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It's time to talk savers talk. On WGR Sports Radio 550. Now rob ray brought to you by Jim stay gap because hockey fans you know it's by the locked court outdoors store. High impact your for hardworking men and women. By the greater buffalo area Honda dealers Condit was named Kelly blue book's best value brands Sears greater buffalo area Honda dealer today and by first Jewish. It was for all the moments in your life go fourth to first. OK I still haven't decided which of the two answers like. I don't have. I have to I've got 11. Gas up. And when Robby is done talking we will find out who estimates you fear he would be are right we I'm gonna write. Which they think is your gas that they think is right. But I do want it I do like the other options and get ready robbed Eric Wright why wait around with silliness. Let's get right to. Who is your all time favorite coax you wait for. That's the question right NHL. Having already Jolie and you'll. Yeah I'd poll C technology to rethink it I was thinking but just the NHL. And now like I I mean it's too easy I Knoll and all right so what either one OK okay answers yet. I think NHL I'd have to go with the were Utley. Tokyo wrote awkward so what was John Mark there hasn't been to put regular well you go to godly old from awkward you know because. I think obviously dug with the guy that is my first chance on I think as. A player that had a commanding play the style that was expected of me he understood that part a lot of coaches bill. And I think that he helped you with that game an awful lot. On. You know I think that you kind of get a good. Communication with them he felt comfortable being in round I'm talking to American questions then in the same way I forget that he was the sabres coach. What you do. Who was in for a long right of games. It is years. Yankee he he. Look he took over her taxi meter rate it had Stater considerate here and 88 miles came in erred let's kick in the 89. And he was there in 8990 probably an 89 John Mark we talked about John Hart were game and and you lose. Was generally it was GM and especially you typical almost duds though. And took over as coach and what years actually I don't either I remember the game knows the game. Do that yet because who is I think was Brad Miller may be where top shelf on Darcy walked elect. It was in the odd obviously he was on the left wall looking back in our zone he was trying to wrap around the wall. And its head of putting it on the wall he shot it great at the net. Obviously I think with our to our work was paying attention to optional farm bill was and we knew we knew each. We knew better in that game that we didn't do well or win. That that Douglas and some pretty shaky ground. And that was pretty much solidified it rate there where August whom he's gone he's gone much and the same night. He between periods and communion he was upset me. He kicked he went to kick cut garbage can't order was every by the stairs or in the middle of the Dresser and you know that is the spirals are. And the key in went off to the side and it was Rick kind of under table and he kicked in his in his leg came up and hit the table. With the shin. And it's an acre promise that he is usual for each. Didn't wanna bled in. But he was like giant whose weapon of gravity of leg and still don't screaming Attica. That was it that was that's our went out and have pretty much. And then it was the same. I don't marks came in after the game. Or was I think it was maybe even the next day but I think it was after the game. And that's when he gave the speech of a treat superstars and superstars and Rasheed just be happier here. And we all this okay kind of what is that are going straight there we knew exactly where we student went on from there. Do you do you look I wasn't thinking about this but since you said that like. Do you think that that's respectable. I mean the guy was it'll be a long time about asking a question him. Exactly but what about that approach. Believe I I think that's all I would do it superstars. Or you mean John Harper at that point is made. You already can't even if it come from Edmonton and you know he was in that whole era of right having those guys in and and and I think that if you listen to the guys that played there. And even listen as stories from mocks those guys were pretty special group bring. And they did their thing and they are reliable and the rest of the guys whoever they killed and around just keep Russia doing your Colton and and go along with it has it would what else does it mean as an end it I think it's good because you or you stand to. You know you knew we knew from that second on where we stood everybody in the room knew who to superstars were who weren't. Somebody might have asked themselves if they all of the well that that person should have been slap on the side of the head a candidacy that he doesn't say if you don't know. Whether you're a superstar now now one old Harry does or you're gonna soon find out the ticket because I don't know you know the way you're gonna get. That are treated