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Might she know Jennifer. Perfect fit. And no bulldogs. Rooms don't vote. My self conscious don't know. Your world might show. Or you want to know Bulldog. A lot of drive. Over over to the Islamic. We've got to throw it. Once you've dealt with a warm beer. Through groups. Fifth I don't know. Why walk when you can have a vote. It's might show. And a Bulldog. On WG art Sports Radio five big. Wow. Brian you get the toilet all right that. Yet that haven't been resolved what. That issue was resolved. Ryan was treated here and Ryan was. Giving I don't listen yes usually disposable fantasy football so I don't attempts steps or Ryan was getting antsy. Because Joseph was late. I was here for that I didn't realize it was Ryan was wiggling in his chair and you know I was because of a need to. He needed to go use the facilities out. Let's start Monday that. I mean the toilet issue is not the worst metaphor. With all the draft rumors. A lot of them. Along in this heat or longer in the toilet huh. We have a press conference the day we've heard some stuff. We did we assert we did the week we have all of our bosses as Buick you do what you would do though it. Next question. Not here to talk about who rescue that I thought. That come what did you think. What does he think to find out Erica I think he will be for information from me because he had icing. Saw McDermott we just heard ends. Boortz mentioned that each of the twelve teams. To go to the playoffs and when he sixteen did not go to the playoffs last year they are. From the AFC. Miami. Oakland and Houston. And from the NFC. Green Bay Detroit. Seattle. Dallas and the giants. Eight out of twelfth couldn't ask us who did go to England went back to back Kansas City went back to back Pittsburgh went back to back. And Atlanta. The giants did not make the playoffs last year the giant Poehler they're picking second no you know terrible but because betrayed that. The bit of the playoffs only once since. Their last Super Bowl win which was in 2011. That season so that's 1213 141516176. Seasons one. Playoff appearance in six seasons and lost thirty to thirteen in the first game to greenback. But far from Austin jerked them actually missed analyst wrote a note that doesn't bother me that. You're right that's not a drought but it's not good to knock the giants like normal supporting standards that's pretty bad the giants are the team. All of the bills if it's Cleveland it's the giants were talking about the most here. These days can. Do we want to trade up with the giants the bills want to trade up with the giants no particular clue that I noticed. Today along those lines they haven't ruled that out I guess. And then what the giants do it and that's the better question I think is like what what would it take until the god wants them to trade off the reason. I wanted at all is it be fun in here. It's funny in here to talk about like are gonna be interesting to have a wider for years to look back on May be forever. Oh yeah I mean either I guess either way right if it works. You mean remember it fondly. If it doesn't were competitive breach using your example for why these people bumps are battered jobs anymore. I think that's that's generally don't goes only if it works you you tentative maybe forgot about it. A little bit like society whatever the guys on our team he's awesome. And you'd you don't dwell on much of a unit fails you think you remember. Maybe the walking straight Watkins is still here and playing great. I don't know I don't know that were talking a lot about what they gave up to get him. But the fact that it didn't work today it just the you know stay in life in general we tend to you know we're gonna carry around the thing that didn't work. I like I don't you mean like they say that about about gambling you remember your beats. More than your wins but. I mean that the big trade. You remember forever either way like the Bennett trade in bills history. Is great it's a great part of bill's history great moments in bills history and great trades big trades you can. Just for fun try to unravel them and try to imagine. The alternate reality like one of the street did not happen whatever didn't mean you'll find out. One of these two things on the road. What the giants. Trade with the bills. Now you've got you've got less than two weeks here. And you have a quote from the giants GM that Peter King has. About Powell. The giants if you drafting it too you're expecting a hall of fame player. Which to me not surprisingly by the way is wrong. You wouldn't expect if you care about the almost fifty drafts of bands and the merger only five. Players drafted second overall or in the whole frame like you should never expect that. But that's the way these guys talk too much speed hyperbole he means you expect to get someone great you know and if you know that's not the so there's nothing that unusual about whoever. Is drafting second or drafting and all this league talking like that are thinking like that. It's just I offer it at it ask a question here about whether or not these this is a clue. But the giants or did you think this may you don't think this that the giants. Dole if there if they are going to move they don't wanna move far. And maybe with the giants if you consider it a problem I don't really but. Let's just call that if you consider a problem that the bills could not get Indianapolis. Which at the third peck. To trade with