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These sound comply GO. Well cup unsealed so I'll go bungee ills go bungee don't sound cut bond yields down components GO. I'll go Ponzi elves around go to our geo on WGR. We've got a lot of. Yesterday's trade and then going back a massive. Four days Tyrod Taylor being traded to Cleveland. Celta Fazio cell we're going to start. Start with quarterbacks Teddy Bridgewater jets I think this is uninteresting a situation that's unfolding with them and appears as though that. They've signed Josh McCown and they still want to. Sign Teddy Bridgewater and I think if that happens. The jets are taking a quarterback in the first round guys I don't see how that happened and I can't see all three of those things happening. I think. I don't know Bridgewater is in a weird spot now I think. You know we wondered about the opener a recent caller just said we really don't know what he has. And that feels right that we wondered what would happen with right what do team commit. And I'm guessing that McCown would mean no Bridgewater but there has been that speculation today. I need it. And you think both of those guys like that but just bridge water heater I'm sorry just erupted due. Bridgewater here in drafting a guy made sense maybe not moving up but it's you know still drafting a guy you'd be much Colin and Bridgewater together. Means no quarterback is if the jets got quite a lead they would do that yeah I mean there because while I mean what's the college right now. But I don't know that that seems odd to me I'll put Bridgewater. Well especially a Jew. Yeah especially if you go ten million dollars from account what's Bridgewater and again I mean gritty EO you just talk about positional cost you might not have. You might still only have in the year low twenties but. What what are you doing there meaning to bury this this this rookie the year drafting behind these two guys I don't know. I and the jets are in a prime spot where they they they and they can get a really nice player in the draft. That can help them another area as well so. I just don't see all three of those things happening which is an account Bridgewater in a rookie I think. The count or Bridgewater Indy rookie yes that makes and you know having Miami rookie is right draft one and to complete our petty and act and still litter. And yes so I mean. Exactly into your way but I mean the right this is like giving him like six or so you have to divest themselves obviously is on the that. On a don't know and I guess until I wanna try to get through they they might really value. McConnell and as a mentor. So. Bridgewater is a shot in you see if he's any good and there are some appeal of that but you still drafting guys because you're in the spot where you can draft a guy. And account is just gonna shorter one how to walk basically like I don't know I have a hard time seeing it to sell but. Interests would seem weird to me that. Those two guys would end up on the same team. Sell. Would have to reestablish a connection with sale. Try to get people lay of the land here landscape with the quarterbacks. My account has reportedly signed with the jets but they are still reportedly talking about signing Bridgewater. And we thought I thought all along that they were positioned to draft someone. At six and have bad guy could be either future franchise court. I wonder who would go like with with the speculation that the bills could get two or three. Still only guesswork at this point. Then you have a quarterback at one probably. Two or three at least probably. The bills were there it would almost definitely be that. Then Denver is now hole. I would think and probably not. And we should get to them we have sell back. What about a one through six in the draft Jerrold just what we're talking with the draft the moments let's talk about the draft. One through six if you don't thinking about the possibility of the bills being in that cluster there what what might be your. Predictions. You mean like actually go through like a mock here or maybe I mean. Well I I think the jets'. Week and I'm sorry I think the browns are gonna take a quarterback number one I'm not totally convinced of that. I still think seek one Barkley could be in their plans and they're comfortable with a couple of different guys at number four. And in the and the giants at number two. I don't think they're taking a quarterback can neither the colts I think that's where the bills wanna get too in the bills to meet the bills are gonna draft two or three and they're gonna take a quarterback. So let's say in it I told you guys before. The non quarterback guys are gonna go in the top five. Are gonna be bit Barkley Chubb and Fitzpatrick however that make of Fitzpatrick now you might throw Clinton Nelson in there and our government does that we're hearing right that's the guards so. You might throw in an army giants really can they really take him. At number two I'm not really sure that's gonna happen so. Way so tough Mike for that a mock purposes so I'll just say to Arnold