2-12 Nightcap with Ryan Gates HR 1

Monday, February 12th

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WGR. Sports Radio five. Novak. River. Okay. Brian geeks on WGR. Sports Radio 550. All right what's going on everybody's. It's the nightcap here and WGR Jody are seeing now on the board and I'm gates would be. You know with the here for the next couple hours one of two shows for us. This week. We got tonight we got Wednesday tomorrow night labor leaders. Lightning at savers. The combination of leaning sabres terms in the labor's lightning at sabres tomorrow. At seven sabres at senators 730. On Thursday and Friday night there will be eaten he had a basketball game that is being tired right here at Iona. And I known as India and basketball games so Joan I'm going to be here for the next couple. Today and Wednesday. Got the Olympics on from the Olympics yes they have gotten underway I honestly. I didn't forget about the Olympics for the kind of snuck up on me and and realize how soon they were coming and maybe that's just because. I wasn't paying as much of attention. That the US hockey team once he going to be filled with an age dollars. But you know it's it's kind of nice I know there was a lot to be said about. Young Chong. And whites V the timing of the events would be. And maybe it's because I'd work this. This schedule where I don't work at noon instant wine and get out at nine. But when I mean there's always a live Olympic coverage on. When I'm watching NBC sports now. I'll go home there's usually some curling there's usually I wake up in the morning there's women's hockey onto this morning I watched. Mobil's the demands moguls competition so there's always something going on. And so I just thoroughly enjoy. That may be stings a replay Joseph was watching this to me if I don't know what what the hell's going on half time because. A lot of these things are being replayed. Rent and some net that has me questioning now if it's any unfair. One at 6 PM here. Yes sounds great. So that means. If I'm watching something out of what I've been any. We're trying to figure this out on Sunday because that gains its. May ninth and I think so we had Craig button on on Sunday morning keys in John Chiang and that's how I'm going to continue. To say going forward here. He was in Kyung Chang and it was 925. Here and I think he said it was after eleven. 9:25 AM and 11 PM there. Whatever was there was a significant. Time difference it's Gunner in my brain so maybe the things I'm watching in the morning aren't live on. But you you bend senior sports updates all day about that that hockey game yes the women's hockey game I was watching this morning was Sweden. And Korea that was why. I was life. Did you when you're you're probably catching that the the fans for that game we're going nots of the Nazi for the Koreans for the Korea again just Korea I you know they lose eight nothing. Didn't have hockey teams participate in any Olympics they put these hockey teams together. For the fact that they are hosting these Olympics. Ands. The Korean fans were just having a great time cheering and their team they merged literally chanting. The in tiger game. A watch from about halfway through the second period on I tuned into was already five to nothing. And the entire game they were chanting they were cheering any time there was any sort of dangerous rush. Up the ice from the Korean team they were getting on their feet going nuts and I just I think it's super interest and two to watch. These hockey teams they've got a lot of players that. Have been adopted you when you watch a lot of these. Which are game athletes to snowboarding. Skiers. A lot of the ban adopted that ended up being able to go the United States and train there they go to the United States and train and then. And up representing their countries and because. You look at the United States that ski and snowboarding facilities here and obviously the hockey facilities are here in Canada. And it's just not something they typically have access to bail. The other night it was last week I'm watching. It was the first night of the coverage and it was not in women's mixed doubles. Curl. Fans South Korea was facing the United States and they crossed. Absolutely rock to the United States and curling and coliseum while really you South Korea. But hey yeah yeah given credit cards are at the Winter Olympics there's half point by tonight show on whites and beyond. Tonight's. So that will be interesting to see. Is gonna go for his third gold medal of his career in his final Olympics in the half pipe that's gone out tonight. A tenacious basketball also on right now they just got under way at the Kent Kessler athletic signer. Downtown main streets. In buffalo dirty on Fairfield teach us. There are good this year eleven Jew in the map for the first time in their program history. So there another team big for basketball around. All of them are doing extremely well you've got saint Bonaventure. They have now won six straight that's the longest win streak they've had in Atlantic ten conference play since 1980 to 1983. A EIG when Adam's going for back to back forty point games. You've got its. Him going for a patent straight point run in the game on Saturday against Richmond really. It's sealed the deal for America. And then this weekend. A lot of big games for foremost these teams UB they they stumbled this week an overtime game. A game in which they want all eleven of twenty sex. From the free throw line. Eleven of 26 from the free throw line so. Sure coach votes the following day probably. Most have them all their separate free throw line shooting lots of those eleven of 26. 