maybe a little better it will wiggling. I'm not a superstar that is that we're talking here. A superstar the guy that has left. So I I appreciate it I think those guys did you know. Is the retreat mine at least you. Comment about us. Yeah what you've talked about all the cabinet shake it and different ways because your dog. Stronger boxer with a guy that was your first professional coach obviously and he he. Partly a lot of things and showed me a lot of things that to learn to be that pearl you know learned. Be ready to take the next step or how you'd. You know appreciate things and how you represent yourself and now all of a kind of thing the had to learn before you meet him next. You know you're expected to know that by the time they got here that was you don't come here in them learn. How to be a pro or how to dress and you literally forced me to quote by Suton does the way you're gonna you're gonna dress up mrs. Never had a suit four or. Two ago this is interesting because I would make a generalization here that I might regret but. Back then is it is it generally right there guys need to be taught that. And and it is also right that guys now goal that the guys who come from these hockey factories and are just sort of with a that's that you are you think that everybody needs to be not because we talk about. A lot of teams that have good success. Have great minor league systems and they go there. And they learn how to deal with situations they learn how to play the game they learn how to. Represent themselves and represent the organization and and what's expected of them and you you own those skills there I think too many times now. I think they're under the assumption that when guys get here they know that so. And a lot of cases you don't like it we we've talked what Jack so many times you know Jack coming in and having to learn all this insult because a you know the coaching staff you're kind of roll on through coaches and all the kind of thing that they're more worried about getting themselves established and they're the win loss record and taking the time Avian. Saying hey kid this is this is what you gotta do and you didn't have the players on the team that. Took the extra time and and taught the got a ways so. Superstar Jack who little different than that most kids coming in but I think yeah I think they've got away from it of of kind of even you can order not you're gonna teach the way the organization wants you to be I felt yeah. It's what kids I mean it examples are so obviously it went on a fifteen year a team that's your suits. Him by and every team in their league. Suits their big Showalter to keep him. And it's that's used to Wear suits and so they look like hockey in Canada you know B roll footage walking into the ring but it's great and Jen that I anywhere they that would aren't. No that's my boy right yeah that's something it guys no doubt because like everything is logical analysts is that true that is in a core relation between the top. You organizations in the top minor league teams and winning the national Roberts when that when they're coming up like you're gonna look back at teams such as say Detroit. When you came and you knew exactly what was expected of you when you got there I think too many kids now there. Put into situations quicker and they haven't had time to figured out what the when they get here too many times we sit here and you may say. This guy needs to figure out what he is as a player or what his role is on a team. An election. And before you didn't question. A guy stepped in bank you knew that he knew exactly what is jobless. And how to act and how to. Stand in line and let a veteran go ahead of Rome whether it's on the plane on the bus carry bags for somebody ought to cut all that stuff is gone now. You don't have that. So. If you don't you're not looking at. See him Reiner Jack Erica when they get here to carry. Who murdered bags that was. John does or whoever eulogized that's out of not as well not at that hey this is what you're supposed to do it's it's sort of that respecting them. Getting in a hotel at night here you're stating in the lobby waiting for everybody else to go on the elevators and go to the room and then you feel and I think that's a Little League now for. Yeah unless. Unless you know you've got that leadership group that establishes that when they first get here. That's interest payment is almost a different point but. Money is why money's always like you know you know like Michaels told him what to do it make it sound that's a bad. But media is always bad the sport. Rochester is adjusting to me and it's again sort of generalization but. The Philly fans especially because there's been very little to grab onto with this team for years. Have you know to be optimistic. Have this idea that Rochester is important and it it might help save the sabres in the Jason Bob rolls background is. You know in that. And he complete there's only Rochester. The fans there would even excited about this. I mean just got to be careful because that is not column most of these good teams in the NHL com to