them because twelve was too low. Would they have the same problem with the giants. I I think be almost certainly what I would expect that they certainly that would have that problem. And it it makes me feel like the only way that I could give them to do it is to overpay. And that gets Beckett pretty treacherous like I'm open minded to trading up and using. More troops what I've accumulated here in the last eleven months. As. You know is as money element is spend money using it to get the thing that I need the most. But a dole wanna be dipping in the next year. And like you know good to pick taking out a new loan basically a guy I've I've accumulated some stealth. I'd like to spend it on a quarterback now. But if that cost extends. To where I gotta go see another bank about getting more money and other on line of credit. I'm gonna get kind of itchy about you know again I and I think the only way to get the giants to go from total twelve. Would be to overpay. And that as I've always thought he probably would have to over pay. But we're sitting here in from time to time you can have the Jimmie Johnson chart out and go like like you go from here to there and then from there to the error. And none of that touches next year's number one. It's like okay. Agreeable to that I would do I know some people are scared of even Matt. I'm not I would say that but you get to next year's one. Or more and I I get kind of button that I I've all along Mike when it starts to hurt is when armed. Pull back and so. I think there's no way you're getting to two. Aren't just are on your own like on one deal would go from twelve to adjust. There's no way you're doing it even with the bridge trade without getting the giants are number one next year. These can be hard Peter King. It's a quote from. Connor Allen is the is who tweeted it. From roto world among other places Peter King doubts. In quotes that gentleman would trade down with the bills if they offer 31 round picks. 1222. And next year that the giants. Peter king's opinion apparently. Would still say no. So what do you do about this. You can you can give up if it's right right we're just didn't have any any any new people. This is all. Guessing. That so if it's right. Then you can give up on number two. Was about to see Ryan didn't do by the way he waited for Joseph. If you if you want you can give up on that or you can try to maneuvering and you could try to get halfway there again you can try to get to. Four or five or six. Or whatever it is that they would take I think. Two things I think the giants should trade down if they don't wanna quarterback because otherwise it's just bad management agree and a and I also think that they probably won't I is it. It's it's risky to be convinced of anything with all the noise but I just feel like. I probably stereotyping a little bit the giants general manager 67 years old. And he's talking about how you'd expect to get a hall of Famer even though like almost the last one was to read or sat and so I feel like he's gonna mess it up. And he's gonna draft a running back into effect there was another piece or read today where. I think it was from New York Post. Worse though is quoted as saying. The the giants it's it's Bob joined the giants and Barkley that Barkley is the play certain that the giants really comment. And that they would get him all only half the browns were domino to pass on him one. You know what like that is the scouts world and the scouts are out. Who is the best player for those positions. In a given draft right and grade the highest period right regardless of team lead and position. And also regardless of like. That not every position in football this value the same. Then they they would probably way get on that for you right like he's even better than Ezekiel lol you would have so why does the best athlete the best football player. Ford three speed six to 230 pound safety. That was the event that guy he doesn't exist if he did but that guy might be the highest rated player in the direct your drafting a safety number 10. It and running backs I think our. Maybe it's arguable as a more valuable savings maybe they're not. Maybe they're not harder to find the more flexible it sure seems that way a glut lesson to tackle like having one who's this good it. Doesn't make you got much better than having one who's that good you know motioning with my hand at one level and then below it for this in that camp out. It doesn't doesn't make amateur whatever instance if proven through years and years and years. Looking at the best running back in the league a year a year even where guys are drafted so. I mean that's how that's how the football world operates who's the highest greeted guy and that's how you end up with you know. As being hot in my opinion over drafted. And teams you know making what I think our our mistakes I also think the giants. I guess I I felt. When when was being made to Jason here poll trade. Maybe and it is certainly old today. That that that doesn't really add up to were going for it with Eli Manning so maybe they get a quarterback or maybe they just replace Jason Pierre Paul with a rookie contract. And try to keep going and I also feel like they're not going to trade down. I'm not convinced they're not gonna take quarterback I guess at this point but I mean I think they still could do that if it falls rated Joshua Allen goes to Cleveland and they really love Donald and maybe they do that. Aren't they were just frozen