12/6 Night Cap Hr 1

Wednesday, December 6th

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It. Is this the nightcap with Ryan gates yeah stood true. Nightcap with running engaged yeah. It's. Nightcap with Ryan gates. Time now for the nightcap on telling. You GR. Sports Radio 550. All rights Wednesday for Wednesday. Mean Joseph we're talking about a guy changes from Wednesday for a day used to be. Wednesday for a day because sometimes peak charges would come and stop it sometimes and eat your it would comments. Stop buying. The late pleases me in jail for the most part and much of our confidence it's going to be Wednesday Fareed. Dire Garth at in there like that what once we get a more creative part that you unique last name. And all adds we need to be creative. A uniquely in. So it's Wednesday carried game which Ferrari. In the board for us tonight sheer WG it's good stuff and we are going to hear from Niger leader. I'm injured. A man and many talents a busy man and he really focuses. On the draft for the most part. So we hear from him later in the show about the quarterbacks it's all half the regular season. In the college schedule start seeing these guys in bowls bowl games so what do what do we know about the college quarterback class in what do we need to know. About the college quarterback class at east heading into I mean. Odd season normally when draft season starts this year you know. As Buffalo Bills fans was draft off five months off yet if it adds it's still at about five months away. About five months away but this is typically when we we start getting in the draft season is right about now the bill's sex and sex. And you can currently get tickets. From stop from some of these other tickets iceberg for six dollars Joseph actually he was he was trying to take a look at some tickets because these you know what. Why not is on it's not raining. I think I'll be there for six box that corny and snowing it's not awful in the I can drafts for what means selling forty exactly 45 and brain that's that's the worst luck works I can't prepare AMOCO were idle or poncho yeah that's the worst remember a few years ago I went to the Kansas City Chiefs game Kyle or 44 passes through the hands down. At the end and he. That classic. That game Wallace. 43 degrees and rain all day. I brought my girlfriend at the time who didn't care about sports at all actually actively hated sports and I'm sure that experience being around. Barge it was it was my birthday that day to do so I was getting you know. I was I was getting places. Issued she was not a big she's probably. She thought walking around now using that as her reason or as an exhibit. For why she doesn't like sports now she's sitting in 43 degree you brain watching. A bad football team. She's actually come around a little bit got to give some credit she moved to Hawaii. Right she moved to Hawaii and now she gives sports a little more credit because she's she's met a bunch of people from different backgrounds and mostly man. If she finally realized that one of the reasons I did arguments about it she's like slate it's stupid it's a distraction blah blah blah. Completely got to got to enjoy the community. She finally realized that adds Hazmat. Men connect through sports. All lots it's over real big way that I think a lot of people. Especially mine connect with each you don't have to be fair at the same team necessarily but sit down here. You don't really know a guy at all and you just start talking about sports. And you know the conversation he's wrong because the easier to talk about sports. Sports and beard. It's usually does the two things yes firfer you know guys that use you can connect over that's why they go so while the other. That's what goes so I'm actually right now because the saint Bonaventure bodies in town tonight. At the counselors I mean street downtown buffalo take on kinesis. And try to to pull up the the life stream for the game because. Believe it or not the Atlantic time who is a much bigger basketball conference in as much. Higher quality teams and its. They don't have the streaming package with ESP again. But the must act us. The match act yeah the atom double ACB. I'm not only ask them ask them ask. Has as streaming package. Whipped with ESP so he can watch every game on the Internet if your stand of Khamese disappear into Niagara pressure it's every single game he can get. A good amount of games on ESPN three. And I'm sitting here and I for some reason I can't get it going my video playback machine. An error occurred during video playback possibly due to the network and activity being any background in browser tab. Please try again. So I'm I'm having difficulty bringing that out but it's hate the local basketball. Can you shifts is. Jesus isn't really one of those teams is gonna be making a push for the tournament. RPI rankings I think it was the first RPI rankings came out earlier this week. Bowl UB and C Bonaventure in the top 100 of that I think that work 81 and 83. Those worthy of the RPI ratings ever for ball those teams and UBS played a really tough schedule so far. So I'm trying to get it going in and just judging by the