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Thursday, April 13th

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I just moments. No effect Greta wherever we've Bryan gates was this guy with the full. Will and ends. No way get real. How ever wanted joy there. Nightline. Of these Stanley Cup Playoffs. Pretty good night. Some good games. Late games. I would know I was out late. If they if you listen the station off and you've you've understood my problems with with getting Wi-Fi back. Being Wi-Fi in my house cables cut over the weekend. Why fight that slows its its it's a good thing for me that's good thing for me because last night that I decided. Hey I'm doing my job it's my job I have to be able to watch these games. So as you know and ought to be good employee came to be good soldier here. I'm not going to be able to get the games in my house but I am going to figure out way to watch these games I go home. Into an establishment. And you know sit down sit down the under the are starting an all star watch some hockey. Right about one Edmonton. And were they going to go on for gosh the sharks get them. See that's that's what happens let's put it that way tonight that's what happens when you do you stay out that late but the couple overtime games yeah already forgets. Who is who's playing though. Those are when they were they were. They are starting their game and I am arrived at this establishment and they are having. For a dollar for dollar a momentum all about value seem go to. Are you go to barring walk up to the bartender to be like. In the cheapest beer that you've gotten. I'm not that guy a guy I'm all about values he got the got to measure. The percentage of alcohol that you're getting for a beat the dollar price that your getting. So last night there was kid who came up Monday he went that route you what their rowdy goes. Yeah I just a strategy to spirit you have three dollars PBR find you know find priced fine beer. However he was missing out on the better deal the better value. The value play at that time. Was four dollars for southern tier IPA which runs at about 77 and a half percent so. And he you've got to checks and balances you know you gotta do you believe that value. ADV over dollars I didn't do the math I just assumed it was right so. That's that's all right so anyways that there were a few bells consumed this kind of a long day. But I'm here with you now I'm here with the now we're going to be heading into another night three games in the NHL playoffs tonight two weeks away from the NFL draft were here. A couple of different perspectives on the draft coming up and in a few minutes we'll hear from Jack backed up he is in Egypt ease Mike I aids agent as a matter of fact. And now we're gonna hear from him his thought process heading into the draft interest a little bit about the agent's life as well and we're also gonna hear from. Greg Gabriel and a pulse golf for thirty years nine years as the bear scouting director spent some time with the bills organization. We're gonna hear from him coming up. In the next hour right now the maple leaves in capitals Bob get underway in the end. Later on we have Chicago and Nashville that. Paul will drop and probably about an hour or so and then the only team tonight Anaheim in Calgary not until 1030 so it's good thing. By fires back I can just hang on my apartment beat a little bubble boy tonight's. And knots stay out till 1 in the morning drinking four dollars a frontier PA's giving three shots. Don't need that again. Not a good thing for our local establishments around the area. He. I'm good tipper to. You know I work in the industry so I know how to tip these people you're right about that I've found that as well once you work in the industry then you're tipping either out of hand or you've got a late focus on dialing it back Alia it's. Typically. I'm pretty heavy handed with at this point because. Working. In that industry you'll learn quick that. It sucks. Not complaining because. It's part of the job you take you know what you're getting yourself into you know all the tips you know you're gonna be relying on them. But I have I have certain friends out there who are. Very tight fisted when it comes to tipping in there like if they really want that money just included in the price that's not how it works just not. That's that's it's a great thoughts you have but that's just not how it works so you have to do this. This being a decent human being. And above this kiddies want my best runs great all around human is probably the worst quality about them. All right we're gonna Greg Anderson and a draft hockey or we got Jack backed up coming up he was on the John Murphy show earlier today. John Murphy Dow Jones here with Jack backed. Two weeks away from round one of the NFL draft it is a process in two weeks left in the process of process were the players process for the scouts and coaches. Process for the agents as well and joining us right now. On the subway fresh take athletic guys been doing this for 25 years or more he's an NFL agent runs JV sports out west. At to have Jack back down on the show this Jack thanks for joining us John Murphy and Donald Jones we appreciate you coming on. If things change the draft is a fluid process right up till the first names are coming up the board is an object. Yes that is fluid. They're like on it seeing that I also like buying interest they now. The media is kind of not the felt like an adult because. They have so much exposure to their audiences through you know a social media. You know point four hour you know on its own network that are. But the reality is not too many people really get to see the board straight. John could probably at test that is