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And like she opened the bulldogs welcome to the hotel hell. Check in time is now a check out time is never it's Mike Hsu hope to learn that you know. Andy sheets who made it I there. Kenny Holmes sorry were all booked up held convention in town Fresno bulldogs. Barely checked out. To touch the manager. You're not familiar annual events and no owner. Co owner with Satan it's might show it. Just so I understand that in your wildest fantasy you are in now. And you are cold running game bed and breakfast with the double and a Bulldog. And half to judgment sound area go. 80000. Dollars a year on WGR. Sports Radio 550. First as they tell us to do in this it's 9 o'clock tonight for Blackhawks coyotes. Did you know. 9 o'clock game in Arizona. Blackhawks. A cycle well. Mean I'm not gonna coyotes that's not going well all that's right but that you know how much of a surprise that. The Blackhawks there were no signs that they were looms and it. Last year and certainly and but they are asked. Fourteen points away from playoff spot now that Manning they are buried they are leading that Mike McCurdy said this chart. Chicago brand okay. Most best odds to miss the playoffs and draft outside of the top five. 56 points that I overstate that they are okay the first while Carter seventy points they are ten points behind. That's a lot wild card spot. That's a lot for the season left and good luck. Coyotes. What it what is there to care about. You wanna Kara. Out this season what's left of it. It was already bad now know like all you get the deadline what second I mean. A couple of trades or they are they going to be consequential. Woolsey maybe Cain ends up being something interest thing. For right now in return but you know it's mostly about the future. If not entirely. So what do you care about. The coyotes. And the bottom would be one thing to care about. I really don't. If it gets a little closer or maybe I will. It's not that I'm embarrassed to tell you. That I am Beatrice and in that I haven't been watching. Arizona's results at all if dome from the pregame show where we read the standings that there are ahead if you will we're behind but. Gap is six points are now by the way for anyone who doesn't know and buffalo is played one morgue all right that errors. Sol de bay has good that right they have became my hand is tonight because Chicago if they were to win that would close that gap to four. It's it's mostly the lottery format being different that makes me different. If there are you know is there are really good dude number two choice. Is our guy at number two this time that people law of what he's just not better than number one. I I can't say that I know all and the fact that I I don't know old. Ones itself to be thinking that the answer is no. During Melia I think if there were that guy that was absolutely. Thought to be. If not for Rasmussen Colleen this guy would be the number one pick. I think I would don't. You're really going to be reading about battery saver screens will be talking about that already I think although again. You're not guaranteed of getting their guy if you finish last I mean you you can finish. Last in draft as low is is our fifth fourth OK if you're less secure before forthright and you move three spot so if you finish where they are right now they could be is what was that. Sold there's no guarantee there but even with that set I still think at my understanding is that there's a group of guys behind dollars and that. Are worth considering. Burger with the next you know whatever the next pitches. So we'll see I bit I. I might be misinformed about that and just not as dialed into this is I will eventually beat. So if there is a no doubt second best guy. And somebody out there wants to tell me about it you know I'm open I'm just saying as of now I don't know there'd be a no brainer pick that. 34 if you. It'll logical sense that is the thing to care about. Would be the bottom looks like it was three years ago even if there were no Jack cycle or even economy David. Three years ago you'd still rather draft at the beginning so why not improve your odds what else is there to do. That this season is one of those seasons again what else is there to do. Last place gives you the best lottery odds that what is it about 20%. And if OK and NAFTA maybe it's eighteen Mitt next is war. Is early to 5% change I think from from first to second. Front and find out who. To go find out right now I have this is proof that I am not obsessed with a note that I don't even know political find out right now and grand. And ever go to sue that guy robs site to find out. That the lottery simulator site. And then we're not in use take on doc and I don't know about tickets on. Arizona we really are you are really demonstrating that you are not obsessed with us no I'm definitely not crowded and I might start I even noble pink. 18%. If you finish 31. Twelve and a half if you finish thirtieth ten and a half. If you finish point not according to this. Kate big get that's a pretty big difference. In in a sense. I'd that you're still