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Monday, February 12th

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Paul Hamels here and there seems to be no sign of intelligently and even non WG ER Sports Radio 550. If this Robby is right then yeah NHL has not. Announced the lottery idea Kyle how much of a much of an outrageous that because that's ongoing. Bet. Most fans would be upset about it they care at all about the lottery like is it. The city credible or what is it. I don't old. Knowing what they are right now is gonna change what I do do I expect them to be altered dramatically from what they've been. No well what if they work like well that would be talking you have a season's start with vote in a format to determine what happens at the end of it. I think it's incredible a third Alex maybe maybe teams know. But you can't do you can't run a fantasy league like that you can't run a fantasy league and not tell people what is on the line. Even if it is 12% vs 10% or something like that the teams should know. Want the value is if you will of any position at the end of the standings. I mean maybe they do was possible it's possible that they that they do and they got a bit that information is embargoed recycling. Because we could believe would why I mean this robs point is his theory is that the league doesn't want fans enjoying. The the possibility of finishing last or any such thing like glorifying that at all and well and maybe figure out a better way to rank your draft teams who draft order. General Paul able to Wear those Paul every thought on this woman missing why wouldn't they just do the same as last year. Well they might be but according to this one person this man who has the site the lottery simulator site it hasn't been announced so. He is first Tino is it is it like. But given they have changed your a year before. That's that's it so if you're if you work if the word that the odds were the same that the league could have or should have announced that it's the point. Well last year the odds change in the first boy got Vegas and the next and second of all you're at a different format. Where where you could get three teams. There's three teams are three places for the lottery 12 and three so that's why the odds were changed last year right but before the season and that would have been known. Why there was no for the she's not I just don't understand why would even change there was finger be exactly the same as it was last year. It might be the question is should that have been announced yet should should. You're saying there's no need for an announcement it is not changing it only goes in the they need to announce any. Yeah okay. And are they refusing to answer questions on this then that would be mean I'm wondering Davidson is actually in the CBO. And outlook at all. Might be yeah your point is if if it's not changing what you need to announce this like you don't announce every year playoff formats going to be. Right because it's the same as the year before they tell you different OPEC. That's the point. If it's not the same as last year and the announces tomorrow just Gonzalez both like to be missing something here but I just I I don't know this seems like. At the seams and Lester OK meet your thing maybe you should assume we should assume that. Since I don't want to that's a question I have been assuming it. I didn't before today have any idea of what about. Just sort of make it figured would happen maybe it's right to. Maybe right to so that would be one is that is that. Eighteen and what twelve and have been going down from I think so the ones we just look that bright I think so. Weekend you have Paul. Hockey weekend was in Boston for one day it was in buffalo for another and sought to hockey games and so. A pretty sloppy one after two teams have played the night before and I saw them. Beam was a fan would say as Mattingly good and then wonder why they can't be like that most nights instead of every now and then. And now they've won four in a row on the road playing well but they spaced it out enough they put a bunch of all the games in there and didn't play very well though so it's. It has to be frustrating for Fran to see what they are capable of doing against a very good Boston Bruins team that probably took them rather lightly. And watch what they do on most nights. The only goal injury what would you say about its impact here. Why I think it'll be a huge impact in that what we saw yet last night was two teams without their best player because McCain and didn't play Colorado. So the two best players in the game were both injured and now playing in the game so it. Made for a sloppy game in a lot of mistakes and those types of things. The biggest thing I saw was the power play because Michael's the guy read the power plays started going as he's the guy that. Gets the puck into the zone he brings it in he has the entries. And they've just really have nobody that can do that now and they were just. They scored on a five on three power play a bit trying to get the puck in the zone on the power play is going to