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Sports Talk Saturday with Sal Capaccio
Saturday, December 16th

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While we have a special guest that just arrived here at. Buffalo sports. 3840 McKinley parkway that's were I am today broadcasting live sports boxers out of touch with you. The special guest is much that let's say is the owners and next we gave west ball is actually my son Matt who just walked it with all of his hockey. There so you know he's gonna love everything it's going on here because he's battled it out keep lawyer. Tough test and that he loves that he loves this hockey he's he's a lefty shooter we know that already. And you know so it's actually stopped I lectured him teaching it to see what kind of speech and because we got fitted last year. It really helped come up with you guys that awful sports in the rooted in community interest earning goal yeah I can't believe me want to play all the time where home. US nightly goal anyone's legal that he likes he like Jackie tells sun. Out of you'll be big enough these these kind of got to be a little bigger and tell it. The goalie it was a little expensive compared to Els is an account. But if that happens is now that's right that's right here so he got to come here you get a lot of discounts we get a a lot of discounts and everything. Going on here from all that protects equipment not just hockey teller but what's gone on here awful sport. All of a lot going on because it's known outside it's cold that gets people thinking about ice skating and hockey and skiing and snowboarding and everything and that that look around here which you'll lots of transactions going on people's own skates getting and sharpened. Kids are growing skis this particular but everything so. Actually been here since the near eleven I got here about 1030 actually this line is just continues to go out and it getting bigger merely you got a great staff they're really good at what that is yet there's no doubt that. They they're excellent they they they're they're gonna give you two hooked up so let's say. He hears well it totally you continued well into the youngster like me you don't know like kind of skates kind of stick. And it adds gloves after these guys before. Yeah we are more educated than anything right instead of trying to sell you what maybe the kids want we try to sell you what you need now more than and that's what's really more of an education process we like to. Determined as we are kind of investigating the problem sir just solve it. And not trying to oversell and that brings people back here together. Think I've seen Davis a lot of young girls coming and looking for equipment that's been peaks likened female hockey and things like that owed a cute last year's most. And then you have obviously not just hockey equipment. I've seen so I just. Which are equipment at golf clubs come in here today the heat from the Florida I. Got himself and his driver down there so programs say is that it ought absolutely process girls and it's huge soccer game. What about the safety equipment you guys promote they had to really help home it's icy around here physical along the adding stuff like that. I mean for examples you know wearing helmets there somehow other required on the slopes which its mind numbing it. Uh oh we've got them all have to be certified their expiration dates and everything. Problems were work car accident that. Dave less while joining me here's the owner of buffalo sports you tell me. Earlier this is pleased that you're since 1992. This vague he transformed the place calls it editing it's gone on as far as like atheist that exit the building things like that. I'm a few updates over the years it's it's it's similar to its that was bad and we've got different from walls are round you to write this on a little bit different now and it's that it Utica leadership know that mean this has been a staple this community for Earl Long. Long time so I mean that that the way it operates the people who are here. It hasn't changed for now it hasn't been business model works. Its simple which keep it simple and and more it is no more that's right so everybody from all ages equipment skates sharpening its date. Not just today all we can that's the thing it's not just when I leave here at 2 o'clock it is open tonight tomorrow and all that exactly it's it's real weekend and even when it isn't for Richard five dollars which is to change yeah absolutely no doubt about that so likely that tell us what else you have a tells about the ski equipment do you discount this weekend -- vote I mean everything's kind of coming already if you consider that it used. On I mean there is new equipment here as well what were offering additional 20%. Off unused equipment he's snowboard cross country ski equipment and related. Are awesome and that is right here at buffalo sports 3840. McKinley parkway across in the McKinley mall. I finally got to get back towards you got a decent teacher and out of governor Herbert I got that India takes a lot for joining us here that they have a sound as always I love being here thank you think I'd that is stateless following you cannot come out here and say hi to him this release that the buffalo sports. 