2-12 Nightcap with Ryan Gates HR 2

Monday, February 12th

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Buffalo Sabres lost their first game without Jack eichel last night of Colorado Avalanche on the bright side in five periods and Michael went down its ankle sprain. The sabres have scored eight goals but on the defensive cite any overall effort of the team had coach Phil Housley is not happy you saw the game. Their reasons some passengers. That were well prepared to play the game. That was house sleep last night next up for the sabres tomorrow night against the Tampa Bay Lightning at keybank center putt dropped at 7 o'clock. Pregame at six here on WGR. Sticking with hockey but in South Korea the men's terminals are on Wednesday of the women's sweeting beat Korea this morning eight to nothing. Couple games tomorrow morning including one at 2:40 AM that was Canada against Finland at 710. You possibly yeah Olympic athletes of Russia and state he would at 10 o'clock tonight here on WGR. First airing up to date and John Chiang. Coverage of creates when he eighteen on WGR sparked by north West Bank meets with northwest. And get back to living and by your local Geico agents Tim mentioned how Wanda. And Scott Altman in west Seneca. The football for bill. Frank Reich was officially name the colts head coach yesterday today our report says he'll looking. To be looking at another bill dues staff Bob Kravitz in Indy says the rate has spent in touch with Don Beebe about becoming the colts wide receivers coach. College of skinny she's an action right now they are tied with Fairfield at the half UB place tomorrow. Against Kent State 7 PM at alumni arena you can get tickets at 1877. UB bear. Since scores from around the NHL to meet police currently beat the Tampa Bay Lightning by score of one to nothing in a couple games later both at 9 o'clock. Oilers played the Panthers in the Blackhawks are at the Arizona coyotes. Three days away from the WGR celebrity roast of Fred Jackson Thursday February 15 this Thursday at the grapevine banquets on Dick wrote in to peel. The great lap of grocers that include Eric Wood Ryan Fitzpatrick Erin Williams Brian Scott. And for its twin brother Patrick there are no VIP tickets available anymore but there are still individual tickets. You can get them at my buffalo perks dot com. For WG RI Jody the Osce for breaking sports news text the word sports the fight 5550. Enjoy at all cool dude there was smelly hippies in my car and you could smell them their their absence was still remain. Those hippies the nightcap with Ryan gates on WGR. Sports Radio. That's right it's me. It's really hit the kid. I'm showering more lately. Those natural oils and then going away. I don't know. Don't feel better about it hey do. Joseph sees me every day so I guess he would have better knowledge of it not that he's watching each hour on a daily basis which would be weird. He but I don't know. And showering more does that gave my word for it doesn't take outward four of them. So without my parents' place now Owens. You mostly in the middle and our kind of and I don't know I woke up the middle of the night and there are some weird and always is going on. And in this thing. I I have a bad one of those people really long time it gets like all freaked out over weird noises that happens in the middle of nowhere. But maybe it BI agent smoke in open house delirious but really freaked me out some like the footsteps outside my window. You forget that Joseph never never gone down. Number I had 280 I was like six. While this was weird okay. There was crunching snow. It wasn't something and I've ever heard before it was crunching snow. And why would this now be crunching unless there was footsteps. Going upon us now. The middle nowhere does the accidentally in the year. Yeah that's what I was thinking about never seeing deer come up there close to the house. Literally right outside of actual window of course is that you were there wouldn't be getting close. Why is there and like that close like this it's the Toy Story. All in one when Andy shows update these stop rates soon. Toys and he wouldn't think that is poised to move on and they are. Then the the dear dear don't motivate you fine the people that they do get that close how you just wouldn't know now care and us. I go out smarting might look for Ernie in south of France footsteps. I did come down at the same conclusion you did. I also did go into the living room grabbed my Louisville many bad just in case. Nelson came and thousands and cameramen needs of the many bad. Never use many bad to assault someone show now the state. While OK I've never used too many bad to assault anyone either blood. Found out something new about Q. Giving your brother you and you assaulted your brother with your mini hockey stick at so I assume you probably with the media Pakistan every. And I got a little bit of assaulted yesterday it via the Labatt blue pond hockey tournament NASA. I've got to Olympic. All happened or something that there was no brawl I got three solid cross Jackson India the right side of my body. Writer and meet the re absolutely and we play under the name all goon squads so if you if you play good squad this weekend's it is asking for trouble and do squad while we play that we need