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Monday, April 16th

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Who'd you play better Muppets. You pay did you pay. What we don't support doing. What you can walk of life. Because. He didn't paint. We're out there to see what else. But nightcap with Ryan gates. The heated paint. That's cool what you gotta support your team there ago. But there are. On WGR. Sports Radio 515 yes. But apple wanted to but it won't be anybody. That apple. About. They did that gun crowd tonight probably that you party in the crowds. To pump up the fans. What's war bar and doing these days. How lucky I mean this is a great career really voicing things. A crock in the emperor's new groove. That was only shows yes crock was that guy. Like if one of the voices. The voices connect those voice is jealous of you now it makes sense that you say it but I didn't know that off the top might have that's. And just made my day yeah that's a that's who it is so but I mean if you're you're the doubles the real boost. You need to face Peter there that's what you need to get a boost from your team tonight. So nightcap. WGR ranking it's Joseph to be seen with you. Here tonight a half slates of NHL playoff games launch night. Bruins in Maple Leafs about get under way. Lightning doubles coming up at 730 the NHL deciding today to stagger their gains a little bit even though over the weak guidance. That's when he really want to do that. The NBA. You watch how they stagger their games there's an NBA game going on pretty much throughout the entire date on Saturday and on Sunday. And the NHL decides state they do a little bit better. On Sunday I suppose we start two games at 3 PM. Got a huge star wanna add one more people don't have Sunday it's gonna go to football games at 1 PM on Sundays of its eastern time zone. So just find funny games tegra throughout the day he got hockey fans hockey fans watched the the entire day of hockey. So came mistakes were made by its they did a better job tonight 7730. Puck dropped 10 PM puck dropped and thirty puck drop where Iran. Grads at avalanche and docks at sharks. Are your word games for the evening. Were ten days out ten days away from the conclusion. What has really taken over. Our collective lives here at WGR and that is the NFL draft. Ten days away we'll have full coverage right here on WGR of course on Thursday night's. I'm pretty sure one bill's life will be called and will be taking over at 7 PM here. To bring you the first night of coverage on Friday night. They Kyrie and myself will be taken out here bringing you second and third round coverage of the NFL draft and on fifth Saturday excuse me. The cell be here and he will be here bringing new day three coverage. Of the NFL draft. 8030551888550. To 550 hard the phone numbers here. We're getting to that point in the draft process and we heard from Brandon being and Sean McDermott today. Oh little bit about the draft plans of course was the first day of voluntary workouts. For the bills the first time they can get their players that are currently on the roster and the bill being Doolittle conditioning. If they so chose to. And hands so we got branded being shot McDermott they both spoke today. At one bills drive we'll hear from them coming up later ran the second half the shell. Ands that on Twitter and of course you can take everything you get on Twitter and just generally. On line. Whiff with a grain of salt. Because you have Daniel Jeremiah. Bucky Brooks they both are tweeting out. Hey crazy draft rumors going on trade rumors in in the NFL and here are some crazy things happening right now but they're not really deep tail wing. Anything that is actually happening and we have another guy Chad Forbes who he really isn't affiliated with the trustworthy. Publication I gas and he's got this crazy. Rumor out about a three way trade and people aren't are tweeting me talking about how there was this tweet threat. Last week discussing the possibility. Of this trade. And I don't know it is this something that someone just made up I'm sure there's a lot of people out there that could probably think that but why it's starting to be more. I guess legitimate certain sources. Not sure if that's what Chad Forbes necessarily as we reached out and see if we could. Get a little bit of a discussion going to use gotten back to joke yeah just to see you know. Hey you've put this up there. You must have at least. Pretty decent faith in that being a legitimate discussion. I always get kind of caught up in these it's fun to get caught up in the rumors. You've got certain guys out there like you follow people on Twitter there's every NHL trade deadline like regional trade deadline deals. And they tweet out things that they think are going honor may be the rumblings of going on. And I was kind of got to pump the brakes on those guys sure they deserve criticisms I think a lot of the times they do you. Actually just throw stuff out there and hoping that some of that will stick. But if they do you have any legitimate sources. And what is a legitimate source. I think a lot of these discussions could legitimately. Be happening but they never actually just get to the V and stage. And this idea. Of the bills trading up to number one overall and that it even makes arts. Is a conversation I think is at least worth having. You hear Brandon being there and Joe's update talking about. You know even if he did want to move up he needs trade partners obviously if you