3840 McKinley parkway across in the McKinley mall to get without pat well Carl. Who's gonna join us here in the AT&T hot I wanna make sure I cannot light rain down eight we have monthly rate ago. I we can go to him right now because we're gonna talk about the sabres last night they dropped 18 overtime 54 to the Carolina Hurricanes. I guess the first question I have for you pat thank you very much for joining me here today is. Why can't this team went overtime overtime games. Hello we have Adam I don't I don't hear that. OK. Maybe I miss out there and outlook to reconnect with that. Mistress or tightly at atom line. I I don't I don't hear from pat and well let him hear from me right now that your hopefully the is going yet. All right so I let this go back at about patty would anybody. And. Aren't there we dogs are its technical issues there that we worked with you let me start again thank you very much for joining me why can't this team in overtime games. Think that the great bucket I mean it it different right and he lacked the conversation was quite a dead ball moved up a player now there are better. All more offensive minded why did he. Always been the plays that at this thought I think just the way the league is it is you know scene plays for not making a mistake it over time for the bowl. You know the coughing up last night of entertainment goes the opposite he has break away we've nothing get the job. Medical giveaway implement that you're not so you can play one way you played another I went ahead and report. Well here's the thing that bothers me. Twice now in these three overtime games they played it lost in this recent stretch they've had. Breakaway state to of their eat leaked scores are supposed to be their two best offensive players I would say. Both of them neither of them cash fit Jack cycle in a better case I think part of it is you know your pay these guys pretty good body image will be your best players. You got to cash in those situations he got a seal the deal. Caught up with the good yeah I think. I had very little complained to bottom banter between being this these are really on the right his tenure in a favorite uniform. I'll bet that one of those that they there permit future that he had any talk about a whole game where the occupy wall off his stick. And it's gonna happen but you you would hope that it got that. For project. That don't fit you wait in Chicago where you want a very good shot you know penalty shot shoot out situation and it didn't think you'd think forum. And company NHL but you're right. You're paying your top guy could be top guys and builder situation where you you need them to come Emporia. Last night Jack cycle gets his first career hat trick your ability. I have to have a confession make I was their only for two periods had a four year old had to get to that so we actually left what was one line. I get home and export to them they get what just happened. I put Max bet that its fourth or Jack Michael just took over that gave when he needed to when they were down four Q. What was it like that building that less period Jack Michael what he was doing since I. Actually left a little bit before that. Well I mean. You you'd felt the atmosphere in the arena for the first two periods a lot of last night look it was a miserable life between the content that you could the I'll let the window coming into the arena. It is written another another gain at it would have been one of the 82 lat night for me for the work to. Nady went out period yet they looked at 21 lead but bad. The regal boom boom boom go look at them and we're right back he's been acting up Bieber can't play with the lead tape. They buy their way back after trailing one nothing that they if you want to leave. That had second span when Jack cycles. Took over the game he didn't get scored two goals down he took over the game for the papers in a way that very few have done in the last decade. Andy Reid did a complete 180 I mean you could feel the energy and the excitement. Not only from the band. But I think problem that should from the paper player themselves because all. What Jack Michael Pitt in note and stuck it is important it. That it can it get another goal because. We we probably should be sitting here today talking about. And comeback win in regulation not why did the neighbors corner over time or why couldn't they capitalized. Apotheker. Jack cycle picked up after. You know even setting himself after the game. He said. It's not good enough to get a point it seems like it's been the Greek recurring theme here of late. We that good effort put ourselves in games and opportunities when they were coming out with the overtime losses. I do agree with that I think there's been some signs of life I guess with this team as of late. I know that the record including the overtime losses to be just go by with. Losses that. Is not good but they're getting points I mean they've had what it rawness six out of seven games here. Where they've had what I see some signs of life what you see why is that happening why they seem to at least. At least in Baltimore game we get a point here in more games. Yeah I feel like right now the defense you know not scoring is one of it being that hanging over the feet by. I really genuinely feel like that that could go his comeback in line up to meet you with a one guy when the Ali was brought in the head coach. He got the offense he's got to be one bit in the paper for black prolonged time is that ability to break out the owner of the effort at. At another thing that Beckham going to do real well. I think him coming back in the lineup if sort of settle