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This might show yeah I'm really upset. Because I feel like I've been doing everything right. And you just exist. You know you're loop on the bachelorette. You've got no no brain in your head at all. You've got no brain in your head at all but your great kisser. And the other guys are all talking about how everybody else in the house is hard to you wind died. You do show up at your great care surges like yes you know Bulldog. I. My wife about this wants and she said boy you've got to get whiter vegetables you can't. Eight and we know chicken would have happened no chicken it's look shiny so should get in there. Did you ever wrote I'm just a moment to what happened and she agreed just vegetables would mean. I know people do wrapping what ever that's not me motivated and I don't I don't know eight non WG ER Sports Radio 515. Joining us now on the ET NT hotline is Mark Schofield. Inside the pylon Mike and Chris your mark nice to have your time today thank you. Correct wiped out what Arianna or German pretty good. I just like we did an article you wrote maybe yesterday. What you thought was really Smart looking at. The top quarterback part of it anyway it was looking at the top quarterback prospects and going through would come by next march it was that a part of it was Smart way what did you switch. I met that part of the article was this thing I'm about to mention it. But good. And so anyway. Mark very soon you'll be asked to talk here. Just like what does it what does each one of these guys need to really scoring in what area at the com by next week it was mixed in way of breaking down. These different players what's we'll talk about that here as we start. There's a. And you know and what was your Turkey about the call by the awful lot of efficient 5%. Wide receiver. You can have a pollutants. What are your time and that's what can really know couldn't perhaps start doctor betrayal that really helped to some positions which we quarterback it's what happens behind you actually the cameras. It matters it. You are typical example that it's just those who accused should be. He caught me at quarterback prospect on the field in the classy. Dude a person to run any system accurate. They wrote to the park is mixed for secret decision. Critical need mechanically there's nothing really have to work on there. What course to really shine I end. Is there anything podium at the heart caucus podium because. All the carnival rose in sort of the red flag with what with them are. You know that the coaching history the medical stuff that's wanted. You know the guys that are so quickly you know he's not afraid to speak his mind that you restores. Oh my gosh college kids that want to maximize. Income after you leave school if you want it's so automatic Michael is that all the articulate what it's sort of like well I don't speak to stand up and you know after the question and oppressed calls as well and you know consistent future owner of corner that you keep industries in the French. Is it mostly for him gonna end up being about not getting suckered into saying something that could hurt him. I think so and you know ducks. So then again that otherwise would have under current about Rosen is you know he can. Sure they might you know what some old school ownership groups on ways in my church I went comics how war. Nothing more quarterback to keep his mouth shut say that like and do the right thing to not be distractions you don't. You know didn't go to could be distract you have to sort of handle it thank you look at quarterback handled pocket the Arctic mistakes or turnovers it sounds silly but. It's been a matter for George Rosen Indianapolis. For scraps what's the lowest week ago. You know I think that he doesn't get out of the talks that I would be so aren't there. You know I can clear that those quarterback the one I think the judge probably the quarterback it's too. I would assume for the sake of the argument that desert yet Kirk cousins. I think that's what most people assume what happens I'd be stunned if you fought past the giants that each of the jets it's six but it could happen you know he. Go to Indianapolis and it has one of these current car has. Or if no commitments are now with the medical attitude to coach and I could judiciary where he ought not in the top and it. Strongly. Except I think he's the best Q he crossed the almost feel what these don't happen. Are you are you concerned about those things for him or do you think it's bin. We know it it's the old school mentality like you're already referenced and even some of the stuff as an up and taken somewhat out of context some of the stuff. Yeah I mean I expect the water up early detection course. You know I'm knocked it over the at all. You know I'm not concerned about whatsoever and I think you're right. The civil it hasn't taken out of context let's remember. You've got to question he said I don't care when I get trapped Al Ehrlich you have to purchase more deep (%expletive) in the script is right and people automatically you've only got a one according Cleveland. That's what it's always afraid of competition and it does the chicken out of context not with. That really matters the I look at have on the election this is that it