3-19 Sabres-Predators Post-Game Show with Brian Koziol

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Monday, March 19th

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Know when you'll boom the Buffalo Sabres. From our flagship station. This is so poll will you builds post game show on the Buffalo Sabres radio net. Here's your host Ryan goes CEO. He exhibited to the books for the Buffalo Sabres were shut out at home at the hands of Nashville Predators packer Green Day. Getting its eighth shutout of the season liking the but the Buffalo Sabres by fourth about the final. We look at it is that what six food sport I've rankles you thanks for being with us here at sweet. Did you go to the Paul Williams belt post game show thanks for your patience that that lecture commercial timeout not a lot of whistles of period three and well the sabres despite I thought some good play at first I thought they were the better team in the first period. Had some opportunities definitely in the second as well and early third when. Buffalo again and it opportunities or packer re create doubt Michael flipped the puck toward the net and it's comical couldn't put it in just. One of those nights where. You know one of the best goaltenders that at the Basque gold in the league packed arena in Italy getting to be so many chances and when you don't finish at any of them well. It's you get which he did tonight which is it for nothing defeat. But apparel suppose he will lead headed the Lockerbie just few moments Paul Hamilton on his way there now to get player reaction to the sport nothing national victory. We'll have Phil Housley live post game comments coming up. Your phone calls are welcome 8030550. The local number in buffalo toll free 188552. By fifty anywhere around the world. That is attacks that RE TT tech slide that numbers by 5550. And we go to the replied let's start things off here's Jack cycle of first the Paul Amazon. We competed hard I mean they gotta like effort but. Yet candidates. Support from loss of should now finally veterans that we a lot of chances in the first two periods. Stuff that you come you know in his third downs it means the death penalty in. You know also. Strength they get better to sit at the team. In the us. Yeah I mean it's that stimulus that we got a play I think. It seemed like day enemy when you go back in their own end in traffic to buckle a lot so. Yeah I thought at times it bigger dollar that I thought it time to dig a job. You know attacking offensive line at speed and you create now opportunities. They notice. You're gonna Baird honor that. All of us and I had a lot of chances you know a couple of I would have back here and and but given credit I mean no after the grateful and so. Not that he was a difference in the first two periods and then. You know obviously to give up here at the end of the third and and you know it's probably a bit. You know misleading its orbit. You know we know we need to work on. And the last played common bill were you trying to pass their re trying to get a shot off the couldn't really tell the the bat behind the back on. I knew I had two guys there you know I think that might be a case of you know I'd let a couple go but at a man and how. Your stuff to pretty easily self. Just try to get moving laterally and and I had two guys they're so I was should've been an area. You know it's it's unfortunate but. You know let you know but it it's. Period you like a lot of things we did tonight I thought Venus played great and and and I thought we did a lot of good things but. You know it's it's. Kind of controversy that I mean you can. You know looked at its you know good efforts and and to play hard but you know doesn't show up in the standings so you know what does that really matter. Thank you. That article on the post number. Right there's Jack cycle there. Sabres fall four to nothing Michael had a really good chance. In the first and then nine as Paula there early third only down to nothing a chance to maybe. Cut it to 21 game he had a chance they're back in kind of put it to decrease unable to finish fiercely Gasol Marc now live. Users. Oregon had clinched a playoff spots that are fifteen. Minutes on the challenge should you feel Fisher got a piece have you at all somewhere in their. I'm a relief it kind of happened so fast Aaron on what happened. It's. And he wanted to hear a challenge it and now unfortunately. It was a goal. He really got the game quickly for seven seconds you've got a guy bearing in on you may save it mean does that help you when you get a new game that early and and make a great save like that. Now posted their confidence in its content like you said. It's BS. Get the first shot quick and now obviously are going to be be prepared right from the Cohen. What's that. Its first game when itself right I look at the goals I don't think you really have a huge my chance and I mean any of them really. How did you evaluate your game overall do you think. In tough to say. Meehan