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Tuesday, February 20th

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This might show yeah I'm really upset. Because I feel like I've been doing everything right. And you used to exist. You know you're loop on the bench the rest. You've got no no rain in your head at all. You've got no brain in your head at all that your great kisser. And the other guys are all talking about how everybody else in the house is hard you wind died. You do show up at your great care surges like yes you it's no bull dog is my wife about this wants and she said boy you've got to do it later vegetables you can't. They've and we know chicken like. And no chicken it's looks shiny so should get in there. If you ever wrote a district manager rampant and you don't let me just vegetables would mean I know people do grapple what ever that's not me motivated and I don't I don't know eight non WG ER Sports Radio 515. Joining us now on the ET NT hotline is Mark Schofield. Inside the pylon Mike and Chris your mark nice to have your time today thank you. Critics might go to work and the ought to be doing gentlemen. Pretty good. I just I'd tweet did an article you wrote maybe yesterday. What you thought was really Smart looking at. The top quarterback part of it anyway it was looking at the top quarterback prospects and going through with a come by next march it was that a part of it was Smart way it would reduce what it. I met that part of the article was this thing I'm about to mention it. But good. And so anyway. Marked very soon you'll be asked to talk here. How. Just like what does it what does each one of these guys need to really score in what area at the com by next week and it was reaching way of breaking down. These different players what's we'll talk about that here as we start. As a. And you know and what particular about the call by the awful lot of efficient 5% of our wide receiver. You can have a pollutants what you are time and that's what can really know couldn't grab starts doctored a truck that really helped or something which we quarterback it's what happens. Behind. The cameras. Batters then you are typical example that it's just those beaches can be. Clean quarterback prospect on the field in the classy. You know person to run and make that an accurate. They wrote to the park just make pretty good decision that critical need mechanically is nothing you have to work on there. What were some really sharp questions. Is that the interview podium at the heart talkers podium because. All the charitable rose in sort of the red flag that marked with them are. You know that the coaching history the medical stuff that's wanted to let you know the guy enters what you feel is not afraid to speak his mind that you restores. Oh my gosh she's a college kids that want to maximize. Income after you leave school if you want it's so automatic Michael is that all the articulate sort of it's sort of red flags on its key to stand up and you know after the question and oppressed calls as well and you know consistent future owner of corner that you keep industries in the French. Is it mostly for him gonna end up being about not getting suckered into saying something that could hurt him. I think so and you know ducks. So then again that underlines that under current about wrote in his note he can. Certain they might know what some old school ownership groups the wrong way in my church I went comics how war. Another more Quebec into his mouth shut say that like and do the right thing to not be distractions you don't. You don't get it goes in could be distract you have to sort of handle it thank you look at the quarterback handled pocket the Arctic. The stakes go four turnovers it sounds silly but it's been a matter expert George Rosen Indianapolis. First. What's most weeks ago. You know I think that he doesn't get out of the talks that I would be on there. You know I can clear that those quarterback the one I think the judge probably with the quarterback it's too. Let's assume for the sake of the argument that desert yet Kirk cousins. I think that's what most people want this to happen I'd be stunned if you fought past the giants that each of the jets it's six but it could happen you know he. Go to Indianapolis and it has one of these current car just. Or if north of the that in check out with the medical attitude to coach and I could judiciary where he ought not in the top and it stunned me except I think he's the best. He caught the almost feel like these don't happen. Are you are you concerned about those things for him or do you think it's bin. We know it it it's the old school mentality like you're already referenced and even some of the stuff. Have not been taken somewhat out of context some of the stuff. Yeah I think I hit the water up early detection course you know I knocked it over the at all. You know I'm not concerned about whatsoever and I think you're right. The civil it hasn't taken out of context let's remember. You've got to question he said I don't care when I get trapped Al Ehrlich you have to adjust what you shouldn't get to you right and people automatically should only go to one according Cleveland. That explorer to always afraid of competition and it does the chicken out of context not that. I would definitely matters to me I look at have on the election this is that it either. You have a quarterback you need different sites at quarterback next 101215. Years. We certainly don't want this entire conversation to be about Josh Rosen but one comparison fair or not I read of him once was to Jay Cutler. Whether he was considered aloof for just like a guy whose mind he can he can. Give people a certain impression that is in football's favorite which is that football is a living are supposed to care about. And that I ask like is that bad if you drafted. You're drafted Jay Cutler in the first round this year and what you have his career so long as you want I'd always been on different teams but is is that a is that a failure. Do you guys ever in the video that. Yeah I mean I don't. And they're. You know I think you're you're you're up just sort of personal or couldn't get dealt. With a career arch similar to cute Colbert okay they'll be considered a failure he he you know you're in Turkey into the playoffs and successor but after. Perhaps you know he did bounce around a little bit what. I actually looked