knew the guy that he was wanting to go get all last week they did. Why across the country to Los Angeles to meet with sand Arnold. And the reports right now are. The browns essentially our downed too darn old or Joshua Allen. If that's the case maybe they feel all. That speak would go down to two would get more draft assets. I'm wondering what the bills would have to really give up to go all the way up Q number one because. It might be pretty much. I'll save third to first this year. Ball seconds maybe even. That first third. To kind of make it palatable. For both the browns and giants. The giants would end up getting. While word that the browser that's getting. The second overall pick from the giants 1253. And may be. 96. Or whatever 65. And that and the giants end up with the fourth overall pick. The 22 pick 65 pick. I don't get all torn up already. Because there's so many different moving pieces to that trade and if that he didn't make sense Joseph was bringing up appointment I would. While the bills. And the giants even want to. I guess incorporate the browns into this trade the browns are looking to move down strictly. For the idea that they can get value out of the first overall peck. Trade down to two and get Allen and insure themselves that they get Alan. Why would the bills really include them. And the giants include them in this trade. Because the bills just trade up to number two no ands and end up getting. Sam dark. That the case. Exactly because if Cleveland's guy is Josh element they've settled on that they'd that that's the guy they want and ease their top guy and their board. But they know a lot of people valued Arnold over Alex they're looking to trade down. And that's the scenario is gonna happen I don't know why I need to include Cleveland in this because it. The bills want to Arnold. And the browns early due to treated they get Alan to. Essentially what what's the point because they're just gonna take Allen at one anyway and they would do the same thing to it just doesn't really make sense to me from that. Vantage point because even if Cleveland can mounts and what you batter you grew up its first pick as we mean Mike Teague Arnold. All right. If on the bills that's in there will you know. I think you have a pretty good idea for the bills who wanted to make the street that you use should have a pretty good idea of who we're gonna take at one. So if you're that confident in qui you watts. Why are you moving down to you and lasts the only Reese the only way this makes sense at all to me is if Cleveland is. Just completely split in their war room. Half like half the scouts want Allen have to scouts like Arnold and they don't have enough conviction make the decision themselves they're gonna let someone else to a forum. Otherwise I don't really get it from there from. The three we treat or. The only thing that I guess I would say is. The Jai it's part of this if if the giants don't wanna move so far down. And they look at the fourth overall pick which would be included in the three way deal. And think if they're enamored with say quad partly York presently job one of these top to be quite Nelson if you even want them. Mark these top prospects he's blue chip prospects they feel that. If they move down for that you still get one of those guys as opposed to dropping down to twelve and 22. Being able to still get that high ends hall of fame talent. As Dave Gelman put that. To be able to go on to number four you'd still be able to probably get your guy if the bill's gonna draft quarterback the browser gonna draft quarterback in the jobs are gonna draft quarterback you're still sitting there. Looking cats. The possibility. Of having your first choice of player other than. A court. So the giants have absolutely no interest in cornerback and California this rumor popped up to because before that in where we're trying to sort through. All of these small. There's all the smoke screens coming out what is people what are people actually saying what is real what is not real. And some. This is the time of year when a lot of that will come out you've got agents tried to prop up their clients and get them. Drafted higher than they might actually be because that equals more money for the player which equals more money for the agents so you've got agents out there trying to view. Put things in the ears of reporters. In order to prop up their client. And make them more valuable. And then you have. Different teams and organizations. Kind of putting out. A bunch of different idea as a bunch of different plans. So that they can kind of keep everything close to the fast as branded beans. So what are you have something. Like a rumor and leak out and there allegedly beat leaks coming all the organization. You you have brain convened today talking about how we as even go home and talk with his wife about the stuff which is probably a little bit of hyperbole. Arnelle. Did you go home. Your wife asks you don't have a wife I should probably get this out there immediately. To say that I have a wife but you go home your wife actually go honey how's your day you know on. Well what happened at work today are just gonna be completely locked up dislike you know typical date. Scouted some guys flowed out way to meet with this one guy but. You know. I'm not gonna tell you anything I've got planned for the future. IPhone that's. You know you they usually wanna know some something about your future didn't get a little little idea of what your plans are and maybe it