3-13 Nightcap with Ryan Gates HR 2

Tuesday, March 13th

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It's a nightcap with Ryan geeks. Become a nightcap with Ryan geeks on WGR. Sports Radio 550. Like play the game the American way round here. Ha. You don't violence the American like the Russian. Yeah creativity and often the American way is all grid written blocking draft John Porter L hockey. Yet we're delighted ski that's by Ryan Callahan and even Randy duke against Jones and applicator may be I mean the world cup of hockey rosters filled capsules. That's just dollars Phil Kessel. All right so we're we're back here on the nightcap as Joseph said just about an hour away from tip off. Between saint Bonaventure and UCLA. We'll get into that a little bit later on Joseph is actually take over for the last segment you're gonna hear the first edition of gels rants. When he he's just here by himself I mean EU and hard before. When he fills it and bought and it'll be because I'm gonna go to a place. Moto to a buddy's house to watch the saint Bonaventure game and I feel I'm leaving the show capable hands. When I leave it would gel so well loved here and here are some gentle rant. He's a he's got some some good stuff planned. He only has five minutes of airtime to fill so I hope he's right at a couples and I choose wisely here. Joseph I also hope you know that there is there is a NASCAR live coming up after after the show tonight. And is there there are not a demo Tuesday guy here I doubt there is NASCAR live there is NASCAR live coming up after after at this program. This program is NASCAR alive. All right so all you can you can find that clip from Andrew and Albright for me Joseph Benjamin Albright. On aid program that he has on FaceBook. He mentioned something about the Buffalo Bills and quarterback. Joshua Allen. And it's a purebred and the excuse management Albright has. We'll go trying to move up into the top five of the draft they're likely targets are at the top five of the draft are either de Arnold Josh Allen or Josh Rosen Allen is a guy that they had deliberately leaked. They were interested in whether that's true information I could tell you but I can tell you that several people have spoken with had that information thrust upon them so take that how you will whether or not they're adamantly trying to get it out to that they want Josh Allen because they do or because they want someone else of one to. They can think like they want Josh Allah I could tell you that that's the information they are putting up from their side of the house we'll tell you. That same source told me and I tweeted it out last year on the day route to the draft that they're going after new computer and they did so take it I will. Josh Allen is the name that they keep repeating over there. Josh and Allen is the name they keep repeating over there now he just treat I'll management Albright that is. That the Arizona Cardinals are also a team interest in Joshua Allen and are willing to move up in the draft form. This is what I think about this. Since. This new regime has taken over specifically sense Brandon being has taken over. You have not heard a peep. Out of this front office about any of their plans moving forward. Even when I came to Tyrod Taylor. There was never a leak out about what their plans with him work. There was in a rapport. He did have the one report right before the Columbine. Seen that from his understanding from his knowledge that the bills we're going to take time. The bonus as opposed to just out rate cutting Tyrod Taylor. But one has come to their plans and what they plan to deal. This is back a very tight lipped organization. Sets these guys have taken over. There's not many leaks that come out about it which makes me question. The validity of this if they are as he says in that from rusting this upon people. They want people to know that for a reason. And maybe that reason is not because they want Joshua Allen what they're hoping that maybe. Another team jumps up to a spot to grab Josh Allen that really love Josh Allen and other quarterback falls down the board. But this is Betty very tight lipped organization says these guys have taken over and this feels like. Joseph played small alarm this feels my smoke alarms going off of smelled smoke here. That's what I smell a smell smoke comes to this. That's just me also projecting because I really don't line Joshua Allen on the bills so it's like me kind of hoping that this is a smokescreen but. It says they've taken over there has done such little coming out of that organization in terms of leaks and to have this come out so. Ferociously the only period the only person you've ever heard say anything parry the bills with Josh Rosen. Is Eric elk. If exit he's been hearing around the league circles. But to have this where several people have told me the bills have been thrusting this information out there. Makes it seem like the bill so desperately want this information known. And not fur. A reason that they actually want this guy. But so that it's put out there that they want this guy. So at some other team might pick a mob or some other team might make a move for him. And they might be able to position themselves in a place where he beats and bigamy field. And they think he could be the fourth quarterback off the board. And they could position themselves to not have to trade up so high. Into