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Mike show you might be mocking me or you might be staunchly agree with me I can't help. Our marketing spend a Bulldog. Are far better world production on WG ER Sports Radio five feet. Okay this is where we're we're to talk to Josh Norris here about his mock drafts. And I will be so bold at the beginning here as to. Suggest something to Josh sent even early suggestions tonight just it's a thought that I wanted to share with him. Josh Norris of roto world joining us on the AT&T. Hotline much over the Bulldog hi Josh. I. Melody to be scared at the beginning of your mock draft today of a point about how. Apparently this this I guess I would know sometimes there's criticism of these mock draft for the people write them is too early or something. And I used I used to be like that I will tell you but I've just I've figured out how to to. To root due to beat that argument. It's it's for the same for the same reason that people like sports in the first place we like these schools are fun. They're on the talk about and what else what else matters. And we should not pick for that period like you know exactly what we all get paid do. Do talk about four then projector and projected. You know it it's it's really typical. To predict things especially when they happen in the future right and this is that with Procter if it's oh well. Highlighting certain name identifying the needs are gonna change but like sure they droplets of particular I'm not arguing that. But I think he felt a little fun with that as veto. Right that's all I wanna do. I mean I think it's hilarious when. On ESPN or something or ever were a lot of places to do this we'll tell you what they think the score of the game will be and apparently they're not kidding. And they're never right and they're never gonna mention it again. This guy is this game is 43 it's wanting ul. Or if they are for some reason randomly correct read and quotes they will brag about the next time I had a feeling there's been a I knew it was going to be a safety in this game Omar got. Yes. Please get out here that go so were were with you on all this Josh so you have the bills. That's 4122. Taking two linemen. What's the rationale. Yeah there's corny and by the way if it I think anything about the battle that all the decree where or when infuse them in your knowledge of them. Please do because obviously you guys are equipped with built I am I could watch a lot of bird which was. With the Carolina Panthers and jets with its content there. But I know it is you want to eat at linebacker. And he wants feet of water neck and allow. Those linebackers users be an actor I'm which speak yet now upload at you know one of those pick. Prospect that linebacker is on the board maker sharp and Evans or someone else drops. It would make a lot of sense but here it then because they. Washington is. The fact that the process. And that he certainly to the mall it is. Up in the lineman and the running game occupied multiple blockers he did one on one situations. Prohibit them from being the second couple. And eBay eight barely really interesting how clear that this kind of law or our future anyway multiple targets and coping with Isaiah wins. The door compliment. That is left tackle this year but not a spot in the NFL and played a necessity he's a great prospect most likely art. There are on in the and I felt I think that there might be his future position on you with air would that he. Yeah they come they. Are no shortage of needs on this team Josh is you you would well no even though the bills ended. They're very long playoff drought. You know. You highlighted their speed linebacker. It it might say a lot about the state of their Y Betancourt that we met a lot of old was a mid round pick last April. For this team might be alone guy coming back today you would. Potentially pencil into the starting lineup. That there's a real shortage of speed there and then of course upfront you've got Kyle Williams who could end up retiring. And that are not much pass rusher mean there are. There's merit to. Holding on to every pick. They have that BP that your basically your pick but cannot be wrong and I guess. I just pick the fears of a job brown what it configured in the major prep and brown obviously. Eight region as this parliament. Improper correct. Like on opposite here and say that Brooke Brooke about football player we'll you know. Tackles are the end all be all when it comes that this does that. At linebackers because of how certain. And he's gotten infusions. At that position would make it ensure it is obvious that Sean McDermott didn't inherit seeing that as Tom Davis was equally. And she can't write it detonate we eat here. But early on in the arm and Carolina stated that if it's early to avoid it happening in on short also in patent for Butler. Three different tackles are arguably better than almost any defensive tackle on the build out and a big day. It all happened. He came early in his career for when he was running high in terms more or less. Houses. Because as tackles when he would be able to run behind bark is able to run behind KJ and again just in between the key is bootstrap. But I held anyone back. And truly be if it your linebackers are slow down linebacker group as low degree of us will be as well. Josh we're going to reconnect with you right now the connection is a little strange so bold are gonna talk permitted Ryan's gonna. Try to call you back and get that straightened out we're talking with Josh Norris of rule the world here on WG RU confined his mock draft naturally at wrote a world. Dot com. It sounds like