allowed in great shape right. I'd rather I'd prefer to have the best meets hoop. I find where what you wanna do about I would I would prefer to have the just hugs pretty fun to do it's it's an c'mon what we wanna do about it nothing at all I'm gonna I gonna doomed. Are they gonna get better when they make whatever trades are gonna make within a couple of weeks almost definitely not is there is owner. Agreement I dirty you know what they're gonna do not know idea. I only on Arizona I what I don't read what I Britain and yes. What I've read. About them in and there's been some. Some writing about them on low being different young guys who the feel maybe have lost their way don't lease name has come up. Declare would be another guy whose names come up we got a really good. First year and has sort of been lost since then. But what bold most recent thing I read as a pertain to them and what they could do to impact the rest of this season. Would be. It you know they have to be willing to trade some moment Oliver a Dumars and which nobody expects. As I say that took there was trees that are chalk was big Q okay my apologies aren't good. So good good I'm glad I was wrong just now on the radio with people listening. You are glad that you were correct yes that's him so good does that mean Bob back. So why don't I don't have an even rodeo a member and a little hard to get to the stage at the bottom of the. Pacman Larsson could about a conversation we had three years ago. You know. And Reinhart could have been a conversation we had three years ago not that it really would have been informed but he was in the organization. And what you wanna not trade him to get worse but just trade him to give better. And has by the way has that. Stopped being a thing people are talking about problem. Right he's he's been he's been balls in here for. Then a month or. Yeah Alex fifteen games is point surge really started about that long ago. And you don't find. It O'Reilly. Bilateral put us. Talks. To whatever extent us out of the idea try to talk us out of the idea of Arnold Riley trade. He was strong last night Miette appear at a game last night in a loss. So I think is you've said the question remains a source deadline goes is how much can you accomplish if you. Are not going to trade O'Reilly. And Reinhart and crystal light and say. For various reasons for varying reasons then how much can you accomplish much can you get. Four. In a vendor came for two months plus. And what ever else therein is the only got my mom whatever else there is that it's valuable. Mean nothing. That that's why simulator they gonna get better when they make those trades mean I don't know how significantly worse they'll get. But you know Cain is a girl that is his top line players for almost any team in the league certainly is on this one. And dumb don't pull shots and scored the last couple kids as well. So you know. To varying degrees you're subtracting proven NHL commodities from your roster and not likely to get something back in those trades. That will be that that's why when Reinhart deal if it were to materialize. Or Ryan O'Reilly or risk the line in deal. Worthy dement materialized would be war. Because of especially in the case of crystal white and rightly. Would be for salaried players coming back you have to bring money back thus the assumption is you'd be getting proven NHL players back in your lineup. And that could have a positive impact on the final you know for five weeks of the season conceivably. But you know some short of those trades happening. Whenever I get for any rental trade is. Our babies. Very surprised if whatever they get. Steps in the lineup immediately in any in any substantial way I would expect that if two forwards gold then I'd get nick Baptiste and you know Justin Bailey or CJ Smith for X saw some combination of Rochester guys show up and take those putts and there's my team for the rest of the year. And you know if I have CJ Smith playing and Evander Kane's spot for the rest of the season. I am probably not going to be better. See that the sabres have a player who leads the Swedish league in goals or listen up. He was a seventh round pick in 2014. Yeah Brady has a piece of the WG are bringing Wilson and producer of our morning show here on WGR has a piece of a WGR 550 dot com about him. And let's go Olson Bob Wright writing about Britain does about him seemingly looking will English sounding willing to come to North America next year called on over c'mon over I can use and storing can you skate through. Are you a good skater that's that's what it all I need to know all we all. Top that. Did you ski or score OK then I want to bail or Wilson. About skate and score. I think he I I love baseball and it's been a very interesting off season in baseball. And one reason why you have twice and each thing. The big reason is you have all these free agents reverend sign it's time to report spring training you've got like not quite an all star team but a strong group of free agents that never side. So. Why is that. One reason I think is that. Teams are. So some teams maybe a third or so of