the top. For the top three. To get ten maybe we have to move up a few more spots in the draft. To be able to. All. This is actual breaking news this is not breaking news from twenty minutes ago. Teddy Bridgewater and tiny one your counter the jets tomorrow. All fairness. The Bridgewater dominos fall and so now that shots. Who's that according to GO. Chris mortenson and atoms all right so. 22 bouts to two problems for giants to two giants of the industry. So it sounds like Teddy Bridgewater planning to shiny one year deal with the jets tomorrow. Per sources to end shy after. And Chris mortenson. There was there was. All interesting there was also report a couple hours ago out of new York and that kind of questionable. This year so with their reporting that it kind of been iffy on it but there was a report. That Josh McCown was told he will be the starter in 2018 at least at the beginning of the year. So that's why I think it's kinda. An interest in signing for Bridgewater is. I mean seemingly he's gonna go there and Beckham accounts of the year. Yeah that's what the interesting thing about that is okay so well. If that is the case and that is what the jets are gonna be going into the season with as their quarterback. Yeah Josh McCown. Yet to see the movie on this Teddy Bridgewater deal Josh account for ten million dollars Christian Achtenberg is still there with his contract. Rice paddy is still there. And now you're going to be bringing in Teddy Bridgewater so you probably expect. Rice paddy to be. Kind of the sacrificial lamb their sense second or second round pick he's still a UF fatal 2020s only 22 years old. Paddies 26. And only has one more year on his contract after this season. This is this last season coming up this year we'll. Really they both could be on because one of the jets play and so that's yachts were true yeah they do and drafting a guy at sixth overall. He can do that I mean what are what are you doing then you gonna have McCown Bridgewater and acre me field. That seems very strange situation me because I feel like the signing of Bridgewater is. OK maybe we don't have the quarterback now we've got McCown played well last season we've got a guy Bridgewater who was a first round pick. And has shown the ease of the state starter in the NFL. Is Bridgewater and replace whoever they were picked at six where McCown starts the year and meet either just getting Bridgewater used to the system. Back healthy for sure meat he is there. Planned to start the next five years. I don't know. But I mean he's only a one year deal sell if he's the plan to start that that's what's exciting to me is that an account is a one year deal Bridgewater is a one year deal. So maybe it starts off with my own period they they assume that Jeremy Bates is familiar with them. The new offense cornea of the Johnson was the quarterbacks coach last year. He's familiar with he's familiar with the offense seeking comment. Maybe get tutored Teddy Bridgewater a little bit Teddy Bridgewater can take his time get accustomed that he takes over at some point in the season. But that's an that's an interesting pairing of quarterbacks because. Teddy Bridgewater. And AJ McCarron for this matter. Law and he these corporate axle hitting the market in Rome you would think would be going to someplace where they think that they would be. Not necessarily guaranteed. But certainly an opportunity compete for the starting job. My assumption is that Teddy Bridgewater will get the opportunity to compete for the starting job against Josh McCown. Against maybe it's a rookie that's brought in at six or maybe they'd be right with hack and berg and they take another second third quarterback meeting may screw up. But to me if you're bringing in Teddy Bridgewater and it's a one year deal. You've got to give that kid an opportunity at some point. The reason you bring him in that is that is the definition of well I think a lot of people there was reporting about what Teddy Bridgewater was going to have a contract and it was. Ten to twelve million dollars in one year prove it deal to be able to showcase what he can do. And it appears that the jets have given that and they also brought back. The guy who had a nice season for them and is generally. It seems like involved in the locker room at players and coaches. And Teddy Bridgewater is coming from a locker room where he was beloved by players and coaches. So and I've got that situation. What is their plan going to be moving forward at quarterback. To meet. This does not deter them from taking your quarterback. At six would have a ton of quarterbacks on their roster absolutely but. Maybe just kinda give up on but price paddy has played well when he's gone in there. If Christian Achtenberg camped out price patty and Josh McCown. After two seasons. You're probably very worried about the kind of quarterback that he has. So you're probably not too excited about him and could look at a quarterback at six Dell. Without feeling too bad about giving up on the kid early. He's still only 22 years old but two seasons and not able to climb up the depth charge even QB two is not a good sign for second quarterback. We'll think about it they were to sit there and they were draft bigamy field six for instance and is it is not out of the realm possibility to bigamy field could show a lot in training camp in just show that he's the boss of those three quarterbacks. When