either. He got a quarterback you need different Centre court or the next 101215. Years. We certainly don't want this entire conversation to be about Josh Rosen but. One comparison fair or not I read of him once was to Jay Cutler whether he was considered aloof for just like a guy whose mind he can he can give people a certain impression that is in football's favorite which is that football is the only being exposed to care about. And that I escalate is that bad if you drafted. You're drafted Jay Cutler in the first round this year and what you have his career so long as you want I'd always been on different teams but is is that a is that a failure. You guys have an opinion on the. Yeah I mean I don't I don't think they're. You know I think you would have got just wasn't personal or couldn't get an dealt. With a career arch similar to cute public I don't think they'll be considered a failure and he got he didn't know it is Turkey into the playoffs and successor but after. Perhaps you know he did bounce around a little bit what. As he looked at some length of his career LP GQ we turn on I agree conscience. He you know he won't make. You know if you look at Jerusalem on. On the she'll respect. You know I think either works edged. Captain and copilot coming out he's not a little careless with the quality a couple of coming out at our thought has its way into your idol except that they work. Talk about it they would there's an all at one point that it has become a Doctor Who want it and be on the fact that nobody in the battle and so. Don't think I took it to support until that aren't we want help grow while routed intelligent people you decrease of franchises. I I definitely do more well rounded intelligent people what what I don't want is to draft someone that maybe I don't know. The people that matter in my organization horror might go to teammates that the other players did you guys such a jerk I got a trade and Chicago. Public is that what happened you look at cult whose career. In it's it's the number of teams that that hurts it. Because you've you've you've you have bounced around and maybe the personality is part of the reason why you bounce and and equity justified or not but either way I mean it's a reputedly being absent. Right and they aren't I think this sort of comparison between. Just sort of critical thought it would have been apart their church for our beat them that I recommend an equally suited to your legs. Know that the situation there a couple of years go Konerko with there were some real concerns about. Know how Konerko to handle humid weather and what. Truly a either or not. He orders that's cool gray slack if I wanna go to Berkeley parties but it hurt as scraps thought it was clearly an issue there if she didn't like the way to handle himself. Maybe some stuff happen in interviews as well I think it's different areas in which our president. Coca there's that are concerning the heat and eat a guy that's not in your apology to change you leader I'm not that's where all that sort of type. Comparison between wrote in Kotler. Thank you for indulging via thought mark Mark Schofield inside the pylon is our guest let's just. Get to the bills here. So you get a call from buffalo and you know meet Geary who worked with him a little bit you get a call from buffalo boss talk about this is that to be expected mean. It's the team that was in the playoffs but looks like there will be a change at quarterback throws about drafting very high at least for now. So why am what do you think of the bill's chances of getting one of these guys and is it worth talking about. You know I actually it wasn't born here but what will go to church. You have some admonition don't walk you know and the net Colo. I don't know if you get all the ways into which you might have yet do or die. But if that's quarterback class dark side which are wrote to me all at the unit all too. You know 45 or something like that. If you know our interest and its literature I don't even call it a lot even march and maybe they're if you stay. If you stay in their early twenty BP there there or does he get in this in this quarterback class. That can come and eat pretty stepped up early in their careers perhaps as well. You know we've there's been a lot of discussion about Lamar Jack a couple days from B. I still couldn't larger in the IQ quarterback accurate quarterback who comment and run and at a so often heard the in his career a lot of something similar to what he SLR that Bobby Petrino the past couple years ago. I know they're Smart and I think some time yet athleticism can write it all while it's. But the water's even yet let the court he's explosive he's teaching on cents. I think that you had to choose. So the ability to make it happen as a quarterback it. He can mask mistakes aren't you get a record that we get picked up to overcome that if you put your rusher but he did not want I want you to overcome. This could repeat that snap with the quick but he has. He can get the ball put into what other guys like system Donald. Are still in their own options like that that build and get out of court I all of its work or in but if they don't. Mark you are much fallen to their. Do you. Look at or listen to or read any of suggestion that he should change positions