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Paul Hamilton he follows every story every day rob ray. Goes inside the locker room we'll show we'll hold on game days before how good Jeremy welcome Mike broke a time when they think as part of that on Thursday mornings at 730. The official ports the local favorite WGR portrait you'll find. Paul Hamilton every day. Every day all the tire abusing him every segment. He's Sammy says he's very very underpaid. To send me a little messenger here but yeah. I mean I love it too I love this song and I'm fine. It's just that the code three limits for me the app like. And polls on hole little to say I don't talk about it that I don't have to various polls. But I don't country music tastes. Do you like code then Dunleavy says rural though like maybe that would agree with you were not a I. I am a fan of bands I like his style lot but I could. It's accurately because it was accurate and now. That day. Hardball. Gloria what is what were these two home games like to attend. Now he's getting gifts. It was basically that's a lot of the same. And in this that's their season. Every now and then they rule on up there word you'd get a full sixty minutes and if any have a little bit a hole that maybe they've figured it out and everything else that. You know it's. There's usually a period or two or sometimes the whole game words it's not there form and it's what they arts who they are it's what they do in. It's the type of players that some of the mark how about the crowd though it was yesterday was kids. And then Saturday Vegas they get booed real bad guy yeah please they have booed early bed Saturday yesterday one that. As far as crowds go lately. You know people actually were at the team. And so. You know it will yesterday's crowd was more like what used to be where but they certainly deserve to get booed off the ice. Saturday. Point of the play on the second gold Saturday Paul. One is just like if if I. You know there are certain pleased that will stand out and there was even one that I'll get to from yesterday that I don't think I'll remember. This season for. There there's a play I think while roll since their coach. A few years ago old maybe you'd be drafted Reinhart where like three sabres are Michael what do you do look like they're skiing downhill chasing a San Jose Sharks player. Around their net. Images in a row just all Newsome they're really unfortunate looking for a from what that's a play that stands out from that your him Saturday. The played pool beyond what bully got just I don't know what happens to him out near the buffalo blue line and he just. Gets tangled up in himself. And loses the pocket minutes of two on one down low and boy you ends up completely out of position in the minors in the corner. Clay is just like that ever happens I drawn up out of it Brooke but the work of art it was a work of art I mean it could double leave. How bad a player that was on three different. Lawyers it was incredible. Yeah and just it is it makes huge shaker a go away what we're but one thing the W it. He reminds me a lot of cool cause he just so far out of position quite often. And he takes himself out of position and and the thing that it's puzzles me sometimes. Is he's in position when he starts. And then he just slowly takes himself right out of the play. And then oops scratch or how will we do it. As it's happening MM as it's unfolding on what we doing. What why are you taking yourself away from where you spoke to be. And it's it's just it's it's just wild to watch some time so yeah. You went there and watch a player go from. They're pretty good shape here to there won't go well why did you go there. Credit with all of this happened when Heidi why did you slide out hopefully. Do it's not really what you wanna be doing there yeah. So I mean that was I bet that that to me was one of those season defining appear here you know coming from. Perspective of this is not a good season which is certainly should be. That there's one the end of what yesterday's game as it is the other one argument from the weakening and its risk the line and with the empty net. But just you know I how much that was his fault I leave while the best the drop that ever was but. Him he's nonchalant and right here. Diving at the end and then some smashing his stick in the corner after that connect goal was just a load 2018. Breast mistress one. That and that's the problem with some of these guys it's just casual play nonchalant lobbied. And and it makes even angrier when the sabres on the scoring with 3.3 seconds left and it wonderful that maybe that could have been. If you didn't give up a lazy empty net goal. Who knows you know how could have unfolded maybe maybe could have gotten down there and done something in in time Wanda trying to gain since. I use you know that happened to be one of the period you're playing fairly well and and you know you'd you'd taken it to them in that period. And it's just it just watch how casually just. Here drop pass from room. You know and they got angry with himself it's like well. A little more into it than me you're not gonna get angry at yourself in the. Now. Paul level than on the AT&T hotline now with us or you talk with a letter today he's