niners gonna look at it tomorrow. There really valuable with getting spat knowledge Syria off sparked me to say. He. Thinks. Soon. It's a tough question. Well first of for a safe when it going games virtual and just wanna show. Hard to office a goal and that's a person thank. You. We the summer from post number Yu. Marked their report that Jack cycle. All part of our legal locker report brought to buy the Dallas care quality health coverage it's our mission visit to Dallas care dot board. As we said death Buford join us 8030550. Or sent a text that. RE TT tax on that number is 55550 switch to AT&T wireless and DirecTV today it stay connected all season long AT&T. Entertainment or ways to overcome Phil Housley live posting comments. Of course kitchen all the necessary steps and highlights of this on the predators are for real. Not only of course based on this Wednesday night but. It a 106 points number one of the National Hockey League that's their 48. We will. This season here tonight very very impressive. And they have won four in a row and I would think have to be the favorite. In the Western Conference you can argue I think very easily that they can be the favorite to win the Stanley Cup or be in the Stanley Cup we don't the NHL playoffs. More so than other sports that doesn't always lend itself and it's easy for the top seeds to roll through it to make cede the NBA or the NFL. There's a lot more upset that a girl locked away during the seven game series of course the referee's call things tighter they call lasts. Leads to tighter games leads for the opportunity for. What you'd say. Upsets more so often in the NHL and maybe in the other sports but Nashville is going to be a very very tough out there so deep. All it got at least three solid lines that can all score and they have three pairs of they can all get it done I mean we watched their defense last year under tutelage of what was an assistant coach and then Phil Housley but. Josie week OC we knows very good at call Alice. All in front of what should be a vezina winning goaltender this year packed arena who picked up not only his fortieth win of the year. But picked up his eighth shut out. Of the season tonight listen to read its numbers this year now forty. 940. Wins not losses and four OT shootout losses forty. Nine and four. He had a 929 save percentage coming into the game Knowles with tonight's shot up like at 930. Very very impressive numbers for factories. And a balanced line tourist Benito Hartman some additions along the way here Hartman at the trade deadline from Chicago. Steve good no doubt about it that's were I put my money out on the west but going to be interest in Western Conference Vegas. Has been still good but maybe not at the at the level they work for the front half of the season but they saw an 8 point lead in Pacific. In those are gonna be one and two seats likely Nashville won in. Big is the two. Winnipeg at home going to be a tough go at their nationals gonna have to play Winnipeg before they got to get to any of the teams. Possibly in the Pacific other than maybe a wildcard. In the opening round so that Western Conference matchup right there are those Western Conference matchups. I should be good to edit in Colorado could get it as a wild card they right now hold down what are the wildcard spots. He of course it take over but you know you get Colorado it's natural may be at some point. Feels like it's McKinnon taken on one of the economic a whole bunch of good players like it mention their. With Nashville boarded up and the final seat may do we get something else from the locker before. We take our first time out here Paul Hamilton still in the room so stand by for that still may at some live locker reaction of an up. Shots of the third period were eleven to eight in favor of Nashville in the game though buffalo still with the edge. 35. 230 to opt buffalo on the night did not take a penalty. National never went public power play a national took one penalty the first one in the second sabres were O for two on the night that the man advantage. Up packed everyday issue winning goaltender 35 shots 35 saves leaders all marked the loss. 32 saves 28 shots your three stars are all for the predators are sitting. He had to assist our number three Fisher had a goal Sar number two every day the shut out in net start number one. Mercury day tonight are high impact player of the game it's brought about the locked port outdoor store high impact here for hardworking men and women. They'll travel a thousand miles to find a store. Like ours the attendance announced that keep an accent or 171000. 507. Buffalo has a real busy week for aimed at six nights hole again on Wednesday that their next game Arizona. 