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She okay. We'll. Never get this line up the first time I'm in good. Thank. You look a little bit more in their cowboy and a Bulldog. With your degree yeah. None WGR. Fortunately. Welcome back 716. Much over the Bulldog sabres hold again tonight. It has program. Busy out here but we don't hear a lot out your Saturday and Sunday to right. Saturday for the bandits and so on day for the sabres again. I don't know when asked if you broadcast ineptitude. Whatever his two hour. Who's who it anyway. You like it. Do you want the bills to offer the Eagles a second round pick for Nickels. 8030550. I hate. Don't. If they did. And acquired him. And then they drafts. Some quarterbacks. At some point in the draft it's not a tree golf could still be one. Bull's eye is on a deal where it's one year one year and it's not it's like seven million box got beat on. So we've you're trading for him I would think that means you want to extend him. Me too if you're a little like the Alex Smith situation he's not it's proven its Alex Smith body will watch Scott. One incredible season and then this stretch of games he played. For the Eagles mostly playoffs and of course was born BP. But yeah I I think if you were. If you were going to. Spend. A significant and I'll pass at me you know. You know I'm on one hand on the up on the Eagles I don't think I indeed that it's so badly to have to sacrifice my insurance policy work. The 2018 season. I I I do because it up because respectable enough that a bomb QB get off. I didn't want the bills do this without Smith and I don't get it give up something. And settle for this guy is my answer and I'm gonna just give him. You know all the money in the world or whatever speak quarterback money because I've I've created asset for him and this is my quarterback. I've got got all this stuff. I'm clearing the decks Nathan Peter means going to be the only quarterback I've got under contract eventually I expect. And I'm gonna do want though. I'm gonna pretty sectoral Pickford and the holes. And extend him. It is a good question if you like it for Smith if you like it for him or vice Versa if you don't. We didn't like the idea for Smith when it was possible right BP. Which you like this idea. Either right on the same and I there's not a any of the law on her own ideas. Whose causes us once Alex Smith or eliminated now because it's content. They got the contract with Washington mrs. Boles. Editorials that qualifies as this is Bradford us with his injury history he sees someone signed for five years. Who have been. I don't think you should heed to sign him for five years either you don't need to sign Smith or polls either you can just get them you know what why would you do that right. The forty under don't try to second from Rob Lowe and they have any intention to let them get away right committee you ought to. Who ordered or go to right by giving up that asset that significant if you are signaling that this is our guy. And I don't want. I don't go to make America I don't wanna settle for that is is being my guy and I great I would trade a first trumpet for Doug Peterson could threaten that. Penetrate the 22 that I would jump over to what can I treat the 22 pick in the draft Doug Peters. But occupant of off it's got to be the owner couple it's got to be the only word that's the thing to me that makes Italy goal and and and you know you've talked about. You or. Your transformation in the and is that changing of your opinion about the supporting cast for the quarterback. For years we talk about the quarterback to quarterback quarterback. Please. Ten years ago was shouting down it doesn't matter how quicker quarterback isn't with you at all but the line we went through that for a number of years that that kind of died down. But you've talked about that sort of you know altering your view of of out of your team together on one right. For me some water. The coached the scheme. What what they're doing. On offense. It is in these scheming guys open avenue at the user friendly. That the quarterback if you slide in there with you know new. It pulls his skill set and they keep saying. But that's really interesting to me I I I value that I'd love to find that I don't have that here I don't think. Mean I can't no timetable ultimately it's gonna be as coordinator but. He doesn't show while you're. To the white. Filling me with optimism that he's going to be that we have to do something right right. So what is your something I something is reading about it the most talented guy like him yet to be my quarterback because I'm not sure over that I'm giving hapless team. That any guy whose whose average is going to be score five to. That's wanna. Know what do you wanna be and I've got my coaches that are here are locked him so what about it. If they did it they start to ask this are gonna ask this week if the bills did that. If they got falls for a second. What would that look like what that. And let's just say they signed him to because they think that that's what you would do. Wouldn't that give them. Will they took their rods. You know for one thing or what we're back due to their odds would it make them. Look like a team that would be able to continue whatever last year was. Because now you have fold because this is really. Is it is not easy to answer and B is not that important because you're really going by perception here like what we do for them. You you might say it would hamstring them. For a period of years because I'm still not going to be able to deal leaked. And I guess I would say that you know that. Aids is appalled at is worst