down would be back. And it really allowed they'll hopefully that to put the thick pieces that he wanted in their late news. It it is unfortunate that the coach it was harder to our deep and I think and coming back that he spent his sort of political piping there and I think working. You know all of maturation of some player on the team to Jack Michael being one of them I think. No for the first two plot here we're we're putting it in this thing. And if they're shipped where he he might not be going to part of EQ we're not finding a way to get the puck. I have a hard time saying that the last handful of week and I don't think it the coincident. That technical now that you're with 28 points and eleven goals and did what he did last night and coming up the road trip where. There worked in the bit he might not have been going all out every yet but he was giving you what you needed every ship. In knowing what to dial up it went dial it back acting. That to me go a long way in showing on and off the right thing that Jack Michael in his third year really is finding his life. Pat Malick are joining us here at the AT&T hotline sabres all 54 in overtime last night to the Carolina Hurricanes their next game is Tuesday night in buffalo. Against the Boston Bruins you mentioned defenseman in scoring Jake McCabe got an of that column last idea three point indicated three point Jack Michael had four. It was the first time Bible leaves 2014. They had three players go three points or more but tell me a little bit about Jake McCain and his game where you see that right now. I think he's one of those guys who knows when I talk about being able to put all the pieces in the right place. I think he's one of the guy that if if you can dial back his minute little bit and let him play I mean being at war more physical and allow others to work in as bad as well be keeping it in nightmare they. Maybe playing ya peace committee met it took the first couple months for the peace and are really hurt McCain in big expose some of it want but. That would be a big hit he'd want a guy that that will do it I'll open right along the board. He's going to be one of those guys you mentioned the goal last night. You know a couple of goals Byrd and core that that it can start for a point so I think he he is it finding his way and I think it. Partly because. Now. Everything is sort of fitting that rule of the peak then he don't have we talked for so long about. Forward that really aren't quote cool cop export playing now lists like I think we thought the defense is playing top minutes ore or copper and minute. That release you you wanna album back a little bit that you see here it is one of the textbook player. I hear around. Not only the team allotment of course the rest of the media you've seen. A little bit here what's gone on the leading up to the winter classic I think the organization in the league of how to handle this thing a heading up the winter classic and you know is it is it something that you know we should really be kind of looking forward to here to see the documentary the game itself and all the whole package goes into it. Well you know what I'm a little disappointed to be honest and I understand their thinking that it is played and I in Ottawa already. A hundred futile leap between the senators in Montreal at the alumni game yesterday for at least Ottawa played on parliament hill which. In but it felt it was a really good scene but. I feel like there were it not a lot of he'll walk in and not a lot of hopefully that he'd be giving you the outdoor game this year whether it be because there's another one if not all of this weekend or. Whether the the outdoor game at. Popular appeal that could be taking place to rob beat these are competing in terms of you know eyeballs and it tension there. I can I feel like. There could be more there can be analog I mean we can be hearing about. With former neighbor could be playing with former Rangers did pretty deal. I am that they are pupil or to gain. We're not really getting any of that and yet the night to beat them behind it being stopped at the. Elvis he'd react school. Oh win over a law or good or bad period but. I've really lacking for the excitement. It leaked that we started it ever for what it's going to be I think pretty cool scene at city he'll let it ever. And will be ballgame I'm looking forward to see. The rink being laid down their side of The Beatles or. I think also gave up on inflatable months. Against the penguins here at newer fields this years ago. I really want to be excited about it but I didn't really feel like there's been no lack of a pension being drawn producers games. Out Karl thinks that I appreciated especially. Coming out today. That day that Syracuse playing George summit I know you probably watch that. The background and he can't wait to get back to its I appreciate it man. Vote no game up here. I've got a point about that had enough. I would say it's the same object and its glory or your target of the attack are gonna keep up with these guys are but hopefully we can I get a W out there DC thanks I do appreciate it might. I. Thank you very much as pat out artists here in the AT&T hotline. Aren't so we're gonna get back to. What we start talking about it early schedule this week and eight you're gonna join in China. And with me here again on the remaining games that we have not touched on yet. In the at a well beginning tomorrow a little later