he did skating even though he was inactive for yesterday's game. What he wasn't rust anyway for yesterday's game but he seems like he's going to be fine this week. Yeah he was the only one that did back keys went out of shot Tom he wanted to take some shots I was. When these things he's had a hip problem. He said earlier in the Jiri pulled they have and then. He did it again against Colorado and he's been kind of put it off so finally he got a shot four. And he just needed to have that day off where he you know didn't dress for the game and and in. Excuse me perpetrator. Didn't dress for the game and and he just needed the one day. Since they have eleven games and 21 days they was more for stretching days. And that type of thing and then they'll practice fully tomorrow. But he wanted to get on the ice they get back out there in the house he says he'll practice fully on Wednesday and then be on the trip for deterrent Washington. I don't know if we have a thought on this Paul but one thing I've been thinking about him again with the flyers red wings trade is. I don't think that yet there's much evidence that this is going to be a good market for sellers. And the leading reason why I think that. Or have thought that is because I think I think teams are more hip now to. May be a on lesser sense of what the rental player is worth the that would apply to Evander Kane here. At least probably. Do you have any feel for it what the sabres can get dawn and look whether or not like these trades what what the red wings did a year what it's really worth to get what they got from Philly. Well I've never been there were huge fan of that goaltender anyway means he's okay. And fought the flyers had an apple goal leave. So it didn't surprise me what pick I've never been a big fan of the rental. And if things are a lot different now in the league and they were when Paul Foster expects the first round pick but that was embarrassing. I mean the predators. That they've paid a first round pick for below average hockey player. That's what things were worth backhand. And you're absolutely right do I just don't think those of the types of prices that are or to be paid these days. In the in the hockey market of today as compared to what Paul Costello got to a first round pick. Soul. In all I think by patrol had in his mind what he wanted for certain assets including Evander Kane. He was willing to wait to see what the market would bear. In mean obviously the trades or even good close to being good enough for him to be able to pull the trigger on it. And he wants to see if it'll get better and some sometimes it does sometimes teams of wait till that last minute all the sudden at 245. RI. That they didn't get what they want of the price didn't come down and every birdies and staring contest in. You know for 2:30 3 o'clock all the sudden. A bunch of traits are and sometimes you future price and sometimes you don't. Last year to emerge didn't get his pricey he could've traded bowed Brian Gionta didn't out of respect for Gionta. But didn't make any other moves you know it's. And you know they wander up and not doing anything in part of it might be what you're saying that just you know that the market doesn't bear it as much as. Used to I mean it would certainly make sense yeah I'm I'm into assumed. That is bought trolls place. Were met. Back in January that Evander Kane would beyond the Pittsburgh Penguins or the San Jose Sharks are he'd be gone. And and and this doesn't have to mean because it wasn't that in January that it won't be met now. But I'm I'm I'm with I'm with Mike and I I'm humble racing to be let down. By what the sabres get in return for came on and and you know what that that doesn't have to be right but I'm just. I'm not. I'm not optimistic that it's going to be a really going up again David we're gonna remember a little boy look at all all they got for Evander Kane. When it comes on the community and. Honestly I've never been optimistic indicative that you know others. And he spent he's been great this year in and certainly there have been no missteps since the summer of the draft that was in buffalo and in reality inside the locker room thinks they you know appear to be better he takes responsibility for his play in the teams play him. You know way as he as he said he goes I can talk all I want about that I you know I'm gonna do things differently because I got to go out and do it. And so far I think yes. But still. You're urged GMA. You you're still thinking OK you know. I don't know this this player is is that kind of law by rule museum and go crazy you know that kind of thing. And that will lower the value a little bit so I've never been hugely optimistic that they were gonna bag this much is. You know they they thought they were the Bagger maybe some others it's that they report to the mystery. Do you think McCain's. Lack of production since the new year. Threatened dramatically impacts this one way or the other do you think teams pretty much have an idea of what they're beginning to entertain and be dead. You know twelve goals since the new year and said it was he got maybe five or six. That it would it would be much different. I think they know what they're getting. I just don't think his heart