to name goon squad because first of all play with a bunch of kids who really don't play hockey for the most part. Where all kids who legitimately law. On the pond playing hockey not and he sort of real formal training them probably the most experienced player on the team with. Four years. Might. Squirt. But the one about squirt. Peewee phantom. I think is PVP weekend. Yeah Pee-Wee Kimi was the highest level policy league play. And I was a C line player consistently sought sucked is essentially trying to set I was really bad. And you know I played in college a little bit in a murals in college. Learn how to play the game a little bit better through that little more positioning. And I'm probably. One of the better players on the team with out real real kind of experience. Cell. Well we play ends with the play on the Agile little bit because we never won one of these teams at the Labatt blue pond hockey tournament. Slow it last night replaying game and we lost the first game. Buying the basket as the buster and we play it quite a few tournaments now. Over the course of the past couple years by far the best game that we've we have the best string of games that we played yesterday. Am in the one game down and get into its and you get under people's skin a little bits and trying to. An important part you know I'm playing hard out there on the ice. And maybe I was playing a little bits on the Agile too hard blood to host a point when the game plan when the game. Hands. This this one guy does he start to meet. Some shots and start giving a few that he starts national bit nicer start cross check me in the side it's fine. He came up to me after the game and everything to and the key piece at a measly ansari viewers. On hole he was probably like late thirties early forties maybe. But he came up to me afterwards and he apologizes Leo sorry sorry that got so heated there. And it's an Angel. I know you're like this to you actually hold grudges wait longer than I do you look at. You let those grudges carry over for me in a situation like that the game's over and I'm I'm fine. I am absolutely fine back I came up to me he apologized for a Michael junior out there competing. We're competing with integrity you gave me a few shots I was fired up you were fired up I loved it makes me feel life. You you let those grudges carry over from game to game. Anything come back tears that because we're completely I know it's church completely accurate do you what those what does carry over that game out this island hero game to game but not season to season. As a cleaner slate I beginning of the season as an end point okay well I do draw the line somewhere. Does that does that give you extra juice when you're you're going into that game you know. That if you're if your plan for hockey game or hockey when everything you're playing like complained that guy. I got into it way three weeks ago little did it really. And so competitive though of the moment out there anything extra by going into. Us about crop across them and okay that's I mean you got to get up for these games in you get up for him that's. That's the one thing I favor should be. Like carrying over things that that's one thing that can he just doesn't happen in the NHL odds it's it's just doesn't happen at all UH there's there are no more Rogers in the NH all these guys like college of business on the ice it's nothing personal which is exactly why I guess you really can't seat or Phil Housley I would get a giant picture Brad marsh on the Boston and put it on the wall on the windy out the tunnel to the ice. Saul players would you put a Pollyanna and no I don't look to put a bounty on Brad marsh and wouldn't you ask for. I would get as riled up. Some get some some hate it helps. Yeah I need it the movement. I mean I guess there are certain guys like marsh and stuff the guys that come to mind do this is no problem that comes to mind where you play those guys maybe intra Shia with Montreal because he's always guys that principally on the edge. That there's some of those guys were you don't need that because you know going into the game that's going to happen no matter why is awesome Cotchery who that would be the name from. Not a country that guy. But not. Man I. Adds the any job out there was. A video that came out this week and I'm not sure exactly from what level of hockey was a wanna say it was easy each one of the lower pro leagues from that it was easy age Jodie girl Emma yeah yeah Wednesday. The full five on five goal he. Folly gain in hockey which I mean. They're they're trying to take this part of the game and I understand their reasons why you want to get out the game. It's a little more. Barbaric I guess that people wine in there sports but I really think that the hockey fan. Big that's that's part of what I grew up loving about hockey and what you wanna get some Jews in the arena. There has done in my experience I wasn't there for the Ottawa brawl bought. People who were there talk of they did a whole and forget documentary about it this year. About that night and what damn late man to the team into the fans. And how great of an item was. I think Jeremy last week was doing after that the sabres earned their 1000. Once Upton went hosing. Homework and yet bear with bear with me with that