when we've had a few of these conversations so far. In those where we're talking about Lyman offense or defense there are a lot of different names already there are more names maybe this is just. Always Howell would be but there are more names in the Lyman conversations also lower so that would also stand to reason. There are lots of different players were here in about yeah sure. I mean you get into you know at at the point the bills are drafting. Understand error would suddenly having to retire. Could push the idea of drafting and often to widen an army Kirkwood was drafted in the bottom third of the first round of the draft when he arrived here. So you could. You know you do not get laughed out of the role models think considering trying to find his replacement down there. I myself wouldn't put that as a real high priority need. Think the defense of line. And even all the positions on the line itself on offense would outweigh the need to replace Kirkwood symbol because of the presence of Ryan grower. On the team who filled in for Erica a couple of seasons ago played seven games. At the tail end of the 2016. Season after her brokers like in Seattle. And acquitted himself pretty well all the bills. It didn't put paid to keep him but did agreed to pay him. Maybe more than they were hoping to when he received a in offer to go somewhere else in. As a restricted free agent so. Keeping him tells me they value him as a back up. And the world would consider the idea of starting next season with him as their starting center. So I think the linebacker point to defense tackle point and of course. You will get to Corvette you're eventually when we reconnect with Josh that that's you know those are to me the biggest needs on the team. They need skill and speed and size at receiver certainly. But I think. The defense of why in the wide backing corps. Is you know. Really bought bought thing that needs to be take. Care about the reverend trouble getting Josh Norris back on the line 8030550. Is our number ball as we've talked about we played first pick dot com. The thing. Then I wanna do if I have I'm the bills and I'm at 41. And I have some linemen like outside a pass especially on offense I think if I've got so employer. That I really like media this is like what they did last year. Then. Especially because I have the next peck. I want to I wanna turn me is not flipped. Or save I want to turn 41 ended. 47 and a Thurber something like that whenever that amounts to I am ready to do that. Then maybe I can get that same guy a leader and at a player that's the kind of movement. I think I want from the bills now this is all. If they don't trade up first hand and repeat and my guess is that they will end up doing that. We're gonna have Josh back today. I guess the phone connection thing is is not getting better and soul reschedule with them sorry about that. He had Dore Gold at one and my next question for him was going to be. Peaks he wrote about this win in hollowed does that get paired doll until like two guys if not one guy. Because as we've talked about quarterbacks there are 45 really there for guess going back into December. That we've poured in a group. Rosen. Darn old Joshua Allen and bakery thing that's the group. So. He wrote today at rural world while the browns are not gonna just like possibly love all these guys are going to hold in. And darn old is his number one Rosen is his pick to the jets the giants are number two. Allen to Denver at five and made me feel grows. Fifteenth two Arizona lets pretty. Standard is not these are crazy yeah. Ideas for a mock drafts. Consistently here for the last. Few weeks thought maybe the last cycle of these and I don't know not everybody does them every other week or even once a month. But I feel like you don't. That David just you know they they come in waves the the last bunch of these I saw a pretty consistently Ellen would be would be the fourth over before. Highly rated quarterbacks. There and meet the than the other three. What I've seen Donald first overall I've seen rows in first of all I've seen big from April 1 overall. The thing I've rarely seen is Allen ahead of any one of those other three guys. So to me that that Norris has has it that way. And you know most are not here to tell you that there's no way that could happen he does I heard Mike may shock talking about him today. And he can and opted not to directly quote him but a TI and the basic take away from me listening to mail out talk about him was. His potential is through the roof. Because of his skill set. Mean there's no telling how good a player he could end up being if you can correct lead to racked. His talents and and you know managed to fix. Some of the fundamental flaws that exist there that Pampers accuracy he is. Almost undeniably. The most talented. Players. Raw skill wise over that group he lost big the army's huge and you can move. I'm at risk of of settling. In making this point but. I just do not have and its feel freedom yell at me for this or agree with this because this appointed like I. I want I want to be. I want feedback on this I don't just do I have the optimism. That this franchise is the place. For a guy to. Blossom like that. I just it doesn't have to be Josh Josh Allen by. I think 2017. In the NFL but the story of the year in the league. One is the supporting cast that includes coaching that that is sort of a throw back. Idea not to everyone. A lot of people held true to that idea and all and I thought may be that every great. Quarterback was there was a subject. To their or or a function of their of their offense of their surrounding talent this year in the