and the whole thing about powerless is garbage who else. But. I don't I don't expect them to get out there. I'd I'd doesn't feel that way to me. So I'm going up I guess something good about Denver. And tonight I would make that work and that shouldn't cost as much as getting to two would cost so that sort of agrees with me but it's. It's a sit in a couple my feet up and wait until the draft starts and prop houses falling dollars. Blood to the giants do do they not take a quarterback that might be really good for me. There's someone's gonna shake loose to five and if I can work with Denver. Then maybe I can make that work and my guy happens we've got its bawling her father's tour three guys the bills would move up to five to get. Great if the giants stayed put in pass I spend less and I still get a guy that I really liked the that is starting to appeal to me more. Mores that as of the draft gets in its culture to week from Thursday. I want you to be talked into spending next year's number one but I'm just not the got to do it. The once somebody else to try to do it. Huntsman heels try to Buick at what are what is all this about. Meeting your god like this. This phrase right you have to have your dialect you know everybody else doesn't you know you have to do that and and then. Couldn't well you choose not to but like. I feel like if you convince yourself of that trading next year's number one isn't that hard to do that you would just be like okay well. But there are something from this year I'm not giving up ignoring that. A a second round pick this year is worth of bald as much as a first round pick next year. You just don't know you're afraid of not you particularly but everybody's afraid of like oh hi all. There's a loyalty that's exactly what I'm afraid. I mean it's nothing more than really I mean I thought if I wouldn't if I could feel comfortable giving up. The twentieth pick next year. What ever find Nevada don't want to those. Not gonna lose sleep over that but if if I if I make this move and the new guy plays and isn't that good right away and all the other roster of holes and I've got. Mean I have a bad year and I've given up that apparently that is going to be painful. You know it's mitigated by having our guys inlet hopefully he shows enough signs that I don't feel despondent. When the draft comes around but still. To give up like what could be BB top ten pick next year. Would be would be really tough this is so unknown I know what everything I have this year's. And so if I can spend a bunch of it. On one thing okay the might not be the smartest thing in the world but I can live with that. Because I'm not giving up something that's really unknown next you're one is mean he knows what what good. So I have a hard time getting to that are really really always really always have. Someone should someone should take it should help me take charge and in Britain try to talk you window that. You wanna trade up the trade I say by the way Tony horse that. Is not the most recent second overall pick to go to all fame it's door sat. Randy 18. Eric Dickerson Lawrence Taylor let's do the way around. And Marshall fault of course guys like person Wentz are not eligible yet Von Miller. I'm sure some British fans would tell you he should be eligible already but he's not eligible yeah. If it's. Given a couple more merit weeks or something. All right so move ten days as we're looking that. After we handle it offered. These tend to disagree and we are. And though. Lorraine is there could be a wall that's where the wall is coming down the wall abortion we have to tell you is this about or the wall might be but I don't feel I I mean I just you never know when it comes you know you might feel great a man who knows next miles a breaking point but I I feel strong right now you're good but I'm gonna finish even with these conditions. Before people can create whole match coming wind and rain in the temperature of what god. Some reducing that to me if I'm running the marathon what did you are you missed the point where is that I'm running a marathon town hall. But this is already going to be really running close to impossible. For them is gonna do effect it's windy and cold I went outside they run toy models. I like this car hit it added conditions are pretty similar quick I know part of it all my Dutch. 345. Hours ago there and that openings same weather as here pretty much like we usually in the cold rainy. The worst. Do you agree that's worse right Alex knows better than like 39. And raining and windy but it's the pets. I think of it is like going to a bills game. It's bill. Cold rain is the worst yes but I don't know about running but never run. I would say it's the same. But so it's same I'd rather run in snow and cold and rain and and Tony is whether Russell or Tony. Bigger site to order a thank you. They are. Former on alternate out there attorney your mind a little while. We're keeping a particular fight I think twelve and 22 maybe. Twelve and 22 or maybe something else you know fourth or something and sale at a at a structurally this is my strap on Friday that we talked about. I know Mugabe defiant. UDU you'd you'd want to fight for who you do that you give them try it lecture for Robert. What you get declared that would put the character for you removed on the part. There which you take library either Oprah or picnic here. I'm not crazy about that no. I'm really not. But I'm not crushing on one candidate over another in