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Wednesday, December 6th

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Nightcap smoltz in the. No effect that it worked with Ryan geeks I thought I thought he came across is completely. Calm apathetic approach I think he would. Generally speaking on WG RI I want this I want them to unload him them made it. You leave appreciate. But that it swap and I want to on Sports Radio 550. I. And this. That apathetic slob is gone on long taken a bite of us. Bar what kind of car and all of our you know it's the the the valley beneath your daily protein major feature Alley the feature name only. The feature now we've. Protein. People are dark chocolate. If you ever had those those granola bars that are either unethical the dips but they're covered in chocolate oh yeah it's essentially came all this came. I think it might even qualify as a candy bar and it showed. What exactly not how to look at the definition of Katie bar here in about five seconds and it's pretty bar I've been marketed as healthy. That night my grandmother used to have those in her you know in her covered. Hands that was always mine you might go to snack she had these things covered notes granola bars covered in chocolate. And then I'll just grab those 345. Box. Political thing. So. It melts in your mouth you take that first flight that chocolate is melts in the mile from the granola just kind of fizzles away. Unmanned atlas. Well what Wikipedia says they candy bar is a tightly sugar confectionery. That is in the shape of a bar many varieties of canyon virus exists. And many are mass produce it we dot. The bar shape and it got shape and it's covered in job and we got the mass production so I believe that in the confess shot nearly sugar so I believe that a chocolate covered granola bar is in fact a candy bar yeah I think you can I think where were on some while I think we've solved it absolutely as candy bar. Is a protein bar. When the car checklist taking beaten. Is that that is not a sugar confectionery. It's covered in charting out sugar and that's. Nothing you can tighten its protein bar. Feel like you when you ready to draw the line between the protein hospital in the chocolate can you have. Protein in a candy bar workers who were putting the granola and Katie bar thing it's just like it's what's in its like the Wafer in the indicate cat over the or the new get in the three musketeers is just simply the ingredient were putting inside the the protein. Just straight pro teacher I think I'm more okay calling the granola bar the candy bar though that I'm with the protein I'll tell you actually now we getting integrate very tired gray area. Yeah over Bergen Bergen to crossed up so let's just get back to that sports because sports are never confusing. And definitely never have gray areas and I'm whatsoever. So here I've got the the quotes from Troy Vincent he has the vice president of football operations. For the and a foul. And he was he was in the air. For the the appeal process for the suspension process of Rob Gronkowski. And this is summits quote here we evaluated in the one game is where he landed. It was robs first action of this kind you want to be fair and firm but not excessive. We never look at the results it's always the act we don't get into the result or Indian parents. And then when you look at the non football act the only thing you want to look at is its. Look at is history and precedent. What's. We never look at the result it's always the act of we don't get into the result or the times and then when you look at it. At the non football act the only thing you want to look at is this history and precedent. I don't Argentina you you what do you mean you can't your you do you can't look at intent you can't look at the result. But I get the result aspect of it because all of these sports leagues how many times do we get you know radio callers calling it insane. If they really are serious about cracking down on and had injuries in the NHL or in the NFL. They would suspend the player for as long as the player that being injured is out. Yeah you'll hear that all the time on something like this happens. But I think you have to look at the intent of the play being kind of the play is what makes it so dirty and disgusting. If you're not looking at the end tied to a bit. Germ missing huge key. Well they're there are ready looking and intent they're just not recognizing that they are because if two guys are running across the field. And the defender isn't looking at the player coming towards him he's looking at the court I can accidentally. Runs into the receiver and they hit their pads. Might be the same result that guys not getting suspended guess what he has no intent so they're ready in a way to a lower level. Showing that there are suspending for intent they're just not they're not willing to go the extra mile and say well look look at the Robert house keep planes say this after the play he's targeting the had. This is obvious intent. And they're not making a differential between that and the Georgia local play in the Monday night team against Cincinnati or he's trying to make a play on the ball in the game. And in the in a big moment in that game. In the first place that gig but then to the victory. Did they're two completely different things yet that it originally had the same results suspension wise of course that's been changed right. Yeah that that's been changed but I mean you do you look at the I -- play and what happens is she's trying to. He absolutely makes contact with that right Tony brown and I deserve punishment or else absolutely I agree does deserve punishment. But what he's trying to do is. Not the fault auto this guy's hands and prevent a touchdown. Or had a heart and offer he