that could very well happen he's accurate and I think he has that ability. We're market. Not the team that beating of the season because if the jets are gonna look at it guys back at quarterback and a veteran leader behind rookie it would probably pick Josh account thank. So. It's a very it what do tells me is teams did not hold Teddy Bridgewater as a high regard as having some of the media thought. That he. Was capable of completed deal that he was capable of getting same AJ McCarron two great Indy kinda had to settle. Ford not very good landing spot because I don't think is a very Atlantic spot if I'm Teddy Bridgewater I've got to compete. With a guy who started last season and that team is still probably in the next draft the franchise quarterback pre hi. That's a spot you wanna be in its quarterback. No definitely not Teddy Bridgewater you would that's why the one year deal. He probably recognizes that and that's part the reason why he takes the one your deal is probably looking ahead there was reports earlier from Justine Anderson. That he had options in the landing spots. He was probably looking at a couple different places. Maybe maybe some ordered backups right somewhere to be back ups maybe was looking at a place like buffalo. We probably won't know that was ever consideration. From this team. But maybe is looking up awful he's thinking you know what no way I don't wanna go there because. From all signs point forward you're going to be looking for a franchise quarterback the other team and I think maybe. Would be. The cardinals. I thought I'd of the jaguars might make a little sense for him the jaguars quarterback that's kind. You know he says John last year he was that was best for Chad Henne made. Mean really why was the best this champ and he can stinks to me Bridgewater had been with the jaguars at the time or a similar situation of worked out this year he can look that said. Got beat up late portals I think I could do that. Verses going to happen I mean. Yes and balancing account is that much better than portals it's just it's. He he really didn't have any great when he spots left after Brett for senate carte. Yep records are the cardinals keep them goes to the Broncos. Obviously cousins to the vikings. The Redskins have Alex Smith Tyrod goes the browns. And all the sudden you're if you're sitting there and how fury and Mike wanted. It was going to be a back up for the rest of his life now. Eden Eden house. But. Look at Teddy Bridgewater and what is and Xbox could mean he was offered from the bills but maybe he looks at the jets is an opportunity. Where okay. They could be directing their franchise quarterback with a sex meaning they eat they don't think they can get their guy at six we'll give me a shot. And if it goes terribly. The being in the marketing guy and offer a fringe scored meaning that jobs do something like the bills did last year. Where it's there's an sex but they don't think they can get the guy that they really want they're willing to get another addition to Teddy Bridgewater. And say okay let's have this guy let's give this guy shot. A broad trade down and put ourselves in a situation what assets. Where he can move up in the draft if that becomes the case. They got there interesting now. Because Teddy Teddy Bridgewater Josh McCown. Rice paddies and Christian Achtenberg will all be quarterbacks there. And still the idea that another quarterback could be taken. A team in the draft. All now not more breaking news. Yeah. One out but I think it's worthy of of the breaking news sound Mohammed Booker since signing with the Green Bay Packers below former jet. Pretty play. We'll see you there when power and was a part of the coaching staff there I think that was either first or second year but he's pretty early. But at the user because pat and now the defensive coordinator. Of the Packers and I think the big create his Jimmy Graham on a book person. There are about enough. They're loud enough they realize what they've gotten Aaron Rodgers they realize that we're gonna be paying him forty million dollars guaranteed per year and whenever he gets a contract. So like you know what we gotta go now. Purdue and Jimmy Graham sorry Georgia you're gonna get cut received a salary space robredo Mohamad will percent. I'm sure with other landing spots for Teddy Bridgewater. I think what Joseph said about the jaguars. The jaguars would have made sense I think the cardinals would have made sense to. I think they bring in a rookie behind. Sam Bradford. Maybe it is Joshua Allen. But otherwise there were not great landing spots. For Teddy Bridgewater maybe the giants. Any of these places you kind of backing someone else and hoping that you eventually get that opportunity. And it's not it wasn't ideal. For those quarterbacks AJ McCarron still out there. Michael line and still out there you're thinking about quarterbacks. That are potentially there for the bills battery types that they could be interest again. Mike lines out there agent Cairns out their Jean helps me is out there. Now more. Hey Brian balance out there to. Brought gosh Weiler. Derek Anderson so it's not aren't savage. Are great market anymore. If you're looking for a veteran quarterback. This year for the Buffalo Bills. Just another sign to me that they are going all in on the rookie. But they're gonna be bringing in a rookie. And maybe there's a guy that plays