2-12 Caller Troy thinks Buffalo will never embrace Eichel because he's a Pats fan on Schopp and the Bulldog

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Monday, February 12th

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Here's Troy with a solo Troy. Gentlemen and I wonder if you look the expound on a couple of rock. Things are about to Buffalo Sabres. It depends. If there insane Knoll but if the Richards thing sure of course take all the time you want to. They could be insane but don't let virtually straight. Are you check article. Jack article a generational talent excellent hockey player will never be embraced but it just pound. Because he's that Tom Brady Law moment it's still don't checked over and he's in New England patriot law. So I'll never be fully embraced by Crist are now. Who who who who are you who are representing as this town like you who your circle of friends like who who who is this supposed to represent. A person Merkel. That's who lived in this column for six here OK I've lived here for well I'd been gone for two years would you hold it against me so I've been here for fifty years. The end I think you're dead wrong all all all you ever developed post here. Get. It's a fifty cent a 52. See I think the notion that he isn't embraced already is preposterous. Let alone in the future your putting this all eyes as if he hasn't arrived yet. Remain. What do I mean I mean I think the notion that he isn't embraced by fans here already is preposterous let alone that he won't be in the future. All he hasn't been breached yet and he will never. Be a great okay well I disagree with that. I couldn't disagree more with that I think it's incredible that anyone would ever think of that what what what evidence do you who are you using to support this notion that he's not embraced yet and will never be a power hour you there's evidence arriving at this conclusion. All bought US backcourt and once before roughly the same great living in a ball three different communities. In this western carrier efforts to secure the embassies and click it ticket holder for 22 years. Stopped three years would call the direct couldn't take it anymore. Well that you wouldn't be there to see the hundreds of Michael jerseys in the crowd being worn by people that you claim haven't embraced him. They're not be warm by little kids and frankly you're not even they are you proud of it so I'm there I would know. You ordered to do the bulldogs two years. Rank on this. You're the one that cried almost every night at ball your book full boat. For guys that sit next to you that thing and nine dollars. Well it's not crying it's a complaint you're right but I'm still there. And so if this is really if this is wrote this congress literally sunk to the point about that it didn't start an absurdly low point. If a song to the point where we're talking like this I guess yes it is it is unfortunate. I think the state of things that that that is that is were rat but it doesn't. Mean in any. And you in any way he. Then Michael is not popular here obviously Troy to bid. To the people who are listening that can't believe that one person would even say this. I think if you if you look around you to find more people assume that would put currency were morphing reform reforming our. You always hear her talk also culturally. Sure readout on Housley. Do we love him because he was here before or we hate him because he was a finesse player you do don't million. Well kind of in the middle the of all the announcers. Of any sport that I've ever listened to. When that kind of talks. Two years you guys or post conference I want a good place check in chairman in model year. He's the coach not an announcer. I'd say we're we're talking about the coach of the team. I'm talking about how we did you ever listen to what I'd talk yeah that's what he played. He talks like he played like there was no vote and don't knock it into times our whole. And and the could have lasting less light and it in the other night he says he had passengers. Arm Arab army game. Well I'm no fan of his press conferences but what you wanna do about it. I'm no fan of this press conferences Detroit what are you wanna do about it. Which we do about it we're what does this offense worth if you if a fan doesn't like the cold to press conferences are really much like him either but. I mean I don't think it's so important necessarily. What do what do you wanna do about it as a fireball what you wanna do about what is is it worth did you fire him to get someone you'd like listening to more maybe it is. Know what works what what's horrible is is over those aren't well that's not your point though your point is usually how we sounds I change my point you go row at. I didn't realize that it is moving so successfully Troy and and toward. The boxes are absolutely EP I don't remember what tool though. OK I. I want to say one more thing Torre about your initial point about how Michael is not going to be accepted. Because he is from Boston and likes the patriots. There because that's where you drop and that's what most normal people like are the teams that are around them. And that they grew up with would you feel better would your friends would your associates in these various neighborhoods in parts of west New York you've lived. Feel better if he patronized due in told you my favorite team is the Buffalo Bills because I live in buffalo now on I'm now disavowing everything that I grew up with. Or are or should do not being from buffalo and a Pro Bowl polonium which you definitely sound like I'm not patronizing you by saying that. Wouldn't you feel what you were being worked by some PR machine. But can't you respect someone. Whom he's going to be honest about who they are where they come from. Normal. We're court. Thank you I thought you might like it that's why I'm glad that I thought added I I thought it might appeal be alert brought good. Where's that leave us though I don't wanna beats but I don't be slow again. Where does that leave us RRR is Vince has taken six minutes already what we're we're does that leave us. I wish both you guys are great market. And and boycott like to see your piece of course I'm great because it looks could cool. I never thought that this would end there OK good well there are pictures on line you can check out thank you Troy.