drops it right which act which could be part of it as well but it's not. But that the courthouse but there's just no you can't even begin to make an argument to say that it's something football related. Yeah there are events and did explain that that the late and it was labeled. As a non football act and what it's not a football act can be labeled in two categories unsportsmanlike conduct or unnecessary roughness. And they went they they chose unnecessary roughness I don't know why you have to differentiate I didn't know there was a different yet I mean it didn't need should die and it was not my conduct and unnecessary roughness isn't as it was all is not unsportsmanlike conduct to commit unnecessary roughness. You would think you thing that's not sportsman like at all so weird lead yet it is a 305 if you instant court that are coming up John Niger. Coming up talking about some of the the draft prospects. Coming out in this year's draft but first attitude Jerry can Marjorie was going elementary. Hey guys. A mutiny broke but the law. Part of it is the major part of it went connect that murder what they get I. One of premeditated. Way. A circle across the deal would take that wake up the other coat but it. Directly attacked what he did you know. I can't believe though we'll work about a try to. Now quickly joked earlier saying that awful fans don't care what the quarterback is. And I think we've brought up or fight the best I've got the point that there aren't good so good schools they abhor. But it's. The project partly about Bundy was. Now that we lost but that Napier came in the game and our throat at that could not opt out of the ball. You put the ball a couple of rock. Like. Got quite quiet for a eight jaw about that want the back buyout by. On Gloria. Oh yet there the one that sticks out most to me is the first pass to Andre Hall chief exit. In between two defenders at its homes right in the hands and homes can't come up. And actually met you double drive had a how that was for a first down at the end got there I I think. I. Work back right. Away. All all of the whole. We don't have a second running back or your cap or two years want I first brought. We have speed like. We haven't let that eat at the line up at the what they're. Linebackers. Are. That quarterback yet Jerry I'm I'm volley more. In the year side I originally thought that out to be big guy moving offer cornerback but. I think you need to to use all available assets that you have at this point because I think not only is their holes on this team right now bought and I have a feeling that there's going to be moves made in the offseason where there might create even more holes C I'm. Think I'm going the other way for our I would agree with this first part where. That the receivers that that's why I've been so hesitant to criticize Tyrod Taylor since been bill starting quarterback I've just never thought the bills vet adequate. Targets and weapons around him to but can succeed but obviously. Looking him over three year period he's limited he's add bass going to be. The middle of the road starting quarterback in this league and he's probably gonna be a little bit below average finds that we need we definitely need a upgrade over that. I think I disagree with youth with both UN I just think. And I'm watching Seattle this season and they have got holes. Everywhere they can't stop the brawn like they used to. Then I got injuries in the secondary that's why they bend having struggles in that area but they had no offensive line they had a rotating door at running back and guess what Russell Wilson just being one of the premier quarterbacks in this league is carrying that team and our through the playoffs. And so okay with Aaron Rodgers when he's an idiot Green Day and he carries that team and even the colts the colts are in a playoff team and Angela is in their but they're not a three in nineteen when not there 500 T right there a 500 team and guess what once every five years though make AFC championship like they did. So to weed we kind of did this before where the bills had holes and it they had EJ Manuel Corvette which wasn't good enough and they got talent and other positions they had Marcel Darius. They had some pretty good linebackers Nigel Brennan was there in the secondary was pretty getter mauling was became a good safety and it's Stephon Gilmore. And on offense they were they've always been their running back they had a good receiver Danny Watkins the problem was the quarterback wasn't good so I have to pick right now between filling. All the holes and getting the quarterback or filling the biggest hole that we exactly vaguest amount of water maybe I might as well just fill the hole a quarterback. Duke do what I can with the other its positions for a couple years I'll be of middle of the road team and that if you can figure that out you've got the court reckoned on your premier franchise. And I think you you kind of. They have got. I'm gonna vacillate on this back and forth the so many times because when you bring in a young quarterback to I think you wanna have some things in place for him. If it's a rookie quarterback that's going to be coming in and playing immediately have a guy like Calvin dutchman who is an established receiver you're gonna have LeSean McCoy. Maybe if they don't trade him which right who knows maybe they might. You orient Cottam right you have LeSean McCoy there a premier running back. If you have some pieces of the offensive line there. But it's not a stacked often right and you don't you don't want to me BE. Be ready for that complete playoff run because you're gonna Nell with a rookie cornerback there is going to be some of those growing pains. And maybe you won't get rookie quarterback to be. The role weighing as pieces continue