3-13 Nightcap with Ryan Gates HR 1

Tuesday, March 13th

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Mac and. The nightcap with Brian Gay. Got. Nobody can stop USA. Her I'm talking. About going up and about choice America. I don't think you need to worry because if you want to be giants you will if you don't that's fine. And my friend. Easier victory and Ryan geeks who do you play. On WG ER. Sports Radio 550. We're back. It's not it's not Derek today's joke joke riot. The nightcap on WGR. This great game America because of the NCAA March Madness tournament starting up today. After a terrible week today. You know that illegally. Illegal hampering period starts up nothing happens. In the today. Much like these fireworks in the background. The market explodes. Lots of movement going around in the lead. Well we'll get to doubt what it needs for the Buffalo Bills they're making some sightings of Iran adopt. Citing safety Brock by Kyle Busch. Kyle Williams coming back for his thirteenth season with the team. Starwood to allay. No member of the Buffalo Bills. And again set a ton of movement in the quarterback market and or or breakdown what that means for the Buffalo Bills right here on the nightcap. Tonight saint Bonaventure basketball. Against UCLA. You'll be able to listen to that game on ESPN 1522. Will also be aren't true TV and if you're like every other person. In America today. Asking yourself what channel true TV is on your television. I'm here for you. In the buffalo area true TV. DirecTV channel 246. DISH Network channel 9430. Time Warner Cable I think it's balls he called spectrum now shall want twelfth. Which is different than the channel that I turned on in here so now I'm I'm questioning the information I'm getting from true key b.'s own website. I have channel 74 on number to see what happens I go to channel 112. That is also true TV. So there's multiple true TVs on spectrum. Verizon files. 683. Celebrate that again DirecTV to 46 DISH Network 9400. In thirty. Specter 74 or. 112. Verizon files 63. All right so a ton of movement going on. Around the and I felt today. Let's see I'm about turn around you we've got our quarterback board setup. It's set up nicely now we've got not string bought ridden connecting. Players to teams teams to players. And let's let's break it down. It really started. If you wanna go. Quarterback market he'd probably say that started on Friday. With Tyrod Taylor. Tyrod Taylor getting moved from the Buffalo Bills to the Cleveland Browns that was the first kind of quarterback domino it talk. Cleveland all of the market for one of these veteran types. Specifically AJ McCarron who is the guy along with Teddy Bridgewater who has remained unsigned as guys that was really. Talked a lot about. As being a a nice veteran option. For. Any team that was looking for one. So don't keep skiing and after that. That happened overnight case skiing down to the Denver Broncos. Hands. It's a two year deal. With case Keeneland and the Denver Broncos. So that doesn't necessarily take that out of the quarterback market I think at pick number five. Maybe it's have you. A one year. With keen army you don't take the guy this year and if it doesn't go like a draft and texture you still have genome. But I don't think that necessarily takes Denver out of the quarterback market James Palmer of NFL network reporting earlier. That that would take vis. Broncos they they were still going to look at quarterbacks but if state are completely in love with someone. Maybe it was reported that they weren't going to take quarterback that. The vikings and Kirk cousins. That on getting done fully guaranteed contract it's been report. 28 million dollars a year. 84 million guaranteed. For Kirk cousins. Sam Bradford. This is one that I can't quite connect the dots with Sam Bradford heading to the Arizona Cardinals. Drew Brees is an heir to attend to skip over Drew Brees because. Unlike Joseph here I was never of viewed the mind that he was going anywhere. He was always going to stay New Orleans and they they get that deal and so these days in New Orleans if you want that. Sam Bradford has Arizona. Josh McCown. Ten million dollars one year. He's sticking with the New York Jets it's being reported that there are still in the market for Teddy Bridgewater is well. And that Teddy Bridgewater this coming from Josie Anderson he has multiple options. He hasn't yet made a decision but he has multiple options. That he is mulling over currently Sam Bradford of the cardinals eighteen million dollars. That does mean a lot of money in his career. For not really playing atomic games. The market really exploded today on the court of exciting things and for the bills are still sick and there. I think you're still going to be looking for some sort of veteran type to common. Source not just. A rookie who I'm expecting the bills to move up in the draft. A rookie. Hands. Neither Peter. I still think they're looking for a guy that can maybe play if you need him to play. Take a few snaps my my hot idea. Yesterday. And I had it. I had the