workers to form. 11001. Holes and eight I want it speech therapy as a kid for a list. That not one dollars a job for four years old I went to speech therapist because at a really catalysts. So yeah that might be one of their their greatest stories in now. If she still around and she she talks about her success stories. I might be one of them anyways. That was one of the games came up often in. Responses from fans was that game is because it's memorable but that happens and you've got this broad EC HL and that that doesn't happen anymore in the ninety's it happened a lot for that and an even more. But that did add extra Jews to the games and I'm not saying that I need that to happen. But. I would be lying to you over it and find it entertaining. I eighty would need it also it might team was. Right exactly you're exactly right if they're out there and there. In a position. To you to be a playoff team those natural rivalries will just come out because you're competing against those teams so hard. To get into a position in the playoffs are here in a playoff series against a team. And you're competing so hard against that team that just naturally comes out and you're really after you well that's what that Wallace. Buffalo vs Ottawa brain that's exactly what that was they were in the same division and they're competing against each other. Each year for supremacy it in the playoff series. The year before and it boiled over in them moments and that was something I have been building between those teams. For a season and a half at that point. I'll be honest last year. My aid the best time that'd mean my body's head at a gain was not any wind. It was the sabres Florida Panthers game. Where Vander Kahne fought elks patch of it three times in one night and won all three fights like you could tell would Paris and there are some hate there. Rightly that. League made it it was just like some Jon Scott and you Peters. Who likes a huge fight right like were fighters were supposed to do this right let's go. This was two guys that you could how effective fought three times and they have been all in each other all night. Could not stand each other and the guy in your team. Went out there and won three fights like that. That was very very. Yeah what that was the three. At this point yet right and I. I forget exactly which gave laws but those were the sabres games Yunel. And you forget with the two players. But you see how these lines and are now days to you where two players start shoving back and forth may be one albums are still. Look like you're about to engage in a flight and normally when one album drops the gloves the other one will follow suit very shortly after. If there of that type of player obviously. But now linesmen are in the air so quick and even if the two guys want to go they will not let them on more hands. Right there's there's always the case to be made obviously had injuries are a big deal and like the barbaric part is that we live bat in. Our professional sports is a county is certainly a part of the game and it's always going to be part of the game. Violence is a part of the game it's going to be a part of the game and let's not pretend. Like you've got app coming out there being very successful right now witches. Utterly barbaric and brutal. And gets a pretty large following and boxing is making a little bit of a comeback right now they're making a push. So I don't know there's still an appetite for that Elden. You don't need to feed that appetite in every single hockey game. Emotions flow out every once in awhile you don't need a break up every single fight. Within a second money figures going to happen and well book read a little bit that creates story lines and makes the game more interest it. When there's emotion in the game that's always but that's the reason I like fighting hate the stage fight. Because there's no motion to write that the reason I wobbly for instance certainly 20111212. Seasons. When it. We were played the Bruins. There was so much emotion from fans because fans could not stand. That Bruins team and they wanted it. They wanted that seem hate coming from their players so that's why we all took it so hard when they did nothing about defending Ryan Miller but that's also why. When I was in the crowd for this one when Adam Quaid. Goes after I think it was your Kirby year collide. And that everyone starts piling in and Robin were gear fights Chara and what you don't eat and do very well against Chara but he still fought Chara. Lake that was a motion. And that was late that that was rail there were there was more bad in the game even five years ago let alone now notably there's never any of that. Anywhere but what are the rivalries in the NHL maybe look at them at Pittsburgh and Philly if they play at last year's but. Other than that you're not getting a lot of that emotion anymore I do think a lot of this though does come from the fact that our team is to sell. Add that we're looking for entertainment how ever we think. Yeah I I I agree with that. The the fact that we haven't had a team here that is baton entertaining in its own play. And some of that I think it would be battered great talks in here though give us acts HL bends. And while it. Acts HL the ax HL the abbey the accept all this is trying to