baseball. Have decided that they're better off not playing to win. And if he I mean I know when when we talk about this thing in Arizona whenever it's like. It's it's. Tinged with this sarcasm that it's going back three years in the arguing we did three years ago about all this in the principle of it and everything else. And you for meat just to set this up for re. All all I ever want is for these teams to do the smartest thing. And to me it was obvious that was the smartest thing and baseball has. In the last what 240 years. Benton. To what extent taken over. By guys who were about Smart they're not about plea became an out of body experience there about. Valuing players the right way analytics and all this and Smart it's about you have a sport where that's almost everybody. Almost everybody empower and baseball comes from Matt really like not managers but. GM's front offices like that's where rat. And these teams some of these teams have discovered that ms. Roy not that much of an incentive to try to win. Signing guys in the name of that is is costly. Fans are sort of used to this or have accepted this that's a big one. Fans of accepted. The logic behind it. Franchise values are way up anyway so you've got all owners are happy owners of teams now that are worth the different reasons for that. The MLB AM sales fifty million dollars per team. It has nothing to do with the results on the field. And now you have me I. It's about a dozen teams down but I'm sorry at go to interject one you have a lot of vector a dozen teams. That. Feel all bad for what right or wrong feel that they can get away with it that they don't need to compete and in turn you have free agents that don't have places to play. But the top teams are gonna wait tomorrow. And the bad teams don't want him. Bed teams don't think they need to sign those players to shoulder fans how hard they're trying V they think that their fans have accepted. It's bad well the fact that. Houston. Went to the bottom for as long as they did. And hung out there and accumulated all of this high highly rated. And became a power house if you would talk. How many years that takes 55 years and the cubs okay that they would they when did that and it worked. Wouldn't. A savvy enough baseball fan and I think might be willing to sit back and go well that's a way to go. That the M that's right the important thing is that teams have decided. That. A milk of their fans can handle mail and Houston is not mean the cubs and Houston are different. In market size and saw a slight amount of money to be spent by ownership. So the cubs Likud could afford the short talks may be that Houston. Police originally but could not what. You would look at I think a fan in any smaller market in baseball would look at Houston and go like we we can. That's what we should do. We we can attract you don't win Giancarlo Stanton wants to get traded when anomalous they don't call us he's not he's not coming here because we're not paying him. Thirty million dollars a year it's not it's not who we are so what's try this on their way. The Yankees and Dodgers. Combined. This winter have spent twelve million in free agency. The brewers are like over a hundred. The Rockies in the brewers are the two teams that have said the Iraqis were in the playoffs last year for one day. The brewers were kind of a upstart they were close. These two teams have said why don't we spend the money. And there to help reach other but why don't spend money the Yankee yankees made the stand trees that makes a difference right but those the Yankees and the Dodgers aren't touching free agency at all. And you have GD Martinez and you have Hosmer they'll Boston's calls and off. You have these teams that could do it but they don't feel the urgency to do it and there are lots of different reasons but boy I bring this up because of hockey because you're are again. And I'm not inclined to argue about tanking feel like it's kind of dom. Usually gets really dumb. And they have Jack cycle because they did it I'm I'm glad for them they did not get Matt David the odds were that they would document David that happen. Like he sort of obvious to me that what they did was Smart and it would be again to say that about this year what's left. Yeah I mean on absolute. Short caught. Who. A lot of those good deal of a significant piece a shortcut to a significant piece to solve the single biggest problem the save percent. Is winning the lottery in drafting or an eighteen year old kid could show up and be like maybe your best defenseman. Yup I think that that is why you went at the right you gotta you gotta you gotta win it. And you know even if you finish last your odds aren't great but what else we're also I got gold forming here. Well the thing is you know one of the thing of with a baseball thought in mind. And this part I thought this three years ago one of the ball this for a long time. The system is bad. The system is the problem the fact that the worst teams are incentivized like that is the problem it's true and all sports summit lottery some don't. What you still have that based part of the baseball