beat. The penguins have had a lot of success and we were optimistic about that right. You go through the minor leagues and even coaching the Sullivan was there all that was it was there that tipped the beta there's two Tampa ahead. It's at success in the minors together but they also have they also have popped high and players and you don't go away but when you. That group of guys in the tray at the same thing that they didn't always has moved one guy and they knew were three at a time and oh with two or three in the two or three in the think it you'd never missed the step because they were. Train. To know what to do when they get there. So you don't see that difference and there's no there's transition time Oca Lester and well in time maybe when you get the Gallic. The the idea that. To whatever extent people think this way. The or video the idea that players will go to Rochester and then the third there for a longer they won't necessarily be better signal not only are younger without a big but you got it's the different guys are gonna. Think different amounts of time right you know your a defenseman may take. Three years to get them into Israel forward may be yours normally not the end Brea. You're right you know but if you're instinct is a Google a lot of fans may be older fans tend to be like well you gotta have Rochester Paul talks like this all the time. Everybody benefits from Rochester. Great it's perfectly illogical sometimes it's even true. But many times it isn't and you know young defensemen. Are we gonna write I wanted to. Karadzic wanna you wanna have that Rochester situation current minor axis and work. Your depth is there. So when there is a situation here sure that it's not you're due it its deep enough and you got enough squawking in those kids her two kids are mature. And groomed enough. That would they do come here it's it's not that. Big overnight call my god here I am a thing publisher and and and and also agree to that. When you have success or you play together for a long time in the minors because it's different than here you'd travel different your boss that you spend all the department the world together. You know you're always together you gotta grow together to as a group so. You you. Maybe learn to respect the guy a little more you get to know a guy a little bit more in you know little more about him his family and everything worries from an up bring all that kind of thing you know you get a chance. So does that make it if it I think it does in the big picture when you try to build that. Successful team. Because of you got guys coming in all the type all the you don't have timer give her a lot of times when you get here you don't take the time. To find out. You know Jacob Joseph's in the Figaro would bet well Julio it's all about order or you don't Jordan nor command in most cases by that point. They don't care in all sounds good I hope I come as a group. I think you have a little more. Play for each other take and I told you bin you know. I agree with and I think ideally you you want that a year or two years. And I'd rather have that stability in not and why it matters how. The players here at its core it's just absolutely. He's still accounts out of the ball player midrange players dominating on the bottom for two years is not necessarily. Awesome I'm like I'm gonna need. Tyler Johnson and cute who dropped out of its otherwise on the beach but that's something totally get that goes back to your drafting in right and no economic. There's a lot of walking in that they're block. But some teams have more success at and others. Yeah I just had to have the top player you know and I don't know Detroit's long time ago guys have to have the top lawyer. And you'll. Well obviously we're documenting where does the winning part you're remains to BZ equity at the top up a couple of write about it I'd like reducing viral this a lot. And he he would in his mind he feels and I believe them that it's a very important. Threw him. To see a group we've got our display. Would have success and win together. And I think you have a much better chance of doing that when your in the minors. That you will when you make this next. Yeah sure we get it all sounds good there also I hope that it back on track. They've they've had a tough go but it's it and now they actually an easterly score and when you're sitting there and and and we're talking in here you're talking. Middle static it was noted in the minors. You know you got Julian and and goaltender that. Knows pretty much which are leaning on right now. Yet that depth isn't there. Rob gray with a us. I'm excited to get to Valentine's Day but is there more hockey talk about rehearsed. The belt guys that are very short I think that's very short we just department hockey and they closed. I was totally recreate real wrestlers on the all right mark last game. I made my mind up on Ritalin two years ago I've gotten the more I thought it means is gonna place proven he did have a bad. I don't close there and it and I could see it is from watching that. Reading it. Whatever but that were orient and I do I go