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Mike Chenault and no bull dog. Bulldogs is minute work suddenly. That's why he's six foot forward full of Mosul why did you play this pretty old so I'm learning to be in my language. Crime he just smile. And gave me a bit too much sandwich for anything you nailed it I come from the land down under. Photos. Bob in new. Earth. Under the canyon here can you hear those belong there. You better run you better take up flow. It's great to. 550. Guy wants the though it's. Within a certain. Time period let's say a TE he proposes that. Like we did Friday I think since the sabres were last in the playoffs which was the spring of morning eleven Woodrow. The drought it was gonna call the drought and people are gonna know what it is that I don't know oh yeah to be careful about I don't know. He was and go home what Jersey number. Has been worn. By the most different sabers. And I don't know if it's the most what I have is the pro or rather the hockey reference dot com grid of every Saber. Grouped by Jersey number I think it might be. I was we were talking about cannot go briefly and he worked 44 and all the questions tomorrow or guide tweeted to ask is his name on the sign outside the suite door for sweet 44 like they do that senator Ben weeks. By the door number is like all the players and of one toward their Jersey whoever's job that is has been very busy. The last couple of years because there's been somebody different players. 44 and 47. Are two numbers that have been worn by five different sabers sensed when he eleven. Hot. Really yes only four and 47. Including. In both cases someone this season. OK button. Mean tweaked. It a version of single thing all right 24. This year. And and cannot do is one of the forty force rice okay right we're talking about how we got a guy had a pock. Signed by cannot and like I said you that's a puck you play with. And opens the guy NHL player but like some autograph stuff ends up going in the ball bin and I think that puck in my house that would go in the Baldwin right. 24. This year. And it's got to be guy who is down in ride just year. Only play he'd go off you game or else I got a couple of names but I don't think. I don't think for schoolwork before he played a game here you are 27. No mom and separate that I mentioned earlier he was in the opening Nightline. Are you we're 27. No no I think you were point five. That's right yeah I appoint as autism point hole or could only you. I have four goalies you're not ready for this yet necessarily but for goalies who have worn 31. Since when he twelfth. Just awful lot no. Cook just a lot even count he did have a uniformly he dressed he dressed in San on the G dressed. So I mean he would've had a number Coco Crisp Cold War 51 according to this and kind thank you and that's really close twice and all right 24 only as you consider all numbers before is. Is this year is. Tailored for you. No he's 47. Paid off every guy we got one other I was down I will tell you just for those at the sheer. Obscurity. Collective obscurity of of these these. These players these groups. 44 working backwards list 540 fours fashioning. Oh right right Tyson Strachan. Cannot go Robin Revere Paul Byron. Since Stratton was. Tracking most notable element review to help him blow forgotten. About him but he was able I definitely know dear Koran or number twice yes the last 540 sevens are all also also going to 2011. Through June. Derek rant dagger steamy Adam party and Shaone Morrisonn. Train Morse Sean Morrison you know SHA or not and never was comfortable with that. Sean Morrison number him. So five guys ago for those two Jersey numbers is not long ago. No. Other numbers that's a different story high heat. Am. Fourteen. Of fourteen retired yeah you can decoder but eleven sabres wore fourteen. Once they were war 1111 sabres wore fourteen. Ten sabres weren't her ninth sabres were seven. Including John talker. The last from the latest Saber where seven was Peter shall -- Right okay and the last sabre to war for two where fourteen was. He goodness. A date then right. And then they retired when they had that ceremony and swished a 41. It eased when is he ordered 41 when he scores the four overtime no he's where fourteen yes I'd sedate but you're right they did that ceremony he flipped his number around forty. Right six sabres are born 41 anyway. The Internet if you want it is out there no black people are getting it are getting into it. Bomb. Toll toll at this interest saying hey if you wanna talk about this right now if yes are right. This year I have played skier can we talk about the plates here yes absolutely the Hungarian California lady yes. Okay the California under him OK whatever they see the skier who just didn't do any jumps. In the half pipe and compete and compete in the Olympics. The story on this her grandparents. The story that I know is against her grandparents or some. Hungarian. Family heritage. She's also competed for Venezuela in the when bush in the whoosh. Guy. So she went to Berkeley and she went to Harvard. And she goes around the world competing in. In World Cup half pipe events she often doesn't finish last because other girls wipe out and get zero