next year goes media it's a better. And I don't just say what's maybe its a better place for them. 2018. Am the draft pick idea Ernie Peter and or Ryan Fitzpatrick a milder alternative I agree but then you know so. Law what my route aren't you about. The choice I'm gonna make this offseason. Should not be. All the war or mean. And that would only but it should not mean we'd be about 2000. It should be about putting together a team like what. How to break and be neutral McDermott sound and they did your last year it supporting the other program that's going to be a contender for years to call. And department is trying to get the best quarterback camp for 2018 will that's what I did last. And YouTube debate. You. Need you got the but the ball there ball help you. Never crossed the next one you made so good. Applied I don't I don't wanna just be that short side I think you need. A long range plane here in the long range plan it is it is the the biggest single factory that only one is the guy with the every. But that is going to be so where might it add a lot that we get old one year I did want that the Alex Smith. Four I went to my editor for one year I would hide the polls for one but again. Did you make that happen I don't thinks. Sold. Goal your your to be limiting yourself if you settle for that. Because he. He's hot spot. I don't wanna beat the team that. Yeah I agree I speak I think somebody you know if Billy were avail themselves of that and they do it. By my last night it all the speakers has happened. My guess is a lot of low the writer's. True. You been reading longer than the blood. Will a lot of Smart football hardly great it's Doug Peterson going Wear them because destroyers of York and good luck haven't run your regular rothmans. You're not gonna get much better results that you've got with Tyrod Taylor. If you run and run. So I'm really worried for the bills in this respect. Marie went wrong I mean they could get the right guy and it'll work for orbit. But with wise. The Eagles did. With what the ribs to what extent have gone. Run run pass option but the quarterbacks who have had that at their schools and and we've. Team maybe if it and it's the right to say that often it is that the NFL are quietly starting to small planes warm. What has been happening in college for a decade. It's creepy it. In my ready DB. A team that takes advantage of that. You know it is is it time to me that maybe. Mark Jackson should be the highest rated quarterback in the draft because of his skills that Coca is is it time to think that way. Maybe it is maybe it's early but I'd rather be early than late and I think I'm gonna be late oh listen to Jackson. But I think I'm gonna be late I'll listen to Jackson he's nobody's top five pick right now I'll listen to that. But in my give him and be ready to get him off. But you're right in America commodity use him in away. I could do with him what I refuse to do with Tyrod Taylor this guy. Anymore but he's not mention those two in the same sentence you yet bigger. Better stats college. All what you did in college when he. Mean he's just he was liquid. When I be ready to hand my offered to him or Monday with remarkable market. As a conduit that then don't buy out. I just did the sole that can work and if not to say this guy can't succeed doing that but I'm limiting myself. Soul but I'm I'm I'm thinking about the bills in that way as they are like this this decision. Whether they give up three assets to draft Josh Rosen or Sam Arnold. But baker mayfield or they stay where they are they subtle forever fumbles of them. It it is the most important decision. But these two guys are animates. And therefore for us and are they ready to do it with a forward thinking mindset. Or are we just. And all the pick I can't go off when I'm I'm. I'm really thinking about that. Ulsan Jackson absolutely and I like that I wouldn't have to treat differently so I don't think I would but still more than two months. Right who's outlined to. Please rich. Okay we have rich I'm rich. Gentlemen good evening I love that topic and I agree we used. To not go after polls. I Blake this scenario that when they're allowed indicate either become little squirrelly. I would recording 122. The wind Lamar Jackson. Physical with me who booed off. I'd love which Jerry what's been saying for years did you go after two quarterback in the draft gore picked quarterback to grab. He get all those guys that they are going to be available and 2122 range. Is Jeremy really saying. Asked them active back in around one. Know what he's always that threat to quarterback always gripped corporate so that's what I'm saying do not much it's a drip sap. Ballpark dispute is set is sent. Into many seven might might have said perhaps habits I appreciate you and I mean this it was and Jeremy hall Intel lost that he wants them to spend bold move those picks on quarterbacks they beat Dallas what I'd better. That threat to quarterback then good to wrap up a block and I have sent draft seven which blog is kind to point out here I don't really think that right now. Sometimes I thought that. I mean I would I would lobby Vietnam is seven to many. It is the regional. We have so many holes that enormous aren't virtual or whatever it is three to. What a joke. Eric that water is three too many. But it was already hold Ernestine. Banged up. One fewer children don't I don't I answered your suggestion the same way I've got all these holes. So one of my drafting quarterbacks I know what the logic behind it is in Europe if you draft super strong quarterbacks. Well I've got right I get a better chance that one of them not to