looks of my Twitter feed right now seat from the bottom blog. This is the tweet do you like to listen to basketball games via radio like it's 1946. It's so tonight is a good night for. Did you ever have a problem like that show when I first went to college when I first went to the college opera port. They didn't have. The you know how there's there's a master gene might mean and that's G and they're used to be the side amassed yet the sabres games would be on. Yes when I went to college originally that's what it was like and they did half the side MSG assembly next MSG. So we eat when I first got there had to group around our radio. And listen to WGR Sports Radio 550. Like it was the 1920s and I was getting so. Just just how we're on the occasions debt totals and sabres red wings during the December storm in October storm the Sanderson. The desires yeah so there's got to restore or is it in November it's November knowing this was October style the October's look at so yeah that's apparently this this online. A stream is working anyways I would be able to watch it. There are off fortunate there are other ways you know. To get to get streams. Yeah I know I could all log on to certain web site that is forum. For number Internet people bullets are gonna stay away from that for for a little while our trio 551888. 550 to 550. A couple of things other streams were canal. I've gotten up can be here in saint Bonaventure losing right now. Amid it. And 32 seconds into the game three to two. 32. That stint I don't want guided the momentum back and it's a game brunch go to game rocks. All right so anyways. What stuff coming up. On the show lots of stuff that I found interest in today. Including the fact that you can buy bills tickets right now for about six dollars and actually gone down to four. Putts gunned down in Florida it's six dollar tickets in the hundred in the lower bowl. Four dollars up top. Man Somalia so you're an extra two bucks if you spend that extra two bucks you know he gets a nice receipts is there is there good deals for the either Jim Kelly club where there's heated seats I have not looked but I did yeah Donald can do that because that's where you're gonna wanna be sitting for this island is gonna be. In the twenties cold windy so if you're if you're looking in you might be only get some cheap heated seats that's pretty good. That's pretty good as the air conditioning comes on in the studio sounds like I'm in a wind tunnel but. Well we got to go on here some of the things that we won't talk about coming up we're going to be talking about the quarterback situation. We're going to be talking about need to Peter men and Tyrod Taylor if you got thoughts on that toward if you are but I feel. With a lot of bills fans are right now which is really pathetic in this point of the season that's what usually ends up happening because the playoffs. Are such a a long shot. And I do have a scenario. Which I'm pretty. I guess I would I would call it realistic. About the bills' playoff shot out call realistic I would call it home media down on the the bills playoffs shots the right around 10%. But I was reading an article in the Washington Post just before I came on the air and I was talking about the Tennessee Titans and hollow. There are much like the Miami Dolphins of last year where they potentially depending on what happens over the next four games in their next four games. Are against the cardinals the 49ers the rams in the jaguars. What happens in those next four games the the titans could be a team that makes the playoffs with a negative point differential. And that's with the dolphins did last year to me the playoffs but they had a negative point differential. And this Sunday's big goal from Tennessee. True. Arizona which that trip it's difficult. The jaguars just lost their couple weeks ago and I think the jaguars are a better team than Tennessee at least offensively they're they're much better. Bots. If they go there that's the team that I think you're looking at. That. Could fall out of the playoff contention race. If if it comes down to that. You're you're looking at some of these teams around the bills right now. And it's. If the titans lose this Sunday. I still would expect them to loosen the 49ers but the 49ers of Jimmy G might be. You know a I saw some quotes from guys out of the 49ers locker room talking about. How they feel like it's a new season with Jimmy G at the home so maybe there's some. Arnold some some extra spark what Jimmy drop below there and it. Looking at those games. There's there's a bunch of scenarios. That can get interesting if that's a big edge if Tennessee down the stretch goes one in theory that there were to go down the stretch one in three. They would have the same exact conference record as the Buffalo Bills. And many would move on to comment opponents. And date they share five common opponents. Oakland Miami Indianapolis in Cincinnati. They've played each of those teams five times of the bells make it tonight at seven in the way that I think is the the standard path to 97 that everyone sees beating the dolphins twice and beating Indy that means both teams look on foreign