thought. That's. Josh Mittal would be really a great fit. For the bills and what they were trying to do at the quarterback position if they were going to bring in a guy to. Mentor. Bring in the rookie have McCown mentor that guy but he's going back to New York now. So that's not going to be an option. So who's locked on the quarterback market rally. You still have Teddy Bridgewater AJ McCarron. Those are two of the hot names are being tossed around before free agency the negotiating period opened up. You've got. I don't know eat turning around here Chase Daniel Chase Daniel is he's a free agent. He's an older battery type never has gone real. Starting shot a ton of experience or anything but. He's he's all right news back up quarterback Matt Moore obviously is one that's being tossed around. Fairly often true Stanton was mentioned her stance and was mentioned earlier Derek Anderson. There's Jay Cutler jealous tiger Jay Cutler. I mean is coming from a guy who who enjoys Jay Cutler I want I'm nowhere near this team. Yeah I genuinely enjoyed Jay Cutler. But man do I not want among my football team because all of the reasons why I enjoy him are not good for football teams. You brought your tires and yeah he he he mansion at the end of the year that if you wasn't going to get a starting shot that he wasn't going to play football. I don't know. Jay Cutler it sounds like a pretty good gig instead of getting paid half mil to go to a Booth and talk about football. We're in paid for rebuilt to stand outside. And be back up quarterback that's perfect Jay Cutler scenario. If you're Jay Cutler skinny on the side and make it three million dollars a backup quarterback. That's pretty great. Or do. You stand order clipboard and smoke cigarettes on the sideline I think that that's a buyout in the NFL. And do whatever you want. I would be hesitant to say that. I don't think it's now I know I know for a fact that knew where field isn't fair days smoke free property. We might make an exception for Jay Cutler he's been Jay Cutler bad influence on neatly Josh Rosen for instance. Well yeah you definitely don't want to pair Josh Rosen any of these rookie quarterbacks if you're going up again one of those guys. With the the attitude. And apathy. Of Jay Cutler that is not a match that you wanna you put together. In a 30551888550. To 550 Kyle Williams he returns of the Buffalo Bills. One year six million dollar deal five million dollars guaranteed. So you look at what the bills did in the maneuvering they've done in the past few days. Six million dollars they save on. Receive six million dollars with the according Glenn move. They saved ten million dollars with the Tyrod Taylor move. And they bring back Kyle Williams for one year on with one of those the contract details for star the tool a have yet to come out. Those are probably come out tomorrow when free agency officially begins that's also why all of these trades that have already been agreed to. Well officially go for real. Have teams officially announced these trades because like I think that's the date they can't write the canceled. Tomorrow so I felt every tomorrow it will see. But the bills Twitter account for instance her during the PR they'll they'll send out only the official trades. Were like tired Taylor for third and according Glenn and I think those would be only too from buffalo but. What teams like the problems for the rams are probably just send out one thing where it's like the the browns have traded. A lot of things here are all the trades that we've made and just do one. Send out of that seemed the rams seemed relieved cheats. So. The news is going to really cascade. We know what a lot of it is already but tomorrow when everything becomes official you're gonna get all the official announcements from the team's. Today the only official announcement from the bills is the fact that they're bringing back Kyle Williams. That's the only official announcement. And everything tomorrow for all of these if you're following every NFL team on Twitter. There's going to be a moment where your entire timeline is all the moves that you already know have happened from Ian Rapoport and shaft or. And all the other guys that report these things Michael buffalo. It's just all come cascading out once official official official official Brock go sign case Keenan official. Vikings signed Kirk cousins official. Or he's gonna be official. So you can look forward to that in a 30550. 