is like just doesn't care. The could always be that he's got her own life. She's got a job she's worried about what's happening at her jobs generally take time out of her life to worry what's going on the Buffalo Bills draft plans. Is this at this point it could just be like. It's a typical husband went conversation you come home yes tell each other state these were worked better you really truly 100% listening. Kind of half listening right. So of brainy beans going off at home like god Josh Allen can't stand skit. I had met with a for ten minutes super annoying like whatever whatever be geez the guy that's nice as you know the half. Listening league right it just goes in one year right out the other yours like OK you shake and smile. What you got to do your call Ian Rapoport. That's that's I think it was funny that he used his wife while maybe the question included his wife. In the questions old VQ respondents said so no my wife doesn't now. I'm I'm I'm just thinking about man. Could this kind of insider source. Get Q his wife are here why is out there all of team officials. Are the ones. That are or. Leaking this information. Joked just letting me know we will have chance sports at 730. So I talked this guy and try to get to the bottom is on this rumor out there and sweaters on and and ask some questions about it. Obviously it's not going to be something like. Chad tell me who your sources are. It doesn't work that way it's on me now tried to get as much information on them as a can probably just have a general. And I felt out conversation. With them as well walked out and here I mean that's the the big order of business is he's going to put out there. On his Twitter feed which is now. Has 141000. Plus followers but doesn't necessarily mean anything if we are incarcerated Bob adds 80000 dollars or something absurd. And he's. It he has followed bias in some reputable people followed. Who's incarcerated Bob is an. Oh maybe that it would jet force jet Forbes I mean. I'm at incarcerated if 170000. Dollars. Which is a lot. Annan's. I'm I'm looking through his followers and I guess the only one right now I would consider it legitimate. Media person. Is Greg was Shymanski C. Misty Greg wish and ski oh and each NHL rumors policy and so you know. Stewart got follows on the but I already know that's not reputable guy I don't think gust of god is necessarily via the idea of reputable news source. I actually am sure after follows he's got he's got some. It's got some good followers heed incarcerated Bob. Maybe maybe they take some of their rumors that they hear in just you know they get from incarcerated Bob never never credit them. Maybe they use him as one of there to sources the two source rule. One source they hear from an organizational person second source incarcerated Bob. That could be that could be what's what's going on here so we are gonna have Chad Forbes on coming up at 730 he tweeted out. Just the rounds I guess two hours ago now abouts. A crazy rumor that he's hearing a lot it's not a quota completely so that. It's what he he'd say I'm not using my own words and maybe using his words multiple folks saying. Bells giants bronze working on three team trade browns slide to second bills buoyant first overall. And giants would slide to fourth or twelfth heard from a few people browns will be monetizing. Taking Josh Allen. Remember it's silly season. So is this something that he includes in his tweet. Is mentioning that this time of year there's a lot of information flying flying out there and that not necessarily all of that the is. Deep right information. There's a lot of different information being flown out there right now. And that that's that's the part that I find it's interesting about the process the whole draft process. Is how do you sort out what is legitimate what does not legitimate. And if I'm I'm thinking of from a team perspective. From a team perspective party party figure that obviously you look at what the browns are doing right now with the bills are doing right now even what the giants are doing right now. They're bringing in the majority of these quarterbacks in for visits. Because they are at the top of the draft and Brandon being mentioned this I think it was at the owners' meeting. We're talking about player visits that they will. Use some player visits at us pretty much just a smoke screens. To feign that they have interest in a certain player. So that another team may think oh the bills they have interest in this player and might take that square before. The bills. When the bills are kind of trying to get to a position where the player that they want will fall. And then you have also Benjamin Albright he's reporting today. That. Roseanne is the quarterback that he hears that he doesn't get drafted. At. Two were five. Could make the biggest. Fall down the draft report. Another article coming out complete report from Matt Miller who will be joining show open the Bulldog on Thursday. He he had this long article about. Josh rose at an all NFL teams are viewing him he talks to some NFL scouts and different and I'll people. And essentially. The one quote is. We don't need to our quarterback tweeting. About the president Ronald losing streak. And these are. These other things that NFL teams are worried about when it comes to Josh Rosen. And certainly his injury history is part of V I guess evaluation and he's got a couple concussions he had shoulder injury he hasn't been as durable as some Z some of these other guys