be a huge huge challenge for them. Born forward object Michael. Yeah I had viewed you have to expect that that is going to be you know I mean he's he's the best player he was close to appointed game. And he's out how how old. How much do you think the the the players like emotional the big will be affected by his being out again for an extended appeared just like he was at the start the last example. I think it would be worse if there were it's if they were meaningful games coming up here I think it would affect them emotionally that. What are we gonna do I mean here we are sitting here and they cost of maybe trying to make the playoffs and now we've lost their best player for a significant amount of time I think about it I do wanna say. Though how we did say four to six week he also said it could be sooner. Com he goes when those that type of injury goes he just never know law. Josephson would be a good example of that. Where he was supposed to be out probably two weeks longer than he actually was when he came back so. And bomb right art as roommates said he's already doing things now that he couldn't do last year when he have the same injury to the other ankle. And it took him awhile to be able to do so he Reiner says Jack and I both kind of take that as a positive so. Doesn't necessarily out to be four to six weeks now I forgot your original question and remember if that in. But I don't know they'll both have time to think of it because I have to singer isn't that the point of the range. Isn't that why you don't say six weeks and you save four to six weeks because you can look at our waning weeks or sooner that we make it. Whatever the summary is be the beginning of the range Ahmadinejad is at 36 would have been introduced into the six we had to be arranged. All that originally the Rangers four to six weeks but he said he never know how those things though it is so. I asked about their emotional like whether yeah you know sort of after a playoff run or something like that Libya would be huge. Load on their mind right now and they feel bad for jacket and they wish she was there and they know of their. Better off with them but I don't think they're gonna crumble anymore than they do with some games just because he's not aired just because the games don't mean you know. All right Paul what is some. What what is we've talked about wrist linemen I think what the last three or four times that we visited with few. At least in in someway we've we've mentioned him. Last night was trust what it right away but the first the first two holes and I'm like he should go home when this is not going to be your. Exactly what I said they were slightly off off figure cargo home do you have an all time global money that had him in the worst hockey game he's ever played. I had to parent and let's be beaten him maybe the first game of his life appears after skating at some point that. It's definitely where assists and I've seen all but sixers games live in the NHL land. And had to abandon the worst game in the NHL by far he he was on the us for the first five goals are all bibles rather and if he just couldn't get together to the point where for the first time Housley. Pension he kept him on special teams but from 107107. Mark in the second period. So whatever goals scored in the third period the seven old son mark. He did not play a five on five shift he only played twelve minutes five on five bowl game we did get 23 minutes and but eleven of those were a special teams and cities on the special teams units and practices that they kept roll them up there for about. And manage the game neared its end he started playing some five on five to Brooke. He he got bench for that rightfully so. Quite honestly we're as poorly as he's played since the all star break I'd probably dimmed my off even a step back. So you. You moreover they have an extra. As were Salina and certainly appears to be in. You'll you'll mention that the player doesn't seem to agree with the assessment. That indicates that he struck or you'll ask them. Or. You know that it'll just mildest make some reference to late I don't think I'm I'm donating differently or some sort of be you know. Rebelling against the notion that he's slumping. How do you find Bristol line and in that way to be. He can Leo or at least not this time. He knew we had a bad game we knew we he knows he hasn't played well since the all star break in the puzzling thing about it. It's for a lot of months to rack he went and where is playing. Some of the best hockey I've seen imply. And again it's what makes him so maddening it's been seeking goal on a stretch. And when he's playing about well he's nasty. He's in people's faces. He's he's got people chase them around the rink which hasn't been happening in these games lately. I think that makes him play better. He was picking up points McKee at like twelve points and thirteen games. So he was giving giving in offensively has he principally was much much better. So he went on about a month stretch where he was pulling his best hockey in showing us. While I'm capable of being number one