42 point 3%. From the free throw line and they make. Literally they they lose the game by two points in overtime. To make a few more of the house. They they when the game last quark an opportunity with twelve seconds left to. Seal the game not necessarily see auto was twelve seconds left putting would've been able to give you will be the lead. With twelve seconds left. And 83 to 82 lead but he missed his first free throw made the second to tie the game. And and aid around overtime and losing in overtime but the town into an actor eighteen and seven on the season. And are still right now tied for the top seed in the Mac Andy world today that they hold the tiebreaker over Toledo so. Not much to worry about there but the the big news coming out this weekend in buffalo sports was obviously. The injury to Jack Geico. And it's. In a season where. There's not a whole lot to to look forward to. Jack Michael obviously. A must you don't embrace him because he's a patriots fan. He's the reason. That a lot of people go to these games and want to continue to watch because they want to see. And continue to grow and develop as a player to see fees. Taking on those leadership responsibilities to see if he's making the players around him better just to see if Pete can be the guy that we want to be. If he eventually does get surrounded by the tail and that we hope will one day. BE on this sabres roster. And now it's another high ankle sprain verge Jack cycle. It's the same injury that he suffered and obviously the day before the beginning of last season and Phil Housley comes on yesterday and says that he's going to be missing. For Ford to six weeks and that puts ten writer homes near the and all of this season. And now it's gonna be the question of what should the sabres be dealing. With Jack Michael when that time columns and I don't think. It showed it in I don't think it ward in the mind of Jason box role changed anything or any of their plans a ball. How to handle the trade deadline coming up in exactly two weeks. 8030551888550. To fly fifty. So you're the sabres in my question for you guys tonight is. Are you just not going to bring back Jack I call this season. No matter. Eat you know Jack like all the way that he is the competitor that he is the hockey cord ideas he's going to want to to come back. He's going to want to if he's healthy enough he's cleared from the by the doctors he's going to want to come back and and the season go with his team especially one he's trying to be calm. The leader of this team lead by example. Be the guy that people look to in the hard times second column in the season. And there's a point to be made a ball but we've talked about a lot on this radio station throughout the course of the season. The fan experience. In the arena and what you're going into the arena for if your season ticket holder if you're fan. We're going to the arena for our nightly basis and the arena was already. Pretty empty. For what we're used to seeing from sabres fans or at least maybe when I'm used to seeing in the past since the first lock out. Oh for repeal for a five block outside it's gotten. Sabres fans have attended games really well. And this season. If you go to the games we'll tell you what the tendency is is the ticket sales attendance or the the tickets distributed. Attendance but you look Rollins. And you know that there's not as many people there's that they're announcing. And now you have an injury to the guy that a lot of people look to adds maybe. Maybe the number one source of entertainment on this hockey team. And now you've got him he's gone the most exciting player on the team. Going to the trade deadline the hope is that. What a another one of the most exciting players on this team and Evander Kane he's going to be traded. That's the hope that our guys going to be treated and now the question is. What are sabres fans going to have to look forward to go and going to these games are continuing to watch these games on TV. The sabres are team that is out of the the playoff race. Last night I was I participate in the Labatt blue hockey tournament and after we're done with our games. We were hanging around at the bar at river works just because we want to you know. Two guys were all there you hang out grab global drinks of the guys the sabres game was still on so we copy and the sabres game. Because that might it was 42. And nine. Colorado scorers and we're talking about how bad sabres are and how much it's it's a trained to watch him this year. And the sabres come back and make that nice little polish that make the comeback. And it gets interesting. At the and so sometimes you look at these games and they're still. Entertainment value in them even though Jack Michael isn't there. But I'm wondering how much fans who a lot of fans have already. There already disenfranchised by the season. They're already. Looking towards next year. To hope that this will be turned around I don't I don't want to get out of the trade deadline because I think. That's where a lot of fans are looking right now is what's going to happen at the trade deadline and what is going to be different