to partly through an anomaly. And with with this stuff you are trying to identify who's gonna have a good night trying to figure out some new ten years. What is unload would you agree to bring about. What does it ought to do it that way pummeling and that's where. I'm putting effort into this whole list with planning you think those would bristle at least at all but he'd sneak in there so I think. A big advantages. In key being in. Essentially ends Sunday was. Seen. Worst game and now. Mean one Y a great up the start what's your best right up to separate them at the numbers lies now. I stood up to ships he should and that is that that's that's sometimes a little. A disturbing that you kind of question that a little bit because. Great players thinks are good players. Usually can figured out as the game goes on whether it's you get through the first period oh my god that was awful. You get in the game between period just fell down you might you know talk the coach watch video what happened here in the news okay. Withdrew group here. Push the reset let's go out. That you forgot push the reset Housley sat preparation was a concern yeah does that mean. Well that's that's that's the case where you may look we're the situations they are in at this point. That guys made. Although why do we have to with the extreme right now. Why do we have to went oh I need to spend the extra time in the weight rumor or preparing video and I don't care about the note preparing myself. What does it matter where in second last place or whatever it is last place you know that's that's the part that could be a little concern. And then in the the mental side of not coming out and not worrying about the second you step on the edge you shouldn't worry about what police who are ugly you should be only 100%. Focused on that scheme itself. Well and here we are because this is I don't mean just be unfair to him this is just sort of looking at the the looking at some of the factors. He's young still he's only been on losing here there and he's gotten paid. So is that not the formula for the guy who does that I mean maybe if that's not fair to him OK you know and that no other tell you that I know that it's right. What is Coke's products preparation and then there's the point you're making there like that's when you know you might worry is a formula like that people who complained about Michael getting paid. You know sometimes I know you. You know what though this is what could possibly help is is filled. Bringing that point to the forefront. And putting or Salina and out there and blast and saying hey dude it's time. It's time to buckle down and insert you. Figured it out do what you have to do he's on his fourth coach I think so. You know maybe that was a good move until work because he's not Norman like that in him we talked about that he never calls somebody out individual. You'll see a group reveals they are you I had a bad happened. You the second half of the game I thought he came back. I will need to sort of being asleep at the switch on Bristol Winans. Professionalism. Preparedness. I just remember him this just goes back a ways now with his his first time here. He went the first offseason after he'd been drafted. But he transformed spot at right at me and I just I remember being. Impressed by how impressed the organization was that he just went OK with bated that's got to go and he just showed up light. I'm robo cop and now and that was really impressive forgot to do that in one summer. Just transformed himself so I've always sort it for granted that he was a worker. While maybe it may be it says it was it's time when it was time that he got that little tap on the back again today but he. It's time to get court. I think it backward get to where you're expected to be and let him when he talks about money being paid that's that's the problem across the work that's that is. The Buffalo Sabres at approximately gaullist right yeah that's right noble this teams but as long as he's down here but there's a lot of guys go to get that check written and and at a young age I think could be next to impossible rob I can relate to the guy who gets beat like that. And he's the first guy in the office but I like it I get to them at all feel like I'm I don't feel that have I got morning like that. Yes I would never I shouldn't leave the ring I would I would undoubtedly there every day I want all you like that I don't think item that's that's that's the difference in. Player now. You'd be surprised what guys. Twenty years ago would have gone for five million dollars. Me maybe her all day every day and then there's that picture came home. Now you sort of com to expected India makes it did you know easy use as a key point it is and I think that if things were. Obviously different than guys pick up much. Deeper thought approach to it. Now it's too easy to come and it's maybe just accepted a little too much. And I think that's that's dangerous and that's something you've got to try to move him. Robert got the player here and no Valentine's Day quote so congratulations and have a good Valentine's Day