number one. Rose and number chewed the bills' number three Bradley child do the colts' number four Barkley to the browns. And you know maybe mark maybe maybe flip flop those give me Barkley goes number two I think that's outs are shaking out and then he got the Denver Broncos at five. That could be quite Nelson spot. They are they out on a quarterback at five in your mind because they so I'm keen and that's only two years in the money's not crazy. Look theoretically there now. I just take a look what I like to do is to think about who the people are who are managing these teams. John Elway to me is in a spot where I don't think he has to get a quarterback feels like he needs to. I think John Elway just by his behavior in the past the way he's operated there. Would much rather sign a guy like you know which he appears like he's going to do and they get someone who's going to help this team trite when a suitable this year and I know rookies joking and always commit to make impacts like that but certainly a rookie quarterback is marketed so. Should theoretically sure I don't know I don't think it takes them out of the market they they still need one for the quarterback of their future Bulldog. I look at the way John Elway has approached. Running the Denver Broncos I don't think that's his normal play to be quite honest with. Silk Abacha where thus seldom do you expect the bills to sign a veteran here or tomorrow or are you like waiting. Not by the full anymore but waiting on the phone to see what will be your you not thinking like that. Oh yeah I'd be I'd be surprised at this point if they don't they have one quarterback on the roster his name is Nathan Peter I mean that they. To me they have to sign somebody. I'd be really surprised I guess I mean we've been surprised before by this regime and some of the moves they make or don't make in. You know it and it week it's we get to Saturday or Sunday and they haven't signed anybody. Boy I mean I I'd be surprised but I I wouldn't put it past them completely maybe that's their plan maybe their plan is to wait and maybe they're until draft too guys and you know the go to court will go to camp with a high drafted rookie and other rookie Nathan Peter and maybe they'll wait for somebody who's out there that. You know home they can get in the summer does that affect the Compaq formula dollar c'mon in the give me a little weird you wanna get your quarterback and their little earlier. But I do expected absolutely. Have you thought about whether there's a favorite but I thought Mikhail would have made sense of when they were talking Bridgewater with the jets. I was thinking that maybe we would end up there have you thought about the. Today. I think that more to me is becoming more tape I think it's Matt Moore and then and that would put AJ McCarron. Nearby like they they represent two different things to me Oden. But I think Matt Moore just kind of really looks like the kind of guy with the connections to the two guys we have here buffalo. You know the division he's played in the division he knows division he's played for this offensive coordinator so three guys three connections really I guess you'd say but. You know I just think that that seems like might be the favorite. The other the connections thing I mean you've got Lou you got to be offensive tackle from Carolina coming now. Newton I think I think the connections thing whether it's whether it's the right thing to do we're not that seems to be something that appeals to these guys like that they know the person and cross the person. And I mean I don't know lol. What their relationship with their opinions about Matt Moore would be. But I would assume that they sign him it's because they think he he checks all the boxes. Outside of how well he makes the throws you know what is he a good team guy. You know Izzy dizzy booze you Proehl all those sorts of things would really mattered. I agree with you and look I think you guys know I've always been a Matt Moore kind of supporter I don't think he's a great quarterback. But I've always said I said last year that I thought the dolphins were better off with Matt more than Jay Cutler coming and I. I felt that they should of just written it now with Matt Moore and he got a of the playoffs the year before that. Went and held got hurt he started that playoff game against Pittsburgh. I've always felt that Matt Moore complain he can be a guy that you can rely on but what you just said Bulldog is right think about when they brought Jay Cutler in. He handled that kind of similar to the way Tyrod Taylor did but being bench where. Yeah here's his job and suddenly there's you know get this guy off the street for ten million dollars to say no you're you're not good enough. And that more never set of people and he still went out there he is job excellent play a little bit for them last year and I think he went about it as a consummate professional so I agree with everything you to set about how he would fit into what these guys would like. In other quarterback question but I wanna