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Mike Chenault. Bedanova bulldogs. Bob Bulldog this is a minute work suddenly. Why did you explode corn pulled muscle why did you play this pretty old so I can you be in my laying way. A crime he just smiled. And gave me a legend lives and we'll trade you an email I come from the land down under. A brand new. Danny here can hear the song there. You better run you better take. Blow. It's great to 515. The last thing or. Partially doing that. We have five quarterbacks in the draft we've talked about obsessively here here's where there are all from a do you know. I don't know where they're all from known I know where they go to college where they went to college I don't know whether or off. Mayfield is from Austin and kind. Lamar Jackson is from Pompano Beach, Florida. I don't know if they all expand their whole childhood in these places sure there were born in these places. Josh Rosen. Wait Josh Elena Wyoming. Is from. Like Fresno. Program. Josh Rosen is from Manhattan Beach, California which is the nicest place I think the res in the country. And darn old is from south of there Capistrano beach soul like between where Rosen. Was born and Mexico. Closer to San Diego made. You've got 3 guys from central to Southern California. One from. Austin, Texas and one from Florida of the five. And the rest of them are all from Ashland Massachusetts are pretty sure about that. These guys from a gash from Austin, Texas in football. They care picker to Martin music the arts. Is not a big sport there not an iron no net football hooked Texas hat there. Yeah on herself front and it's yeah now. All right yeah I don't know what what's the trick on guys from Florida is that different than California. Because it's a self or something when I warm but you can get right I mean what good is Bruce palm trees it's funny. There's not adversity when you walk before I can't believe there's any university in Manhattan Beach, California I don't know what I would look like national. It's where Ryan Miller bought a house we played here for a picnic. Like. Manhattan Beach pretty good you just wanna stay here and every bit like a parking ticket there. Do pay it. I paid it yet it was a deal where. It was like five minutes over the river was like. A friend Sean Dwyer hi Sean if you're listening in along time he would rather surf. And I was like five minutes if that five minutes over the meter and gonna take him. No fool around they are serious people there theory Shane with us on WG RI Shane. L gone I guess I. So I'm actually kind of word (%expletive) at all. Yeah like I'm really worried and then on the you know maybe our struck opposites really hurt or nobody mama so that we have. And not actually going after the long term goal. In all I can understand being you know six to the operator just. I mean that's about position we've got a nine years. Bought the whole point of these texts you know Tyrod treated on trade on the all the other moves that we made to get these I mean you need a trio motive or I mean should he need. I mean we haven't had a quarterback orderly and almost thirty. I mean I'm 25 years Ole. And I have never had best franchise guided trip to hear that and and I think all the stands it is not yet. Well I don't know why don't I I'm just enough to worry about chain but the the the bill's authors I think is behaving every bit. Blake in organization. That agrees with you. And I don't think they're gonna worry about. We have a lot of holes to fill I mean I think they have reason to be concerned about the holes they have to fill but I think it will find people to fill holes holes. And eventually married legally can find good players to fill multiple holes there it'll take some time I think they're gonna move up and draft quarterback. And that's why they don't call us. They have to. You know I mean like we have a hundred million lecture worry about other prop. You know bowl did tech I'd go get our guy and straight open though. I mean it's that's simple I mean if I you know I know this is kind of a bad turn to say a boy. You know all about how the GM. You know I mean I'd be given up. Marches until a little bit bad guy could you see in all panned out for LA. Jerk off to appreciate just urged you're okay came back the second year just on the old it coming and I feel lucky that he was our personal what. Instead of getting the oldest injury I mean you can be an MBT can't I mean an NBA what the eighteen they they gave all towels it'll get there are guys. Listen I think thank you Shane it's all very it's all very reasonable. The bill still have to prove. That they have the rest of what those teams have to help whoever the rookie quarterback is succeed. That's players that's coach is that's philosophy. There might be more things. And I don't know if I have any proof of that of any of that like. I sort of a source only a predicted the rams couldn't predict programs about golf but like. History shows of a quarterback takes so long to get on the field. Like golf that is a number one overall pick it's probably dire. And really what that was was he it's a lesson in how important coaching can be. Because then they hired a coach who's 32 when the is version of football isn't Rex Ryan's it's the opposite. So they went and loaded up on receivers and