the bills. I don't know do I wanna say lightly are it's at least possible that they are. That they have all guys that they really like whereas I'm just bring me one of the guys. Urquhart. Already getting the 5 I am gonna get one of the guys. And if there are sitting there going we can't have that guy or that guy we need disguise then that would be when you get to next year's number one. It's not a given that five is one of those players it must Lamar Jackson counts it's not a given it's not a given that one's reform won't be quarterbacks. It's possible. Cleveland C Denver is five and you have to always try to figure out. To whatever extent you can what do those other teams want like Indianapolis. For two reasons. Indianapolis. Made sense the whole time. As a team that would trade down one is well more than two. One is their roster they need lots of good players they don't have very many good players one is that they have Andrew Luck already assuming he's ever gonna be healthy again. Which I think. They are. And also that they have like new new people in charge. And anytime a team changes over management and feel like it's almost necessarily. Going to be smarter than it was less. Old. Anecdotal football he locker roomy shorter reasons for doing things. More like okay were in the modern age now and the colts came off like they think they finally took a shower and got dressed up to go off for the first time in the relies. With this trade with the jets and that's been made why they did it sorely but they knew it was good and they don't get and the jets rolling good. Make that deal with them for their own assurances so Indianapolis work like that I don't know if Denver does I don't know if the giants do I tend to think the giants don't. I think the giants are stole you know in their Genesis in people. Yet there there there are new people or old Brett and then debt so I don't know what Denver. The giants are not optimistic for this about like for them and then Cleveland. He's probably back in their jam has Cleveland already had the good clothes on and then they decided to just you don't drink all week. Or some thing like it I feel like Cleveland is may be done with the trades. And they just wanna pick players now but not necessarily all that could be wrong all that could be wrong and what. But if Cleveland is if that is Cleveland. Regardless what the giants do then somebody gets there because the browns aren't they yes quarterback so that's where Denver comes into play. So if nothing happens between pick one in five. You. Someone will be there whether it's a guy you deem worthy of spending multiple assets to trade with Denver or not but we don't know we won't know until we make the deal. And Denver of course has to wanna do it but that's that's your scenario status quo the top means someone is available at five. And maybe Denver just auctions that pick off to the highest bidder. You can listen to the bills press conference try to figure out the bills but if you're all about trading up and mostly when we talk about this stuff we are. But you gotta know the other team's two and what. Are there were inclinations. Not that it's easy to find out. 8030550. A week and a half away what do you want what do you think Mike show with a Bulldog here sell upon GO today recapping the press conference and the bills' voluntary workouts today who who was there and who wasn't what was interest thing. And then also Sigmund bloom today we'll talk around the legal little bit with Sigmund bloom of football guys dot com. Much over the Bulldog here on WGR. If I have a really good relationship with the GM or somebody high up there I made text or call directly if Shawn does earth Joseph chain or Terence gray one of the guys that's not allowed to work in the leadership in the room if he's really hate check with them tell more interest in this serve see if their interest in that that's generally how would start and the benefit if it leads to hate they are there is an interest that I would give all the. Brady green today highlight desk when. He gets a question him about the mechanics of it and that was a question about how do you do it. And those are questions that are often the most effective. At these press conferences because the people answering them are the least afraid to give you the honest truth. So in Ottawa do it my not really giving anything away here right the so I do it attacks the GM. Think they arrest Bugsy Jones leave days we sell all positives. OK but don't ask about Jerry Jones regarded get all positive. Now's not the time talking about which got me. Every week this room today but I like this that this is 11 area where it's actually different than fantasy. If you have a lot of people. And I didn't really think about it that way that well if McDermott had the contacts he was closest with the contact another team we go to them. Or Joseph Shane or whoever Terrence great public that idea. Doesn't have to go through me. We've we've wondered about that allowed a lot like how your pup do you have a button on your phone for each team. The question you one question do they use the term speed dial. Everything his speed dial now what do you what speed dial it really the numbers but you can call fast rate and I told my phone wife Brenda my phone calls. I want and I think you would do the same thing with. Panthers there authors practice. It's just and may be camcorders that the GM or boo whenever I mean I doubt it's the receptionist would