be really good and it will turn out to be equivalent grade a complete wanted that's wonderful. Yet gotten. That week and then and then and then and round we get our wide receiver are about to tackle our linebacker because remember we got it I have to. Sectoral that. Do you feel that Jack cycle is accepted by sabres fans at the. I like it might welcome but. He's probably the only untouchable on the scene her pretty out can be. Yes you do feel he's accepted the he picked up it didn't reasonably accurate. Look at this sounds to me like a an idea. Conceptually the has some appeal I I I've not laughing get out of the room but I'm also not figured you'd be too. At all but I used to like this idea. Because it is at a point of a reader desperation about the bills is trying to find. I don't it was Bruce Morton says it wasn't just like something to talk about. What I what I like about it is and you know. Everybody has to accept that it's not happening OK. But what I like about it is. You just give yourself. Better rods. At scoring at the most important position and it is logical side of it is it's so much so much the most important position that. There's that much more upside and that's why you do there's a lot else you would actually have to do is it worth it to talk about I mean it's not happening. There's a lot else that would have to cope with it you have to. Explain to everybody strategy was you're not going to draft a quarterback in the first round and then treat him immediately for a forced round pick. Does not work like that. So you might end up. With with with cousins is somewhat of a close example. Years ago when they drafted him in the fourth round after director Robert Griffin. The Bible and cousins is there a little walk away. Like they never. Took the opportunity to trade him when they had acknowledged the walkway for nothing anyway. You have to do a lot else to two you have to. It established that you're putting rookies together in camps to compete against each other you know they wouldn't. They would hate it you have the manage. Your way to. I don't know do you just deny what the real reason you did it is. I think. I mean how do you manage that well we're not sure either one of these guys that group so we rapid ball. Be good core global public. You do do that you do other positions just think through Green Bay is drafted three running backs and quarterback does it just doesn't you know which is not gonna happen that way. Man that's not to say that that it's right David a definitely but it just seems. Very hard to manage. That. Your team. Outside of your team. Just it just tells C analyst at all to do so that's that's it but I I did it. Why you're gonna tell me on one hand they've got all these holes on the other let's try to first round quarterbacks and like on. I'm department picket guy and if you want people probably if point. That's that's that's that's how football works kinda sorry. Here's Greg next Greg. Won't. Pay out within a conversation. You know I think being cornered definitely a changing with the quarterbacks that are getting sight and out due to age I mean in five years from now is what they should really be planning or. And I like the Lamar Jackson peck I think if you plan an offense around him you can be effective you know Russell Wilson works without offense could be they make an offense that worked for him. He was drafted to a different team and they didn't work for his strength. He could about a Boston out of the league in no time being a third round pick so I I like. Getting out a player without athleticism and that kind of guilt that in planning for a couple of years down the road when. You know when five of the top ten quarterbacks are are are moved on and the league of completely different. I'm another person that I like you title Mark Jackson but this year would be you know Johnny Mann now he just got that he was diagnosed with the with the mentally ill that keep taking medication I'm a firm believer that that's up Israel and medication can change. I would love to be Johnny manned out and large extent to guide with a lot of athleticism have put up big numbers and in the minor system. And I both somewhat have a lot to prove I think McDermott would be a good person. For Mandell and he would come within eight dirt cheap contract in you can have any outcry you want. You know that the team up in a couple of years for the cat to being great shape and and have two young guys with a lot of with a lot of you know college. Background. Put them in the right system and grow into the new NFL can I think in five years it's gonna look a look a lot different than it's now ever going to. Okay thank you Greg. I am not. Ready to bite off the John Lehman though rehabilitation project I've rooting for him. I hope he plays in Canada and shows that he and you know it is it is warriors light back on track. I'm not ready because he. Told everyone publicly what he'd been diagnosed with too soon that he's in the court. So I'm not I I I've gotten and I don't predict any NFL teams. That you know. That means that if he does become a commodity again that maybe people will be lining up tapes again. At some point and I could beat the rush but I'm not I'm not gonna get a nice to be the first to advocate and Tony Zacks I told me. Yes I spoke to cause a lot of respect for responding. And two separate gave him one. Get that information from a both bills receiver and the other from 8% of management bills. And it boats that we think they leopard never city. And every greens aren't. But built look victim Peter and the that you get the lead after all he's the character you are smarts. The