it's. Also I think the way I read it targets. Events that coincide with other more lucrative higher profile events. So the way the rankings work if you achieve a certain level of finish in a certified defense. You become Olympic gold W enough of those finishes out of the number of its top twelve or whatever it is. You get enough of those finishes then you are allowed to compete you become eligible to compete in the Olympics. And that's what she did she targeted. Events when silly the top all the top. People in her sport are going to be in Colorado competing in some big like mountain doom saying when there's probably appearance fees. And all kinds of so they all go to bat. And then there is still a sinks in but. More profile event and should go to bat and there's not every participant in sort of a couple people. Like you said wipe out. She finishes high enough that she gets like you know me one step closer to be Olympic eligible to do that enough times that she quote. Elizabeth Sweeney. OK so is it respectable. Yes you're saying yes I think it is. I think it is all. Only in that I mean it the way the rules are. It sure she's she's there and there's some competitor from another country. That isn't. Getting a spot. But both elements are there regardless of whether she's there and out but you can only have what what what is it that is in that event which is aunt Polly. Good but it it was sleazy freestyle skiing now snowboard. In that event I think there were four American women right on the tolerance and that's the most they could have so there are probably. Twice that many. Who could qualify but you've got a pair your team down you can only bring four that's just the global rules the IOC put on Manhattan particular event. So buying you don't want all of my fathers being from the same country's right so those rules sort of error. And. And then one. But you're not. Keeping someone is there another as a Hungarian woman who should be there and Allison bill. So. It wouldn't have represented and it sold. You know hurting. I'm not I'm very very torn on this because. It's it's the Olympics right it's supposed to be the best of the best and I have gone to holiday valley when they've built the half played there and scenes skiers who are battered and as lady right I've back America I have seen it in my real life. I've got friends who are better than Leslie you know like it's the blows my mind that seed is competing with what are supposed to be the best of the best. Bar where we are mad at the NHL couldn't go to the Olympics could feel what it's supposed to be the best of the best and this lady clearly has. Now I don't ever a little bit of respect because. Eight she was dedicated. She went to all of these events is she usually heated and all of these events you travel bears he did everything she needed you to make herself be qualified so I guess I. I respect her dry. And try this fall. And it's EGE at. And everywhere in the world to do with a half point and never know. Well I. What's crazy is that big right hands and asked the really important question it requires that drunk and tried to get better at this. Important you just get better at that. If you word we get for our awkward when you can look somewhat accomplished. This like the riskier saying something. I don't know if it's offensive jingoistic. Like the part I don't get is how you can be from Hungary. At all because your grandparents are like that's the part that I don't get and there's lots of that in the Olympic others there is lots of that it can watch the opening ceremony. Play even just the flag bearer long. Forty countries were represented by American college students are. So that was I would bet that that really comes through if you watch the games a lot. Really just watched the opening ceremonies you would have. Yeah that was very notably much in the opening German news agency that it ever was before. That noticeable but maybe it's coincidence that all these flag bearers were people from. You know from America with whatever courage that they they were able to tie themselves to this presents this country's Olympic team how do you feel about that if you're from that country. Well you've do you mind like here is an American college student who. Is representing a I wish I knew what one example that there were several. If you if you even African countries right how would you feel if you cared in the first what do you know about you know about it. Would it bother you that someone else is at the Olympics. You don't. Carrying the flag all of Nigeria or whatever the whatever country it is there isn't from Blair. Marty if I'm. Really good at what it is that there competing in and I didn't get a chance because of some. I don't know whatever the fix was in or something like of it if I thought it was deprived of opportunity to gul. Represented and I actually from the country I've lived there my whole life and then I think you've got an ax to crime. But if there's a third some Hungarian. Skeeter out there. Who. Has been deprived of the opportunity. Then I would be highly critical of this. American woman for latching on to that but I'm assuming because she's been competing for Hungary and that the easy Benson now is in the