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Tuesday, March 13th

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Mike show you might be mocking me or you might feed stores we agree with me I can't tell. I'm talking Fresno Bulldog. What is far better world production on WGR. Sports Radio five feet. The AT&T hotline right now the excellent Warren sharp fans throughout the season. Will call and complain about play calling and a lot of times you can tell these fans. That things you're complaining about you can actually look that up now and in twenty team. You can find out if it's true what you say that you you think you see that they do this all the time. You're gonna get from. The network either that the bills for example last year on second and ten after a first and ten pass play that went for zero yards. So usually in complete ran the ball 81% of the time and were terrible at it. Through this guy comes in Warren were Mike and Chris where sort of you know us. Epic. What do you think of what's happened in the league here in the last few days Warren there's a lot. Including the bills moves which are significant the Tyrod Taylor trade and the trade up. Involving according Glenn yesterday. Yeah absolutely I think they are extremely significant I hope that it signals the fact that you got two or be selecting. A draft pick here decided top five in picking a franchise quarterback and I hope it's one that they. Victoria franchise and and can give you that he window of opportunity that. I thought about nowadays you know which is the first five years have a first round draft. Rookie deal because you have before. Guarantee years and then you have the option year in year five and what we he would do to the way that this salary cap is structured in the collective bargaining agreement from the prior. You know negotiations turned out. You quarterbacks. Especially the good one obviously are extremely affordable and allow franchises to allocate it a lot of money. Is that you could cap rising. By approximately ten million dollars every single year where for five years did not think. Allow allocate some of that money to other key positions and that's what we're seeing he'd like. The Philadelphia Eagles do and teams like the Chicago Bears do year two of their rookie quarterback. A quarterback deal. And there now we allocate money for the Eagles now one of the year three but. You guys hopefully will you guys helped you get on the track where. You bring in a guy and on your package kick move opted to get the guys that you want is my guess which are going to do what you get the guy. And figure out there and you're able to build around him acquire the additional pieces stinks to not having to pay. Tyrod Taylor or another franchise quarterback like occur causing me significantly more money. It's kind of funny that with all this movement going on maybe the last great example of that speak highly paid. First round rookie quarterback Sam Bradford. Winds of twenty million dollar contract with Arizona today really key he's I don't he's the last one but he's the one that comes to mind the most is he's made so much money in large part because of that massive rookie deal but he originally got with the rams. Oh yeah it is not only extremely ironic that they get paid today that you are right he was the last guy who. Was paid before that he'd be accused in 2011. And you look back at like. What was he going to get over his first four years compared to what did cart it went debt you know over his. First four years in terms of the deal and it you know I think a small percentage of what Bradford got obviously brought forgot your deal. But you gotta strip where those last couple years where he was paid a lot more money. Of these per the contract in and look at apple Apple's in. Obviously. It is saving money now yapping about that was like. That in years ago as well go off everything is getting more expensive yet age cheaper to get a quarter rookie quarterback now that was. With and so it's definitely more happy he did and I think a lot of these key city about. Happened the last six teams that won the Super Bowl. Had eight starting quarterback during importantly who within their rookie deal so it happening around the league that. It's not just. Hey we've got to get our franchise quarterback is quarterback like I hate mean like to calm Brady like an air Rogers like you Drew Brees like a bad law but we have to get this. This guy is only a couple of on the you know sample quote in the league. And maybe we'll win. Now you can actually win if you build around him like what you were able to do it. Russell what torture able to do with Joseph Flacco. These guys haven't won Super Bowl since then. They've gotten higher contract they gave up a larger portion of the team's salary cap it's harder to build a roster. And we keep seeing both those teams that may cooling we're removing pieces and extend the contract to try to continue to stay competitive think they didn't happen do. When they were. You're starting these guys on the rookie deal. Interest thing I guess what is let go the third with Wilson and Philly of those quarterbacks you're talking about in in Super Bowls and Flacco got paid. And how's that gone. Exactly as it is as if you'll Joseph Flacco. Situated on the Kirk cousins that people are they're trying to say the key fed on itself I eat now reaping the rewards well. He really didn't have much of an option they they weren't giving