bit when you have the inconsistencies. That he there's no way you can be number one defense news leaked. And unfortunately they're probably more nights where he's not the nights that he is and certainly since the all star break it really really has gone south on. Paul Hamilton with us so you've written today about Rochester and bottles vision in Rochester being a part of that is we've thought since he. Signed on here. Do you think part of his strategy in the next two weeks at the deadline here. Is to augment Rochester not. Necessarily only for the purposes of this team's future but for that team's president. I think you'll be looking for young players and high draft picks I mean definitely I think that's what he is after. Might he make a deal to help we have Merck's who were struggling right now. That's the first time they're really struggled all season and they're still you know in good shape down there but they've gone about it eight or nine game stretch where. They've really had trouble including giving scoring the game heavenly game tying goal scored on last night with three seconds left and they lost in overtime. And so they they may get some help you may see a traitor to in the next couple weeks made with the emirates in mind. But he's not in the I don't think you're gonna see trades where he's giving up future at all it was it's a hockey trade. And I always easy example Caspian and and Hodgson at the time it looked like a hockey trade now in hindsight. Neither team profited from it but you know that was a hockey trade made on this trade deadline days so he's perfectly willing to do that. Whether flipping his doubt there's something like that but your not gonna see him. Trade for some 29 year old guy and give up our guys that he thinks is gonna help this team in the future. OK I guess boiled down that is my question I mean I I wouldn't expect that either as as you talk. I just one thing about that the AHL is its gains if you make a playoff run it's not just. A ring or trophy potentially the culprits it's game's its its games for him to watch it's it's players. Two for players to play in in there there are intense. And you know high stakes game so that would that probably have a lot of value to an organization and when a season ends in the first round of even a minor league season. That's some number games you don't get sure. We talked about Alex UN earlier today Paul and it's been in home starting with the injury. That occurred what it was thought at the outset of training camp correct. And taking him into communal much going on for more of the season without really be able to skate. One. I can see it GM watching only has minor league team play because his NHL team is long since eliminated. And if Neil Lander were to have some kind of a long playoff three series playoff run to build on. You don't want twenty playoff games say where he's Perdue saying. That that would be something that I would think Paltrow could look at and they like there's really something for him to bill. He got he finally got right in arrived and I think you know obviously new lenders someone that is. Scoured gotten lost here this year. He's got two goals and 28 games it's quite I wrote today quite honestly I only big Israeli plane the heat shield people want him up here. It's like be kidding me I've watched some mini EHL he just seems like he has no interest at all. He does lot of standing around he just kind. Up and down. That's another pot marched tries to do too much with a when he does. He just doesn't seem. Remotely interested at all in what he's doing. The reason nineteenth amendment giving up on him but I'm sure Bartel has some questions and that and yeah if he were to catch fire in the playoffs. And you know do something very start producing it certainly. Would help his cause and he'll make him look better and Bob rolls eyes. Just looking at the HL standings were talking about the M works a little bit Toronto. Has fifteen wins and a shoot out loss in its last sixteen trying to Marlys 37110. And one. Is that team's record it right with a hammer it until we hit amber just went south lately. Somebody tweeted retreated muted hallmark has lost a row or something like that I did not check that so that's why sensibly tweeted it to mean they'll take it as gospel. I know he's he hasn't. He's in in that ballpark but. They have won either shoot out win error or overtime win whichever one was and then like their last eight or nine games and they said last night they have they scored late to make it through to want him with three seconds left it gets tied in a minute twenty in overtime and lose so they got a point out of it meant. It over and you know what they're learning from this too because this is pretty much the first adversity they've had all year of that team. And now you know they've got some adversity and he had they've lost Nelson but they got Dooley back Cooley returned to the lineup in Hershey last night. So that certainly will help them to have him back I don't think the way Nelson's playing he's going to be back in Rochester total playoffs. I think. You