to be added so maybe by his third year. I mean its its second year for Alley in Philadelphia right now. But maybe by that third year when you're easy he's really start and it hit his stride as quarterback. That's when you have the team that should be making that push for the playoffs as opposed to OK we got this guy. Let's make a push for the playoffs because now we we've got a quarterback that we think is the this solver of the issue. The spot I think I'm settling in his though is I had agreed to Wear. You don't wanna throw quarterback into the fire words he's he's got to make it a break and that's kind of what Cleveland I feel like he's doing right now with Kaiser. Where Kaiser is gonna end up being looked at as. A not not necessarily boss but nothing you can really developed because he's been in there and the vast ended. Basically carry the load. And Chicago to a lesser sense doing the same thing I think if the quarterback is good enough if he's like a guy if that quarterback. Pops in his. First or second year then it doesn't matter what's around him because he's gonna make the teen. 345 wins batter just because of how good he has the the point where. It matters to have the pieces around the corner back to me is if the quarterback is in elite prospect. Because that's what I think were seen Jared golf right now. Jared golf I don't think is ever going to be elite quarterback in this league he looked awful last year at the rams because you didn't have a lot of around and he's. And largely. You would think the same guy back there the difference is he's got a coach that recognizes what his strengths are. And he's got a batter rut and consistent run game he's got weapons around and now he's got a better defense so guess what ebooks batter. But does that mean he's a different quarterback. I don't think so so you've got the bill that the way whether the prospect they draft is an it guy or if it's just another young quarterback that they're hoping is going to be in it well. I think you have to. A ball to hit it goes hand in hand for me I EU UC what Jerryd golf is and you've got. A guy that does have talent but he also needs. Help from his coaching staff and there was a piece I forget who wrote pieced it might like to hear from Bleacher Report. I fee to route but he writes I'll. Yeah it's hard to find that their necks quarterback. And how much coaching and who would that the people. Essentially raising the quarterback the quarterback is they dole out humor different no one would trust what the bills have to do that right and right now if Rick Patterson is the guy. To beat. The offensive coordinator in the guy that's lifting this quarterback up. It really matters who could cornerbacks going to be because it's offensive scheme is stuck in neutral even tried some things he put. A wriggle his offense. The wildcats. Have you regal is all that you would want. Caskets and the other thing about that it too is it's so funny the wildcat generally is supposed to differentiate for your normal offense where. You've got it you've got are running are running at the threat out of the backfield one you can also pass it they are very happy that the Tyrod Taylor can take the ball. Under Carbonari everyone necessarily I sometimes as big guy against the saints one play like they've they've done it before. Is is it you're right I I don't trust. If they were to bring in young quarterback next season. It's sand Arnold comes in or baker may fielder Josh Alan too I trust that the guys around him are the best guy seeking half around him. No I don't because the offensive coordinator I think it's got some major issues they still have a ton of holes a receiver they have all the holes we've kind of outline throughout the segment but. The differences if there they think like Sam darling does have been reports the past couple days they think. He's like come out right he's not gonna come out but the bit dog their balls and reports the bill scouts would laugh and yet if they really think that he's that he franchise quarterback like that Andrew Luck or that Russell Wilson. If he's that good. Then it doesn't matter as much what's around because we've seen quarterbacks of that level. Be able to succeed with thirteen regardless of what's around you right but it's there but it's rarely gets two or three guys have done that. And it's at right now in the league of guys I think of like that it's Andrew Luck it's Rogers and his Rogers Robbie Nelson. I mean Brady deserves credit for for that as well but the coaching staff around him is is also excellent art let's take one more phone call him for we had to break here's finally the around here in the nightcap. I ran. Nader now I addition to your own screener. I normally during the game. I oh lead I honestly think that those receivers. During an acting during and I should welcome topic quick. Yet there's that that's the point that was made on the John Murphy show and thanks for the call Ron a whit what Donald Jones and it was a question that he was asked you know. One year when you're going from one quarterback to another. There is a bit of an adjustment period from watcher used to and with Tyrod Taylor you have a guy that. Might have a little more touch on his bald guy and then Pearman has definitely isn't getting it out as quickly there's gonna be more. Of in improper type feel and play when Tyrod Taylor's your cornerback ends. I think they're they're certainly is that because. Let's be honest when. Andre Hall he's trying to catch that ball in between three guys on the last time he's seen a pass like that thrown his way I mean he's not been targeted a bunch in this offense this year by the he never did those types of opportunities. Written regularly yet not here for sure I mean. It's it's weird I don't know what