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Mike Shields and a Bulldog. I don't I could not believe what I would hear him. Clinton this is on them. Our our written local radio station this. Crap. Is being play I couldn't even believe that the word that I was listening to Mike she opened as a mom. It is. Like why is this on here and a Bulldog like I started it tears in my eyes it upset me so much. And my eleven year old daughter listens to this radio station. Never again will she listen this might show up got to collect myself because this is. This is what our youth. Is being subjected to in the bulldogs'. Visit on our radio station that our kids are listening to. I am so upset that is ridiculous it's my shield and a Bulldog I love only you. The radio and I just don't even understand. Why they think that's okay none WGR. My daughter will never listen to that radio station again ever I am shaking. I cannot believe that bill is on here. It's two days in Rome we needed to rule. Your doctor might work out that so I I can't hear you I think you're talking like five. You up or wait you're like three feet way to think you're talking I took it hero my headphones can hear you but I could. Oh our general note this embassy we have the sabres yesterday and it works. I can. Tell me if I'm missing. What is the idea although range. Would you describe how long and injured players should be out for what is the point. Is at the point the earliest it could end the the injured the time off and go longest could be. Is that what the port of sixes posted mean I think that's right yeah could be back in four weeks. Or it could take six won't take longer than six. He won't be less than four that is the point late generally. Generally yes. Generally I think that's is there another way to interpret that well. I think you always leave. Room for someone to get healthier soon mean I don't think they're both in our exact. Then why not put up. What's the soonest who was it now CJ Smith whatever Jack Ike on I Joseph Smith I don't have a I don't have a great answer for you. But I mean I'm inclined to just. Come down the worst I don't cobra the district is don't worry about Clinton but yeah what is the point of the range. I average typical human or the typical athlete human. We will take four to six weeks this into okay we can personalize these who we are talking about certain people. We'll look at Michael were talking about Jack cycle that is the average human like all the price of the average athlete human. Coca-Cola. I'm assuming when teams with team doctors are giving you. Estimates on a range. If I got a high ankle sprain. In the panic shape but I mean right now yes physically yes. That would be a six month into okay then Iger coach. And that's all I would describe it I would I would adapt the regimes to you roll right so why can't they do that what these guys why are you assuming don't know. Because in both cases they're telling us that it's four to six but it could be three. Like why can't just make. It wouldn't you make that the lowest number at the earliest it could realistically happen is that the boy you don't wanna get a breeze hole. Hopes up. And all they. To the actual situation because that's the point of that of the update is to make a boat that person. Yeah oil until you is that I am assuming that being the evidence available. Suggests that the average hockey player. In pop. It's optimal physical condition. Normally return from that injury with any 46. Great all occasionally. A guy come in and the short of the so that's what he can't what is the short and 33 sure it's what it's true that may say it's true. They told me it's a two to six week injury he will be back. In two weeks or six weeks as to which are so rare it's not worth predicting it's just did it's it's not it's not likely. It's not a question of whether it's likely it's a question of what is possible what is the range of possibility here you're not trying to pinpoint when he's going to be back no no the expects. If I'm wrong here tell me I'm wrong here. Is how is your conclusion here you're wrong or just shut up. Sure. It up a neat and wrong yeah it to my knowledge could be wrong about I don't I don't I don't think I could. Maybe I could talk long enough and and and and be in what well thought out. About it to improve fuel actually the wrong. Blood I don't have it in the you do it right I don't wanna try don't care I don't I don't I didn't commit to it might be interest thing. I was into it won't be quite horrible. But but I I I think I will end up. I don't think you're actually wrong too slick don't worry I know but what. I hate I hate that the room. Not worried about it. Feel like you were so. I want to worry about it I know worried about it or reporting what is the point reporting one what are we need to go to the trouble saying. 