that. Our. Available to be drafted. So that you have that but when it comes to his personality. I think that's mostly. What they're worried about his hand speaking up on issues outside of football that might turn awful some of their fans. And the fact that that would help on their fan base and the reaction to. Because ultimately when it comes down to it the NFL is a business as we've got I think we all know that. And the bus business. What always be winning football games your quarterback I can win football games of Josh Rosen can win you football games. Churning go out there and be outspoken. But if he's winning and he is good. All of that tends to be swept under the rug. Because it got a good quarterback is other sling the ball all over the place he's got forty touchdowns and turn our assumptions. If that happens. None of what he's really saying outside of it. Matters. When this guys when the fans are gonna show up as long as he's wedding it's one. But that's kind of apart at point if there is a losing streak and also and fans are thinking all wise this guy concerned about. Something outside of football and all this attention should be paid football. The article also mentioned is this the kind of guy that is going to be. Want to say involve football. All went on football during the offseason. Which I think kind of funny because god juju Smith Shuster this week guns who tweets out. Who is. Putting out there they told me to focus more on football but I gonna Coachella. I was taking a bunch of pictures of him going to Coachella which I mean I tried to criticize the kid for that. He's young he's young athlete. Got a lot of money Coachella is probably one of the most top and places to beat if you're young athlete with the money. Period I was in his situation I beat the Coachella there is no doubt about it. It's like where all the babes are he's voted on their for the Braves and the music. It probably am a great time Gilligan. Just as long as he you know doesn't get a random drug test afterwards. That could be problematic. And CEO Carly after you know move on from that makes trees being go there. But that's the only problem I have with him essentially saying hey I'm out here at Coachella they told me to focus more on football here I am a Coachella. It's all weekend long. He's a young athlete lump go have some fun keep it out during the season so he's not doing it during the season not a problem. Joseph you've been echoed shell few. Jews Jews Jews Jews Smith Schuster a 100% and I don't even and a big music. You're not witty I would be it's it's not even about the music it's it's like fashion the scene not a big fashion either the scene yes these are seen yet. Wherever one that's important that you go to Matt summed joggers. On oil wells is Taylor slipped own Jenner there. To boot Jenner definitely wasn't there because he was playing Stanley Cup playoff hockey league Generale and that's the only Jenner who Jenner huge honor. Me. So really the only job are you want I mean you and you won't want to meet earlier Kendall Jenner. Gonna be at least meet them on board and you aren't LB like radio producer and assault in that time beard. Boundaries beard. Take me out to dinner probably it's a big thing on Southern California beards to more. Norman North Dakota asked thing Colorado mall in Baghdad the dagger right in flannel flannel territory. Yeah yeah that is more of them flannel I don't know I don't know I don't agents on oil regions of the United States I don't know what the fashion is out on on the West Coast I just assumed everybody else shirtless not finals that I didn't I just assume mostly everyone's shirtless wearing tank tops. That's that's what I assume the defections are. All right it'll 30551888550. To 558 got a hold of Chad Forbes. We'll see what he has to say about his rumor that he put out a couple hours ago. That rumor being. The bills giants. Rounds working three team trade that would be the browns monetizing taking Josh Allen. Woolsey what he has to think about it if it's just noise is where it's something that's legitimately happening we'll try to get it. Some thoughts on him and have a general Ana FL draft discussion with Chad Forbes cover up next right here on WGR. Yeah it doesn't come had to leave this building so no way. No it's it's very tight. I'm not talking about guys in the second round. There are whoever at any stage I think it's it's bad form makes your competitively hurt yourself anything that you could do to competitively hurt yourself. Bad so keep it pretty close the vessel. Joseph makes a great point it is snowing now. She's where's Brandon being talking about how he doesn't even tell his wife about anything that happens network. That's from his pre draft press conference long Sean McDermott he checked that out on demand that WGR 550 dot com on demand audio brought to you by. Northwest savings bank may can be changed northwest and get back to living on the AT&T hotline. Have to be joined by Chad Forbes. You can follow him at NFL draft bites on Twitter Chad thanks for Od on short notice to the time to join us here on WG. So you tweeted out a couple hours ago abouts a crazy rumor that your hearing. In the NFL and but before this a couple hours even before you had tweeted that there was Bucky Brooks and Daniel Jeremy liable tweeting out. About some crazy rumors that they were hearing that it really elaborate on that but I figure probably hearing the same things that they Wear. With the bills browns and giants. Being involved in