thing is the draft to. And that has not changed. And that needs to change. Bracket to get to relegation in the National Hockey League. The sabres are not gonna be sent down to DHL what's the Mike reservists. By now but they're they're not gonna be sent down out of the league. We're not going that far. But we still have sports. Which. There's no excuse for all all I can tell you was that they want it this way they've they've tinker with is lottery thing so many times and hockey. They must want it this way they want. This should change next. As fans are more sophisticated as fans understand more things and and is. Sports like Major League Baseball get to a point where there's real damage now. The players have a I have a gripe. But we we don't we're not want it because you think it's okay to finish last because your. Analysts guys say so because your fans don't mind. Among the real fix that. And how you fix that one step you take. To fix that is totally common sense thing has happened on in that system as as we talked about all the time in 2015. That is to fix. What you do with your draft order and how you determine whether of that is that wield a list off the rust off this stuff. That the gold plan out of gold plant in the real and all these different ways there but cult in Russia. Where the teams that missed the playoff tournament play a tournament yet does that coldly the something cup. A loser cup summit on that the Hoosier cup. Whatever they're always different ways of doing it our way is are becoming and have become a problem. Mean don't change this for this next hockey draft. But maybe after that right amended you've been you're not going to buy it you're not going to make it may be. This may it may be with the attention this is getting in baseball. The players around hybrid so home. About the potential for them to organize. Like some kind of lawsuit there were like collusion are being thrown around again which. Collusion in free agency baseball dates back to what the early ninety's work stoppage maybe. That that. Mean already tipping point where league's recognize that they may have to address. The appeal. Of not. Fielding leasing. The best team that you can you thirty year and you know I'm I'm. I'm I'm open to ideas I did enjoy the one aspect. Of all that conflict throughout. Boot take your 2015 if not even your reforms they were an upper right part. Was. Waste in salt that we've involved and that is a you know eliminations. You know teams that are eliminated tournament keeping track of points from the time you are eliminated whatever whatever it I like it. That the some incentive. To keep playing because what ML I don't know it enough. Haven't heard enough of the conversation. Or loaned. Whatever debris there is already about people returning are not returning this season. But. I'll bet if we get to know the end of march and there are six games left and he's got a chance to come back. And buried the last place because they haven't won since he left the line up or something or have had a tough time winning anyway which it stands to reason that they would. That him coming back is against the best interest. That could become a part of that conversation yes if it is already bought. I don't know that it is or isn't but I would tell you there in last place that'll be something and we talk. Yes deported six weeks go by and it's close he doesn't play. Will be arguing about that yours and you know will be arguing about that if fans in other markets will be arguing about that. And Ryan's in there doing next month or fixed interest in general that was so conscious move but I saw you caught you doing that's a lot. Black hawks and coyotes nine tonight. 8030550. For comments might show the bulldogs WGR. I think what it will do her term was incredibly this. He could have been the difference makers for wrote here tournament and it wasn't very good is played and they're not killing. Not experience water so you give up on upload. Be really careful of both traded a highly skilled really really intelligent player that you have a little bit off. I don't think he should ever be that it goes on I thought that would not the mistake to have out in record as art is not. Where overseas posts beat Sweden. Sweden would have been via pool or here. It's surely a Sony mean surely cred but yes that is not suggesting that should have been in the NHL rather than age or or junior as he could have been very critical is he could've stayed with his original team. Mr. okay. So he's in doesn't exactly sound optimistic there for a new Lander should we be optimistic for the Lander. I mean is not a big story of that one was at the APEC. Yet if a guy who's the eighth pick in the draft doesn't become a good throw a mean it happens. I'm not saying that because on watching or don't you should think this way but Alec it would be amazing. It's why you did the tank was important. To you wanna have to pick. Later you know but. I don't know the windows right whether knee is Neil Landers someone is below or someone that would have trade value at this point probably. True. Or do you have some trade him