if Bill Polian is the is the most recent high profile person to suggest that the media is not tall enough which is weird is 63. An and maybe should change positions I mean how how do you do you take all that. Yeah I didn't know I always important to note that Colin that's koppers mourn NFL caliber really. But I that you disagree with the opposition I. Have a completely different you'll Lamar Jack at quarterback at an app I can certainly decide particular I was. Could do some work and hammers or you can can UNC in the color commentator Matt can't Cirque. Certainly don't you know people should get how big the Mark Jackson. And I think that's right we see sort of we've gotten so small. The that you see instantly that the speaker made that a couple of inches on hand measured in at six feet or this suitable I think Jack with the quarterback I think. You know pitched in positions is a little bit wobbly evaluating the kids walking six. Schools should be teaching them the only chance to make people miss in the open field. I presume what happened. Like you know like this that would translate well Greg I had me try and play well as a quarterback he. One of the pro style offense if you wanna actually they can still progression free. He can throw the football he does have to work on our oldest Q Carol aren't impacts accuracy. But I still think he can run and an offer early in his career record write books and he started. About Josh Allen mark. New road I think in this piece I referenced that you think he will go early that much is known. But how early Andy's that is how much of like almost a lock might that be. I don't think it's pretty sure a lot that goes I Shea if that talk and like we all know I didn't dawn in the talks are you know and because people see him like we get out of mobile suitable making notes collapsed pros those things that I go to Q this cluster may. They have chips in all of football it is actually six miles per hour on the radar gun which quantity. It can't be overrated at times but there are to the Arctic. The football. But people that they keep it locked out if they can all. But there's a lot of work with left gone and I've often compared George Allen this little strange comparison but not compare to do Kunduz from all our. As you can put her arm but there's all the other stuff that goes into play in the position of quarterback. Touched you in anticipation I don't know that's up there. It happened so all over the past years and I've been watching and I spoke to them I hope to see develop an opposition have a there's this incompatible Billiton sudden departure time in her no placement. It just wasn't there the clothes are off until he finished goods and so Merkel are. Then comes the other guys in the class. My twin could have if there can be no fault which in the Clinton declared right away to work on that stuff but. And a lot talent and there's a video on Twitter just a separate wary of cost or some Shakira to play on each. He can make those without that are particular American people trapped in the talks are. But also if you can package wrapped in the countless. You don't get the chance to result in the end up just kind of crashing Burton who. Let's let's put him through the new pollution so if you draft pollution in the first round it is that a failure if you read his career probably is right where we can say that they for the. I'm I think perhaps some sort overall when you get your response amount. And I don't know what's your question it's more than traditional and social potential. The potential here for Allen to something special but you didn't have rights situation you're gonna have to trust. Knowing the guys that you have from a coaching in a court will be felt netbook and to pull that out of you know sometimes the ball particularly if by sea believed that jerk off and Carson meant Nick Greisen. They think the second he too complicated for some cute to see but. Or at least who went to golf development that we keep our Richard walker like how poor or JaMarcus Russell. Where that would never happen they never realized that potential. Yeah I was still the court record never realized. They're great is this item could be so that's my concern with Alan that. He talked to a situation where it can't get it on the can't morph them into what it could be engaged and got sort of unreal. Marshall Fields to. Inside the pylon dot com on the AT&T outline produced few more minutes. Win loss bigger mayfield you right here in this piece Mike is referenced a couple of times already. That mayfield. Needs to where's your talking about the white board with Lamar Jackson in the interview podium with Josh Rosen mayfield. The interview suite that we're where the teams get that at fifteen minutes with a guy. Is really going to be big for him. Yeah that that's critical and security. You know. With the typical date field it and we actually it sort of went out and iChat curtain created quite the quarterback position Oldsmobile walk out. That's leadership that you carry it and you'll but it's there it's built over and it's a sort of immaturity active list on. It's somewhat which aren't meant they'll call to. So similar roads to get now coaching staff. Front office ownership of its that the no I can cool back down that's not who we