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Monday, April 16th

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We enjoy at all cool dude. This mail was biased. Runyan geeks no disrespect whatsoever but I'm so critical tell everybody that you he has small is he's got bad thing doesn't really know what he's doing. He has no game what's one what doesn't have a whole lot of national. Everything that comes with that on WGR. Sports Radio 550. So they have the heart and passion maybe not feet. And these important I guess though the thought work really important in the in the radio game. He'd have those. Those feet on Allen doesn't work the only Kim that's true Joshua Allen that saw of and I don't like him you're right Joseph when you when your right your right. As my motto actually. When your eye your right and write their joke just want you. Right all right we're gonna get you branded beans and Sean McDermott's. Press conference coming up in abouts. About twenty minutes or so and you'll before that's a lot take this phone call from Tom in Grand Island first time on your on the nightcap. I act. Arm. I wanted to make a quick comment or erode their payments are. Likely that the bill. And I think it's. From the transplant wouldn't move down. That's when they decided before. They want fractured. And I think there will be a little bit. Find it highly unlikely at all that it would not be scenario where. District. I just think they've done when Bart Stupak don't want. And brought the other thing on this it is hard court order. Is law. And regarding a little burden on him all along I don't work what we'll only see them you can't really trust what you're. He's the target or are those who aren't and cynical marketing and corporate. Now. The code that we did Batman on the station to be talked a few times. Yeah I don't know are considered important wherever you. We're reporting that it added that arm who wrote to go as well I was wondering if bomb what you guys were critical. Maybe they call a little cult member of the slope to them both are completely or in New York have problems wonder what it is. Yeah thanks Tom appreciate comment IA. I love the idea of Josh Rosen slut because if the bills can figure out a way to. I don't give up a bot wants to maybe move up a little further to get Rosen. That's another thing that makes his draft brilliant sting what are the intentions of all of these teams that are up out of the bills and what will take for the draft board hobble the draft board have to fall in order for these teams to be able trade down with the bills. Because if you're looking at a team like like Denver and Benjamin Albright is reporting that. If rose in falls. Past Denver he does get drafted that you were five that he could beat. A quarterback that sees a pretty significant fall. If that's the case what's significant fall because he's being talked about as a a top tier quarterback in this draft social significant fall to the bills at twelve or is it further than. And if you're the bills are you going to make a move to go up there and did Josh rose. So to me. If I'm the bills. And I think Josh Rosen is pretty good which I would think that. They wore it I'm not sure how old in love with his personality they are. But. If you're the bills and your sit and there are twelve. And you see Josh Rosenthal won and he gets past the Broncos. And you see. The colts next and the box. The only team in between now I've got the raiders the 49ers. The only team I'm really worried about before the bills is the Miami Dolphins. 71 at some point you have to orchestrated trade to if frozen or. It could be any of these guys rose in May feel the third slipping. You orchestrated trade to get up ahead of the dolphins. To make sure that. You can get. That guy if there are if there is going to be a team that takes a quarterback has been the dolphins that have been the team rumored but I wouldn't also want a really wait around down. A lot of weight around and hope that he continues to fall until I'm ready to make the move and that's right talk about. I think Brandon being does this. Immediate something I'm not sure will if that was asked today or not but. What kind of values do they put on these players. I think they put on. Pick values as in where would we draft him in this year's draft if we have the opportunity to draft this where they put back and value on it. But when it comes to the cornerbacks they put the kind of value like. Okay are we willing to pay. Twelve and 22 furs this quarterback. Are we willing to pay 1222535665. For Sam Arnold. I'm wondering if that's the kind of value they're putting on these quarterbacks right now. Probably knowing that at some point they're going to have to trade up and go get one of these guys they really want one of them and I'm wondering what exact. Those values would be in a trade up scenario because I think that's how they have to be thinking. In terms of these quarterbacks is not where. Are you really willing to draft down but how much are you willing to spine to be able to go get them and draft. And it. Albright also mentioned that if grows and as we go tour five that he falls so. Essentially. Kind of what you just mentioned. If they think they can do a smaller trade up for Josh Rosen and picks the between pick six in ten. Because sailed just we get out of my trip the participate on a radio station they have Rosen going eleventh the Miami. There's no trades in that they had Rosen going eleventh the minutiae that tree up. Sales have been calling into that radio station trying to boss in our producer be like I got a trade. Give me connected with the other guy who's picking for. Oakland give me connected with the open guy got a trade forum he had the bill sticking out linebacker trend in and it's Walton but. It Rosen were to fall what does that change because of brain being sitting up there indeed