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Saturday, March 18th

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She yard score. Real fights maybe it's time to take a look inside a high school sports. Kelly cheering brought to you by mighty taco mighty taco. Would go great right about now. My New Zealand's have you Italian sausage it taste the difference quality makes and by dent neurological institute developing solutions to neurological problems faced an hour he. Good morning welcome inside high school sports. I'm your host Tony Caligiuri along with frank. Wolf Roger wipes out on assignment. He's watch some basketball today is not a frank thinks so but in his place I will say this morning ya all that. I don't buy. I'm Mara wanted to get some baseball practices in this weakness I can happen. No I think they have to start off in the gym brutal. Because I think today. You're desperate sports are going to be able to get out early this year you know gets a feel the time and mother nature says Nash. Back in and outside all in all. I was doing in baseball inventory last night Manchurian baseballs and you know we get the ball screens already goes cones and the other. And I kept on looking over additional moments noble normally cannot poignant again I'm not pulling on again and reporter Jana probably. Although it is supposed to rain turn a rain and hopefully some of it goes away but anyway enough about that what we have lined up for you this morning we are gonna congratulate Williams on north spartans. Head coach Bob Rosen brought his team in today and we're gonna congratulate them. I and there are state championship book before we do that. We have Tony sir race director of sports medicine and this is athletic training mark the month of march. And people have no idea how important you guys are. And has told you this story before. When I was coaching at black rock Riverside a parent came up to me and in some of the other coaches is a I know somebody who does sports training. And that would be really big for us to have on the sidelines I didn't know too much about it explained to me what trainers do is again this is something we have to have. So that was my first introduction to having trainers. I on the sidelines in this past year my first year back. Now that I'm in Nissan. Coaching my son's team in Niagara Falls. Junior football. And mesa is bigger and having trainers. And fact. Trainers certified. We have rafts that are certified coaches are certified. It's really of they really recognize the importance. Of trainers and our Tony you've worked several of my games. So you can tell frank in the others how come I am on the sidelines. Invite the picture of Communist. Absolutely. Historic and wants and that is just the cameras can be. Well I mean you know radar and mediums and it's never a good thing. The bad it would get to see how you guys work in the fact that our our first the season opener game against Pendleton temperatures were in the nineties. And it was really tough out there not only for us installs before the kids if you remember you were tending to a lot of people that day. There was those of a busy gaming errors a number of players there are difficult resemble teams as well as coaches and parents and spectators they were having issues with the heat because. Especially with that turf. Behind the self prep that temperature increases probably are on 110 and fifteen degrees and the turf. And your playing football with an extra fifteen pounds and yeah it's command some some risk to the game into the sports off. We're able to manage that and then I get its water and hydrate your body get there but he managed through the game we had to some tense. As well and some parents help an awesome but. That's that's when. The importance of using an athletic trainer to their full advantage. During those types of moments whether it's in. Potentially catastrophic moments or in heat illness is that that's where they start to shined through and and when they're needed in and they come through. I remember well load going through training. And the topics of he would come off and there's all sorts of complications at the body can encountered. Through heat. It difficult for some undercover mean as soon as they start being on the start to develop the cramps or the dehydration. Side effects of business Niger. And then you know enemy who's lost consciousness it's a made it can become a medical emergency that hit heat stroke so yeah I you have to get them ice stick in ice tub ME there's. S it's evolved it's got to be fast yes I mean you can't wait and that's why it's so important to have guys like you. On the sidelines and not to mention the big working caution I mean that's the primary reason why I think a lot of the league's wanna go trainers now. Yeah I think the ability to intervene when necessary and I inappropriately during a game to. Recognize a hit that. May have been suspects. To evaluate that athlete on the bench. Weather to clear armor that still allow them to play. To continue to play or it's time to poem and then you know. See if position and then file their return to play a lot of coaches have. Challenges of of managing athletes you know. Especially the high school athlete now is it really concussions and headaches and they've been sick in and those types of issues that come up sometimes but I always relate back to that is before the hit. Were they OK so there have been some sort of mechanism to cause that type of injury. Well frank you and I PeopleSoft firsthand at burger game against I think it was Tom Wanda at Riverside field. And dump France it was in the collision and I knew immediately. That. That that for that that it was bad you can see the way he had they had moved. And that's