at length of his career LP GQ we turn on the I Greek nationals he's. You know he won't make. You know if you look at Jerusalem on on the she'll respect. You know I think it works edged. Captain Cote was coming out he's not a little careless with the quality a couple of coming out had gotten her interest with Nokia idol that we have to work. Talk about it Dave withers and all but one for kids it's gonna become a doctorate work right and beyond the fact that nobody in the battle and so. So we got up into support until that aren't we want help grow while routed intelligent she spoke to you decrease of franchises. I I definitely do more well rounded intelligent people what what I don't want is to draft someone that maybe I don't know. The people that matter in my organization or were might go to teammates that the other players the big guys such a jerk I got a trade and Chicago. Public because that's what happened and you look at cult whose career. In it's it's the number of teams that that hurts it. Because you've you've you've you have bounced around and maybe the personality is part of the reason why you bounced. And equity justified or not but either way I mean it's a reputedly being absent. Right and they aren't I think this sort of comparison between. Joshua in critical thought it would have been a part that the church. Well everything that I've recommended that equally suited to you know let you know it's been situation we're a couple of years go Konerko with there were some real concerns about. You know how Konerko to handle it he meant what he what. Truly a either or not. You know they're nuts quote let flat or Hollywood and go to Berkeley parties but it hurt his grass thought it was clearly an issue here if she didn't like the way to handle himself. Maybe some stuff happened interviews as well I think it's different scenario in which our resident. Cult they're not trying to concerning the heat and eat a got a knot in your wallet you can't you hear about it where all that sort of type. Comparison between wrote in Kotler. Thank you for indulging via thought mark Mark Schofield inside the pylon is our guest let's just. Get to the bills here. So you get a call from buffalo what are you know meet Geary to work with him a little bit you get a call from buffalo wants to talk about this is that to be expected mean. It's samba team that was in the playoffs but looks like there will be a change at quarterback throws about drafting very high at least for now. So why am what do you think of the bill's chances of getting one of these guys and is it worth talking about. You know I actually it's working toward Cuba what will go to the jurors. You have some ammunition to cooperate you know at the net clothes. I don't know if you get all the way to say to which you might have yet. Who worked. But if this quarterback class dark side which are growth in the fall at the unit all too. You know four or five or something like that if you know our interest and it's ridiculous how he makes all that's where a lot of even march and maybe they're if you stick if you stay married twenty gaping here they're got to do yet in this in this quarterback class. That can come gonna be pretty sector early in their careers perhaps as well. You know we've there's been a lot of discussion about Lamar Jack and a couple days can be. I still with Lamar Jack in the IQ quarterback accurate quarterback who comments and run in the NFL also include the in his career a lot of something similar to what we see ourselves our bodies between Oak Park in years it would. I know there are but I think some cons and here's athleticism can buy it all while it's. But the waters of the Atlantic he's quick he's explosive he's teaching on cents. I think Dutch is in campuses. So the ability to make it happen as a quarterback is he can mask mistakes and can't keep your record doesn't get picked up she can overcome that. If you put your rusher but he did not want I want you to overcome. This could repeat that snap with the quick but he had. He can get the ball into what other but system Donald. Are still in their throat like that that bill and get out with the size so all the work the orient but if they don't. Mark you are much ball into their. Do you. Look at or listen to read any of suggestion that he should change positions if Bill Polian is the is the most recent high profile person to suggest that the media he's not tall enough which is weird disease 63. An and maybe should change positions I mean how how do you do you take all that. Yeah I mean obviously got a crisis Bill Collins accomplished one NFL caliber really. But I that you disagree with the opposition I. Have a completely different fuel Lamar Jack at quarterback at an app I think certainly decided that your I was. Could do it's important hammers or you can can UNC in the color commentator neck and Eric. Certainly don't you know people should get how big Mark Jackson. And I think that's right yeah and sort of or Wiki doesn't suit small. The that you see instantly that the paper made a couple inches on Hamburg and at six feet or fifty people I think Jack with the quarterback I think. Patton who pitched in positions is a little bit. Why are we evaluated it won't be explosive be teaching the only community and the people in the open field. But what happened like in the like this that would translate well Gregg I ask me. Try and play well as a quarterback he let a pro style offense if you wanna you actually naked or ill person pre. He can vote for what he does have to. The worker noticed Q Carol aren't impacts accuracy. But I still think he can run and at a offered early in his career for breakfast and he started booking. About Josh Allen mark. You Rhode I think in this piece I referenced that you think he will go early that much is known. But how early and isn't it how much of like almost a lock might that be. I don't think it's pretty sure they're walking that he goes I Shea if that talk and like we all know IQ you don't in the talks are you know and because people see him like we kicked out of mobile suitable. Making those flash pros those things that I go to Q this cluster may. They have chips and all football is actually it's not clear on which quantity. It can't be overrated at times but there are two of the dark. The football. But people he's got to keep them locked out that you typically or. But there's a ought to work with left gone