maybe what I've. Did that the feeling would be that he likes Arnold there Allan more than. Any of guys right exactly so. Sure maybe you like the more but maybe he doesn't have their a big separation between them astray at ports and if he thinks he did Josh Rosen with seventh Beck made that changes talks with the giants you can go to the giants say listen I'm not paying this much anymore because I'm fine. Trading up toward the raiders back. And picking Josh Rosen because it seems like people wanna pick him and sure personality could be an issue how many freaking times that we hear coaches and yhency we're gonna do what ever it takes to win. Will hold to that because of your gonna do whatever it takes to win. Then you might put up with some personality issues that you don't agree with and one of personnel issues at ten having. Political opinions that most millennial have and he just happens to voice them. On its head and having interest outside of football so he plays tennis or whatever. Like four and I are for right you can't put up with that because you don't want it. You wanna treat but essentially to mean what it would feel like is speed trading all of this stuff. To get to Arnold or Allen who they might think is a little better prospect on the field. But it can't be that much different is most people the we hear from think that bros and the polished guy rose is the day one ready guy. And on the field concerns don't exist with and its health issues and it's his personality and that's what do you view the health issues makes me think about. This regime too because how much have we heard about. Durability and beyond feel the matter rating to this regime I think it's part of the reason why guy like according line isn't here anymore Sammy Watkins isn't here anymore. There you never hear about Josh Elin having a broken collarbone no matter happened. You and Matt Stafford was injury riddled throughout the beginning of his career he played like six straight sixteen game seasons so I would hope that they can get over that. If they have the opportunity to get up player that's that good because. You're either gonna have to take a guy here. Dale flaws but you're gonna take guy with a few flaws here and even if it's not the one you love you're gonna have to decide. How much you're willing to give up to get the one you want more. And it. By most people's opinions there's not a big enough gap. Then to get right song yet if you're able to get Josh Rosen and Katz says 887. And eight or whatever whatever it might be in those mid picks and you only have to give up. Probably twelve and 22. In order to do that instead of a package that flick. 12225356. Maybe even more than that or next year's first we'll think about it that point you're basically competing with Miami in Arizona. So if you'll you can just do those two for tropics they can't match right. They asked immediately the best offer they're going to get and if you're only sliding down four picks in the case of Oakland. That's pretty good to get another another pick their build something around Derek Karr add more pieces to that that defense. And maybe that there's rumors around they're talking about colonial Mack and his interest in staying there because he's wants to make twenty million dollars we might be willing to pay him that. And probably worked out I think it would probably worked out to a more call and before we had to the press conference got Mike Indy in Mike what's up. You know why you are watching AM bot herder thought ample ball. All time. Good morning football great should I think it's our tickets were that could oracle but let's wait weeks and days or Salt Lake. Auburn locker they've lit spot for being picked number five in the such trade with the. Yeah that's because Peter Schrager the the one part of that show when he did his mock draft that's the that's what he had not yet the bills trading up to that number five pick with the Denver so that's probably why they continue to show that. Because in his latest mock draft that's all he had happening. I just the generator to waste and you've booked up but yet art that. The quarterbacks puppy I don't know what's going on Linux you'll pay. Last I heard they're talking about good job on. I'll be in the number one pick overall. Well I don't solid itself I really thought buffalo particular Mike I wonder what they say is really true. Because I hurt Oprah whatsoever reports I've heard on this you always that he has. You know it's a big dominant in but he did accuracy problems. Well I will say iPhone uninteresting listening to segment and today because it's not often that you hear someone who is. More about a Josh Allen the founder it's kind of a hive mind right now when it comes Josh yeah along with a lot of the people who watch a lot of film on him. And I just found at least interest and I still not buying into Josh Allen at all. But interesting to listen to a guy. That believes. That this is a player that can work things out of his game that it's not something. Soul flawed in his scheme that it can't be worked on even listed. And going back and looking at a player like Matt Wright and senior season Bear Bryant senior season. He threw for under 60%. He still had a put 3500 yards and 35 touchdowns he also had nineteen interceptions. So the guy that had a ton of question marks now the two previous seasons he was over 60% people pines so. I just thought it was at least interesting to. I guess given the temptation of thinking about. What if just what if the bills what's of the conversation and we're going to be having the bills do Wanda drafting Josh Allen that's not just. Oh he's great arm he's played in the snow before. And it's okay. Look at some of the reasons why those things around him happy and of course he wasn't playing with the highest talents and I don't know. I'm just I think it was mentally preparing myself for