probably use one directly but wannabe would. I would think that's probably works council and everything is speaking out mr. Speed this up there's obviously no dial. Ago. Who no phone numbers. I think I know your phone number yup yup I do. I don't think I know yours I. Thanks we don't know every time we all this stuff with my son and your children there's been a forms and Mike if different just different things plus registration for a new year with three Eagles saw it. Every time I'm asked it yourself your phone number of flu the player. I don't look at him go and I don't I don't know and it stalled even after writing it down now ten times in the last two weeks are still. There are a couple of digits. Not enough via mobile federal Linares you don't know otherwise meaningless. Rob is on WGR hello rob. You are doing good thanks both were TimeCrawler. We've been talking to address a question time and I'm kuechenberg and MB has called. All of museums and personal effects and offer what he saw it was. Acceptable to give up for the or text. And I honestly think with the media and with the pressure these days I'm going to see anything so drastic because there's so much pressure. And legal ethics and worse didn't we were not citizens our top five public pressure do you think it's tough for a fixed have. Do you trade. You are. Do you pick. What you give up what you take you know. This sort pressure these days and your goal is enormous. You know. It's I think the more pressure and the guys are picked events outside than everybody else on the life. I think pressure is irrelevant. And I think this is the NFL and GMs have high stakes and they always have in a thirteen stays bad will be fired in three or four years so what. Mean you can call pressure if you want but it's inherent it's a given me I think it's been there you're you're saying you try to draw lines between slots in the draft as to where there's more pressure or not. I don't think there's an less of an incentive picking in the middle to do well. Seoul. Oh of course not of course not because when you pick you. It was there. Yeah I think just pressure is not a lot of important factor these guys have a lot on the line they know it. And they spend crazy hours and money to try to get it right even though it's usually not possible yeah what are they don't. You know amount of attention amount of information available to the public you know us media fans. I don't think really changes what the job it is and in fact I mean you the caller. You know drew lined a ten years ago and I don't know how that lines up with the change in the CBA. But I I think there's a certain way. Less pressure. On those high picks now because the money is not as severe it's just not a severe apparently you still. Are going to be judged favorably by your boss is the loan your fans if you pick the wrong guy if you pick a guy that doesn't work out. But it doesn't cripple you as much financially is used to when he used to really hurt you if you miss stop on a first. First you know I first round pick was big guaranteed money 4050 million dollars. And that guy better be able to play or you or stock. And now it's not quite like that more so in a certain way I think that reduce increases the pressure. I mean I've been saying all along in your bit of a part of my lack of the year about picking quarterbacks. Don't bet Philly even maybe even manual draft is just just do it you don't Emanuel teaches you this you don't have to live with the for very long if it doesn't look like it's going in the direction you want it to you could replace that guy quickly. And just keep moving so it's not like. I'd I'd pick the guy I got almost guaranteed money now I'm stuck with him for five years and boy I better play him otherwise and it'll look bad well. He's still might look bad. But it's not. It's not that difficult to get you don't yourself free of. I might care about the word pressure almost never do was console use in sports I almost never care about it I might care about it if it were if or evident how would. How it might affects. Anybody doing their job here like is is. But the hypothetical general manager was under more pressure going to pick someone different. Because of what ever that is. I don't know why woody if so there there's urgency in jobs there are guys who have less time left on their you know what you did their jobs to build a winning team because they've been there already. And in that in those terms. It's not really a factor here. I mean one thing that'll change when the draft is over his wolf we'll start to talk about whether the 4018 bills will be any good. That is really started. At least you're out here but I don't know it's just like not not a word I can use to figure anything out. Here is I think you rob here's Jim Nextel Jim. Our guys are too quick to point your personal life and the bulls waited too long to make a living what jet and stuff that entry. People most of those are finger quote desperate I think you're gonna all we're paying no matter what they knew we had and with that being said. If they're gonna settle again on trading up five let's say and their mindset and they want one. Of those war guy. It kind of thing you all the big deal should that you peeing more like we want this guy we watch baker may editor trained by the union in Latin error. Then you're going to settle per worker and that's the kind of thing here Richard you're getting battling. Well that's that's why you don't do it. I