1888550. To 550 the moves that teams meet today do you think that has an impact on what the Buffalo Bills are doing. At the quarterback position. Ideas or plans to move up Benjamin Albright on FaceBook keep those but it and Albright does a lot of things. He's a radio guy he's a blogger. He does some stuff in Cleveland and apparently also does a take questions shell. On FaceBook phantom it's called and he's on the air he's talking about. The bills are very much letting people know that they're interested in Josh Allen. Under my thoughts on that as well if you got any thoughts and besides quitting my job I do have looked legitimate constructive thoughts. About what that is and if that truly means anything about their plans. Moving up to draft quarterback let's get things started here with Rick and under Rick you're in the nightcap of a man. I don't and hey you know I think maybe they've been doing the accord left or given them all that much more eager Lynnwood. And I think he's I think you can rode with Peter and then I mean they're they're probably shoot broken. But someone that's probably more quarterback ready I don't crap we're now and it just a smoke screen I don't think they have the attention they can eat like two years away. And even more. And I think they're gonna say that Pandit fifty million that they have to pay it back it. And they feel like you know if that money what tomorrow is big on it can happen like Biederman back immediately get it done. Bill bill poll found that you know I don't know where the beach and you like to respect and or someone I think that's how they're gonna imperfect require. You got Peter took all of. Yeah I just I can't imagine. Obviously the team if they go up in the trade for the rookie. And they need to have made these moves too slowly work their way up there including the trade last year in the trade back to get the first round pick this year the trade up. Moving court declined to Cleveland hurt excuse me Cincinnati. In order to go from Tony wanted twelfth. The trade to Cleveland for Tyrod Taylor again an extra draft yes. They have strung together you go back to Sammy Watkins Ronald Darby those notes. Continuing to build all this. War chest of assets in order to move up in the draft. So I think it's clear that they are going to do that and that means they're putting all of their aegs in the rookie basket which. I think if your new G I'm your new coach will be the second season obviously. But that's kind of the way that you wanna deal. You wanna be able to pick the guy hand picked the guy that you want. If Cleveland takes guy won and you're able to move it two or three. And you are able to take the second guy off the board. You probably feel okay with that. It's not. Picking the guy you want necessarily especially if Cleveland and it's up taking the guy that you have number one on your quarterback board. We still feel pretty gut. About the guys that are coming out in this draft I would think so your on your eggs and have to ask I just have a tough time believing that. They would roll with just the rookie. And Peterman. I do think this this regime. Sean McDermott they strike me as the type of people who would want a veteran tight in there someone who has had experience in the NFL in quarterback room. To assist these guys. Not just have a second year quarterback. Hands. The rookie I think they do want a veteran in the room to help bring these guys long guys who abandoned situations before. Guys who have rat and a fellow defense has before. To be able to help these guys Peerman included. Role as quarterbacks how would be I'd be pretty shocked if they rolled into camp will just Peter men. A rookie and a couple camp arms would be happy color me shocked and. I don't know if I would be shocked because Dave are ready surprised me with Nate and Pete and I didn't I would have been stunned. Cup couple months ago when Brad before they started Peerman over Tyrod Taylor and they did it they clearly think hire ten that I think a lot of people do. Seoul would be crazy to me to see them bring in. Peter men when you've got it figured they end up getting like Josh Rosen who most people are calling most NFL ready guy. All of these quarterbacks maybe they just say you ought. We like Peter and we think he's pretty good. If Rosen isn't ready were fine with him starting a couple games of the beginning of the season and me they bring in a veteran like a really low level one. The DDB TJ Yates last season. Like a guy that you know was like the third best quarterback. But he is a veteran tight I don't even know it wouldn't economic thinking about names like that were now because. I'm still in the position you're in. I would expect them to and want them to go out and get. I'd at least a decent veteran like we have more or at these guys we've been talking about. Yeah I just IE and I've I can't see I think Toyota wanna decent battery until just. I mean I don't I don't and kind of what you want as well about Peter. I didn't not expect Peter in to really get starts. Last season with Tyrod Taylor round. But it ended up happening it was a complete disaster. I certainly don't think that means the people in this organization have given up on him. And wouldn't want to see what he could potentially do a guy and as a quarterback if there are certain. That the rookie isn't ready they don't want to rush the rookie out there I mean they they think to themselves you know what we still had to Seymour. From Peter may and we need to see what he can do online gaming action if he's going to be the guy that. We project is our long term backup maybe. They're going to be. Controlling his rights for another three years after this and and maybe