him. I deal that he was willing to sign it wasn't as if like hey all night. He he really was not going to sign those deals between you know wanna pay and so he really not much option but to play under the protect act which still look good. I've got Joseph Flacco. Could it kind of what a more lucrative contract. After a year or Britney decided to. Day and got that year five. His blockaded and that's when he got it won the Super Bowl and of course then there may be. Pushed up until quarter write like how can you not resigning the guy who just won a Super Bowl for you so they end up like going way over the top in pay him a lot of money. And of course that. Hurt the team they had to strip out wide receiver strip out it sent to beat this. And of course they've been having close to competing like they were before he hit that new deal. Weren't sharp sharp football analysis here on the AT&T hotline with us on WGR so wouldn't with that said. Would you think you can understand the vikings. From winding cousins they've got a ready made team and he's the best available guy. But it's a lot of dole would you think it. Smarter to try to fill in with someone cheaper keep one of the guys that they had. On the roster last year rather than guarantee all this money to cousins. I can't get any there there are very unique situation right because. They have a very decent Rabbani head coach. Who has had a lot of success defensively without very good quarterback why I mean if you look at like the out of him after allocating these players whether it was. You know more Bradford of Bridgewater. Or Dalton when he was down in Cincinnati they also can fit Patrick and Joey Harrington you could take it all the way back during those years. Mean Mike Zimmer is not really had. The marquee style quarterback in the prime of his career he had Drew Bledsoe when he was in doubt the last four years ardor. He had Vinny Testaverde the last year his starter he excoriated in the last four years is as a starter that he had the omni but they were basically you know. On their honor our retirement. Schedule that why it is so to get a guy like that Kirk cousins in there are marquee name who they really in the prime of his career right now. That's a big deal for Minnesota and they were so close last year. Obviously they were thinking they can win the Super Bowl in our home. Stadium and they went to Philadelphia on the road not a lot that is very badly to be optimistic global changes I think they really think that they argue this one piece away. And so for them pay it might be worth like mortgaging a little bit more that you want. Keep yourself maybe two years but say. At at a shot at this and occupied year guarantee deal but they yup two years where you're where you're gonna make legitimate playoff run. So I don't fault them on board that. There are already ready bill I'll what I do find funny on the flip side is people like. Condemning teams like the ground for passing on Carson went into shock walked using that as to what those teams are nowhere near low. Queue or start a round we're nowhere near close with the rest of the team in terms of personnel on not roster to be able to compete. And I think this needs and they need to take their quarterback number one overall to their going to be probably is being marketed you've got. They need to get they're got they've begun to about pieces around. Then and to be here and have begun to acquire enough talent there that you could see in year two or year three. Then legitimately making a run now only sixteen years to come and off about our people involved of course are not gonna go even make the playoffs next year the year opted out. But the reality is if we're still poorly coached I'm pretty down on you Jackson. With that thing he did personalizing dramatically and think with Gregg Williams there but. I don't know that who can outbid them but I think they'll happen. Talent on that law here to be a playoff contender. You know not next year maybe but in Europe today it will it will happen approximate the class whether or not it will. Depend how the coaches do. Born sharp with a us. Boring is there an idea or are there a couple of ideas for the bills at quarterback that you like you were watching. Them as we all were last year with a new coach they will again have a new offensive coordinator which. You had it once what is it this'll be five years in a row or something were there five offensive coordinators in five years wonder if there's any. Analytics based reed on which of these available players veterans and nor rookies are best for them. Well that's the thing and we got an odd disputed primary vehicle Cleveland last year but. And and I'll say Houston as well he's got two teams. That had young quarterback in their shot Watson got in Houston obviously you start week one but he got in there and and strong Kaiser in Cleveland. Now one coach bill O'Brien. Changed the offense a lot after a few games to maximize. The the ability. All John Watson is not offense to maximize his skill set and two. The kind of figure out what he likes to do that and that we also on Philadelphia last year when a big emphasis that that he made was on emphasizing. That you need to read what our quarterback COLT was what they like to try to do. Both teams have to except when they weren't letting this Chinese of course walking got injured in an eighteen went out derailed but in Cleveland they did not act in. Is he told the shot Kaiser is