Shelvin talk about some of the other things that have happened here today. Kyle Williams. So there was a conference call cell with Kyle Williams and what did you get out of it. I got out of it that cot that this Kyle said when I asked him about when this all started he said it was a long process. He said but you know. That when given deadline the league deadline looming over you you know at that you have to get something done so. I think as we all knew that the team probably want it some sort of reconciliation on this Bobby for the newly you're started. But I think what I really got out of it was that Kyle knew he wanted to play. Probably right when the season ended if not shortly after I don't think there was any doubt I don't think there was any. Type of wavering from him it was more like season's over I wanna play what do we do next. And good there was an any any it seems any. Any sort of dragging on of this or any any discomfort nothing. But it's just now here it is we're done we're coming so you know. And you know he he he alluded to you know there's always times where you kinda. Think about you know how you know as he goes on as it gets later you know what's going on here but that's normal right at the he never alluded anything. Needing a league that they were ever had any contention in here you know it just was like the longer it goes you kind of think like okay is this connected to honor we can really get into this. And you know I what I've said for a few weeks now guys is to mean. It was clear that it would probably be about the guaranteed money what now appears as though that's probably the case he wanted more guarantees in anything at his age. It only if you're gonna go out there earlier body on the line again for another trinket you wanna be guaranteed you're gonna get paid you know something doesn't go right while he's gonna get five of his six million dollars guaranteed. And oh by the way that six million dollar salary they just say that by not paying Tyrod Taylor that money on Friday in trading him to the Cleveland Browns suddenly goes to Kyle Williams. It's star looked to delay now this I looked up his pro football focus stats and their pretty bad like favorably decline since he was. In his first year to. What do you think. He's worth to them we think is behind this acquisition. Right well your bills fan and you are looking for starlet truly to be some sort of wreak Havoc defensive tackle and chauvinist that she you're gonna be highly disappointed that's not who years. That's not what they signed him. I would. No look he's a different player the martial artist but I would say it in a lot of ways he's Marcel diaries light. What he's not gonna give use the penetrating type of defensive tackle that are so diaries can be. One martial art as was asked to control players up front and really help out to get guys to be able to it would take on double teams and stuff like that. He was really good at that and that's really what this guy's role is going to be he is best paired with an athletic linebacker behind him which I think might speak to own them not bringing breast around represented that it would anyway. Because he can take got to guard he can take out or a senator and he can tie them up and allow that guy behind him to run free look Heatley is great about taking anything away problem. But let's see what typically does without having a guy like star in front of mightily khaki want short also there but I think. Part of the reason the peak he's been so good Carolina is he's had this guy along with the others in front of him so that's kind of what he's going to do in and the other thing is and this is an underrated reason this is what I found out today guys interestingly enough. The bills felt that their pass rush suffered last year not because they necessarily couldn't get to the pastor is much. They felt that. Pastors were able to avoid their pass rush from the edge stepped up into the pocket. And hurt them that way and they want somebody who would make sure that they could basically be right there in the pocket controlling the guy up front and making sure that the court cannot step up and many times Jerry used beating his guy off the edge suddenly the court accepts up in the pocket then what happens in Jacksonville the last a playoff game. You know suddenly like world's asteroids Kelly's lanes to run through that's right in the bills because of that reason this is one of the reasons they needed to have a guy like star. And it's more moves that can. I mean that they don't have to draft players at those positions all even the safety. Yeah Raphael bush is a depth safety you remember COLT Anderson and Samarco Thomas are both free agents. But this guy offers way more upside and defense than they do he can actually play and give it defense he did quite a bit for the saints Lester but he's primarily. A special teams player and obviously he's not gonna start. Ahead of either Jordan Boyer Micah Hyde he also has position flexibility we all know how important that is the like quarter he simply saved