46 weeks well. The coach guys maybe it'll only be let me just say every on the time and trouble three ex bear. He'll be back. Within three to six weeks. And you don't have to worry about the ever you meant don't have to worry about the average player. That story vote only which Iqbal to come back the same injury. British acts we don't even meet. And what the coach says the British ex. I think here. I think. If if they give you the range. Right should be binding. I thought that sports should be binding so. Go ahead of waste my time world's worst is the answer says the Eagles actually so that he didn't expect we would do after that injury. How about we just say if you told me 46 here come back for. That's it. Sometimes teams to use that to the baseball the table was gonna work like that guy. They they they put you want a certain number of dates yes they do and hot would have some IR thing prices went to Bristol have that. But if you're you're a closer look it. IR I think it's seven I think you're going to be out a minimum of seven days right to appear before a six week injury your safely on the on our rights don't need to and there's also little long term injury thing which ones sixty days. Is suitable for that summit. We can't go on much longer and a I don't know why. Really my my. My final answer on why teams do with the way they do it is because they don't wanna put undue pressure on the player to come back to zoom. Well that's they can do that and they did they give you that don't want that they are going to be back quietly back cute so it could be three weeks to beat up back. Oh c'mon Mo like like I'm I'm still mostly. Ask me that he's already know. I told you read asserts that means it could be six. Yes a setback just what they do they tell you winning as a setback or are. They don't but if it goes past six and people do start to ask those questions. The news well this. Oh my. Brian is possible I cannot imagine possibly be wrong about us. I just can't imagine really possibly care about it well. Completely and if it that it did go to the thing that you mentioned where it would have to be oh it's four to six weeks he's at least four weeks. Every single injury would be described as indictment. Every single injury would be described as indefinitely if they meet them. Why. Like because I just issues say you know what we don't know what they're gonna come backs were discussing indefinite boom on the sides are from about the role. Rule suggest you're you're really you do you got that they are at this point it ought to be out that's not real and that's not a real. Suggestions. Like I. Of course they're not good productive to have you know. That's by ending of course America that I have no art I'd sifting through what. Arbitration if you are. Sure you are UK David you're living abroad you're you know what right. As usual. No while. So much happening right so I don't. People up exporters to. Order a little bit your. Six weeks. And these are busy leading here a lot to do. To help. Doctor for it and parts that we back sometime. Are reachable I don't think that's pretty good point. Six doubles don't eat. It won't be back irks. That's putting it all play hockey again we are old old old. Old. I have to music though there have been to his injuries yes there is one. Actually it's. It's too as he said he could be back in two weeks. Well it was like yesterday it's already today and their vote for a six you know we talked to all yesterday and and now it's Joseph talking about what Chris Taylor said Rochester which. What does make the sure mark the beginning of the range. Part of the range and. We signed a public ET shirt underneath a little longer sleeve. I'd like suddenly I told it is hot here it's me I'm not really why occasionally it'll happen like we start the show and were really engaged the conversation tonight I thought we are currently. It's on to your questions because you don't think of yourself as being indeed no really no light little girl I've. Waiting for this upgrading their third change earlier as well that a we got the here's the perspiration and sweating what did you tell us something your interest. What did you tell us what the accurate. Because this is not interesting thought. That's gone. It's speed skating region. I saw some footage that you mentioned a couple I don't know we're part of a new currency and equities one. On the show and I took some relaxed and you but I am now because I saw. So what did you bit in the league now I commit now to our commitment to see I saw and I am excited to watch it. What why you were equally mean whenever I'm I'm eager to see it in competition because it looks like it's gonna be sick. Twenty skaters are speed rack cool cool and yes so I'm excited about that but that's not release them. OK so I'll. I suppose habits are in that window at night or possibly in the morning. When I'm watching the Olympics or like to do it like a light at the time I've spent so far this week. Watching the Olympic out. I suppose if it's on that I will watch it but have also been able to avoid the figure skating so far which I think views which are which I'm glad about. Nothing I don't eat the figure skating but when it comes to figure skating and NBC. Or some skiing thing. Arsenal boarding thing. And