any three way trade to potentially get the bills to be number one overall attack. I'm not sure Bucky and Diaw Dermarr during the same rumor there's a lot flown around this time here. But this is determined that I heard to banner from a couple people that this could come to fruition. And that's pretty intriguing thing about. How do you sort out what your your hearing out there and what you decide to put out because. It's just something that you're floating out there and you even mentioned in the tweet that you put out there that is silly season so how do you decide what gets out there and what you decide to keep yourself. The book going back with Tom Von there was talk of the bill and the giants were discussing a trade involving the twelfth pick and the second pick for the giants have moved down. And also do that in the 22 taken. A budget that would add to the giant. And the report that kind of came out of the Jackson didn't wanna move too far down they still want to win the premium player in the draft. The but it did buy power on the quarterback they'd be willing to move. But nobly down to twelve. So then over the course the last few weeks you've heard more more that the browns are thinking about taking Josh down first overall. And from there to beat the browns brass are exactly we could monetize the fact we're gonna take Josh down to somebody else wants him to Arnold not Philip chart Adam. That's how this trade pat came to being discussed. Maybe it's just being discussed in the media but they're definitely have a dialogue between Brandon being gay gentleman an obstacle backed Carolina. And that would involve the second attack and kill the bills you know it gives conviction that Ken Darby better than Josh Allen you might as well looked at first overall. Jeff Forbes on the AT&T hotline. And I guess I. My my question is with all of these teams to gather public pieced together because. If you're at the giants and you're sitting there. And you think. That the browns are having questions about who are going to pick maybe there front office is split on the quarterbacks and they don't really want to be forced to make the choice. But if they do take Joshua Allen. And you're sitting there as the giants with our trading out in performing this trade. Having the opportunity to draft Sam Arnold when you wanna take that swing not knowing whether or not your ever going to be. Right up there are this high in the draft to take a swing and a franchise quarterback again. Be tapped the giants' offseason and hiring a big settlement this coaching staff and what you're seeing is that they're committing Eli the next year. And potentially to. And what's really happening as the browns that they are in fact I would Josh how much that's what. That's the biggest money is not currently. Then they would behoove them to at least call the giant into the character when you give up to move from second to first overall for Donald. If they make back called the character in fact not gonna go quarterback at second. It was so we've been discussing a trade with the bills which they have been this has been reported by a lot of outlets. And that's how the idea of preaching team trade is coming together. It obviously is infant stages but I'm pretty sure. And I'm on a hundred and chairman ever complete people would give me a lot of the information in the past that this is infecting at least discussed and thrown around. And you've got the I'm not entirely sure the browns are gonna take charge out I think they could stability and don't let it all comes down to the end of the day. But if there are back and go to Josh now on the bills would love to move up and. And it with but the move up if if you just leave the browns out of what would move up for the bills from. Twelve and 22 all the way up to second overall owed DV. Approximate value that they would have to give up for that because what they've got a many says you don't want to get to Q with that he seems like the kind of guy talking about getting hall of fame talent. In the top under the draft that would require hefty sum to move out of that spot to go that far down into the draft. The food it would have been really pretty recent trade if you go to backlit when he sixteen. When Tennessee moved out of the first pick with the rams. The rams sent pitched 15434576. And future first entered up next so they paid a king's threatened to move up from fifteen. 21. So what would it cost the bills well adept would cost twelve and 22. And then would mean if you hit the dark you want future picks. Or potentially the second round hers but I think you're gonna Jarrett you're gonna pass our quarterback in this draft to commit Eli. The idea of getting future picks in the next in an extra draft or more logically 20/20 given just when a quarterback class you're gonna play out. The future pick to be really attractive to the giants. All right Chad is wanna get your thoughts on this this potential trade. That you're seeing you do imagine that it's the silly season so just just beyond even the scope of the bills here and what shear you're discussing the potential discussions we're having. But you hear a lot what what does a lot of this being driven from I mentioned earlier. Agents trying to prop up there their clients sort teams obviously trying to create a smokescreen so that they have a guy fault overlaps instead of maybe having to go whopping get him. Where do you think the majority of been always around draft time really comes from. I think you had on