7 o'clock puck drop your key bank center. Friday another 7 o'clock game against the Montreal Canadians that's also home that'll wrap up the sixty homestand and it's Saturday. They're right off to New York City to face the Rangers. At Madison square garden and they have a game on Monday in Toronto so next moneyweek from tonight so. Very very busy schedule coming up here but after the six game home stand ends. Who won't news left on the schedule we've got Detroit and Ottawa. One in the last week of march and one in the first week of April. Yeah the season will be over before we know it after that last home game on the first Wednesday. Against Ottawa they've got the pair games on the Florida trip with the Panthers and lightning in the season will be over. But fortunately another year without the post season involved in the Buffalo Sabres. And only the Carolina Hurricanes have a longer streak Carolina. Will miss the playoffs this year unless something miraculous happens right now they are nine points back. Of New Jersey. For the final playoff spot. The doubles right now holding on the final playoff spot down the road one more interview here's Kyle post and a lot of ball. Colleague Kaspersky junior I think had the better the play and seemed like when you've got the golden opportunities you just weren't able to convert including one where a click you had a beaten early in the third bear on the power play and just trying to post. Yes. You know their goalies obviously played really well news wasn't there an awful lot of rebounds and swallow in the pocket and you know we better opportunities. You know and they they had some opportunities to a thought I was putting really well. You know at the end of that is they bury their chances and we didn't. But they're pretty you know let's just say the overall play I don't think you can play with just. You just lost the first place team in the NHL basically I think what it boils down to doesn't. Yeah another good hockey team and they stick with the game plan for sixty and you know at times that we got away from Metairie or made some mistakes and has and let's look at teams too and you know they're trying to learn formats and you know look at that team over there and and you know images that you and they just played. You know the way that they're caught Claussen the play in. You know they do things are currently over there so. Skyrocketed into the incursion into the first with the way you guys played it was zeros are of course you could have a couple goals. But still I arbatov thought that would have been encouraging. Definitely played really well the first two periods. You know we had some chances we had some looks I think we're out shooting was well on. You know we just couldn't be and it was installer. I can think of three really good chances Uga is either typical or that he may give you two or three and you better score one of them because you're not gonna get too many. The it's just he's just so good at it Sloan talks and I've been a few chances and they are and one half a post in the third but. You know we got we had a we had a couple and you know we just it was to turn their own and variables. Thanks Kyle Kyle post storm post number I am back to you. So coming back. After his. Course that seems that's upper body injury. And did hit the post on an opportunity to score but it's also has company tonight know what else able to. Beat the goaltender packer reading in this game he gets his eighth shutout of the season. And the sabres fall for the 49 time this year. Point three wins 49 losses still stuck on 58 points. Still appoint better. Then the Arizona coyotes. Who. Are in action tonight they'll play in just a little bit at home against Calgary so an opportunity for those of you. Still. Think it about the last place spot for whatever that's worth four in. Arizona still an opportunity tonight with their demons and on the sabres. OK for all of our local affiliates unite for you if you wanna keep listen to the post game go to double BGR. 550 dot com and brought you our flagship here in buffalo but Sports Radio 550 more Paul Williams belt post game coming up Phil Housley spot posting comments. And up next to get the vital national floor. Buffalo nothing I'm rankles deal this is the Buffalo Sabres. Radio network brought to the falls view casino resort Niagara Falls Canada. For nothing national rankles him with a here we got to interrupt their commercial timeout because Phil Housley is making his way to the podium let's take their lives. It. Yeah I I have to agree with that I really really happy the way we pointing us again. You know the best team in the league at this point. Exactly the way we want to point. That we are fast we are aggressive. It clean execution. In home. In the first period one thing that I would like to see your guys to better stop in front of the net and instead opponent. You know Wecker at some loose pucks there because I think there's opportunities the caption of some rebounds. Even sane and second period. I still felt you know we hit three posts and we come and off the it's 20 game called in the third we had opposed to you know and and we just didn't we didn't seize our opportunities. That can't fault. The way our guys played I thought. They