in this team. Going forward for the rest of this season going into the off season and even next year. So. For me personally. Where the sabres are in this season. I'm not putting if I'm jazzed about strong the bond they'll all sleep. My putting Jack Michael Beckett for a single game this season go to already put my eye and told people that he's done for the season. Because to me there is no upside. And the hockey. Thought process of things purely what's out on the ice to bring that guy back and it's even half of the the chance that he is going to re injured that lag. Before the offseason I would prefer I know it's a long offseason in the NHL especially when you're not playing in the playoffs. But give him all the time that he needs to get fully back from that injury. There's no upside in my mind to to bring him back for a few games even at the end of the season. The only counter argument I even think somebody would try to make is you wanna finish the season strong that it carries over into the next season promise. I mean they did that 2016. They finished that second half of the year on a play off point pace and did it help them last year. Not at all and it they finished batting point 152017. Was basically the same results of it doesn't matter how fishing. The season and you guys are looking at turns. Of the next year what benefits you the most going into that season it would be giving young guys and each experience you like it knew Lander couple. Maybe down the stretch you have to earn it a little bit more two goals and 27 games HL I wouldn't call modest as a last and what you haven't earned it you're American that but like you know CJ Smith. HL all star still hasn't gotten NHL game this season. Baptiste I think his play decent when he's been up here alien Evernote. Just looking and really. We not talk talk about vision last place but. Nature of this pushing the deadline trade symbols veteran pieces that pulled me up they're gonna treat cane seat anyone made you want Georges for the super low pack. Or fall early Chad Johnson liner. All these veterans that you would not expect to be on the team next year there's no point in having them in the line up the rest of the season. If all they're gonna do. Is coming here and earn you some points that cost if you percentage point to getting up for generational defensemen. And what's the two hardest things to get in today's NHL generational cinnamon generational defenseman. Very unlikely they do that by you don't wanna kill your chances just because you're got some veterans that are not gonna be with you now. Your scoring. Right in it I guess I'm not so much even worried about those guys changing things too much I'm more worried about Al. The affected adds on in this just goes to show poll. This season has gone and that this is my mindset to where. I'm looking at this and thinking how does that affect Rochester and our run for the Calder cup. How does that factor that if king gets traded pool jackets traded. Who else could potentially get Johnson Chad and or liner Chad Johnson or runner. It. Andy Georges in Georgia is is there I'm just looking at guys were UFA is Joe Simpson. And treated with his health issues at least this year came pool got Nolan. We'll just think invited the guys you just rattled off your probably the brats could be losing their best score and CJ Smith. There goaltender in Venus hallmark navy and their other best defenseman in Britain burning goalie and we already got. TC Nelson up here who was on their top pair and then maybe Baptiste was one of their other greats course. It about repeat Baptiste has done like bats much of a score for that this year. If you're bringing peace is up from Rochester. I guess I'm looking at a guy like Justin being weak and and especially this being. Maybe I know deep the kind of atmosphere that they're trying to create with in the Buffalo Sabres and within the Rochester emirates where it's going to be. You earned everything that you get you've got to do your job down in Rochester. In order to work your way up. But for me I would get a guy like Justin Bailey Baptiste falls under this category two guys who died in the organization for awhile guys that are. A little bit older 2223. Years old. Up there in that age range ECJ Smith is is right around that age range to infection putts and fashioning. I'm looking at. I'm looking at the guys who have been around for a little bit longer gas and guys who. Should be further along in their development and alien that he's necessarily haven't had this huge impact on Rochester this year to where you take on the way. I think it's going to be. Something that backs really portly I think if you take away ECJ Smith that he take away branding goal lead you take away we use hallmark. I think those are the guys where. You look at diamond say OK that's what will negatively effect Rochester is you want to be able to have that team making deep run into the playoffs. And for Bailey Baptiste bet he's already got called up. Dude this scenario. When you look at those guys and okay you've been Rochester for awhile you Egypt had pretty decent seasons down there you've produced pretty well down there at certain points. If it's not gonna turn around at some point here. Give him a bunch of games in a row towards the end of this season. And it's actually say okay. Your ego you're gonna get a lot of NHL time. And it's time for you