a couple of games this year before the rookie comes in like Mike London how he was whiff. The bears last year EP plays four games and then the keys are handed over to be risky. Maybe that's what happens with the bills bought. To meet mostly quarterbacks are gone. AJ McCarron is the only one that. People media. Speculate like oh maybe this guy could be starting quarterback. If given the opportunity. He's the only guy that's really left in that situation. It'll free off by 51888552. Factor became on the phone call them a break your reaction on in Long Island shots gone. They had gone. Yeah I have a feeling elated I don't really know the confront the but the front office right now just kind of going to go that route deliberately just bring in somebody in social for the bulldogs sent earlier. Pretty intimate look at Derek Anderson I can't savage. You know commit less sir. Fanfare. But two and keep off that this prospective. You know optic. If that's the case and certainly comfortable with it put you know we're going into the first week having. You know somebody of that stature start this season on duckling and it just be thinking that this season. Is one where we have to just kind of not have high expectations and think more at the twenties you know 2019 and beyond. And to me I'm OK with that so long that the you know it's the right guy obviously. Secondly you know they do that's like don't feel like you're gonna get AJ McCarron because they feel like he would Kabul and battle too much where he's still younger. I would hope it I still on holding out hope that they do grab them. I don't wanna throw in the white towel for the season I think that it I'm I think that would happen but I would have little more. Record out of a little more caution going into the year if we have Michael Landon. You know you're off quick question no who'd you feel. You feel like they have their eyes set on somebody that is they want ready words or somebody that date you know will look at as a as a grooming for year to. Just just by a knock grabbing one of these more battery types that maybe you get an opportunity to start for full year. Like Bridgewater McCarron may be or even Joshua Holland. Two to to me that's a sign that they're looking at a guy who's going to be the quote pro ready east. And that's why to me makes it from from what I read. Rosen is the guy it's described as the most pro ready. That's that's why it. That's what connects the dots to meet their knock on out they're not looking for that veteran type. So I'm connect the dots between the bills and Rouse and because he's been described as the most pro already. That's life I think that Josh all things a bit of a smokescreen because he's being described as a guy that's. Least pro already and is going to need me be a year if not more to develop. Jones had a cannon of an arm and you know doing that right now and helped us down a little bit better out of an upside than he might split. You know I do think that the guys at the front office has. A very clear idea whether they're going to be going the giants this giant to the colts I don't think it would have been making these moves without knowing exactly. Know how to gonna play out or at least have a really really good idea how will deploy duet. They can trust that it's going to work out the way that they'd like it to I don't think that they're going into the blindly it is hoping it works out on draft day. All right thanks for the call John appreciate it man yeah I I just think that. Just judging from their actions judging from their actions so far this offseason you look at all the trades the totality of the trades he accumulation. Of draft assets. And looks like the grown up to the top of the draft to get a guy. They're not bringing in when he's veteran guys to be the quote ridge. To me that means they're trying to find the pro already. Guy who's gonna stop in day one and be the quarterback for this franchise. It 30551888552. Point fifty. Get near the end of this dispersed for basketball game pretty good gig pretty good game on true TV right now. Lost the battle of 216 seeds Radford. And Long Island University Brooklyn. Redford 6158. Lead for 37 remaining in that game talk about some say about a basketball this should be a fun matchup tonight. I'll get into that after the break right here a WGR. There's aren't correct cloth in my contract that. Say every time out touch the ball off and sub scores. You know maybe unity give me the ball a little bit more you know as I wore out eyes closed door figured all that out like that that I started not dictate to us here on out there not enough to the uncommon actors say. I'd be outside. Why sorry Chris Ivory when you're just gonna bring back Kyle Williams. Here's your backup running back right there is ready to go he's hungry feed them. They're 30551888550. To 550. About. 