and into it you know I think if it is it doesn't appear in them until yesterday yesterday. As he said he just got a bad not bad movement showed up he Oden. You know he saw his game all of a sudden you're shooting again and he was engaged in a separate thing with their games where it just doesn't look like he's engaged the player it's almost looks like. He's playing careful. You know that just you know he so badly wants to play in the playoffs. And doesn't want to do anything that would jeopardize that. You know on the way to another team has just been careful but. I thought there was a little bit more like the of the Evander Kane we've had used to be seen before that all started. Yeah Alec could work at this is may be my favorite area of sports and I have no access to it. Like what the what the options are what the negotiation is back I think it. That should necessarily but could work like this where. But oral has had it in his mind for months that he would eventually want to make this trade and he's got however many. Other GM's two or three or more maybe just one federal. Get somebody out there where he's got an offer to get an idea what he can get and he wants to have played out. So hey listen if I do any thing I'll call you before I do anything to see which one I know you like the player and they do the same for him to thirty changed their position on Cain there something else. The group go to Rick Nash instead it's only that. Them you know you'd have professional courtesy best free organizations. All I'll call you if I change on this you call me if you change on this. And probably the same kind of thing I think. For however many other guys three or four other guys that he's got a probably a smaller scale something like that in the news just. You just wait it's interesting. It was into it like up pull percent suggesting that as a first year Giambi would go we'll see a lady goes spot were within a week they haven't done a thing yet they've been out of it forever. And it's instinct that he would choose that Pittsburg did plenty of deadline day stuff you know over the years so he's got that from some experience. And he's been a big part of that I mean yes this is the first time he's on the show. But he's been in the room. I mean in and brother Burt was the type of GM that would consult with spots girl I'm things that he just didn't do it meaning. He of course at the finals favorite doctoral had to say in it and they would talk about it so it's not like. He's not familiar with what trade deadline is and what it's about and how a coach he ambled gold ball handling it. He spent in the rural but he hasn't been the actual guy doing it. And I think he'd do well will seek advice Phil Hosley said they talked daily. About everything they talk about things from bottles and they talk about things from house please whether it's you know. You know what they need you trade offers one line up should look like you know almost things. So there you know they're close touch and you know thing and of course for any sex and they the GM of the am Burks and his assistant GM he's gonna be what Bob troll wants. So Q I don't think he says they're doing this on his own you know he's a day just like it was in the Pittsburgh organization I think he will do it. Very fairly similar some relays the camps that word you know after. It's been in the volatile and there's always that there are. I would try to save a liquid Abacha to Baltimore along the odd thing that. The thing from me from me for now. You know what I'm sure we'll have other opportunities to have oral for this. And even on Monday itself but. So I've been wondering about for about a week or so Merrill Paul is if box role does manage to move. Who are we talking about Cain Georgia's pool yeah maybe somebody wants Justin ball. What I need to be moved story for pieces office team. Out of out as a replaced who assuming I get mostly. Futures in these in these endeavors rightly. You know. Cain is is who should give you the most for even him I'm just hoping for number one pick me and and and that might be it. At this point that's what I am hoping for. Maybe that's even unrealistic I don't know but I'm not expecting someone that I get on the eye on trade deadline to be in the wind necessarily. What you think he does considering. What. He has said about Rochester in the importance of them sort of staying together in growing and learning in winning and all that. Late and wondered who takes the spots vacated by the players should be treated. Well that's where our Torrey Mitchell comes in the play. You know you're remembered almost that he's you know trade yeah you know I think that's maybe your you're getting players like that. That maybe you can plug in near the end. If it were me. I since I also would feel. The way he would about what's keep broadcast together let's get them straightened out move and especially since Smith is injured and he's you know he was there all star and big rookies or. I probably would recall mammals and hamburger back and then let him finish out the year here instead of don't try to ruining Rochester and you know bringing up that so deal that would be one of my moves right there you know fight needed a forward if you know because the trade