actors the American worker or third or. I wish them luck and a me too thanks Tony maybe you'll be right here's Brian actually Bryant. Yes I don't understand why would go live and sincere stop gap or won here Alex last order. I don't dealers not yet quarterbacks over at her uphill. Yet my under contract figures AMD eight million. Your temper oil well Alex Smith would not the right to consider stopgap. He was traded for and then extended which is what we've talked about here in the last few minutes. If it's no longer analyst few minutes. We've polls of polls are traded for I think whatever team does that. Would probably want to sign him to a real contract that you are not in stopgap territory or you're. Commitment territory if not franchise quarterback territory regret. The rule definitions for these things stop gap is what. A mile to get through this year Beattie to you wouldn't be doing that in those cases so. I don't think that's what those guys are if the bills won a quarterback well one year. I mean which is really surprised me I don't think they're the kind of team that's that close to being really good. And so why do that. If you have some quarterback you being used going to beat who you want instead in 2019. I say it was just going that direction the whole time. Stop gap is stopgap anything ever positive. I'm doing this stopgap. Approach or whatever it is were talking about do you think of a scenario where you would say. You know Mike I'm going with the stopgap method and I would say that's don't click the right choice hockey. Well god gave me ask you questions did. Does not. Looking back on May seem like they perhaps did that with you last year. Stop gap were scared easier. The hope take our offer we're gonna wanna caught his contract at half. And the other tests a stop gap didn't work. And you know that Bryant lawyer Michael lemon like we we got a good. Yes pride and they didn't want I would say that. It it works to a to an extent I would say that they made the playoffs I mean it was a it was a way to by the time until this year's draft right. Now fans of the callers question maybe if if they draft a guy and they're not sure he could play yet. And they want to have another veteran I would tell you that their actions in this season going right to. David's LA when they are repeatedly instead of Taylor. Tell you that they peak they have a better chance to make him playoff for a second Euro which someone else under center in Taylor even if it's not a highly touted repeat that the that they think they could be better with some other guy and that they try they'll take that out respect. 8030550. Polls boulevard Jackson. Other guys. Which opened the bulldogs have won six the sabres and lightning tonight pre game at six on WGR. Yeah it's. You know. It's. Okay. Bill there's a possibility. Because who else where it's. Giants lost you look for the other at a quarterbacks here they'll tell you oh we think that's. Player and that's true but you know even game elements of this when you don't seem to bolt if you understand that teams they don't have a quarterback are in quarterback hill which. His work that he's trying to avoid the idea is you get a smooth transition if it's at all possible. Okay Ralph Becky on all out by saying it right yeah. I heard about us. He said he predicts the giants take a quarterback and that the jets school because it's the way of that right yeah well. Right your big idea jets and causes. I actually via I was I was thinking about them for awhile but I was more so one deeply portals to the jets' bandwagon while that was the one that was gonna. Current and happening. Now it looks like morals that he is you know looks like more honest day's in May be cousins goes the jets it's not my dreams have been dashed. Your dreams of but that's not so serious in your dreams what was the jaguars doing it quarterbacks having Kirk cousins. No on my dreams Tyrod Taylor was going to the jaguars. That was that was my dream in the boy portals what's gonna come to the Johnson be absolutely terrible. That was my dream and now and it looks like that John and happened what wouldn't you like the jets to get cousins were. What reason well yes it's not demean the best spot. He is. I like Denver if I'm thinking about trading up like that wanna get ahead of the jets. Al. And it did judge skewed cousins. Denver still clinical quarterback. And then my only chance of getting up there. Is reader to the colts for the giants in the same guy here back yeah I was talking about. Which I still taking the quarterback. At least at some point he thinks it will be a tune that they're gonna replace you lie another year or two but rapid replacement will CP if they do that but. ID give Denver its cousins. I can go there. I think if the jets give them. What did you ultimately eaten. The sixth pick in the draft of the bills to help them get up there to get their next quarter. But I don't know the jets would draft. Mika Fitzpatrick somebody that I'm not I'm I'm it's a it's a spotlight sneak it into. They would break out but it does take me another quarterback getting it. But that's gonna happen one way or the other if cousins is deciding between Denver and the jet tonight revenue. The thing I can target them again get active and they elevated it just represented Patrick do I'd be. Sure the good news or Josh hill. Even know which constitutes old Denver's big numbers because I'm so that the plane is all confused he said I wouldn't mind. I want mine played caused voice you know I have no problem that. It is the fact that he goes the jets are not old dole the jets got their quarterback right could have on