these yes and I'm going to that. Right same here I haven't seen any figures data use that that the man skated but on the first or second day of competition I just missed it. There was a team event when I was all all different men women errors that I mean four years ago are remember getting pretty frustrated. With. Just towel off and I turned on the TV at night and I know why they do it it's it is what people won't watch. People stay there. Families with you know that remotely women view figure skating figure skating figure skating in him beat me nots that was always like it was it felt very repetitive. Dirt not exactly true but it just felt like to lock him up on office but last night I law last night. Like forgive me now bright eyed and I think on the girl's name all day long point campaign yes court tip. How great is going you've got the gold medal and still difficult problem and yes and that's why Jamie Anderson got to do the night before. Mean that's circular be a better feeling and that's pretty good and she didn't like at least to my knowledge of that event. Just like you laid out what she when she went which went off which seems to increase its much. That's going to be the best one. The gold medal already know what did you do it I bet that is the bounce at the best. Bullock voting Miller. I agree with that I don't like well I don't I don't zones in their own opinions yours compared to what that article on too Long Beach really adult. Yeah kind of goes sons who are just not the I want to skiing that Britain you know. Big big guys. Rice. The six foot seven inch right back yeah. And ordered six Devin he's homesick and some will watch 67 ski eighties into the back of British bound by great with a must get right. But that was school. For it so good you don't. I not hearing this now maybe people are saying it now and I've wouldn't know I don't know bottom probably somebody saying everything. But but I can remember maybe in 2016. Or 2014. Making this hearing some complaint. About Olympics coverage. And what 1980. Soul maybe oral route there is when they they had a triple cast. You have over and that cable by 1988. You may. Some dollars and two dozen channels or something by 1988. And they go and you can buy the triple cast and watch. The sports that are never run. NBC. And I that was some. Some kind of an outrage about that what you have to pay for that or something people were upset about that right then maybe there were people that get I don't really know. But yet people are upset about everything so people. But then you put the Olympics on a channel like CNBC. And there are probably people take what their channels. Are supposed to be very seriously and would be upset that instead of some money talk deal. You get right that this lull or or have sports in whom don't know old to go. Equity times. These two gold looking at CNBC departed sports coverage. Why would I think I look that'd be see a look at NBC SN. Or no I think that point to think about USA. I get that far on the guided it warrants. That's kind of at the true TV point right during the college press writes her orders that he really jewelry was on TV did he she. Yeah but pretty much thing can have gone now and you know it's like there's more restaurants have. Upscale not bad upscale look for them to everything's doing everything. Like groceries or go to. Cover it soup. Love having the Carolina because that would be the would've been a point in my life and the Olympics would have been happening and curling was nowhere in watching curling. Like when I was younger and it was on channel five on CBC they would have now. The Breyer. And what that was kind of cool to me I would watch that so and plus all the new sports are no current very boring here got no. Davis know they have new sports that are made all but every sport is Madoff right. I'm telling you I can't wait to watch the demolition derby speech did ya and I am like that it will actually Eric I diddly plastic which beats getting. Obama Longo about I'm all pure purchase would be whatever that means that I'd love. Watching that competition. For as long as I can remember what the first time I ever saw all the Winter Olympics like oh. I like is speed skating. The idea of twenty people comments were accurate one time. Initially what you said it sounded mean acknowledge him we'd watch it and part of that is that. Over the course of however the Olympic Games. All the which sort of quote unquote stole her first note sport app play it's been all that stuff is in a part of the Olympics. It's all grown on me to the point where when that stuff sounds style I can't wait to watch it. Whereas. The first came and if that was at NBC. I would be one of these people that would I probably was. Give me give me more the traditional sports I don't eat the things that Americans are good at the putting in here are just some weakened in your hand Bowman watch American got some things popular if you're too much that it doesn't feel like that at all anymore the the group competitions are are all Americans are winning