league was a year for that. And I look at this bills organization this roster. As of now anyway and just do not I am not optimistic. For a rookie quarterback to thrive in this and that some people are gonna hear that and think that's too negative. And so people are gonna hear that and laugh and think of course citizens because this is the obvious to them that this is an. Just right 32 teams where these guys wanna go. They wanna go to a place where there there are receivers who can beat coverage and catch the ball catch one album balls. Maybe there's a running back a bit like a four net somebody victim. You know Camaro whoever where we want Lester was a big year for rookie running backs in the NFL. That can take the pressure off maybe it's a great coach whenever like the bills don't have any of those things with a slight exception of McCoy whose late in the game. So. I want love the the rookie quarterback I've. I want that I've wanted them to draft rookie quarterbacks many times that of bought them for not doing it. Hardly ever in the last boy in their history. But I just do not have any optimism relieved that this is a good place for that and and media I need sewage to pinpoint why. Good is not good enough to just say well to buffalo. Or that they've you know what the drawl was the Super Bowls is not good enough to say that an organization. Can devolve. And maybe this one well. I do not see each when he seventeen. As a year or the bills relieve vaults I see it is a year worded they got him. And then I'd open up. Sports Illustrated today and their considered the third neediest even got a belly to place your happened. You know last week I was saying how this going to be a year of offseason Bulldog where. Fans are gonna feel like the bills are constantly being disrespected. Because last year happened and there everything you look at it's gonna be worn out there good. You know go ahead argue with that field is respected I think that's. Going to be the theme for this summer and I'm I'm a part of it right now because I just do not see this as. Much of a good situation for rookie QB. The only. I agree I totally understand that Boone we've got no mom. Nearly nearly base that on there there's Knoll. Proof that they've got any kind of forward thinking mentality. With two in the coaching staff or. You know in in the front office in the organization. What the Eagles are getting so much credit and attention for. You know being public about that that's that's design that play designed scheming guy is open. And it's also old you know. Not. He's punting or kicking short field goals is paying attention to what. You know what win probability is tell you to do certain game situations so you you know there is that. The only thing I can say to. You know sort of you reap you don't refute what you're saying is. I've got a new offensive staff and in what that is going to mean. I can't be sure old. At this point mean I do know I have a defensive minded coach. And GM both talked about needing to be able to run the ball. First and foremost when they got the ball low. And I'm not. Gonna tell you I have reason to be optimistic about that having change because the because they've hired Brian Cabell. Though most recently was coaching offense with the national champion Alabama Crimson Tide but. I don't. Either have to settle for I am miles away from having skill players on offense if I do get the right. Play caller in play designer schemer and a talented quarterback Philadelphia paid a lot to get Carson Wentz. And didn't exactly look like they were all set. When he played as a rookie and but I think they had reason to be optimistic about his getting good quickly. And filled in some pieces around him. And yet you managed to win the Super Bowl in large part due to his production before he left in December or January with a knee injury. So I I think I am a part of that is all the players what Al Gore who was our other team and was thought to me. BBE you're seeing how Curtis here. We disappointed with the him. And then suddenly. The scheme takes hold the quarterback takes off and he's a really good story in the league and Allen opened at BC owns next year or two years from now after the rookie quarterback it's a year under his belt. And can I fill in the rest of that. You know can I become led a place that looks appealing to belch on jeopardy because of the scheme and because of the quarterback we're not those things today we know you're definitely not. But the point is Philadelphia wasn't those things when they drafted Carson once. I don't think they have the coach. That and a vet vet I don't know if that was obvious when they may draft pick but it certainly became obvious is this year got rolling so. The first we have the owner. Right. They had the order that was plugged in. That care about fourth down on the cared about strategy that said. Before the season and why are announcers wrong about this all the time you know like they had Edward has to be difficult from there than you're gonna get the coach. I think is that the owners are gonna make sure of and over that happened here. Most loyal McDermott but I believe it happened here and what you said at the beginning was there was no evidence in 4017 that the bills lighten go to that. And I agree with that. So are they a franchise that the Nextel Shawn Jeffrey wants to play for. Why would I don't know what I don't know what they are that would appeal to a few good wide receiver. You if you if you get lucky with a Benjamin that he stays healthy and is a solid total auction in a solid productive guy like that's touchdowns or what's good. Seven touchdowns I don't know if