the the possibility that the bills now trading trading for Josh count. I just think if the two things are gonna happen the most polarizing guys I think right now. If they drafted them would be Alan and I think it would be Rosen but I don't think. The reed grows in would be for on the field stuff site feel I'm gonna why I want them to draft him. He's right now the guy that I personally want. But I am gonna get infuriated I think over the offseason with just some of the things that Michael on an L and on the other hand. The re just I just don't see. These guys that thing will mentioned and I respect his opinion because. Those are things I knew about Stafford on having 60% completion percentage and know that about Ryan but they'd all. Plead witty stiffer competition especially that the effort playing SEC teams in that should be factored and because right while the the accuracy thing is an issue for Allen the reason that it is an actual big issue is because not only did do it he did it against lower competition in the mountain. And west well I think it's worth noting part of the I would kind of mentality that he brought into it which is it was a kid who was trying to do everything himself because he felt the need to do it well himself what what's he gonna get here buffalo wild have a ton of weapons he might get that same feeling if he shows up day one and thinks. Are all I got Kelvin Benjamin and Charles clay. Barrett not maybe I do have to make everything happen again in May be for asserts falling in some of the scene traps that he was getting with Wyoming. He's the type quarterback I think if you surround him with a ton of talent we Cleveland's kind of set that up. They've got leg injury in the street that's why they wanted and right needed it because they could bring him and they can. Freeman slocum they got Tyrod Taylor and you're right it would be all on his shoulders where is your buffalo. The we just don't have that seemed weaponry that seem arsenal that could set him up for success in the eighty he would get right back and it everything's got to do her. All rights we'll we'll get to you early break here and we get back. Who'll bring back the press conference from today in the pre draft press conference Brandi dean and Sean McDermott. Get their thoughts back here it's the nightcap Jody got some kind of annoying gates is WG. Welcome back to the nightcap Brandon B and Sean McDermott Keppinger. Pre draft press conference today let's. Did that all right let's deal with get this thing role here. It's here. It. Richie Rich. You know not gonna really get in the detail it's just. Richie he's on the reserve retired. List in which is not a part of our nine and roster that's. You know that's true. It's. They decide they want them back football. They have to request through the commissioner to be reinstated. You know it's telling an honorable thing is memory you know there are so. You know he would have to be reinstated. Well. He's lucky he said he console that you went and any news on an end here. Look it is. When you make of this. And social issues. I don't think. I don't think it's really the time to get into this is. Let's leave it as it is and and really show off like to focus on a unit draft question you got or the players that there on the on the nine men. I news. Probably. It's. He apparently left or right. Through right. You've been discussed about. There's a lot of holes and easy to vote yes or no I don't mean. I think really that the biggest thing we try to cover was. Other than normal just sticks and whatnot the first it was just really the reality of our situation is. Such 88 to twelve teams that made the playoffs in 2016 and make the playoffs and twice and and so. We have to turn the page from what happened last year and I understand this is a new team it's new year. New personalities. And so we've got our work cut out for us really and we've got a long ago that that really hasn't changed we're excited about. The other guys we've added to the roster. And work that apparently been put in since the players. Left us X nine months ago. Really we've got to earn that right now it starts really today. Colin Cole. Some players that didn't work as effectively and less. You are he's. Error when an entry correct. So there's visited. Every year's different in the NFL that's partly it's. Every every team is different so you've really got to start over. They want and that's what you do today our players. You know worked extremely hard appeared in and out of the meeting. And the coaches were prepared staff was ready ago. You know all the way up and on the board so. You know my hat goes off to it to team here matches matches the players and the coaches and everyone in this building it was ratings go from the first from the first. Mean that the players want to lose more. Hello yeah words. Like. Were. Yeah I mean. We haven't finalized their physician about. We're pretty close. We I would say we have some we have it down to some clumps you know maybe you got. He knows several deep peace in the third round I'm just making stuff but. That word OK if you got the third round and yet these three corners. And they're all close. Now inning by like that we're just kind of go back watching film if they were all three there and they were the best players on the board. Which one would you go first which would your second which won't go there so we've got him close to where their final resting place will be sort of speak about. That's kind of what we're doing now skelter here and work. Basically just going around and trying to shoot settle some arguments in the room how each of us these guys but. When you're talking we're yeah I mean we're we're we're pretty close. There but. Nothing is finalized it this. Did you. Right. You you've got to have franchise quarterback he used. That's one of the main jobs. Of a GM is too. To find a franchise