their share of medals surely. So wacko but yeah. I just I like watching outlets. Is I only watch or watch in the middle of the downhill combined last night. And I I've gone skiing one time in mind. Really I'm like the it was what the little the little hill it just outrage and it puts keys are open nominal forgiveness that's it. Here we are Muslims and maybe maybe even the media treatment than I remember I didn't own skis. But good because your legal right I did that and I didn't. The night they'll enjoy it but I don't watch skiing now. And what what what struck me again like I don't want you taking a completely never. This sport really. Because it looked like well. Bonded as I've never been to now equals power. Just it's a beautiful. But it just looks like where he won a PR that. We'll get a kick into this might well what I wanna be all that. But I know you have no plan for getting down. Is like to be up shortly. Are you gotta wait doubt it would be permit judges pick the right back now. Home to Muster that provided. Mean can I can I just right around on the chairlift with the officials all do that up there are they actually ski down it's an Olympic course. Ghost I'll probably have some sort of other I don't transported say we get up and write it down like let's go to and I can go to holly delegates right journalists. No if that what you do just that I would know. All that you would looks like she's an actress you wanna may be able to that your. Yeah it's kind of cool components. Is that your. Ride it looks of my favorite part of the ski would be. Yeah risky thing. Have and it's kind of went when I was in high school is a little bit. Like early ninety's people. Never loved it enough to keep doing it after right to go house and then we a season. A few years ago my family. And it was all right but. Frustrated not being able to do as well as I used to be able to and with me that's like a ball game. To beat the it is Arnold is and I don't at all think of any like anything else think of any. Possible. Excuse. Muddy I don't eat this I'm not gonna enjoy you know whenever. But my daughter last night actually. They were watching the half point before I got home. And they were really lucky that my daughter were able to do that and this story comes on or was it the night before this girl Reno. Who was in the slopes style maybe she's twenty years old woman from California or somewhere Connecticut as a matter. I think Connecticut and they were showing. Old. Old movies over as a child as a little kid like pop or ovals just doing tricks and went all kinds of crazy stuff. You have the data out there going we just thought it was better to let her do it. And think about it is apparent. The broken bones the hospital yachts the damage that can be done whatever and it's sort of like the feel about you know Garnett if you're a that's our went home right and found out about this when don't think like that wanna. Gulf or do it right in vary. Agree you love it has always been the date they have they have that affect on me but what. Think all we to a point because I never but I watched bronze plumber is I mean are right. Everybody all people was up 76 in our homegrown guy or its home country to Austria. And like that downhill. That was ripping to be watching them until eleven years old and I mean I've been hooked on. Those events in the Winter Olympics since then like that the I don't remember anything before that. But that is it for me. What he never translated to light. I wanted to have a good sense to use but it's never did and without Osama up it was a good speaking like. Ultimately you get a W I would say about and I think that's that's that's true oh I'm not in any shape or now with my colleagues to do it by. It could be. So mitnick maybe that's out there I've still got hopefully the back nine common it's hard out here. Please dance like the worst sport. He or if prop it up there with robbing. I can't which is how much worse destroyed my knees to be it would sole decide decide in seeing you ready for the. You know. So one. More knowledgeable should tell. A poll Hamilton coming up and rob ray were 716 the sabres and and Davis yeah the sabres home to what Tampa Bay we know you care 7 o'clock game 6 o'clock pregame tonight. Will talk about some football this bill Barnwell column that I want to bring up could involve the bills. And quarterback in the future with Steve Kerr at last night and some other. So we are stop along the way. 8030550. Is how to reach us much opened Bulldog here on WGR. Or. Paul Hamels he didn't ever. And we might still there. On WGR Sports Radio 550. Just combat racing it we brought more people. Six and just knock it bothered you guys with. I'll talk to mark. Don't worry Paul McEnroe but is it might stuff. Paul we think the sabres using the Steve per approached them. Yeah I saw that they need to go bowl game all day. He eat between them sure around everything old what was his purpose. To refocus his team faculty worst coach Steve her refocus whose team against one of the worst teams like this is good spot