what we're going to do what you should they be played that often. I think you're Carson Palmer is pictured Tom Brady or Ben Roethlisberger going to be on the ball down you're going to be make all agreed that ultimately want you running very much. And it made things very difficult. What you guys need to do. Same thing that I encouraged Cleveland radio last week that they need to do it well. You need if elected I bet your quote Cogent got extremely comfortable way that you will be able to. Changed the strategy that your going to take on offense to maximize that player's ability and skill set. The key phrase is adaptability. Teams and does it matter what the apple corps record not you have to. Weekly basis to be able to adapt. To the weaknesses are that opposing defense. Kabila hacked their weaknesses not so you can with your strengths. But just go after their weaknesses wherever they are and figure out of that optimal strategy to do so not I really hope that. You're coaching staff. Well tailored their game plan not on a weekly basis but also to how their coaching the quarterback. Based upon that quarterback skill set and what they changed that quarterback does that. And still it's hard as an operating table this will be the right god he had it not just about the right guy is about how he called how he fit because. You want it to this got starting very quickly like. Didn't want potentially. Without too much of a good backup strategy you I don't really have that. In line their character are now in Cleveland and he might be their great quarterback but. You're really gonna need get a guy and you're gonna need you have a very good experience. Year one might not win a lot but you can't hasn't clobbered you can't destroyed competent because year to year three you hoping that this guy's gonna take you to the post season and beyond. It may not matter a lot because. The bills do have a new coordinator from last year but mark my sense would be that. Last year would be an example of a team not do we write the bills that they did not. Played attempt Tyrod Taylor's ranks nor use him to exploit whatever their teams are playing did poorly right. No absolutely I mean thi this is the scene where you look at what the bill did in point sixteen you had even work. The child corn went absolutely bananas against the one of those ridiculous. Run defense scheduled in the lead. And you fast forward this year they play one of the U you're getting in the league they couldn't run the ball nearly as efficiently now some of that what Charlie. It all there was an injury not Courtney and players you know personal life but. They weren't able to run the ball nearly as effectively covered it was reported that nearly as good situations to excel and perform well so if you know everybody is quick to rush of wind the players because it's the easiest thing to do. Seeing him on the field. Hated them and going completion their turn our interceptions are not playing well. And the announcers that's what they're picking up on it does not have a good game while what is it that figure out there. You admit to that lead into the at the players' opinions or watch it think what other players think. But the reality is it. Can dig into some of the analytics which were able to look triple post that's OK some of the play called in some of the strategy and some of the tendencies but don't make any sense whatsoever. And and are very counterproductive. Towards winning football games. That's what you were like hey you know maybe he's got a warning optimal position that hopefully they knew that will be able to do over a better job of coaxing the best out of them through the way that they implement the office. Lauren I'm relatively new to you I think you've been at it for years and I've noticed you only for the last less than a year probably if if you can answer this honestly. What what. Approximately are generally what percentage of what. The kind of statistics and analysis you Wofford do you think NFL teams don't even know or care about what's it like that this then about the bills on second in time. Big there are people in the organization in the know that. But it never gets to the never gets changed on the field right so like there's some blockage along the way. Cook is hit it and MIA MI not right in thinking that teens. Can do a lot better by just understanding or even the general awareness a lot of the stuff. Absolutely I mean there. The buzzword of analytic gets this bad rap that people think it's too complicated and I'm gonna have a robot like side board in my you're telling me what I have to do every time I'm calling a play. The reality is we just saw the Philadelphia Eagles implement analytics toward winning if you global and it's not yet. When do like go for a fourth down there's so much more that seeped into all the play calls that. Thinking more in politically about in Italy have a little bit of research at you can go over before you compare your game plan. Will inevitably helped you and you obviously don't wanna take it too much information they get distracted. But there are certainly things that. Teens are not looking for example on the track jaguars. Struggled immensely. Which leads in 2016. And then they went through last year. They still were struggling when they happy they had a lead ten point lead up in New England at Foxboro. In the fourth quarter with the football and they locked the we gained due to their predictable play calling at the end. Every