brought their best scheme. But. And in the third period you know still to zero there we meet we just got to stay the course were in order book Poehler pulled goalie. And we've always fed rate in that are locked in the neutral zone for a check and they came back and they're very opportunistic team. Oh. I think you know number one is a terrific person liked. Really good teammate and really cares about. His teammates in the locker room but I think you know you saw tonight he's. He makes some really big time saves and we we had some really golden looks that he made look easy. But I thought the areas that we could've been better is right in front of them because there was rebounds to be had bit. You know that's treaty does you know you you we can rattle him early and get it on early and get him off his game a little bit. That's a time that we've got to take advantage of it but you know once he settles in he's tough to be stuff. I really like Linas is being you know feel bad that there was four goals because the last two were. Sort of learned. You know two mistakes that we made that he stood talking he's made some good big saves. When he had to. And it's just unfortunate I really like we played tonight and that he was really in control. You know made that save early like you sit in there right off the senator that we talk of hope that that we lose coverage and he makes a huge save so. That's a credit to him. I. I didn't challenged us to challenge that. There's skate went into our goalie in the in the crease in the blue paint I would call that a hundred out of a hundred times. To me that's goalie interference that his skate it's Salinas escape which doesn't allow him to get down in the the butterfly and make the safe. So I don't know you know what you call goalie interference anymore. Okay there's a coach Phil Housley some strong words there at the end about. The goaltender interference. With thought it was. Something that I have seen I think I'm agree or disagree nobody's saying it. Have seen. That play happened this year where the goal is allowed so I was surprised. That it was allowed but again his point. The overall point is welcomed the NHL fill this happens all the time no one knows what goaltender interference. You think you know and then the opposite call hookers that is what has. Fans media. Coaches players. Probably even the guys in the room in Toronto watching and all their TVs they have no idea what the rule is either so. And that's the many things that the league needs to address in the off season. Not only the reviews themselves but the length. Of the time it takes to make the reviews could also be much much much improved reported nothing Daschle victorious let's get back to the commercial timeout. I'm rankles delighted settle at six this is the Buffalo Sabres radio network. And over the line lake golf. They're shot back. Let's go to war. A couple of great chances for buffalo matchup to the first period Jack cycle going art of the net packer Green Day. Coming up big one of its 35 saves it's our Geico save the game. Brought to buy your local Geico agency 50% at his fifteen minutes feature free Geico quote. From local agent Scott Altman. Wore it lynch for nothing Nashville over buffalo. Phil Housley thought his team. Was aggressive played well and you know in the first I would go that way it sort of the trend a little bit more towards Nashville the game went on but. The lack of finishing on display tonight no doubt for buffalo. I would go to our top shelf goal the game and guess what nationally in one. To win tonight so the game winner is the first goal the game from Mike Fisher his second of the year. You'll see swings it back to the Blue Line won't shots it's. Quite that good credit that they had solid MacKey took the shot put it simply. At least one person incredibly addictive Nashville as a what not legally. Well Toni nodded period to Fisher getting his second of the season on a point shot deflected it was reviewed it. Hartnell and Fisher deflected along the way to the net. And that your game winning goal and our top shelf goal the game brought to by Clarence its design studio. For a beautiful top shelf in your dream kitchen is declared its design studio and start dreaming. We'll take quick timeout we come back pat I'll Karl has the hardest job of the evening. He's got a preview the coyotes sabres game gets you excited for that on Wednesday. Had nothing. To say that's called teachers David predicts that. Coyotes. Sabres. Preview. For Wednesday night coming up they'll go I didn't Eckert. This is the post gave so resemble what six on the Buffalo Sabres radio network brought to you by the falls do you. Casino resort nagger falls Canada. This gathered for the predators together live over the line. Across and put him out of his fault. Rick general of the call right there are there Seneca poker deck of the game brought to by Seneca poker inside the senate and now tiger is seen over real deal for winners. Welcome back to our Paul