actually 1 o'clock game as the Arizona acts now Washington two teams that are playing out the string now. In the NFC it really really remains here for the Redskins. Is what happens with Kirk cousins and what his situation is because in these teams are making the playoffs obviously. Outs are the Indy winner in the let. I guess I'll I'll take it personally here we can't make it feel reject Sony's games that are going on but to other reenter at the Seahawks tomorrow. That game at 405. Eastern time this is an interesting game the cynicism major playoff implications the rams and Seahawks. And with the rams. In this season they're playing together I don't disagree and they could be they could be the number one team. In the NFC it's our talent is concerned that they Natalie at that but at the coaching is well shot it isn't a great job. Getting in on the and as the opposite guy for the rams this year of course as head coach. It look at that these events or side. They got Wade Phillips has done Eric Donald disease and he is having that really really good job that deepens as well Jerry golf coming into his own your second year. At quarterback now has weapons. Is nice job aims at the C out I will say do not count out. The Seattle Seahawks when it comes time. This time a year Russell Wilson is having MVP like season I think conventional wisdom says it's going to be one of three people as the MVP arsenal let's. Russell Wilson or Tom Brady and Carson went now witnesses. Injury I don't know if you can really. And it vote for him after the next three weeks that he's going to miss. The remaining three weeks I think that Russell Wilson is squarely in that conversation went what he means to Seattle there rate they're they air it either the break. Outside currently outside looking in cars NFC playoff picture I would not be surprised at all the Seahawks with a big win. Over the rams is that native your back our time. Anything in these odd games. I am sorry I was on the phone when yet when he came to me so that Seahawks game I'm glad you brought up that game because yes as much as I really like the ramps like I do read that it they've got everything they check really all your boxes they've got speed they've got the running game they've got the receivers. If category offensive line and then vice Versa defensively that there to check the box is there. The Seahawks they just know how windows division games they there it there's something different about. Just divisional games that you can't it's bit more difficult to predict because he played eighteen twice a year. And the Seahawks to just know how to win an FC west games you're right act this could totally be one of those games for the rams where. I think what they lose they got the same record the Seahawks. Steps to win that division with a big win did. If the rams lose this game I wouldn't I I would not. Dock them they'd be likely I would think any less that right I dream is. The kind of game the Seahawks priced in and meet with Russell Wilson and what they've been able to view and that we have the patriots and the Steelers which is obviously the big game of the day tomorrow portly five. In Pittsburgh. Lab say it with the way the Steelers defense is lacking right trees a year and how the patriots and especially Tom pre amp owned them always that. Tiger is that it could be honest this that right. Against the Steelers 22 touchdowns no picks it's. Incredible and it too is well. I mean. And Robert -- he's coming back yeah and he has absolutely porch to Pittsburgh they love the play. More so that's an enemy Embree in rock absolutely tear that up from outside. I think they're gonna have a high scoring games Arby's Steelers can also attack that Patriots defense. I don't know which game the way this game balls but it's only just the patriots side because they do have Tom Brady in the fact that he always seems to get off on. Ott Mike Thomas. That and it here's the listing things heal until the patriots are favored on the road by three points. I think it's an interest in line for that game. Considering the Steelers are eleven into they have the better record there at home in the coming up from a pretty big win opposed to the patriots coming off of a really ugly loss. So interesting the line three points I would think. In this game. If it's gonna have to BF 3938 like it was last week for the Steelers the Steelers now no I in I think that there. Probably realizing that's that the the offense has got to carry this team for the rest this season into the playoffs. Can they do and I think that got the weapons they can stay healthy and Ben Roethlisberger plays like he did last week in the past few weeks you know I. I don't see why the Steelers can't win tomorrow however. I just know what Brady's like after he gets beaten and after a team that thinks they figured him out and people say all is Brady finally done he comes back with one of those 400 yards and putt at shop. It's right out of lovers finally got I'll say he's a different lately he has just looked at but it could be the Achilles in the Achilles giving Bob a little more than their leading I don't know this is a. A given us a lot of applications look at the Steelers win tomorrow. The page cannot get the number what seat and hopefully. And they're right there out of it they cannot get the number one seed. In the AFCO report which is it's art we touched on a lot of it tightens that 49ers the way Rob Lowe is in it injected some