they're. That's why I think when they come into next season. I'm hearing a lot of well I think there is a real shot Tyrod Taylor is back next season because they're not paying that much but the problem is in. I do think he's a better quarterback and he can Peterman. Until Ron's point they might wanna go the route of have their back up quarterback be similar. To what they wanna go with us they're starting Corvette would yeah might even the beginning of the season I've I said it's couple times I thought. My guess was Peter and starts the next season like Ximian did in Denver and it got a first round pick behind him. And it I think that's still how what's trending they're gonna have the pocket passer back there to get the ball out quick as they're starting quarterback whether it's a rookie or whether to free agent and then they've either got Peter minister back up. Or another veteran at similar. And they don't do that with Tyrod Taylor because they're not gonna bring an accord ex similar Tyrod Taylor is at their reconnaissance office. Our rights Jody BI CB where. We're gonna get to John ledger coming up if your interest in the cornerbacks coming on this draft. This guy knows this to also hear from John majored. Coming up next the nightcap Jody B outs he might very right gates on WGR are back here on the nightcap right gates Jody B Osce in my too far now with the here for another half hour or so on WGR. Let's hear. From John Blanchard. It's gonna be a lot of interest in these quarterbacks coming on the draft this year so let's let's get some insight from a guy who who lives to read its football. Watch his talk on the football analyze the film here's John Niger from mics open the Bulldog yesterday on WGR. What does the quarterback. Landscape look like is the bulls are about to start here. Oh man is that going to be a contentious you're going to be a lot of different opinions and the law opera which we Marty. They're typical polarizing. You've got the analysts media got scandal again. The NFL or even big media drafting analysts battle between Josh Allen on the line on the quarterback lots of tools. Athleticism but he's failed to put it all together you've been. You know to be honest terrible this season really struggle perky but yeah doesn't have much talent around them but he is not elevated that talent at all he's made port city. Argued his pocket presence is definitely question mark. Mechanically there's something that a black but he played under senator used by these Dugard 30000. He had an apps we can't have an army you know you have no idea what to do with any of those tools yet. I go be a lot of an apple seems intrigued by him because of that we've already heard that occurred that flashier so. There's going to be ended probably leading off. The back and forth conversation throughout the year. The many people who work and actually knows people are going to. That there in Dallas Josh Allen and then you know he's never going to be got stepped in right away as a rookie starter. Indeed you what you wanna get your got a quarterback I'd these states you want guys in Iraq is a quarterback. You'll dark scenes preferring to sit quarterbacks are I would take over but they're definitely passing thought you were seeing more and more rookie cornerback. Playwright away whatever he tell you leading after the draft or directly after the draft. He rookie quarterbacks are playing sooner more than ever now it is not a guy who is ready to you got it well so. What kind of team that can feel comfortable taking somebody like that is landing spot in the crucial. I think some teams are really a law of the tools in the world to drop or the other well. I mean and I'll look there's going to be a lot of analysts out there and watched a gun. He got out on it yet by something like eleven pick in this game against our Conan and like two touchdown passes most of it's really ugly. But they're gonna be a lot of people it's people look at data today. That the guy who has been ready in any shape or form is buster all of them. I editors going to be those teams that want the told them want to try to go completely pathetic thing at a lot of an AppleTV or want to do you see the Kershaw back in Bergen. Those are going to be the team that I think try to collect Josh aren't even thought the first round of bad business. Right we are we are just really on the cost of what. Maybe you view you said the work tool so many times they're like it's it's cool season like he he he'll he'll get the GameStop. So they'll have workouts and who will go to the com Bynum at all although miserables. Will be on display is opposed to. You know trying to be organ and you know and so broad net bit may help I'll bet it'll be hard to deny his his talents and know you're certainly not. Trying to do that. Wrought that'll be I'd I think this debate will be probably pot all winter. Right I completely agree that so I think it. He's going to spearhead a lot of the draft conversation in the draft talk certainly will be a little. There's a lot of learning to talk about as well but that you look at out detonated his schools Eton but. It's also their their outfits a technique that he's going to show how unique situation. Being a Richard junior who had a chance to be able to graduate a little bit early. I mean potentially and the senior borders that option in the video on the table for him if he graduated by the that all throughout the January sick about it. January pot. They burger CBS reported yesterday so it he can do that I think he really wants to ensure that your goal it gives him another opportunity to practice. Against higher level competition where he really struggled. And how he control that he handled out plucked it stand out in his ability to work from understand there were a lot of other players