deadlines are. That that probably be my move for him back and I know fans probably wouldn't love that and I know you have trouble getting people into the building. And all the rest of it but I I just think rip it apart Rochester at this point I think it's better off for some of those kids did his. To go wanna play off run together than it is to be run in the mop pier and let them. You know get run over in the national lock. They're still OK to do that even though they've won like what three of their last fifteen or something that have been in a bad slide but there are solid right yeah they've been getting. Like the loser points okay. Along the way to his they have they have a lot of overtime losses and shootout losses and in in mixed in there in those games. In and pick us off let her. All markets like ten or eleven loser points as the Parker right now. And they've all come recently. He didn't have those are remember when we usable for the record. Read your losses in the fourth five and those next in order to double figures. So you know they've been they've been kinda just pack it away get that loser point and you know doing that so I still think they'll be OK now people. Thank you all thought tomorrow if they care about Mike offs are quite cold on because it's cold in here know it's ironic cause it's warm out. Molson 46 no one's given. Been given his number. Right we talked about numbers earlier on the sabres have had 520. Fours and 540 sevens since 2011. Some names. The number 46 malls is number. No I mean sabres players wore it in the eighties the you can name any album like a minute in the eighties. All nine guys in ten years. Whole cow and they didn't Wear big numbers very often in the eighty's like the big bigger numbers like they do today. Or at thirty I mean I don't know anybody and just. No 49. Here's the list Steve Patrick. Bell James memo that was able Mel Davis Dave Maloney. In his short stint Phil Russell. Yeah he was here. Pat Hughes. Edmonton. Robert Logan Bob Logan. Made up Darren Shannon. And Richie dog dare Sheehan and that's freight Daryn Shannon had a cup of coffee here Winger bright bright Jerrold that they're Brothers. And Darryl course played here on the on the final scene in 99 girl he was number eight number yeah. All right. So we have nine guys your hockey reference dot com you can look at any team's history by Jersey number. And 46 a pretty long list not longer than 4444. Is really rallied here in recent years up to a hug putts and fashioning this season. Back to football after the break Mark Schofield how are the top quarterbacks in the draft different from each other and what do each of them have on the line next week at the Columbine. Those questions answered and more after this Mike show in the bull dog WGR. Joining us now on the AT&T hotline Mark Schofield. Inside the pylon dot com just tweeted earlier today. An article from mark going through the top quarterback prospect in what each. All of them has to prove or accomplish at the come by which is next week right mark. We're stricter about the hallmark is an awful lot of efficient 5% at wide receiver. You can have a pollutants what are your time and that's what's gonna really know couldn't grab starts just after that you wrote that really helped put some positions particularly quarterback it's. It's what happens behind his way to the cameras. Batters and you are typical example that it's just those in Egypt to be. Clean quarterback prospect on the field in the classy. You know person to run an assistant accurate. They wrote to the park just make for secret decision the critical need mechanically is nothing you have to work on there. What were to really shine I think. Is that the interview podium at the heart talkers podium because. All the incredible rose in sort of the red slacks to come up with them are. You know that the coaching history of medical stuff that's wanted to let you know the diet that you are so quickly you know is not afraid to speak his mind that you restores. Oh my gosh she's a college kids that want to maximize. Income after you leave school if you want to use automatic Michael is that all the articulate what their albeit sort of red flags on its key to stand up and you don't answer the question and oppressed calls as well and you know contingent future owner of corner that you keep it this is the French. Is it mostly for him gonna end up being about not getting suckered into saying something that could hurt him. I think so and you know that's. So then again the underlying sort of under current about Rosen is you know he's he's. Certain they might know what some old school ownership groups on ways in my church I went comics how war. The other one quarterback to keep his mouth shut say that like and do the right thing to not be distractions you don't. You know didn't go to could be a distraction you have to sort of handle it thank you look at the quarterback handled the pocket the Arctic mistakes or turnovers it sounds silly but. It's been a matter expert George Rosen Indianapolis. First. What's the lowest week ago. You know I think that he doesn't get out of the talks that I would be on there. You know I can clear that those quarterback Warren I think the judge probably go quarterback