and get the multiple multiple sources I picked it. That coming from the team a lot of footage from the Asian community and gave him because there are we have agenda and he got to kind of sort through them. And I heard this from two age and the one direction doesn't work for one of the teams involved thing potentially but you know obviously wouldn't give me anything more than that. And if you look at the trade have all play the potential trade battle without the point. It's really beyond logic of the time don't want to quarterback but it had an open dialogue with the bills are over a month. And it had trade would make a lot of sense but not totally out of the realm of possibility partner. All right thanks very time Jan we appreciate you hopping on that short notice. That's Jeff Forbes you can follow him on Twitter at NFL draft by its mentioning. The bills today. And one of his reports on Twitter. And it's a scenario that. I don't know it seems pretty wild to think about the bills getting up to the number one overall pick and I think why. It's such a in outlandish thought is everyone just thinking. That the rounds potentially could move out of the number one overall that one of the reasons. I think that they bring in this new regime this new staff John Dorsey the GM over from Kansas City. Is the fact that. Hey here's a guy that last year. He traded a first round pick in order to move upping get a quarterback with Kansas City. Because he understood. The value of a franchise quarterback now is already made a move to get a quarterback. In Tyrod Taylor the bills getting the 65 overall pick for that. But what is. That really worth to him what is the future of Tyrod Taylor. And if you're up at the top of the draft. You have your choice you have your choice of the guys that's why it's never made sense to me a few months out there was probably right after the come by and one. Sick while Barkley just blew everyone away. It is pure athletic ability. That there was some noise that hate number one's take on Barkley is still in play. For the Cleveland Browns and that's something I just never really buys. Because if you're the browns are you going to sit there and what other people dictate the cornerback that you're going to get in the draft. You should be up that one. Wanting to beat the team that cites the rest of the draft board. At the quarterback position. And it seems outlandish and that way that the browns will be willing to allow another team to come in there and choose a guy first. Obviously. They would have to know. Who the bills like if there were going to get to one but we've heard Brandon beans say that that's just not how works. Now that could be very different if it comes down to being. A point of contention. In the discussions. John Doris says hey man we need to know we're going to tape we're not going to just let you trade up from one. And you'd take the guy you take Josh elements that cheating. Sam Arnold. We can't let that happen. So we have to know you are why it takes and right and so maybe it was all contingent on the meeting that they had with Arnold last week but this is. EU imported everything you take a look that's that's part of the process in the draft. You have to take a look at everything that's going on and it's like a puzzle they are trying to piece together. So you look at the bills and what they have done in this draft. And who we know that they have met. If that was all these quarterbacks in some fashion or another. But will they brought in for official visits. Rose and mayfield and Allen now the official visits they officially visit with Arnold. And indeed they visited with them in LA but I'm not sure they brought him to the bills' facility. Lamar Jackson you're not really hearing a lot about Lamar Jackson. Mason Rudolph has done discussed and I know that they've met with him. So where do you take a look at the entire picture who does that sound like they're most interested in is that. To me right now just by. This is what makes it's so hard to do just judging right now. Rose then. Allen. Don't Arnold. Mayfield I think that those are the top four while really saying a lot there Ryan the bills are interested in the top four quarterbacks. Of the draft but. Rudolph after not hearing much about anymore Jackson you're not hearing much about. Not hearing anything about the sector around guys Mike YE in the ladder up on the those guys are guys that are DC visiting with teams like New England in the chargers and the saints like those teams in the back end of the first round the could be thinking quarterback later on. You're not hearing that about the bills. Essentially you think about that they want to draft a quarterback yeah it it would top out of the top six quarterbacks. Where they're looking at I'm lucky I've I've got a front I mean now mayfield rose and Rudolph Allen now have all Bannon. On visits or or well visit and I'm assuming at some point. Sam Arnold we'll probably make its way over here in Los and they just left that meeting in LA and said we don't really need to pursue this any further we've got all the information we. Back in Viet and really you're at a point right now word. Eddie would be stunning if they didn't draft a quarterback at this point so. They're not gonna get out the first Charlotte I want them because while mats saying they haven't met with will let go or white order. Any of these guys there later on it's not being publicized about so if you get to the second round and something went horribly wrong