like in that offense. The fact that they. Are flat flying out of the West Coast that they had eight. Poor performance in Arizona at least late in the game they lost that game. I do like the niners to win this scheme that would really obviously helped the bills on the surface. Of course there are a lot of tie breakers that. But it's that you want maybe Tennessee in that every scenario in three way but I think the passing years titans to lose many they can't not be involved there at except Cisco could definitely beat. Tennis LE touch and that I want to talk about the outweighs the raiders in the slide under the radar a little bit here this pitching game operable teams cowboys are still not a lot but still they could. White you know getting to allow carrot they can wind up oddly the amateur last few weeks but the raiders not out of it either and the weight the playing lately there there's a place of office I think. More than you know better than what people thought. What it shown early in the year that I at least show some light but. Distributors in game I think the raiders win this game but the cowboys are a team that arm in desperation mode almost. Take it Zeke back next week yeah. The company I believe so yes so this a huge win for the cowboys like to see huge road game for them. And you get it back I mean they. Couldn't six and find themselves sneak it in the playoffs somehow so that this huge game for the cowboys. But equally I think we're all rooting for the raiders because of the reasons you mentioned if they're motivated going into next week I think that bodes well for the bills. Right well listen what we're gonna do is gonna take time out when we come back I had. Greg likens on from 790 the ticket Miami were to replay that interview on what could go anywhere from your from buffalo sports elect got to hang out with people hear the good folk wanna. Gotta say hi you've your company and I'll be here till 2 o'clock Warner replay are interviewed Greg likens from 790 the ticket out of Miami gonna. A lowdown on what's going on with the Miami Dolphins as they come to buffalo tomorrow I'm self taught you this is sports talk Saturday lie the. As buffalo sports 3840 McKinley parkway and police are c'mon down. I'll be here they'll be here sharpen skates all we get for free so all the equipment that you need as well picture aside is it the equity everything. While Greg likens evidently ticket in Miami joining us after the break and I'll be here until 2 o'clock here. At buffalo sports McKinley park. Her. And and. But the sports 3840 McKinley parkway in place now joining me now on the AT&T hotline is great likens 790 the ticket in Miami. York what what. What do you think about their chances in the ACC this year ultimately when it comes out and selection Sunday. Well I think that they've been better then everyone anticipated before the start of the season you know they do work. You know predicted to do very well by the pre season rankings and at some of the of the votes by the writers by. You know I'd sell it we talked the other day I think you literally deployed should be fine. Seems to rise in the scenario where he yeah underdog in the scheme comes into his seat and where it what I so. You know I'd like to guard play certainly they they need to stay healthy and you can stay out of foul trouble and Toby Young guys. Download. You already developing over the course but see that's a big by the time we get into 2018 into the spring. Some of the young guys come together in combination with birds that stellar guard when they outrage if you on team. And very competitive team every time there on the court. By the way the next two games for Syracuse that the buffalo bolts. On Monday an NC Bonaventure on Friday so they it's a local flavor. Here in buffalo where we are the bulls it and nailed to a great job with that program of course march written a great job Bonaventure. There's going to be two tough game for the Syracuse torch coming up in the Carrier Dome next week actually. You are I guess you know everybody's in the green side here you were there as they closed the home. Scheduling good teams would in New York State put. Look more active on the leaders struggled to program now that the. Absolutely all right Greg likened 790 the ticket out in Miami. The dolphins they go to what have abolished leadership that knowingly comes at a Monday Night Football last week and they just look like. One of the better teams in the AFC about the NFL for that sixty minute here they do that. Against Miami and was that just. Kind of an aberration for them or is this who they really can be. Well. We're still trying to figure out LP. You know I'd call me cynical but I kept thinking that says that you moron Tom Brady in the picture to find a way to come back in Jay Cutler bay called Fitz Dixon murderer back you're old when he. But they held on your right it really oppressive and ultimately dominate that game statistically for the full sixty minutes. I'll let you know if you couple that would that the way to get the Broncos the week before and you're saying man got the world beaters here they're figuring something out. The Broncos game it was not advocate that team. As spreading out of freefall what the patriots where I think really opened up everywhere side now that being said. Those two win came. On the heels of a five game losing streak and all wall he's really been very good you know that once the games. I mean they're they're