12-26 Bills and Sabres owner Terry Pegula on The Instigators


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Joining us on the line is that their goal himself. Mr. to go high you good. High Amos of ago I had done a Smart of running Gregor of Indians the gators what's going on sir. I'm doing well. Get ready just calm down and now what some of the hockey there's going to be happening and it's now. That is amazing we just said James that the as the host of TS and then they do have a wonderful coverage in Canada. The world Jay-Z said the world juniors is actually his favorite event of the year. Above the Super Bowl and a well above the Stanley Cup finals because of the amount of a pure joy in hockey dads being played out there. What do you think the feeling around buffalo in the arena is going to be for the next couple weeks. I think I think bit. You know what the village that would put on down. Near the harbor senator. And having just always thought he later walking around it besides just you know I blame this being sound. And an opportunity for young kids to. The around the these players in and use him as a role models and maybe get to where they're at some day and put the outdoor game. I think is. Pretty. Intriguing idea that we came up with the opens. Very successful. I think GAAP personally I think it's going to be very successful I can't wait to see did say Canada US game on December 29 here at January field. I had the feeling that ten years ago was the first winter classic between Pittsburgh. And the sabres and now can bring in it to a different stage the very first outdoor game in the world junior history. I think it's gonna be a lot of fun but one thing you touched on as the fact that. As a young. Ed I remember you know watching the world juniors and thinking those players were the best at the age level and I want to be one of common being that buffalo is such a good. Area for youth hockey now in the harbor senator and a junior sabres organization and many other ones. I think you touch on a great point that did a young kids around buffalo should be exciting excited to see. All this wonderful hockey that's gonna be being played in the next couple weeks. Yeah it by the way what the weather forecast I'm not in buffalo right now it is going to be cool. Yeah that's what I. Well any chances now. I am just gonna look at it quickly you rate now and if we look at. I have pride in 98 it says yeah there's a 40% chance of snow and it's gonna be in that about the fifteen to twenty degrees rain so lack. Yeah I should be a very special and then dressed warm and that. And enjoy what buffalo weather is is is is the best we just a while we're talking we're seeing I don't why don't you want to write the right now you want it to be cold. You want the elements to be perfect a little bit it's known not too much snow. But a little bit of snowed the army on some of being able to play in this outdoor game I think it's going to be incredible you can ask for better conditions. Yeah a you know you pretty much describing what. What it was like it's the first winter classic. It Pittsburgh and buffalo I remember I was today in. And it how to do it pretty much the south lake saint kind of conditions. Yeah I think it's going to be great and obviously date and a US right ivory at the world juniors dates back. Many many mean years ago and that's going to be enough for front that mean you're gonna have. Canadians from southern Ontario from everywhere coming down obviously the buffalo fans are going to be in big numbers but that's just looked at. Dean lite picture of the rink and it's an Imelda middle of a football field. I feel like we gotta have to talk about football a little bit knowing that that next Sunday is going to be a very special day for the bills. That the playoff scenarios and all of that but before we get to next Sunday I asked you about last Sunday and I mean I'm a hockey guy and not really a football guy but. I was sitting there watching the end of the first half and I'm looking at the bills taking a big lead against the New England Patriots and they going to need to look at their TVs and is saying there's no touchdown I mean I don't know how you feel about it but I figured I'd ask. Yeah. They obviously weren't looking at the same televisions in the rest of the country was looking at where they. No they aren't not my TV. I like you know they have multiple angles out there and it's just to mean I don't understand how they can reverse that call it's it's. It's clear as day that that's a touchdown. You know what. You can probably find somebody in this country. Who disagreed with that and I know one guy would be out river uncertain in New York City but. Everybody it's not do and they're not bills fans. They're not necessarily patriots. Inside page is that the route baffled by by that cause it was just. It's just wasn't consistent. With what replay replay it was developed by this league. Is correct obvious mistakes. If you got to look at the play thirty times. From five different angles and keep looking at it and looking at it looking at it go to call on the field or at least the influence. Ever since replace started. And as a matter of fact being blind you know who was there at a replay last year did last year that was the cut them. I don't know what's going on but we have the six. Well what I don't know about and I'm not saying edit the owner of the bill I'm saying as of opal yeah. We can't have stuck like this definitely. No I I agree and that to mean as a as a former hockey player. I'm looking at yet criticism and how difficult it is to make plays. This is an amazing catch by Kelvin Benjamin. To be able to get bow at his feet in bounds and managed from this sideline and I mean there's there's there's basically just a little bit agreed between his feet. Both feet as to be inbound in to maintain the recession of the ball in to battle you know. ADA. Safety got this trying to avoid day in you know basically. The break up that pass and at criticism and the level of of of technical elements that are in there is is amazing to take that away from and the spectacular aspect of it. It's just as a former you know. Marty you'll get all those things you like it's your biggest said he made an incredible catch reached out to feed in. I don't understand why that why would that would be considered a touchdown I am watching that