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Tuesday, March 13th

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I'm hearing now at least know where. Still pending an action Mike Hsu joke and a Bulldog. And you see there's a cleaner shaped. Sedan that Yates and the people on the school and in many think got this three tiered. The letter. Just thinking if steps it took my hair thing instead of school here and in your blessings of my children and a Bulldog. And that's my children feature that hatred and a tank. I think he's well is really good any you know like kids and rest in this finance. And a Bulldog but magnet and pretty I think overall it's close. That's many here. Mike she opened a Bulldog feet straight here wasn't iron that. Mistress it. We might want to move quickly here. Joseph has Bridgewater with the jets tonight and have that at 259. I looked after reset and I didn't see it but you know Rappaport has a thing on that so. Redford is taken. Ridge water may be taken. Cousins is taken. Keenan mistaken and Tina mistaken. Without any of those today if we were still like nowhere at all for those guys I would about and keep them here. I don't but my guess here not Denver and we'll get to Denver presents interesting with the draft and what let's quickly go through how we see the odds. Of each guy and then the rookies to the possible draft picks to might want. Will we see here week one who will it be here we won. And make them they computer runs on the list of got a list of forget she's got a real analyst you know news. He's on the team that was attacked the only guy on the team last year at this time we're trying to handicap who might be the starter. I think we might have said even though we didn't think it look like Taylor was coming back. Bad you still might have to consider him a favorite because he's still year right. So old Peter knew me embarrassed that status that would've won the right physical click lottery odds. But it is is it possible that Nathan Peterman is more likely. To start for the bills week one than any older one person. Yes yes. B job because he's because we know he's here and I I don't know all. Whether they're going to be you know who they're gonna get here they're going to be able get these guys are estimates and they'd be able land sophomore year. There there are new if guys want even a chance to start. But looking at the landscape if the jets get Bridgewater Ian Rapoport says the jets are not his only option but. It's their first choice. So I don't know that that means that Bridgewater first choice. The jets the the tweet reads the jets are working on a deal for QB Teddy Bridgewater source said. It is not his only option but it is their first choice. So that sounds like that's Bridgewater campus where they would like to the most is how I read that. But there's another option but it but it Pete if he ends up there. Then. Who's left. Mean there's and there's names laughed how many teams. Might provide any of those guys that are left an opportunity to play week one. Our players first Josh McCollum. He is pretty obvious right now men and if the if you knew the bills for a draft a quarterback in the first three picks. Or even the first twelve picks. What McComb feel right. With that to go with that yes and then we can spend the summer going back and forth on who will star mountain. Mean had a respectable season. For the jets. If he's not completely shot after that or you know now we exhausted he wants to play and he and he does carry with him. One of our more of our lord of the show's favorite reputations. But in this case. I'm trying to remember the most recent players. That I heard crediting him but he carries with him. Of a big heaping help of mentor veteran guy. McKee he's not a jerk he doesn't he's not they don't like. Need to play to a certain salary if he used it seemed like he I believe that he. Is someone who genuinely be of help to exit. In the league. He knows his role he knows his role as one year. So those are what one you're with I'm sure draft a quarterback and a top three right. You don't want necessarily especially with I would say except for Bridgewater who still is not. Don't often marked. A 100%. Almost any of the guys that are left on the Caron probably. You mean you might be about more than one you're with him because of his age I would think he was I would think he would be striving for that and McCown may not need that address point. The carries interest thing like we wondered about him is their team that would commit to him and what are the teams that are left if U wanna do that right here. How many teams are left you have teams like Miami. And Jacksonville would have been reported as being interest stayed in a second guy. To go with respectively Tammy hill and morals. And there might there might be you know their team to qualify as that Carolina. Has been talked about as a team looking for veteran quarterback Baltimore. Might be another one but these are not obvious teams with clear starters. Were so McCarron. Would want to upgrade from what he wants. And I don't think it's the browns anymore either like I won't what is the team meeting he has to settle I don't know numbers would be DSL soon got Makoni you've got McCarron. And at this point well. It was gonna say my money would be on one of them here but not necessarily more. Matt Moore who was with being in Carolina and with people in Miami. If he's someone that they think. He is on her price