it's you bring in the battering for one year and he's there he's helping these guys at nine. The rookie does well so. You just give the greens and he takes the job over Peterman does well enough to where you feel comfortable with him being your backup that the following year. It would be. Peterman. QB to appearance QB to last year. And so you're right and maybe they do roll in with Peter may just be QB too because they essentially rolled. With only Tyrod Taylor and Peter and last year brought Taylor was the veteran type you could say but you did have QB to meet in Peterman. And they started camp in the pre season with him being the third right and it's probably getting any homes clamoring for TJ Yates to be the backcourt that remember he gets hurt. And they thought. That they were gonna be fine going with Peter menace the second quarterback in not really having a quarterback after that would Joseph Webb throwing a lot of special teams he was. He was listed as a quarterback on this kind of lead to disaster. Quarterback that was coming in league that they had to. Real quarterbacks and they thought it that he could do that for the whole season and not have to go out and get another backup quarterback as they trusted Peerman. At least enough. To be the number two guy on the team that was competitive throughout the season and that they even took it a step further and started him in the game. Knowing that Tyrod Taylor right isn't injury away from the computer and being your starting quarterback as a rookie as a fifth rounder in their product. And you're fine with debt and they were willing to have to do that if they had to and they did have to do it one game made the play against the colts. And whether they outlook that you're not because of the weather that game. Because maybe if it's perfect weather and acting maybe you don't beat the Indianapolis Colts would need to Peerman and so maybe they dodged a little bit of a bullet there. But they've proven a couple times now. That they have faith in this in this quarterbacking need to Biederman that. What's trending as they think he's the long term backup quarterback here. I I would agree with you Nate they would agree with you and ski. He tends to know more about these things. And argue it a 30551888550. To fight if your phone number steered the quarterback moves they came down today that came cascading. Would you think of those. Kirk cousins officially going to the Minnesota Vikings. That team now making it clear that they are pushing for a Super Bowl they feel that they are just that one position away from being a team. That is a Super Bowl. They were Super Bowl contender last year during the NFC championship game they got blown out certainly. By the Eagles blah. I think you look at the NFC last year it was down. The saints. The Eagles. Aaron Rodgers around the Packers will always be a contender in the NFC. But they felt that they were this one piece away so they bring in the quarterback. And wool we'll see how that works out they did there was just say it's a pretty big signing in our division. Over the past couple minutes ago. All right well wolf what will bring that when we get back from the break here signing big signing our division. Jill have that for you get back Johnny B Osce right gates the nightcap WG. You know right now Chris Ballard knows that he has I'd say ten to twelve significant. Holes on his team significant. Having the third pick in the draft and take it let's say Brantley show would be great. But having the 1222. And 65 picks in the draft. My belief eyes far more desirable for Chris Ballard that having one heck of a potential edge pass rusher. At three. That's Peter K. He's heard. Talking about politics. Meanwhile the bills. Trade partners the team that they contain go away. That's another Benjamin Albright. Yes something that he's been saying is that it's the bills and colts have had conversations. About what's the trade up from twelve to three. Tony would probably be involved there. So that's that's all coming together and of course earlier today there was the report from. Charles Robinson of Yahoo! league source telling Yahoo! Sports. The bills will export trade scenarios to move into the top five picks in the NFL draft. Talks are expected to materialize. After first week of free agency. And intensify. At the Orlando. Owners' meetings and this is something I brought up yesterday and that was part of Peter king's. Thoughts in his and I am QBP's. And that was how teams really discuss trading. And how they get trades done today it was examining why teams. It appears that leads to why it seems that way that there are so many more trades happening in the NFL today. And of course you can always point to the fact that the younger GMs are coming in. These are energy funds have typically grown up with fantasies or mad in. Aunts. Could be a little more trade happy but it's also the technology and communication. And being able to stay in Constant Contact within another team. Without having to pick up a phone and stay in one location and hash things out that