37 minutes away from the scheduled tip off. A saint Bonaventure UCLA get one more call in before. I talk a little bit about that matchup to wane anytime Wanda between your and my cap. And it should take my column actually about the walk in there had to play out and populate them. OW ER producers so make this quick. Who we play with the besides Derek it's obviously Derek is TJ playing tonight. I have no idea that I really. I'll might too far it's my too fiery for share. All right Karrie and doing what's up man. Opt out and they did they do decide to. You're the old Chicago Bears saying Branyan in my line and type guy. And I handed over to whoever does that the rose and Arnold may get. It got a line in right Russia promised. On the docket and portrayed by any lewd and error what that cute and and I you don't have great for that guy. What to do with the draft and here we go out to move up. I really hope com created you the address at least one little spot. And out and document you're up on it that it you're really worried with the rookie quarterback and not putt on right now lighters are so it all hang up on the night. Thanks to appreciate him and yet that's. That's certainly something to maybe that's part of the reason you look for a guy that is. A little more seasoned. A little more grizzled and the idea that he might get crushed by finding an offensive line. But you look at the the lopsided the offensive line got Deion Dawkins Richie content Hedo that's solid. Truck truck Anderson signed the titans today you lost your starting right tackle Jordan mills I thought you know he's the punchline a lot. I generally he got better throughout the season last year. At the beginning of the season he was a turnstile Lott got the only chargers he was getting absolutely brutalized. By Joseph we both saw. But I started not to really notice them now much towards the end of the season. And if I'm not noticing him that's probably good does that mean he's got to be completely blown up all of the top. I still don't know what they're doing it right guard. Why do costs was the guy. Would have preferred to see John Miller in their considering he was only a third year player. And signers and of course question mark but he signed growing for a reason I think. You don't want to go to the rams for the reason you can you match that counteract. I think he has a role to play media center this year but certainly that's something they need to address. They need add the depth there. Through free agency or through the draft I don't think they're gonna have to give up necessarily a ton of capital to move up anymore from twelve and 21. To get up there I think we'll still be able to may be be able to work out a deal where it's twelve and 21 the second and third. And maybe you're able to get up there may be another sweetener another late round picks somewhere. To get up there it's still five picks and that's. Five players. But you'll still have a first round pick a second round pick a third OPEC. So we'll see. We'll see I don't think they're gonna have to give up necessarily. The entire farm anymore that was the reason why. According to court and trade and moving up from 21 to twelve I thought super Smart. Because you give up a player but you don't have to give up another draft asset in order to move up there. Our saint Bonaventure. It's about one minute remaining in this Radford. Long Island University Brooklyn contest 68 Bradford sixty per Oakland. Say by a factor tonight taking on UCLA. And this is a program that a few years ago on 2015 before the 2015 sixteenth season. Was considering moving down from. And that was the year they got snubbed the couple years ago with Jean and Adam still being there. This year the end up making that tournament but still they feel and I feel. Didn't get the respect they deserve as a team. And now they get to go up against. One of the the blue bloods as it's called the team with a rich college basketball history. If you're an old saint Bonaventure fan. You probably look at this match up and think. Of what could about match up from the 1970 season when saint Bonaventure. Made it to the final four but lost their star Bob Lanier. To a knee injury. And he ended up missing the rest attorney that they lose against Jacksonville on the final four who ends up losing to UCLA. In the final. But there are a lot of people. Probably biased round this area the thought that Bonaventure was Bob Lanier could about the team to put a stop to. What end and run of UCLA Bruins teams. This is a program that two years ago three years ago now. Was considering a drop from. Dropping enrollment. They don't have the resources as some Zia some of these other. But he stuck what that they stuck in their conference the Atlantic ten which is a difficult conference they made it. And now they're going up against one of these par five conference teams tonight and the match up is is intriguing. There's two players in this match up that if you're looking at. The potential NBA players Jalen Adams of save on the two bodies. Hands. Aron holiday who's brother Jrue Holiday is already in the week. Joey Adams went to the process this summer of checking out in some of this music. Jalen Adams let the process this summer of going to a BA draft camps meeting with different teams getting feedback from those teams to see. What his stock would be going into the draft. This guy he's playing tonight the point guard from UCLA Aron holiday he did exactly the same thing. They're two of the top point guards and Holliday he's probably going to be. A third team all American Adams will be in the mix there. But these are ball players. That are projected be drafted in the NBA. Twenty points per game over twenty points per game. For your holiday season over five assists per game same with Adams. All of these guys are having really strong seasons. And saint Bonaventure of course going up while the blue bloods is gonna be a tough task for them. Everything I've