like he they like him and he's not gonna cost as much and he wouldn't cost as much better he's 33. McCollum 38. McCarron 47. You have that option you have Glendon. In free agency now aged 48. Ximian is still Denver's but he'll be he'll meet he maybe gets squeezed out there. Some options among the veterans then you've got the rookies we've talked about every day men that if the bill straight up. I think you can cross off water to those guys. Right I think you you're out of your body you're done with the Mason Rudolph may maybe you're done with Lamar Jackson they trade up again anyway. It it if they if if you know it might it might be that they feel like they. All of Lamar Jackson in twelve is high and off. David they would they would think the lay of the land is is pretty good to give him there I don't know that could be that could be risky to I don't know but I feel like Rudolph. The other from the bottom couple guys Lamar Jackson if he belongs fifth on that list. Populate those top four have always been sort of separate. But you know may it may be Josh yellen belongs fifth or sixth and Lamar Jackson belongs to report on us I don't know. But no it feels like to me but Rudolph and Jackson are that's brutal if you're grown to two or three. If moving to twelve is with an eye towards getting up to the top five then you're chasing. One of those. And were thinking I think a light here is that they want to do that. Maybe everybody has come to that conclusion. And after that may be you think that they know they can't at this point I would assume that. But. Like I bet they can not I bet they know lot about that right now and I did but I guess would be they're probably optimistic. To say the least about being able to move up all right so that's 1011 names. Putting is good would look like the NHL lottery odds if you if you were to put numbers on these guys. But who is the unlikeliest of the rookies can even answer that. No because you don't know where you're gonna get to. You know I I I feel like if they can get to tool. Then. It's Rosie O'Donnell. Or Allen going. I just can't I just can't believe they're moving heaven and earth to Bogut back I mean it maybe. But I think Rosen and Arnold. Would be the top two. And it's admit maybe it's a situation where they feel comfortable now. Maybe like we guest Billy was it a couple years ago where to go up there were no rams already went up a way to go there and we don't care. It does to guys and wolf whichever one is fine with a us. And maybe the bills would feel that way about Rosen and I don't know maybe they really love Josh Allen what you're seeing his name connected them which kind of there's a little scary to me but. I really Rosen are Donald. If you can get to do review don't get to two of them watch. You know do you worry that the giants are gonna take one do you worry that the giants are gonna give that pick someone else if you if you don't make the trade with them. And then two guys are gone and Europe three. And I think it's hard to try to guess which yearning. Because you did depends on what what spot you slotted into you know maybe if they go to three it's because they know the giants are staying put and drafting the running. When across off mayfield. Yeah all the way. Coca. If you're twelve. You might end up there but then you might also choose not to draft them right and it would be Jackson over mayfield say pistols six weeks left whatever. All right for the book he's that in anchors a pencil all I do. It always I think they've got a sits in her boss and I should be we should crossing anyone off rightly or not I'm leery about alien but that's you know. That's just gives you your read so what stuff that seems poison about you know late thirties. Kris horribly inaccurate and really raw and what are what are our guests from Cleveland yesterday's it's a Ponzi schemer something components. But media that are pumping him up and I I don't know it's it's little scary. But I don't think he's across anyone off the bills might really light. One guy and we're trying to guess which one of six guys or reading can scare you not like. But almost but I have many family members with with the Fox News and are constantly worried about their lives. Don't do it stop reading so much just to stop doing that. Give yourself a break. Writing a southerner how's this I'll think you can eliminate any of these guys because it's still not a guarantee that they're going to get up to. Number two and one for quarterback what if Rosen and Arnold go one into the giants decided they're gonna actually take a quarterback and not just ride and I with Eli Manning and anti. Josh Rosen and that leaves bigamy field and Josh Allen in the bills at number three draft right so you can't counting cross out any of these guys yet. A single one. We put our Mark Jackson. My feeling that is I'm I'm pretty sure I might I would bet money that they can get to three at this point. I would bet money that they can get to three and if they're three you can cross off me field and you can cross off Jackson I think I've I've sort I would. That's what I would say I think you cross off me field. That's three. No hope he asked me is it ought to quit because it's not it's not not to think Rosen Arnold. And mayfield who's there mr. third favorite guys I would doubt it. I don't know but I would doubt it. Personally I would think they like mayfield over to jail you would I would and and I wouldn't. All right so. Rookies. I mean it's