way. He can continue to do your daily activities. You can go to yoga. Have a message from other GM afterwards and respond to a fairly quickly. You can go scout quarterback go to their pro day there's probably going to be other GMs there they're having conversations went. It may be the colts GM isn't there because he's not really scouting. Quarterbacks pro day. You can still shoot him a message. Just with but the taxed. So the way that these GMs are communicating. That's part of the reason. That people are. Coming down with the conclusion that more trades are happening and the fact that there are more buddy buddy. Apparently. I think you look at. The two trades at the bills have made. I think both sides of those deals. General we are happy with their return. I was reading last night just scouring through Twitter trying to look for some bad angle. Fan reaction. To the trade of core decline in the fact that they drop down nine spots. They want the trade. They robbed the trade from there and because they look according glass and they see a good player. They see eighth starting quality tackle on a team last year that have a lot of difficulty. Protecting the quarterback after they've Andrew Whitworth. Even free agency to go to the Alley brands. So they view a guy and they think wow this is an upgrade. This is a guy that has played left tackle in the league before has done fairly successful at it and if he's able to remain healthy. And that's good pick up. You know we had to do was beat and trade pacts we swapped a couple of picks removal from the sixth round in the fifth round we dropped nine picks in the first round and we get a player. So from Bengals fans they really. The the Twitter. Reaction of the two teams are kind of similar. Because you had bill stands. Talking about well competent moves from the front office. And this is different this is a change. A lot of sentiment from bad angles fans were similar. And the same thing with the Tyrod Taylor trade. Listening to Karen carbon yesterday he was on the show with Mike show open the bulldogs. He was talking about generally. Cleveland Browns fans were pretty happy with the Tyrod Taylor trade the understand these probably are going to be there long term quarterback. But he represents something that they haven't had an while at the stable quarterback who's not going to turn over the ball at all and and won't be the reason why they lose games and all they did was lose a third round pick for it and her team loaded with draft picks and draft capital. And us over here and also land we think well. The bills got rid of a couple players they got rid of a quarterback. Who wasn't really in their future plans whatsoever. Probably wasn't even going to be on the roster in the coming season and was able to parlay that into a third peck. And those are only two examples. But it seems that may be just embrace of these case but generally these GM's now. Both sides can typically feel happy with the deal. And you examine these trades a few years from now and that's when you really nailed down the winners and losers if you're into that. But as of right now you stand at a point with these teams if you're asking browns fan what they think about the trade with Tyrod Taylor I think they would tell you they're pretty happy with that. If you're asking Bengals fan what they thought about the trade with according Klein I think they would tell you they're pretty happy with it. Hands mercy near buffalo thinking while the bills are setting themselves up to be able to make the move for the quarterback at the top of the draft. I think there's a lot of people here in buffalo who are satisfied with that. It'll three. 0551888. By fifty to 550 total free 18885222550. I think I just said that phone number twice. Let's go to Tim in buffalo. HM it's going on in the nightcap. The man what's up. I would wondered if you all of you think the bill might possibly moved up to twelve. To set it all went for quarterbacks and I'd look at it and potentially. Gonna go out and off with Arnold mayfield. Alan Rosen. I'm maybe that don't sit back at twelve people their picks and hope one of them guys all. I think there's a good chance you're gonna have bad habit of the bill jump off anyways somebody's going to be like that like the game. I'd I just think that the bells and where they're at right now especially with today not only getting one of these veteran. High higher and veteran like Bradford cousins. Who also keen home. I think they don't wanna be a position where if they're sitting back on draft day and kind of lighting the board faulted them. They don't wanna be stuck in a position where they're taking the fourth fifth sixth best quarterback. Off the board could potentially have teams the Miami Dolphins are still in front of them. The jets the Broncos still might take your quarterback the browns. I think they wanna get into a position where there's not so many quarterback needy teams potentially had a band. And having other teams think about trading ahead of them as well because it's so clear right now that the bills