make you come back they're trying to come back with a cleaned up image by man. Like a dune type game. He just all goons all the time there does that would be out of control got out of being out of control blood is. No fighting it. Now would just be who just happens all the time and there'll probably be. They're there wouldn't be any boards or just be ropes around the rink and wanna be boards it would be there be term buckles in the corner. The be all large Russell hearing with term buckles and everything and goals near the end of that could bounce off the but the gross yeah a good bounce off the ropes and create more speed for yourself and really get some speed gone through the neutral zone and so crushing hats. Or fight at the beginning of every period in the winner for that team gets their teammate goal. New goals awarded for our life silence. Could you imagine a guy climbing up to the top rope with his skates. That would be wild. Who wouldn't be very dangerous laying down an elbow drop on the ice with a full equipment and you get knives on its feet on going up the top rope. Yeah I do I evil in the eighth BXH I'll I need for experience here I want. The squared circle. In a rectangular faction. That hockey. I'll be wild and no boards brought no boards it would just be ropes while I guess. There was blur the pocket right there would be a sort of boards behind the ropes just above the pocket would stay in place now. But the other ropes would be theirs so that. You can did get some good spring action off of it too icy at that we have via business plan business idea. We got up another toxin in the same guy who who gave us the idea for the XH on the first place when your flight you goal on the power play that's that's that is great and yet you you win your fight your war dead. But are giving up power. Our play by getting the actual man. Out on the ice. 8030551888552. By fifty here we are we've reached peak nightcap give us your ideas for the extreme. Hockey league you can text him into 55550. You can tweet me out right underscored WGR at DB CW GR. We're we're gonna get some of these ideas I hope you got some XHL ideas and if you don't that's fine wool we'll continue to wrap on it and maybe we'll talk about real sports happening in real life it's a nightcap the gates and WGR. I. Well especially and then ninety's when you had he could Jenrette that's from the 1999. And those for the past. You could not give batter and he has got some of the greatest calls of all time already. With meeting. Him in some of the other goal calls but. When you listen to that all you want talk about putting emotion into the game rich and rat was a row and still as a pro. But back those days when he had those teams those teams fight and those teams that was the hardest working team and hockey. Regular practice not present those guys. Are 30550. 1888. By fifty to 550. We've got to. We got a big lead to Baxter who called in to give us the the idea. Of the acts HL and ease he is still going at us with some of his own ideas for his latest one. The angles in the ring are always changing so you never know where the puck is going if you pull it off the boards. If your doing that you might as a shock to pucks out on the ice tea. Like that chuck tube hawks out on the ice and it would just be an absolute free for all we also had ropes in the KXHO. No way man barbed wire and barbed wire. We're gone that far enough. We've skipped over ropes and went straight to barbed wire next that you now. People are gonna be asking for a barrel tax to be port and sent rice and apps are on fire. The Mets are on fire. The goalie create NHL it's with a pretty much has pretty much what could be or Iraq the rink for PS one whichever one you prefer. The goal is they don't Wear you know pads just got steel that's all the where all of their their entire Clinton is just deal. And nothing else likes on the bottom there pads. They're they're shoulder pads are like the road warriors from the WW laugh with those exploit keep ads that's what we do is still bids on outline one job. It's you dial up or Biggio the accuser Vince from Orchard Park he's joining in on the XX HT HL's substance. Maybe and I thought yeah and basically we vehicle a you have three judges that. We're kind of fight like you know we have thumbs up or thumbs down kind of like garlic and we're gladiators. You know editorial this guy with the fight that the other guy it's another two minutes and rather than taking. A guy off the ice. You put at a senate the guys the guys that attitude and the gun the other team but what are the it has its. Oh also we've got one designated guy that goes out on the ice if your team that wins the fight is essentially. Just like cannon ball out Gary he didn't know the rules don't apply to him media's go around to start hammering people. Absolute Reggie ball and actually it is there broke the serve any purpose at all but I think it would look pretty cool if you have a blade of the stick on both sides. Couple that. Oh so that all men are even know how to react to that what it's like. Again not shot stick out even know what that would be. I. All right bigs were called insight appreciate it man. Yeah he could have you have a nudge out sticker or maybe what you have is. It's something words like too too