thumb and it's a lot of credibility and don't let their re don't doubt either abort. Right boot order in the locked in he. So there's a lot of misinformation out right now I caught negative season. Where if you care more negative thing about guys because they already went through the positive position. November December January now are quite pick everything apart there's a lot of misinformation or a lot of smoke screening going on. Agents are you know number one trying to. That the expectations. For the client in the family realistically out of we do that we go Walking Dead. And I called whispers from. And a fellow executives who do receive the board you know word you see this guy's going to milk lol I don't I don't need that nowhere is on your board to. Help meet the expectations. Or. My client and then don't we are talking to the media. As an agent we want the positive stuff out there that there's anything negative floating around about our clients we try to crush it and put the bad and so. You know to alleviate stress and make the draft process the positive experience work. What Jack just to be clear what role does the media play here and it sounds like. You're saying the media and in this draft right up process. Can't. Can have an influence on at UC MO season negative influence or positive or is it mostly you know dancing in the BS you know baloney season what do you make. Well that's a great question you know what impact are the media on a draft well. A lot of times the owners these owners why the owner's son. Her read and listened to the media you know they have ideas they want input it would put thirteen cents right that's where the upright in the majority of their patients. For those ownership groups that aren't you know shoulder to shoulder with these decision makers on a daily that they break and they are. You know you know can we take this guy will be owners sign off on. You know he may have got off for a failed drug test and title body and lot of the media attention was bad timing. But the kids made one mistake he's a really good kids. You know how is the media can't handle taking this particular player. Anybody with that domestic violence issue is probably. Laid out argument off the board today because. You know the media will jump. On our team executives yeah and I you guys throwing out the Philly media out the the odd New York media you know they're just they're just sit there with their baseball bat threaded a pound somebody's head and for that they're sick or somebody take care about. You don't abuse if you will right so on behalf. And then I think you know a lot of GMs just don't want the headaches haven't managed. The media on that particular draft pick that has brought some baggage circle just avoid it overall. And I think you are now you have a draft experts like Daniel Jeremiah. Who actually work remotely so he's pretty well. It by me and I felt people because she's actually. Yeah in his hands dirty outing in on the road step in particular seeing working under some good people and. I met my mail goes shoulder to shoulder with a lot of this out because I have a beer with he's. He's got a little bit pedigree by playing in the NFL or at least panic on through the process and and he talks to people listened so you have more guys like this to our influencing. I wouldn't say good teams. Purse say. But. Now the media do what you throughout the player what combo all what media package that this player bring. Jack Quinn. Assortment. That some others that come so for our listeners who don't really know the process from you as an agent. During the college football season obviously you go out and you start to recruit certain places and people don't really know that you know. Different agents recruit different types of players different. Guys going in the first round some agents only speak to that first round there's some agents might speak to maybe later round guys. What's your preferences when you're recruiting that the guys that you look at for. You know my small to mid ninety's agency I've consistently represented to change. Prices hitting point five players for the last five years straight. So not in. Juniors so each year ago well nom I try to sign three or organ players every year some pundits accuse sometimes it's four. I try to find rap that they try to sign players were going All Star Games now going to be drafted. And on top of that I know sometimes I can't compete. With the you know on the fly me. You know pay their clients to report thousand dollar a month site there are 2000 dollars that we were quick to let a lot of money. I don't have them by my clients. So I have to ago looked. A little bit under the radar and part and a belt now and really start the process early in the smaller agent target site agency. I gotta be one of the first one not in on the source fight. I recruiting process started about a year at a time. For the draft maybe even two years some time. All our schools now have programs where the agent gets Serb side that's up meetings you know through this school Bellic your front door or ideal kind of thought in the back to work. You know a school like Iowa North Carolina and Notre Dame. Taxes they all had. Front door programs. That he tried to be apart of an up toward right it is so I've been represented. Clients. From Iowa 1718 years now from being province in in the way. Matt politics that are cut and so every year rep prevent somebody from you know first it pilot this year tight end George kettle whose stock has been slowly rising. I think you're dead you know it's here that go back Iowa that neck. Each year somebody can as George you're done now like I like that. You know as a rapper and says TJ Qatar where it's all these