or the way I expect that the gift. You better than expected yet. I think so as my life she should think that the market. If there is nothing now she knows you don't need to listen. To you've got out and we're gonna go to our point. Where you'll miss the roast. So tomorrow Thursday urged the result you Thursday. Well it's like you're from roast. Will we don't even their ire will count on at 4 o'clock. It. Much have a good game it was this thing goodness I was I was kind of worried always has and coming over don't know we've done. I don't think your nor appreciative of putting crystalline in your face and putting anybody anybody's basic one game of lowering your game be one is obviously one game. My note here is that coming hoop it. But really as a rock not to run Bobby. Robberies appearance on WG are brought you by GM's stake out because hockey anti bogeys five awkward outdoor store high impact here for artwork that would mean. By the greater buffalo area on the dealer I was named Kelly and books that and see your greater area on the today am viper Jewelers. For all the moments in early April 4 for odds on the bills acquiring the Super Bowl MVP. After sports Mike show in the Bulldog WGR. Not sure if they wanna trade up figure something out what are the breaker made fielder whoever or to date making it the quarterback rob Washington Redskins and I know his price tag might be a little bit on our lady. I don't know what their state is so great now that they do decide to part ways with Tyrell what you have to think that's what they're thinking about don't they need to get somebody near the that you're not born anywhere litre of softball we're backwards to. Kelly. NBC Sports Radio. Mercury Cougar was back to the thing where he. Let's get back into it so he's talking about may feel there is talking about cause and a little bit. He thinks he'll. Let go of Tyrod Taylor which seems to be the majority opinion. Meet field I was thinking about bringing up the polls here but. Mayfield. Pro football focus and a piece today about how he deserves to be the number one thing he's done three. And statistics is performance. At oh cool. I guess that could happen we don't know. Yesterday's gas before we lost connection with him just Norris. Thought it was more Arnold Arnold Rosen we're planning and talking about holding it on to worry him one and he hasn't mayfield hasn't been one of the guys very often at least mentioned like that. Pro football focus says he deserves it. Now that's interesting I mean productivity lies I have I have not. But not lined up. These three guys their staffs. Or force six and he he's gotten I'd I'm familiar with you know the bodies of work. It wouldn't surprise me be mayfield. This year probably blow that model waters just. I get Hugh she's had a few years. But it would be really notable would be if he went first overall because he's only sixty. And the other guys are 646. They're more they're more than a prototype. And I think it. The people that do the choosing of the players in the NFL. Are gonna always paperback when it's in is the reason. Joshua Allen is considered. Such are attempting prospect these you know these are typical Scot spiced gotta you drown he's also. Really athletic and maybe it's he so I've got to keep a team that we talk about over some. And if so much out there are trying to figure out we projection whether he's worth. You know Zobrist to watch but they feel I would not gas he may deserve it statistically and and and objectively. But it would. At this point I would say it would really stunned he went for 32 but don't be accurate you're gonna see a guy. At six feet Buford the world picket quarterback when there are six more mortgage options that are also in polished and productive. That's probably does do it out it was a call to discuss it eagle 30550. I mean if you want a Netflix yelling you're telling you to do it just that you have to wanna do it we like if you you know. Sometimes yeah. That's right. The by asking her not because I AM if yes yes and now ramping it about a moment from yesterday with a guy who called the yet yesterday that they. Troy right guy called in yesterday toward the end of the show and says. Sabres fans who'll never embraced Jack Michael because he likes the patriots. And several people on my Twitter feed responded to that. Like can you believe somebody would say that. And my reaction to that is all via. I think if you walk into any bar in buffalo you're pretty you're something you can ample leader here you know if you're sort of like maybe like gospel. When it comes to talking about sports on you look at sports you can walk into any bar. And like I I test this Boroff and that I should yeah. You're putting your take you can't believe. Vehicle that we worse than that. Now though it didn't shock me at all. I mean I hate to. Britain's sport. Right of the lately you know it it worked out I mean I think that that media even. If it coats looked. At this. How are rarely workers' right switches you in this case told them if we ever looked at it this other way and the guy went no you're right. Just what