Olympics that there is not. We've refer they wouldn't have someone competing America. Soul like who's who's being penalized by being there. I don't want it in terms of that there was if if to give you an answer the only. I think possible. Person or people were being penalized for the people that don't get to compete in the Olympics not from Hungary Barbara anywhere because she's a spot. If she's gained the system so she gets a spot and someone else who's may be good edit. But I think anybody else I was good at it is a victim mobile rules about the limits on teams well. Not necessarily a problem may be works out like that are. You may be god. Maybe there would be. I don't know this Barbie do you do in order a set number of competitors. And someone from another country that might be good at it doesn't make it because she out pointed them. Whether it's she's from Hungary or not I don't know a breeding at sea and held. Went to buy if you're good that you develop pointer if you competed if you're not competing and you can't complain. But you don't really necessarily early community. You have to have that there could be a thing where someone doesn't have the money to go to this offensive and I am with you look through the first thing I thought of and I heard the story hours. Where's the money coming for a week you must just maybe from a wealthy family your what are what ever it is late. And at that Mitt maybe there's someone from Hungary that wants to go compete in these events but doesn't have the means to go compete. And is a much better skiers in his home in Hungary what it would of moved out of this woman going like I should be there. But I can't afford to go to whatever event you win you can qualify. Mean that's possible certainly. Americans are representing. 37. American born athletes are competing for other nations. Says 37 different nations. 21 from Canada in nineteen from Russia. Twelve countries are represented a hole lead by non native athletes. Eight of which are single person teams. And three Nigeria. Coastal low and Eritrea are making their first appearance at a Winter Olympics as a result. Nigeria I think is a woman's bobsled. And so it's four women who are not from Nigeria apparently according to this IRO. I think. I think it might bother me but I'd probably would wanna get over it if I'm from one of these countries and I'm aware of this and I'm not good at the sport like it would have been meet up there. Did anyone pay. But. An American you know claiming ancestry. You know ties gets to be Hungary that it is is that is that we want. It's a coach Kirk. My grandparents that Ireland. Wright was a third guy at the at the opening ceremonies. Who who was it also look at American median college. And his grandparents were Irish real grandfather was Irish and maybe you've represented Ireland with a few other countries at this very very possible and remember specifically like if Ireland is that cool at all. Isn't that neat. A problem for you but are you into it like if you were to watch the it's sports. There's all Ireland. And police are only viewpoint from a guy from our oldest and regret your flag maybe you are. It's still Ireland you know I think he maybe you are who are you see the colors you like your idea Ireland let's go baby that's that's that's basically that's it let's go. Okay who's this guy. And his name is O'Connor. So. Well find an audience see what the polish speed skater and I don't know that person is from. Warsaw almost won't mean I have no idea what I just. Okay what gold Poland. Scope or taco that voters are split topic. Persecute you for I don't winner is really matter to me but then again I'm not fumble and. 20 via the Americans are not having by the way a great Olympics for medals. There at twelve medals and that's all they did better face penalties people like you but maybe that's the troubles me. All they're competing for Nigeria an early impression I give is that. This is of people that choose to do that. Are but that's their only way into the Olympics. Certainly worked as these it if if these forward Nigerian Bob floaters. Were all American RO American I don't know they are now but if they are. They probably won't make this statement what you're the fifth best American forewoman bobsleigh team submits OK well we can do it this way it was with this or the fiftieth bouts bright note how many pretty mean teams are trying yeah I think that's probably right. Solid though there taking away from America's. But they're taking away from somebody probably some other team would be there instead whoever they are the third. Korean team the third. Kerry is extent team whatever it took some others but it if there's a set number of entries somebody's not there are definitely. We've done has yet I mean again but there I think my understanding is that there are limits on that. And that's all mother of all the other thing I I don't think if a country. Wants to say we've got beat this person qualified they did whatever was needed to be done. And it's the best human person that's. Qualified from our country. I don't think they're holding somebody else out because of Philly I guess I I think about I don't know for sure. But surely there are much