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It's time to talk sabres hockey. On WGR Sports Radio 550. Now rob ray brought you by Jim stay gap because hockey fans he told us by the locked port outdoors store. High impact here for hard working men and women. By the greater buffalo area Honda dealers Condit was named Kelly blue. What's best value grants you greater buffalo area Honda dealer today and my first Jewelers for all the moments in your life go fourth to first. OK I still haven't decided which of the two answers like. I don't have. I have to I've got 11. Gas up. And when rob is done talking we will find out who estimates you via the UB aren't what we I am going to write down. Which they think is your gas that they think is right. But I do want that I do like the other options and get ready robbed Eric Wright why wait around with silliness. Let's get right to. Who is your all time favorite coax you wait for. That's the question right NHL. Having already Jolie and feel. Yeah I'd old C. I only need time to rethink it I was thinking but just the NHL. And now like I mean it's too easy I Knoll and all right so what beat either one OK okay answers yet. I think NHL I'd have to go with the were Utley. Tokyo wrote awkward so what was John Parker president put regular well you go to W Oprah awkward you know because. I think obviously dug with the guys that is my first chance on I think as. A player that had a comedian played the style that was expected of me he understood that part a lot of coaches bill. And I think that he helped you with that game an awful lot. On. You know I think that you kind of get a good. Communication with them he felt comfortable being around them talking to a map and questions then in the same way I forget that he was the sabres coach. But you do yeah it wasn't for long right of games. Well it is a years. Yankee you can he. Look he took over hurt taxi meter rate it had Stater considerate here and 88 but came in heard that's came in and 89. And user 8990 probably an 89 and John Mark where we talked about John lottery game and it and he was. Was gentleman whose G and especially you tickled almost done so in the and took over as coach and what year exactly I don't either a member of the game knows the game. You do it yet because who is I think was Brad Miller maybe with top shelf on Darcy walked elect. Who's in the odd obviously he was on the left wall looking back in guard's own he was trying to wrap around the wall. And it's kind of putting it on the wall he shot it great at the net obviously I think with guards who walk work was paying attention put a top shelf on that bill was and we knew we knew each. We knew better in that game that we didn't do well or win that that Douglas and some pretty shaky ground. And that was pretty much solidified it rate there where all is well he's gone he's not much and the same night. He between periods and community and he was upset me. He kicked he went to kick cut garbage can order was every by the stairs or in the middle the Dresser and you know that is the spirals are. And the key in what are the side and it was Rick kind of under table and he kicked in his in his leg came up and hit the table. With the Sheehan. And it's an acre and Armisen and it is usual for each of these didn't want to let him. But he was like Dianne his weapon of gravity of leg and still don't screaming Attica. That was it that was that's our went out and have pretty much. And then it was the same. I don't box came in after the game. Or was I think it was maybe even the next day. I'm thinking it was after the game. And that's when he gave the speech of pay a treat superstars like superstars and Rasheed just be happier here. And we all this okay kind of put us that are way street there we knew exactly where we student it would on from there. Do you do you look I wasn't thinking about this but since you said that. Do you think that that's respectable. I mean the guy was that'll be a long time about asking a question him. Exactly but what about that approach. Believe error I think that's all I would do it superstars and tree or you mean John Mark at that point is media. Your can't even if it comes from Edmonton and you know he was in that whole era of right having those guys in and and I may think that if you listen to the guys that played there. And even listen as stories from mocks those guys were pretty special group bring. And they did their thing and they are reliable and the rest of the guys whoever they filled in around dispute Russia doing your Colton and and go along with the and is it what else does it mean as but I think it I think it's good because you or your stance you. You know you know we knew from that second on where we stood everybody in the room knew who to superstars were who weren't. Somebody might have asked themselves if they all. Well that that person should have been slap on the side of the head a candidacy that he doesn't say if you don't know. Whether you're a superstar not one but old Eric deserted us and find no tickets because I don't you know the way you're gonna get. That are treated maybe a little better it would go away from me I'm not a superstar that is that we're talking here. A superstar the guy that has left. So I I appreciate it I think those guys did you know. Is the Ricky minor leagues you. Comment bothers. You want you talked about