heard. Courtney Stockard who is an important piece of their team is going to be in the lineup that was reported last night by Shannon shepherd of channel four. According Stockard is going to be in the lineup tonight they need. All the help. That they can get. Because this is a program and a team that. They're god this team's got. Honest adds to a scoring guards to players that if they get hot. Can score extremely well they're a team that shoots over 40%. From the three point line. They're not necessarily deep they're not big. And right now they have hobbled Courtney Stockard Alice at the Atlantic ten tournament. Over the weekends I saw him limping around on Saturday. He said the short side on Twitter thing was to people report this the only times herald. That Stockard -- get winds in that game they thought it was 100% necessary for them to win that game after it was when it really hard. I was kind of surprised that he was going to be in this game tonight because of how hard he was limping or he's gonna be playing tonight. And the bodies have an opportunity to move forward and go on to face the Florida Gators. Should be a lot of fun to to watch. And and you you can move on it though the bodies do wind up winning tonight yup got to plan your schedules. You gotta get to a place were going to be able to watch multiple games out once. Thursday night. It would be 9:40 PM. You'd be against Arizona. 9:57. PM. The bodies reverses the Florida Gators. So your new debt that split screen action bill. Appalled by the way. I'm gonna be going to a friend's place all that they're there're there're real bodies and oppose their. I'm a guy that's just entered the call from afar because. Though the way that this team is really fits my fan profile. Growing up in buffalo my fear profiling is. The sabres in the bills obviously they're two teams that have never really been able to get over the hump there always kind of the underdog. Houston Astros were always the same way they are my baseball team. And it's I can never. I could never find myself rooting for a team. That is the favorite person yes I was gonna go around this. Baseball season went last baseball season one of the favorites. But there are the process to that that building and I don't know what I might think about teams that I like. That I follow that I love. It's the idea that you get a lot of time to put a lot of effort of that team and money that pays off. That feeling of the payoff is super great. And if Bonaventure can kill line even a little bit of around here. VCU was tweeting out have gotten sick a special things can happen if you start the plane game look at us in 2011 he went to the final four. Which I mean legacy here and expects it and actually make a final four run. But any media. I have two wins a couple games. That's huge for the school cute for the conference puts them on the map puts them in front of people's eyes on television. Puts them in front of recruiting. People. Those recruits. Players are gonna wanna play. In. College basketball and I think to know before I'm gonna take off here as this game just fine on that Joe's gonna give you final ran to the night. On the last call if you will on the nightcap. A couple of nine that power six power five conference schools. Are going to be a part of the NCAA committee process moving forward the director of the eight ton. Is going to be joining the committee and the athletic director Bradley is going to be joined committee. This year in previous years I think since 2014. The committee has had six people from power five. Beat the power conferences. As opposed to four people from the mid majors that would that power would shift a little bit at least six. Committee members from the non power schools and four. From the power schools say well you always are going to gets the power schools getting more. Of the law of but I think it was little an equitable this year with how they treated schools. Like Syracuse who plays the play game tomorrow like Oklahoma. And Texas and Arizona State. Comparatively to some of these some of these schools are got a final here. Radford moving out as a sixteen seed come to an out here Joseph taking it to the end of the show. Quickly just to updates in the NFL both a little inch stink conjure quest Mohamed will pursue it only gets one year five million. To go to the green bay Packers. And meanwhile in Baltimore they are giving. Receiver Ryan grant's you know rang granted it's the a's like ether receiver for the Washington Redskins had 985. Career yards in four seasons he gets four years 29 million dollars. The Baltimore. Former US twenty newly eager money has been re easy so far Paul Richardson getting five years forty million. Angry at getting 29 million dollars she's 985. Career arts. Well maybe Joseph have a ran about that maybe maybe that's what's coming up on house call on the make up again out here nobody's. Come out here. Quickly while more and a book they look like letting going to their cardinals all goal line and Bradford. A match made in heaven and probably Josh Allen to be on there all right later guys go bonnies. Right back here in the nightcap Ryan headed out for the night he's going to watch. Saint Bonaventure. Taking on UCLA 48 years after mediation matte back in 1970. That game is about nineteen minutes away and you can listen to it over and yes if fifteenth when he TV. On true TV last call here in the