it's too. I would assume for the sake of the argument that desert yet Kirk cousins. I think that's what most people assume what happens I'd be stunned if you fought past the giant damage to the jets are six but it could happen you know he. Go to Indianapolis and then at one of these current car just. Or it knows something that we are now with the medical attitude collection I could judiciary what you are not in the top ten. Stunned me except I think he's the best Q he caught it on the field what these things happen. Are you are you concerned about those things for him or do you think it's bin. We know it it's the old school mentality like you're already referenced and even some of the stuff hasn't happened taken somewhat out of context some of the stuff. Yeah I mean I hit the water up early detection course and you know I'm not it's a bit at all I'm you know I'm not concerned without whatsoever and I think you're right. The civil it hasn't taken out of context let's remember. You've got to question he said I don't care when I get trapped Al Ehrlich attractive I just want to keep fit and fit to be right. And can automatically assume only go to one of playing Cleveland. That's exports are always afraid of competition and it does it chicken out of context not with. That really matters if you are looking have on the election this is that it either. He got a quarterback you need the franchise type quarterback next 101215. Years. We certainly don't want this entire conversation to be about Josh Rosen but one comparison fair or not I read of him once was to Jay Cutler. Whether he was considered aloof for just like a guy whose mind he can he can give people a certain impression that is in football's favorite which is the football as it was being exposed to care about. And that I escalate is that bad if you drafted. You're drafted Jay Cutler in the first round this year and what you have his career is what order you want and always been on different teams but is is that a is that a failure. Do you guys ever on the video and. Yeah I mean I don't I don't. You know I think if you're just sort of personal or couldn't get adult. With a career arch similar to cute Colbert okay they'll be considered a failure and he got he used you know it is your teaching to the playoffs and successor but after. Perhaps you know he did bounce around a little bit what. I think that we don't like that his career that we should we turn on the I agree conscience he. You know he won't make. You know if you look at Jerusalem on. On the field perspective. You know I think you get more advanced ketchup and cut was coming out is not a no careless with the quality a couple of coming out at a guy has its wait until I opened that book that didn't work. Talk about it they would there's an awkward one for kids it's going to be the doctors want it and be on the back with a nobody in the battle and so. Don't think I took it to support until that aren't we want help grow while routed intelligent she spoke to you decrease of franchises. I I definitely do more well rounded intelligent people what what I don't want is to draft someone that maybe I don't know. The people that matter in my organization for might go to teammates that the other players beat the guys such a jerk I got a trade and Chicago. What does that what happened and you look at cult whose career. In it's it's the number of teams that networks it. Because you've you've you've you have bounced around and maybe the personality is part of the reason why you bounce. And equity justified or not but either way I mean it's irrefutable the bill would act. Right and they aren't I think this sort of comparison between. Joshua is critical thought it would have been apart their church for our beat them that I recommend that she would she get to you know let. Now this group situation but we have a couple of years go Konerko with a gruesome real concerns about. Know how Konerko to handle humid with a list. Truly a either or not. You know there's not quote let slack if I wanna go to Berkeley parties but it hurt his grass thought it was clearly an issue here she didn't like the way to handle himself. Maybe some stuff happen in interviews as well I think it's different areas in which our president. Coca there's that kind of concern him he couldn't eat a guy that's not in your wallet you can't do you leader I'm botnets where all that sort of type. Comparison between Rosen Kotler. Thank you for indulging via thought mark Mark Schofield inside the pylon is our guest let's just. Get to the bills here. So you get a call from buffalo and we don't need Geary to work with them a little bit you get a call from buffalo wants to talk about this is that to be expected mean. It's the team that was in the playoffs but it looks like there will be a change at quarterback throws about drafting very high at least for now. So why am what do you think of the bill's chances of getting one of these guys and is it worth talking about. You know I actually it's worth exploring a possible goes because. You have some admonition Bill Walker you know and you get close. I don't know if you get all the ways into which you might have yet. Nor. But if that's quarterback class dark side which are growth in the fall at the