are and cornerback market in the draft. And I would say this the Tim's point if they had to waited till draft night to make the street. If they if they targeted the same Lamar Jackson is the guy they want they want and over the Mark Jackson and get a draft night they don't make this trade yesterday. Because the only way I think you do that is you wait until draft night you see how the quarterback start shaping out where they start going and then it. Then you trip to twelve to get. The Mark Jackson if that's who you want doing to trade now the only way you everything you do that is to making other traders think to get even higher. It doesn't make any sense adding to trip to twelve a month and a half for the draft if that is where you wanna take the quarterback. I. I think stem to crush your point or anything I just think you look at all the signs of what the bills and doing going back to once. Science excuse me that brand being it's taken overs GM. And it can mean just looks like all signs ago. They're moving up to have to grab the court the way that he talks about. The quarterback the franchise quarterback understand that this is a quarterback driven league. He says all of those things he says the all the right things when it comes to the to the quarterback. And now. Is it just I don't think they wanna be in a position where. The not necessarily picking up scraps and like Mike likes to say to me when I. Go on and save them quit if the bills draft Josh Allen we don't really know. Who of these quarterbacks and they don't now they have their educate us extremely educated guesses who's gonna go to to be successful. And who's gonna go on to be a bust the situation you come into the coaching that you get the type of offense that coach builds around you the tail and around you. All contributes to the fact. If you are going to be a success. In this league as a quarterback. So there's a lot more contributing factors than just. Obviously going shopping getting your guy in the bills could maybe. Look at someone had twelve and think maybe if they are so well with Joshua Allen. Maybe that someone who can drop because this is the salt personal for me my quarterback rankings Rosen. Darn old in me field all fields of meat like they would be drafted before an island but Allen does have. The tools. That teams fall in love. The big arm he's six foot five. He can move around he's athletic. So maybe a team falls involved with that. And decides to take Allen in front of one of those guys but to me right now. The top three guys are rose in darn old and meet mayfield. And I think the bills would wanna be in a position to get one of the top three guys and not have to end up with the scraps of Alan Moore Jackson or her Mason Rudolph for Kyle Alba. I think they wanna go get one of the top guys I think that's what the government for. You know 30551888. By fifty to five if you ask a direction buffalo as well Richard on the nightcap. Good evening you know what looking at peace treason and what's happening before the draft. Biggest part for me where I applaud Brandon being. It's the kind of guy that I guess who the waiting for since Bill Polian to get work out of trade is not only. You know if you make these blows. But he's I think it'll wait he's making equitable deal would team got to get caught up against something with the international medial aspect of your sphere. This morning at sea are reporting alive they're talking about Tyrod Taylor as the elite quarterbacks. It's gonna make the browser immediately batter what which has struggled though are talking about his percentage of top quarterback that throwing interceptions. What do you know people evolve or go if you have almost any other capable quarterback. If they win their checks and they'll play Afghans because we needed points how many times during the year or would that Cincinnati is. So I applied being because people that report oak face. He's vacant field they obviously apple planned ugly the other. You know the the joke you know Joker while that we have for twenty years and so that. What you had that I don't think we're done. I mean there's there's got to be other player that. Other feel things we don't even go out and as we are closer to expect you to draft right. Are under what imports that because I wanna it would be next move going to be. Yeah I think there's a lot of fans that feel that way that he is coming here and one of the things. I'll probably repeat this million times but one one of the things that I've really enjoyed. A ball this marriage between brand and beaten. And Sean McDermott so far as its its its very young right I mean being came into the job less than a year ago. McDermott has been here for about fourteen months now. But it seems that they there's a plan. And that they're taking steps to execute that plan. As opposed to just putting a little bit of a band aid solution. Over things. And trying to figure out. How would just make the team batter in the short term. It seems that they're taking the long term approach. And that goes way if shedding Abacha salary. They're