Williams belts post game rankles with the reminder that Phil Housley live. Post game comments were brought to by Paul William belts or power of attorney Puerto nothing national victorious they have a 106 points a ten point lead on Winnipeg in the western conference's central division number one overall in the National Hockey League. Buffalo's opponent it's much easier they go from facing the best that the west. To the worst in the league although pat that could change tonight Arizona is inaction as we take a look at the NHL scores here at or around the league for a final time tonight. Yet thanks Bryan it will get to that there's only game in just a moment because they have. Yet to drop the puck just about moments away it will get that one in the second. There are couple games on going still with the Panthers leading McCain against him nothing late stages third period Sasha archivist point six at a place fifty. If reportedly there to to the score while thinking they're tied. Just underweight in the third period from Minnesota and the elites you mentioned. Can you from buffalo with a win tonight against Calgary dating couple planes in moments. Down from the desert and one final from earlier tonight it was the Blue Jackets and overtime scored the 54 we had. Over the Bruins are great partners executive Thomas spent a combined twenty this season. Between his two stops and leak in Vancouver and now Columbus and also one note from. Local college basketball as UB women advance on to the sweet sixteen in the women's NCAA tournament and 665 with over Florida State. An upset tonight down to Tallahassee. The bulls ranked eleventh in their or eleventh seeded in their bracket against number three Florida State they scored the upset. Their prize at the with the defending national champs on Saturday night. Never sue in the Albany region South Carolina the other side of the bracket in Albany we'll see. UConn take got duke so two very good games coming up at UConn duke at seven. And then slate at 49 o'clock tip off between you be in South Carolina. That's a trip down the ninety worth taking. 59 dollars not only can ECU beat but you get to see the defending champion South Carolina team and if you've never seen the UConn women. They're playing duke another great program I mean that's. That's a nice road trip for a Saturday. It all lines up perfectly yet that coupled it Saturday that the elite eight would be out Monday. Com for you beat they can advance to the elite eight against against the what are you not do. Yeah is that you like basketball you price you see that you can win it once in your life at the same time after western new Yorker chances UPS they're making history he gets the defending champions that nobody could see do I mean like. That's good that's a really really. Good trip right there to us to go to Albany on Saturday. Now apt absolutely so thirty dollars everybody's plans for Saturday. All the idol that sabres Rangers. As there on the road but two home games before that for the sabres Wednesday Arizona. Friday Montreal let's talk about this coyote team of course I'm sure the story of the day we'll be depending even whether that wins it will it is. Is finishing last again I think here at that we should be discussing. Well I mean it is in the in the respect that if you finish last you can don't do no worse than fourth overall. On the conversations a little bit different than what we're having three years ago. Com. But we'll see how public turnout is on Wednesday. And we'll see. You know just how the Eagles at the sabres play the way he did tonight against Arizona I don't I don't have any doubt that they'll have a different results. They read into maybe the best goalie right now playing. Plate is when Italy right now Renee at. Get the couple opportunities could swamp amid that's the story of the game Nashville as is gonna get their goals they got a bit buffalo just could not operate through despite a cup. Which casts the NHL I think what year. You know breaking down playoff matchups and wallets of its hardest to predict and the NBA we know the top seed generally get through the NFL he got home field means little more there. There's some upsets but not as much the NHL. Like 18 can be a one in and we know you know the higher seat lower seems like it's not a guarantee sort of thing. Daschle those going to be very tough out. You don't have to look any further than Nashville that's right let's Lander team then last year and the Chicago with the one they were playing. Really well at the right time. And you're right I mean a hot goaltender. What five years ago I mean I look back it's when great pull the totally burst on the scene as as established himself in in the NHL. In an upset win over the Bruins unit and I think the first round matchup so. You have examples of it more recently as well it seems like every year every couple years is a goaltender that steals the first round of playoffs. What's the team on the map and they can ride that router to in