something like twenty who's got 4220 to 120%. At me but you know there where you got that was the highest Rosen. Or darn cold demeanor of Cleveland's Arnold and their drafting Longman forget that we don't know that. And you've got my account and McCarron is it do we wanna keep doing what I actually do this or is it is it just. With the point is made here if you wanna actually do who is the likely this person I mean Peter and. I feel it should say a man. I wanna say in the I I think I think. Did in how old these guys have operated since they got here. Gates. You know McDermott coms and he brings in his Carolina guys. And bad Carolina guy being brings in more guys that he's worked way. And they got a Mike Tolbert here because he's gonna set the right temperature in the room and they know. And soul ties to these guys seem to matter. And the guy. Amongst all the names you mentioned there that has the clearest most direct ties. To either or both of those guys and now even their coordinator is meant more. And the price is right that it if you think you can move up. Then I think you'll find signing meant more for year and bring him here and if the kid beats about gritty. It is these rocky and not ready okay Matt Moore comply. You know the question might be. What would the bills prefer no matter who the kid is if you would vary but to steer me no matter who the kid is. To the question of do we want. The rookie. To start right away. With wood these guys not have a certain philosophy about that US McDermott. All all else being equal. Do you want but are you comfortable with the rookie starting week one so does a draft the kid but that night you'll get that question. And if I know him at all old just sort of run around it it's very early in the process but do you think I. Give any feel for that it would it would McDermott and door being how I like or dislike the idea of a rookie starting the open. I think serves some there. And analysts say it the wrong way there until there's contradictory. Information there. They seem to read the conservative. In certain ways to me so I could see down subscribing to the well you know we're gonna take our time. And we don't wanna rush him in overwhelm moment give up you know we're not fully formed he had our law so. You know we're not we're not saying because we moved up to two and drafted Josh Rosen that he has to start person we won it. I could see them believing in Matt to a degree. But this is also a team that started off fifth round rookie in the global playoff race. So and now that wasn't we won I know and they so that they had three months or so to get to know me from Peter men before they decide he was ready to play in a game that really mattered for a bureau there the playoff chances these guys' careers. There's a despicable me computer. Seoul. I think a group that decides that. Is not going to be entirely closed down to the idea of the second overall pick playing and we won ten. Here's David on WGR David. Our thanks for taking my call that jerk. You know what I like fifty he had been in and I'm a fairly optimistic. Bill and here I'm. Is two. Maybe sign AJ McCarron QIQ year deal it's him. You know that first year to start and and hope that maybe yeah he he can blow up an. Have a great year and you know the bill confined in that top five then we get their quarterback. For that second year obamacare the contract they eat and you know and that Okur. You know something like what we got for tyra. I only get about bat. I'm well may be it's not illogical what I am trying to figure out is what are the players options. Yeah I'm working on only partial information here like what they want contractually. But you know if you look at Bradford. We we were just right on that you know what what. Words bred for that is in in his career. Where the cardinals that and like that just makes sense that makes sense that if he were gonna start one year but it's a lot of money to the system this wanna trust. At least to a point what we think we know McCarron. McCarron. McCarron who gets the grievance to go his way and gets out of Cincinnati. He was almost in Cleveland and that would have republika commitment. With Cleveland back to an oral contract with Cleveland if they traded for him so that all falls through a key is looking to start somewhere maybe not good. We don't know that but he is looking to start some where where that happened. Our church. There's is there another team in the league. In need of a starting quarterback. Right now not if Bridgewater ghosts of the jets in the air out. Then I mean yeah I mean process of elimination means it's on I'm looking at all of the teams in the league you'll get at the board behind me I'm looking in my computer screen. There's not another seat there. Mean not everybody on this list is is so rock solid. But Denver got their guy in San which is obviously got their guy Arizona's got all the guy now. They don't do Jacksonville just gotten re committed to bore holes. Miami's got a guy that's you know it's it's tenuous but they've got a guy he did Jacksonville actually pay him. They gave him while you were gone with the extended his contract to buy a couple of years is not stupid money and I think that you still walk away government. But they made a commitment that's happening so they're not they're not going anywhere there are league they went to the playoffs and and kept the AFC title drought and Baylor and that. So good we write a somewhat the same here competes