all they can't shake it and different ways because your dog. Stronger box I was gone it was your first professional coach obviously and he he. Partly a lot of things and showed me a lot of things that to learn to be that parole you know learned. Be ready to take the next step or how you'd. You know appreciate things in how you represent yourself and and all the kind of thing the had to learn before you meet next. You know you're expected to know that by the time we got here that was you don't come here in them learn. How to be a pro or how to dress and you literally forced me to quote bias suit new in this way you're gonna you're gonna dress up mrs. Never had a suit fort so it was kind of like OK here we go this is interesting because I would make a generalization here that I might regret but. Back then is it is it generally right there guys need to be taught that. And and is it also write that guys now goal that the guys who come from these hockey factories and are just sort of whether that's that you are. I think that everybody needs to be taught because we talk about a lot of teams that have good success have great minor league systems and they go there. And they learn how to deal with situations they learn how to play the game they learn how to. Represent themselves and represent the organization and and what's expected of them and you you own those skills there I think too many times now. I think they're under the assumption that when guys get here they know all that so. And a lot of cases you don't like it we we've talked what Jack so many times you know Jack coming in and having to learn all this insult because a you know the coaching staff you're kind of roll on through coaches and all the kind of thing that they're more worried about getting themselves established and they're the win loss record and taking the time Avian. Saying hey kid this is this is what you gotta do and you didn't have the players on the team that. Took the extra time and and taught that god always sold. Superstar Jack that little different than the most kids coming in but I think yeah I think they've got away from it of of kind of even you can order not you're gonna teach the way the organization wants you to be I felt that. It's what kids I mean example are so obviously put on fifteen yeah team that's your suits him and every team in their league. Suits in pretty short of the cave and and it's that's just went Simpson so they look like hockey in Canada you know these raw footage walking into the ring but it's great and had that I did what they upward arc no that's my point right now that's something it guys know now because like. Everything's logical about. This is not true that isn't a correlation between the top. You organizations that the top minor league teams and we've seen in the national Norbert when that when they're coming up like you're gonna look back at teams such as say Detroit. When you came and you knew exactly what was expected of you when you got there I think too many kids now there. Put into situations quicker and they haven't had time to figured out what the when they get here Toomey privacy here and you may say. This guy needs to figure out what he is as a player or what his role is on the team. An election. And before you didn't question. A guy stepped in bank you knew that he knew exactly what his job was and how to act and how to. Stand in line and let the veteran go ahead of Rome whether it's on the plane on the bus carry bags for somebody. All that cut all that stuff is gone. You don't have that. So. If you don't you're not looking at. It's in Reiner Jack Erica when they get here to carry. Every bag that was. John does or whoever eulogized that's out of not as though not at that hey this is what you're supposed to do it's it's sort of that respecting them. Just getting in a hotel at night here you're stating in the lobby waiting for everybody else to go on the elevators and go to the room and then you feel and I think that's out Italy now heard. Yeah unless. Unless you know you've got that leadership group that establishes that when they first get here. That's interest payment is almost a different point but. Money is why money's always like you know you know like Michael's tell him what to do it make it sound that's a bad. But media isn't always bad the sport Rochester is adjusting to me and it's again sort of generalization but. The Philly fans especially because there's been very little to grab onto with this team for years. Have you know to be optimistic. Have this idea that Rochester is important and that it might help save the sabres in the Jason bottles background is. You know in that. And even play there's only Rochester. The fans there would even excited about this. I mean you just gotta be careful because that is not how most of these good teams in the NHL com to beat. The penguins have had a lot of success and we were optimistic about that right. You go through the minor leagues and even coaching the Sullivan was there all that was always there at him debate at this to Tampa ahead. It's that success in the minors together but they also have they also have popped highly and players and you don't know where or when you. That group of guys in the tray at the same thing that they didn't always has moved one guy and they knew were three at a time and oh with two or three in the two or three in the