Iowa guys that yet so artist stated that school. And a lot of talk to the coaches there are thought that people there what kind of individual he has deep blue collar hard working well made and not these. Not primadonna site. Then I wanna rappers that because I represent that kid I don't have to pump coddle him. You know I'm Micah Hyde who's the bills just picked up this great example he told me that you're getting Urquhart by agents. He got a car is with agent Minnesota there I got an iPhone four like I got my own good. Right and it couldn't quite get out there. Called me up he goes you know you haven't yet try to buy turner might and these are the types of people that I the four and sometimes their first rounder but it's not usually but they're usually second third fourth fifth round guys there and end up. L like Micah Hyde getting to a certain contract in doing very well but. He says you represented George to you know. What is deeper into the game and in a deep deep tied in class. Well this is that the I think class but if you really till the end and audit there's not a lot of traditional why. And that's double letter Y. I'll and that's in line tight end who's in every downside who come block out first and second now. Get deep on third down go short on second down so he's in every outsider. 247. To order to keep how's he holds three Iowa I'll wait record mr. Hank clean bite to Powell's. And that can be. Teen year. Class white tie that compact itself Clark. And talking a wee hockey that are a lot of good tight end commonality there. And ease up on top of the board in the weight burrowed secondly you know that Europe or fights are yet to come by it. I got good hand played little beat up this year. I'll play don't want it basically for about six or seven games it's showed up what is schism which usually don't get the due when he Iowa you know and now I'll. But you know he do you view it every day outside and don't be surprised to see the forces at six. Tight at all the board in its class. Were Pamela I'm what you expected NFL agent for the last 25 years with the TV sports he Jack as you mentioned you did have Micah Hyde you. You know help bring him here to the Buffalo Bills. Did that surprise you that the bills were so aggressive. Financially and even you know quick out of the gate to get Micah Hyde and how difficult was it wasn't for him to move from. A very successful program agree bay. Well. Green Bay is special edits it's a special place special team. It's a special story so Mike was kind of let spied on from a school like Iowa to Green Bay. Spain and the minute when I stop playing with Iran playing where you know explain what. You know Clay Matthews. Or. You'll just playing with some great players right so. Yeah and then gut player repositioning government impact every year he was there he led the league in. In public terms. Per average. In fourteen you know I returned and punting college. Great. So make that transition and we try to. The bad. They were kind of in a pickle in that you know at politics coming up next year. They're paying Morgan Burnett or others say he's six and a half million have to go out it's them who quarters they lack that. You know. Trufant now errors in the rot what's it used to be there. Israel and our error well so I know that secondary pretty yet anyway. You know we kind of saw the writing on the wall that they can't pay him what he'd probably worse than that you and all that what they would like come back if you know. Prior to now which. I don't. The cowboys players and my job to get maximum value that they have so. When I didn't mean what the bill does that look this is all right what it's going to take designed to deal like. Com. No nonsense you know here it is all plaguing the gathering abilities numbers. They contract structure should be like as whatever came Mike plays or don't wanna do 123 year deal to build long term deal. Make an impact and be the last place where that kinda year. So on they came back it's the the dorms over per create issues that may offer that was like I wrote it up myself. And I and all I ever been in business. Don't do that one or two other times and that was first road premium free agents so. Right away I called Mike and old navy yard to release series you're obviously a top priority just put up very well. In this business and so. Yeah I think the attraction. For. Like. Is short term approach to light how. For football people lighthouse for good coaches you know locker he'll let John Harbaugh Hillary to go coach for those guys. Pondered the pedigree of a really good injury eagle staff. You know bring the band back together you know and read part two. Hop up there buffalo on from there. I think he's bringing up Mikey yeah. To be is Brian Dawkins and that secondary relies on players and there was back in Philadelphia. And some other places so Sean is that all the code should the ownership did really well I'll fight for him and made it. And Alan archer action. We think there's going to be some stability. There in buffalo because of that and that might get becomes the quarterback of the defense of what's ironic is. You know Canadian job played what if game with players look at what is the Packers or five million and the Buffalo Bills offered you six and an order. Jacksonville Jaguars are view six million and Akron or use like what is what is so I played that game for about two months with Mike is going into. Free agency. And ironically we used to build a lot. Right but I knew there be an approach. Now it's not always the it'll topped the list for free agency heads do. But down so he used these you know things like that are that are going through transition. And down. And he was great he was just