with them so Merrill says Wilson's car but week one starter. You're you're you're AJ McCarron you're looking at the landscape going the bills. Are. So then what if if there's no if you take the bills out there we just got all day. You guys can go all the way mine so. I don't door I didn't just yeah volunteer that relax. If you take the bills out of the mix in your McCarron what's out there for you but what what do you like and are you looking for a team with a quarterback when an old quarterback. Are you looking for a ring as a back up league what are you what are you thinking about doing that you want to play. You want to okay what you take the bills well we gonna think right now he did there isn't a place to play that's it the giants could like them. Help and that could star in when he nineteen. C. Cardinals could do this too but I doubt it right same here irises thanking them what. If I'm AJ McCarron I've followed Sam Bradford caught a blade of the department goal adorable ego is McCarrick creepy. But watch covered I think he's gonna get hurt probably so I thought I'd just come here. I was not bad then by this. In this context for for AJ McCarron is angles. Pressures exerted icons think somebody right here like you could just keep. Giro and no IRL is so Indianapolis so they'll give her backup quarterback. What are what are they got what's on their bailout were set okay Russia warriors like yeah okay so mole. Hello. I I think what what you get when you're gonna end up that I think is you might have a little more control. All of his market value if you're the bills league if you if you wanna try that time. May be the Mike Glenn in contract is as far as you need to go with him. The gluten from last year. But it went through years fifteen million a year to walk away after you wanna we want that you wanna try this. While you got a good chance I don't know how good a chance to get a chance to be our guidance here. What's what's better than that right now I think there's almost no other team and even offers a chance. But the thing about thing about this too is. What were what is the what's the point of Peter may and if you do any of these things was the point if you if you sign the we try to figure out McCarron here. What are you what in the world which you need Peerman four. You sign AJ McCarron even one year but it probably to like what what in the world would you meet him for. If you're the Bill White why do we need to do that I don't know backup of the future. McCollum is the one Makoni is. One year veteran and you can even I guess maybe justified Peter and on the roster are. Are more or more I think mores the same is not as old oh yeah I think servicing. I think they'd be they would be that's why noon in the USB like you don't pick it I'm gonna say and I met mortars into what you're talking about a lot of guys and keep talking about a guys is it's interesting. Morse who I would put my chips. A recent sheep they know and therefore I would think that they probably trust them and the deck is clear. He's not he's not some new got to commit money to or harm to. And there's a comfort level there I would think the most stable rhythm and hated him so yeah does that matter he was good other teams typically known from the could be out. I ultimately Carol good use I think they wanna like the guy. Think that matters more than maybe it should to these to these people. So if if more checks intangibles boxes for them. They want someone who when they take a mile walk for Josh Allen will be able to go along with that bright. And I feel like I'd be mad brutal locally right not be not be met online I think my McConnell and speaker right my collins' reputation. Indicates that he fits that profile but he's he's a born substance to these guys if if they were with more and they trust him. I think the place is gonna be. Very comfortable for them that and that would be my betting. Do you Morgan calls next 8030550. Free agency officially starts tomorrow but you've got of course reports of agreements all over the place and as far as quarterbacks go the bills are not yet to a player. Sort trying to sort that out all the draft stuff from yesterday carries over into today two or GM was down here why is it so much fun right now why is there all this action. I don't know but this year the whole time is look to wash like it was going to be like this and we are right now in media in the cauldron of it. Much over the bulldogs this is WGR. Or. Not knowing that you gonna get Kirk cousins and now moving quickly. Beat him. Allowed you to do this if you didn't get either one of those the belief in the building was if you've got Sam Bradford if you got Teddy Bridgewater he got Josh would count. You're locked in to getting at quarterback and picking at quarterback at number five. I'm told now they feel like they have the next month to find out if they fall in love with one of these quarterbacks they very much well that one of them had number five. But now they have the flexibility of their dark horse. To pick a quarterback at five something they feel like they would have then if they did get case he them and they didn't get hurt but. Makes sense. James former NFL network on Denver. Denver. Likes the veterans. Basically stayed away last year from that and they got crushed. That's L way. I mean that's a good defense it's fading or has faded but that'll make sense. So it's clean them best. Available bottles guy when he's not the sort of commitment