game. Hey guys to use you forget about somebody you know Kyra make that growth. He expects its its its. What we all column bang bang play and we're not. Players celebrate. It was unfortunate. That throw by tired Taylor at its lights and from when he thirty yards out you have to put it in a small little garbage and that's basically that throat Eddie made you're absolutely right. Mr. Lula did that wrote. Have that overturned by a looking at frame by frame to mean as is as a travesty and it's mission of that. Now I'll. No so so where do we go from here now I mean obviously we look at next Sunday and we say this is wet. And he athletes is is kinda waiting for a one game to have Adonal line to be in the playoffs. Op what's the feeling Blake as an owner to know that you know you've you've worked so hard all year he made some changes in the front office coaches players and all. And to know that you have that opportunity. For your team to go into Sunday and get a win and hopefully get some help to get in the playoffs. That's the whole organization. Is. You know we make one or two decisions. We hired GM. We're involved in hiring a coach. These guys have made multiple decisions. Throughout the year have put in this position. And you know now it's. Unfortunately. It's not all. In our teams and in the what are we know it's something else that happened. But I know the guys who go out there and do their best bid and you know Shawn is. It's done a heck with job with. You know we've been. Move players blu players in and you know it's it's it's good note the good see you from that standpoint to see some of these pieces. Work. And put us in this position. Are you I use that type of person at our owner that. Will be going down to Miami to catch day game lie than action all right you stand back to watch it how does that dynamic from a donor go away and it's down today. Did a wire like this at the end of the season. Only I would think I would via that's where I would want to be to be right there in and get the feel for everything. You know it's yeah and edit the players know that attitude. The ownership is they're behind them support them all the way to beat these guys around. Yeah. That's. Of the event. And after the game were back up we're back into the hockey again. Well we're gonna go into will be in town this Friday. To watch them world juniors. Got to watch and see Iowa. Our guys are doing hey buddy you're goalie he's going to be real fruit loop and then is going to be Rupert middle that you less this is going to be wrong. I said before editing in and a so that the guy I'm most exciting to see is the big fish on the net oh Coptic the look and then I wanna see what he's got IE was a love in no way. Eddie played a development camp this year and I thought that was a great pick up. By by our team in in those straps all yeah obviously. I mean medals that in and the Lander in the at a guys are exciting but for me I'm going to be looking at the goaltender for sure. As you know that's where my eyes go but who so. You're gonna be watching and and mr. Bogle who's the one guy I mean I gave you my A might take on it was the one guy you think you'll be watching is. In all day in the east prospect that we'll juniors. Well obviously I'm going to be looking at all of them but. I want to see our our. Are forward. Up the Lander built that Davidson. Yeah I wanna see how they perform. Pretty obvious that are. I Siemens NHL needs some a goal scoring so be nice to see these guys fill the net a little bit long signal corpsman. Mr. look at it. Yeah when Finland plays you want to CO one nothing game wit that meaty middle that scoring and that. And that's it right so I wolf good well I mean this is that for me growing up the world juniors was one of my favorite tournament then. And watch it and then I came over to buffalo and Gregory May just said that earlier too we weren't really football fans in the end the bills just. And it hits you right when you live in buffalo and you become a bills and so. It's been very exciting and they'll be even more exciting coming up with the world juniors and the end of the season for the bills so what a question about that replay. Do you have a neat they conversation with people led the league when when you guys get the board of governor meetings and all of that. Is that something that you you discuss with them about how this is affecting not only that teams but the players. Yeah. Yeah I I do. Privately. I can tell you this since we've had this discussion. I'm sure I'll be having another conversation with somebody. And it will will that be a friendly conversation at a dead BA. A bit more on the business side. Well you know it's some friendly from the other side I can dish back on friendly duel because. It's a little upsetting. Absolutely I would watching have you had a chance to talk to I Kelvin Benjamin about it and what we re as thoughts about the the actual play. No you know we actually. We're up in the Adirondacks the Lee who literally could not get to the game. Because of weather. So it's. It's the first game we've met. So. But we couldn't get there. I mean. I remember years ago when that we were in the playoffs in in Philadelphia and John LeClair came in and shot a puck through decided that that in the NHL accounted as visible and actually never went in and out at. Broke a hole into the netting. And was it behind Dominik Hasek and and we felt like we had been robbed there and I feel like the bills were robbed on Sunday Avaya. A wonderful player and a touchdown in that so. To have you on this morning and talk about it was was pretty exciting I I completely appreciate your right your time this morning mr. Pakula and wish you all. The best with the world juniors in this upcoming day game with the Buffalo Bills on Sunday at the hopefully a little bit of help and again in the playoffs that would be something amazing. Yeah. Well thank you mr. Gulu for joining us ribs will go Canada. Okay well I went NIC and in person and I feel comfortable out well it's arugula. Completely appreciate. It and that maybe my New Year's revelers that resolution is going to be to guide to colleges Terry took loved it until then I'll call you mr. program that's okay. Luxury while under all that can happen. Well thank you very much sir enjoy the next few days and new world juniors and obviously. Big deals game on Sunday and hopefully win.