who I am yeah I I get aggressive you know I'm accurate fire. But you know track debut with the Smart that you ever duplicate. I would turn that parkinson's he could position I'll be the leader the Nike who keep taxes or insurance. Don't need the real similar to those that we don't have anything left to. Who mentioned on the field perspective but all the way he can beat him which who wrote Peter Ricky and build an office in the report we were there in the growth and king walk into an Soeharto and command respect he better quarterback and who could be able to do that with guys that are fielder late twenties early series perhaps numbers. I am right now return on that he cannot you know proved to a potential ownership group and potentially one quarter when he Indianapolis. Mark as we wrap up here you were able in that article to mention a couple of quarterbacks I had never heard of as as no sleepers may be. There's a point about Rudolph that's more critical. I wonder like we we talk about the bills in this draft feel that. This just might might read that because they have the computer man who they drafted last year that they wouldn't be looking for a quarterback this would be the thirty or heroic by the way for the bills. In the second half of the draft. Second round maybe they have two picks third round maybe but I feel like that almost might be too close to Peter Manso. If on the bills fan and I'm looking at this list and looking down the list passed Lamar Jackson. How seriously might I wanna take the idea of drafting one past round one and if they do that who should I want them to look at. Yeah there there's probably civilians and Arturo if you're gonna look say. You know and that it could predicted to Carter ran and won his column where some corporate Richmond. Get their they'll come from that's. Didn't line under the radar but me and Microsoft are involved in elk you know what the MVP of the game itself would have a standout with a practiced some respect. Similar rhetorical of course are very creative talent mechanically definitely also Howard Johnson's not comment who are bound ships that pass seeking work. It eased the dominant actors your successor to what they're doing what I expect that those who under under review that you want there. I think another got to keep an eye on it like white western Pataki covered more power arm. Equal work process and I think he's an interest got to keep an eye on and of course it is between Google and Rudolph is a Geiger. I'm not particularly hard on autopilot that would open in the keys for you might you know with this experience in the body of work that group together. You know he let out one of the secret war in class I'm not sure he is now. No not much we get to the end of now what would what he's been at the punchy at Oklahoma State. And such because timing and anticipation market stat that's what you are weak economic got to keep in mind. Well well let as the guy that everybody everybody. A few people like scene anyway are sort of connecting to the patriots. Right and CIS. You know it's been similar to the ground. I thought well yeah. Thank you you know and it's your call but we'll see how was not the pitcher or you know what I'm sure. Markets in one way track security of any questions for us. Aren't so lucky guy Gugliotta and now really enjoyed talking guys hoped it would give you an upgrade or not. Thank you very good likewise it'll do you know beyond men talk more about the quarterbacks as we go here I love the the thought experiment about. So they draft somebody whoever it is it's it's guessing team battle Lee who would be but whether they be good. And think of looked like a veteran NFL quarterback and whether that would work. Right would you settle for that career like would you did you if they drafted Joseph Flacco. 2000 eighteens Joseph Flacco in this draft is that good. I mean it 11 why did afforded to do in his career to get Super Bowl win while that's two different things to me and care that you get you get. You can do it by that and did you really just talking about the team mostly BO. Take Stafford even like Stafford has been on one team like Flacco for all these years. And they don't have the ring Baltimore does right but Stafford is better than Flacco most guys are models. Yes so. If you're talking about the team that's one point but the play Ehrlich cult colors bounced around and I agree that if the bills drafted Jake Kotler in this draft that's. Not bad. And maybe you don't win but you probably won't win. Most teams don't win but you probably won't Rodgers as one mean most teams don't Manning won I guess to at the end that's right you got to. But the the all time greats it's hard. Like Matt Ryan wouldn't you think like all I'd love to have met Ryan out of this draft OK there's a meter win the Super Bowl. The old but you should be a contender most yours and like that's what we really want is one wanted Jack Michael on the sabres right we wanna be a contender. Yes and what does that struck a guy next year next year when they win a lottery. Yeah I don't know if that but that was the theory behind it right I want I want this guy I'm not guarantee a win anything but I wanna be a serious. RB in the game and I think you get a guy. That can do you win that game. Then you should