better. Freestyle Ole half pipes here's. What. In Cheektowaga that he fitness and movement and California competing for Hungary you're sure that I'm. Better freestyle athletes here and could I don't know if it's a certain. Huge hits. We are seven station that's just what can probably what it was ridiculous all right I guess I'm deciding. I don't mind the part that she went around the world in the competitions. And scored more points because she didn't fall. And therefore got to the Olympics than other people who would be better about it. But I just don't get all your Hungary because you're Graham once. It's just really get that part 8030550. Much over the Bulldog WGR. It is working toward Cuba what will go to the jurors you have some ammunition you'll walk you know and these get close. I don't know if you get all the witnesses to which you might have to beat yet your guy. But if this quarterback class. Dark dark mature scrutiny for all the talk and they all four spot or something like that if you. No are you sure it's ridiculous I don't even follow it a lot of even Lamar Jackson who maybe their if you stay there the twenty gave me here there are guys. Yet in this quarterback club that can come and a few prettiest after early in their careers perhaps as. Mark Schofield. Inside the file on some of those earlier. We estimate one point it was about Rosen who's. We set about Rosen. He's got to convince believe that the come by but he's serious. That he really wants to play. There are some questions about that accuse these dedication. His focus going forward out of college buddy UCLA. And so we asked. Mark so what's the latest he gets drafted in this strip is in 56. And so here's Josh Allen who I love how different these guys are relieved and talk about. Josh Allen from Wyoming. Is like all over the place. He what do you tell a story about how we could hit the cross bar goal post from is. These thirty yards away that you did this of which are only using your best interest of your quarterback prospect because everybody's gonna ban immediately think of probable war. Whom threw from his knees through it operates and turned into work. Pretty much garbled. Quarterback so we're doing something involving story from your knees. To the goal posts I don't think it's a good it was a good idea at the very least it's not too predictive and roughly. Absolutely over whether you're going to be good. So whatever salmon and he wrote Schofield wrote when he goes very high there's no doubt about that. And then you have dart olden darn old to come by its bench thing article we talked about with them earlier. Arnold has to show on the field footwork footwork and a and our guests last week was predicting that look he's gonna kill would come by decent about Arnold would this guy what's left for him is technique. And everything about him a football loves so always is gonna you know be great yeah. Teams are gonna meet him in there and it's fall a lot in love with him and he's he'll do great with the media which is the point totals make it about roses like he. More more than even in the interviews because in the interviews like. With the team's individual teams. He probably won't come off great its its meeting the media like does he does he drop a bomb we see something. Nobody will want back. When he's talking at a podium. There is the question about rose. As he writes anyway I like the peace a lot I'm glad that dobbs Brian thought to get a hold him. He does do has done blocked that podcast work some of which it features on the Geary who. Works here on weekends and does a lot of bills post game work after work on our posted an. Anyway so long. Dar real quick how long could he possibly fall. Five or six. Got three guys already who. Probably go no old lower than six. And that's not to include who medial dimension if you mayfield has his fans bet. So right now what are the odds that. Four quarterbacks go in the first expects. It seems like it should be at least three. Right and Denver the jets may sign Kirk cousins taking them out they could still trade die alone somewhere else takes of course there. An adult yet dip in Denver trades trades out of there I'm gonna wanna get power. I'm in on me you know contemplate getting even higher than anatomy and try get. The guy I want this could be a situation where. What was the Eagles like opted to write data taking once they didn't know when they did that maybe had an inkling who only light is only move first strike. An eagle slotted in their behind him. But remember the Eagles saying we like people ice but we can't lose it will will take whichever one Ellie doesn't it. If the bills felt that way about two guys and two guys only. Okay call the giants this two minutes to call the trying to I gotta get to do. To make sure anyway. You couldn't you know hope for better that maybe you're guy falls out of favor with someone in and you you know to maybe get a lower than that but. I don't know I I I I I'm almost feeling. I don't know I'm old and I've been open all along to the trade up idea and I certainly don't wanna say it feels to me like they're definitely going to do wit. Come close to feel it it feels to me if I had to bet on it right now which is different than