these guys were walking around. Almost three years. Thinking that sabres fans never embraced technical because he likes the patriots and and he called us and use that well. Well at this point that would you rather you just become a full and not root for the team he grew up in Portland which you ever do the Alan. Good point. But I never thought like an epic. So usually go like that usually it's just an argument. Or something. Nick pulls out so billboard well is doing it espn.com. By moves each. Teams should make. And he's doing it by division. He got to Philadelphia. And row and long we say treat Nichols. Was explore that if you can get a second round pick for him that we. Do it he likes the idea of the Eagles. Accruing more draft picks they traded away. Went in the even in the the bill's trade so go. Get back into this draft and that might mean polls if you decided. Whether or not you think that's a good idea for Philly. Yes it now and I don't think it is you don't I think there's too much question about once I mean that I know guys it. We go on recovery from ACL. Surgery there's Adrian Peterson who gets hurt. And comes back in some record about it and I don't want a number on it but it was like some mind blowing. Number of points that he was back on the field in awesome again. For the Minnesota Vikings. And then there is. Reggie Redmond who get slowed in training camp in his rookie year and isn't healthy really I think is right in training camp. And doesn't really have any impact for the team he got traded to until the middle of the season started wipe it and now they might think they have a player. So that vote. In the months. Com. So Wentz got hurt you in the year and I've got a guy who's under contract or not a lot of money. But how much do you really need that second round pick I'd be asking myself upon worry. Eagles or by we're just the Eagles man. I'll bet we do are really want that second round pick I mean I know that's a valuable pick that starting player. Now small contract for four years but. I I just won the Super Bowl the polls. And if Carson Wentz isn't ready in September but will be by November. I am I'm in good hands. And furthermore if he is ready Wentz and he starts bought that are set back or something like what apple would write and in the last year. I've still got this it is that. Which reading that piece of mine did. Assuming you think that is peace of mind and I think you would if you were going to. Polls here to enhance one you know we played three playoff game on the ball two of them handle. He'd beaten and we put on. So is that more valuable than having a starting inside linebacker. On a rookie. I'm gonna say yeah. It's only one year and he's gonna leave me but I that the equation I would come out bite my answer would be I want I want you assess. Provided he's not upset about it. And truly is agent human equality. The general manager every other week saying Eric I got out a year he's got a chance the Everest re you're reborn. To bond with solid. You know right he's that good good teammate it will Biden's. I mean. And you would also not want the bills to offer a second round pick for him though. No. It's tempting I mean it is he's. Eaten if you don't. He'd be put to boost. Its undeniable he's he's I don't think he's better than I thought he was. But. I I still like. I want to have someone who's your. Tale that the him there is going to be a veteran here almost has to be a veteran here. And that happens for the draft we can all assume the bills will want to draft one at some point whether they trade up or not. The battle epic as they don't trade off it could be someone that goes in. Go goes in the organization. So where are more a row where Peterman is. If it's the second round picks eyes move like that. You wouldn't have to be a situation where the bills were planning on big things necessary you wanna poll. If you're trading up like that you're giving over. Your team to this lawyer. And so you want this on some venerable behavior and oh do you got him I don't wanna trade is second. Hopeful because that's the second. I'm like what that is buying lots of help. So I like what that is and I think I think ultimately what you ask yourself whether you would do that if you were the Eagles. Don't always come back to what you think of him but isn't ultimately always about that if you think he's really good. And you might need him to win again but that's because Wentz or whatever that is then. You might keep them but if you don't and I are just not convinced that he's somebody that really won't change a team. We keep waiting on a team that had a lot write and they need to great no doubt bought. That's what he was in a group of very good situation there he did his job. And I just I'm optimistic for anybody column here. And duke rape so I don't wanna treat the second topic I wanna bill I don't wanna trade up Herbert in the first round media are not convinced to do that yet. So as far as the Eagles go. From I think Malik meek betray I might make your trade with the bills or whoever. For him. Not fully convinced that that's the right move