little mini sticks and you can play with two sticks in each hand. And maybe once just like it chop instead agreed to start hammering away at people. Would have to. Write down these rules so there really. Focus them down because. Men this. The state league that is being created it could be the next day. Gonna take off. It's gonna take off we've got to another we got Brandon Chiming in here you award the top team the manly cup and stop the Stanley Cup and the acts HL. The manly kind of cozy your team's gonna have to be the biggest brutish man team. There and then all my personal one my personal favorite out there if replay last longer than ten seconds you can fight the wrath. And and and easy. Yup yet the that would be the only reason my replay even existed. In the hatched aqsa HL. So that they're gonna be rough flights I don't have perhaps if there's a dispute. On which way the play should go there's a fight to determine. Which weighed cult. Oh yeah us there'd that is good way to do you take your boss fighter you send them out to center ice. You have them duke it out over which way the calls and ago with the three judges rule I like that because it could be kind of you've got three separate judges just sitting. In in the coroner org beside her rights were right it would probably boxes are worth score keeper typically is. The F three judges in there who give their disputes and then you also have Teddy outlets at every single one these games and he just yells about how the judges did an awful job. They judged the flight. Over and over again in my gets some big hits on on the YouTube how about a hockey stick and lacrosse stick ball. Now ordered it to each person yet apparently. The network yeah would be that mean else. You can you could have like. Couple players have. An ala. What color is a designated player with a lacrosse stick now delegate. Also sought in the actually tells gonna end up turning into a combination. Of the lacrosse and hockey where you've got dozens of players for crosstex essentially start so something's got to start turning into to quit it's a little bit. We've got guys in the crosstex but the beaters in which the imaginary wizards game. And guys with lacrosse sticks in lacrosse balls were just throwing lacrosse balls at people point the actual game trying to take them out. Before they they get to the nut. That would be you've you've got you've got props up there you've got different devices that you're using maybe there's curling stones out there. And every once in awhile it's like Super Mario. And he got traps that pop up in the ice to its curling stones at come flying at the blue lines. And they they swing back and forth and between. Penalties don't have to be a person being removed because so player has to use a stick with out of blade in stat. That's the penalty for the player if the well. Arguably has gone on this are actually. The ax HL. I'm mentioning. Imagining. A better hockey league. It's like the access file where they're they're trying to re imagine a better football game or trying to re imagined. A better hockey game here and how would you improve. The NHL right now. Obviously one of the first things I come to mind is. The removal of the off sides challenged the removal of goalie interference challenges. Joseph I urge all earlier he said he put the two line pass in the EU the XHL. He would implement that rule out I don't agree with them what a joke you decide that not. Not so that it can break and not say this is that a 100% made up the two line passes one of the worst rules all time. Joseph said you know what knew what we need to back in our re imagined hockey lead the two line pass we need it back but not this. Complete tops out at the nets bigger. What is what. All sides be immediately eliminated as well there are so jealous but you just have one player that standing in front of the goal lead at all time. There's just constant now that's been going. On the goalies. We'll keep off sides zones that's your only allowed to have four players in the defensive zone. Four skaters and fans. Like I don't look for outdoor across the Euro that certain nada. Defenders in the defensive zone and you coal scene up there if you're that basically it's it's a power play all the time but it's still five on five you're not allowed to have. All five your players in the defensive zone pulling evens one event. Gotta be someone has got to be in the neutral zone floating Rollins getting ready for fast break opportunities there were targeted securely it's not just fighting it at scoring going to Ali had been one player new higher scoring for sure in this is definitely away. To get higher scoring here and other tax line answer. Goalies are forced to drink a twelve pack during the game and they have to use different strategies. Ottawa and they drink for the year. So they got to be out on the Ali's. Drinking the beer and I'm not sure if you could implement rules such as the beer drinking element for these goalies. Where one of their players comes back there latest blow them up in the the beer drinking element of the new a new camera they need surgery king. That's definitely want my scoring would increase at the goalies were hammered by the end of the game. I'll put a guy he was he was this actually point goal in this pond hockey tournament yesterday and he. He was the goal he and he was he probably a twelve pack during the three games he played and he still is great. Given these these nuts for the pond hockey tournament literally about two inches high. So it is now a lot and and he was worried about size fourteen skate so you'll have to move around all that much either. 