and I've often compared George Allen this little bit strange compared to put out compared to include two from Bogor. Q as you can put her arm. There's all the other stuff that goes into play in the position of quarterback. Touched you in anticipation talk at all that after it happened so awful. In the past years and I've been watching and I expect them I hope to see develop a petitioner haven't. Is this incompatible Billiton sudden departure time in her no. Placement it just wasn't there the clothes were off and so he finished their development so our. Then come the other guys in the car. My dream could have beaten some you know fall to achieve the curtain declared right away to work on that stuff but. He's a lot countenance of video on Twitter just as separate and what are you gonna cost or some trickier to weigh on me. He can make those without that are ridiculous that it people trapped in the talks are. But also if you can package drafted with countless. You don't get the chance to result in the end up just kind of crash and burn who'd. Let's let's put him through the new pollution so if you draft pollution in the first round it is that a failure if you read his career probably is right where we can say that they for the. I'm a bit of some sort overall when you get your response to mount a I don't know to. So what's your question it's more than traditional and social potential. The potential there for Alec to something special but you're given the rights situation you're gonna have brought. Knowing the guys that you have some coaches in accord would sell netbook and to pull that out of and no we sometimes the ball particularly if I see that we expect jerk off in car net increase. They think that can be complicated by computer to buy. Or at least who went to cost himself Rezko we got Richard walker writes how poor are JaMarcus Russell where that would never. Never realized that potential yet I was still quarterbacks never realized. They're great is an argument could be so that's my concern with Alan let. He talked to a situation where it can't get it on the can't vote them into what it could be an extra reps with the unreal. Marshall Field's. Inside the pylon dot com on the AT&T outlined just a few more minutes. Win loss bigger mayfield you right here in this piece Mike is referenced a couple of times already. That mayfield. Needs to where's your talking about the white board with Lamar Jackson in the interview podium with Josh Rosen mayfield. The interview suite that we're where the teams get that at fifteen minutes with a guy. Is really going to be big for him. Yeah that that's critical for him because no. We're convertible they feel they can we actually. Went out and unchecked current created court the court recognition Oldsmobile walk out. That's leadership that you carry it and you'll but it's their consulates spilled over and it's a sort of immaturity check please on. It's a lot to charting their they'll call to click on them. So similar to wrote to him now coaching staff and front office ownership of its that the you know I can cool back down that's not truly cool yeah yeah I I get aggressive. Actually fire. But no track debut this art that whoever can get. I won't turn that part of the would achieve our position OP leader the that he could keep taxes search. And he didn't feel similar to those that we don't have anything left. Who mentioned on the field Specter but all the way he can beat him which who wrote Peter Ricky and build an office in the report we were there in the growth and king walk into an Soeharto and command respect he data quarterback and who could be able to do that with Jack that are not currently twenty early series Sampras. Right now maternal cock that he had no clue to a potential ownership group and potentially one quarter when he didn't knock. Mark as we wrap up here you were able in that article to mention a couple of quarterbacks I had never heard off as as no sleepers may be. There's a point about Rudolph that's more critical. I wonder like we we talk about the bills in this draft feel that. This just might might read that because they have the computer man who they drafted last year that they wouldn't be looking for a quarterback this would be the thirty Euro by the way for the bills. In the second half of the draft. And second round maybe they have two picks third round maybe but I feel like that almost might be too close to Peter Manso. If on the bills fan and I'm looking at this list and looking down the list passed Lamar Jackson. How seriously might I wanna take the idea of drafting one past round one and if they do that who should I want them to look at. Yeah there there's probably will be entered our row if you're gonna look say. You know that baker predicted to turn their range more this column by our efforts in Richmond. Ticket they'll come from apps yes. Didn't want to under the radar but me and Microsoft are involved you know you know what the MVP of the game itself but at a standout with a practiced some respect. Similar rhetorical of course are very clear it's on mechanically definitely walk Howard Johnson's not comment to our cell chip but packaging work. He's the armed attackers your successor to what they're doing what I expect that those who under under review it's according. I think another got to keep an eye on it like why western Kentucky public more power arm. He can work process and I think he's an interest got to keep an eye on and of course there is in Google and Rudolph is a guy there. I'm not particularly high on autopilot that would open in the peach but he might you know with this experience in the body of work he's put together. Yeah he might have one of the secret wars in class I'm not sure he is now. No not much we get to you know tell the world what he's been at the aren't cheap at Oklahoma State. And such because timing in Egypt gauging market stick that's one or two subsequent economic got to keep in mind. Well well let as the guy that everybody everybody. A few people like scene anyway are sort of connecting to the patriots. Right and CIS. You know it's maybe similar to. Rob thank buffalo yeah. Thank you you know and it's your call but we'll see outplayed the pitcher or you know what I am sure. Marcus been one way track security of any questions for us. Are you soak Lackey got the only and I really enjoyed talking cute guys hoped it would give you an upgrade or not.