we'll see if that happens this year as well but. And you write this the NHL is that even though it's best of seven series sometimes you can't those teams that sort of because of their goaltender because of the star player really taking over to. When serious and I see Wyatt at the intrigue gives every team in the playoffs a chance as part of who doesn't like it I want more of a reward. For. Belongs one at one of the longest regular season and all sports 82 games it's a grind. The body takes a little more beating navy any evidence of the other longer regular season sports like. Feel like the NHL playoff format it should be tinkered with the start with because of that the way it's set up now in the division right. There's a way that maybe you could somehow reward. More soul for these top seeds I don't necessarily giving up body is the sort of vehicles talked about. Adding extra playoff teams maybe there's a couple playing games where you get the best of three and then at this point your top. So we're three seats get byes all that happened I don't know by Timberlake guy have any let's 82 game season. Right that's the way I look at it is gonna add more teams it's the regular season majority at. Sixteen of the 31 so one half your league makes the playoffs accidents. I'm not a fan I I it's fun. It's it's fun when you see upsets but. We have an 82 game regular season and you won them all you got the most points the league like it should be eighty. I think. I don't know a little more advantage home ice doesn't need anything. Right these buildings are all the same now if it were not at all like the old days were maybe going into some building like oh my goodness the crowd or or or the the visiting locker like these buildings are all palaces everybody it's it's the same atmosphere in almost all building. Now here's your case for going back to the want to wait format or at least top two division winners at the top that and everybody else three through eight. Now with the way it is you have to get out your own division so to speak. At this you're again you'll have a metropolitan even more or less dropped over and it's oh my this is my perspective I think. It's less than invent it yeah that's right because if you're if you're washed to congratulations and second round. You're playing Pittsburgh while right. Even though like last that it might add the second most points in the conference and I got to face around too bright instead at the conference finals writes all. And if you go back to the old way of one way to once you then three through eight. As as the next level in your playoffs I think let's start there and then if we still have issues mean we can talk a little with her. That means argument about creating rivalries like I don't know that's gonna happen and also. They know that the idea of doing the NCAA tournament bracket is of course very popular. The NHL. In the fact that oh it's a racket like I don't know. I haven't had a lot of people in the office pools say wait if the latter any self bracket the only thing else safer is if you did they want to sixteen team. Is trampled this day and age with the charter flights and ease of travel. If you were ever going to beat the fortunately do it now would be the time and there with the if you make. Door to your west of the conference winners or division winners on different sides and then from there everything shakes out. I can I can listen to an argument. But it's only because. It's so easy to get from point to point B these days there's no the reason that. Time be different. And maybe that you go. You know where. It's not 22111. So that there is less travelling keep it may be needed to maybe there's your award to maybe. Maybe use you could even do something like this and say look you're the higher seed you get five home games. The visitors get to meet delete all Major League Baseball as the 32 it's and that seems to work out pretty well. Saw you out you can do that the five with five home games against you. On however you want to break it down tiger you're also helping them financially too there's a bigger incentive if you're extra home user and extricate. All right well we'll solve the only proper tools will solve it we try to do it every game was a little piece every day we know gears that listens on demand content that's right. Think that extra sides the sabres and coyotes. Should be a beauty here on Wednesday night that tolls because it acts of our Paul William belts post game show as we wrap up here settle at six. What I think our crew back or ever studios TJ a lot better network producer Kyle Boller social media. Crew here keybank senator pat felt proud Jonathon both you'll Paul Hamilton in a report in the room. Troubled auto the pregame show an argument out to regenerate it robbery by David Frankel Gilligan the final. Nashville for buffalo nothing thanks for listening talked on Wednesday night with the sabres and the coyotes downtown buffalo right here. All the Buffalo Sabres radio network.