for this people today. I guess. You know what. The coach the team you guys you guys do it. What by 46. Men. And what's good what's the worst thing that could happen here to lose. Her. Have a little harder hockey you've never done before you have the next lineup numbered ago and that type of thing it. You nerve ban on the bench before starting in the NHL wouldn't be. Probably mean there's a lot of reasons why that would be more likely to note that in this. He won his sport itself what your saying well it would be hard if view word just. To roll four lines. And replete equally. But that of course not tell you got your high end guys want walls. I want my top line playing probably twice as much more than that than. My fourth. Plus zone situation no rice like you can't just roll like that. Nobody to be in shark rightly immediately pick up hockey all our artists. You've got it reset the forwards. Just it hurts that I have these these teams that play pick up like you don't have coaches know. A biblical verse three years and organized hockey every three minutes the buzzer went off from what it would stop when you're gonna change lines. Week we we unload the steeper at the songs that delicate. All they were insulted by the speaker what it took the day off sure what players say it's not exactly a sign of respect but. On the other hand we've been losing all the time beds oh what what what right do we have to complain that it's a right. All right so Paul given that apparently the sabres are not look in the players' coach themselves about the outlook what is their plan. Well it's Johnson in goal who's Owens seven at home. 05 and two but he's lost all seven of home. Basically because he won in Boston and Robin Leonard didn't win at home against Colorado and it's the basic premise of it. As they decided to go which Johnson and and it just seems like they're doing them more and more the latter I don't know how sleaze losing faith I don't know what the problem is. Many nights is not players' fault he probably could have been better the other night but the whole team was bad in front of him. Mean he did have a 210 the first 47 seconds but the bottom right I mean in my office and how considered stream in the elbow around what Robin Lehner but to know. But. He was sloppy got a couple other goals. So I don't know maybe that maybe that's what else we can about via the same thing Paula you. These are the game and it's it's too want all that breakaway few minutes later in like you know. We're just playing a lot. You know the sabres and blowing a lot they have a team Thursday. It's not they they did the back to back thing already where they split it so there'd they're derby no problem with water planned. This game you know Sunday's game this game Thursday's game you know they he'd have no problem. Then senators or seconds Paris it's is conspicuous is interest. This is jobs it is Christmas simply said it goes Johnson had a good game and we did win on Sunday which is reason for. What about these goalies with respect to the tree line what what do you think happens. All American predict what happens but I I'm sure he would listen to Robin Lehner army he didn't give up the draft pick in breakers not to make shore. Vegas didn't take all market he didn't think very highly of him now all Marcus struggled in the last little bit but many of the hammer sap for the first time all season. But these two time AHL all star and I just get the impression that organizationally. That's probably the direction they're gonna head in. Down the line sold. You know Robert Robin one early got a one year deal I think but troll wanted to see what he had instead of giving him a long term contract. So while. Yeah I think if a team puts up a nice offer for Robert Weiner I don't think they'd have. I think they'd be open to trading. They do control is right for another year as a restricted free agent but I don't Paula you're involved in the conversation the last time Mike and I talked about him. It it it just doesn't. He'll like another one year deal to try him out would be you know who'd be the way to go here late. That they went that route it seemed like one it wasn't real happy about it. But okay fine I'll prove to you. And so he is who he is seven you know but normal enough Europe for you know for him like he's he's seven easier. So if they think that's not good enough then I would absolutely trade him and I don't know how good off per. Does it take to get him off this team what it is are we talking about a third round pick are we talking about a fourth line player like what what does it take. The bay popped role interested in moving money. Well he rips up market because there really isn't going market right now that's been set up and there were a couple of years for goalies have moved to the deadline Merrill a couple of years where they don't. They they couldn't do it but it. I don't think it would look good I bought trophy can't make a decision after this year as you said it would be looking for another one year deal make you gotta make a decision. They