want those games. Which means you go onto the next step of the tiebreaking process. And I honestly cannot stop the tiebreaking process I don't have a write up in front of me but I wouldn't even be able to tell you at this point. What's. What it would be. They get super confusing. After that. So if you're looking for a team because I think Baltimore with their schedule. Is is. It goes the strength of victory after that so that's something you'd have to judge. Later on. I'm not really great at math so that's all know what Miami's record will be on what Indies record finish Cincinnati's. What's the best team at the bills beat them. The L 20074. The falcons at seven and four. So strength of victory goes on after that if you're concerned about after after straight victory and strength of schedule. Best combined ranking among conference teams in points scored in points allowed. Is that even meet. Don't know that's a lot of less combined ranking among conference teams. In points scored points allowed but after that best combined ranking among all teams in points scored points allowed our deficits saying. You're your combined linking with offense and defense. In points scored and points compared to other conference teams so where you rank in the conference in points scored points Allard. He totally untrue ACO six and some are good that the last are different. Oh I see so it's it's everything the difference between just your pal I personally and then the entire league I see. Then bass now points in conference games baskets points and all games last Nat touchdowns in all games which. I don't know this for a fact but I got to leave the bills would be at a disadvantage and best net touchdowns and all games. And so gone back the other one does the if if you break. The same. Gain points scored and points allowed ranking for your conference would you not rank the same in the NFL because that's that you would be. This the same. Yeah that's the year Tyler and how we get that last one bought the bouncy touchdowns and all games how you right there after that. I don't know except that coin flip a coin toss it's going allied ala coin toss I want it televised live on prime time you don't imagine bills. And the drought but a flip of the coin. Could you imagine they'll fit it went the other way. By the bills finally in position to end the drought and they don't get it. And they don't state they lose coin flip to the Tennessee Titans. The team that started the drought. You could say almost they have a start. That's one thing now get up. Beats there would eat there would be calls for investigations on all the type calling they used and who flip dead and the conditions of the room and whether there was like an air conditioning vent yeah I got here not help. All right maybe it's cause another flip laws in the air you'd have. We need and in some scientists in here talking about like how the coin flip that many times. I think incredible and we need a control corridor and variable court yes yes is exactly what I'm sick. Yeah so that if you're if you're looking for the sliver of hope and the other sliver of hope is that he got to be hoping that. Pretty much you're rooting for the chargers at this point purity for the chargers to take the division not only because. They have the tiebreaker I knew and how did but. Kansas City Chiefs draft pick it was a manager you pointed out today. If the other chiefs may get and they remain right around this this 5997. Team and they are the team to me get instead of the chargers. It's the difference in like six or seven pecs. Between what they could be just in the in the ranking because there's so many good teams in the NFC. And what it would actually be because they would have made it into the playoffs and that's how it ends up. Be the first twenty picks are all the teams that didn't make the playoffs and then you start. You know breaking things up by around playoff teams are eliminated. After that so if you're looking if you if you're holding onto that help. For a playoff run this year. Tyrod Taylor knee injury is not these were not sure if he's going to be playing a lot of studies now point I had to have doubts. I would say that he's he's not playing. But I've done wrong mostly my entire life so you definitely wouldn't go off what I would say. That you know we've got Shaq loss and he's out on injured reserve for the year it got Jordan Matthews who hasn't done a great contributor black and established receiver. He's out for the rest of the year on injured reserve. Intra day be as white he's working through. Is concussion protocol but he was out on the practice field today which can. Funk shocking it's certainly good sign yeah that's absolutely a good sign that he's already back out there doing some work because. Just looking at them on Sunday and looking at the the look on its face it was. What doctors yeah no doubt he looked very out of. To be honest the colts I mean there. There's not a lot of talent on their roster the one spot that they actually have some talent is there number one receiver NTY Helm you'd probably want. Your top corner out there covering him yeah that's seeking watching trays