you get something like that from Benjamin. If Jones becomes. You know don't drop the ball all the time. You know then you have spear of the start of some thing that I stole why I sort of speed because they want somebody else. That would have to be a big factor in that offense and before that I have to have my staff want. To have that kind of dimension. And men numb. I don't know that nothing but it had all that'll hasn't been gone. No isn't there I mean they are at its boots why don't you open up a site I found that it may are on that. One list view as the third neediest team in the league they are kind of back to the drawing board our office. That's what you are way in your changing the scheme over and your quarterback is. I mean it's it's the report sue I arrived at. I don't know the quarterback is going to be I love that is short term or long term I mean both are blanks were now. The old reverse question question mark and blanks. That is a great has a great look the riddler and Wear the mask. Just guys are real that mask you know like. What she would sleep with like the mask you would go to sleep all the holes are cut out for resides right right sure you do you can see Israel sterling as the riddler. I agree that budget points. 8030550. Your comments and talks and sabres to don't be scared it won't be bad we'll try to make it interest thing and maybe even phoning. Much over the bulldogs this is WGR. This is no fault obviously bought I mean you know good offer asking what is expected you know you do that are researching what I quarters radicals how they require more united pick up first prospecting and conditional pick out of the thin air in the freezer in a all of a sudden all of the market is a little more congested when it players of interest. Today's report from or Friday's or today's Fridays from their regular TSN on WGR. Translated. There are going to be more trades now because it's near the deadline. Deadline is two weeks from today. Much over the bulldogs 8030550. Sabres or bills horror bloody marys what else is open right now we talked about. I think indoor lacrosse. It instant replay in indoor lacrosse it's a little thing. You experienced some lied into cross section the professional problem that we. Oh Labatt blue pond hockey tournament analysis. From yesterday. That was and I denied reports that it was like gay and opening it was a smaller tournaments all this weekend is the the big tournament it's. I've got a bruises on my ribs from multiple crops shucks that's the report from them no grads looking to Wear pads. Or is that no one knows where each ads for its creed you Sharkey tells you shouldn't bruises and that does not gonna protect my ribs. Plus there from like twelfth. Who was from him. Twelfth horse question you're in the ribs playing. I play I play to win so you know like that and I'm a little bit about passed out here asking for. I wasn't asking for I was playing and competing with integrity any talk of the way I mean it sounds. When the game you've got a number one. You've got bruises I suggest pad as part of your answering my parents are too small because the role. Maybe get New Orleans I don't know exactly how well fitting all your clothes are. It's a group adds the bit to you you're bruises after he quit whatever Allard does this it's just that some reds if she lost pants. Don't go away though you would wannabe America programs are tough place for a skater to be protecting themselves I think. There's really talking about it's just that if anything it's the bottom of the shoulder pad. Peace and that's not the numbers not a lot of paddy when you're talking about skater. There's some but it's not you know forge project. Not in the red area that's right. The rib area especially if it's ill fitting from when you were twelfth. How's your focus Orien says it's all right if you ask him questions about that right Buford have like. You don't mind and do what is shall fear here is Tony hello Tony. I thought it it's in our players if you get the right. I think you'll create your own star players. If you look at what Minnesota did I don't think anybody Adam Ewing might a superstar wide receiver. I am. Right here on. At the right here at the there are. You look at everybody. Not everybody but most players on the patriots they've they've looked like there are. Not the end all be all and then make out where and they say they doubt. It is using her forever a superstar born and they go to another team and it just kind of fatal way. I'm Bart here or about philosophy. I think we're booked on he can be convinced of anything I think able at duke and been. McDermott that he hand. Runs something that modern annual. And it's gonna work and it all about inventing McDermott that. Better I don't work and get them out pretty. Okay great thanks Tony. Any dole and I don't know. So for a long time we've been talking about how all you know about every day. But that Andy Dalton has that contract he wasn't given that franchise quarterback contract if you looked to see. That. Durst 2.4 million in debt cap if they caught Dalton Mel bill that does surprise me I thought he was launched in two. N hello there are details that even reveal that bull latest big contract for quarterback which would be Jimmy Rob Lowe last week. Doesn't have a escape hatches and it. That are more team friendly and say those big quarterback contracts were. You know 5710. Years ago. That he unity he you do you voters heard about the guaranteed money. And that is what prevents a team for being able to move on from a guy. Sooner and what is where this started to happen and and I know this figure is very high. On the problem