making. I'd rather he go to Denver technique Denver is a possible tree park. Here's the next ice the. Hey I yards from our right now by that would make the call and heard of those I would. I would pick. Gripped the market and they were there at the people all of them which you're predicted to act in America and and I know they're not gonna do this but I he Tyrod. And I think that it's in great big part him falling back this year and so that's what you do in the previous two years I think bill offers around him of the weapons hit. I would ability offer to Rodham trip receiver. Or the other side of creator receiver Keith I rather than have him did I in the offense they're both similar and it was similar so. He'll and I would this go that route I think it would be a Smart move. And to be clear vision. Where they had that it would it make it based out of pocket cancer and drip Lamar Dixon they're gonna have to temper offenses theoretically I don't think that's pretty. Who's Smart. To go that route. There that you Steve. Well I'm feeling about this and I also think that's not going to happen but I'd feel this way a bill the way I did a year ago. About Taylor were right just don't mean the bills if that if that there were a relationship between people yes Taylor has been given a lot of money by the bills well. Relatively speaking it's not that much either. You want in a relationship. Two were your friends. In Britain. You would have told her right in a long time Goteborg body out there to get out of work just go somewhere else where they're actually going to love you you're not happy. I can tell him. Right. They don't they don't think you're as good as you really are. So go and that's where I feel about Taylor now I don't know if if if he's starting in the week this year I don't think he has to be. So yeah I'll be rooting for that it be interesting if nothing else they the Arizona I would never. Wanna see a definitively he'll be starting the after the way last offseason when you know I I I felt strongly. That he would land that gave no group did a nice earned a starting gate and it just didn't materialize. And you've gone now another year for third and I just. Not just I don't wanna assume that again it was wrong to assume last year. And therefore I would think he did anything this year to improve his chances now the market place to be different your year so maybe some team. That didn't think they needed him last year. BP thinks they need him this year but I can't beat you this if that pick out so. I'm not assuming at all you're starting gate. It rejects that idea. Is like that group who were ringing get all the way I did. It is more about. Powell the bills are viewing the future. Like what kind of team they wanna be. I am not at all predicting. That bill like this idea. I think there are. There. Failure there or lack of desire. To play to Taylor's ranks tell you what kind of quarterback who want out of office they wanted him. And I don't envision will Mark Jackson being the triggerman about all I could be wrong. Maybe they would look at him speak he is a bigger stronger faster or more productive. Version of Taylor. And and that would sell them on the idea of of putting profits like that together like I'm not. And the particulars that Dave is an excellent day. They've. I don't know what you didn't fall through over three years. Probably number one pick pick quarterback the second time around you that recorder for. You got all you got very many new garner perhaps too. I don't I just don't know how many years you know perform full score to. Keep. Well. Probably a couple probably the yes. The you probably a few years. To make it worth now it. To give up something. Substantial. For him. Re sign him is to make it worth your while I respect this is saying nothing to lose a with some instinct right notice what you repeals. I respect what he did in the playoffs. There are you know that I feel that. I do not trust. Him to be a good to great NFL quarterback for the next several years I've my money is not that I want someone else. Or are we all feel better that I said the thing that everybody else that is. I respect what oh you mean the Super Bowl MVP award right yes that is what that is what I mean. Really bad news for Notre Dame. Notre Dame is that him Nikkei two seasons worth of wins including their undefeated season with 41 wins. And that means so much. They're going to do all the press conferences over there and he. Went in that tail. The regular season and they lost in the okay policies. The dual credit to all the press conferences Oregon. They're gonna own drink all the beer. All the fans are going to on drink all the Beers are going to have raised from their memory all of the Manchurian entity. All of them all the good memories they have watching those games you know even Saturday to Saturday. Prayers are back all the owned all the prayers. Everything will be erased. Name the thing. Gone. Today we street. That actually will be raised its from our record. Just like those Hillary wins then you are not allowed to have enjoyed anymore. If you were erased. Really meaningful. All the money. And it out all the money it's worse will be given that us dollars more. And everything but he cheated them yeah yeah there was a trainer there was an academic violations. Yeah. If everybody everybody will be lawyers no doubt about it. So really really tough day for them that for them. Too bad for them. Our will take time out here it's a 16 points over the bulldogs neighbors pregame. Less than forty minutes away here on WGR. In this war. Brian Elliott who's our. Right he's having workers head. Was