have to decide on what their what direction they're heading in and goaltender has been done this year maybe it already is done as far you know maybe we don't even know it. And it's already done. But there's no way he can disable now I still not sure I'd like to given that no. You gotta make a decision this year. I I agree with I think that's the right tack on miss the point you made at the beginning bottle marked trying to read this the letters went over to order game's only now. So what you think it's good it makes you wanna buy this car I mean. Yeah you know if if I'm another team in the book goalie with a chance this year and there are a couple those teams that he's interest have to have the rule but. I can figure out next year that and he would be a consideration for me next year I think it could work I could see it Johnson I don't know. You know Johnson. Back to where we were couple yours ago. Yeah he's had a real tough beer and some of it is not his doing. I mean when they have I mean real Emmys last two road games they've been. He's been good in the team's been good at parliament he is 34 and one on the road just sees 05 into a home. And they he's had some awfully bad games and problem as far as the team goes. Sure yeah that New Jersey game the second David a year third David that your third game of the year standout and that was it Johnson game and it was attracting it was it was about it. The witness what Matt Davis out of date that I wrote ballclub and his numbers though that you started bad and it just he's never really. You know it maybe that changes between now and the end of the year especially if something does happen. With Robert a lot of between now and the deadline and they and they you know they choose to move him but I'm in favor that like winners never been. They I'm like take take relief from my I'm not I'm not. But hell bent on you some big problem for about he has been a big problem for them. But I also not all I got locked him up for five years you know like if he's an asset that I captured in something. Then that's grudge with him I've got other goalies are probably gonna give me comparable to what latter has done and maybe someday I appoint someone. Maybe it's as he couldn't get the draft last year who's even better. Paul Hamilton with a lesser WGR Paul what do you think of Tampa for the call. Other goalies unproven and he's had a little bit of a problem vessel last key leak leak. What do they figure out to eat at his last thirteen games he's given up for more goals after being on the all star team that hasn't really worry me. I just worry about goaltenders are really haven't. You know it had long runs in the playoffs and as some of them turn out to be very dead. Others just never can get it Bobrovsky is one that doesn't seem to be able to release data so once playoff time rolls around so to supplant Pittsburg. But definitely got that would help but help. He also played buffalo in the playoffs once and edit his Philadelphia career so. So yeah. That that would be the thing to worry me and they certainly have a top end talent says and it's talent that shows up every night. There they're not lazy with it I mean they're good players their two way players. You know I just can't say enough about future profit and stamp coasts I mean. Hedberg I mean the high end talent that they have are guys that show up every night. And are there for that team every night and and it would make them a tough out if they get the goaltending. Yeah I have I'm rooting for that to work out a that it made sense to me. That they wouldn't bond for bishop in not paying him a big fat new contract for what he accomplished in a unifying goal but they had this guy waiting. And maybe maybe they had a lot to do that a year sooner than they would've liked because of the timing of the bishops thing but. Nonetheless like I'm I'm pulling for them to come out the other side and and have about what he proved that he's up to him he needs. He's been also despite this four goals or more and eight of his last thirteen games he's also been. Excellent week for more than a year prior to this so. But I'm I'm I'm bullish on. And I'm pretty confident in saying when it's all said and done vessel lest you have a much better group of bishop's past. What about the core product attribute video. For fairly cool well he would be watching from the stands he's not playing. That'll be that'll be interest thing yeah capture. You know appeasing the Amir. But Tyler Myers did watch it from the stands he was hurt me that the Tyler Myers ones so it'll it's about the script. Is this coast video too much I mean it was just Elliott's. We always there he would become an unrestricted created maybe he would want to appear soon they show idea. But green ran out of text messages between three and Egypt or something old and tired supported. Is the time Bob McKenzie says that in these guys and don't rule out off. That's an old interview he has to have talks with the Buffalo Sabres have they have that contact now that last year so there has been contact