you know went crazy. And if that's a huge part of it and if the bills don't do some of that whoever they pick will fail. So it's it's nice to to think that way I am. 46 and I feel like it's been my whole life and almost you know it's feels like that. But you don't succeed by trying you have to do the rest of it you have to get some kind of lucky you have to. You have to do more than just draft the player who looks talented on film. Yeah you go you gotta fill your roster and there's no question about that but I I think the opportunity to do that he's going to be there. In the next year yet with all the money they've got so it's a it's a part of the the part of the process to me that I can I didn't really get behind. You know did the big the bigger and I think they will find their way to two players. And the urgency to do that might be dictated by how good these guys is it how soon they they're gonna go get a guy at two or three. Did he plays right away and showed signs of being ready to blast off. Then I think next year they're signing next year's version of Sammy Watkins. Or Ellen Robinson when good they're doing. It because why wouldn't you if you have a guy that's ready to go now. A part of heaven that guy ready to go the quarterback is big time I think what's happening in the league right now. And golf is a part of this wines is a part of this to Shawn Watson as a part of this is these. A somewhat simplified aid. Schemes. That give these quarterbacks. Common right out of college. Easy fast reads and vessels are college concepts and I doubt they have a coach that's ready to lead to utilize that stuff. And use it to their advantage now if I'm bringing that guy you know I don't wanna move in the long past. So I need to still need the players. Around that quarterback to quarterback after the skills and of course and he still around them but also need. The right scheme and the bills were. Nowhere on that last year with Rick Dennison and he got fired. So I don't know Brian Cabell has been in and out of the NFL he most recently was an Alabama. I don't know what he comes with and and what he is going to want to do what the bills what trauma dominant Brendan being will want him to do. But I hope they're doing. Are ready to do some of what. Bill O'Brien who's doing what to Shawn Watson and what Doug Peterson frank registered in terms of months because that that sort of stuff is it makes a difference. And I really sort come around on that. You know so I've I've long long long been just give the guy and every reason jobs are made. Draft the quarterback and you're gonna get statues built because it won't really matter. You're along for the ride but I think what you're seeing here with these college guys showing up and having success one or two years in. Is that. Those schemes and in a familiarity those players have with those teams from college. Pays dividends for those teams now how long that lasts I mean I don't know those windows sometimes Oprah and closed in the lead. Over the course of a couple of years who's the defense is figure out what was going on and find a way to combat it but. Right now I want to have a guy that is gonna give this quarterback the chances that those guys I just mentioned. Tim is whether us nighttime. I don't guys good. How realities that a lot about it and injures and love these moves by helping out with. Why would like why would just ready. Let us move up nine spots where Alfred. Tackle Glenn Beck really diplomatic pressure. And while equate or we will on the tape Kyra are allowed to vote but. So that's something we used to do why would it do to help bail canyon. Why I mean Cincinnati is easier for me and Alec Taylor but Cincinnati it's a good player and they moved down nine spots and that's a position of need for them. So you can do just as well drafting warning woman twelve and they get a starting left tackle that's that's easy for me or mom. Taylor. Like if he's kind of this if you have to use the word bridge. Idea for the browns maybe it'll go well and they won't even have to. I mean the there to draft a quarterback and he's gonna go in eventually they're gonna there's dirty use Taylor the wayward use whoever we signed here in the next few days. I think it's just it was a higher price than I expected the bills to get I really wasn't sure the bills could get anything for for him but they did to their credit. Brett. So if that means that the work them like local Baptist since what was politically. It's the works at age I mean analyst seeking out yet but thank Brendan being commit a lot more like debt that's really insightful on me at. You know it makes sense for both squads and just let I don't know anybody can everybody can make double Decker that it just seemed to go Google the right spot it well. What you're yep all have to be willing to part with a good player or a player who has the potential to be good in both players in this case. Have the potential to be at least pretty good if not better than Clinton has been a very good player when he's been healthy and on the field the Fella favor here. There's a big contract there's injuries. Availability matters a lot to this coach. Seoul and they drafted a guy last year to take his spot and can pay him 950000. Dollars or. 790000. Dollars or whatever Dion Dawkins has made it on a second