quarterback is quarterback league policy every single time you have to have. Well yeah. That alone you know. Well it's okay it spills over in doing it. One. Who. Along that. Align all right I hear you say like yeah I hear you say wegmans LG's. Yeah I mean. That's why you love this fan base is the passion and I give it our respected. Some of the conversations some of the comments and they're not even necessary asking for my opinion they're just give me there's. I'm sure I know Sean gets it. Boy coach hit cities PR guy. Everybody gets it and I like that. People care that's all you can ask for. And I get the question is fair and tools we can stand up here and say. It's somebody that we currently have our roster or some might not our roster were gonna get that question that's fair. It is prudent industry success it. Yeah. Yes. You know there's a lot of good players in this draft and that was the big thing a movement from 21 to twelve. The natural assumption I get it. Is their move enough to get a quarterback Getty. We we improved our draft position that was up. A second round value jump. To go from 21 to twelve we were we're excited about. Where that moves us in on our draft for the players that we've seen would be available there. It. Didn't happen here. Well you clarity. Murder parent. Training according to look at what's happened the last few months. Poulter and it is. Don't think hey where you were. That place before. She. For her dress that. Not hurt draft strategy note I mean you there's all sorts of surprises that happened I can't say that Sean Ryan had an idea that. You know those three changes would all happen when we walked off the field Jacksonville but. You're constantly having to adapt and adjust. I cannot categorize it may be crazy like okay. We lost that player he's down it's like a guy going now for injury what's our next best avenue who's out there. Yeah he can't help it and you know were always gonna continue to try and fill those roles we tried to do some saying things in the draft you know we broaden. Marshall Newhouse and and Russell vote on. So we did. Bill Koppel those and then we got some guys on the roster that we're we're happy with them we got the draft and I think I mentioned this before. There will be guys that will come after the draft teams will draft players and say you know what. I feel better about this position on the go with that young guy and I'm a letter veteran go so. We don't play meaningful football till September. And that's our job is to make sure we have the best 53 man roster. And after the last per season. When it comes to John shields specifically it was like him. Were you thinking please present when he compared the guys he had around him are you wait. We want to make sure we get right he wouldn't say well also missing was the right talent things like that. Do you weigh that particular the numbers they look at. I don't wanna get into specifics about each person because I think that's a dangerous road. But to your point. There's a lot bigger isn't so by awaiting college quarterbacks. Is a much harder job than a brightly pro quarterbacks. With systems. Though talent level. You know you've got some teams that are all spread some you know some conference's play great defense some some adult. You got all sorts of things that you have to weigh in there and those are all part of it but there's no. One factory like that then that's more ports. Here. Oh. You know and it's all. You know building right away it was generally NASCAR. Record. Do you subscribe if that's the highest perhaps might ethics act sooner does one person. I've been busy it is always very Linear line. Yeah I mean you'd love it for it to be that it doesn't always happen that way in this thing we're trying to we're trying to. You know get better every year we're trying to you know we had nine and this year we're trying to get more but. It doesn't always happen for various reasons it's a competitively Johnson earlier this is a new team. Were were zero and zero we haven't had the draft you have got nine picks which. I'm excited about I think he is or at least it's hopefully still excited that the draft but. That's kind of our mindset is just were always looking to. Yet the right type of this you know nothing's changed from even before I got here to watch on so we ask where were so aligned and we want talented players but it's it's gotta be if it for the team and that still holds true as we sit here today on. You're voice calls to the speed that we've. The work for all that much if they beat her work please. What is it he's Africa meeting. I think we've added some some players on the defensive side of the ball. Star. To name one and in the attic as we've added as well look it. Our quarterback situation what it was vs what it is now what it was before free agency or is what it is now even. Before but in everything so. You know we've added some pieces we certainly lost some pieces to that's. That's natural in this league as I mentioned earlier. You know Brandon. His staff have done a really good job of staying on top of who's available out there we added any just. You know just today or hurt in that weekend out last week and here. You know we're always looking to improve our roster every way we can end and that's a great part about Brandon he's he knows it's not. Where it needs to be he knows he's always trying to find a way to improve it he and his staff and I think they've done a phenomenal job to this point. Our Steve Francis staff I really like that work they put in this offseason and and also the offensive staff and special teams he coaches have been hard at work. Finding out in building on what worked what didn't work and trying to improve what we're doing systematically in schematic is well. Pretty easy it's been dressed and all of those meetings that passenger not there. It's less over the. Well I don't I don't