like life no problem on the buffalo oil I ya I wanna play well bought wanna make an impact it would be a part of the new history. You know I don't wanna live and somebody else's system and down that was his attitude through the whole thing unit complaint. When I sit there. I think things are shaken up you'll buffalo you can beat that you can go there apparently is right about being a quarterback of the defense to play a lot make an impact on the watches. And we had some other shooters but Saddam. You know buffalo came with a full package and we have there's a lot of time. The Dick lessing won a circle back to something you said earlier sounds like. You're managing expectations to a certain extent with Micah Hyde but you mentioned how important that is for your clients go and into the draft. To manage their expectations their families' expectations. How do you do that and especially. As the height ramps up you know just two weeks away from the draft now. But a good question. Because. It's parents girlfriend she. You know create. Brothers sisters best friend on the on the Internet there. Every day. And that triggered an error information from my from my guys I'm. It all up that it really wide net early on I'll start bringing it down. About a week before the draft and yet you know my. In put out calls that an eighteen to the sampling of where they think you know on the board. Fall on their order and I don't know where to go on the draft itself but I'll always prepare for now being drafted from. Remembering a linebacker out of Iowa and anger. I called the fares are up and I think it would be what do you think about patty's. Six foot 233 pound middle linebacker and a law will take mad and undrafted free agents are we think you made it's special teams player. Oh ship started and that's where there are. But. On the other team in the coming days the same thing ankle and I thought the skeletons Senior Bowl let's pretend that when all they tank was four years. Check everything fox ran for but that's come my guess is kind of Smart. Some panic and I you know I fly up there in it and you know a two hour rundown of what do your undrafted free agent right it is people on the business that I. Spoke to lose in the intrepid. Draft they come to the federal connect to Indianapolis Colts hit off. Well on. You know you get the China problem. It's our job to prepare. For the worse because the worst thing happens when players have these parties in the neighbors heard from our friends start coming over the coaches are coming over. And the third round goes by and the foreground and the sit around and six ran out players start don't teammates start on you know you're better than start though. You don't go right everybody who looked at you like there's something wrong. So it's my job I don't wanna be in that truck had been and that's how we'll never get bombed. And so it's my job to manage environments as expectations. I try to encourage my clients have a plan it'll still be with the team come Saturday night. Plan out of celebrations Saturday night. But I'll sit down here about this error here's the worst case scenario is keen me. And don't be surprised that this team's direction or that note never hurt from that. So these are the types of things that I try to do going into the draft and it's really I had a father emailed me something the other day like what is Gregor oracle is so what I do like on the Internet. For like 102 entry part of the article that we didn't hear me right so whatever you wanna find out there. You confide like eggs you know I've seen everybody on you know what other people out there. Break. China's throw him under the bots that are trying to take hold in his game right there. Mr. biscuits that are so be you know it's I'd just try to keep. The rudder and the proper point one direction kind of keep everybody commoners that there counseling. Component of this business. All right that's Jack backed he exports agents he represents. Micah Hyde among others and these talk a little bit about the draft they're a little bit about how Micah Hyde decide to come here. So that that was. IPhone really good interview I did need an realized something was but. Well I digress. I digress. Are coming back here. So podger reporting earlier. Some news about the bills and Sammy Watkins and look at Toronto I was about to score another goal they are up one to nothing. Mitchum garner with his first career playoff goal about ninety seconds into this game against the capitals. But they just had one waved off looks like it's going to be a kicking motion if I had to hazard aghast. No all I'm sure this will be reviewed and maybe by the time we get back here. I'll have a definitive answer for you or maybe also mirror doing it let's find out together tonight get on WGR. Yes and it looks good he's right on schedule there's been no setbacks and he's chomping at the bit to get back on the field and we're anxious to have him back on the field. In all honesty. We just expect him right now to keep attacking that rehab process for us like he's been to this point. There is buffalo bills' head coach Sean McDermott I'm Sammy Watkins before we we guided him in the the report itself I she'll put out there a few hours ago. That that review in the Maple Leafs game took a lot last time I thought it would. Those offered goaltender interference and it was clearly not goaltender interference. This is the first I don't watch NH a review where they actually did a timely fashion and didn't. Even with an obvious call tape far too long and it took about a minute. Took about a minute. They realize that it wasn't goaltender interference and now it's two to nothing. Toronto over Washington but Washington is about to go on