financially. Or years reportedly. That would cross them off the war for sure. I'm appreciating. What sounds like an informed person there and Jane's Ballmer talking about what they're thinking it's. But it's eighteen year for two years. That's why I heard reportedly on key him. They if the bid if the bills had signed that but that wasn't my favorite idea but I would not be in here flipping out about it. Is it would feel all of a bad it's eighteen. And whatever whatever's guaranteed I think I heard. I heard who was on with the with Merck and Dow Jones was on my way in. Anyway why would say John McEntire and about today that's a great debt brought it right. I'll always asylum reported from the Broncos former former often the one I forget his name. Columbus thank you Tyler Columbus said 24 million guaranteed so they can walk away from it next year at this time for like seven million. Of the bills have done that a good okay. That's fine but this is. A better idea then Macau going in or more at least based on last year which could be scary but it's not an over commit. On money or term so I can still draft Mike I would say the same thing about Denver they could still draft the guy and beat him by next year. I think though if that real quick if they did happen here fifteen event happened here. And you draft a quarterback. Top three. It's weird if kingdom sets and the guy he isn't successful community just gets weird. And up. You've got a guy who played the NFC championship and an excellent year for a very good team and now we've just gonna sit behind a rookie who's struggling along to learn. It's it sounds funny but I would think that the bills are a lot worse than that now say all that I I kind of felt like key we're headed to kingdom but. It's just because I feel like I think I was thinking that today because the the the pieces on the board of change so many times you know like if if you're trading up now we we think we have evidence of the movie yesterday. Just did it smells like that so. I don't think you want K scheme because that's weird if he doesn't play at least it to some. Makoni is it. No amateur McCarron is either and more isn't the of those three guys. It's weird if you draft Josh Allen or Josh Rosen or send Arnold and wanna play them from the beginning. But Tina is a little different 8030550. We don't have. Reported all of the bill signing any of these guys but older teams have been locked into them. A road bridge water in the jets is quite locked in but there there's talk about that leaving perhaps only the the names I just mentioned right as as seemingly realistic. Options for the bills are other guys out there or you could go to instead I guess and then there's Nathan. If you think the bills do want someone else to go with him and a top rookie. I mean if you haven't been following this story day today worry about that the democratic battle right there with probably really confusing if you haven't been. Listening every day here is Joseph on WG our Hydro. Well. Hi Joseph I'm glad please pop art I art I'm. The way I'm looking at that look at it. And I haven't heard that the narrow but Cleveland it didn't there was one or. I'm thinking Cleveland could get the one and only got a lot with that giants at at the war. And did you I don't if they're not planned that they can report that simply not here period forever and it before they could get. Get out of orbit off or any other team and they could clean up with the oh campaign when he could end up with 10. And we could still wind up with. If we want a great wit that objective or. Get the second order bit. Well I I like this kind of thinking. And the browns could afford it is the player might be Barkley for that if the browns wanted to get their quarterback and Barkley. And maybe Barkley becomes the player at the center of that kind of speculation. And the giants people are talking about on guard. So what do team should do no matter what number it is routine should do is like okay is the player we really want. Someone we can get leader if the answer is yes like the 49ers was Solomon Thomas as it turned out it was one spot. If the answer is yes and we should move now and so this kind of scenario to mead is reasonable. I haven't really heard that either but if I'm the brought the brought asserting that can certainly afford that move up. The real thing that the caller scenario doesn't. Account for saying you sit in the second quarterback off the board is it. If in this scenario the giants trade out to with the browns and they moved to four and then that's who I target what about Indianapolis. I'm not worried about them taking a quarterback but I am word about the trading with the jets. Or with and Arizona they got Bradford for one year and they could still do that much now make the most sense now that they've committed. Money to Bradford for one year but still. Mean you can you can do without having the chiefs traded in to ten last year would Alex Smith under Contra reporting and it's. Soul. You're not guaranteed of getting the number two quarterback off the board if you do that that's why the giants pick right now is what I would be targeting. To on the unless you know Ole. Because you've got a relationship with the GM there. That day what what they are planning to do and if what they're planning to do is draft the guard. Pat says okay there's good luck thank you for letting me know or they're drafting Barkley. If they're saying they're they're not going