8305518885525. Or more imagining a better hockey week. We're trying to do it Vince McMahon he came out last month and he was talking about the accident I'll bring him back PX up on re imagining. A better team football power put an arm the trademark that trademark line that he was using. He just used talking about about a football league and or burn out trying to re imagining a better hockey league I love the game of hockey. I like how like most of the things about it but. What would you make when you make matters about hockey if if you cut. Mike can count more Mike what would you or what rules would you implement in the acts HL. It's called the out Lyle older line provision. It keeping gone the other culture on the opposing team with a pox you get treatment of our play if you get an assistant coach. Two minutes. Also now we're just gonna have. Player is gunning pucks into opposing benches. Well you remember when Lyle or blinded that you. What this space. I'm sure it happened a long time ago while old line from the Canadian. Shut the Puckett had no one on the bench. While I don't think we can and over the XHOO. We can have people firewall we slap shot that coach violence adding depth adding that's where we draw a line. Navy. I don't know I feel the the coaches somehow have to get involved in the extreme sadness of this to maybe it's just lingered there systems at their creating creating extreme systems. John even know what the hell that means but I think about Lindy in Brian Murray. Now in the upper all they're about ready to go edit the coaches there's a bench clearing brawl. And we've got one texture he called he called he taxing it and said that's going brawl overtimes needed use all the with a bench clearing brawl. If there is a bench clearing overtime brawl. The coaches are involved the coaches have to be a part of the bench clearing brawl. You can't happen actually brawl with coaches coaches assistant coaches. Equipment managers. The whole squad on the bench gets out on the ice skates no skates they go ahead. All right we're gonna take a break here because of need to regroup have to regroup here because. Thrills industrial 551 in 85525. If you still call and when your acts HL. Re imagining hockey. Ideas or listen to him tonight yeah Jody the odds on board Gates's WGR. Politico. If they start again. Want somebody who. Apparently raised. A little bit lighter again. All of us. This for a boy if you don't go back out there commuter Qantas finest. He also recommends for all the acts HL and of course Joseph would recommend that sneak in ice girls. Of course I'd passed. Now I have gotten I'm saying of course that show that shall not you gotta figure yes sorry other job. Joseph on Twitter. He recommends that and he recommend we find that that clip of that flight between Claude LeMieux and rob ray and that whole scene there was Scott Stevens as well. And it's just another example of of generous odds. It's feel there. You know he was it was one of those guys that was getting pissed off from the press box when he was called those games and you feel good field. Richt getting mad Alia is great I call a few games ago. In my college career and there was there was one specific game I want to Rockport indeed that rivalry. With the Genesee joke is closest to schools. And it's in the game in Genesee biological on the Rockport players to scale absolutely closed mind. And luckily the press box was well above the ice and I took off my had so I was about to go down there. And fight this guy and I was screaming from the press box and honestly what are you doing. What are you doing here you're supposed to be this a pseudo professional here and then I strained my act. Talk about the XHL. The re imagining imagining a hockey. Got Jake Grand Island here Jake what's going on and what he got for us. I do memo show. It's similar to field lacrosse. They have this unit the goalie we've increased. They're sort of they're game to get or anything like that. That it still would crowd cubicle except the crease and meet the early tee off bottom down. I think that's definitely that would definitely be involved there. I'll see it's they can't be rule. In the real hockey world that would make that Lucic Miller that would make dilute cheat Miller legal. I'm. Florida among bank. Medical interference lot easier to is that all you I don't know for goaltender feared what is he wanted to early in the crease that's it was he in the Cristiano would clear up goaltender interference real quick the goalies were allowed to be head. He says the crease goaltender interference these slightly on the crease while desolate not goaltender interference and you can Rodham. And come up with a pocket. Makes more scoring opportunities because the goal is playing on the ice he's not able to give more scoring in this or about more scoring and a lot more fighting and there's a county. A year ago we got to the bus where each team has to Wear