the three power play. So maybe they'll change quickly I'll keep you posted talkie because of what's going on in that game. Sydney likened Sammy rockets are sell part jolt. Earlier today reporting. That the the bills. Not quite sure what they won't do with Sammy Watkins whether or not they're going to exercise the fifth year option. I'm Sammy Watkins and you can go to WGR 550 dot com cells that article up there. For you to check out they don't have to make the final decision about picking up the option until May second. So they definitely have a lot of time the craft is gonna go down before that and some wondering if may be. What happens in the draft wolf but that decision but the reason sale is citing in this report is that next year. The option would be worth thirteen million dollars against the cap. And it that thirteen million dollars you could negotiate a longer term contract if you lied Judah. Make that call a glass of copper cap hit. But it's. Guaranteed against injury and we all Null the injury history with Sammy Watkins we already had another. Foot surgery. Almost now. Three months ago. Three months ago now easy and a foot surgery he's still rehabbing that and we'll see you what the future holds for Sammy Watkins and how how that continues to go. So I expect that they're gonna probably take their time with this decision and wait up until the end just to. Be able to see how he is responding. How he is doing in rehab all that's. And maybe they decide that's not worth the risk and I think the draft is definitely factor in what they can deal with them stupid they are sitting there at time. And we've been hearing today we heard from Greg Gabriel allele here in about half hour or so. Greg Gabriel saying that in his mock draft from what he's hearing and he's got thirty years starting in the NFL some of them I might take him and at his word that he's probably got some pretty good insight talking with people with in the lead. He's got the three cornerbacks going in the top talent the bills taking the last of the cornerbacks but if these quarterbacks are being. Drafted higher someone else in my trapped out at four quarterbacks going in the top. So these quarterbacks are being pushed. At the top of the draft board a tip it's gonna be falling down and maybe the bills can get their shot at I mean. Ideally it would be like animal week hooker or marsh on Lattimore but they can maybe get their shot apps. Trading down and grabbing one these receivers. Mike Williams Cory Davis. I give I think that the grapple have. A definite impact on the decision that's in new markets because I'd Sammy Watkins on this roster and terrorism no great receiving talent. There's just no great receiving council they can find. A good receiver one that they think could be more of a franchise guy may be can be a little more durable and Sammy Watkins. They may be debt. Changes the decision and you can feel better about moving on from Sammy Watkins but didn't even. To be on the facts I know it's it's not a new regime when it comes to WB being the general manager. Both just Sean McDermott beat coach the US. Doug Weight. Traded up for this guy you traded up you gave up another first round pick and even be on the fence about. Exercising that fifth year option is completely absurd to me. But he don't have great receiving talent selling you have young receivers in the system that you have a ton of faith and a Desmond let's is that he called needless to me was never practiced in the NFL. And you need to have Sammy Watkins even if you do draft another guy. Maybe you should still be bringing Sammy likens back next year and I understand the injuries that he's had but you've spent. Out huge amount of draft currency to bring this guy yen and you need to see you for the full five years you can't just let him walk after four years because it. I'll where we're afraid he's gonna get injured again and again it's not a good luck it's not a good look if you're gonna move up in the draft a draft that was absolutely loaded with wide receivers because it just stood pat and may be guy no doubt back in junior. Maybe guys and Kelvin Benjamin if you want them you summit theatre receiver anything but you was he was on that. Draft brainy coaches in that draft but yet this. Jarvis entry was in that draft again that draft is just loaded with wide receiver talent and and you made the move to go up and get Sammy Watkins into. Even really beyond the fence about that decision I know the injury history. It just doesn't make a lot of sense to me now they can. Decide that they don't wanna go forward with the option. And still negotiate a contract with on the war. But the franchise tag. And cell in his article EE plus this year the franchise tag for receivers is about fifteen point six million. So he's protecting next year would be around sixteen point five million of course what to put the franchise tag on a much like last year with corny line with the Buffalo Bills. You can negotiate a longer term deal which would. May get so that's not necessarily that sixteen point five million. I don't know. I think you just have to be able to commit to Sammy Watkins after you've spent all that raft currency item to not even bring them in here for the fifth year. It's kind of crazy especially when you are Doug Whaley leg. And what are you what are you looking at at receiver. You look at the roster they have now and I think a lot of fans. They heard it Sean McDermott say the number two receivers on this roster. And a lot of fans were like wow what Walt Whitman at that can't be true. That can't be true you look at the likes of Andre Holmes is gonna stop of his and number two wide receiver here. So maybe something happens in the draft in any