what you shadowing. Our cal steel locked. The the key was when Dirk how huge shift in in the formation why would just follow him right along and I would think they would wanna do. Summing similar with tila alone yeah you would think so and I'm sure. That's. They'll both have both have a ton of help because it looks like Donte' my grief is is doubtful is his bright availability for this game raising questions so they try to inject the oil is questionable whether they're lacking target yet they gave black bear in the of the are lacking targets so it could be. That you're you're looking at TY Hilton being the main target and Jacoby for side being the other guy. That's the biggest weapon on the team obviously Frank Gore to ruin Marlon match Iraq. So it's not an offense your feasting. What atomic weapons. Putted three wins. Are there on the team while they they've played that. The browns did that they put the browns. In yeah. That did happen I just am pretty sure that played the browns they've played some some pretty bad teams. They beat the Texans. So they've the Texans with outs. Shawn Watson AB in. And today. It beat it beat the 49ers that I was gonna say an overtime I think it was the 49ers but I wasn't 100% share. A Dallas and thriller you know 49ers and no I mean. Torre's exit point 32 pretty good with the five scored 303128. Win. Over the browns the thing is this is just. Every year not every year but a lot of times during this drought we've we've gotten this game like IDs when the games exposed through. Guess what you're probably in. And guess what happens most the time the bills don't win the game for spoke zoom in their spouse sorry obviously the most glaring example of that in the past couple years was when they lost to. What they want in fourteen Oakland after being a really good Packers team so. You know the do the bills deserve the benefit of the doubt sing their. Gonna beat the colts here not really special when you don't know who's gonna be under center quarterback I got to see this game and I got to see how they're looking before I can say yes they're gonna beat the colts command the colts I don't know. I still think. It depends on who's out there and maybe they they get Benjamin back. Maybe they don't maybe they don't Benjamin back into what is it it's Thompson. At your bets kind of what you're in the season all this agent Elton and maybe Brenda right at least gets isn't high the could be could be fairly ugly with. The bills targets themselves the bells is lacking targets right now to solve. Yeah I don't think it's it's necessarily. A gimme but them colts are just. The only beat really bad teams and not sing at the bills are a great team or a good team leave in but I think they should probably be. Really bad teams in the colts are indeed but I call the lower class the bills are on the middle class of the NFL the colts are low class. Low class and a there. Would say the bills are in the upper lower middle class. In Israel by 51 EE 8550. To 551 class or the bills. No not really OK coming up wolf. We'll talk wolf we'll get those comments from. Ryan Clark. What what he heard from previous white after the the croc play. He has his commentary around it what what previous white sent him any tax message we'll also hear from Mike Mitchell today Roger can Dow being extended. Ask commissioner in the league. And I'm not sure if this happened and why old that was going on her this news came out well is being announced but he had some some very strong words. About the commissioner about the leadership of the NFL we'll get to those and of course double World Cup we'll talk more about cornerback this could be coming up in the the second half of the show when we we preppy guys Ford John lectured. Coming up later on tonight kept Jody B Osce. Mike safari Wednesday's rain here on WGR. Those awful who seek did you talk is a jury was dirty I have Reich I have a say gay say he said a whole who warn him. You know I mean the whole who won't grow for sure I mean as the exact takes the whole who want him he you know. What exact he did you translate that. A is that do put in the zone that are not an analyst does that thing this is that this is the thing I text him I thought they suited jumped him. Like that was my initial thought that his teammates. Sit if keen to his defeats. And I'm that you can't just go hand will they do dornin now on leave and you can't just do that but as some way. He's teammate should've let. Gronkowski know how dirty and how out of bounds. They're playing their plea would solve kind of disappointed. That is Ryan Clark. Former safety in the league for the Pittsburgh Steelers. It's funny because we're gonna hear from another. Former Pittsburgh Steelers safety coming up and orbits a former current. Not former he's a current. Pittsburgh Steelers player Mike Mitchell talking about the league but that there's Ryan Clark that's on the Ryan solo show talking about you know reaching out tray YE. And saying essentially. In all like everyone wants a piece of rock now. And I don't think that's really too shocking in and I get the point that he he makes there. I know there's a lot of fans out there at