reasonably special teams this. Sir anything on the wide receiver markets that interest you a lot of big games have gone Torre Nelson is a very familiar name. Not sure what's left the error. For him at this point in his career. Is there anything that that interest you on unmet market. Well I'd love Jordy Nelson that would interest me I don't know what price that would pay you know how much you gotta pay for dialing Jordy Nelson and I'm sure that's the exact type of approach that this team wants to take. You know I wonder and we see. Excuse me we see Paul Richardson going out to Washington but. You know you guys I was a big Terrelle Pryor last year then you know he had that really disappointing or Alec that go out costs that nobody can he. Can maybe you get a letter really nice price now is approve the deal or something like maybe that's an idea that they they throw around a little bit the more I think about it the more I. You'll see the landscape the more I think if they're gonna address that need. Through basically parts off the street and a draft picker to just like they did last year essentially. Yep put me down for digging the idea of signing Terrelle Pryor for like what the fifth here in a row fourth fourth of Ethier in right. I don't know ha hey Archie again this year but maybe maybe can't because he had such a disappointing year last year. You have an opinion of AJ McCarron. I don't have an opinion but that's my opinion and we don't know what he has I've always felt that if he was. If he was as good as many people kept saying he would be when he hit the open market and that was the kind of market you would command why was he never in discussion. To take over for Andy Dalton even when there were. Thought Citi B Dalton was at the long term guy in Cincinnati people said. For a few years while you don't really the dire that you address and what they gonna do but I never heard one person though we know what they got this guy. AJ McCarron behind and who can start. 90 I know huge action he really likes them he went to let that speaks volumes I guess. But I don't think that there's ever been this clamoring for AJ McCarron. Like their obviously was for Jimmy rob or different to do is take somebody's getting Jimmy gravel who was it and teams are gonna wanna it never sought an ever seem like that was the case the case with AJ McCarron. Maybe I'll I don't know maybe he starts in all the study shows her body that he should have been buried behind a you know eighty doll for four years this could be this could be really look at Tyrod Taylor situation coming from Baltimore goes somewhere is able to show enough to two. The a couple of guys out maybe he's able get a team in the 500 and it's a sneak into the playoffs or something like that he's ultimately not the kind of guy you're gonna have lead your team long. Does he fit here at all as an idea sell. With the with the bills potentially moving up to the very top of the drafted to depict their quarterback of the future or is it more of a veteran. He stewardship sort of thing you act in line. It's it's a question do you think do you consider him a veteran he's literally for years that really mean he's barely uses and played enough for muted point. The only key fits that mold he's almost what Tyrod was when they signed him right puts him right. Right I just sent so it's weird pat Leahy so. I mean no he's not the senate veteran type a mentor to play him he would fit into I think everything rating meaning John McDermott want an eight player late we just talked about others. On I don't think it would preclude you from taking a quarterback high and here's the other thing. I think the longer this goes on and these other guys start grabbing their chair way as the music is stopping here. It makes it even more valuable to me beside AJ McCarron because he won't have as much leverage and you could say we've sentiment shorter deal we can side and we can still drafting. Did you make the Tyrod comparison because I have been staring at my phone here. He with all these updates and I apologize if I miss Isiah but for a different reason that you did for I did more for physically and what he could do our team and go to a team and you'd get more for the for a years years he's been in the league that. Right four years earlier ever played that's there that's the bears are making probably the same age. All right so generally if this is anything a one note you think this is anything so will think they're trading up you're the leader. We opened their trading up in drafting somebody super hyped up the first quarterback pick than probably the second. Great and I've got a veteran that I take care of in the coming days here maybe even today to. Eventually if not soon if not immediately give way to that guy do you think McDermott and or being at any position. And whether they would want to have a quarterback picked that high start right away. IA think that they would prefer that not to happen. But if that's what the situation dictates and in forces that they would probably have enough confidence