round rookie contract. To play that spot instead of have fourteen million dollars tied up in courting one. So you this is if anyone is in my thirties have dissuade it makes it's easier to explain because Glenn potentially could be a a lot of very high level tackled. For the wife of his contract and if you've got the cap room and needed that at that position but there's a fit. Take your word for a bridge it I would not have wanted the bills to make a trade like that. If I know I'm drafting first Orman a plan on drafting third it's part of the reason I'm not interest in the polls and go get a quarterback on or give up an asset. For a guy who's just gonna sit here. Until. That. Young guy is ready to play so the browns have a harder time seeing why they did it. But in both cases you've got players who are older they're decent players. Thank you Tim. I didn't tell you that I'm dress I'm in the middle of a fantasy football draft it's weird little bit right foods also solid solemnly Q. My wife asked me what was wrong with me last night and I had to I had to think about that. And it's that they're really happen I'd think about like what is wrong with make an ivory. Talkative or and just sort of two and sort of look at you like what a dog it solely to sort of puddle up in their in their own crate mr. hide under the table and stop the Petroleos doing that says tonight or sectional following due event. So I just Joseph was nodding he -- heard that Joseph knows that or has heard that the dogs are dispel funny when they're near the end so I just. I had to think about what is wrong with me something is she's right I mean of course she's right. I I think it's because. The the Florida trip. Kaman went in and I have that baseball draft weekend last weekend. And now that's over and I would spend some in my free time at home reading up for that. Murray and now I don't have anything to was aborted there was a void to need a new hobby so. I I went turn I said the ice and all this I like this is this is the re I think you're right and of course. And I think this is why I'm just a little bit sad now. And she said bull would you do about it and I civil understood I just signed up for fantasy football. 48 round best ball slowed draft. I don't only reachable so Ryan addressed it well Levy on ballot to what are your thoughts on. Gonna check out every do. Here early went one don't must be must be holds out for the entire season and I'll be a big mistake opened a bug something new to maybe you don't improve yourself republic that go away. I don't know about go up by a man to live learn to put a mandolin my original rope that. Everything's perfect don't Jim toward adjournment but no. Barkley went six. And you get eight hours to maker peck that was the last pick up about two. Keeping them true. If you were good comes up at midnight you have until the morning. I think unless they stop it overnight I would be right there next time you have eight hours yet you wanna find out where you're at. Even then there could be wrong and you could get stock. Yeah but I always viewed Celtic. He rounds of its fortieth around so which should take you know at least a couple of weeks now all. Phil do another one probably. And how many. With public we have tweaking things here. Public oh and have fifty. And sing and he has at least fifty if not into triple figures by the end of next season I don't know we're gonna do with you when you'll barely. A functioning. Member of society to show as it was score or the show. Ago one of those matters more the other I'd probably be skewed the the like you were barely see your hard to get all of the fantasy track. Most of the year if you have Blake I don't know five more teams tend more teams. We marks used 253060. Because we come off via you know. There aren't that I'm gonna build a space force. After I'm gone by draft. Gave the bills the bills draft Joshua Allen they trade up into doctor Joshua Allen and joining the space force quitting this job and I'm joining space I'm not what do you know. He's gonna be terrible. No I don't like his talent. I think you're gonna be terrible I don't know but I think get some of the follow what I think I wanna be right. I don't care if the bill draft him and he's terrible I'll be more upset that I was wrong. And I mean if the bills draft and he's going to be marks upset that I am wrong and I'll go yeah you'll even like him being at all bills I won't. The upset that I am wrong political and. I'm leery of him but I know it's a trap. So all I'm trying not to. You don't believe these reports the girls like him I well. Mirrors that of an adult SP nonsense. A bit Benjamin Albright who I guess last year. Had. What do we have rated tournament be OK Jack yet they like Peter and I don't we draft him in the fifth round brocade. He's he's saying now the same source apparently saw Joseph Marino we have on the show on Friday. Already saying the same sources tell him the bill through like hale and to me that can all just be. Small. Do I Klebanov clip right here. Please the clips and I can take a quick look at the draft gulf war the fantasy draft well build trying to move up into the top five of the draft they're likely targets are at the top five of the draft are either Arnold. Josh Allen or Josh Rosen Allen is a guy that they had deliberately leaked