think we look at that we I think we look at it is just adding players that can help our football team in different ways. And certain dazzle hold different roles. In those roles become defined as we move forward at the right time. Right now it's about these guys competing and competing at a high level with one another. It's not about other teams it's about us getting better in our building every day and the work that. Our players our coaching staff our strength staff or medical staff. Our equipment staff the work that these get those guys that put an end. To prepare ourselves. For today. Again I can't say how much I appreciated how much we appreciate it and it's in a position us to. Put the work in moving forward at the same time so we got a lot of work to do. This is a process as you've heard me say before we started. A year ago or just over a year ago and he's solid billet team were back in the market and building the team again. And certainly that we wanna continue to add talent. So I'm not one that's gonna turn down good football players. It's Angel. Situation country. The briefing at the West Africa won't. Yeah we did have a team we it has some communication is able we got back and to this poem are satisfied with where that is. You know it the biggest thing right now it's. Where we go more than four and how we are forward. This and you know. People people go through situations. Like I said before I was disappointed. The biggest things we talk about it. Come a point we all agree to move forward. I'm excited about the future for. It. You. You you're Catholic. Mark yeah. Yeah we we do do that and while will try to do that'll probably be Monday. Before the draft next week you'll. We'll sit there and just go through it and that'll be each of job to throw up scenarios that are legit are real. And will debate him in the room I thought you know which way you go off and we'll actually do some actual possible policy on some guys hey here's the the browns and the giants the jets. You know down the line who would you choose based on their needs. Man you know what you're hearing out there as it did chatters who speak. Just to basically give yourself those scenarios. And will do that through the first couple rounds you know so 1222 victory the six. Oh. That you're able to laws one. Nothing just order them like like yes they closed on sale order on how we would select them. If all there you know if we were the Cleveland Browns at one. What the order would be. Are you. Yeah you know Jeremy we are able to add Jeremy over the weekend I came in worked out Friday was. There's Friday there's. And so. A good job and we were able Adam he's got it going up against in terms of coaching against him and know what you brought to the table. From wide receiver position better player also answer return abilities though. But it was a good sign for us. Again anchors are the Brandon his stance again and find out there. And then Calvin Yankee game ending in looks like he's ready to go. You know like the rest of office office players. You know getting familiar with the new steam system and so that I was excited. Delicacy today's as we move for office it's clear they are out. Not quite a 100% but he's working like some of the other players we do have some guys that are still working rehabbing. Date being one. Oh. Well you know and to discussions. Right now we're just you know happy he's here and showed up and ams out of work when everybody else's naturally wars that focus right now is on the draft. Actually making radio program being certain teams. You. Again. Hurt for a. It varies you know if if I have a really good relationship with the GM are so light. High up there I'm a text or call directly. If Shawn does or Joseph Shane or you know Terence gray one of the guys that's. Not a lot of the work in the leadership in the room. You know if he's really hate check with him. Tell more interested in this or see if their interest in that that's generally how would start and benefit if it leads to hate they are there is an interest. That I would get no GO. More thoughts from head coach Sean McDermott and GM brand and being taxed on the nightcap. Let's call on the nightcap tonight Freeman beam and Sean McDermott after pre draft press conference. It. This is an awkward. Or is quite. Possibly. Related million listeners and oh this one traders are cool things but. Yet nice bottle. You think about it all the time he and you don't think about it. Beaches were competitors and you know you wanna win every pick you know you wanna feel like man we. We got a steal in the first round yes you know that's that's natural gas it always happens that way. Yet there's different. Things have been in my head Hampshire. He had us probably the same thing as guys it. He's well then again and be great fit for us and yet. Under this program yet. As they got none of your right spot on that's that's very accurate. Until it gets here it's you're right argues me anxious do the work. I feel good about the work. And that if you do work generally issue fall in place. In the you know that he visibility are your losses. Yeah I mean. Listen I'm a competitor I love it I love my job I love hearing about it this is few businesses where my staff and I. Show. We've done the work and we're confident people and our job my job in the day is to give. This gather resources to lead the team and his coaches. To produce on the field and if I do my job it helps them do is fight fight all that's what I loosely I thought a lot of them. It's. Hurtful. Here is great charisma. Paul how are you at this stage. He's sort of plot constitution that we Brian. Approach. Dog that is very different sort of assessment. I mean there's Victor is something to be said for continuity I'd I'd smell and you honestly long time that's hard to say your your position. Just so happens we had some we adds them. Guys come and go