still all we have eighteen points per game on offense and defensively the numbers have been good so. You are still. I'm very skeptical about. How good it you can be put certainly. With those two wins they've now made it interesting with a bottle three weeks but even with two of those games really get off well. Still haven't slept well what a lot. I've had a theme here today asking people of buffalo. Why it seems like there's not quite the buzzer usually would be four game of this magnitude because those are right there in the thick of the playoff race or 76. And they have they hated rival Miami Dolphins come to town and a snowy weekend. It just doesn't have that same type of vibe. And I think a lot of that has to do with baby where the team is and how people are more comfortable with the future necessarily more than where they expected to be right now. But I. I am wondering about the expectations from Miami where they are now on what the feeling is on the dolphins are people getting a little excited thinking OK maybe they can actually make a run at this thing. Went out and possibly gain a playoff spot. More are now now it's amazing just in this two week span we went from goal you know talking and what they're gonna do with the quarterback position hopefully right they'll help you nectar like. Really everybody's vertical look. And now back to back victories but look at it. It's renewal of and so I mean news is so 2017. He insult. I think regardless of whether you mean certainly the regional rival the bills so that that adds to a regards to applying the pact it would Altman's. I've now. And still mathematically. You know it's so light in what's been. You know strained it's he right you get the patriots and the Steelers really the pop and then they'll get some credit jaguar but really bring muddled up for. Besides that without a lot of great teams a lot of decent teams are all fighting although what. Let up plot that not all that found themselves. On the outside foot in that so to speak that they can handle their own business so I paid state sharp contrasts. From two weeks ago and now were suddenly the ball a bit thicker more excited and optimistic that perhaps something can be abated at C. How have they been able to force teams into I believe one for 24. Third down conversion rate over the last two weeks. Well again it rock goes. Trevor city where it was terrible eaten three intercept it and adapt our goes operate and project done it and not nobody offered year by the league that the Broncos were just pitiful when they came down your art rock stadium so. That would be brought in the lot for eight games in a row so not a bad game. How you bet against Al Brady and the patriots were the patriots were all well let me did not convert a third down. I'd still trying to wrap my mind around that went sour mean you know we see it is in the division the real salt and at the patriots. Like year and you don't usually a big vote awful and Miami give them awkward scenes when they're all wrapped up home field advantage but. We bet that that you Britain machine collapsed that he'd one year sort of backed it. They force that would body third down version that would work arm in 1991. That the paper it would out of the outburst in the game I only get the mean not the Arizona the Phoenix cardinals went. I don't obviously repellent check Brady so. I don't last week. It's your question I think what they did well against sacred word that quite a lot of open on really physical with their receivers the line of scrimmage battle without. Question opportunities like he can't wait it adopted soup and that pressure just builds over the course of the game so. But really what what beyond its RBC you bet that they are going to be a little little luck involved as well. Greg lake at seven I the ticket joining me here in the AT&T hot. Hot lights out about July that buffalo sports here today McKinley parkway Red Cross immaculate talk about it get your skates sharpened do you ice skate Greg. But no walk bonds provide. Why are my undergrad Dayton dirt use. But if so log on. While he had you did you did you could come here today were I mean it's skates sharpened our it will take area great effort no doubt flight appeared out of the gates well he had a nice weekend. Here buffalo speak and that is not going to be what it was last Sunday that we all saw the weather it's going to be cold here it's going to be typical type of buffalo weather last week was. Atypical is not really what is normal for buffalo this time of year how. Have the dolphins Qaeda but what's their mindset going into coming up the buffalo cold game in December 35 degrees Chile's of snow on the ground. Yeah you know what a word about that now because they don't dislike. Late December would implement ordered teams from the south border there it's you know really warm humid their investment bank for the bulk. It though it's disadvantaged the dolphins to go to whichever cold weather environment in December so to see the build on the schedule especially knowing it's no. In Western New York. I'm concerned about that back here now. You know last year. Words. What surprised all the fancy your mind it finally suite is series football toward that well we'll won four straight at home in the series. And I can't get that feeling that psychologically. Awful always an edge because there are some. Studio and they're so that's going to be a huge part of it is to get much let's