be like. I don't know it's for the funny one the Detroit it just is not really happened there thinking super talented. I mean I watch him and I just think I'd I would take that play my team any day. These leagues tremendous. But they haven't had great success no playoff wins if you drafted Jack cycle in this year's hockey draft you'd be happy. Even though his NHL career is mostly losing right I would be too. 8030550. Much open the bull Bloglines open for your comments on our chat with our guest next here on WGR. If you watched a lot of I was 8090% of them they get him running the ball but you work so hard and in the off season becoming a passer and that's one thing that Centrino which you know can believe that remark got. The quarterback when it is recruiting him and I think they were recruiting him hard coming out of high school that read I'm at recruiting trail. They went back which helped his highly ill and this had all app and and wouldn't go throw but the that we are past that natural arm count was you know off maximize on that film real Internet that open up off the bat got it. This is Eric turner from cover one on WGR. This morning. Or. Recently reached its reach. Today's high temperature so far is 66. Which is a record. Rochester is it's 71. Which is a record by nine degrees. And one of the warmest days in February that Rochester has ever had to be one that got us beat today. 66 though works pretty nice. If you were going to go. Desperately always so negative you know if you're going to Florida on Saturday morning for a week would you yet be looking at the weather there would you still be wondering like are still not be thinking about it. Would you have check well forecast once again. No no I'm probably not unless you asked me about it. You don't dream it you. If you would've. It's so vital deporting you sir did you check the weather I notice that Melbourne and would probably would write them think like it's going to be like there you wouldn't do it. As now soon as five days out unless somebody asked you for yeah. Beautifully authority took me it was the Friday before we left for coast Rica for mutilate get on the ball mechanically what's. It like there three days yeah. They're now fine. I knew I if I knew everything I needed to know. He stuck curious enough to mellow Jack I think that's crazy I was assuming it was going to be easily gets the tropics I was assuming was to really get eighty and probably Sonny with a chance of rain maybe mold is coastal region different than Florida this way. I'd like Central Florida I'd Wear it might not always be war normal. For Orlando on these dates is like 73 yeah. So were they actually were getting 88 which I'm very hot there the small that is today it right next week you know. I don't know. I mean it's for it's you know it's closer to the equator. So that point on. Would have expected it would be hotter right Ryan in Florida as a good point is that it will I don't know yet unseasonably hot but it was hot it was hot it was like we swept through shortened five minutes if you're outside in what. Hot. But assuming it was humid to tell us what you're describing that was hot. People seem to enjoy. All Friday's show we played Saber Brando Ryan missed Saber Randall what is this. In his own right rhymes at the Riley's honor. For bond Rhode Island that'd be great views on the court. I didn't storm the court I took a nice stroll down the court after storming you stroll the court I support it on Friday and the court actually got stormed big number sixty or did. It was awesome game to really try to losing weight. They're losing weight and it was game that was never with in her. There was never a lead bigger than six point two target while. So it was always really close single brand although was one Joseph you know we're supposed to we we we waited for Bulldog for sabre and go. And I am gone and you guys IDs can't be bothered you zone bothered you're right. It just came to mind on Friday of the closest to a right now. You're right the shown you messed up I. He likes to within his show. I know Ryan of feelings I think it's boy is you would you wouldn't do it without Bulldog here but you would do without me hear what connects that's true. That is true I did whatever phone that did happen that way too old Jordan nice job. To precede those goods so. Just just in the last few minutes a couple listeners have brought that up to to me on Twitter to both us and one guy did it with a picture of an autographed puck. Bet he says that he won him at a game or something a few years ago by autograph by Xena and cannot go. And it reminded me of of a thought ahead. But so we have a baby every family of a ball bin. Hockey. Hawks volley ball a couple of soccer ball footballer there's a billion. In my garage in all these balls and and there are times I think meet until we have this is just weird or public dole yes this is true in my house sue. Where you might have something autographed. But the autograph and so meaningless to you that it goes in the ball and anyway yeah I'm with you could you haven't autographed ball in your ball then. I think they're probably do. If I had the Xena and cannot go pock. There's a better chance to be my bald men. Then it being like in hip enough case for something in a framed on