in their coaching staff. And there organization to prepare that person to do that I mean they did start making Biederman in the middle of a playoff race when he had never started a game and he was drafted in the fifth round. So I I might thought would be that they would prefer. Not to do that. But if that's what it takes that's what it takes me Cam Newton did start for this. For these guys joke obviously Brittany was the assistant G hammer proportional by the time whatever in Carolina he was the number one overall pick and he was clearly the top guy that year. But it would kind of be similar to take a guy you take the first quarterback off the board. Is that really any different than what breed Ambien that happen in Carolina and that turned out pretty well. You know right and there are examples of that working in not working. Right all through the years like there's examples of everything about working and working through the years so I just wonder if they would be a certain way. If they sign say met more. This week. And then trade up and draft one of these Stalin's. Mean what is going to be. So excited and so ready for them back got to play me no matter what met met more these up even Bridgewater might even be McCarron for this but with the terror and Bridgewater there be some curiosity or maybe I have somebody good already. And people would call it and savor what happened with the Redskins in Kirk cousins you know we definitely yeah fifth two methods through that. Not more I think in due respect I don't think he would be that so if they sign him it's more like what Kevin Kolb was I think for this team. Yeah I agree but you know I think about. Look at the they will they will allow the person to win the job that that's the case I think so it would probably be the plan. I think what would happen Mike is this unit this veteran let's face Matt Moore you would draft the quarterback really high. You would go to camp in the veteran would be the number one guy on the depth chart he would take all the first team snaps and Obama as you go through pre season. I think that this regime has shown that they would be open minded enough to say. That guy gives us a better chance so we're actually going to play him we're back at all we can't play him we're gonna do that. We're gonna allow him to play and they mean the fact that they were able and they were willing to bench Tyrod Taylor. And some of the other kind of moves they made with their personality traits as silly that would show me that they're willing to do that they would be willing to do that. Any questions for us. No I think I'm good today guys thank yourself. It sells Petronas brought to you by day outlet liquor need to stock up shop New York's only outlet liquor. A right what do you think is happening your 8030550. Were watching for the veterans as the slip away one after another. All the action in recent days and of course what prospect will end up with. Gonna be one of them much over the Bulldog here give us a call eagle 30550. This is WGR. I. Can't the skylight. AJ McCarron threw bill because it is still fairly. It's about not long term answer right up almost 10% of your salary cap or you're too. So I think that we're going sheet and then track record because it. Of course some except he's CNET these successful lot. But how does the credit got to not making any money you could remake retool its stock the rescue off. Robber made us. And Robert me is. Blockage. Evernote Robert Mays Ryan's favorite is right robberies and never owes them. Aren't favorites hopefully. What's a good point. That every stalking and in the league now about this advantage the Eagles. Deemed. So for example. Of having the quarterback that cost very much so you can spend on the rest of your team in the Eagles really did that. And won it warned sharp Obama's earlier today talked about that a lot. And so why would you spend a lot of money on a backup. Is kind of the point there again it I wonder what happens with McCarron matured in Bridgewater are really curious cases. Their both interest thing different to different expense. Talented young and to this point it seems not any team's choice. As a starter right I've light. Either idea Bridgewater more than McCarron. Before yesterday when the bills made the trade up to twelve which to me is an indication that they planned to go even higher than that. Package so more assets up in goal giving the giants spotted to a cold spotted three. Then the idea of spending. May. More on and I'm assuming a Gallagher Bridgewater repair would do it digs doubly. The cost more than what what the jets just paid just a column if that's accurate and in boxed Matt Moore should cost that much either. A young a young gish guy that still has some potential. I think you would probably have to pay him more and even do it for more than one year. And even that's two years have been the point that Robert Mays makes in that clip that Brian played company and me don't make sense why he wanted to put that money. Altitude sea can be as good as you can be this year. But the