in the first and you don't have a quarterback. It's interesting that they might not have as much due diligence or pre draft work done on the second or third round guys because they're just not thinking about that. That be another sign that they're really. McNabb that we need another sign they're going to be looking at a first round quarterback but just the fact that I'm here at you hear nothing. About anyone that's not one of those top six quarterbacks. When you don't you don't hear Pete about anyone that's passed that first round territory and they're not coming up the strap and a quarter. They're not going McCarron and Peterman ended I've started that. Yeah uneasy I would be absolutely stunned if that happened you hear what brand being. Says today and I mean you you can Parse his words we'll hear from him and Sean McDermott coming up later in the show. And in one moment besides. The franchise quarterback is the most important thing that's the number one job as a G I'm. And I'll say every time it's quarterback lead all of that. And then you also have to say that the bills can come out of this draft without quarterback and it be a successful draft. So that's what you get one year. Getting direct questions like that asked to. Brain and being a GM coach. It is yet he gets he gets asked a question about take a little while this draft with the quarterback without quarterback and it be successful was gonna say now. Because what if bite. The worst case scenario that actually happens he's gonna be sitting there backtracking and saying hello all these guys these are the guys that we. Really wanted anyways it wasn't exactly how we planned it but we gotten the guys that we really like and if he's going they're saying. You know this is a failure before it even happens. That's just gonna and dubbed backfiring on him so of course he's just gonna say. Pretty much nothing is much is nothing as you possibly can say. Yury couldn't say anything because. Think about what would happen if that if that went the weighted if they didn't and up drafting quarterback in this first round. Where is the thing about from the fan based perspective because I'm sure brain beam have something it hasn't are. I didn't get that done now I now have got to do something else find French escort at the world and be sitting here and this these can be in there are. Peter rent and Karen. That's it so unless the Caron shows up in shocks the world. And is way better than where he was drafted or is way better than in hand a guy in the guy that he backed up for five years. Your kinda screwed because you don't have the draft capital the next season and it's. Early signs are not in amazing quarterback class anyway you don't really are gonna have those opportunities and free agency so were going to be around your thinking. While we don't have the draft capital that we add so now what. That was the plan we were gonna do it that way we were gonna trade up we were getting all respects because we're gonna move up and get the quarterback are now we don't have them now what. We were good as it's normal it's normal. It's what we went there for seventeen years it was drafting the third best quarterback drafted as drafting EJ Manuel. It was signing other teens back up quarterbacks and be right back in the scene spot. If they don't. Make a move up for quarterback or even draft at twelfth citing beans kinda. Saying there a lesson. I do need to dance partner I do need to get another team so if I can't find that dance partner. Like that little fake me out try to find one. And he's just kind of setting himself but not to have the fan base you writing if they have pitchforks. Right. Torch is out there I was going to be sales drive all absolutely well it 030551888550. To 550. When he make enough though the bills plans right now gritty gritty things they need to go retailing need to do before the draft starts do you think they need to make a move. Before the draft starts or can you they had in two. Next Thursday. 8 PM the NFL draft starting media the day of may be right as it's beginning. And make a move that way 8030551888550. To 550. You can give us coherent WGR I'm with Joseph. If they do not come out of this draft with the quarterback and I even think if they don't even come out of Thursday night with the cornerback. And there's not Lamar Jackson armies and Rudolph still sitting on the board for them potentially to get maybe move up in the second round. It's going to be any riotous feel. In the fan base a lot of goodwill that they bought themselves with ending the playoff drought might be of it's going to be a little more testy the relationship between the fans in those two. If they don't come out the cornerback because it's everything that the fans are worried about it's everything that we've talked about we talk about other things on here and fans are called about the quarterback. That's how it's going right now. So on your your thoughts mark your thoughts in a 30551. Eating meat 552 by fifty also want touch on something. With Richey and Todd Leo as welts the nightcap Jody B Osce behind the board I'm trying gates is WGR. Problems problems. I want Machida. My feel like who they were mature. So what that would keep this and that seems to view and I was a little bit better. You're because you commitments that Hulu when so many love so it was pleased that I was sitting here right now. A provisional and bedrooms. Health and Smith. Asked Paul post laws these retirement press conference. Very emotional. Over