something that can you guys trained and that so you wreck able to recognize that I'm kind of dying. Yeah with with the ability at a sic country and those plays in order warn that it's emotionally connected to that the team. So the ability to separate ourselves and focus in on those those plays that happened. And those those hits that don't look great and visual or even on TV museum. Those the ones that check out and then that's why things have evolve the way they have in regards to. Spotters now in in professional sports than independence batters looking for those hits that. That ethic yes come off the nicer of the Phelan and be evaluated so. It's a tricky it's tricky injury to manage because there's some hits that don't. Really don't look at that you know and some people sufferers suffer concussion promise all right you have to be careful with that. Now we said that this is athletic training marked what does that exactly does that mean obviously march has been recognizes national poetry month through the national veterans association which is based on Texas and we use the month to recognize an athletic trainers do his part of our program. Through you bmg orthopedics and sports medicine in dire falls Memorial Medical Center we have a partnership of athletic trainers and physicians PA's. Strength and conditioning specialist they work together as a group. To write sports medicine coverage. Two organizations like mesa. Niagara frontier JV hockey association federation MacKey. All of we have eleven schools ever weep writing like training coverage for mostly nagger counting in northern Erie county we we provide coverage for so. Basically is recognizing what athletic trainers do. In regards to injury prevention recognition and in rehab of of injuries because the whole idea with. Having an athletic trainer is. Having their ability to catch that injury quickly. The ability to get them through a process is needed quickly because we know that some of the seasons and washing Yorker short. You only to spring season coming up is you know six weeks in her out. You know I mean it is in the ability to make sure that a kid doesn't loses whole season. Is to intervene quickly and then rehab that injury and try to get him back as quickly as possible but safely the timing is crucial I mean you know. If if an athlete gets hurt in the get a doctors appointment and four weeks. There's season's over where I think if I mean it just doesn't it doesn't work that way so the ability to have access to a team. Orthopedics concussion specialists if need be do we want people to look it up people get hurt and that's what happens it's cancer exports. Things happen. And and we want to make sure that they're safe. And allow them to go back to place so. It's it's the ability to make sure it speeds up the process and make sure they returned safely. Is it a growing field for trainers Arab and you guys console out. Trying to recruit in getting more young people wanting to go to school for yeah I think I mean I have students are now with me from Damon college Reza athlete training program in and there's other ETC's in the area that has students from from curriculum programs in the area. And basically that the profession is growing because of the concern basically that the concussion issue has really helped the profession grow. The ability to. Make sure that you're doing a baseline testing and screening and recognition and returned to play in. All of that is really ban in the forefront in the you know the media and things like that that is promoted. Safety within sports and has helped the F lecturing profession what can be done. To make it easier or better for the trainers and for sports I mean what and changes the you guys seen the future there. Might be looking bad things that you might wanna do differently or. I think. Probably the education of of parents. I think coaches are on board with athletic trainers. In regards to sports medicine and what needs to be done. Parents. Meaning some more education in regards to what athletic trainers actually do. Where their degrees and when you say a trainer sometimes people think your personal trainer like bright young you work at world gym that's not what we do. And it's just not it's not it so it's it's you know we all have match minimum of master's degree. You know in sportsman as an athlete training and two some have Ph.D.s so. You're working with an individual who has some pretty good education. And the ability to. Translate that to parents to know that you know. You can rely on this person's take care of your child. So. I think education carriers to what athletic trainers do could always can always get better. Well hopefully more more especially it's youth level are looking at having trainers. And third games. You don't as we match when Nace they're huge and it are more more of the leagues I'm bored and you mentioned at the high school lovable what about at the youth level and we have. Several leagues is not just Mason and he's not doing the largest but they're not the only one there are other leagues as well. Yeah a lot of youth wacky organizations always call me you know looking for athletic trainers for tournaments. You know All Star Games and things like that that we provide coverage for for independent activities. But really Neeson is really. Stepped up and allowing athletic trainers to be on the silence for I mean they had 324. Football games. In the fall while I hear that yeah because I had to find at which for all of those games so thick and the ability to. And we are unfortunately we are able covered body to 5% of those games they sent staff that I have so. When you when asked about athletic trainers as yet we need more. Through to cover more games that people are looking for covers