bats. We're disappointed. They didn't like the reaction that was displayed by the team. At the the time of Crocs action. Because there was no one there who really stepped up I think pull your gave him just like a little bit shove like they were all looking towards the B officials. To. Do that. Looking towards the officials looking for our flag looking for. For something else but they didn't really get up into into ground themselves there was nobody that kind of gone to a space and he makes the point there Ryan Clark about. Yeah they they sometimes do throw fists in the league now and get into stuff like that and I wasn't looking for. Anything like that by just to have someone you didn't. Get face to face with just getting his face that's all I was looking for you yet you've got Talib. You've got Crabtree you battling over respect and chains and stupid stuff like apple you've got this guy who coming in. And blasting your teammate. And it's now where we're sitting here and we're waiting to it to hear abouts. That's the whole hugs after on the the entire defense. Knows what Rob Gronkowski dead ends. But they're gonna they're gonna wait now until week sixteen to to get retribution. If they're in a position to still be a playoff race they're gonna put themselves in the position to potentially miss games down. I just I don't know man. I know there's there's really not too much to play for anymore in this season you are still in the playoff hunt here in the hunt. You are in the hunt they're gonna be in the hunt during that patriots right what are going to be in the hunt during the patriots game you're gonna need all hands on god for that all things game. It comes down to it. So now we're hearing and I am sure this will be addressed by the coaching staff. Before that game probably the entire week leading up to Becky because this is going to be a story. It's it's perfect Micah Hyde. Micah Hyde side it post game and it's something I'm Mike has been keying on all week. They're not gonna be allowed to forget this because it's going to be a continuing story right now is continuing story because yesterday he appeals a suspension. Now this is really. Kind of popping up in and getting a lot of traction in this. This taxed from Trey white to to Ryan Clark. And then the week of the game depending on what's happening where the bills are where the patriots are what the playoff implications are of that game. That's going to be a store east and it players are probably gonna be actually go and here you're going to be seeing Rob Gronkowski on Sunday. Ago do you what do you plan and he I think plant Foreman of course they're gonna sing no but it's it's going to be something that's still on the back there had the entire time wanna be the most. Bella checking things I ever do if the patriots do with her expected to end. Beat the dolphins this week and then they beat Pittsburgh next week have everything locked up. His field home field division and everything and they just don't. Like art house and I we sixteen. Honestly. I would see that happening it would be Smart. Yeah it would be Smart to do that because if if the bills are a situation where. Maybe they they lose one of the two teams to the Coulter Miami. And I need you have a situation where and you're at seven and seven and you need to win the doing right you need to win the New England game just didn't even run mean. In the race and if you're New England you've got everything essentially locked up. I think he'd be OK with sitting Rob Brown cow ski and anti maybe even playing him week's seventeen instead so we still you know. Got a big team opportunity teams able probably have multi they will have a first round bye cell. If if he's really concerned about it and if I'm belch I would probably be pretty concerned about it because. He even admitted himself like yeah doubtless it was BS he comes out that half. That it. Midfield sudden that's that's only for half court. Corn and Cyrus yes senator I see that they meet at midfield and you know even mentioned that to McDermott's. Hands. I don't know if it's going to be interesting to see if there is that that kind of retaliation but I saw a poll on awful rumblings which is the bill is SB nation affiliate blog and they ran a poll. From fans about what they thought it should someone stepped up in that situation and it wasn't overwhelming. 86% yes they felt that there there should have been more done. By the bills players network hanging out entryway in that situation. 