think it you'd never missed a step because they were. Train. To know what to do when they get that. You don't see that difference and there's no there's transition time Oca Lester and well in time maybe when it is yeah Alec. The the idea that. To whatever extent people think this way. The or video the idea that players will go to Rochester and maybe third there for a longer they won't necessarily be better signal not only are longer without a big but you got it's that different guys are gonna. Think different amounts of time right you know your defenseman may take. Three years to get them into Israel forward may be yours or might not meet that Rea. You're right you know but if you're instinct is a Google a lot of fans may be older fans tend to be like well you gotta have Rochester Paul talks like this all the time. Everybody benefits from Rochester. Great it's perfectly logical sometimes it's even true. But many times it isn't and you know young defenseman a regular right I wanted to carry the morning. You wanna have that Rochester situation or any minor league system work. Your depth is there so when there is a situation here sure that it's not that the its deep enough and you got enough quality in those kids or if there was. Cuter matured. And groomed and off. That would they do come here it's it's not that. Big overnight call my god here I am a thing publisher and an end and also agree to that. When you have success or you play together for a long time in the minors because it's different than here you travel different your boss that you spend all the department world together. You know you're always together you gotta grow together to as a group so. You view. Maybe learn to respect the guy a little more you get to know a guy a little bit more in you know little more bottom his family and everything worries from and it's not bring all that kind of thing you know you get a chance. So does that make it if it I think it does in the big picture when you try to build that. Successful team. Because of you got guys coming in all the type all the you don't have timer you know. Current lot of times we get here you don't take the time to find out. You know Jacob Josephson Figaro were bent or blue it's all a voter or you don't Jordan nor command in most cases by that point. They don't care in all sounds good I hope I come as a group. I think you have a little more. Play for each other. You didn't I agree with and I think ideally you. Want that year or two years. And I'd rather have that stability and not have. It matters how. The players yet. At its core because you know just absolutely to a concert over the ball. Players midrange players germinating on the bottom for two years is not necessarily. Blossom like I'm gonna need. Tyler Johnson and cute who dropped out of its otherwise I'm going to be but that's usually get that goes back to your drafting in right and no economic. There's a lot of lock in that there is locked. But some teams have more success at and others. You know I just had to have the top player you know and I don't know Detroit's long time ago guys have to have the top lawyer. Annan's. You'll. Obviously were documenting where does the winning part here remains to be easy but it got it up there Apatow right there but I like it isn't horrible this a lot. And he he would in his mind he feels and I believe them that it's a very important. Threw him to see a group we've got our display. Would have success and win together. And I think you have a much better chance of doing that when your in the minors. That you will when you make this next. Yeah sure we get it all sounds good there is also hope that it back on track. They've had a tough go but it's it and now that you guys who were ironies that leads to our memories sitting there and and and we're talking in here you're talking. Middle static it was noted in the minors. You know you got Julian and and goaltender that. Knows pretty much what you leaning on. Right now. Yeah that depth isn't there. Robber with a us. I'm excited to get to Valentine's Day but is there more hockey talk about rehearsed. The belt is it that Andre short. I think that's very short we just department hockey at Wednesday's close. I was totally week for you bring corporate owners on the all right mark last game. I mean I'm buying up on like two years ago I've gotten the more about him I thought it means is gonna play has proven he did have a bad. I know and there and and I could see it is from watching that of reading it. Whatever but that were orient and I knew I thought we ought to part with an anomaly. And with with this stuff you are trying to identify who's gonna have a good night trying to figure out some new ten years. One it's blowing what you really bring it up. Enough that it bought with that way pummeling and that's where. I'm putting effort into this whole list with planning you think those would bristle at in your face today. All thought he'd sneak in the back I think. The big advantages. In keys being in a essentially ends Sunday was. Seen. Worst game and now. Mean one Y a great up and start what's your best right now to separate them at the numbers wise now. I spent two ships he should go and that is that that's that's sometimes the little. A disturbing that you kind of question that a little bit because. Great players I think are good players. Usually can figured out