taking up a ton of that cap money this year. But what's happening after this year is the fact that they're going to have a huge amount of cap space. In next off season and maybe if you get that rookie quarterback that's why I think they're gunning for the rookie quarterback this year. Is because there are going to have this cap space. You get the rookie quarterback. You see what he's got per year you figure out what she needs to be successful. And and Baxter have all this cap space through trades through free agency you're going to you bring in weapons for the guy. Absolutely. And making having a player and shouldn't shock us but I get it off or they're. That we do I mean. To look at what they think it would tie Iraq battling to look at quarterback and obviously a bit but basically what they would sickly dollar. Citing voted what that it's become a Williams. We had lately look around money like Seattle legal it was result goes our. And you know I'd love to be as strict nobody would talk Whaley because you know you might expect the dollar go about this kinda wonder why. Arguable that it particularly like there's that picture they have with the sort of break because he probably threw money around like. It goes like this if that is just I mean it's just a different feeling for alarm are so rare to see that there is a plant. And I think you know maybe your crisis that's happening it should be an exciting next few weeks. Yeah definitely man and you know. The draft to be here tomorrow. And the draft night. It's going to be one the most exciting fights for bill stands to calm. In years. I mean coming into the draft last year and we we do our little draft team that one of the callers called in. Magic to me show you last year. About you know you're you can lie about the draft get what you bodies together. Everyone writes down there name of their pro objected peck on a piece of patriots rolled bought into the pot throw the name of the pot and then. Whoever wins what's the pot you know Robert gas is the right. So excited for the draft last year. They traded down. And I know there are people out there that disappointed in the trade down because the bills can have a quarterback now and maybe Patrick Holmes traditional and Watson. But I was excited when they traded down because. To meet that was one of the first signs. Of a long term plan from this regime was the fact that it was it. Okay we're going to make a move we're going to draft a player for this year because that's the best player on the board available. No it was a sign that there was a longer term plan. In place and they're willing to delay. The instant gratification. Of drafting a guy yet tan dropping down seventeen spots having another team come up and draft a quarterback. Because there was a longer term plan now. They do have to fulfill that plan. And they do you have to get up in my opinion to the top three the top five. Wherever it takes for them to get their choice of one of the top two quarterbacks. And go get that guy. Because western they have that opportunity. They had their opportunity to choose the second quarterback off the board. I want them to have that this year you get to choose a second quarterback off the board I think the browns. They have to know the same thing about the bills that we all do that pretty much everyone knows that there are moving up there are gunning for cornerback. So if you're the browns you want your choice that quarterback. Well you better take that one because the bills might be moving up to two or three to take their guy if your guys Joshua Allen. And you the reason he brought Tyrod Taylor and is because maybe you want him for a year maybe two years before Josh Allen fully develops. You probably still get that four. We are not going to have your choice of Arnold rose in mayfield Allen. The bills are probably gonna move all in there somewhere and take on the most most experts. It'll 30551888. Fight 52550. The phone numbers here the nightcap jealousy now. Got to true TV on in here. If you missed my my channels of view if you're looking for a true TV's still. Because Bonaventure will be on later. DirecTV. Channel 248. Time Warner Cable channel 112. Verizon files. 683 and DISH Network 9430. Of the channels for true TV right now. Bradford up on ally you. 33. To 28. Just beginning the second half and if you're looking for NCAA coverage. That's over and ESPN 1520. And effort the saint Bonaventure UCLA game will be starting in ninety. What percentage of the people listening right now knows what allies used it for. What percentage of people in this radio Booth right now. Not separated by glass that separates you and I know is what ally Long Island University. Long Island University Brooklyn Brooklyn on Long Island Brooklyn's like a subset of Long Island right now that I would usher at that sounds right that that's I think that is correct in the arteries and I think I know that is because I figured Bulldog mentioned that earlier. Ally you got the Long Island University Brooklyn. Yes all right all right I guess I didn't know that