at the office line position to name one that's. You mentioned one right. The leadership shown. And we haven't been together you know very long outs in the day. Previous to today leadership he's shown that leadership Jordan mills show. The undocking for young guy these guys stepping up and that's what you see they understand. What's at stake in I understand there's an opportunity as well and then stepped up. Increased their leadership influence I've been nothing but impressed with him. But how do you count them. Indeed days what they usually the giants law excuse me six. When you see this. One. Q and you pay attention at all to. Speculation about at least and what made him. And as a fair question John but. You can't I mean there's so much chatter out there if if you pay attention to the last thing I wanted to do was be swayed by anything from outside and I again I give it a fair question but you know analyst and. There. I have been over. It's just. He. It. You know I don't know all. I mean. That's a tough question without giving up competitively. What I think of that position group in the draft but. We do understand we do realize that Preston was a starter all year and is not here in. Yeah I give it you know you'd love to come out of here with a guy you felt good with the can do that but even if we don't mention it earlier. We don't play meaningful football till September. We will will find an answer. It was a lose those we'll report addresses. I had heard that he just said it back. Well let's on the record they've necklace so. Thanks so obviously good for the next ten days Jerry. No I mean listen. Every draft. I take this is no different I did it I really do but were twelfth and I don't know what's going to be their twelve I don't know what quarterback will be there I don't know four or an up or down and that's that's that's really how it is sit here. You and whoever races are trading up first bought a set before. Even if I wanted to trade up or you press that I know that guy outlawing it and I mean it this spot. It takes a partner to do it and be willing to do well. And so again. I think I'll lose sleep every year point and the draft speeches your always gonna have holes are always it'll make your roster more competitive and better and that's the thing. We wanna find the best football players that we can to help us in twenty team via and that's that's the vision. Brad. The reports. You probably know him as I'm. Or I need this. People who don't know how you actually feel. Or. Friends tell you life. He curves it real life out I didn't. Yeah it then confidently this building so no way does. But. No it's it's very tight. And let's. I'm not talking about guys in the second round neither in the third round you're aware of any linkages. I think it's it's bad form of the case you'd. Here's competitively hurt yourself anything you can do. To competitively hurt yourself news is bad so we keep it pretty close of this. Well. Burn a hole. But here. Her here hey. In terms of the draft or that terrorism. Well you know like I just think that com. We learned a lot last year we felt we came out with. You know some good players and I don't know if it's as much. The biggest thing I learned that probably the biggest thing that was. A firm under fair fight for me was. You know you wanna sign guys it. Are good off the field. And on the field and I think that's. There's a lot of good players out there and it. You know and don't have. Maybe some you know. Their act together off the field and you're tempted to take those players. And you know soul in us I was reminded how important that is. As we went through a process lecture. And hockey football quarterbacks are really. He. Hit me. It's part of the process. Yes we we have met with a with a ball. At this point we know him pretty well and as I was alluding to back him Senior Bowl com minded. That was a big part of the process and all really would say is that they're all great young men. And there's a reason there'll be talked about. When the conversation begins. Treating isn't really something as early Eds com our tour board meetings were really definitely distance and the need for the week of being me. Or hardware program. You know it happens all over the place I would say most of it happens close to the draft. You know the colts and jets work something out weeks ago and so. Think so yeah that was before the owners' meetings. I would say that doesn't happen very often but it did. Most about they have disclosed. Ahead. There. Burgers. It you don't always happens if things are very. Or that. And the record fine. You know. I don't really again. But he said earlier it's my first one corn through it so I can't compare it to another year is as the GM. But. I think I'll fill this way in a year from now. You know no matter what we're after what our so called needs are. I just felt like the competitive nature you wanna get it right. I know the work's been done by our whole staff and that's coaches included bodies coaches have gone on the road. It wiest identified as guys hey go find a little bit more about this guy out as he learned best is he fit what you do can he learn here our system and and you think he's gonna figure position media room. Again I think we've now we we've. Almost finished all those which helps but. It's a total team effort. And Shawn Larsen out here point out all the answers we don't get to the answers without all that work. And I think it will be. We're competitors shoe in I think I'll be anxious every year until draft day yeah we do our job to write. It should unfold the way. That. I thank thank thank you. All right we are out of here for the 98 banks to. Grade B Sean McDermott for being available today Chad Forbes joining me on short notice at 730 could check that out on demand. If you missed that conversation. And take. I'll be back tomorrow so I'll talk you've done later.