reason it appealed to me as an idea for the bills. Is because I I've I would expect them to try. To fly their flag and but we got we've got the future in mind we're trying to do everything. As right as we can. In the long view but we also wanna win as best we can right now. So if they can find a way to give a guy that is better than a journeyman. And I wouldn't you know more. Bridgewater in the McCann are both still coming up their first teams maybe their future is kind of old journeyman but right now they're just. Reclamation projects well more broad what Karen McCarron style no. Then. You know I I could see the bills wanting to spend the extra. You million dollars it might cost them that bad guys that as opposed to just about. Here's just in on WGR hi Justin. Johnson Mario. Higher on the air just in but. There are great yeah. I don't know how they got me I agree with what your take a calm but caring not being somebody that we know about. Bought really mean that is kind of wanted it's OO troops and now they're armed only because I've seen him comment and what have you gained him. Those are like a cheap. Not likely option. Where we may be like on his name out there. I guess you could. Like I do want to agree what movie opened it to get a quarter of organized. That's obviously a lot. I guess you could mean really with respect to more there almost the same same guy. But more has connections to the bills GM and offense coordinator so maybe that's why that's started maybe that's why that's come up and seemed maybe more likely. But I guess you could on restricted free agent 33. Sure. That not all season is going to be about what they do at the draft. Is going to be about that it's going to be about that quarterback. All probably apologize for not being nicer to whoever the veteran is they signed in the next few days a few times between now in week one because early. As a sports fan more I'm going to be doing here is imagining how good the young kid is and that's and we'll probably give no. Thought or time at all to whoever the backup will be and really for that matter Nathan Peter ring either. Or is there rom. If you view debt to put odds. On it right now. Mean what would you say to the chances of them not signing about it at all. Well you mean soon or at all however this eventually I think you have to do it. This summer this summit in front of us just okay looks almost a 100% okay I'm wondering is if it's realistic at all that they would just. Wayne with Peter men and whoever they draft. I don't think that's and it's a real real auction if anything to me I'm just just curious Biederman is the grizzled back and a new I don't know. That that doesn't seem like we're you'd wanna be shut them out drizzle them in but if you. If if you if you didn't pull it off if you didn't if you didn't make the move now during this free agent window. And maybe you have no reason to be that worried about whether or not Matt Moore Drew Stanton is gonna find work. Between now in the draft. And you can move up to draft your guy and you have an eye towards playing him. Oh maybe not maybe you don't maybe just decide to forgo all the veteran in and save. It's meant more cost two million blogs where you know more here more bias exists OK whatever he does decide you know what. There's just something important. If if if something happens to the kids. Then neither Peerman plays and you know Vic V mighty valued even Peerman as much as they would value Matt Moore. Mean I don't think fan I mean we've got a five interception half. Are blind spot if you could be a bit hard to get out of the mirror skim the it would sort of stared at us. But they might think but he's just he's just as capable as Matt Moore. So who barb other. And any if they don't move up and get their guys and they settle for someone who they don't like as much of the crash someone and all the mango and just do the best they can. And sign somebody would make me beat them not moving at all yet and it's you know the market is not even officially opened so. Did it very easily could still pick one of these guys but if there's no urgency there and they are reasonably confident they can get their guy. Maybe don't bother at all. I based on a here's cheering excited Jerry. Well Gary Gary sorry. I guess they yelled don't go thank you. I think I agree with most you know we pretty much an old saying there's one player and he's still out there and -- ray hello to do it. The holes. I mean. You can go to court right to bear I'm not real real another door to pay the money maybe they don't phonetic but it. We are probably aren't looking too good to me. Look we're gonna put the kid in early inevitably get to the corporation we're talking about experiment should start playing by at least five. Full falls is of a public caliber. Where you either draft a rookie and played our plan on him or you trade for nick foals when you don't do both. If you trade predict foals that cost enough that you're gonna wanna sign him. And pay him a real money. The Mets had a choice that we can all debate if we