8030551888. By 52 I think you got the belt in the program well what's going on Mario. Yeah it was worn off. At what kind of and a double bogeyed. That you know about the bills keep that and it kind of been on my mind it will Obama also. Off Colton high school football is in basketball. And this one out of it low income at. But at the why the formal item multiple bullet like well I have a bad. And that he bucked up it will be on the old woman on the mode mode but I want to leave the vehicle by up to the yellow. We're going to be the best not to go off. Well grounded out to them badly that it won't lose what it and get into the Michael I didn't. And the last question but it would definitely old news. At five lives and I don't like. Wild and let the ball well and by the fall flat. What are you. And Robert that they don't pump it as an. Open book they'd like oh informed and articulate. A football player and kept it safe that would note that the but let them know that they won't get. Yet the ballot question for you say it's let's hear your high school coach. It in this situation where there on via the opposing team's sideline and you know crock is essentially walking away. And going to the bench and there's only three or four bills around there may be with Trey white already down on the ground super dazed and me in a very vulnerable position. The fur for me I wasn't looking for. You know you've got a meaty like a little bit of a polish but that is needed someone maybe just to get into two Clark's face and just pretty much. You don't have to do anything physical but just bombed all of us actually be like dude that was my stuff you can't do that. Outside and actually had that it would cap before that's local basketball. All for the period like mark wolf pulled me. Air ought to have the more I've walked in the late pop artist but don't just say what liberal fight about golf in the united. You know sat down with the ball that was good about the bag the quote quote all but they are gonna led by world. We did not hit it. Can shut above all the billboards that have gone a little. We know about them is what we can and we all lose. By the Bible quote almost like a little bit below the double dip net a bit and Lebanon that. And that is but it. Yeah I hear them about thanks for the comment appreciate it. All right yeah that's. And that's the one thing because. I know that McDermott in the way that he wants this this team to be. You hear him say it all the time they want to play. Within the rains you know only within the rule book. The right way everything in the right way but. An Indian anything dirty artist. Albert were looking towards the the officials. And it's. I didn't need a big school all money need pushing and shoving even just just someone to go up there and just let him be like dude come off. That was pretty dark. It just can't beat you don't Jordan Porter didn't get a personal file to filling the late show a valid point point or did he get though the program player you whereas I was god did he gave gras like a little shelf but it was Micah Hyde. Who got the personal file has had an am and dole were in primarily pushing and shoving match near midfield and and Jerry Hughes her touching official touching the official running his mouth policies on Jerry Hughes English. Unemployment at that point probably screaming that the officials to be like. Get this guy out here with a lot more colorful. Type of language going around literally every single word. You know 30551. AE eight by 52 after the anti terrorist program with some. Andrea I thought account right I did before I doubt in my I ought to have you looked at. Straight what do they have in Iraq are aware that. Apparently Indy it was it was just a tax message because Ryan Clark had reached out to a home just to see how he was doing. And apparently according to to Ryan Clark and obviously there's. There's no record of the tax message that's popping up on its side the whole Hud. Is out to get rock. Fool. Yeah I thought our. It. And I thought about it well spoken but I'm like he's on our elected and it buried on agent but I. A bonnet but what I now the ultimate by yup they're guarding a play. One got a huge attic rocker active game. Well I think definitely frustrated straight into well we at the turn over often aren't perfect and I think that. So much about a character rather than a lack of alt control this rabbit in the league. Well I. We we already know that rocker broadcast a little bit of a lack of impulse control watching them shotgun Beers and doing other sorts of things you know getting party cruises are all that kind of stuff. He's an animal that all I knew I character judgment I don't want a boot and he. Player and as a result of any. You know we're you know that they can repent or anything like that I think will be wiped out check. Not the start because that I'm we are not likely not to be in the top player like try to stay. Shot rock but really are they that. Not to play with dirty I think it that there are on your bench should have tried to. But you know more than anything I don't think that ought. You know I don't think that backlash or even that out there who wore a dark art out of school and I thought they try to like going to be great player. Yeah that's my biggest thing about the whole thing is. OK I get that you're frustrated. I'm that play you entree right white or going back and forth with each other EU wants to say that he's being held. He has is being held on Napoli but you know he's he's polish and each other needs all then he's doing all similar type things. Why did you are a player of trade white stature vs a player of Rob Gronkowski stature. You're gonna grab your gonna hold your gonna do those things and it's not odd you do. Because that's gamesmanship that's that's honestly part of the game I know there's