quarterback and they are not treating out of there with someone other than you been fine on it than on the all your dues to get get to three. And I'm gonna trust that beam is going to be on top and he's actually get out maneuvered here by someone who as he has a relationship with the government giants. Seoul assert a sort of talked into a cold weather scenario there and bullet blew off the giants moving before I mean I don't hate that idea either. And I think teams I mean it's probably all of them. Know that feasible but you would wanna move down one spot time after time after time if you felt or if you thought or knew that the team you were dealing with didn't want the guy you want it you would you know theoretically. Be interested in doing that never happens. It's unwieldy but. That kinda. Thinking is logical here's met on WGR I met. Big I don't think it a little different from the ground here from the previous are. So they give up the 65 pick in the draft for Tyrod a net pretty significant when you agree yes. Won't say again they're not giving up to sixty take it they're planning to take a guy that's ready. As barrel and rolls and had to be already guy. I think Ellen poor guy they they didn't admit or they're taking our. I thought this yesterday mom baby I mean I I could see it. It depends on what they think of the quarterbacks and that's what we don't know you know Matt. You know or you're going. Where I wanted to know you're you're going you've got the navigation going on there like you know where to turn here. And your. Oh you are event. Very useful to watch Capital One way streets gal like that happen if you've got a whole there's only knows what that knows where it is. Coke and I'd I think you know I could not viewed that ball. You know you are younger than me I lol good navigation maestro to Philadelphia and back last weekend. And I have I done even when I'm. When I know oh I can't determine off. I love it because what if there's Iraq. I have experienced that oh. And an experience that makes me this way to make a change meanwhile I just tried to account amended usually to re calibrate them in a moment where you are so these can be originally. Now when I was driving to Florida last time I drove to Florida two years ago. I had my phone on even though I was in like it was near Charlotte. And I had no need to have an out right now I know I till I get the Orlando from there. But it's not done enough times. I had the phone on at all I was startled by it because it was not expecting directions is driving down home whatever it is 95 order is yeah. And the the phone side there's an accident up ahead. Get off basically when there was an hour delay while ten miles up. So like he did take the exit and go around it. And I would never have known that that's nice foresight so I'm coming back from golf performing yes. I'm I'm I'm never work I'm coming back from Philly and I'm on 81. I know. Where am I don't there's no reason for me need this anymore but just in case there's an accident and I don't know I guess I don't. I don't think I've ever had it tell me that. So. I haven't had that experience and if I had been made it wouldn't be so quick deterrence through its resigned Knoll where I am on the you know clippers were coming back from Owen sound to play hockey on a Saturday night I didn't I get to like the for a one like I'm done. And I'd I doubt it from here to take is to be QE but I'm also a little over. So turn it off I don't need to hear you every few minutes going in ten miles which. What would global Goodyear. By. I've never had a situation where it is said there's an accident up ahead and you that it would root zone you know. It's good to know which keep that in mind I always hockey replied it's always have a even on Grand Island I will have a Nazis that's weird. Just just in case I do like my wife's car ahead as the as the map in the dashboard. And out doesn't talk at least we don't have it set up so we can talk maybe you can I'm not sure. But I do home just driving around my neighborhood I I'd like having that. I'm sure at some level of drain on the battery to have that thing going all the time but I just I'd I'd apologists like. Obviously illegal and it all definitely was hard 27. I've even though what I'm going to target. I don't really need it I mean I know all the way you know or for some reason its interest in deceive mistreatment and weird Vince is whether Sullivan's. Although there are guys. I'm predicting. But I can I have your killer but fit for the year. That the quarterback question you know I don't understand the group I really doubt if you are. Yeah if you're really interest is not out here free agent Dave archer in the care of more. Are then why would you trade tyra. I love Hitler. Certainly a much better record much better leadership Sally knows the system. Why would you trade it. If you're looking for a QB. To act as a veteran while you're number one draft choice. Get acclimated. A few reasons for systems are relevant. As their teachings offensive coordinators. Personnel almost irrelevant but it is with the chains are spanned almost. And it's just weird. It's just weird all the questions get asked the whole time. You know you wanna you wanna represent. I'll break a change then you don't keep the quarterback from last three years and well I mean you're you're out there you you know bit Matt Moore is in presidential qualities that Tyrod Taylor how do you know that. I don't know that. So I