thought that was what was coming I don't think that's what was coming to trade for him and have him be nor. Quarterback until you put your kid in to me is is. A very would be a very bad. Use of your assets. The steep price to pay it EE use it on one hand. Es I deal because he signed for one more year seven million dollars. And he's at a certain level coming off of last year where you went through pretty good about him having to be your guy while your kid waits. But having to trade something substantive to give them is a non starter to me I just don't think what might decide on the gets a Smart way to manage. The the assets you've got stockpiled. You sooner I I would see the bills use whatever asset they might need to use to get nick polls. As part of a package to get up and draft Josh Rosen or send. Thank you Gary here's Dave on WG all right Dave. I Greg children. Now the blueprint that operate up here and I think when I looked up to be AJ McCarron. And like they brought a little bit and getting up dirt around first it was too high eight game Mecca would get an opportunity to play. And other definitely moving up to get their quarterback of the. Sure then McCarron might not get an opportunity to play. I. Don't admit my question would be technically. I think about their projecting likeable we hear about. A rookie quarterback play it well let and it seamless web and not a lot at the psyche here they're really program. And I look at the opening up a hundred million kept its. After the fact is that I think it's clear when they were fairly. Well kind of port IDA at Shea. You know it EO David just depends on which quarterbacks you wanna pick out for your example because our guys that get good before that. There are guys that never did go it just depends on who you wanna make your example out of I've got I've got married Oda at this point who. What it's three years now right from Mary go to net after the second year it was exciting and in the thirty year was bad but then they want a playoff game Somali it's just. Depends who you wanna use for it for your example. It is also a got to keep saying this over and over to people who different ideas. This is a vote who they took who they peck. All signs point to trading up and picking a quarterback higher than this franchise has ever done. That guy becomes the only thing we care about. And and signing McCarron I think even that over qualifies. And folds trading for him would definitely be qualified. It is going to be about which ever one of those kids we've got to get through this week. They'll sign if you will eight hope and veteran. And that it will be all about which one for the next five weeks if you can stand it. I know I never liked the polls idea even before it became evident. It's right to say it this way that the bills and it did just move up yesterday I think they're going higher than even where they got two yesterday. So for forget forget trading assets for a quarterback that is in. Someone I'm drafting at the end of April but that's off the table now and I think likewise. You on the issue guys for years in the league five years in the league. Bridgewater McCarron. Who represented some future hope. I think good good you've probably have to pay something more for that man I want a page. If fund climate all the way up to draft somebody. Probably I mean that's how I look at it I'm not positive that the billboards about Lang but it would it would add up. It would make sense if they did so like I think the pool. Bullish run because guys have found jobs. But I also think the pool shrinking because the the bill's focus who move dates. The profile. There's who's the youngest guys don't don't meet criteria. The giants have made a move that could mean something. To what they do with the second pick will give you that in a minute much over the Bulldog WGR. I set up for free throw a ball. Well art seeking a quarterback with the first pick in the draft but I think that it. A fight that decision for John of course keep that he's going to have to between quantity or. Because you're computer get a kick Dequan Barkley or a quarterback or tree out in Indianapolis there's a lot of complications they really love rep. Let me true or a little bit of pre school oh. So they could be looking to move on the upper pretty fair or Buffalo's but I have to opt. It's quite is two point that we would appeal for help before. Darryl Ryder 923 the fan in Cleveland on WGR. Earlier today. The giants reportedly are signing Jonathan Stewart. The relatively low producing. Carolina running back. What the giants are the pervert franchise. For what they are seemingly being right now which we think the giants would sign retired players to come back and play. I love that they decided older G men you know we have to Eli Manning on the field I think it is their way this can they sign. Who Brandon Marshall can they do that then there is he still around you still on their team who else can they signed with the guys that are just. Almost out of believe would be good New York Giants right now. I don't know if they'll be way off on the DiMarco Marie nude DeMarco Murray got released earlier perfect perfect and late last week. But Jon Stewart is a little worse than that guy doing that and that's. Oh that means anything for Barkley. Righty why are you mother. I'm old bill signed Chris Ivory why would you bother okay well I mean these teams these you know old gentleman worked with a beam I mean I. I can't know what why would you bother your troops. Filling in holes I guess. Sure. Reportedly here Ian Rapoport says the titans are signing Malcolm Butler. The patriots cornerback who was benched for the entire Super Bowl. This past February. Five year contract. 