they were interested in whether that's true information not I couldn't tell you but I can tell you that several people have spoken with had that information thrust upon them so take that how you will whether or not they're adamantly trying to get it out there that they want Josh Allen because they do or because they want someone else of one to. They can think like they want Josh Alec I could tell you that's the information they are putting up from their side of the house we'll tell you. That same source told me and I tweeted out last year on the day route to the draft that they're going after new computer and they did so take it how you will. Josh Allen is the name that they keep repeating over there. Ross I was gonna say that people had that information thrust upon them. That week he said that. I think that all applies here. Aren't really tell you. There are few. Felt a little bit about it don't ever stop saying that the bill's love jobs tell it a little drafting judge Allan. Again we don't need to write did you quit. Did you go watch sports does boards that are out of jobs or did you tell people that we loved him. X. I really want this now. I wanna know what a challenge Ryan. What is you my quit because I'm gonna quit on it well. Beat if you got if you want a new producer the fastest way to get a new producers to convince the bills draft Josh Allen. Twitter poll up to what fans want to think the revenue line and today they really love Josh ailment would not. The information on its. And all the different you know this as well as anyone if he'll call a smokescreen. People have different interpretations. Of what thrusting is. You know that's word. I've learned the hard way. Yes you have to learn that the hardware that's something that you you have really have to learn shortly Norman waited to learn something when this isn't artwork and the school of hard thrust. This. She's also I'm so sorry and time for breakfast WGR. Well I think everything comes in the life itself how much steel family won a look at our football days. You know some of the things we're doing and then they come down the brain and all of believing in their bid to make sure it was made public be connected Condit to the locker room to kind of bring their message in the air might hate that the direction work go at the end of Buffalo Bills for my whole career and more than anything check the Monterey you know I haven't fulfilled my dream I have and I saw myself in pursuit up and it's no I think that I'm like they needed site but a lot that and the red white and blue and I'll love there and our fans the ball. Kyle Williams is coming back. Kyle Williams was drafted in 2006. What two or three. Former bills were drafted at the top of that draft. 2006. Donte Whitner no. Donte Whitner was drafted by the bills near the top of that draft all know Mario Williams Reggie Bush. And they Richie and Vince Young right that's the top three is Vince Young a former bill technically not. Didn't make it through the song he did not play. Not a part of their team and a regular season game of that or oil so almost six. Is Whitner yup and. And pose was knee is always does that Marshawn Lynch Marv. 07 or oh wait yeah I think RA because he retired today Posluszny yeses retirement today and he of course began his career here. So old he retires only having played for those two teams he'd be blessed here or sign a big contract with them. And then I think was extended and stayed so now however 1111 year Cooper. For a pause bills also drafted John McCargo in the first round. In 2006. Good. Statistics. Yet I was there we were in the drought by the and yet there was a drought here by then known. As miserable soul retired. Got a funny I got an email. From a guy today. That came across a correspondence we had back in 2011. So you know not that long ago or is that we're talking after the 06 draft but. He just brings a bite out of Hawaii this was in my files and it's so it was funny that. But in 2011. He was writing me about how optimistic he was a change your change there and like they're going to be they're going to be good idea the bills midst. I'm motivated today the boy well. You can close it looked like a Spielberg and we were still seven years away from in the right from a wildcard Lawson writes that's right. Who knows how much long longer until Solomon like really good. Right. Here's Joseph with a site Joseph. Yeah Dillard then there are take particular call them a big fan of yours. Thanks to pop the question. Okay and mice by our. We starlet to way to date almost thirty you don't twenty to 29. He's 28 right now but he'll be maybe a between numbers on the season begins. Yep there you go and do we have Carl Williams thirty. Forward Lauren go in there at 3330. Or we got. The quarterback Brandon Davis that we just got an apartment thirty years ago I'd like to see youth movement here. Although of the Buffalo Bills I did get a few that you could reopen bit because draft who at one point I want to make the other point I want ages. When you look at these quarterbacks at the power off you know you've got jostled in the jobs have questions because what pork and coaching in college. You've got they have done colonel who regressed last year did you catch us now. What he heard two you remind me. J. P. Losman he just taller. What we