physical audited. Psychological for this often seen so. Now. That he's done it a different look to at a different mentality it looked lost just two weeks ago so they can carry that. The buffalo they're going to be in good shape but. Not that helped me you're going to be in it just record for them when they get up there are to be a cold weather and certainly it's no. We talk about the other side of the ball Kenyan Drake looked great last week against the Miami doll against the new patriots. For Miami the bills and had some problems stopping the run at times this year. But I will say one of the things that they did Miami was. For the first time the is that empty set NATO they were using Kenyan Drake of that maybe that at least gives the bills that bit of a blueprint on how they can attack you expect more that you expect an injury to be a. Well really heavy part of the gate what will they use more that that empty set and throw him out of the backfield the way they did last week. Yeah I think they will and the strange thing about what happened on monitor football salad that you know you you mentioned a lot of different. A unique eat this you re offered that we saw out of gates and I think. A lot of bulk and and a media like respecting who quietly she now all year a web page when he came here. Would that users operative masterminded it you know even at the head coach Hughes. Also call 18 we weren't the impression that he would take other takeovers quarterback they're gonna move people around shall a lot of different books and where every game. Cooperated they've got for the patriots is their second matchup with them and that it would work but. I think they need to keep doing that opinion Drake. Is clearly a very good honorable for all evidence lies in the fact you all for modern. Fourteen yards rushing the last two weeks but also who reluctantly says the combined under receiving yards so. I think they need to keep doing that's another thing they did on Monday night for Jarvis 101 of the backfield marquis gray exits item lineup are all back. They really move a lot of players around and I was effective so I think if they'll work if the patriots that you try to do it again this week against the bills what did we get out to a canyon Drake is going to be a teacher back again. You David Williams I doubt we'll play and obviously retreated cute guy earlier this week. More from great likens 790 the ticket in Miami the Miami Dolphins at this time out of sports talk Saturday. What about sports talk Saturday Greg likened Saturday to get Miami joining me here on the eighteenth tee shot lights out about July awful sports. I'm McKinley parkway. When you and I talked early on this year after the team heel injury I think we all I said I I think Matt Moore is perfectly capable I didn't think he needed a lot side. Jay Cutler I think you had a C a similar type of sentiment cell a two part question here about the quarterback position with Miami. Let's talk about how Jay Cutler tell me about you know how he's played this year. And then on top of that what does the future look like get the position with ten hill next year where Cutler isn't where this organization's. Yet Jay Cutler. Did you know I'd chime deceit and bear in the same quarterback that we see over the course. That his career right knees up and now it argue what's really need to keep a physical. Still on display that you know made the first rocket in its medium product collide alma over the course of his career. And it aren't you looked terrible detectors it and it attitude. They're bad the body like. Bet you know at all. Cutler so far what is credit he's played a lot better over the last. Couple weeks senator brittle that sweeps the sea and in fact if you if you take a look at what he's done. But lacks true. Games which they want he completed over 60% of his bat he. Averaged seven point two yards for tam five touchdown used to interceptions almost a hundred passer rating it's since weeks six no quarterback you know thought more accurate. Percentage wise growing in the red cell so he's I think he's become more. Adjusted do. The players around him you'd be off prince which he had a really dirty with out of gate would certainly wasn't familiar with the personalities play a lot better bookmark or. You hadn't done enough in my opinion what he just like the world of Bible while we see in. To be their quarterback next year lateral the interest in wine I got the ten million dollars a moderate tyrant but it's Eric hill everything I've heard you on track. And you will be healthy in the offseason and it will be the quarterback next year now there's some buzz about them actually see in a quarterback. Of the future early in the trap. We'll see I think a lot not outright and it looks oddly enough that perhaps physically on C. Images to Greg toilet you go about the F college football scene down there now at the hurricanes of kinda had a revitalization. Down in South Florida. You know when they're good it seems like they're the team that people latch onto the dolphins have a a pack. Passionate fan base and their own right but it seems like her gives it a go over that town is that that the waves had a bad this year with the way the two teams have kind of played. Per surely here in particular that who read now mean lurking really exceeded expectations I think they were. But you're you're at a scheduled with with a win total that put up there and the impressive. Ron that they