the wall or something I don't think I ate it and don't forget about it autograph. Balls baseballs and a. Our our. Not they're not you know it got Ted Williams ball and got a ball with Ortiz and in any on it but I wouldn't just don't be in a note at the super valuable when it's the width on all totally but they were they were gonna be in the ball and no. Are doing a little pokey Reese a different math there were full fury executable that are always at the ball and I don't have any autograph stuff that's like that right do you have these are like come. Souvenir your. Oxley all star game hawk or some thing her just stuff like that yup that Elliott a hole I came to help them. But I can't help them in those are developing just like random would. That. What I am a little troop talks you like put stuff on and like I'm sneezing and duck. Apart from an all star game was in Atlanta but for some reason I don't know and now it's all mark open it's no longer its group. And like really care proposals are in line. It's OK so it's it's something special yeah what you were you not just buying it at more than just a bucket of pucks that Dexia right right right right Jim Waldman. No I guy down and I don't have kids yet I don't have a ball and give kids you know bald and what else is in the ball. Micah. Bicycle Paul maybe small bicycle club could be in the Bolden right now. A couple of old baseball Mets for sure yeah via their now. I had. Well. Boys apply. You know a small really small pump it would take too long time I think pump up bike to it but they've had the needle C could pump football or basketball. You know. That's in there you know you wanna have that I have that you don't have a needle was clutch play how many times have you had a pompano legally we were kids. And just running wild in the streets. And by running wild in the streets I mean playing basketball in my driveway or my friend Jesse driveway horror of the Diebold or whenever it's somebody's driveway. Or playing football in the street. Beating the needle was always the thing. Noise homes and you know you don't need all these guys view these days and I did go knock on the door CB steadily used a needle. We speak even an eagle. Couldn't find a way to pump the ball is dead we palpable. It was it was the worst meal coolest driven that you're talking that growing up mill never did. Remember vaguely. Like my Mulder and I eight. Trying to construct and that like. Was that a thing that you would do or because we you couldn't just go rabbi in that right it didn't seem like they were readily available or they were just wasn't something worth investing in according to whom. Whatever how parents spent their discretionary income in my neighborhood. We did have judgment mentioned the Diebold Diebold dad is a remember was was a plumber who worked for plumbing company or whatever excuse it previously by ABC quite rebuilt to peak matching PVC pipe nets. And those were our nets for the best work years of my street hockey childhood. The Diebold had Matt's got through it wanted them to shall complete street argue if they want around we don't. And Mets. The LB Sosa and the Diebold that in that who had to have the Mets won that we they had one in our street hockey one that. And then the other goal was I don't know like who baseball gloves right sure. And there'll be no personal volatile rolling down the street of course if you score was it isn't right. I don't know I say it once. I shot it I say it was just what you're saying you thought it wasn't now what we do replay review greeted not ever reviewed it. We don't have challenges. In those days unfortunately because it would have been a lot more fog. That we taken you know. It is and occasional breaks to stare at recent reviews and stop playing. It aggression mood had possession after the shot and went all the way down the street and how soon you could start defending the person coming back. What else reasonable knowledge that that they'll look to. Close fearless ridiculous you're playing with two driveways down from more than that is because. It's stupid it's almost like a field across rule or whoever is closer to exist or to chase the ball down on the street gets possession that. Mark is with a solo mark. They are diplomat we'll that we grow up and then went to a cycle last Europe in the same neighborhood trying to put out. He remembered ever recall on the impact in that other shopping carts. No we didn't have there was an historic close enough. To us to we have shopping carts. I was right byword twin fairway. And you're gonna see that still on Seneca. Yeah yeah yeah. Eating shopping are at least sit their breeding gathers in a mop thing that was our goal. That's a pretty sweet idea that would work you but as soon as you said that like that that's about a mile and a half from where I grew up so I was in west Seneca and that's actually I think in the city. But just over the line. And that'll contreras who you said we shopping carts and it's a big boost its embassy twin fair because there is. Yeah let you know if brother. That would work I think you are to great idea that it meets Steele probably you're stealing dealing supposed to go do good you know whenever if you happen to have a shopping cart for some reason Jonathan gray got to do that would be ideal but it's. Close to ideal. 