contracts so I've not studied yet to tell you win but how soon they can get out with out a huge penalty because there was. What is 34 million dollars at signing a lot of what you hear is the guaranteed money. Is rolled on the two year to year basis in other words you get to. Don't started the new league year and if you're keeping the player on your team then. He gets another nine million dollars in the form of all roster bonus and that's considered. You know guaranteed money. But it's not guaranteed yeah when he signs the contract but he does not get all of that it wants a met. Allows teams to have a little more freedom to get out from under a contract that may be at first. Citing when you first hear about it looks like. Committed import at least five years because they can't walk away because of this guaranteed money. And guaranteed money is not I'm learning the same as its earnings cap pretty contract was like that. And Dalton who signed either just before or shortly after cabinet. At a hundred order but those two were were two of the first contracts that were structured that way. That despite the big number. You could see a team get out of it with less penalty then we're used to seeing so. -- there's a little more flexibility there they wanted to pay to get really creative and walk away from him and keep AJ McCarron maybe they could do. Well this week reportedly as we find out McCarron status. And if he. Is not granted. But the school look at this either way. As like what the result they want assumed they would rather keep them have him be restricted free agent and that could mean trade him or it could mean play them. And interest could end. It's from that SI article about the neediest team for the Bengals are mentioned as leading the quarterback and this point about Dalton's money is made. If the Bengals caught Dalton is that just what this show needs or just what we don't know. And. I I didn't I welcome the opportunity to talk with rabid Eagles fans about. Levels of bad idea that that represented. Her going after if you don't let me emotionally. And who would be excited about that because he hit this huge play for. The benefit of the Pillsbury in the playoffs without him make him a play to build don't get the playoffs. In and the drought. By you know. I did a buyer beware the Eagles beat easel. He's maybe. A poor man's version or maybe he's exactly Kirk cousins. But if he were to hit the market. He's thrown for a lot of yards east and for a lot of touchdowns. And sees flawed. Is how I would look at him. So you know. Sure I mean the more more guys that are options that I hate. Oh great I'm barb I'm all for that. That's that's increasing to talk about I like that Kirk cousins exists opener I like that I had to be right public I have an opinion about it. That I feel pretty strongly about I'd say on the same way about an adult. This show could use that the other would be bad miles. Before. Just more more feels like the bills that that there are starting from scratch. But. 13 important decisions to be made like they are. They've got draft picks were they can draft players and maybe think that these guys will be starting players for the bizarre blots of positions on the team where. They could they could do that they could look at it that way. And if they trade draft picks to pick a quarterback then. You know that's probably good for the show too but. I just think we would hear all the wrong logic for that. It's has to be the people are gonna settle for this notion in this fantasy. That these football guys can tell. Which quarterbacks are the good ones which all we have to do to know that that's false just look at the history of the week. I mean just pick any year you want you noted. These guys can't do that they'll say that they are doing it but they are just pretending to know. And that's what the trade up would be it would be all we we really loved him the bills are told that about every player they've picked in the first round if not any round. And oftentimes it's not a good player at all is turns out so. There it then isn't great for me like your point is whatever. You have a strong opinion about unhappy to have be a topic. When we think make if they make a trade up for a quarterback and tell you that the big this is the guy we had to have this guy this is all wrong for me. And so if it happens almost have to. Hope not resent drafts. Whether or not teams moved up in three of these four cases I guess they they did. Right I mean the rams and Eagles both moved aggressively a couple of years ago. And you know I don't know if they talked about knowing that they were gonna get the guys they ended up with but. But he are there just blindly what believed were right. Or they are right say they got there and they drafted those guys and they have helped turn those franchises rumbled. Marry older I think Tennessee traded up to get. That's bright in Tampa who was there anyway. Hum but to varying degrees like there's reasonably optimistic about those guys being good players and they were one and two overall. And beyond that arena the last four guys chosen at the top. I'd be happy if the bills got any one of them and so good last year looks at it right last year looks good too so you know. This the only way you can do that is not the only way to the well the only way you can get one of the best guys is yet to pay triple because. They're not up there you didn't. He and decide to play cardinal trucks that's accurate with three games you've you've got broke the drought and you've got to the playoffs and. A good thing great you know good thing they did because what a waste of time that would've