so in the youth leagues you football. Continues to grow I mean you really haven't seen. A decline in enrollment in youth football maybe a couple were Welsh and yes some organizations are so last year you know but. You know there's a strong just so strong organizations already are healthy numbers are we were hacked all of our teams were were maxed out as far as roster now. So. You know just your kid kids will continue to play sports and it's great and it's good you know it's good that they do that but then also making sure that they're safe and you know protected so it's a cult. Pretty feeling knowing you're on the sidelines because I new you goal week into the season and we lined up for the first game. And I saw you there I I was immediately relaxed you know because and I know your background in an orchard do so I mean I felt batters in is just. As a coach I think that's big if that's one less thing that you have to worry about especially the youth coaches as is they really don't have any medical background they they do take a concussion course I believe yeah drew the CDC. They do you do that to be of the recognized signs symptoms of concussion precautions heatstroke. And stuff like that we had your heads up football yes yes it has a football lease has stepped up. To. Educate coaches and being able to recognize those signs and symptoms of the of those major issues so it's a three hour course army yet we got into a lot funny story or. High school game I attended one time. And other trainer was out there ensures an attractive woman. It was remarkable at how many injuries happen and make it almost. Twice when he needed attention right. I could figure nobody comes as ceemea and a lot of I. They were different tone so what else you guys have drawn out as far as promoting an athletic trainers mall and if things like you're you're doing to keep information out to parents. Quote done some activities in in the falls. Regards to educating athletes and parents on some talks. The we've been able to do with the physicians from you bmg. Promoting the program that we have with their files Memorial Medical Center. We have run coming up all sort of promote non athletic training month to in Maine meet 21 we have Iran a five K ten K in one mile walk. As part of athletic training is also because we have a staff that. I drive it in my truck. Answer can do that and response to set was an accident that took the trying to get healthy wolf down hot dogs and below will drive what we'll have sounds sound dogs also. Keep score these kids. Time keeper again we keep its runners come through everything that by yeah those types of things we've been able to do. Basically with. Other things whether program we have on strength conditioning programs that we pariah for athletes to. You know athletic trainers. Are are known to be on the silence for games. And that's receive them mostly right but behind the scenes as it is worry where they do a lot of the work and training Herman in the we'd learn and and working in doing rehab. And return to play from concussion. Amusing exercise protocol for returned to play. All that is behind the scenes stuff that a lot of parents and in coaches don't see. That what they do evaluating athletes entering the bases being sure that to get to practice on time and honing in on the training arms. Coaches don't like quickly when they hang out and on that so I try to kick my guys out as fast as possible Indian practice so. You know during. You know during this month is is trying to highlight what we do and get the word out. Now here this is something just popped in my head because I've put together a clinic for coaches that's going to be coming up on April 22. And it's star point high school. And I'm in we're also looking at doing more clinics and I'm taking what agree. Great piece to a clinic just ahead you speak. You know to address the coaches and any leagues out there that would be interested in doing something like this how to they contact you. They get a whole Meehan can easily make a mean. They can email me uses bright the best way to get ahold of me it's Anthony dat sir race as URECE at NF. MMC data or sought for the hospital. In Niagara Falls that's where I'm I'm based out of but I'm always move Manama on the run so I'm I'm not testing in one spot on a daily basis but they need only by email. If there and should I've done that before we've had our staff go out and do safety to Oxford for athletes and coaches and in promotes you know safety and sports. Governor contact rate Turkmen president of mesa and I think this is something I wanna put together for another clinic. They were talking about so putting and I think that would be great for the coaches to to hear more from from view in other trainers. Absolutely I mean it you know the more education you'd out there are people and more comfortable they feel with with coaching also especially in youth at the youth level. And you know no more now obviously I am better off here day and as I said I love having you guys on the sidelines is just such. A relief knowing that that you guys are there and that the kids. Are in good hands with you guys on the sidelines yet say you know it's good to work with the kids you know that the little guys. I think they start at 77. Yeah seven years all the others that are there out their plan for the army together. A calm the Bobble heads are being around it you know helmets are bigger than anybody exactly you stern at seven years old and in your work around those kids and in. You know the little. The risk of injury is slightly lower at that'll age level but they do get injured you know so we try to. Try to work those kids in working with a seven year old and a and an eighteen year old is is a completely different