yeah. But it's not in all opening everything that Craig button says there we don't his most recent body of work is now in good. He. Did not have you a better tournament in the world juniors last year and yet this year. So you know I being the of the biggest. Thing to remember when thinking about what he. Could still be calm. And and before you lose hope. He had a significant. Enough of an injury that he just did not skate for months. After suffering. And you know I think it can take it it can take guys awhile to get all the way back from. So you know I'm I'm I guess I'm still holding out hope that he could. Even this year in Rochester. BA guy who Zambia's Kirk Gibson's is always boo boo the guy that I go to for this not bad. I'm hoping that Alex he Lander crashed into the next and his Gergen to the break but. Just that a guy goes to Rochester. And is it. It it's slow to come it's just not. Does one know the numbers are there it's not looking really good and then in the final six weeks or soul of a season. It's like suddenly the light goes on and I did sit and he's producing to the point where. In that one year's occurrences was better. By the time the playoffs roll around a remembered being written and said almost definitively without question he was their best. So. And before that it was like hmm not really sure about the adjustment to North American pro hockey W come from the US jails it's sloppy. We'd put that. Just gives us into the pro game. And suddenly the white went around and it was in. And again he's been kind of a let down in the NHL the last few years but it's necessary that development could suddenly get fast tracked. At any point in a player as young as he went to still lives. In his pro career so I am. Not all sitting here thinking that that shouldn't or can't happen for him. Over the next you know again few weeks that are a few weeks appeal almost a couple of months but left of the angels were the odds on middle stat being. On the team opening night. Could they be as high as 5050. I think I might I might wanna say they would peak may be that high. Because is. This team. I think under Jason bottle is not going to. Settle for. We don't have a better idea. You only got to give days. If they can convince him to turn to roll. With out promising him the NHL to convince him to turn roll with blue perhaps intention of sending him to Rochester. I think that they would love to do because that is what Bob troll is is. He actually his d.s got off fuel pillars that he is planted in the ground that he wants to build on one of them is playing in the markers. And respecting the minor league team and having that really be a part over what terms he went to Perot. So I don't think middle stat even though he's a real bright light for the organization right now would be exempt from that thinking. The goal Goldwyn down there. It what could get tricky is whether or not you can. Did the player to make the job and leave college after only one year. If the plan is for him to go there rather than here. And that's that is said that was presented with an old insight into what middle stats feelings on that would be. But you know we know with the college free agents and mental status not that he is. You know he's a long ways from daddy to finish his college career point four years Minnesota writes from the desert with its app. He may wanna stay in college until the Saber Stalin you're ready to be on our team. Which I think would happen. Without question after his salt. Which you wanna sign them when you can yeah you wanna get them here you know you want asylum as soon as you can. I'm saying I don't think it would get past his sophomore year. Could it happen that the only way he agrees to do what is it he has the chance to be on this team. There might be mean guys do. Feel like that's you know mr. harmony developing your college you're gonna have to make it worth my while here too to be in the NHL not coming threatened or play. I wonder if there's a scenario. Where. I could be. A really optimistic for next year to an important extent. And not have it be because of teenagers. Wonder if there is a scenario like that when when they got eichel. Was also came in O'Reilly and rob a letter for that matter. And so and Ryan are relates to but thinking about now. They said so far goal. But I didn't need Michael to just do everything I thought because I had older guys and it was like a new. We both players and they went from 54 points to 81 which is a big job like they did they succeeded. At being much improved we forgot. But they did do that than last year was a step back also not extraordinary for that what happened. The news here is a huge step back from that obviously. But if there's a deal here where I've got this mills that was very exciting and he comes to the team and we find out that he's going to be on the team. And okay that'll be cool like if you knew that and you're going to there opening night game. That would be cool glitzy without looks like maybe assault on the pre season are on things and the record that that's worth something to the sabres. Doll lean that is adult Leonard