unit all too. You know four or five or something like that if you know our future and they enjoy you know he makes all that a lot of good homage and maybe there are teachers and if you stay in the early twenty gaping here they're got to keep yet in this in this quarterback club. That can come and an increase that they're early in their careers perhaps as well. You know we've there's been a lot of discussion about Lamar Jack of a couple days from B are still with Lamar Jack in the IQ quarterback accurate quarterback in comments and run and Anadarko also going to be in his career. Lot of something similar to what she SLR that bought between the park in years ago. I don't their work I think some time yet athleticism can buy it all while it's. Now that the waters and yet what he's quick he's explosive contingent. On the pants. I think that you can institute. So the ability to make it happen as a quarterback it. He can mask mistakes aren't you get what it doesn't get picked up she can overcome that if you put your rusher but he did not want I want you to overcome. It would be that snap with the quick but he has. He can get a while put into what other guys like system Donald are still in their throat I think that bill and get out of court I sort of all the work for Orrin. But if they don't. Mark you are much fall into Burma. Do you. Look at or listen to or read any of suggestion that he should change positions if Bill Polian is the is the most recent high profile person to suggest that the media he's not tall enough which is weird is 63. And and maybe should change positions I mean how how do you do you take all that. Yeah I mean obviously got to go to the most of Collins has accomplished mourn NFL locker room. But I that you disagree with the opposition I have a completely different you'll Lamar Jack at quarterback Adam asked. I can certainly decide particular I was. Could do with the war and hammers and you know can you might see in the color commentator Matt can't Cirque. Certainly audio people trick yet how big Mark Jackson as active that's right and even sort of he doesn't see these small. The that you see him statement that they permit that you are a couple that you don't have measured in at sixty or fifty people I think actually the quarterback I think. At no pitched in positions is a little bit. Lot of it evaluated the kids walking exclusively teaching him the only chance to make people miss you know until. But what happened like you know like this that would translate well Gregg I ask you try and play well as a quarterback he. What do pro style offense if you wanna used actually they can still crushing pre. He can throw the football he does have to work on it won't execute arrow on impacts accuracy. But I still think he can run and had a file offered early in his career records right and sit and he started. More with Mark Schofield after this much over the bulldogs WGR. Welcome back Ryan's coming up at seven it's his last show for the week this is our first show with a win. Some trivia for you. Here's more with Mark Schofield of inside the pylon. About Josh Allen mark. New road I think in this piece I referenced that you think he will go early that much is known. But how early and isn't it how much of like almost a lock might that be. I don't think it's the British terror watch what goes actually if that talks and like we all know I appreciate that you don't in the talks are you know and because people see them like we did down at mobile suitable making notes collapsed grows those things those present go to Q this cluster may. They have chips in all of football is actually it's not all on the radar gun which quantity. It can't be overridden the congress but there are in the Arctic. That was the football but people he's got the issue that we thought how it is that they can pull it. But there's a ought to work with left. Gone and I often compared Josh Al and this little bit strange comparison but compared to do Kunduz from both our. He has that you can do or arm but there's all the other stuff that goes into play in the position of quarterback. Touched you know in anticipation talk at all that after it happened so all over the past years and up and watch and I expect them I hope to see develop an opposition happen. There's this incompatible pure and sudden departure time in her no. Placement that is what they're the clothes were off and so he finished their development so our income the other guys in the car. My dream to have it come no fault which in the Clinton declared right away to work on that stop but. You know what continent that we are on Twitter just as separate and what are you gonna cost or some Shakira to play on it and he's. He can Mexico's like here that are ridiculous American people trapped in the talks are. But also if you can that the draft in the town like you don't get the chance for the company and don't just kind of crash and burn who. Let's let's put him through the pollution in the first round it is that a failure if you read his career probably is right where we can say that are safely. I'm a bit of some sort overall and he took the content of their arm to mount a I don't know to. So what's your question it's more than institutional and social potential. For