8030515. Is the number Paul Hamilton late in the show talking sabres here. I know we like Paul. Though. Trade deadline is a Monday less than a week nothing here has happened in a couple of trades that have happened in the league. Like the one between the red wings in the flyers the seller does not appear to be getting much in the way of price. Maybe we'll get back to that they talked about that a little bit in our one bill sabres are quarterback guest give us a call shopping carts is nets. Which over the Bulldog here WGR. Prices. Just for being. With us caller 56449878. Wins 33 pints of Perry's ice cream. A Perry's insulated lunch bag and Perry's scooped the value of the prized twenty dollars. General contest rules apply sponsored by Perry's bad break up ice cream if you had a bad break up. You deserve better. To grab yourself a plight of Perry's bad break up ice cream with the good stuff in every school. I have a question. Earlier YouTube all speaking encouraged decent during the ad there was a a mix up and you ended up with two. Yes Harden like. Other than going up there with two gardens like. What's the mix of who's going to reserve one just sitting there there are old Cheryl take too well I don't understand what rules and it's great question. IA was with my daughter. We had two coupons for free pints I think one bad break up pinched in my daughter wanted to try to rainbow sharper and these are sure over sure bats are bits Shubert Schulberg under wanna him I mean I still say Mount Everest to even though it's leveraged. I do have a point world just try to get along with people. So rainbow sure bird and bad break up with and we went up to the to the woman and deeper the club girl. Girl gave her the two. Coupons. And and she forgot to. Use them when she rang me up and I didn't notice that and paid for all things now I have bought the ice cream and and she noticed that. And I noticed it and I'd I thought well maybe the a quick and easy solution would be if I just go take two more OK that's what that's what it works. This would go to the unit of mortgage. That was my your quote that is so. Accurate who's gonna have a problem that. Right in their Condo or a pipe is a little half gallon how. Write same same rules pint pint. The par three voicestream does not only the bag of chips that you start on the pint of ice cream and like. There's a point at which you get to if you if you cross too far. We're just too hopeful I'm Mosul and I'm gonna kill the whole thing if I need so I I always sub global forehand. There might get to have I'm gonna go past happened and it's over. Yeah so and the bottom is smaller and run a top vote. You're you're actually already passed everything's accurate yeah it's very deceive or you're almost dog so confusing and conflicting. Control control yourself at some discipline. Only two motorist. Dinners with a solo them. I got to the point one city and they are ones though once city I have a brother in law that the very bottom you're training camp years ago. Dave watt the whole training camp experience and Eric what is now at the end of practice sign. They don't think he starts at the locker room like that yellow Eric bite me Eric you're an error when actually come over talked some by default. Opening day comes around one month later and my brother mark here by the book ball for tailgate. So we now what it was the Eric what ball and read it every week at tailgate. Bump it up a rock off car off whatever. That'd kill the bill Lloyd how tired elected if that thing. That all organized Angela. Thank you. I would now be able to do that if it's a player that I knew at all or really lightly for re the autograph. I would feel like I'm violating something. But. If you if you do like the sabres park raffle or something and you get a guy you can barely ever read any sabres signature. You can get some and I got a wedding I would enjoy slap that thing around in this industry got a patent. Oh what was this what that you can even read the number have the time right. And they put their number on theirs that you know what is right and into this organizational or six years. Published forty four's are whatever they know Ehrlich most don't. Who's this would not be able to tell you. Big eagle logo change or you can kind of tell by the local or something but it was listening about the error border. Autographed ball depends on what kind of balls. From almost entirely when you're fit if it is an official. NFL ball loose balls that I wouldn't like hundred dollars in the sport gets earlier and a ball and NFL ball. And it would signs that that's not going to tail gate I am not thrown around. Right I agree what if it's just some random footballer so don't wanna be NFL Baldwin. Out okay fine. You know. And that it. Sometimes the autograph. Sports equipment gets used like it's not autograph that's the point all right. The quarterback talk from earlier really just done. Or go back to like so what if you if you drafted the equivalent of shortened NFL veterans would you feel good about that. Still looking always looking for like your favorite ideas are least favored ideas or were we closer the come by in his next week. 8030550. Is the number more sabres talked to Paul joins Mike show in the Bulldog your WGR.