to prove it if you are going to be an NHL player not just for us as a team. But you're gonna be a free agent going to be restricted free agents bought. Other teams other teams that might see US a fit and airline up its chance for you to showcase yourself for those teams too and maybe we kind of descended. Keep your around me who decide to ship you off somewhere. But it's a chance for guys like alien bet he's too they've had chances before they've had opportunities before but to really. I guess have Jason box will be able to go talk to those guys and say this is. It's pretty much it does pretty much it for you guys. It doesn't mean to that they have league if they. If they don't bring Michael back right away they left and sent me the rest of the season because they don't raise it they treat Cain they treat all these guys it doesn't mean half to. Ruined rosters chances they've done they've done in the past where you acclaim guys on waivers and he did it with Corey com wrecker and in that aside two point fifteen season. They've they've set they can bring up some of those battering guys in Rochester whether it's Seth Griffith ormat Tennyson or whoever it beat you can make decisions. I'm who's pulling in the NHL this year and still prioritized. The HL team in Rochester. Like writing and make getting into the playoffs and which looks like they've got no problem doing in not only that but succeeding in the playoffs because. H a class for the most part to be lineup pretty much with the NHL playoffs so. You're not going to be taking away I don't think significant. Opportunity from that if you're bringing up some of these kids just for a little bit and they can rotate that. Out so I don't think they need to rush cycle back no I well I don't see any downside to it in the rock in the Rochester part doesn't. And you need it never doubt probably be the strongest comeback anyone can make is walled you're taking away any one of processors early players but even that I don't think it's. Evident. In a 30551888550. To 550. Jack Michael he's out for 46 weeks with that high ankle sprain. If you are here in the sabres choose what are you doing about that I think the other counterpoint is that while trying to get out a little bit early year. Which is that the fan aspect of it in the fact that. You've had a season. Nadal that fans have been showing up two games and season ticket holders have been showing up to games and there's really. It's. Not a great atmosphere and fans are down on its. And may be that if Jack Michael comes back at the end of the season and its Fan Appreciation Night it would be good to see. That guy out on the ice you get is being used worn Jersey to be given away after that game. All of that stuff to think that OK Jack Michaels there he is the guy a lot of fans are coming to see bought. At this point I think a lot of fans were already looking I had towards next season and thinking about OK what. Is going to be that change where the changes here are we going to. Make the changes hands implement those I think that's what fans it is it's where the fans had should be at. And I think just bringing Jack cycle. And not doesn't send the right message I just figured you're putting yourself at risk for him to. Have a sat back in. What should be OK just get healthy get healthy for the offseason and attack the offseason like you always do and come back the first day of training camp in Moscow. And to re not here this last season when he had that injury people said it was a nagging injuries probably be dealing with the entire season and I mean there were times I remember where he would grab an ankle throughout the year last season so. If that's the case it's gonna be too late median for five weeks shirt he's good to go. But he's still got pain and in every morning or every morning after every morning skate or after every single game what's the point. There I mean if if the point is to put people in seats. You could bounce on the gimmick dean signed to dilate yeah armored jogger if you cared about something like that I don't think people are really I don't think it's gonna change. A whole lot this season is lost. So if there's any. Pain or risk of further injury or any reason to hold him out I think he should. Absolutely. It a 30551888550. To 550. On your thoughts on this so gives a call here it's the nightcap Jody BIC behind the board and I gates is WGR. We'll know more through a lot of hard progressive and that's as much information as I know right now. I think there's a possibility could come back right now forcing it could be sooner but again we'll know more as we move forward and I'll react. It's difficult especially the way he's been playing the last two and a half months is really coming to his own and you know it's part of the game but unfortunately. When the board we can keep pushing forward. Our Phil Housley talking about indeed Jack ankle injury injured on Saturday night. And if you haven't seen yet is like essentially gets kinda caught up underneath and he goes into the boards behind the nuts and it's like kindness brings back. It was. Not that book super similar to the injury bats he had last season at the beginning of the year in the video you were able to watch of that. But I kind of had the same reaction you look at it you watch it. He kind of fear the worst where you're thinking. I don't know is that need. Is that a ligament care. Ample