their linebackers who you know he considered to be the best pair of linebackers in the league. Have been struggling a little bit as of late. Offense for the Panthers also not that great so I guess I can understand if you win this game to get to 86. I don't know it that that's asking a lot and especially you're gonna get it against the two most physical defenses. In the NFC in maybe the lead over these next two weeks I don't know it's a tough place for a quarterback with how many. You know lake screws in each. Older right I don't know but it's I. I I I think Carolina wins this team but I wouldn't be surprised me air Rogers and he is. Q so sensational he is one of the greatest of all time Baltimore does that put an outlook. I've knocked it technically browser when the scheme but I'm just gonna tell you. I would not be shocked the crowd got their first win tomorrow. The ravens yet they played really well last week I know if they wanna lose a game that they'd better and office they should say they had then. But the browns they gave the Packers a flight last week they're what thirteen they want to win and they're facing their arch rivals the tee this city it's the older. Not only that I'm glad you say that out of the two defense is right now Pittsburgh Dexia up eleven into football team they look very good. You mentioned the injury to arrange easier I mentioned to Joseph Haden injury you take those two players out I'll take the browns defense over Pittsburgh's defense any day that we put those two play realistic. Yes really yes. Yeah I mean I can see I could see I think that's that's that's a good point it's it it's an interesting point. Yet maybe I don't like that it's pursued it but I think they could be right not only that brought to skip school you're right they can't score bought. Tigers figured out. Little bit Josh Gordon ease but he's one of them. I can't believe the guy to beat two and happier brick or less comes in in in theirs quarterbacks out there saying he's the best wide receiver in the game it's. It's pretty crazy now that Corey Coleman's back from injury even joke who started Vick got. Weapons they've got plenty of weapons offensively and their offensive line block. I would view an epic win. But I just browse shocked what it leg what do coup for the right that would be four and what to do with your earlier in the season the browns really gave the ravens a scare early in the season I think they can do the scene and that was when they are. You know didn't have my how scared they didn't have a lot of players and these. But that the ravens did look a lot on our troops. Last week taxes at jags can't expect Texas going to Jacksonville when the way that they're playing Jackson looking like they're going to walk away. With the sol the Bengals are at the vikings tomorrow the vikings. But it really get the bagels I I think their team now position where they're gonna make some decisions that what their quarterback situation is going Fordham where they what they wanna do in the draft it adult is that guy. Up from here on out because it's been kind of a lost season. Vetted and they don't meet the bills year. I'm glad you mentioned the don't think has that's maybe the more interesting like quarterbacks storyline I think it's marching Kirk cousins what happens. With him because Andy Dalton may not be around next year if. Marvin Lewis. Gathered to add to that point two and I don't think Marvin Lewis will be at the at this point maybe it's time. To move out for him jets at seats onlookers and by the way back to play this when I guess he suspended by the team I believe. Habitually late I read. Classic Marcel Darius are there rob that's yeah you're right I mean. It's got he got paid and then things happened and that's exactly at what martial artist but the saints to be who. I think the saved the best team in the NFC especially outlets we think it. I measure that went in Philly is obviously would. I am a tossup I really like the rams. I think Alec the rams more than more most people do. But I think between us I think the saints saints might be the best team in the league not just the NFC I think you're looking around their defense has taken a huge step this year. Their running game is the best in football. And by the way they have Drew Brees who's having a down season with 3500 except when he touched on rials right yeah I. That's disgusting polygamy. Eagles giants like you're taken just Eagles. How can they do with nick pulls everything they could do with. With Carson once except he's mobile except for that mobile a little probably less run pass option you'll see. But I still think you're gonna see them throw it 3035 times a game and they've got that stable of backs and let me tell it. That's stable backs is a really good backfield they're not lean on them I mean that's why he went out gadget guy's cell I think the Eagles are fine to be honest with. I think it's time I'll come back we get the big one to discuss patriots Steelers they are gonna talk about that we come back also. Another big game on the schedule cowboys raiders I think a little under the radar here what that could be the playoff implications of the idiocy going port south of Roger here sports talk Saturday live it. Killy part ways. Buffalo sports 3840 McKinley parkway. Across and that can make in the mob here at 2 o'clock. Talk like big east memories I actually did that Syracuse game epidemic here George that's the re nothing more than four minutes into the game ain't. That is just some deep that's a basketball right now actually just got that often ask him I think between need to do it sort of pick up the scoring right now it's 75. Syracuse leads Georgetown and what do you tell me they have not seen this what's this about CC sabathia. So. My eighty arch nemesis. Teammate more than any one has resigning. As CC sabathia one year ten million dollars. While and by the way I'm so glad I can have this conversation I haven't realized that I I should've done this a long time ago all you do. Is goal at cranky and that's that tells how horrible people we are figuring Notre Dame Peyton. You're at notre notre date there's no difference really but it you can not criticized. Elitist yankees and when you're at Notre Dame thing. It's like it did for a man no no not easy it's. Amateur sports is different when you're when you're cheering for a team they don't get to go out and get the best. By bringing him in and paying them more than no one else will pay it happened in Notre Dame sure. There on all the time in most people like them or hate them but that's the similarities unpleasant. My grandfather he was ball in Notre Dame and Yankee fan. My dad told me I can beat Notre Dame fan but I could not be achy and that was it was Matt Matt it's really stems from my father my father hates the Yankees royals family. That's just what happened did you there's really no reason I was grow I've I was born to hate the Yankees it's it is that there's nothing you can do about it. While I just think it's that pot calling the kettle black. A little bit it's his career. Yankee fans all that legal ivory tower for Notre Dame OK here's the thing. At least put Notre Dame fans were not up on Twitter saying all million pool when we get many Mitchell Arnold or bodes well yeah. All we're notre day we should every best recruit because we're Notre Dame so are you wanna just come to us. Greats we had to go get anybody did you wanna come not. The same right. Hey by the ladies and make sure I don't know at the Yankees confirm it because I. Just wanna make sure we're saying it's reported by several outlet it now can I raise its all thank you yet Ken Rosenthal won okay. It out he's he's a pretty good source yep absolutely just wanna make sure it has a bit different yet but that is apparently. What is happening he did lose like we needed to the twins last week but we'll keep you updated at that we will run through those other games I promise. Before the end of the show here but in the meantime we're gonna take time out to get back with Dave west while the owner here at buffalo sports a tape all it's going on this weekend. And that we have pat Malick Horrow joins me here on sports talk Saturday to tell you a little bit about last night's game and Jack Nicholas Patrick. And kind of the sabres and how they performed in going forward yourself about your here's what sucks that it it easier thanks Richard and went another hour of the show took mom back right here at McKinley parkway at buffalo sports a lot going on here WGR.