Dolly Dolly Dolly. That the number one pick in the draft would be worth a lot to the sabres right away they were something. They won the lottery it's a reason to light their next five to ten years. Does it mean a lot for next year could it. Maybe maybe not. Teenagers. What would have to happen for you to be like okay this team is going to be better next year and maybe you look at what happened three years ago ago don't do this I don't know. But his third scenario where you can you can be in the building on opening night. And think they're gonna be pretty good and it's not because you were holding out hope that their teenagers are going to be all stars as teenagers. That's what I wanna well. New year IE. I have of bear re. And how do you accomplish that. You have to accomplish that by doing at least one if not two significant things making two significant moves. With your NHL roster. You know I could could be a sign and which John taveras becomes a free agent and he picks you that would do it that would do it quick that's good. Nerves the number one way that's the that's the easiest path to accomplishing what you're describing here what a story. You know how likely is that. Mean nothing new as the islanders' team he may want to get out of there he may wanna stay and help them transition to there. Final eventual new permanent home. What is the goal is most other places are more desirable sure. Leading up most Manning sure capsule. So I think can I pull that off from. If I hope I can there's your number one answer that's right. The number two answer on the board is. I'm treating the song kind of established an HL talent that's where you get to a Riley and do. Risking why men and I'm getting back. Big town and returns in both of those for it I've changed. But for a change of court changed the chemistry I've done something substantial hopefully I've added skating ability and now that coupled with the teenagers. But really it's those players at the front. A bat. That's when you do that and I mean I don't how likely is it that you pull off you know turnabout to massive trades. Or at least one massive trade I don't. See that I don't see that realistically being a good thing it would change. The king was a special case. Andy was coupled with Michael like there was a lot of I I was excited about that I was very excited about that night but I was never thinking that they were going to be immediately good. And that was they were in reality they are about as good as you could have expected. From 1415 to 1516. And there was going to be after that. After that we can win from there like he was ever win the first year make the playoffs the first year but we can go from there and then last year and now here. That is very depressing I wonder if I think about my tickets all the time and I would really miss the whole thing about having them I wonder if it comes down to the lottery for me. I might I might need a lottery. To win the lottery tubes I might need I might I don't know if it's just not a good deal anymore soul. I would like that at least have a good team and can I see one realistically in my mind next year. Well the point was volleying would not do bet for re probably like what right when I have to expect them. To meet meet good in the NHL as a rookie. Mean. But I would it would be something mean it would it would be a lot it would be some things wouldn't be exactly. Now going to the playoffs and I'm pretty sure that. Paul Hamilton coming up in fifteen minutes Mike show and the Bulldog WGR. Well the rose is Thursday night there are a few tickets left the VIP we saw today we reds they were sold out. My buffalo perks dot com Thursday night the celebrity roast of Fred Jackson. We'll have Eric what their chances of cure for American talk to him about his. Recent. Unfortunate news with his football career and his future Eric Williams so what the same. Fred's brother Patrick who was on our show on Friday. He claims to be funny. Howard Jeremy all us. John Murphy Ryan and Brian Scott. Brian Scott. Former bill's team it right you say right Ryan Fitzpatrick right I'm I'm here to help good up here to everybody that was mentioned here will be there. And do my bubble burst dot com for tickets Thursday night Camille is delicious. Wine with dinner is included others like cash bar. Leader is some again no more access to the VIP. Portion of this event it is been sold out of tickets for that have been. Him the ball and sold the ball been dispersed. Rob of NHL lottery simulator dot com. Pipes and to say that the NHL has not announced lottery odds yet call. The season. Started October in past years the lottery odds were known prior to the start of the season. To his knowledge and that's good enough for me I mean I guess what somebody knows the odds are to feel like he would know. He says they have not been announced by the league he also said. That he thinks the popularity of his site and all the discussion about this in recent years is why. If the league is more secretive about the guys that don't want anybody. Playing with the real numbers and feeling like they know you know that they