time spent a high ankle sprain which I mean isn't great for hockey players in the way that they played a game in the fact picture. Pushing off and using your ankles in that game. But the idea that. It could be worse and Jack Michael once again. It's keeping her away from the big injury which. If you go look at the the silver lining I guess that would be nets but now. What are we looking forward to allies sabres fans. Mean we've talked a little bits all of them children Bulldog earlier were talking a little bit about. The draft lottery the the percentage chances and Joseph what was it that you dug up about the I 'cause they they haven't released to the odds for the lottery there. I don't have in front of me but essentially it was that the Annie shelled. Can create however they want there and they are allowed to make the rules for the draft selection. And if there are any changes to a year to year they have to inform the NHL PA of that by march 1. And that's if there's changes. So I'd like that might not be something that we end up finding out about. But. I tend to think that we have to know before the end of the season right even if there is how ranges that. I would normally would say something yeah I would think that if the the league comes out and says something to the NHL PA it says there's going to be changes. By march 1 by the end of this month and something would come out shortly after right around and seen that there's changes that there's nothing. I think it's. And fair to assume that there's not going to be changes and everything's gonna stay the same. I'm not one of these league draft conspiracy guys that thinks they know the NHL has a fixed burning a certain way because Nintendo economy David I think the proof. That it doesn't exist fight. Further but that group. If they waited until the season is over in the standings were done and then they came out afterwards with the draft lottery odds anyone can come out and say. All wolf first place that are from last place on the yes 15% now because of don't want buffalo to get rest is d'alene. Or if it's point 5% if it goes up up they only one they only want Arizona to get out. Like that they over the cell site of that nonsense it's nonsense but. It's it'll be up there they'll definitely be out there no reason to not have it sooner. Guys coming after the trade and that's fair please could you can't manipulator roster really after that. Yeah I just this this idea. Ands or you are we supposed to start paying attention to Arizona. And personally I'd I'm not going to take care than do I don't think I preferred. If the sabres have better odds of getting the guy. Sure. Sure I would prefer them to have 18% odds over 12% odds but. It's just not something I'm really going to be. Actively rooting for like I was in in the tape season just because there's so much less. Of a guaranteed involved. Then there was in the take season the reason why. The in the takes season. People were pro take. Was because you you had a guaranteed. Of hate your gonna get the best odds are gonna get those 20% odds indeed the lottery. And you can only dropped one spot if you were the team that finished died last. And they were two guys and there were two guys you're getting economy David or Jack likely yours there's one you're getting one of those two guys in right and this year there's. Rasmus Colleen in the and and the rest of those guys the forward group that comes after that. With a shock ginza dean. Those guys are they're interchangeable that I've had I've seen probably 45 different. Analysts have 45 different guys in that second yet so well. It's it's all about preference really after that and what your looking for in a guy and what you you think would be. Asked for your team special because being the other guy there. And vocalist Steven I've seen a button and we end Craig but we announced Sunday had and that's the second prospect. Vocalist whose side think bells that defenseman. A Swedish defenseman needs a little luck in the smaller then Eileen puck moving parts yearnings Swedish defenseman yet. All right both these these are under size having news desk he had that you ultimately leads some physical forced gonna kill you or a good point good point Joseph good point. Yeah I just. Attention I hope. Pay attention channel where they where they end up finishing but is just not something where you know I've I've looking at Arizona games I'm watching Arizona games and rooting for them to win. Because it's going to better improve the sabres chances because. Which I guess I would prefer for them to pick in the top four. There's no doubt about that I would prefer for them to have to pick in the top four. I even think that if you're picking in the top five of the top six. Especially in this year's draft and just looking through right now. The my take dot com if they knew they weren't using tickets on your knees again that's that's what you know you've reached peak bad season. Is one year when you're on take on dot com. That's not necessarily true also get tickets undock on during this bill's season just to see where those draft picks are gonna lineup for the bills. So doesn't those OK you know it was okay. Wasn't just because the bills are taking notes paying attention to that. But I think if you add up in the top five for the top six equate Hughes is a guy that's been getting a lot of love it and this year for defensive