draft three wide receivers that they have a lot of that they think bald. Because rates and they make a decision closer to may second after the draft has already gone through. A for an organization for Doug Whaley the GM who gave up. A first round pick a first round pick a fourth Compaq. To get Sammy Watkins actually. You would think that you would want that guy here you'd wanna see that guy for the full five years and not cut any of that sure. And seldom seen his article that he strongly believes. But the bills will pick up the option. I think that's probably what it comes down to India and that reasoning where if you're thinking about the only comment. Think we spent that draft currency and we have to be able to retain them and keep for apple five years otherwise. What was the point. EG I mean you spent a personal pick and EJ Manuel it and take the fifth year option option up on him. But that's not because of his injury history it was on the field performance. You Judge Judy manual on his on field performance and that's why you decided not that the that your option option on him and traded down. Prejean manual which is another thing so he didn't necessarily. Have to think too much like Paul beat. We got extra picks for EJ Manuel when he gave those picks up. Should've had another where they could have been looking after five years and studied it pickup for Sammy Watkins. You're gonna wanna see him for the full five years you're watching what he can do on the field the injury history is certainly there. But you're gonna watch see them. Hopefully healthy this entire season and see what he can give you as well he Sammy Watkins. And for the most part healthy said he likens the super effective football player a super effective wide receiver. He's a pretty good. So I. If they're still thinking about it that's fine but this is a staff with Sean McDermott Sean McDermott you'll hear say it. As long as he's coached here a methodical I take my time decisions. And I expect him to take their time with this decision they took their time with Tyrod Taylor decision. And I'm sure they'll take your time with a Sammy Watkins decision as well you wanna read more about it and the WGR 550 dot com sells an article about it there. All right two to one now Joseph what happened I wasn't paying attention. Washington had the five on three. When they came back from commercial break on television and and on the least killed off the first part of it and then second part. TE GO she set up Justin Williams and slot to. Go down two to one. TJ Yoshi and Justin Williams to potential unrestricted free agents correct. I TGO she doesn't really do much for me because he's gonna get a huge deal especially after scoring 33 goals this year and he's gonna regress a lot he scored 33 goals and he finished with a 25% shop percentage. All which while he brought a lot of Boehner Cain regressing. Better Cain are worker who's about the F 161000 sales like 1516 gives you that point five. While that is like he's common way out that he's definitely gonna come down but I mean Justin Williams they they they talk about bringing in well proven winner. For the Buffalo Sabres. Look no further than Justin Williams mr. game seven if you look at for a player that I know he's 35. Butts. To get a for a couple years and you need that kind of leadership you think you need that type of player. I'll take a look at some unrestricted free agents coming up in Justin Williams is on the ones that actually like popped out I'm like that's a guy that you ought to have proven winner typos like. I'm telling you what ways to do things to beat winner is Justin Williams he's been one in every single place he's never gone. You know 30551888552. By fifty phone numbers here you are common on the beach Sammy Watkins decision that there. You know take their time with my comment about. This this scheme that's going on right now are unrestricted free agents coming up in the NHL. Feel free and here. Come back LB got the ultimate tale a fan dedication. To hear about that knocks them and I kept. In front of the network was getting so back up. Not this woman her son doesn't penetrate. Is that there is that the time when announcers at the penguins I believe radio man. They're play by play radio got yep okay that's explode I watched the penguins game. Port number eighty TV. If a thirteen race Dario guys. I've heard before thinking yeah I think I've talked with about the subprime mess routes to do is aide who is a penguins fan. And let me tell you dirt TV announcers. Horrible. Absolutely horrible. Like it was a game against the sabres are watching the penguins feed through one of my. Extremely legally. Obtained extremes of NHL games it was one of those legally obtain streams. And salt and sit there and I'm watching this game against the penguins and these announcers are just terrible the amount I could've done a drinking game. Connors Nielsen starting game I could've done drinking game of the amount of times that big color commentator said. Connors Nielsen's height. He set it at least. Time times within the first two periods in house like. I think everyone gets it but one gets the fact that hundreds Nielsen is 66 we understand you don't have to keep bringing it up. Every time. Honors Nielsen with the save there are you really use that big frame their sex acts. Every single time we get it's we get it he's huge he's a tall guy Milwaukee Thomas. Part three times not. Whopper period maybe. Speed and opponents' fans. This Pakistan allowed both guys are pens fans I guess technically work for the pans or whatever TV network. But it Pakistan last night watching game one. I was twenty that is the too. Pittsburgh police they respond to a call. At city of steel auto