scene. You know or college athlete or professional athlete so being able to have that that spectrum of working with those athletes and a is is a good. Good reputation and you can testify how hard Little League coaches are working out there are my dash at those guys I mean they're out there you know 34 hours a night you know working with their teams and their dedicated. Educate in the kids in teaching. And there out there you know Saturdays. So no brain. He's angry DSL at other out there working. Really hired for. You know no pain at all so they're out there because they're dedicated to their kids that come on play and are dedicated to the sport and to make sure that the sport continues. And that's the safety of the sport. Improves exact you know a lot of things have improved but your memory airplane football glory the tent to export pack he's a can't export. You know things happen. So you know and they say really has stepped up with having a fling chairs on the sideline him need d.s. And each canyon. Manger coaches are educated in really have advanced how things are done. And it's not just hand and ED it's no not knowing how to use it in. He had eighty you know each each league hasn't plan a dedicated. Procedure is that how it's something if it's needed how it was going to be implemented yet. What Tony thank you very much you spend some time with us this morning. A really appreciate you are common and camping slash appreciate him man now my pleasure Tony's race directors sports medicine. And it is athletic training month the month of march I take a break when we come back huge congratulations. To Bob Rosen and his wins on north spartans they are state champions we're gonna get talked to them and the other side of the break you're listening to inside high school sports. Card for everything you just been in my head a lot lately. Lake Erie plane that jams that I like to hear welcome back inside high school sports on heroes Tony Caligiuri along with. Frank Wolf we have Bob Rosen head Coach Williams will Norse. Our list five tying the state. Champions in studio before we get to them. Frank let's bust out some news and notes real quick boy's health sciences best ball team went down yesterday in the girls for going in Panama lost as well. Verisign great seasons to them. Coaching vacancies there's a bunch still even for the spring teams. And there's a lot of teams are in for games softball baseball games that sort of thing so if you wouldn't mind. Jump on the section six website it's www. Section six that. For a full list of coaching vacancies and a few teams and for a other baseball game or softball game lacrosse game. And monsignor Martin has a Wesson also www. Monsignor mark netflix.com. It's up and running is not on their just yet but they're working on it. And if you're wrestling fan high school wrestling fan this is something you might be interested in hearing. Section six we have good word that they will make a serious bid to land in New York State public high school athletic association. State finals in Western New York. Not a contract runs through next winter annaly back out in Albany but after that the bids are going out and I'm here in section six is gonna make a serious run. And they're talking about keybank senator downtown. Cool all the rest of lock that would be great HM we can get championships are held here I think is the beneficial to the area. Let's see I edited news and notes or more programming wise. April 1 we're gonna have Bob Turner valley on a we're gonna talk about. The Butler Mitchell's. Silver hoops classic coming up at the graveyard school we do that every years we'll look forward that. Talk about some of the all stars throughout Western New York. As I mentioned in the last segment with Tony's race. Mesa coach is there will be a clinic April 22 in a star point. High school started 80 am Jim McNally is our featured speaker rob Curran and can stall. Heads up football section six will also be speaking so we're looking. And it really cool clinic I will have all. May you busy that day you are feeling for me it at that what it was just April 22. Considered on Tony take your body like that you. All right so we have that coming up now. Bob Rosanne welcome back to the show have a job and a couple of years what event of the drought Europe. Champion once again congratulations. Thank you Tony. Nice to be back pay and I mean you're one of those coaches that get things done every year here in Europe we as the north has always considered as one of the top. Hockey programs. In the area. What is it about your program that is breeding so much successes and the kids is buying your system they they. Vein you enjoy it and work with that. Adding it goes back to our whole program. My assistant coaches Gregg who's witnessed today Greg Brown. I'm John burns and Bryan Willis and our goalie coach in all the way down or JV program with. Joseph span on Jason prima and the job those guys do in modified we have some things in place that we try to devolved. Early on allowing kids they're young. The the hard thing about hockey is you can't decide as a seat is as a freshman. And when I go out and play hockey but you never skated before chances I never gonna do it where. If you're good athlete you can. Pretty much pick up any other sports hockey something you have to kind of start when you're young. Do you guys getting yelled reach out that the use levels you know known guys in the your kids in the area that are. Going to be coming up in a potential spartans you reach army to get into that men and discuss what coaches and work with the kind of stuff that you guys do. Yet we do we did we run clinics in the spring where we have different skill development clinics that we do. That tailored to the north kids