single time. They had the ball first down it would run the ball they would you know it was just every single thing that they would do in the fourth quarter were so predictable New England clearly caught on it. There are definitely a lot of teams that are not looking out from the very deep perspective. I can to do at certain points in time different studies that they do. But there are other teams that are looking out it. A lot more. I don't think realistically that you've got a broader spectrum that are incorporating Alex sometimes they don't even know it you know like. Don't walk when he's capable back that they incorporating analytic an election is just organizing data studying it and making decisions based upon. It's not been real complicated thing you can look at you don't want to play that worked right in doubt as to how many yards we gain. And noticed that there are all coming out went on personnel you can get don't study that actually liked. And analytical exercise. To do that track actors like eleven personnel and coaches probably aren't doing that. That they don't realize they were incorporated analytic yourself. I think it gets used more than people give it credit for all it's really bad rap in doesn't get that you're still much. So much analysts can do. Quickly to break things down. That I don't think teams have a handle on that yet hopefully with the incorporation those people are data and the player tracking it's going to be available more widespread this unit. Working to take advantage of. What zebra data. So that the player tracking RID chips that are in the shoulder pad that each player. The team now that in the past they've gotten their information only a lot I think it's two years. So the bill would receive the bills players. Our fight the tracking information from the games so they wanted to not every team even ask for they would get like it download a tons of data that they could then profit. It runs through the okay what was the speed of my player how was he doing when defenders were closing in on him where what you running well and I think. What we can do now starting this year they've changed the rules. All teams are going to act. To all other teams did as well and out what you're going implying the patriots let's say we can. You can use the first nine weeks of their player tracking data on the field to get a very quick understanding as to. What types you know where exactly are other defenders lined up when the opposing team has been a lot of personnel. And how did you react to this type of route which one against them like where's the biggest. Drop off or gap between the sender and receiver based upon the type of Ralph a lot. And you could pick up different things like that in addition if you like which of their players get fatigued the most in the fourth quarter is a lot of different things you can do with this data. It's a matter of whether or not this team direction wants to. Spend enough time researching and allocate. It doesn't it's not gonna caught a lot of these guys are billion dollar franchise is right if not a money it would take you get somebody in their two decently analytic and provide. Couple page report is complete it coaches Don right after the game. Do for their upcoming opponent would be invaluable. But you know these guys. They don't see it not all the team needs do want to embrace the movement quite as much as others and that's what gives it teams that. Our embrace it like the patriots like eagle. Bigger edge in terms over their competition each year it seems. Or less than we've got about a minute and a half. Do you have philosophy on trading up in the draft. OK so historically. I'm. Not in favor of doing so. With the lone exception of going to get that franchise quarterback because those quarterbacks are invaluable. And it's going to be with the way to the salaries are structured. This is when you can win nowadays is that your window of opportunity to win like this said the first five years hockey draft a quarterback so. I really hope that the bills are able to package up and move up to get a guy that they feel very comfortable with. And that they liked and he wants to be there and they figure out a way can make it work and how ought that's on the field I am not in favor of packaging uptick in general you know obviously there's exceptions to every rule but in general to golf and take. You know a tight end or to go up and take a quarterback or something like that but. You know we wanna do that if you are an influx of picks right somebody like the Cleveland Browns who is not that big of a deal they can make some maneuvers but generally speaking. You get more value creating doubt getting an extra pick because the drop is like a dart board you know like you think you know some of these guys should really get college kids. And how do you know how global sitting with teammates on the team with a scheme that your implementing it you don't know all that what they did injure a healthy. So it's better to have a lot of starts to pull the board and he which to walk away but every decision has been neat being made intelligently. With a team best interest of mine and sometimes rare occasions I think this year for you guys. Trading up makes perfect sense to grab that quarterback. Iowa knowing that we are born great job it's nice to video on today. I think probably got about your welcome war in sharp at sharp football sharp football analysis. Online lots of good stuff.