saying I'd definitely be better to do it. But I would love to bet on them. Bills I'd I'd it feels to me like that's where the Smart ones going to be. Whether it's a debt doesn't mean it's a good idea either I think that's what they're gonna do what will. Determine whether it's a good idea. I it works he puts out the toilet what does that mean picking quarterbacks if you get a good dot YouTube what does he do. He does he have to do to mean that it works he's. He's worth that he's worth it in that he's a franchise quarterback. He's really good he's one of buy you ten best this week I got ease the ease your god is it time. It's time is it is messed this Matthew Stafford the oh win. Is that like it worked because I traded up and drafted Matthew Stafford how many yards is that is at 30000 yards yet how many yards is that. Matthew Stafford like prolific you know numbers he plays every week now. You know they've never won a playoff game with him on the team right have been twice and lost right. It's hard to say that I would be dissatisfied. If I picked a guy and he was back to it. I don't know how you could possibly be dissatisfied but our lions fans mad at him maybe they are well what happened. You get annoyed with a bit maybe it's not it's like what can happen at home. You just her familiarity breeds contempt and you look at the other team's winning in the point is winning right point is not yards the point is not rat I drafted a better quarterback than they have what is winning games. Why you don't trade up the argument one argument for not trading up is that it isn't isn't. Necessarily going to help you win games you might get a better quarterback. Who. Then 21 you may not you should you know in some sense you should. But do you win more games where you don't draft the other players that you would have for the two other players and if the other players that you would have on your team. Because you traded up like you did. And you know office. But I'd like I like people to tell me what. Actually qualifies as working whether it's successful I don't think. You know we can be weird but. For me the right answer that question has nothing to do with their results on the field because that's not something you can know. It has to do with. One thing that we never get to find out which is what their other options were you never get to know that you never get to know what we'll do you have another. Trade Carter did you we who was the player you were taking their some amount of just like the unknown. But it's also you make some judgment you try to make an informed. Judgment on whether the value lines up. Right that's the Jimmie Johnson chart. Whatever Davis and and he doesn't it's not law. Those charts but. You have that part you know how many other players do you need some judgment on that can come into play having the building a lot of that I like the idea less for the bills. Then they would for another team. That is just like. More well filled out Minnesota Herschel to Minnesota decided they don't like in the quarterbacks they have. And wanted to drafts some problem. Well whoever entry but what I've been on two for tropics have been betrayed their first round pick and next year's next year's wanting to work when. To try to get up to 3%. I I don't think I would like it anyway but I would like it more for a team that's better out there and for this team now I I appreciate. Any. And any exploration. Of the newer ways of thinking about. Almost anything I mean I really do. I need. But I need a guy I need the best guy I can get and even if it's stupid I will die trying. But I'm ready to ages ago. I'm ready to go did Josh Rosen number to go we've Sam Arnold I'm ready to pay a I am I am the guy the casino wants to see walking. That is I am rich I am ready this possibly be like ya know I'm just be honest it is volume my perspective are trying to sell you want it at all. But you're positions pretty clear you don't think it's Smart and and I'm not tell you it's Smart. I wanna do act cameo locket I think yeah yeah I don't need to do. I'm I'm looking at I'm looking like golf I'm looking at ways to look at him merry old I'm looking at Winston looked around the legally who were the good teams. Good good quarterbacks are. Mostly like more than half of the Mike that we consider to be good XRIX. So no there's no guarantee and and Lamar Jackson might be a better quarterback than anybody I'm gonna give up three picks to pick and maybe I can give him a 21. I don't know maybe somebody's gonna treat and a five to take him I mean who knows. Hey if you do if you trade up. Like what works as Matthew Stafford work you can debate that it's kind of a thought experiment. That they haven't won a playoff game what's the point. It's even harder to clear the bar if you traded three picks to get the player. Like Wentz org off those guys. Brian Griffin like those guys have to be awesome and you have to win and they have to be on the field like all those things have to happen. And then you're not gonna worry about what you traded as you have treated different than like the Buccaneers finishing last overall and taking with all right sure but it. It's even higher bar to clear. Now. We're it would be right so but