Greg and I and and I our other assistant coaches run those and some ex players so alumni we try to keep involved. So it helps out tremendously. Man people wonder why they're so successful frank give you think he'd been known to have solid year of these guys and Karen Maginnis Cologne as too it'll have a playoff Swinton. While they had. I don't seem easy road out of Western Europe but they had to plead lack poured in. Niagara Falls on Niagara Falls stunned I believe was Orchard Park. Their first round so I'm at a really high goalie going in time but these guys playing them five nothing nothing I want to say and then they went out to. Key basin. And took and Lancaster and hears it Trulia wanna say. One goalie on goalie OK and then they scored at the end of the second period to tie it up 101. And then we went ahead and about the six minute mark of the third period to make it 21. And then they scored with five seconds laughed and then. Geez I don't remember who scored that goal. In overtime. Fourteen seconds and Adam boxes actually the secure that we took the picture with the vendor caned for the game out as the guy looks to for 1000 Europe. It's on. Yeah I mean that got them out to Camilla us. Where they were taken on this west Genesee team that I had heard all year. From down stayed in sports writers that you know question he's the team to be on year in these guys I don't I know it and make it easy in themselves they had to go to overtime once again. And I was a junior that scored you're fingering through for Greece where overtime that game we it two nothing lead Oca. All right we're watching from afar on and come back here and taken another team memoranda accuracy is icing it. Grant and mayor and Ameritech look at the manic and take them on my am and that. And this is a tough tough team. I'm widely known throughout New York State. Again they beat them one nothing what we're impressed you the most what thinking was the shots on goal was at 75 to 31 to ten it was ridiculous. I have looked up but I thought they. I'm a hit keeping track missed shots angle for this team from the from you know Eastern Europe what's going on the got like seven shots in August 2 minutes levels 100. Chance you could give them thinking. Week we gear up thirteen shots and I think they had two really good chances in the third period and I jigs or it made. Two huge states is not easy being a bully and and not having cots and action. You goal to the long war if they writer wanderers who I'll take what happens while you're there. I mean is gonna stay focused. I mean Tenet. Mind kinda wanders. A sit debate has so yeah something he had an annualized shots then. I got some of the third period but second period goes. To sit there and watch the game. This is the catcher so he's used to being involved in the game you know he plays catch he's going to QB is it yeah. A kind of he's going to be country's capital Israel is our game different breed apart anyway so here the guys involved all game long on sending those play ice hockey and these guys don't give me work. Mean some particularly soft cheese sandwich or something you know and it has something to eat by your back there so they get five memorandum one nothing and isn't it. Can never scored before. Trevor cavalier. And I wanna say the first period further. First period in. We got a great basis from Jules Oliver. W my pals a little while the plate he has. Trevor on the pocket and I'd be there to whomever memorex guys in the partner and I just looked over my shoulders are charter opens wide open in front and and it's awesome over and scored an icicle popped up the year here at. I was Campbell as the bus while you know those were the couple times they. They had their play I seen that play develop two or three times during the game but it did work the one time and that's really all they needed me then that when the game and that a planned Sunday. Against Pittsburgh a team that knocked you guys out last year in the quarterfinals. Yes they knocked us out damme. So we had a little redemption Caroline into the game the payback to the kids' names Connor name 57. It great player I mean up and on the ice too great to a play you guys did a great job. Keeping him in check. In fact the last ten seconds of the game he actually had a shot to win but the puck just. Skated jumped over us stick at the last second but that was very terrifying moment I've ever standard behind Jake actually. As a Cayman. So they had a chance to tie it up that them and happy new guys and at a point in making 32. And. You were sick. Yeah I mean it was sick. Sickness after that it couple weeks. He's still got in the throat yeah. Must not have been easy like oh c'mon why can't be feeling better yeah I mean. Tennis player for most of the week. Mechanic intending. To just block that out of my mind and adrenaline pretty much takes over at that point. Yeah. I know that digestion Ehrlich. Returning. Coming year's numbers if you judge. As my third year on the varsity team he had the second or third best seat in the house he's in the on the boxer much of their game. By the need to joke about that now because you could host the you know post placed the plaque up and Ernie Els but just is a tough tough defenseman walk up big and how tall are you six bullets your way. If it. I am looking forward to Syria's on the baseball field diseases senior he's going to numerous years and others. He's got a big shot. You know obviously makes a throw his weight around and sees himself in the box quite a bit but you have like a TV in there are some things we generate recycled refrigerator or if. I'm in and curiosity had via the strippers and say it says. I. Not definite and wanna be in man. A conference and stroke on. Luckily he'll. Just just sort