can't deny or comparable. That the titans say that that a he's got all the measurements you want. He looks like Tarzan but we don't know we're gonna play like yourself with the bill are targeting someone at the top of the first two I don't know. I just please hole it it's either baker based bill. Orders forcing him I don't know. I would just because. We talked about all the great being fit this new administration. You know has done. If they picked the wrong quarterback became really really set us back at all like you gave me and won't do it how to draft capital. You know this really respect don't want it to stop. On that have been the other thing it's. Do you think that the mule will trade up to number five before the draft because they'll do little awkward number two or three. Been to a particular call which oval. You're welcome I don't know the answer your second question it could be either. You could do that soon if you want to. But you could also waged feels like the way. This could be a trap the last couple days been so much activity including a bill straight up in the draft. That you might think it just feels like it's gonna happen soon doesn't have to could be a month from now. The draft is more than a month away that. You want that youth movement on defense all you get it all you do it is by the opposite of what they're up to what they're doing is signing. Free agents so that they don't have to draft them. And they can spend their draft picks on the quarterback you know the payment to the other team and also maybe. Offensive players who they can also use. So that one is on old Williams part of that what they did last year in free agency got old guys but you know free agents there and their defense is all much of a home. What part free agent acquisitions is their defense. Oh boy sizable look I mean but. Traders wait to draft picks so he doesn't comfortable secondary was new. And you Vontae Davis price gain gain and Davis is taking gains despite gains was traded for. But Davis. Hide pour your. Mean the other days they have it there's always been merit to. Pointing out that there are holes on this team and and and places that need more than just shoring up. You know they they have. They had no pass rush really speak. So I can appreciate cell makes the point that. Part of look to allay. But there's going to be attracted to him is that he stout in the middle. And will. Keep quarterbacks from stepping up away from pass rush. Common around the edges and I assume that is something that they've looked at long and hard. And thought was a big problem for them. Okay. May maybe that helps you somewhat but I I've wondered in need is eventually. The penalty jury Jews. Long term winds up as someone who's gonna be really helpful to me when this team is really ready to be a contender Sandra I'm gonna need. Probably to pass rushers on my Shaq Lawson becomes a force this year. Because I got next to nothing from him in that department at the other side they had some role players that flash like Eddie Yarborough and Ryan Davis. That you know but I think we're talking about role players mean they need and means of stuff over there. They need youth and speed. And you know maybe they come out of this draft with. At least one piece of that. Whether that's an edge guy in the second round or linebackers that they feel can play in the contended. You know along with a lot of more I was already unity he fits in the appointments. I think he'd be his skill set fits but they they need some things to work over there and for sure and then and talked about what they have on the other side of the ball. But they don't have any real threats at receiver. So think they've got work to do and. This could be this quarter would be the year to do it with how many picks you have it's a rare opportunity to do that. Now that the all work out but the and that they're not gonna treat all their draft picks away no out of there they're probably. Me and three or four of them coming through Logan this quarterback. Or or maybe they trade three this year and one next year. Figure find a way to maybe it'll find out more appealing for a spread it out a little bit so they get more of an influx this year. And and can handle getting a hit next year with what maybe a second or third or something. And on the on the point about the draft that the trade. Got its only guessing but I would guess right now that assumes the giants are ready to do that like that's the I'm the bills Knoll they wanna do it and if the giants get to a place or look over colts I suppose it will place for the like okay. Yeah we wanna do this. Then you'll just go and do it I would predicted before. The clock is ticking on. Whoever that pitches whether it's three year to. Now that doesn't mean it's going to be this week but you said the six weeks so we could be in the middle of April. Or the week of the Monday of the draft you hear the bills and own up to do we're you know that that's. That's when I would guess that. I might like to know. How the bills look at let's talk about the third peck. How they look at the the pluses and minuses of doing that sooner with the bills pay a little bit more to get that don't sooner I bet they would. They have. Peck's. And if you wait. You can benefit by seeing what happens. Before you like it won't into if