on I'd certainly be open to. 8030550. Is our number on polls do bills fans want them to get him. Which opened the Bulldog it's a once six this is WGR. Most is Thursday night and this is your last chance today to Clijsters to buy tickets the IP tickets are sold out. Friend. Asked me today to help them eat so we hit goal. And he asked me to help him sell a fight could. These BIP tickets and then he quickly got back to me after that and said he didn't take me along to do to light it did not need to help. As a Turco. There are no VIP tickets left but the our ticket to the roast a handful left my buffalo works dot com it's Thursday night at the grapevine. I'll have my brother lost op with me this year not my wife it's gotten awake this night a lot more than she does. You're relaxed your right she was insured you know she this demo was actually it was fine. I was disappointed last year last year was a hockey eccentric showed up out of my son he's sick now and then last year he was also sick and I hoped. To bring him. And Marty Barack rose to use these don't work down here at the and it's I don't know Thursday it's gonna happen. And I think you don't know it's it's the bills that he would still take. But it just you know these these growing up in locker room so he knows about just need to grow yes. He would you really begin to see those guys do that on Thursday so I'm holding out may be that he can make it but. Really it's been Brooke this flu has been. My wife works in and it matters that achieves the hospital with their people. Like older guy it's over and so he's got it in the east just you know. Just not good. So the rose Thursday night it should be a great night and we encourage you to go a few can't. My buffalo perks dot com for tickets will be there. Even Ryan. Right it's true I will also be there. It's a big reason ago. When we see them which you have to be if we soccer at midnight or something else that's the right partners that once again. Or play in the Labatt blue pond hockey tournament right I want to yours Saturday night he's like the first person is or isn't him intro. Yeah but I definitely don't wanna be seen by people there so or go to wrestle mania in New Orleans yeah they could look at. By its right there you might. Will be wearing buffalo buffalo gear that's our plan is to be wearing buffalo gear at Russell medias we would be able to spot this year felt awful long lost some kind of think about that yesterday that we talk about never did yeah we never really got into it never got into it. The deal is that Brian and Brian's going to New Orleans for wrestle mania and they've these friends have also baucus. Two other wrestling events to go to. And rhymes like I don't go to war and it's been my entire time there watching wrestling you know somebody you'd you'd be right. We we fly in on Friday nights and we fly out on Tuesday morning in the wrestling events planned for Saturday Sunday and Monday night. So. What else who's. Going. It. Yeah I don't know yet that that was one MIA what MIA. Worries gas and a little bit of hesitation to it to do this trip when it was first brought up to me. Because I will read that this would be the outcome that would be rustling centric week and when I would want it to be. In New Orleans centric weekends at OK it's Russell media. I can go to Russell media and still have a good time I like. Rustling. And opted to go to Russell media. And that and all of a sudden it's oh we're going to the ring of honor in new Japan show on Saturday nights I'm like okay what ever. That's fine it's 25 walks fine it'll it'll give us a rate from the all day drink fast. On Saturday and then there like well we also gonna go to Monday night raw which is only called raw now on Monday night. And I'm like OK no I'm not one. There's absolutely no way you guys can go if you wanna go to raw on Monday nights a figure out something else to do because I am not spending. Three out of three nights in New Orleans watching Russell your troubles hurt one of the 700. Restaurants or ice that and watch some I don't know some leading player piano with a great blues you've always said there with. Beer that is three times the size of a normal beer and be fine. Exactly. You know that so. You wrestle mania is like the Super Bowl the would you go to the Super Bowl you'll look for other football games to go through of the other tiger shortly right. But I I could see giving him a I mean even if I I'm not averse to wrestle me to five. Like OK let's go take in the spectacle I've never done it but I I would do well. Three nights world who's. Got it right to happen right you've got to. Right I think so I'm excited to have a chance to agree with you yet usually I don't usually I don't but I have a right I think you have this you have this week I. Yeah I think so too so I mean I'm I'm gonna go find some some culture in New Orleans while. They enjoyed burger wrestling culture whatever that is whatever that is. A second round pick for nick polls which you do it. 8030515. Much over the bulldogs from 716 we and our thought about this sabres regained 6 o'clock here on WGR.