as the game goes on whether it's you get through the first period oh my god that was awful. You get in the game between period just fell down you might you know talk of the go to watch video what happened here in the news okay. What through group here. Push the reset let's go out it. That you forgot push the reset Housley said preparation was a concern yeah does that mean well that's that's that's the case where you may look where the situations they are in at this point. That guys made. Oh why do we have to with the extreme. Why do we have to while I need to spend the extra time in the weight rumor or preparing video and I don't care about the note comparing myself. What does it matter where in second last place or whatever it is last place you know that's that's the part that could be a little concern. And then in the the mental side of not coming out and not worrying about the second you step on the days he shouldn't worry about what police who are ugly you should be pulled 100%. Focused on that scheme itself. Well and here we are because this is I don't mean just be unfair to him this is just sort of looking the he's young still he's only been on losing here you know Andy's gotten paid. So is that not the formula. For the guy who goes that I mean maybe if that's not fair to him OK and I'm not know that tell you that I noticed right. What is Coke's products preparation and then there's the point you're making like that's when you know you might worry is a formula like that people who complained about Michael getting paid. You know sometimes they owe you. You know what though this is what could possibly help is is filled. Bringing that point to the forefront. And putting or Salina and are there and blast and saying hey dude it's time. It's time to buckle down and and start you know. Figured it out do what you have to do he's on his fourth coach thank you know. You know maybe that was a good move until work because he's not Norman like that in him we talk about that he never calls somebody out individual. You'll see a group reveals they are you I had a bad happened. You the second half of the game I thought he came back. I will admit to sort of being asleep at the switch on Bristol Winans. Professionalism. Preparedness. I just remember him this just goes back a ways now with his his first time here. He he went the first offseason after he'd been drafted. But he transformed his spot you know right at me and I just I remember being. Impressed by how impressed the organization was that he just went OK but maybe that's got to go in Egypt showed up like. I'm robo cop you know and that would really impressive forgot to do that in one summer. Just transformed himself so I've always sort it for granted that he was O worker while. Maybe it maybe it says it was it's time when it was time that he got that little tap on the back again today but he. It's time to get. I think it backward get to where you're expected to be and let him when he talks about money being paid that's that's the problem across the work that's that is. The Buffalo Sabres approximately gaullist right yeah that's right this team's. Long down here but there's a lot of guys go to get that check written and and the on the range I think you'd be next to a possible rob I can relate to the guy who gets beat like that. And he's the first guy in office but I like it acutely at all feel like a dog meal that have I got morning like that. Yes I would never I shouldn't leave the ring I I. Undoubtedly there every day I want all you like that I don't the idea what that's that's that's the difference in Puerto. You'd be surprised what guys. Twenty years ago would have gone for five million dollars. The baby her all day every day and then there's the Icrc and now you sort of come to expect and India makes money it you know. Use a key point it is and I think that if things were obviously different than guys that much. Deeper thought approach to it. Now it's too easy it comes and it's it may be just accepted a little too much. And I think that's that's dangerous and that's something you got to try to limit. Robert got the wire here and no Valentine's Day quote so congratulations. Have a good Valentine's Day or the way I expect that the gift. You better than expected yeah I think so as my word she shouldn't think that tomorrow. If there's nothing now she knows you don't need to listen. To you know I don't we're gonna go to our point. Where you'll miss the roast. That tomorrow Thursday urged the result you Thursday. Well it's like you're from girls. Will we not only of their players will count on at 4 o'clock. Greens much. Have a good game to close there's kind of this I was I was kind of worried always has and coming over don't know we've done. I don't think you are appreciative now putting Bristol line in your face and putting anybody anybody's face after one game but got four New Year's game via one over is on the right one game. Month note here is that coming from it. But really doesn't. For her to run copy robberies appearance at WGR brought you by GM's stake out because hockey anti bogeys. Vital block port outdoor store high impact here for hardworking men living. By the greater buffalo area Honda dealers I was named Kelly and books best value plan. See your greater buffalo area on the dealer today and buy for Jewelers. For all the moment simulate go for the birth.