you wait all the way up until the drafters of benefit to that. But the risk is that the colts could do something else once you get the deal done and it's yours. And there's obviously a benefit to that so I wonder of a how they look at that. I guess I would rather have the deal gone. And men you know or if you're it's if it's Indianapolis. And you do that deal hopefully the bills' field just the Ferrell set no matter what happens of one and two right by they may not. Right they may not. I would you know a lot of guessing going on here I would guess if they do choose to go to three it's because they have. As good at an idea is maybe another team can have about one another is going to do one pick ahead of them in the draft. Because it's the giants. The social day there's. If they go there and they Knoll that the browns may leaving no with the browns are gonna do maybe they don't care because they like two guys. And if if they know the browns are gonna pick one they get the other provided they know the giants are doing something other than. And maybe they'll know that too I got I might. I might believe if they do trade to three. It's because they have some confidence. Maybe a 100% confidence. Over what the giants aren't there. There's all the wise I think trading to three it's a little bit like Brendan being said. Morning that the come by and you don't just go up there and hope for the best you used to go up would go to twelve what they did yesterday. And just. Well where were are now sold just wait and see who calms you know you're gonna go you're going. And you're going to get a guy and you better know you can get your guys and I think if you go to three they're gonna have to in the hole what's happening up there and and the only way you do that without knowing is that you like three guys equally and that just seems hard. Treated three in the trades to. Juror pierce Kevin with a solo Kevin. They guys think that they might call today at noon. We have a couple comments the first one that think the proper to do an excellent job and they've got a good blueprint and played and I think they've heard it got so worked up would get a man. But they're gonna go up to two and take all the the equator as out of the mix and I think it's gonna get their quarterback get to and hopefully it's gonna be Rosenberg who knows the crapshoot. The other comment I had was. I think the that played GM for a minute I think the the Billiton might be wise to take their sixth round pick this year which is 187. He traded to Denver. And grab about Trevor Simien on the last year of his contract that while one point nine I think is making. Right now so one point night for him to get a release them anyway. And when he gets on the market I think he's going to be about seven million dollar guy and he'd be a pretty good bridge for Rosen for the first year. That's when he forced starts I think in a thirteen eleven and I didn't turn back in the match up that you gotta locate per year than at the back we get thank. I don't think I need to do it I don't think highly enough of the player to have. So bother. Others do something in free agency that's even more experienced. And I'll be OK there swimming in not trading for an exit the aren't. I'm not I'm not I'm not I I didn't wanna trade you don't need polls is probably at a high end of this idea. Everything else is somewhere below that I'm not given up anything to get it in native Trevor Simien gets caught. OK and then you know close name and happily I'm not I'm not opposed to him anymore that I would beat him at more any of these other guys that I don't really care about. Right I don't criticize this idea for only the player now being good because the kind of want the player to not be that good. Or else it's just why would I do both things why would I trade up and sigh and what is it one. You don't want the player to be back up right exactly that's all that's my stats I'm Josh you don't sit right over here that's exactly how I feel and it's not the same reason I'm tall. If the player if you saw someone that but it's actually good even Bridgewater for me is this what if you do that. That I don't I didn't wanna trade up anyway so that I have this guy and I might have something in that guy and I wanna. Be cool and try that in draft wide receivers and in no corners and pass rusher I want to use my picks similar things. If I'm going to trade up for two so be it but that I don't want to sign a quarterback that I'm gonna ever want to have start. So it's tolerance who would've virus don't need the backup to be a good player it's complicates things for me it should be speech somebody. That knows his role you're gonna you're gonna help. You're gonna play in an emergency we trust you to do that to pay you millions of dollars to do that. And you'll be fine where we take you out that's the deal what do you say yes journal. Somebody will say yes to that. Sounds good to me. I'm down. That's wanna do it right it's your show gonna be about whether we would rather have view on the on the board or have Josh Allen on the bills. New. Maybe reveals seven probably know pretty much 7030. So far in the poll says keep Brian. 