of play a physical game. I mean. I had the notes Utley. Multi out keep keep keep the shots in a minute on the street theater and sometimes most of us here Miami that kid from Mighty Ducks defenseman yeah. If this. By the thought he daddy had a monster shot Som I obviously won't be playing package to Mexico but I mean did his thing for. Will north first three seasons yet there's only get so move on and his partner in crime over there Daniel moser. Hi doing Daniel. Because he exe Jew a penalty in the last few minutes of the game to help seal the win I wanna say there's two and a half minutes left. And he's barreling down on the goaltender in the triple mob then he takes a player to the box and they're able to kind of break some of that momentum late in the game saying he had held up. Plans to. UI charge card and whatever it is a crash and hopefully selling its from behind in the power play and we better get our planet team. Cash and I like that no fear that has a kamikaze mission is go after them. Great job to describe it means is a fast team to put a lot of speed I mean they're big ego has some two sides. Honestly what was and I talked to them at. Beginning of the season when I first walked into that to do preview before the season was that confidence. And how common they work it's like they were they knew they were going to win before they won and they had they end one yet. You know they and they were bounced last year. In the quarterfinals of they had been as firm sometime but when I went into the locker room and specifically to coach coach but this beat coach Bob and earns. Arm they were just very town and almost like. Now let's get this thing going we got a job to do and they're very calf and I think it spoke to Josh remembered Jake was there and I don't remember the only guy he brought in but. Mom they're just very town and exceeding confidence at that time and there's a lot of unknowns about their division this year if there is a lot of players coming in that. We're RD seniors but they were coming from travel programs outside. You know high school they want to play high school so there's a lot of factors kind of thorn in not just we'll north but the other teams. And you've faced one in the end the link yesterday at a number of kids that came out to play high school hockey to senior year which is great to see hopefully more kids do that. Because we do have the best high school hockey in Western New York right here coaster you towel in the end it early I'm the chemistry or the personality. Of the team is say I think we got a shot with this group. Yeah I you know the the neat thing about this group open and we kind of knew when we started dire or spring clinic I'm last year. The team chemistry and how while everybody got along. And and and championships are a lot of times won by doing little things well and you know mold was just pocket that line. Played against everybody's top line the last. Four games. Section championship and three state playoff games and they only gave up 15 on five goals or Hammond. And I'm bots and get some credit for school I a couple of big goals couple overtime goal but. I'm a game winner in the state final but. The goals that they prevented in shutting down their two top line and everybody had a role in and they've they solid in all we had a situation. Tom. Early hour match and lines and and guys from our third line yelled out one that the other team's number one lines coming out. So we gotta match up that we wanted to so wasn't like hey I'm Mason my shift. What what's best for the team. And that really was demonstrators from early Alec this group and probably the biggest thing that impressed me amateur about what you Greg. I think the going back to the point of the confidence of the team. You know game against Lancaster they score with five seconds left in the game and there's no panic among our players. We know that we have the confidence to still win this game in overtime and we do that. Same thing and last jealousy were up by two goals with five minutes left. And they scored tied up. And we still have that confidence to go into overtime. Still play our game play strong and the faith in team and when that game's all. Something that we definitely had their owner team. All right guys just take a break when we come back. We'll look pick up where we left off and give you know some of the the players in talking more with the coaches you're listening to his side high school sports on WGR Sports Radio 550. Yeah. Sports. We've got coming up an eight. You know the FT turner went ahead. That's not today after me I'm only on for an hour that. The idea that's about it. Toxin free agency. Yes if if we have Brad is all those great moves. At that. Go raiders with PGA happened with. All right call last segment of inside high school sports keep it locked rate here at WGR. Sports Radio 550. We're talking winds will north. State was the north Spartan state champions. Frank. We have bad Jefferies over here he's a senior easily even. To go play lacrosse Ed John Fisher but he was an integral part of that team especially down the stretch in the play ounce on the top defend a tad defensive pairing for the team and notice seem multiples for players here which is a good thing which is a great thing actually. But obviously on the ice at the most. Difficult moments on the most difficult circumstances using guys that coach feline I'm just not what the last couple games you know we're just really trying to keep everything in the outside I mean we really did a good job with that we limited their shots and I mean just. Those two games we just really played which came together and his place in overall team game that's hard on. And I believe you were voted to. I'm determined team yes. Could