went on but Marquardt he curvature in job programs and you're right I mean. Anybody who watched the match was televised games it back to back weeks against Virginia Tech Notre Dame at all. It worries and electric atmosphere and an art stadium. Is different now with the camp you have there are certain that sound reverberates in its a better hold Q did bandage from that's important minorities. I'll put it you can Wear it. That Altman you know it's funny work talked about them still going well they were they figures haven't played. Very good football certainly been a tremendous that it weekly thing. So keep the bar that was with the losses and it's very very difficult team to really get excited about where is over Cain. Or about one and I think they really have captured the imaginations. Of the fans and stop order for the heat and I would still argue that the ball would that went through Super Bowl again. That that would be the biggest story out because the Balkans. If they can put together and insist that winning seasons are still the team when it comes to sell orders for. How big of a story is that you Carlos Newton stuff that's going. And everything surrounding that or everything surrounding that and Jeter in the ownership and that the sell off and all that. Yet and moved back about the story. It's it's an interesting dynamic because there aren't that big most people look it. The Marlins even remotely in college they haven't had her do their work and know a lot of that he do with the way over shippers run things prior Jeter's sewed Jeter's. In eagle I think he is getting criticized rightfully so what he's doing but he also. Very don't want just the worst owner in Major League Baseball that used taking over for proceeded near major record Egypt Gloria we. That taxpayers. In Miami Dade County to get that stadium built that up the right in the value of it's rich guys he sold it six years later he also gave John Carlos and the back loaded contract and then. So the team but the exact I'm that money was spiked up so it's a combination of that. Probably relations and it Jeter's inheriting. Well a difficult situation and it that the team that would make money however Jeter's investment. They put together one point two billion dollars by the team but it actually don't have any other money to spend on the on the payroll. So I don't know what big league baseball ever agreed that this was a good idea out suspected Derek Jeter hit an eye on the sport. So there's financial issues that are in an unpopular thing. You are paying himself five million dollars a year to basically be bizarre of everything for the Marlins. And the only invested 25 million dollars there was no money suit from the get go. So he's gonna pay off that that investment. In five years so all of that upon what the factors. They're getting rid of all of they're not players. And getting back the prospects. Just that led to really sour feelings about baseball now for a week. The money ma. It does sound like us. All right buddy let's say another alleged double election watches game where you watching it today what's your plan for sure he's Georgetown in six minutes. Not a great job that the all of which we're not like they're starting with that brought out there and take everything in the end. Yeah I'll be watching that game goes on to the Miami Heat game that I wrote in my one at that. So they can actually get in the those relate. You and I may be talking to two weeks from now because we got another bills dolphins gave him the could mean something right. I hope so I hope it will mean something now and yeah I'll look forward to it I'll hopefully for your sake bill but whether it will better. I like the market. Yeah no doubt about our buddy go enjoy the game Greg likens LI KET an ass out where I appreciate your time today thanks for joining me. It OK that is Greg likens down at 790 the ticket in Miami good stuff is really good follows the South Florida sports scene very well. He's this or he's gotta gotta tell you the first time I've told the story in the air first time ever met Greg. Randomly was at Las Vegas and it was last time I went because her performance that was born in my wife and I were there watching the NCAA tournament in March. And we happened at Syracuse let me play out west that yours so it was great timing of the plane at like 7 o'clock at night which was at 10 o'clock here. In the in the east so we go to one of the sports books and I can remember which one wasn't time. And I go in these guys sit there hey you know the answer is jerseys on it's certainly talking to allow it takes your games to go there I went there. What you do bottom front of the media on an immediate you Wear your work and Miami I were to buffalo and McGregor a few other guys it was great so it's been nice to get to know him ever since and now it's time we need to get the lowdown what's going out with South Florida sports. I turn department Greg like so I appreciate him joining us here today thank you very much Greg likened 790 the ticket in Miami thank you very much to Tyler done jointly as well as Alec are. And of course is theory for work the controls today. Bills dolphins tomorrow 7 AM as it records at the bills begins kick up at 1 PM all your pre and post game coverage right here. Under the EG Arctic today today on out at 3840 McKinley parkway in blazed out. It is buffalo sports thanks for having me here today on sports talk Saturday ESPN radio that.