nightcap with the to a call before amen to get to my rant. Of the week. Blu-ray if you yet before we do that with its common Rochester it's been waiting on old Tom's going on your minicamp. Here's every part of a given up the farm for the trip except that give you look at the daily chart arteries deliberately being moved up to number twelve I think now the value Charlie doubt that he kicked the number twelve overall at. In the point burst into the public late fourth rounder. Maybe even a moderately on the next year you can move right up anywhere 224. M which is primary now a lot of these guys may not be taking quarterbacks who thought they were the top. You met immediately you to get in their career foreign that your guys still. I'm on top of that. All of the people are probably colts look at what happens if you keep your cute second round due to their rounds here. Even notes or pick should be immediate impact players still hit 37 million under the cap for what turned out 32 effort. I think talent in what get a pretty eager to hear there. If you project that you still not make the playoffs secure that you can have all next year you're gonna have almost good picks plus. But it predict that the going to be seventy million or more under the cap ex. Editing more than that I think it's almost 9200 actually. Ninety or hundred you're gonna feel about inside whoever you want to finally thought this roster. Let within two years that leave the planet may have you're starting quarterback of the future in their. With all the help need to round and I'll I'll I'll like you know on the Eagles. Or any of those teams were they built with the vikings around the quarterback help them grow mold the next five years that the builder that position. You know keep that competing for the AFC east championship year in year out public the next ten years of the market. I completely agree and you might be in the situation where at that point. I like your bank as you see sitting tripping to Josh Allen. You are set up to be the next great team in the AFC east after Tom Brady's done in 23 years or. Who else he could be Europe for seven years at this point but. Your plan is I think what they're going for you get up you get the rookie quarterback now they give a little bit a growing pains this upcoming season. And you've got so at some holes you know you gotta wait to fill them but you've got that cap from what you just mentioned you've still got picks next season and that's when you fill them. You fill them after you get the quarterback in this franchise has never done that. The able always filled the holes and not had the quarterback beat pick the quarterback with their first pick in the draft one time. With EJ Manuel. Kelly was the first or pick lost it was a personal pick but they were both the second a first round picks in the draft classes so. They're setting themselves up for it I think you're right I think that's what they're going to deal. And the kind of leads me in them my little bit of rent here you mentioned there's teams in the top the don't look leaders take a quarterback Cleveland. All is Barkley talks one on one. But then there are writers on this morning he says they think it's just that the smokes he thinks they're still picking a quarterback I would probably agree that. Cleveland State quarterback either one for probably one. The giants don't talk continues to beat they are not taking a court I'd. The one thing that geez I will never get in sports is why Eli Manning is still. The starting quarterback of the New York Giants like he's still starting quarterback. In the NFL he has been wildly inaccurate for multiple years now that's been covered up by the fact that he has got. Probably the best receiving talent in the NFL old I'll back him in the weapons last year. Last year he loses don't know Beckham in his numbers drop in the team. Tanked essentially. They were awful. So. That's fine I would I am glad that they think he's still a starting caliber quarterback in this league because that is what might provide the bills an opportunity to get up to overall because. If they had somebody in there with him he would be common sense knowing he likes 37 and probably should about it starting quarterback who three years ago and they think he's got two more to three years laughed. To meet that's insane I'm glad they're insane because that you need that to have number two available because. If you had somebody in there. That. Have some sense in note in knew that he was not your best option going forward they be taking a quarterback. And defected they might Nazi quarterback is amazing to me and I a lot because now the bills might deal trip to and that's all we can make that available. So it's kind of rant. The rainy it's the giants but it's a good thing for the bill so it's a rant but I am I'm happy that that's the that's the way things are working out our. And again out here rang party headed out. He's got a lot saint Bonaventure I'm gonna go be watching saint Bonaventure they airplane on true TB 910 is tip off in the other game between ally UN Redford seems to be wrapping up on time so. I guess that Bonaventure probably start on time as of right now to about fifteen minutes away from that. Radio over at ESP on 1520 and catch coverage of their starting in a couple of minutes. So we got here you listen to the nightcap rang gates Jody B ask you listen WGR Sports Radio 550.