61 million dollars more than thirty million of that guarantees. Bills play them. Titans a look different. New coach. Or some new stuff but probably not a better use their offensive guys. Now know. Right Malarkey is out. It's ripple mikes and maybe they won't get a bit of an interesting offensive coordinator Al. John McEntee got that job teams with interest in office coordinator saw our. Policy interest in again. Public I am I'm sort of intriguing yeah thank you sure that's your word you used when you don't wanna use Andrea give me a pseudonym I I'm public looking at. In Chicago who write they've they've got what really got Kansas city's guy is that what they did yes is there head coach. And soul to be drafted Robiskie they moved up one spot to do that last year. And like they're me other adding they're adding receivers. Murtha got the got the Jacksonville guys Robinson right so I'll Trey Burton the type guy and Brian was pretty good as a bit like three titans used. Philly right. So mom look at me like that's. Urge army talking about this today on the morning show like just make a note that the bearer is they play in Chicago it's cold and it's no sometimes only and there are. There are making moves towards trying to get pieces around their quarterback that they invested in while he's cheap and Yong. And see if they can make that work so. You know see if the bills. Did the same sort of blog. I wouldn't predicted happens now I think you have to get the quarterback first and then see what you can do after that and next off season. It's reported the Eagles are gonna have close to 100. Million dollars. To spend in free agency we'll see if they can manage to have the same offensive coordinator for two consecutive full seasons is that something that is eluded them since. Since movement they Hackett I guess would have been met them but nobody parents aren't. Let's go to rob next hi rob. I I didn't if they'll just I'm met or. And I'm quite good it's safe and number twelve and draft the American accent because I don't want the bill is straight up. Under proper adapters as they have so many holes drilled. So what I would do was put around your accident that want it to pick a top tackle or offensive guard. And that is separate round I would vote with a wide receiver. And I'm not Orleans bowl are on a California quarterback from USC or LA. APEC in great teams in the past but they never in Japan now Trey Troy Aikman going cornerback. And out and there are good apple career. They get after they both the thrilled that Jackson and built around him. And you get free agency. I think that's not indexer with the ball. The problem is the school they went to. That's that's that's the fear you say you have or is that there from California. Well Tom Brady was from California Aaron Rodgers went to KO. Summer in the polls but my main point here. You don't want you on the radar later drastic because you have to all of self. Okay well. I don't know I wouldn't trade up either but I think they're gonna. A film finals they've done it sound I signed to tackle today I brought Kyle Williams back now I will fill my pulls off my whole next your state appointed have a hundred million dollars next you're free agency. Wyoming did have a quarterback record. I believe how credible are years ago I will have a way to fill my holds it's not the big is that it. Do you think of a football player who played Wyoming. The yes John dwindling. Was a safety and special teams player for the bills. And breed drafted him out of Wyoming I don't know why I remember that's excellent. Well there's one thing weaken. Clearly say. The Mets that Wyoming is a great school for special team measure of safety types because that one guy Bryant played there. I'll come on. You know I I can't deny that I thought about it that Southern California to here I thought about it. And it's a very different way of life it's a very very different whale life. Wherever those two guys go. Will be some part different. But I may just choose not to make that a problem. I just do me your. The call it culturally there are there are differences. But what I will never do is just say some yo gross blanket statement since. Not since the year acts was there a good quarterback from that school that means that there can never be another one because that just doesn't work. 8030550. Mike's over the bull dog with more her phone calls after sports here on WGR.