30% while Joshua Allen 30% would trade in my life when Natasha. That. Or your morbid there's space army. It would face force face force yes what was going on with speed and guys police force is way better than I may have missed some of the news that. Denied bugged him but it doesn't completely floored me could've seen reference to a but I don't really know what. The president brought up the idea of a space force that would be like the army and the navy only in space okay. Like an air force only space force cool. Where to attack other planets right. It does sound cool that's why if I were to quit this job because Josh on undrafted and sign up for space to do it armada of ships like like in sports. Space force a guy in the rebel alliance. Coal. Right is that the Droid terminology I think we'd be the empire unfortunately we would definitely be the import item is in Mexico gonna paper that. Especially. Not at first. The eventually pay for the space horse. All right Ryan is going up at seven will wrap our part up here for the day. In a few and then tonight also the volley game saint Bonaventure UCLA. We'll Josh Rosen be at this game and thinking not to beaten Ohio. There's a sweet mister Graham of Rosen working out with Erin Rogers today. Yet so that. Was probably got in Dayton. Well it could have been able to. We set I had a great day or work with the greatest and it's something like that but you know I didn't really want RNC. And time stamps on them. It's won't mean to be arguing about the much over the Bulldog with a U 37 weekdays on WGR. Another problem senior multiple times I've been told people around the league that a lot of kids Gilda buffalo a couple of shots frozen I don't know but people in the Buffalo Bill that's working its speed exactly right now what they're thinking but. People on the league consider that buffalo and Josh wrote our match. They're go go optimum scouting. And he's on the that was Josh Rosen who sang. There's league player of the gold cup. All right. All right I feel better about that in the oven. I settled really should really do. I'm a human I have feelings. I am opinions I know you do. The talking to Ryan about the schedule one other thing that comes around this time years the NFL schedule. Should be the week all of the draft for a few days before the draft should be is scheduled so little more than a month as well and and I'm asked Ryan like reward Jacksonville at buffalo week one feel like you know it's a playoff rematch and maybe it looks like a pretty even game we don't know where quarterback is right just like what office and I don't care who they play. I don't care about poor. Games of the games at all these leaders really hot teams. This same sixteen teams you play them and then the season ends and you that you go to the playoffs street down. Boom how's that. All care they get a prime time game and it's on my birthday. That's about it you're tight because Obama tonight I think that's what's going on here I can't tell you not read that I Havel joint or is that reasonable. Now nobody else that happens outer percent I was I. I was a little I was a little off between 345 in what 530 in here while Manuel was claim in the champions. I was tense and I felt it a little like come I think we've we've talked about this before. When the sabres got good that first year in there in the playoffs like there was like a week week. No we didn't quite know what to do with the friction there was a concern tension. That was present just between us just because we're on edge about the games. Like animal soccer today which will slowly slid to people why you like that about a sports team intestinal there from. Manchester which is I I'm pretty sure in England. So it's not what my hometown team morning. But still it felt nice to have that. One little schedule nugget that I was looking at I haven't yet gotten of the charred out who put together and yeah the bills played Detroit this year. Thinking that glass in the pre season finale no right we don't the pre season schedule we are either they'll probably be pretty soon but. I'm guessing he's six at the track I'm guessing that will not be the opener where it. Right can you went two weeks world because you always play the last pre season game against Detroit because law. So I guess you're not playing Detroit week one and out played them back to back. I am. That was because of Ralph Wilson. Right against Torino but I wonder did to those agreed goes like agreements like college teams make. With. You know with the with one another to play a certain amount yours and Michael are we come to your place and you come to our place in 2020 and went on and on you go partly but I wonder if that. The to the big schools have to continue. I mean bullies from Detroit so. We Terry when Terry bought the bills the first player I think you mention was Joseph Schmidt. So he might just exactly the same feeling weary group owned alliance teams I can't remember Whitney is he from a I don't know bluntly he was a towards sports fan yeah I came across Syria know that yet players and lines. I don't know although about just cancel the pre season going to play Detroit in a real game that we do that mean the idea that doesn't seem imminent. Ryan gave its field gates coming up draft talkies tight so help mile this will sick probably better radio and. Probably actually radio headed your way after this break. Much over the bulldogs see tomorrow at three here on the UGR. Dohmann. Petrie.