know he'll wind up on their playoff roster are going to go back now man. I I I can't see Nelson had back to Rochester for the rest of this year. Real quick Paul he thought last night on com for or exit door off. I've always thought that darkness talent and and I sought again last and I thought he had a pretty nice game and it's up to him whether he wants to be a very good defenseman in the NHL because he deserve to be drafted where buffalo drafted him and he's molecules like Bristol line and they've got the tools to do it can mean mentally get over it and and do it but I did like his game comp for. I'm just gonna say it I I don't make predictions and I'm just gonna say this when they're done comfort and be a better to wait for the run around. I firmly believe that I when they drafted him I've seen him in training camp near buffalo. I just loved watching him play the tenacity plays with he'll get a new years in a little bit now we start to put some points up in Colorado they love them all there. And this kid is going to be a good hockey player. All right we'll talk tomorrow thank you Paul can. Sabres and lightning tomorrow night will be a 716 with a show all the usual game day timer around 330. Robbery will be by to visit this on our little sat there at 716 at 4 o'clock. Pre game at six sabres and lightning lightning are in Toronto tonight. The dads are on the trip. It's this the father's true that the sabres did this over the weekend. They spend an extra day they went to Boston right after the game on Thursday even though they weren't playing until Saturday normally they were left sometime Friday afternoon. But they got went Thursday night and spent all day Friday there with the dad's. And that was the other parent for for for Tampa. Include heads are in Toronto in February in buffalo. Yeah I can dead suburbia like a while ago but it really what do we do play a half ago. Jason. If you need me there because. Tonight is go to Kobe your home games and that we can catch up then it. There was a woman competing in the slopes style last night from California. And they just mentioned casually our parents were out there and she was waving to them there in California. And I thought like don't you go to the Olympics. Usually yeah. Don't your I don't know what kind of mum. But once said money like Ramadan right to an expensive cut. A commitment is there Erlich I don't imagine. The Olympic Committee like. I'm sure we can help you with some accommodations somebody but inevitably pay your way your parents way so right so you know maybe it's challenging. You know what would you be able to afford a trip to South Korea. You don't work. California so close call it a lot closer than you think yeah look closer to Korea I think it's pretty close it's like a lot of young song. Who bends and buffalo the national. Is that's right the other stuff yeah and all those parents like that the hockey term parents. I think the appeal of doing that regardless of whether you're right I mean I'm kidding around about it Toronto buffalo on February you're team plays in Tampa. I would think to get. Certainly you go see your kid play randomly you may be as often as you cook who would wanna do that. Your kidneys and already NHL after years of drought and all over the place to play hockey and committing all those resources to make that happen. I think the appeal of it would be with a bunch of other parents because you're not often doing that anymore and there was a time where that was your whole life. You were always with you these hockey season's. If you're with an organization for a long time what we were prior to this year. I was with this same group of people for almost split the core group 678 years. Same people like October through march that was schools. And even now you just go for one year elect our first your own plane with three Eagles and I read only group of people to get to Null and read them all over Canada with them and it's been really overcame over Ontario while ago the only back off well but there. It's been really well or events so you do right. So you get. They really all over salt Lake Ontario even there are regions of Ontario that we met here anyway. That's really well and so did the field or the parent trip would be to be watching with a bunch of other parents. The first time and you really need to do that maybe once your team so. It's cool right Ryan is taking a trip with a bunch of people that he's going to be stock went for a few days and he's not happy about it. Penalties friends notice. The Ryan's primary results are perfect time to put them all on last on the era cubs. Moisture over the bulldogs with open lines at 8030550. With Dayton and one call today ripped broom for couple more probably. This is WGR. And learning and I can you know. And. It might open. For business a little bit at number or because there are enough good quarterbacks in the strap that they're probably will be a lot of interest in that hit from a quarterback's standpoint maybe even as they want partly or quit so I do think that it will get the. Love that that's Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland plain dealer believer Cleveland dot com or both. On WGR this morning talking about the browns with picks one and four. They got that fourth pick. For what turned out to be to Shawn Watson. Last year. I got more than that but they didn't get that pick there it's pretty good. Watson also rarely pretty good we are fantasy draft Ryan and Joseph what I recently Watson was not picked. Federally. Think Roger's one problem at least maybe a couple of those be Russell Wilson. But Tom. Very. And Watson would go earlier than those guys in that. You keep them yeah right right you're obviously more years on him. So now the probably. Wanna be in that. Well me I'm. We get back let me know if the roast let me tell me think about it if you wanna be in the about it might. Tennessee dynasty league draft that's what it's worth I mean I would like to give something like that mean I'm flattered to be asked that wanna get something like that you know reasonable respectful amount of consideration. You're already out. And that. There what's that considering don't don't don't let that deter you from it I do like to be included so arm and it's nice to field a field could be and I get a strange. Kick out of being rejected this but how. Why I asked another reason why we're all our friendship or relationship jobs strong I look for your help we give each other what each other sites could. And we have. As they say is you is you spend more time with somebody to know that you just really know all there. Thoughts and wishes. I told my wife Powell last week on the Radio One day it came out came out of me. I say it. I don't feel anything Emery told you that like. A person and so feeling there were among music arriving with Luke was the flashpoint ride conversation remember correctly right my wife concerts it would it'll. Just doesn't really doesn't it doesn't affect you. So I told this I said I just I happen to say this on the air today. I don't feel anything. You don't. She goes are you kidding me you feel everything. It isn't it great when you know somebody that well there are. Here is not going to hurt for my equipment but here's Troy without solo Troy. Gentlemen I wonder if you look the expound on a couple in the rock. Things about the Buffalo Sabres. It depends. If there insane Knoll but if the Richards thing sure of course take all the time you want. They could be NC but don't let virtually straight. Are you check article. Check article a generational talent excellent hockey player will never be embraced. But it just pound. Because he's had Tom Brady who awkward moment Bill Belichick over. And he's in New England patriot look so I'll never be fully embraced by Crist. Who who who who are you who are representing as this town like you who we your circle of friends like who who who is this supposed to represent. A person medical. That's lived in this column person to six years. Okay I've lived here for well I've moved on for two years would you hold it against me so I've been here for fifty years. It and I think you're dead wrong all all our. Career. Gadgets a fifty cent a 52. See I think the notion that he is and embraced already is preposterous to let alone in the future your putting this all eyes as if he hasn't arrived yet. Remain. What do I mean. I mean I think the notion that he isn't embraced by fans here already is preposterous let alone that he won't be in the future. Oh he hasn't been breached yet and he will never be embraced. Okay well I disagree with that. I couldn't disagree more with that I think it's incredible that anyone would ever think of that what what what evidence do you who are you using to support this notion that he's not embraced yet and will never be a power hour you there's ever arriving at this conclusion. Poll thought US backcourt and once before are you the same great living in a ball three different communities. In this Western New York area for 56 near the embassy and click it ticket holder for 22 years. Stop three years ago the direct couldn't take it anymore. And you wouldn't be there to see the hundreds of Michael jerseys in the crowd being worn by people that you claim haven't embraced him. They're not be warm by little kids and frankly you're not even they are your proud of it so I'm there I would know. You ordered to do the bulldogs to here's a look. Rank on this. You're the one that cried almost every night at ball in your book full boat. For guys that sit next to you that thing and nine dollars. Well it's not crying it's a complaint you're right but I'm still there. And so if this is relief if this is wrote this congress literally sunk to the point about that it didn't started absurdly low point. If a song to the point where we're talking like this I guess yes it is it is unfortunate. I think the state of things that that that is that is were rat but it doesn't. Mean in any. If you in any way that. Michael is not popular here obviously Troy to bid. To the people who are listening that can't believe that one person would even say this. I think if you if you look around you to find more people are cynical