don't want anybody enjoying hot. The you know the possible outcomes of their teams being terrible. I don't know Arnold and that is right but. It's it's kind of typical NHL's might for a reaction of that that you wouldn't know lottery I think there's something like this go. We did talk earlier you asked if I knew and this is not a zillion a land a lot of clarity. To my answer at the time you restive. I knew there were a clear second choice. In this year's draft Rasmussen Colleen news. Absolutely the number one. Pick will number one overall were wins the lottery is going to select it was a big. Swift skating puck moving defenseman and just he's a dreamy player. Are from Sweden. And it's just some names I found only seeing all of the overall players. From what earlier in the season like it even in input before Thanksgiving. And that's got the north American and European players like troubled up on one list. The the NHL dot com with the official mid term rankings. Split them up so it's hard for me to tell you you know definitively who is 23 because. I've got d'alene and other European players on one listener got north Americans ranked on another list. But some names perhaps to keep in mind from the North American music players playing in North America and not necessarily. The are from north of there there's a cut shock there's a very is a good jockey is mirrored as far as North American skaters go. He plays and be you and he was that it was playing with middle stat at the world juniors Brady Brady could trucks 632 pounds. He's third. Ahead of him. The player is playing in the Quebec junior league in Halifax named Philip exit Dino and the top ranked skater North American player. Is playing in buried in the weight shell. Sebastien cut off Audrey to bask. The European rankings. Have of course don't lean at the top and then are a couple of well another defenseman Adam vocalist who's also Swedish. Reputable as the second rated European skaters so could that mean if you don't win the lottery you can still. You address the need. On your blue line either incredibly mean it is about her that's I told in out of possible. Other burger with pronunciation it's just seeing that people are pronouncing pronouncing. The erotic right to pronounce the word pronounced wrong. People are pro announcing the host city of the Olympics wrong meaning kinds of ESPN who may be a Korean descent. Went on to say everyone listen. Young Sean. Not Yung Chang Yung Chung on doing that from now on Q are you doing that young trunk. We won't say about for. Though that's right feeling of doing an impression of him from saying bottle. Doctoral sorry your way registering an impression on me to kind now Tuesday in coach on. Yes but it is trying to be right young Sean. Apparently is ought to do it I know the ball over how can I say I'm trying to be right now my mind is right I do miss it this way ultimately it's. It goes to me yes beyond Sean eve arrest by the way if you're really want a bed be all right make sure you pronounce Mount Everest mount eve arrest. Because the guy's name was. Year old leader beating up rules about how to pronounce certain things one way or the other correctly or incorrectly you're saying Britain to it's hard for you. Okay I'm not making up any thing done. You think I just walked in and decided to pronounce Mount Everest differently for fun I'm not making up anything old what you want your committee reported on getting that correct and getting young Chung correct but the making no effort to save bottles name to what he says it should be so it was our question of effort. I just think you're talking about a dialect there you are not talking about the sound when you're talking about a dialect there is a difference in that way yes. That's not cleared you approach you have not made your saying at the way he says it which I understand that but. You know we had the whole argument about Mario LeMieux right if you say it will mean you know you're being pretentious you're also saying the way he does we don't wanna do that because why and because he's French or something is that why we don't wanna do we don't walk around saying about them they're wrong because we seem weird overdoing it right right. And sing pop ruled does not cause me to affect any sort of the foreign language accent that I would not normally undertake. Yeah that's right that's our difference are different the difference we make is do you think that it matters whether the languages foreign. That's right Jordan on parts of North America where it's English is still sounds good we'll speak with solar accidents. Employers are from the south from pronounce their names differently to this guy for some reason. So bad. So obviously I can't British and I'm not a religious thinking. It wouldn't. Thursday night is all right and danced blog you calm you. Yeah that's right you come to the rose asked me 8 and 6 o'clock on Monday it would. Result from saying. From now a lot alt country music singer from the south open l.s earnings will put the accent right in there make sure we get it right we'll have Paul Hamilton on after sports here on WGR.