surgery. Or muscles are dream they're saying. Abdominal whenever six weeks as as many as six weeks. Sure president minus 46 weeks I'd argue it is all again but Brian Elliott Billy's going to admit got Michael labor there. As his partner but. I'm I'm called flyers. Were Robin Lehner looks like a perfect player but he's got to sort of nerdy temperament like Ron had sold public involvement. So what they'll note that it's economical filled. Her to third of that division now I get something nice for them to make it something. Useful. The future from them but Robin wanna right now. You know it it was probably a little raw right now that it made me just out this about Eliot committees right while its other other. Old Buick. The right AE. To be an appropriate but I heard Brian Elliott's bird. I'll. I'll tell you you know this book. So I'm in this strata mixed up fantasy baseball. And one league of it is a L only and there's a separately it's an old lead it's older started in 1993. These guys if he Roth oral losses and a Glen MacNow from WIP isn't it. And I've been the American want not in the national one. Was never an opening in the national one but it's just these guys have been meeting in Philadelphia every year it's this this group of guys love it. One of them died. And I was asked to take over which I was happy to do and humbled I was honored to be asked to be a doubt either ideal. One of the guys in the league dyed his brother's in the week to. So. I'm so excited. To begin it. The circumstances are very sad sure it so I'm looking at. The roster of all the time. Am thinking of ideas like I've just seen this team for the first time user leagues where duke he almost everybody. Between the drafters religious rookies and players that have come over from the American League. That's what is so I'm looking edit them super pumped to be unit. I just died problems in the lead berries that. And I'm just. Constantly the last three days or so. Asking myself over and over is it. Juice is still too soon. All I wanna do is like mentioned that I would read this but I don't wanna do that it would. They don't want us with the sensitive wrecking ball to the guys to. Run right at these gifts to the border one way right. I'm up on purposely. Putting use bill what we've heard that use that you don't want sent out an email me in my. Or sell rice keeps it sure don't know right that would not be. Maybe there's not a time at all you. But if you start even without without saying anything one reviewer and is. And it is. Careful. And sensitive. As you can beat. If you send out. One trade request of one guy and another to another another. It's gonna come across like your taking direct winners he even if you're white about it. Italy how long. Question just asked about Billy how long do you wait before you start to benefit. Well I'll tell. What I'm doing I think I'm doing this right. I'm not a guy in fantasy sports that needs all the rovers to tell me that they would make trades. Some guys like were opened a business. You're in the lead if you're not open for business support each QQ what are we hearing. Of course if your team to support future. Were you willing to make Adobe was you don't need to announce that him for me like that's right for for we need to reach that. So I don't eat either to tell everybody right. They will decide in their time whether they think they can come to meet with an idea it might be. Does your new entity team name of the hour oh about that you might want to. Two destroy me and treat it like that because that's opens the door for you to be. Our open. And to be initiates. The tree. Toy did send my first email I can't resist. Economic resist I want to say something I'm happy to begin it. I'm aware of the difficult circumstances. Toy wrote an email I think you were I think you would that I respect now it was. Just basically. I'm numb really sorry. Especially for Blake whose brother he lost. I'm looking forward to seeing everybody including those Buick don't know what meeting do what we know it looks. Know nothing of the sort. Know nothing of the sort. Anyway those wires along the UA EC by federal seed Elliott certainly does he. Don't Britain pics of the points urged all the number I think principles that he's he's done for several times. It gets it right eventually can't help himself we leads sixteen. Maybe they Rhode stations. In. The amount right the first flights were right. Should. I call me. Right and it sort of on again I know. I just I don't want to think that I don't have other ideas to that it. II and you know. I would look at the markets mean you know it's not my favorite idea but it you. It is just that you or I am coffee really I just wanna you know wanna talk to you but he's a willing. You know right. Like. What she actually say in the movie Mike. Never called me. At the moment it's quicker to the point. Mike. Is is swing it's like you wouldn't rise and care about swingers. Like swingers. Is not too old movie for you the weird. The movies. Sorry yeah I know I. I thanks. And I know the movie swings but does that suit rescue. Always be like what is that something you would you friends got to be except eatery only watched it again. I mean you would not like that no I watched the movie and I enjoyed it but it's not something that I've gone back to in dipped back into the well million times. I I enjoyed it dialect. Like swingers and only tools you need me it was the other one with Vince Vaughn Johnson ever I don't know maybe. Eight NHL what Angel 94 until 94. Released we have got that. All right sabres pre game next buffalo and Tampa Bay downtown the night much open the Bulldog WGR.