attention with. There for Alec to stop its special but you're in the right situation you're gonna have to trust. Knowing the guys that you have some coaches in accord would sell medical and to pull tab out of and no wish sometimes the ball particularly if I see that we expect jerk off and Carson net increase. In the that the second he too complicated for computer she thought. Or at least who went to cost itself and so we've got Richard walker writes how poor are JaMarcus Russell where that would never. Never realized that potential yet so it's still the quarterback who never realized. They're great is this item could be so that's my concern with our net. He talked to a situation where it can't get it done it can't be bought them into what it could be enriched and perhaps with the unreal. Marshall Fields. Inside the pylon dot com on the AT&T outlined just few more minutes. Wit us bigger mayfield you right here in this piece Mike is referenced a couple of times already. That mayfield. Needs to where's your talking about the white board with Lamar Jackson in the interview podium with Josh Rosen mayfield. The interview suite that we're where the teams get that that fifteen minutes with a guy. Is really going to be big for him. Yeah that's that's critical for him because you know. We're convertible they feel they can we actually quite outs and no I certainly created quite the quarterback position is always going to be a walk out. That's leadership that you carry with them you'll but it's their consulates spilled over and it's a sort of the immaturity check it click on. It's about the tournament they'll call to click on them. So similar to wrote to sit down coaching staff and front office ownership of it that the no I can cool back down that's not who beat who I am yeah I I get aggressive yeah I'm passionate fire like. No track that you think is Smart but whoever can get. I would turn that into apartment so he could organization how evil leader the that he could keep taxes or insurance. And he didn't feel similar to those who don't really have anything left to. Solution on the field perspective but all the way from the can beat him which who wrote Peter Rupert he and open office and report we were making the growth and king walk into an Soeharto and command respect he got a quarterback and who could be able to do that with Jack that are you know their late twenty early series perhaps members. He sees right now in the term cock that he could not proved to a potential ownership group and potentially one quarter when he didn't do enough. Mark as we wrap up here you were able in that article to mention a couple of quarterbacks I had never heard off as as no sleepers may be. There's a point about Rudolph that's more critical. I wonder what we we talk about the bills in this draft feel that. This just by my read that because they have the computer man who they drafted last year that they wouldn't be looking for a quarterback this would be the thirty or heroic by the way for the bills. In the second half of the draft. Second round maybe they have two picks third round maybe but I feel like that almost might be too close to Peter Manso. If on the bills fan and I'm looking at this list and looking down the list pass Lamar Jackson. How seriously might wanna take the idea of drafting one past round one and if they do that who should I want them to look at. Yeah there there's probably civilians and Arturo if you're gonna look say. You know that they could bring this to two record rains more in his column by our corporate returns so cute they're they'll come from the action yes. Didn't line under the radar but made an effort self doubt and open elk you know we're at the acute acumen supper at a stand out with a practiced some respect. Similar rhetorical of course are very clear his arm mechanically definitely also Howard Johnson's not comment who are bound ships that packaging but. It ease the dominant your success or what they're doing what I expect that those who under under review it's according. I think another got to keep an eye on it like why western Kentucky public more power arm. He can work process and I think he's an interest got to keep an eye on and of course it is in Google and Rudolph is a guy there. I'm not particularly high on autopilot that would open in the peach but he might you know what this experience in the body of work he's put together. You know he might have one of the secret wars in class I'm not sure keep themselves. No not much we kittens yet know what look what he's been at the crunchy at Oklahoma State. And so because China wouldn't just give you market stick that's more to a subsequent economic got to keep in mind. Well well let as the guy that everybody everybody. A few people like scene anyway are sort of connecting to the patriots. Right and CIS. You know it's been similar to. The ground and a couple of yeah. Thank you you know it's their call but we'll see outweighs not a preacher well you know what I am sure. Markets in one way track security of any questions for us. I'm just so lucky guy Gugliotta and now really enjoyed talk cute guys hoped to go against you and Parker are not. Thanks for listening today much over the bulldogs stay tuned for country gates here on WGR.