that will be either quarterback will be either. One about that experience so. For work in the drops and things like that he can potentially show lock that'll beat you Ahmad. Under the balk about a kind of become absolutely accurate that quite well. Pity at all levels of the field so yep it's going to be tool seat of the car also will be a lot of that's technique that apple works stuff and it's also going to be huge problem but like court teams are gonna wanna that would Josh down and a couple of other quarter got a look at your short. Third one there with them he would he can drop back you know why why do people out of structures so much. Why does he feel so incomparable work your progression on tape. While these fees or comfortable. When he got the move meander our permits for freedom is second to read it in group in the pocket of the seem odd sort injured and one after all the sides to question. Is he your organs are great a great time for Nvidia without boasting. And talked extensively about the different things yet to be mentally as a quarterback who did your insert. John ledger with us NFL draft analyst for fan re exports and the loch an NFL draft podcast. Well it's not too early to talk about it in our collective opinion it's probably too early to bed on this. But if you if you work time John to put up a lie and how many quarterbacks going round one watching the line be. I don't know man. I wanna pay for. I can see it being conceived with a lot reported EP three EB five yup I'm. I think you're gonna have the interest income and now that could change if they go about it back to school and I actually think that he will but luckily you just for argument sake that you decide come out. I think you'll see got through these first quarterback off the boardwalk. But I productive here I think what he got hurt me the first quarterback off the board. I think in garbled Josh Al and somehow been allowed one as well I don't think either close to ready. But if you were to come out. I think bigger vehicles got a good shot to be in the back under prop one somewhere. On and then either are lighter and off buying into the hype surrounding Rodkin neatly declares open all create those guys. Could you see the mark actions heated did their initial so maybe. Maybe smarter the city over under three and that I think because I think you have a chance of a real chance for five might be stretching it biffle we've seen stranger things happen. When it comes in AppleTV quarterback he's really need them and they think they're to log they want it to develop. They want the option of a fifth year on a contract before they have to worry about the bay detention Ernie and show that all the more reason to try. You know seeking trading up in the first round for like that so they get that actually hear the call. And how do you feel about mayfield and you said the chance to be in the back into the first round. Is so I raise the system what what what what what are the concerned with him. I think the concerns for the NFL world besides these schemes are stuck to their prototypes. Go to matter how many quarterbacks European sound and the show on that doesn't make any difference. They have a certain not every team but a lot of teams have certain prototype a mind. If a player doesn't fit that you really. You know it all fall principle of cystic off the board because by the time they would feel comfortable drafting someone else will article triggers overall intent and purposes are basically offer board. I think it support where did you think. I think about the problem that when you have a quarterback that's so now wires. It doesn't matter alcohol how big they are and I I agreed generally speaking I think it's it's sizes can be about a couple quarterback. But I'm not going to over think the fact is bigger vehicle. He's put up to me the most efficient he's been cultural ball. He was really outstanding last year decided to come back is what we largely because he wants to win a national chipped it to about all of and he's been obsolete opting to you're going to win. And that's very indicative of the week or not because other other players that. You know that just been a bad year for the whatever he'd been absolutely masterful this season. Yes some people talk about Oklahoma Byrd gone that's a look at the NFL where you build more than ever for their other offensive coordinators like John Morton with a New York Jets. Orbit Joshua Powell that it was an error rate spread type system and patent and the and it would get 7 o'clock. Atlanta heartburn stop and get this year because of the simple fact that there often are greater than. And there's a lot called carpet in the air and I think more teams are losing. In that direction a lot of the content Carpio isn't bad but doubted they feel about seeing it as easy quick processors. He pulled the trigger release is extremely quick the velocity of the ball code for short to intermediate it's exactly what you want but he also at the armed revealed draw watt one. He can hit receivers down field he can go tight windows not saying they're cement the quarterback is everything in a mental make up. In a pocket and it that you wanted to quarterback he can create offense with a leg. There really is not a whole lot bigger NATO that if I'm nitpicking but. He's perfectly accurate on the field I think that can be set almost. From those of the quarterback that come out of cotton even the per optics. I'm in recent years you know accurately downfield because of all and that way. There's also one of the more difficult aspect of the quarterback so that doesn't concern me. Whole lot timing out placement of the ball mean just actors you watch he's been he's been the most cynical global focus is a great job they take away to a laser. In plays or