prospect. I think you get one of those guys that the chip could chuck Hughes this was murdered and killed. As a dean especially. You don't end up getting one of those guys winch. I guess that's why I'm just not gonna be so. All in on thinking that the sabres have to finish near the bottom to improve their stock and getting a guy to BE. Out I guess I'm just not thinking about a much of it is Colleen. That would be franchise altering yes other than that it's about a future means about the same if not picking first. Two through six it's not a major difference I agree with that. It's still an extra Dickerson always shirt and it's also an extra six and a half 7% but you do get that franchise altering defensemen I'm like you though I'm not going to be watching their games I tell you 2015 I was watching. Almost every coyotes and Oilers game probably from December are. I heard that data all I was 150%. All in on that this year. I mean what would it take for me to get to watch what other games would have to be one of the final two games of the season and they have the light sabers in Paris at unit within. 23 points and even ban. Let me watching the game but I'm not India and the edge of my seat knowing stakes because really the stakes are. It's not even to parable how much the stakes are a 100% between fifteen to getting a franchise altering player to the difference between twelve. Any team and it's just this Doby. There's that and I'd just the sabres are two in the expectations going into a season. And where you were expecting a team to be when we are going in as fans it has people who watched the team in that take years Tony 142015. We knew what we work signing up for before the season started. We knew where that team was going in what direction of that team laws like Tim Murray took over and even before that out and Darcy talked about suffering. And all that stuff we already knew. The direction that team is going and this was a team at the beginning of the season. That. I thought they were going to be the verge of a playoff spot. You doesn't a lot of people on this radio station I think they thought they are going to be on the verge of playoff spot. Is number 87 and a half over on that white board you know bulldogs but they're gonna get over that after the first week of the season I was about that same spot to. I mean I and there are analysts out there on there was real analysts that the that the big guys like people fiery debate this Dave blows those not as big of a guy works for voice sport he gets its winning the division. Like there were some pretty reputable people out there saying that they were going to if not be in a playoff spot be in hot contention for one and they just. Earnings season is over in October. So fast so fast so I think that's another reason. Why. There's going to be YS. Lasting less every last buzz for. That the end of the season if you're going into the season and not that there is that be all and all prospect. Org pair of prospects. In this year's draft. There's not even a 100% chance you'd get either of those two guys. Hands. Just the expectations of the season and where you were hoping and you're expecting this team to be and what they ended up being. I think just creates eighty. Disengagement. From. Being engaged in the idea of OK this is the goal. In the a year at the goal was to beat. Well whether you liked it or not. The direction of the team and the goal of the team. Was to be at the bop. That was the goal that was the direction. This year the goal on the direction absolutely was not bad at all the goal in the direction was to be competing for a playoff spot. And as Paul Hamilton would say at the beginning of the season played meaningful gains at the end of the season. And it has not gone that way. Hands as they people are tuning out to it because. That's not what this team was supposed to be what are give people reasonable expectations. It's the classic. Under sell and over deliver. Except this is the exact opposite it's. Oversold a product that for the past two years really has been oversold. To what we've done delivered. On the ice. Last year you had. You had temporary. When he was talking and piles buck. When the whole VC saga was going I'm talking about all they could be a ninety point team without the easy and a 95 point team. With the easy. And then this year. Yeah you just had the expectation. Of going into the season. Do you and did too. February. And have meaningful games. We'll get to march. Until late in the season. And B a playoff race. One you played African Maple Leafs for the first time this season hoping that that was going to be a meaningful game and when he walked in the arena and there was tons of Maple Leafs fans there you're going to have something to actually compete with them about. And status going to be. You're reading Phillip ray believes stance. That's what that's going to be when those gains come around this year it's going to be two thirds may believe stance. Asleep. To put in a matter for them at least seventeen point lead on a playoff spot. Bright the games or even better for them them I guess 20 that's awful it's awful you basically wasted all of your from weekly gains this year. And yeah and it. And then there's the sad thing is. Those games are going to be the games would be the best atmosphere. Of the remaining games even if he goes sabres fan. Because it's always fun