penalties but that's obviously part of the game. The thing the old saying they're holding on every single play. Result remembers throughput. Okay that there's an example of it and just good to lose your mind by that I understand I've done there where you. You have a momentary lapse of judgment. You eat you do some thing. And afterwards. Ground did seem to be little legitimately. You know apologetic about it in the locker room with what he was saying. And I understand what he was saying but. I just felt the punishment should have been more severe because you're gonna be gonna sit there and and won't cure might Mitchell's comments about it coming up after next break. Which is gonna kind of fall in line with with what I'm saying right now. But you've got what you consider football plays with these crack back blocks and what they in the end zone in the the bad angles. Steelers game and I think the main reason why those suspensions even came down was because it was a nationally televised game. Where there was already a player who was carted off the field without feeling in his lags and it was super violent game. I think that's the main reason mighty suspensions came down that way if it was happening on a 1 PM game that was the third. Gain in the CB costly. I don't think you're gonna see those kinds suspensions for those sets but that's it was a national game on national TV in a game where a guy was carted off the field like that. I think they decided you know what we need to come down heavy handed on this game because of the circumstances. And when you have a play that happens within four ball. A one game suspension makes sense but this was a guy was on the ground and I know it crime doesn't have any previous history of this stuff with in the style. But he dove completely out of dudes. Hands if you're serious about. Air safety Macbeth the plate that you've got to have just absolutely no. Not you can't cap it none of it no tolerance for that kind of play if you're serious about it. That's right guitar and public yeah player safety is important to -- wanna guy takes HE had shot that isn't even involved in the play football. You still only given 11 game in August Islamabad try to Vincent's comments too because he commented about this. Earlier today and there's a big article about it and evil in of the Boston Globe wrote. He's got some comments about how he went through the suspension process which I'd I'd stick I don't agree with. I am probably biased sitting here in buffalo about talking to all of you guys. 83055188. 550 to 550 are the phone numbers here when we go back when you are well you're. Wolf here my Mitchell's comments Pittsburgh Steelers safety current safety Ryan Clark ex steeler safety. We'll hear from Mike Mitchell coming up and all Regis and of those Troy Vincent comments as well it's nightcap Jody B Osce he's seeing now much very Wednesdays on WGR. Doesn't. I'm not in the business I mean there's a lot of frustration. I was really frustrated and have them. Patrick promotions for. They're just like. Aren't so there's grounds apology after the game ends. If you about a competitive situations where read Ghulam shouts or even just throughout life where you you do something and you feel genuinely bad about it afterwards. I've done there but did it if he did feel genuinely bad about its engines. Don't appeal punishment is just agents and spotter for the optics if you are relieved. That. That apologetic about it let's hear what Mike Mitchell said Mike Mitchell this is from his locker room. Just in locker rooms ground earlier today let's let's hear some of his comments here about the the recent suspensions and other things going on in the. Into the they'd this is football. You won the flag football then let's take our heads off they'll make it easier for me now got to Wear head. Give us flights for me to pull up that way I know what we're player. Not on the plate full speed contact football we're not doing that I thought I gotta ask a guy hey are you ready for it hits you right now before it's him that's crazy. I'm gonna mess trying to get hurt trying to protect and I'll with the player because he's on and an overall damage you'll quarterbacks in the food and promised them. That happened two years ago about not I'm I'm not joking at all. Any don't go volatile driver two years ago however added I think we're out in the fourth gut but if you don't die you don't get that's fifty grand out of my pocket them. Because any growth of the ball. Make that make sense. And Edwards are taking money but now you know that. Like net out the color me a dirty player and it's my character we've never met before but I donate more money and then add him. Under for the public that people on the bingo. So don't give me that in mind that you go to school there and I think all that you don't owe me and it comes out it was still open book while my competitive stuff. None of the vote is just felt it was going on in the game and yes obviously I'm a little bluster but. Mean we've got to do better we got to do better than yesterday and do better as players and sun and yeah we got to get better leadership as one in the league. Obviously