so there is a connection there. We regret that there was that there was actually talked with him before that I think I remember correctly the tribute video just you would meet talk. Right that's that's out of school audio and Powell like I don't want god to guide it works at a hockey store in the world that says stamp ghost they would. Right now the treatment effects that. Logo like that that's dot exit that. I made a note that that's what kind of a bunch of big big oh well. Music classical orchestral music is going to be guided the screen Jesus thank you Stevens and coast and at the bottom make up their for not going to. Well this sport that is a sense of humor which no doubt all right thank you call the guys. Poll do your really we have taken the whole segment on game days and just there's water to hockey questions. It's a tribute video thing that I Korea and then our crop. It's. It's going to see. It go I well I mean we've talked. How how many years ago. It is we start talking about. Hockey in the Rachel. The coaches were 10. Many years but if we don't. It was justified but it sure where they were nowhere to go. Certainly unequal footing. Don't like it like the guys I want to pick which one goal lead and there's still a draw and maybe I should take I think we don't have to come on the ice would. Want to know critical. They're Puerto finally we have a scenario where you really would need to cap. But he would have to have the odds of it but let's bring let's make the captaincy important. Captaincy coach Dirk. I mean. People say April resist the wrong one and have a CB coached number of people it used to mean cap via our I would love us we won't get. Rob ray coming up was rob who his favorite coach Trevor laws. Oh. I think I think I do too it's a done two guys. Have to decide maybe will have a match. 8030550. Is the number it's much over the bulldogs 716 on WGR. Reached for last month. They're tired voice I'm tired voice who has been there at all for a few years ago. I wasn't as you know we just figured it probably tonight. Don't blow portrait. There. Day off on him. The warriors won by 46. Sports sports. And in the role. At the buildings things I do check the scores you know basketball scores now. About what went for a whole team's last night. In pro and college and it was my worst rolled over yeah minus 63 dollars now to. Trying to get if you don't know the roll over or is this betting site I signed up for last year. Meeks you because of this one baldness the fine print on this one pull this off. You have to bad a crazy amount of money to be able to take any money I'll. Like a beat on that and now I am going into this website. Not every day but frequently interest betting the list like all proteins whole team one by one. Syria had a multi riding. A two wing but. There's no other way. The vice. Got a it is never. Right I have to do or else I can just put it all I've won French think that the super mobile bay. I thought about that I would have lost at all. On the super bull but I don't so this way I'm hoping to split blooms on the big. You mean it's so I'll always on the big by. Maybe get lucky and get through the night I'm. Long way in basketball if the finals horror it is. Forty points in the game. They. Right it doesn't matter again reporting accurate fine but you for gambling purposes is no way to. Imagine so Urals right they were giving their team. Go for. Yeah the electorate there this way about the the reported six weeks but whether it's close and 00. A select that range should be. More stringent. But I guess wrong I know adolescent. It might be wrong or. Jerry Hall worth retired Jerry Hall or has been the voice the blue jays. Four walks almost the entire history of the blue jays. I mean decades. Certainly goes back into the mid eighties. When house wasn't there games with Cherie and Tom cheek who has since died. And Gerry all worth has had some health issues and he announced today. That he was retiring as the voice the blue jays mean. That was it was one of my favorites I'm very top on and now season this guy always like turning their games and he just had a very pleasant sound. And I law. I'm not. I'm not gonna try because IE II won't have it exactly. But there is a certain way that he begins the games video production that I just. Did not sit back and relax and Jordan did I I think that's that's it it's something like that in the summer day like that you sounds. That to sound you know like it appeals to every bit of the Hokies. On the port to eliminate those in the game on the radio part that wolves. You know what that's about baseball and he just always meet meet the whatever. It was really good so congratulations to him a great career for an Mike Holder as men. Filling in pepper Paul Werth in recent years last couple years and times are longer. And good luck to them that blocked two. Jerry Hall or who I don't know we've met once last summer and he was. Another show mine many years ago that's about it but just a great job rob ray coming over next year except 16 much over the Bulldog WGR.