to cheer against the Maple Leafs fans are in the crowd you know talk some smack about as they come down to the arena. To the sabres arena invade the sabres arena and all the Maple Leafs fans are member. Derek Roy was still on the team because he scored all the senator overtime with a two point whatever second swapped. And we are there watching the game and as the Maple Leafs game and the Maple Leafs market either but it. Sabres aren't out of the Maple Leafs weren't good but there what's actually atmosphere in the arena there was actually Jews to the game as a fan. Because you were competing with fans that your own Reena and you you have had some friendly banter back and forth toward your little. More aggressive maybe some on friendly banter. And you have the opportunity this year as the team to get to these Maple Leafs games and have those BE. Some of the the most fun games to go to besides the take here where was you want to the Arizona game. And where Dallas fought because you're rooting against the sabres. And Brian Gionta almost scores here cursing at them. But so angry yet. The act but go ocean almost worn hit the post like and the shot would think. A little over mail left that almost curse them out to BD tax and perfectly the perfect way to put it take you respond this year's is frustrating. Exactly it's exactly right. The take here was fun because and that's that's where I'm about them even that is do you have something you knew you. That you were working for and that there was a goal at the end of it and there was a player at the end of and this year all of that's unclear. You don't know what the goal is anymore. Obviously the goals get better by next year and maybe compete next year like Colorado was able to turn it around this year. But it's just so unclear how we're gonna get there. They've got a ton of bad contracts. And it's just. They've got no franchise defenseman they've got no franchise goaltender they've got one franchise forward I guess you'd say and mean. If you're if you're naming off with a core is on this team. As the word her a lot of 56 years ago when it was boy eight Connolly. And palm build a court could never win. No they couldn't but at least that core was in a playoff race every single year adding that we had that there is no core. You would probably seats Michael O Reilly oppose oh where's the line. And you kind of decide to move him hoping Einar. Great and it's just like that that group. Has never gotten us anywhere close the closest they came was that game in Chicago org for the bye week last season. When was that February or early February January they were one point out of a spot but he played like 45 more games. And anybody else would badly hit by we can rightly came back and they are close you're one point -- it was kind of fake. But it was a fake one point now because ironically so few games you had nothing coming up other than that. You haven't had anybody around your thinking playoffs past month pass the the new year. Is this. I mean what you don't you. Your book you record doesn't you've either got to blow it up or get a keep those guys around and yes their plug and new people in your core Woolsey we'll see what happens in a couple weeks at the tree don't mind. Maybe they're hampering in solemn. So because I just. That and bring in anybody's plate now and I've played earth shattering right knee maybe maybe some other players. And first and hopefully yen. And even know I want. I want to first round pick Elena prospect that I can just as Clinton name I can put next to like Alex in the later case metals and say well maybe he's your next year. Maybe he's gonna help me in the future just another name that I can put aside with my other prospects and that. They've got two or three prospects right now that you're trying to bacon and coming in here in changing things. An opening. The and I'm getting frustrated in here just thinking about it in a 30551. Eat eat eat. 550 to 550 would you shut Jack like a golf the rest of the season. And while we're here and what do you even want out of the trade deadline at this point. Just move as many of these guys you want we heard from Jason bar troll few weeks ago. Obviously Evander Kane is a name on the market he's baton. Dean came on the market for the entire season which is why I kind of wanted them to move Evander Kane earlier. Last month January December. You're already out you were the only real sour on the market besides Arizona and they really have much to sell you should remove the none. And all you've got us a bunch more names coming out as more sellers emerged so at this point Roy what do you want all the trade deadline. Global hear your thoughts on that as an 8030551888. By fifty to 550 are the phone numbers here talking sabres. It's in my cap on WG. I mean where now maybe isn't the same player he was you know five years ago I still think he's very rezone guy. He could care contends he didn't do it all better content. So not like talking things involved with the fact that. Yup that came out. Mean you've got the senators that have come malts. And they've essentially. Said that there's going to be some pain in their rebuilding process which. If you're senators fan and you hear here and with all the turmoil what's happening in the front office peered Torre gets an expansion we've got. Guys coming out in and and big major positions team president CFO CEO all of