everybody company is owners players all disappointed in rock. We just we just got to do better we can't have a guy where you just. Handout this went on I see fit their needs to be that guideline of how we do what we do. Are in this that's courtesy of remarkable Lee senior Steelers writer for the AFLAC dot com it's gone around. Twitter it's on dad's been in a you can even see it anywhere that's the first time that gel. Has has heard these comments I want to make sure that Joseph never got a chance to hear this before he could react to it here so there's a lot that's going. In those comments. Yeah I started off. A set the first my first instinct was easily take our equipment awful. Personally I think there should be less equipment because then. You're not targeting your not players' eyes round with your fresh easier probably isn't going had first if you know tech I've always tossed out the idea that he take helmets way they would book completely different but no one's using their head as a weapon anymore. But as he continued talk. The more I was agreeing with them because. And he brought up a perfect example I remembered that it. Because the and he's completely right the ball like it some aid can't put. All of the blame on the defensive player and it is another way the NFL's taking money away from the players when it. I mean there's there's Watson tried to play football great you you're you're not inside the guys had been on the other hand. To listen maybe there's there's middle ground here huge gap still have to have suspensions I mean boxes perfect has done. I was down 34 times you kind have to suspend him but. Maybe he has a Mitchell as a point where. They should it. They should be more lenient on guys that are first time offenders or. When they have their hearings being more receptive to their reasoning for why that it happens and you know what. Maybe talk to their offer to player to talk to the quarterback meaning they what is spoken and you don't know about it he was said. Yet I mean that was the one that's that's the pass that was throwing and you know what that's gonna give the receiver had lots of them. Partially that's on the quarterback too and you would hope some court XB standup guys in takes on the fault on that. Yeah you would think so at the beginning at the beginning it's. If that all of school football mentality is is that the beginning of that tackle at rice talking about it. I understand it's tied up for tonight it's the guy up for the guy in the bars it when someone gets flagged for an surpassing. This is football this is not a ballet Ayers and going bad right. Did that that's what he's that's where he started to me and he of all I think drug statement which I can see and I think. The OCE Umenyiora made via mail counterpoint to really listen man. You've got two guys who played that old school style. That are. Really having difficult times week in life because Powell Grassley it's destroyed there greens so there there has to be a little bit of the common ground. Between that too because. I do what he's playing eat he's he's saying you know what I get paid to do this. I understand what I'm signing up for understand this is a physical game. I know that I know that coming into this it's in the inherent risk of Nadal and anti and what he's talking abouts. Having more structured type of discipline. You know media for its your first time offender. And it's an football play like George I Oca war Judas as Shuster Danny your faith and early in the season might have been his first. You hit a way if you don't with a big fine. You hit him with a big fine meaning not necessarily the same as what their game check would be. Or maybe even just equaled a jock right but you do hit him with a big fine but there has to be. I think that the big complaint from players as there has to be more. Consistency with. Because I look at a player like what Rob Gronkowski did and that's a play that I think should be penalized happier. That a play that happens in the course before it can you take your shots in the course of the football game. There's that one thread on Twitter that I think you showed me Joseph yeah where the first one is aren't as perfect. And it's a running back if he's the fallback for the Kansas City Chiefs at the Sherman coming out of the back field. Running a route not looking and perfect just lowers his shoulder pretty much right and his chin strap and the balls are twenty yards downfall is being thrown down the field not you can take a shot. And injure in that way and those in my opinion deserved to be equally as penalized. As a play like gronkowski is because it's it's not in. Is it during the game yet but it's not a football player it's not you don't have to make contact with that you'd is dead at you while your way to make contact with them to. Pretty much play our games which is about as perfect is is known for. Industrial by 51888550. To fight if he wasn't able to fit in. A Troy Vincent comments here so I'll get to those on the other side the break here we'll talk briefly about accord acts as well it's my cap isn't rank it's Jody B Osce. In my two Fareed he's meeting the board on WGR.