pause and apparently. I know that we loved policy in buffalo. I mean that's why it's even a story here why and a player who's had his career. That's less eleven seasons and only the first four Kapanen buffalo and we still actually kinda care about the player. Afterwards is becoming really liked Hitler. We don't do that with a lot of players we love knowing what we previous players what's going on with them we wish them success. Must they go to the patriots. The Bruins. The jets yet not when. You about the Winnipeg jets that that's fine. The tar Myers you do you. He's a he's a very popular Jersey. You'll you to go to the you go to stadium now a lot puzzles there's. More puzzles me jerseys than you would expect for a second round linebacker deplete four years here why remember whether brown one plus laws need. First showed up. I duct tape might keel spikes Jersey and rope those laws the on the on the back that's colonel. Sorry it had to be done now supporting old spice Doug deserves batter in the the ice EU's what he got he is which guy and I wasn't buying a puzzle as New Jersey so sorry Tokyo. Know what had to happen. I still respect you as a player stolen my favorites I like London Fletcher Mora but I think I only added a Jersey like that one time ever for a comic David yeah. Knew that the tank that tank poll I changed my Tyler Myers Jersey. Made that made that five and when nine nights which wasn't as hard as you might think. And then hired it to seven and state or Myers David. What's worse while also poll what's worse. Joseph changing his sabres Myers Jersey. Tool economy David Jersey or write in changing his Takeo Spikes Jersey to a Paul Posluszny Jersey. Well we'll put that on the pole would get one phone call in here before we had a sports about Paul joining us Paul you're on the nightcap. As I was just ordered it would distraught but their call first the the goal of according hit it very. What about the draft. You know. Thanks Paul see for me. Is that an OK idea yeah I think if you're trading up to get a young quarterback though. Having the Shawn McCoy on your roster is pretty huge for that guy because he's gonna be the guy at the offense is being run through. And his first couple years as a player I would assume unless they decide to move on from shady after next season. But that's a guy that you're gonna want on your offense because you can. Build your offense around that guy and maybe not at the puts so much on the rookie to begin with in his first season if you take the Shawn McCoy away. And you have the rookie quarterback and of course he could set it could be AJ McCarron Ernie and Peerman. In there may be but man he's not really working with the talent any of those guys. Zeta-Jones obviously had his problems. And will see he's. Soon to be coming back full from his shoulder surgery so we'll see what he has come Benjamin's coming off an injury. But you have a bunch of guys who are. Roster fringe type players really on other teams. At receiver trust placed on effective tight end nick O'Leary got things pretty good even Logan Thomas I think us a little bit of potential. But you're really putting a lot on the shoulders of your quarterback at that point if you use LeSean McCoy. As part of a sweetener in a deal the other thought I have is how much really. Is a thirty year old running back. With a ten million dollar contract. Worth. How much is that guy worth up all market was Shawn McCoy certainly still has a lot of game up to them I think. But he also has a lot of miles on home. Bands. In the league for a long time and we usually see. Why indeed the running backs get past thirty. Teams really just don't value in this march and not try to save this as a slight against LeSean McCoy and all it's just the business of the game. So how much is a thirty year old running back teams don't pay running backs anymore. About the thought Freeman got paid this off season. But otherwise I mean. While beyond bowel he's probably gonna be there they're working on something you'll probably be very well paid. But otherwise you continue to see teams. Draft a running back then some leader type rounds. A lot of gun and just cycle through these guys for years they have a different guy on the team. So I just I always think about how much really. Is the trade value for LeSean McCoy. Los yards per carry of his career answers. Four yards on the dot. He's going to be thirty. Before the season starts. You're not projecting a first round value for him. Now even the second round of right now the giants I could see wanting to be interested in and because it's. I would think there are sweeter and more win now mode. If they've really wanna go with Eli than any of these other teams at the top if they are gonna continue to go with Eli Manning they've pretty much in short term. Win now mode or would fit that yet but. You're still you're not he's no major part of any trade that you're making to get up there. And I think he's such a big piece here is values not enough where the giants and asked about him being could potentially in the trade. I think his worth to the bills' offense right now is way higher than what you would get in deal for him and not necessarily I don't like being in that spot. Because the Beckett throw line running back so much. You're in a bad spot I think with her offense but they just can't afford to Israel fired 5188550. To 550. More of your phone calls coming up after sports in what will Brandan began to save Richie guy Beagle get to that next on WGR.