grant zest for that I was pretty cool all of Bruno and bats and JK yeah. Very good stand mean. His kids out sales in the tally. He's thank Jack of all trades. Tell us about your world. Before they gain as I get the coffee for the coach I've read the pre game lineup and I was in charge of the film and stuff like that. What he did have a big goal in the playoffs I scored in the lock for a game barred now. Very good talk this through the ball we'll have that thought on how the guys that through annoyance argue and I went up the guys get a two on one. Real test over me and I shot it went far down ice. I don't know what that means poised to hit the crossbar. In the. I won't you Alex Jones came doing at a goal and three assists on the season. In Dallas. As far as their line I mean you kind of stranded teams down. You other players agree that we talk about grinding teams down was where exactly is that it in the corners and body isn't what it means guys you put. We did well out there yeah physical. Push guys around you guys with the bullies yeah I got to respect that line they. The great thing about our third line for guys rotated through it and he talked about our team success. They only gave up 15 on five goal all year. Which is pretty impressive week and we had different matchup would they went out against sometimes the other teams that lines. They performed their role and ended a great job in and Alex and Jules and Matt and driver. That line was just tremendous force you to. Our players know and how they bought in and they knew they knew the roles and whatnot you get. And to a situation where somebody's upset because there on the third line. They can that they should be first line or or whatever the case may be was something. Now what do I do it yes I am better than this guy and the first line and that's where you really get into trouble as a team game. When that type of thinking is involved. Absolutely and think this the great thing about this group was. They wanted to do what was best for the team you know there's a story tellers it if you all Rolex Watches the hundred dollar partner and at that part doesn't work. Doesn't keep kind and really is at hundred dollar power more than 20000 dollar watch. Probably not so every power is important and and you know someone may score goals on May not score goals but. I I think as a coaching staff we emphasized the importance of the old rules and how key day our our success. So if there's huge value today patent. If if you buy into that yet. Team's success but we did this year we sit players down and explain to them exactly your vision a role. And what the roles should be. I do you know we talk about it and we talk about everybody's role. And down through film you know we do a lot with only going through baton. I think. We do pretty good job as coach and staff I don't know Matt. Yeah I mean most of the guys. All I mean ever on Kerry is on the team talked so I mean if something's gone wrong or they're not playing as much they want to I'm sure it'll go off to Bob and ask them. Com what what what they can do batter I mean I've I know I've done it numerous and numerous occasions. Write her sophomore year itself. I constantly tell athletes go to the coach talked to the colts. Find out what is expected what does he want your she want you to do well there yet and you can make your calls them. Actually be successful there's still the way you're gonna get better yeah if you think about it bet that that's a big part of it. You know we have a strong alumni connection. People that have. Who stole come back in in all one of the great things and we haven't talked about but having the state championship here. I looked up before the game and there is probably somewhere between 450. And 500 alumni and parents people following back. The Weis or coach in 27 years ago and I could look up because it was so emotional understands the CD's people. And it it's kinda what we try to do as a coaching staff what we want our pro we're going to be it's about. Family is about tradition. And these guys did that to a great. Extent and met strains and other senior that's here he had a big goal. During the year mad to stock buy your season. You know coming as a third line there I got on their role plants team and I think our jealously to shut down the lines non. Going Alan Jones in Joan gale score the first goal against and Maurice is kind of cool just get the first one. And you just horrible more game to play and always die here daybook met Henry. Your team manager good buddy of mine you guys still one more game to play it's a sled hockey game April 22. Will is still north metal be able to put the will nor Jersey I know he's very excited about that. User play in the Buffalo Sabres let Iraqi intermediate gold team Nortel senator. The Olympic rink at 330 hopefully the nor squall come out and support you guys and my thinking I know it's a big deal little sled hockey guys and some big deal for Mets hopefully guys. Can turn out the fans in the north squall for that one as a black our white out what. Yeah. That's been talking about this. For the entire year after the state championship game comes up to all us they think hey he has got one more game laughed and I think we're all looking really forward to it. Have map put on the Jersey he's meant a lot to us is here and is wanna do for him and go out there and have a great time. Outstanding men guys take you so much for coming in this morning coaches. Thank you so much. You know once again congratulations. And your state championship well deserved and best of luck to all you guys in the future. Thank you donate ravenous and frank thank you our pleasure make Gary thank you much we'll talk to guys. More next week with more inside high school sports.