felt like. You know. The remaining. Didn't get having all the trying. All the although it all right coming close this thing animated and did things well backwards yet right thank you angles or else oh boy I mean. Oh yes eighteen years and never farther away from the bottom. In a year where you should have been targeting it and we thought you were when you made the trade in last year's program in it would have been taught to us. 8030550. Much over the bulldogs WGR. Do you today's deal of the day from my buffalo hurts doesn't 40% off nickel city brewery tour. Any Friday or Saturday for four people. Good 100 dollar tour for just sixty dollars quite a great night out with friends my buffalo perks dot com. Who discusses his mad. And who and responsible various his name on the left trending Goose Gossage. I thought for a minute what could it be. And I thought of nothing that would possibly be good. He's mad at somebody's mad it. Stats. He's mad that who knows we just any thing new Wii's problem it could be could be Manhattan. He's mad at the Yankees. Because reportedly did not get a spring training invite to go down there and help them. And maybe it's because. And maybe he's even said this but I just now finding out that you know the Yankees third giving away from quote baseball guys. The did just who was the new manager of the Yankees again Erin and Erin bone Mets right now. Not like you know an accountant. But I don't know so maybe he's got a point but for probably doesn't. Oh. Probably. Just reporting what now. The tigers GM said he's got 65 guys they're already that's unique. You don't even need I have that I have Raj yeah yeah there's via you don't you're not allowed to. App now right Adobe goods they can just start. The tigers to just report that here on February 12. And start I'm hoping to regain at a game two weeks from tomorrow. Pirates braves that is the one I have a circled earth. And I mean maybe you can relate to this out there or you Bulldog is went to an exotic warm location yourself. This annual Florida trip. Every year as soon as that one site AccuWeather. Starts to show walked with the dates of our our trip in 1990 days are over its ideas its sixty days out. Soon as its thirst or shall. I am looking at it for almost the entire time this year. It's looks cooler than average. Temperatures in the high sixties. For Orlando. Saturday at this was the highlight of a very good weekend. When I looked and I do this every day I'm checking that site to see the temperatures and Saturday I did everything got bumped up like fifteen degrees. 68. Went to 84. Who does not teach you something. Don't trust the. Why or care why waste your time looking at it ninety days out the bother. All I love to go I can I mean I can well I can relate to me and I can understand why you know towards a wave that you who. Start to look forward to the trip and certainly you'd be looking forward to the trip. You're sitting in here the Friday before. We left the coast Rica. Which is where you mentioned earlier exotic vacation. The Friday before that trip was the first time I thought to like the weather going to be like all post guy. And Craig Heatley finally clicked well in January the season draw it okay I'm glad to hear that. And don't. It in the forecast not that often called for thunderstorms. Almost every day that we were gonna be there. And it rained a couple times in the evening and one days it was really storming in the evening. But mostly it was sunny and gorgeous hold on there. That's that's the deal down there are now that Orlando and Costa Rica are exactly the same dude it's gonna rain rain is briefs a little bit and then yeah being beautiful the right mood changes quickly but when I didn't think to look a month or two and advance Paul what I love you know I love to have. To know. Put you don't want to wanna mind going you don't get right what are knowing your knowing that there's a great possibility that. They could be as much as fifteen degrees often their estimates about how the temperatures would be. That's exciting when they change I would never have known Bennett was. Lower for so much look my favorite thing about vacations are looking forward to them. Lola Ford ever it I can give myself maybe not right now but I can give myself to a place where almost there like I can picture of settings and whatever else I can do to sort of like and put myself in those places and when it's out there like that I love that if I love looking forward to those things. And seeing the weather change was like a real joy I was really excited about that. And I know it's silly but I would have I would've been deprived that feeling that I never looked. Org you would have just been excited when you saw all of what is going to be nice warm and Orlando. If you waited until just now while I'm walking around justifying 66 being a good day though. And all I mean 880 year for sounds like a real good day and definitely. When he walked outside here. Then think about that's what is really satisfying opal well that's what I say well you know we're different in this way I wanna live in the now so like I'm here and I months away from the vacation focusing on the vacation news I don't feel I'm giving. My best to the moments I'm living right now and that even includes sitting in your review. That's probably right. Even even the last part. Jack cycle is out. Bristol line in a tough one old Riley we talked about Cain is keen a formality two weeks from the trade deadline. Looking at the sabres as much as it might pain on us and are we looking at the coyotes do we care. Do you care about the coyotes. Just asking eagle 30515 here on WGR.