but currency were morphing reform Romanov. We hear her talk also publicly. Jodie Allen Housley. Securely. And we love him because he was here before or we hate him because he was a finesse player you do don't million. Well kind of in the middle that of all the announcers. Of any sport. Ever listened to. When neckties talks. To you you guys or post conference I want oh and increased traffic and chairman in my year. He's the coach not an announcer. I don't think we're we're talking about the coach of the team. I'm talking about how we did you ever listen to what I talk. Yeah that's what he played he talks like he played like there was no vote and don't knock it into times our role. And and the pair of lasting less light and and the other night he says he had passengers. Arm and arm the game. Well I'm no fan of his press conferences but what are you wanna do about it. I'm no fan of his press conferences Troy what you wanna do about it. Which we do about it we're what does this offense worth if you if a fan doesn't like the cold to press conferences are really much like him either but. I mean I don't think it's so important necessarily. What do what do you wanna do about it is a fireball what I wanna do about it what is is it worth it to you fire him to get someone you'd like listening to more maybe it is. Know what works what what's horrible is indoors. Well that's not your point though your point is you don't like how we sounds I changed my point eagle will. I didn't realize that it is moving so just for me Troy and and our whole war weary conductors are absolutely DP don't remember what we tool now. Okay. I wanna say one more thing Torre about your initial point about how Michael is not going to be accepted. Because he is from Boston and likes the patriots. There because that's where you grow up and that's what most normal people like are the teams that are around them. And that they grew up with would you feel better would your friends would your associates in these various neighborhoods in parts of west New York you've lived. Feel better if he patronized do you and told you. My favorite team is the Buffalo Bills because I live in buffalo now on I'm now disavowing everything that I grew up with. Are hurt or should do not being from buffalo and a Pro Bowl polonium which you definitely sound like I'm not patronizing you might say that. Wouldn't you feel like you were being worked by some PR machine. But can't you respect someone. Who is going to be honest about who they are where they come from. Normal. We're or. Thank you I thought you might like it that's why I'm glad that I thought added I I thought it might appeal be alert brought good. Where does that leave us though I don't wanna beat Stew I don't be slogan. Could cut copper where does that leave us. Our our our expense the state in six minutes already what we're what does that leave us. I wish both you guys are great value. And and boycott like to see your basement or somebody because of Chris Cole. I never thought that this would then there OK good well there are pictures on line you can check out thank you Troy I'm gonna go home but it game which I made an impassioned plea Detroit to reconsider. He is system of judgment. And and that there were some headway made there that's what I'm gonna I might I could. We. Misleading might solvent in delusional. But I feel I feel like I by just did something good. I'm a little bit less than satisfied because. Really basically the guy dropped the whole bag of groceries at the end of that and not. I mean what could have been said. You could have you could have gotten him to say. No he should still change because this is buffalo dammit snow ever sort of like that I think that he said public that. That that was which was strong which is fine and actually kind of cool but like how could you not have thought of that in four years. To the point where your club. Complaining about it already three years nobody how many years is a bad thing we are calling it readership the toilet it's upset you with all time your point could have done and I wish they didn't draft him. Because he was from Boston. Or that we should only draft bills fans to play for the sabres or something like that I could have in the logical conclusion there that's the part of me that's on satisfied maybe it's the kind of thing that's so obvious that you never think of it and you need someone to simulate K. Look at the way. Just tell you have a little bit and I'll look at it. So I don't buy it I feel I feel like I've help mankind today. I don't disagree with them on Housley but it's not like that that means he'd pay the plea that way or anything I mean nonsense like that. But I've said before that. I've sort of worried that he believes the things he sets. After games that are mostly just there's only cliches by. You know when he talked about like the doubles. As a team that had been losing so that that meant the sabres should have been a certain way a test the stuff like this that. Know people who can't keep up or telling you things like that but most of hockey has moved on from that kind of