quarterback it and things of that nature and it drops into the line Alka quarterbacks. You completion percentage you take off that way and he's been the most ticket I mean by far the best quarterback in the country. In those ways despite the fact that he often political weird angles from outside the pocket from under crusher. He's still able to do all this been successfully lucky to me at everything you wanted to protect quarterback he is what the court had them off the field. The water off the field actually compared grouping here and there that. I think to be audit those countries that are gonna look at the stuffy or eat. It's employers Peyton and the daunting and all that stuff and they are gonna say this is the guy that I can go to war you know how front opposite field models keep it. I think that get a bad guys are going to be work conversation about settles around baker. Stick around for west call on the nightcap as we hear more from John my injured about the 2018. NFL draft quarterback class right here on WG our last call here on the nightcap release spending a lot of time on Haskell probably talking about. Quarterbacks how to how to move up for quarterbacks let's hear from John ledger gives his thoughts on some of the teams that might be targeting quarterback coming up in the twenty team draft. Let's talk about the teams now let's talk about some of the teams that may or may not be looking. Have you thought. And off about how the draft is shaping up. To have a read on that what you you've got to we have this to last year the teams that. Have older quarterbacks that may be ready to draft replacements some postings are the same because they didn't do it the giants come immediately to mind for this. How does the out of the NFL site this what do you. Yes it really interest me because there are several things that could be drafting. Pretty high that don't necessarily need quarterback I'm and then there's obviously you mentioned the giant. If they could be one that needs one for it then I'm book kind of in the dark about an apple you know there are definitely going to be a lot of it is going to be interest. For Eli Manning around the lead if you were to become available because he would still quarterback that Yahoo! leak is very folk art so. I think that that they're giant its content is there's a potential that they have going in a head coaching them up at the article at coached. Who want to keep Eli Lilly says they could be keep it in militant pro quarterback we know that. Four outer and all pro quarterback Jimmy droplet of the great get put and so far. And I think it that can beat her direction how long term you know the bears are packing company or what quarterback got. So the ground are obviously want but outside of that. We got some on some global uncertainty. The draft kind of on old dog now the colts are another one Andrew Luck help is gonna try to be worth watching but I understand and I you'd think they wouldn't. Denver's currently slated for the fifth spot and I think that. It to be honest all the debt relief to cornerback Stanley that a team Lee got really expect Toronto to doctor ruptured I think he's gonna Gloucester Kirk cousins stamp out of one of those guys they become available. Because I think Denver feel like they can win now rejecting calls to quarterback quite so yeah you get out of the gas and cal played well they've got to do for our future. No reason I think that's aka murder at this point in the box probably don't look into the quarterback in the age spots. The cardinals are going to be one of those into the future that you're talking about. I'm right now that they're looking for that god has built around long term Josh al-Qaeda could potentially hit their dark road and got a potentially that there were Berrian. They're also the question of whether or are tired there's whispers about that. So there's a lot of uncertainties that local right now in the cult stand when you look at the top candidate. Cardinals and browns certainly seemed like options for quarterback and potentially the giants are proud of that urged. I'm not a lot of teams in the top ten but I think we'll be looking for quarterback that gets in the in the Balkans it will really depend on it and what they do and created he had walked. And make trades really interest thing I think to have to sit with him consider like what the market will demand how many teams wanna do it. You know the jets in the bills are two teams that will end up. I mean the jets are only a game behind bills at this point six and six and five and seven their records may be similar and often they may both be interested in getting in a spot. You know to move all right roam wherever they are you know somewhere in the in the teens probably at at at at at bats for the bills right now I would estimate that. So your your look at that at those teams up there that but maybe a debt to Denver to write about Denver and they decide to do something veteran wives. What I wanna be on the phone with them. Oh yeah and then if you look at the bills and the team's going to be cheaper tropic community quarterback. They're the most pride team in the draft to move operate on that can be several that's bought. You read in Denver that actually possibility I think. I'm I think getting Apple's bottom little more likely been palace equally. They're but they're still kind of only a lot of good draft stock or not mean is there because it is in the position where the kick off oil in place. They can really control the drop because they've got a lot of young defensive front piece is that they drafted in recent years. And those who would you were spot right now they can trade down a gravel offered the wild in this draft that gravel playmaker in receiver. They can get out of that bought stock topics