like the Eagles were dreading it right now amazingly two years in what they just walk or not or what their team is together. And they managed to do that even though they gave up a bunch of stuff to get once and I gonna pretend to know exactly what their situation ones when they made that trade. But they were crawling from the wreckage of Chip Kelly in the still like here we are. It's amazing. That they were able to put together a team that was that good all over. And give up all the assets that did Padilla give up and. It's yup free agency. New coach now. I still think to a thing here is going to be hall or the bill's gonna make that player whoever he is successful. Who are the guys Eagles. Which is was is surrounded by eight X quarterbacks on the coaching staff who were there for him and that was a there was the concerted effort Peterson right whence. And that has you have to call that a success mean you have to I think he's overrated but you have to call that a success. The bill's gonna do that right who were there were there versions of those. People that might be the most compelling reason not to spend multiple facets to this. Because I don't. I I don't wanna slanted. I just don't think you can answer that question affirmatively sitting here that doesn't mean that it that it can't happen. I'm just not I'm just not wildly optimistic. That they're gonna give it. All the stuff till he got right. From a steaming standpoint. It's not ignore it had nothing to base that on. Looking at them and now the Eagles really what do they have to base it on two years ago they wouldn't you know not much. I'm just not sure I see that that guy here. Obama Brian Cabell was that guy. If the Eagles picked on fourth down more often they would woman's role anyway. If they would both in the Super Bowl itself there would have lost this overrule itself that they've been less of that mine and are the bills would do that. He 030550. March over the bulldogs Paul Hamilton in fifteen minutes on WGR. If all a little bit obviously and I think Kosovo. And in our Winfrey gratefully could either stay here referrals. Quarters but the point you know looking. Feel like I'm gonna work there war and do my best for putts or camp on the issue of control. In active yesterday he's expected to be back and with the sabres as they head to Detroit tomorrow the game is Thursday night. Then we go to Washington right yet Saturday. Paul Hamilton joins us on the sabres and about ten minutes much over the Bulldog here. You mr. Ryan earlier to see if he would be impressed even though he is not a baseball fan. It's baseball prospectus weak hand the new book is out and I am just devouring it. Great little trivia nuggets and it plots predictions lots of numbers lots of great writing. How many times more. Approximately would you say. Players struck out in 4017. Than in 2005. Ultimately. Read. Time. 1010101000. More times almost should just shy of 101000 more times 2005. Is the last year. Where the strikeout total in Major League Baseball did not go up from the year before. It has every year since every years it's been a new record. For most strikeouts in a season and it's like 41000. Times. Last year it was about 31002005. Of them raising 2005 and a half here. It is known. Did you get around to any compare bulls in that the new baseball for perspective of Giancarlo Stanton and JD Martinez. The Red Sox did get that done yesterday a with Martinez who were there were on and offered him a whole off season. And I read it a piece of the ringer. Sort of complementing the Red Sox yeah four like you know you're gonna get unity is a few less homers. Higher batting average river that's worth I don't give someone who plays in the field but players your loaded with outfielder second on the all over the place anyway. So for what you're gonna ask him to do for what you would have asked John Carroll Stanton to do. If he were to come to your team you're gonna get. Brought out the same if not even in some measures better production. And your pain unless it needed to give up anything of course to get just free agent. So like I like reading that I got its. Not my area of expertise. But I price to book that it went like Coca the seems like it's coming from a Smart viewpoint and my team defense. Mark and good. Program getting your lines you're you're fine I mean the Yankees are gonna to her but they don't wanna. The door he's been admitted free agency is luxury tax concerns and released what you have was Boston and who wells Boston and Arizona is doing their other teams that could've done it. Martinez is comparable stuff that this is what you ask but in baseball prospectus are Matt Kemp. Carlos Gonzales and Reggie Jackson. So what their they're looking at the career arc all the numbers and finding three players that come close to. Where he's tracking its funny that you see groupings like that are really funny right sometimes. Yeah I've camp for this guy I mean okay. Or Reggie Jackson right field he Reggie Jackson beat Federer are right you would think that Martinez is one warning is thirty. 28 for me. East tour three years older than stand the B 31 in August okay Martinez stands. Okay yeah that's great movies good. Paul Hilton next your WGR.