number 69. Linking June. But ugly Rangoon choosing the numbers 69 and I really like this on this one is. Is. A great idea. How about. In the overtime all determined game you have to protect the coach like the king and chest. You must protect your coach and knocked out the other team's coach. Are we knocking at the coaches why I don't know but I even bought the captain be okay out there with helmet in. You know. Equipment right equipment okay like this I guess where this guy yeah I guess we can make it so that it's the captain. But I love the idea that it's there there's more strategy to it. Then just you go out there and you beat the crap out of each other. Which is the original strategy of the brawl the overtime. All. But now it's it's almost like told extra T go. You've got your you've got your foot soldiers up front and you're trying to do to get over there trying to battle each other get to that that captain. You Geiger. Your big dunes back there you your best fighters their surrounding your captain and they are just making it so that it's impossible to get through that back line. And then it's determined and who else. Thus it could probably go on for fairly long time. Probably fairly long overtime there is no no limit overtime in the taxi HL. There's no limit to the overtime in the tax HL it's just until the brawl wants the actually line. Until the captain goes down. That's what it is. Alban overtime. Lights go off glow in the dark. Mood. Glow in the dark almost like laser Tron bluntly that stick slide out of state to have like the light up stick to like glow sticks sticks close statistics are light sabers sticks so it a year in the dark figure skating around you can identify your teammates. You've got to the Blue States that's one team red stakes the other team you don't really know your crush each other in the dark. Glow in the dark pock goal leads they have they have light up pads. So you can still see where the pads are new to sneak flashes in the middle of the darkness that is the overtime period. We're we're going to be on here but we got take a county and north tunnel Wanda right now before he even be last call. On the nightcap at stony north online what's up Tony. Yeah I Dylan while Michelle thanks. When. Are you guys talking about the goal late getting it you know that they are outside Tikrit. What about lying. Dad you know right outlined then. Wit dat be included. As decreed. Where you can't hit them all are. Horizontal box so so having a zone where the goal he's would be able to to play the puck at least and have a protected zone so that you go on the net without fear of being actually destroyed by an opposing team player. Yeah like I mean it there in the concrete or they're in that trap resort area behind the net they can't get hit by anywhere else they're very. Yeah that's probably thanks for the call Tony it's probably fair. You know have a little bit of the seats on its more than just the crease for these poor goalies especially when you're gonna have players taking runs at them. So yeah I would say that's that's fair answer you could have a little. A little. Seats for the goalies. Our rights. We're gonna get your tonight as Joseph mentioned Maria did you even a one more just one more all right finally at three point line. All it. I may may make it closer than the Blue Line flick shots from the point on think in the leg shots from offered a shot from the point now would be worth two. And I like that and kind of gains are down two goals yachts are forcing shots in that area lake Dow would make it though it would make more standing. Or may be near near the kind of teams are near the light at the end of periods were there's a special zone. Maybe there's some sort of beat there's a target you can hit that unlocks. The special puck. At the super hawk there's there's a very small tar locks and unlocks the super hawk. It comes out of the slot the super puck comes out in the super puck. It's worth two points out near normal. One point the superpower or you can just drop it from the Jumbotron at any random time during the game. Yeah right. There's there's some sort of sound or something like that in the super puck. Maybe it's I'm one of those parachutes they drop the tin horn scallops for favorite games is on one of those parachutes it just comes floating down from this guy. He got all the players are already beaten the crap out of each other. There underneath that thing and there's pummeling each other lobbying the first team to get their hands on that super hawk for the the double points while. All right while we were still litigating this outrage out. It's something that you know it's. We don't want a rush to conclusions here mom make sure we do the XH all right. So where continue to take your suggestions. For the ax HL he can find his ball on Twitter. I am and Ryan underscored WG art Joseph is at DB CW GR and you gain continue for the rest of time. Send us your suggestions. For the ax HL until we write original thirteen rules just like needs Smith did back in the day for basketball. All right we got the Olympics roundup show. Today MP young Chong coming up next hand. And Joseph and I will be back with Mike safari also on one's days thanks everyone for listening and participating is tonight GAAP. On WGR later.