subliminal. Are gonna come back we'll talk more about the quarterbacks I do wanna give my take on this Josh Illinois. If I've got the fear bunker the job you don't hear bunker. So I want to give them my take on that because I. Think it's smoke I think it's not street. Plus that he was a bunker. Overnight polls and outdoors coming down smoke spoke to how to smoke detector. And that was why here I got it now. Our Hitler gonna get out here it's and I kept crying gates charity classic in Florida and WGR. You elected got. That's your quote cooking up. Extremely comfortable with. That you will be able to change the strategy that your going to take on offense to maximize that player's ability and skill that the key phrase is a adaptability. That is award sharp. Sharp football analysis has interview with Mike show open the bulldogs on demand at WGR 550 dot com on demand audio brought to you by northwest savings bank. Make the switch to north west and get back to living. So think about your best bulls tonight a wide I went the last segment I was going to mentioned the jets. They signed someone beside true main Johnson cornerback. Here that is breaking news even though the news broke about a half hour ago. We're not quite here on the nightcap but won't get you the news and actually. At some point we'll get to the news that's actually the slogan for the show and we'll get to the new eventually. What did you than it is of actually. Yes so it's remained Johnson he signed a contract with the New York Jets. Fifteen million dollars a year. Yeah more details on that contract jailers it is not a risk there's no term from what I saw but I did he will make him the second highest paid quarterback in NFL. So there goes Jermaine Johnson who is franchise tagged with the LA rams last year making sixteen million dollars. Under the franchise tag. He is expected to sign tomorrow night official. What do all these deals that are expected to happen tomorrow. Just all got avoid it now last year and it was just a whole new news cycle of different things happening. Kirk cousins signs he doesn't actually signed with the the vikings he cites the jets the dells they never actually signed starlet to allay. He's gonna sideways at. Someone who needs defensive tackle well the bills and actually treat Tyrod Taylor they'll never actually traded Tyrod Taylor smokescreen. I don't know what they would be small screening. Like I know on this is officially. And is being absurd all of this is obviously going to happen. The jets are expected to sign cornerback humane Johnson he deals worth roughly fifteen million per year. You know you go round and you see the different fan reaction the jets fans be they were not the were not happy people today. Obviously. Jets fans were hoping that they are going to be in on the Kirk cousins sweepstakes. I just never bought that. Especially when you're gonna have Minnesota offering three years. Fully guaranteed. Only Kirk cousins to calm I'll. In his age 32 season. If he does. What he could be capable of doing in Minnesota mr. Barton Biggs and the lane Kyle Rudolph. The offensive line Galvin talk. The weapons that he has there. He is looking that we talk about Sam Bradford he got paid a lot of money is career earnings. Will be talking about Kirk cousins career earnings at the end of his career. He's gone back to back seasons. Under the franchise tag. Getting paid in the high twenties millions. And now he is going to get 28 million guaranteed. For three straight seasons 84 million dollars guaranteed. For. Three seasons of play. And then have the potential to go up there again. Maybe at that point don't take a longer term deal because you want to have more stability into the end of his career. But man the quarterback market is going to be interesting now. Is that something that Robert Mays brought up with John Murphy. Matt Ryan and Aaron Rodgers. Aaron Rodgers if Kirk cousins is getting 28 million dollar guaranteed. Per year. How much is Aaron Rodgers were 35 million per year guaranteed. The quarterback market and the guaranteed money aspect of it is unprecedented. In the NFL. Our contracts are never fully guaranteed. And Kirk cousins I think this is part of the reason why he wanted to get the free agency. You've got players who do you want to set the precedence for these types of things. Owed I'll back in junior. Even if he is getting caught with pizza applauds a model and white powdery substances. He wants to set the market for wide receivers being paid. Near cornerback money. Players do wanna be the ones to set a precedent and meet the league about a place for their fellow players Kirk cousins might be doing now. That quarterbacks are underpaid to begin way. But guaranteed money. It's something that's completely unprecedented in the NF. Kirk cousins the one that was able to get that he might not even the top ten quarterback in the week. And now. You're gonna have other quarterbacks. Getting paid. Aaron Rodgers Matt Ryan what are those guys were. Mailed it to my Josh on smokescreen take come up after the update right here and BG.