talk and house Lee talks like that that. We sort of just little. Nuggets that you might hear on a broadcaster real and important. And if he thinks that were trouble. But as a because he played a certain way you know I'm not a fan of this press I don't even I can wasn't formerly Bulldog I got her song mountain by. Yeah they're that they're not exactly. Insightful. Usually are I think he can be a little bit harsh for them I guess for the average coach. I think lately that's. That's come through I think all your life the most I've had to say about him is he's trying to be careful not to head down the road bottles said. He's trying to be publicly careful to not. Have you know there have been horrible season and I think he wants to knock it roasted by them and that seems to be working. Good and what's working so I don't know I I I mostly inclined. To think that there's no Ole conclusion to be drawn. Not what he says but how he sounds saying what he says and whether he can coach. So I think I'm just frustrated with listening to him because he's the coach of a team that's losing and what that's and that's most of economy the order and Alex fifteen and forty minutes horrible. So now. Or did it gets to be there there is a fatigue factor that sets in almost immediately when you lose like whatever was eighty your first ten games. There's like. The skies again. The grease talking about putting falcon. For a physical player things like that just like a packet to sort of numb to it by now. All right thank you Troy there was interest thing leading to two Ryan's story about his friends that he's mad at. We he's got his own show and if he gets there were doesn't get to a bowl what we'll get there eventually. Right Ryan yeah beetle will get there won't get there eventually we'll get there much over the bulldogs this is WGR. I'm like going Brooke Baldwin and why the favorite to be on the fact that of that podium. That attitude about it and nick I don't. To began his run your job again shot light didn't hear it leads Dario and Michael and it is anyway. It was a bad. These companies. Yeah. Eight. And needs and at that level. We will get to that kind of adding that good could be winning. Yeah I think Hannity and he did yeah the book meant I. It I didn't need to and eight and it. Did and he didn't. Know yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Too. Big and it. But I am saying he needed to do it and no eight. A and yeah. I. Shaun White is on tonight. That was 2010. Greg bow as Greg balk. Pizza pizza. I'm NBC from young strong. BD. They're gonna make you upset as I gonna make you upset I don't know a good mom I'm Lori young strong. Well good. Good you know we are all my I yeah I'll watch I'm that's that's. Habits are hard to break. The song about how she can Chicago. And. So late I'd speak most of the day I've watched some Olympics before I came in we've added on in your a lot of the day. Am but I get home maybe like OK where's the hockey game. We leave some lightning like them probably don't are that's an appealing sounding natural to be a wanna get there look at it. But at the Olympics and remember what it's washing Olympics will be more Tampa Toronto games maybe in the conference finals definitely watch the Olympics so I want you really watch the Olympics remember to watch the Olympics. So I'm I'm I'm hopeful that I will lot of good there and do that good night I enjoy watching the Olympics. I watch a lot of it. You know. The slopes files on her own last night to all it's just. I I just did I mean I I walk match so style I watched I watched our beat com. Book on a cross country skiing fan I've realized the last. Three or four Winter Olympic Games. So much so that when L trot wages there and I'm. Thirty year I don't pay attention to the new releases that'll who's doing. Right but L trawl we're used bin at cross country skiing. If he bit my Athlon to but I definitely cross country skiing. And empire one is shooting with cross country skiing if you don't know terrible sports soul IA. I look forward to that. And I wanna hear him because I just think he's excellent at that and I'm not like a big fan of him on ranger in trading but. I just think he's excellent at telling stories of caught cross country skiing so now all of a Beckham's done. And I don't know ten years ago maybe I would have come across can't cross country skiing on. Well you know this moment here these blogs. Just skiing through till it's born. Now why did what I can't turn at all. I love watching it to meet the color analyst in the sports tend to be very good up and it makes me so sad about the sports we watch where just like the same dumb cliche is constantly. In these other sports curling. Slopes dialect I last night just do everything you every move. Ski jumping the ski jumping I was like such an expert on every competitor and you're watching you like I don't know a single thing about any of them. And it was really impressive like that toilet piece of that. Ryan's show is an actual beyond from 716 tomorrow at three thanks for listening today. Much over the bulldogs WGR. Government. Petrie.