deal of detail shop. Man there 45 years old had been stabbed in the had. With a screwdriver. Stabenow had that they screwdriver. After. Being. Having an altercation verbal altercation which obviously. It got pretty aggressive because he was stabbed in the head with a screwdriver. The did go for. Find apparently wasn't like it is time for anything no no brain injuries but is it just like raised is is scholar something any pictures of the guy. But please come up Alec young do you got to get to hospital you gotta get to a hospital. Again you're geek you just stabbed in the head with a screwdriver. Guys like. Not okay and I sit here and hang out gonna watch the penguins play. And once the games over. Don't worry I'll drive myself to the hospital. And I'll make it a make it don't worry about me multiply and a little bit. I've got this I got this old garage drag that I can use to stop the bleeding for a little while. I've got this grease rag that Ivan you know clean off drive shafts lift the oldest of put down Pat Boone for a little bit. What's the rush the parents game and add to the hospital says guide to add insult to the hospital after the pats game just what dedication. I do have to question though. I get it again it's the playoffs is the NHL playoffs but your Pittsburgh Penguins just on the Stanley Cup last year. Just last year they won the Stanley Cup and it's deemed one. What should should be should be a pretty decent run for the Pittsburgh Penguins at least probably. One series once series went and then if they faced the capitals that should be interesting but I mean capitals are losing right now 21 after one period. Mike they just won the Stanley Cup last year you said the ultimate thrill a big take care of this head wound this open had a boot documents stamped with a screwdriver in the skull. We could take care of that during game one they got TVs in the hospital. Sure sure Pittsburgh area hospitals are probably now showing the pens game but also beyond. So PSAs. On now on I am back to the hospital lots check out there they're TV. Their TV package to match was on the last time those are matched those hospital while Nash that's pretty good. Depends just from the cup that dedication for sure Dem party. Thank you got a rep you gotta represent your team that's why people grow they grow they grow their own playoff beards in the playoffs yet we did see a guy earlier that is. Face shaved clean. And normally he's got a beard some weird questions like EC got team in the he probably Giles Scott team in the show dynamic of what's what's going on there. So you got your players out there battling through injuries and her crew chief Bergeron I got a couple years ago I was at a fractured. If fractured foot. Like sprained wrist. Punctured long any point through. Fans are. If he's trying to match she's trying to match the playoff intensity is like you know what my parents are out there battling. They're going to be battling through and drag out battle through this. This first injury of the of the series it's it's mine it's my battle I got to fight through it will take one quick call here before we had to break. Brian Todd analog wants talk about Sammy Watkins Brian you are on the nightcap. I don't got it. School. Not much I don't wanna pressed I'm a game you lack in the object. I think it you know we obviously made a mistake and I think if we look at the numbers and in a hole verses all the receivers were directed in that year. You can see that he's obviously the one that under forms. You know he talked about a bunch of guys just ten minutes ago you know Mike haven't you left out met still you know others atomic guys that we could have gotten it draft. So I feel like he's still got some work right now he's injury problem every year he spent about. He's been hurt if we can get somebody to bite element interacting get a barely able draft pick. This deep draft as well for a seat I'd like it yet go Corey Davis the first round. I think he's an elite superstar and that's all we need to do we need to draft better and that's all I want say from our program. Qualifying that's so I'm here for I do disagree on some points hoping it won't cut it. For me it's just you gave up way too much for Sammy Watkins just simply cut the cord on them and I don't think you're gonna get a a fair value returned from at the draft in order to get that I've I know he's injury prone I know he has trouble staying on the field. But I mean bill we've seen this season and I would like to see him for next season two because. Coming out of that draft he was the consensus. Number one receiver coming out that draft in what he's on the field he is talented. They just haven't really had a quarterback that's been able to get on the ball effectively like some of these other guys. I I can totally agree with then you know what I like in the lap I think pity he really is a great. I think that this really we need to start drafting better and I think that we missed our party in the past like 1015 years. Holly I saw you you are 100% right and it's I got a job just had a break here but yeah that the draft is back and pretty bad some years for the bills that certainly somebody need to get better absence I think every fan feels that way. Every fan out there is like they need to do a better job in the draft. A gritty here from a draft guy coming up in the next segment Greg Gabriel. He is about what pro football weekly. We'll hear from him he's got some perspective on the quarterbacks coming on this draft so we'll get back coming up next. Game one between Chicago Nashville should begin underway shortly and as we had and to break here two to one. In the first intermission Toronto leading Washington. Is and I capitalism WGR.