these these big wig positions in the organization. So the barest form turmoil excuse me inside of that organization. Hands. Does that mean for Erik Karlsson moving forward is that a guy gets moved to the deadline. Probably offseason yeah that's that's I'm I eat a guy like that he usually seen at the Nazis. I think they're gonna blow I think it's too I think it's. What they did I did the worst contract in the league and Bobby Ryan and they've got. Some really aged Dion enough god yum donuts right next on there of making their priests are available for trade RB Ryan by the way. Was seven point five million he's got when he goals in the last two seasons combined. That's awful that's her and they they have a ton of really bad contracts. They've got. In an older roster not necessarily old roster by an older roster that's the same thing with the Rangers took the Rangers. Posted it and use the word. Pain but the senators that are suffering like the sabres dead but they sent a letter out to their fans and the Rangers at least have some pieces in place where they can move forward with the with like Chris Kreider. Even GB BC. There. Yet they've got some pieces moving forward with. But they could be looking to to get some of their Mika to banish actually just signed to to a big deal. You've got something he's moving forward there but some of these other guys like a super ray hello and Nash and some of these names that have been with that team for why he'll. Those are the ones that that could end up being moved. But the Rangers expect would be more of a kind of a read loaded deal where they've got young players Nagin. Would be better and a few seasons the senators now they're looking like they're going to try to. Unloaded all they use the word pain is the word pain in their letter that was a lot or are fans of this announcement. About peer Doreen extension in the fact that they had the team president leaving the team and essentially they used the word pain in that mammal. And that sounds like just a complete blowing up of what they have going on there and you had Craig button there is talk about Rick Nash. But. You don't. As a GM and I know Jason botched roll at the time but Evander Kane it's started in December when people and teams were getting. Asking about and what asking price was for Evander can start off with three pieces where was a peck. A prospect and roster player. Maybe conditional pick one of those two and that it turned into a peck a prospect a roster player and a conditional pack. And I know that Jason bottle as is his first go round as in charge of a franchise and I do not. Having these conversations about what Evander Kane is worth and what is being offered to him. But at one point you had the guy on the market that people knew. Was going to be moved no matter what and in December ended February February it is December January. There were barely resellers though the senators looked like they were trending in that direction but it did seem like they were willing to. To give that up yet because they were in Eastern Conference finalist last year. You're in that position hands. You have to take action in those moments. And maybe it's difficult because of what we're kind of discussing. On Friday where it's. OK you have the points system. Which teams are trying to wait until the last moment to figure out if they should be a buyer or should be a seller. But at that point you've you've got to think that if you have the guy. Knowledge is saturated market where you could potentially get it. Rick Nash or nets who Guerrero maybe or maybe some of these other guys that are out there there are so hard Derek are so hard Mike Coffman. These these other guys are out there and all of a sudden Evander Kane is ends. Just. So. I think he key held onto his has cards to on ins may be able see what happens at the trade deadline maybe does it is huge returns. Because he'll find a team that as as Darren drag your cell. He put it very well on Friday that only a team with the right fit is going to look into Evander Kane. So maybe that team the right fit sees them in there and sees him in their long term plans and try to make him a piece of what's going on there. But. It's the markets change now and now you don't have just the the guy. And you could of traded that guy why and he was performing extremely well. With a lot of goals a lot of points. On pace for his bass season in his career. And now he's gone through a little bit of a slob he scored a couple goals now boy he's gone through a slump compared to what he was producing earlier this season and I think. You could've sold higher than you would actually well. Sell and like this this is all speculation and conjecture I mean. Because I'm not in their I don't know what the offers were not talking to teams and an insider. Boy just judging by the market it would appear that in December when Evander Kane Wallace scoring lots. And playing really well played some of the best hockey I've ever seen him play. You could of may be sold them off done. And sighed okay we had to do it now because we knew he was the guy on the market and we are going to get the best offer that we are going to different for him. Right at 30551888550. To 550 are the phone numbers here. Frank Reich hired as the coach. All of the Indianapolis Colts boggled about that coming up next hour it's the nightcap on gates Jody B two on board on W jar.