just think that would be really weird he would cost them sixteen to eighteen million dollars to this would cost them half that if that. I think the answer is easy they don't like him as a player like him as a guy like him isn't as the as the leader isn't as good as a person all that but I don't like him as a player. Period and they could get a third round pick for him which could help them get their quarterback of the future right now. That to us and I'll say it soul. You know you have to do. Sort of moved swallow hard I don't think bear thinking this because they might think they can find met more an upgrade. In certain ways over Taylor. Because of his limitations in the passing game. I'm bracing for them to be worsened quarterback because they've done this for the short term and I'm OK what do. But there's a risk I mean I think if you're asking are they gonna be better if Matt Moore their quarterback next year instead of Tyrod Taylor. I and I know wayward rushed to say yes. But I don't really care these could happen yes but the end game to me is get the kid and the third round pick. Is gonna help you when that. If it's more I think you're signing him expecting him to play behind who your drafting. And that's we've been trying to figure or what we were trying to figure out in the first half an hour so today. 8030550. Warnings sharks coming up in about fifteen minutes much over the bulldogs WGR. Oil right now caller five or 644987. It's gonna get a pair of tickets to. Five finger death punch and Breaking Benjamin Monday September 3. It Darian lake amphitheater. Minimum the prize fifty bucks courtesy of live nation general contest rules apply to an opportunity to win these tickets before you can invite them. Caller 56449878. On September labored. Is that right that's Labor Day. September 3. So that if all season starts September 6. Right that Thursday pure. Who's playing the Eagles. And the. Cowboys. You think the cowboys. Sure easy money. Down. I guess I haven't bought a lot about who you know I haven't looked at who also are playing that could be really appealing but the cowboys are on national TV like. Every other week so there're there are fine candidate to read a media kickoff. Kickoff weekend chemical equivalent vikings. I think I thought he did. Because that could be rice super hot for an opening weekend and her cousin's there as a home court and act NFC championship rematch I money I might like that more than Dallas. It like as if ordered to Tibet on these. Appeal possible match upside might like them more. They have Minnesota. Yeah Minnesota's on their unity told the post them yet mocha. Delicate more than. Here's Louis next hello Louis. Hey guys don't. I want to call. A lot of called reference I'll ask caller and they've probably got all the quality end of the week he's great so why would we trade. Tyrod made me I mean football mis entertainment obviously. For everybody but every game at this story for me I couldn't watch human more pocket gains and no story to. I mean. If you take you kind of three game against Carolina and not at all other. Game that he had disputed that he didn't do anything or cares I want on all the ball all the people are subject broken interception. I thought that we get a third rob expert a guy I mean I just I just couldn't watch it anymore is that is that. Is that a way that you guys who look at it the that people buying up. I just don't think that's all the team would do it. That's I understand you hear I just don't think that's right to to me whether the team enjoyed watching them wasn't a big factor. May be wasn't even a problem although. Maybe enough in them and I spent a certain way the same frustrations. That you experience as a fan I think they probably care and and we all should probably be careful what you wish for on the I don't care free throws interceptions things. Does it would the Eagles play a rookie of the draft that rookie at three or twelve or 55. Bureau of very good season picks and the might of might hurt. When once you. See them back on the landscape again they weren't really a problem for you the last three years would aren't as quarterback. But the bill rather than just as frustrated by some of that style foods. Wouldn't you know exactly. Have the decision driven by that but it's the same they're not looking at it as though I'm bored and wanna be entertained. They would want their quarterback to make the throws but they believe the offense is telling them to make. And that the coverages or tell him make it does not make it a mall and off and you move. The question really to Vegas is the the other guy talking earlier that called about this. Question is not. Tyrod Taylor vs whoever they might signed today or tomorrow the the question is Taylor vs who they might peck. Ands. And of course would be my pick would represent. All the way higher ceiling than Tyrod Taylor and I would admit that as a fan of Taylor's. But you know probably if the rookie plays a throw more picks this year than Taylor threw his bills' career and that was what sixteen. In three years. So that's been us not going to be hard for rookie did. Know at 216. War in shark coming up. His look at. Free agency and the bill's future much over the bulldogs with the latest on any. News here in the way of free agency trades like yesterday that happened. Right in the middle or 4 o'clock segment yesterday we got that we talked about the rest the day so don't go anywhere this is fun this is also WGR.