and rebuilt it in the right way around quarterback who has real potential for the future so. The 49ers. To me part of value in this draft. Because they really control. What they do number two or number three wherever they can. It's been really control while this draft and up are important because. I think at this point Alton Brown I need a quarterback I don't feel like it took off an additional god that I get there and not try to trade trying to trade for AJ McCarron. We don't know who's gonna come there as a coach or does he that we don't know whether they'll be interest that it. Another veteran quarterback from around the league and then shot got a developed a little bit so you know potentially could browse past so the quarterback to take somebody out of that top spot. Yeah number two is definitely going to be Purcell I think all the longest ever does go out to be bought. And there are a number that you mentioned after others talked and the can move up Washington blown up they lewd content. Buffalo certainly a calm one on the chart that you never know when they're going to try to make and you sir are quite rivers eventually like the chiefs Idrees Bashir. Without that and eventually trying to build toward that. The Steelers are not allowed go to the other several feet on the back and that they're Ers quarterback Rashard you get older decline a little bit and they're going to eventually be looking to move up and trying to signal caller for the future. What Smith's real quick it was slip this and Powell at the bills are just going to Kansas City one in Kansas City has and has been sliding. And there was some thought that one more loss to the jets might be it and they would take Smith out but how'd they do that. And they're not as far as I know after the game he had been immense lose the jet to the jets' 37313031. Whatever that wasn't me out of colossal game statistically. John before you go how about the quarterbacks from last year that we talked last year about including Nathan Peter man whose. First start was. Course inauspicious. Yeah I mean I think it played out mostly how I expected that forty year. A strong law and what might you be want a body hitting most cynical way to die and appreciate it actually looked all the chick yellow oval but I'll never put too much stock in the that. What he got in the regular season then it's settled in after a couple games. He was in command of the offense he would play in and out of structuring lose your progression quicker and you make people it vertically down field and not a trait that circle and at doc feels so. I his injury devastating iPod for the entire felt because he was modeled the real bright spot on the field and go into an offensive rookie year. Also just you incredible person and I think that really hurt entirely what you went down and obviously hopefully get better get back former quickly. But yeah I think that was that was one that you obviously saw shake I think at least a lot of people thought of becoming a really get picked for the Texans haven't seen much of homes. Tiger has been really not even so while which was very expect that I adamant that right in the rage you drafted in and did not think you forgot it was going to be productive. Starter I think there's potential there. Lot of tools they're buddies in Atlanta the right spot and Cleveland's Albert stable and to be honest news Chicago right now. And mr. Rickey flashed a couple times but the other does not a lot stability varies. Had that pass protection receivers you'll Baton Rouge leadership and they don't operate out of the system either and so there's just a lot. A lot to improve on in Chicago before judge in similar larger golf situation usher repeatedly and interest in the game. I think a lot of people on the gaming that you're type I saw I saw my body was. No ad that's probably solid back up about reverses currently get a fork of our great autumn on the end I think dead. He came out and would kind of think you saw the box score you like more than Peterman was rescued the football that ball really well. Well thank you watch it is keeping your eyes you got destroyed a much for those interceptions and you're a little more understanding of the situation although I thought a little terror of pot. Just not a whole lot to walk over yet certainly has not been very proper speed the game does it seem like completely keep that form in the actually seen in the so far structure that charters and so. Hopefully they sold out of my try not to let any strong judgment on rookie quarterback. Especially after all we learn about your record Carson want to jerk off. Not only itself to see them but brought right up there on the top five and MVP conversation as well out of a turn out. He never wanna hold out for a lot of these rookies. Makes sense to me John thanks as always we'll talk again in the spring. Those guys might talk to you to John injured coming up in the spring and it out too soon. Because he's a good guy he does go to work hard worker good guy. Oh what martini. Martini and a hard worker good guy Mike. So that was John ledger if you missed any part of that conversation you can check now on demand at WGR 550 dot com on demand audio proxy northwest savings bank. Where people make the difference it's the Christmas party here to night. At WGR I will be one our show before we head to Thursday night football featuring Anna in Minnesota. But it should be interesting usually bring a couple of guests there hanging out around the Christmas party neat might be your know Joseph will be here again. Did you hear from Joseph beamer Brian as a askew WB and he got tune and find out tibia to be a weird night on the nightcap during Christmas parties and tune in tomorrow. I'll be back and come up next though pit reporters. On WG.