at a time you would never trade to five ahead of time. There's a risk in trading to three what the jets did just over paid the bill portable overpaid to move to three. That they would have had to pay more than the jets paid because the jets were only moving from six in the bills were removed from twelve. I'm sure the bills try to do that but. The word was the Colston wanna go that far down you wouldn't move. Until draft day because. You are at in gonna just go there and hope to get one of the guys and it's easy for me to say just bring home one of the guys. I I don't think they're operating that way if they want made field. And he gets beyond the giant RTV the browns at pick for. Then you spring into action is if he isn't in the jets to commit three and you don't like Josh Rosen saying he's the one who's falling do you. Then you just stay where you are and do something else I think. OK I guess we're looking at that would prevent more. Pre draft though I get and the more that we look. And it and it. Okay thanks. Okay here's Dan next tie them. I got it up. Pulled off that Latin color but I've I've belt or did you rate that. I know it felt that it was the matter of getting to you there is not a bad bit. And McDermott are they they're being very particular outlook or god or quarterback. Don't. We I'll point all that are very different. In particular they are I would think that they would. You know all want at all. Ultimately at another brought out more and probably not yet been the other couple I'd spoke with a because I think the I think that there are very particular but the aura I think or quarterback there or. Very different style quarterback. Alex you've got pre that are interchangeable and maybe one and out liar. You know I think that would or quarterback are all. Pretty. Well get that Kate for that. Happy note that. Get one of those guys or even the diet and I think that if they looked ordinary tree at five Currie. You know that. Going up. Did they do they do it that prop it might be cornerback in but he did not get involved by the governor but any. I think they'll just go about player off belt out I thought about it. Okay. Not sure followed all I'm really confused I I I think what what what what I think the callers saying is if they were to tomorrow. Trade to five with an eye towards getting to two and can't get to two then. They've made maybe you don't need a quarterback because the guy they want isn't there are five and I'm telling you they would never trade to five without being able to get to two if that was the plan. Penetrate to five happens as the draft as happened at a descent to the previous caller. It did it boom boom board balls certain way yeah maybe you'll like two of the guys out of the four but it and one of them is the one who's falling to Denver spot. Then you counts on draft night. You don't do that. A week before the draft in hopes that that happens because you can't know. Nor can you know whether you're gonna be able to get to two to guarantee that you get one of the two guys who like. So I I just I don't think you make a preliminary moved to five. I think you go to five on draft night. If you could if you wanna go all the way to two when you can find a way to make that happen at a time then that you can do before before Thursday right next Thursday night. But I think if you're gonna try to do it in stages you don't do one part of it. Must you know you can do the other power. I don't like this notion what the caller did there that I don't use these is how I don't see it. Is this this judgment. That because it is McDermott in beam are his word was particular. That they are certain personality type or that they have set a certain thing on a certain thing that means they are certain way. Their for the probably. Or definitely. Wouldn't like all the quarterbacks something like that and this noble is almost like a foreign language to me that I. What I don't understand why that would have to be here's how I think it should be. And I'll say this president before and I also think this is probably not how it's. Because these teams are really bad at this remember not to say that after you don't introduce. Produces and this is probably not how it is because teams are really bad at this but this is how it should be. Quarterback is worth. Way anymore. Then any other position out there. So these benefit. Of being right at quarterback is much greater. Then being right about that one Barkley you're being right about role Kwan Smith or any of those other guys that are not quarterbacks okay. If if the bills carted the official about this with all their scouts and all there. Countless hours poured into this staring at these guys in the underwear. Forget all of it. Break them if you wanna rank them you might as well rank them who has. You might have to choose between tours more of them fine. But if there have broad consensus of all these prospects at quarterback is is it actually is. That there are all contenders for being the best one and they all have a realistic shot at being great NFL players. Then if the fourth best one is the best you can do that's what you do. And he didn't like his personality area like this one throw or anything in between so well. Have the wherewithal. To recognize your small place. In this huge world of analysis. And suck it up and take that lawyer instead of a linebacker or guard. That's all you do it. Now where you trail and all that is part of that and trying to figure out how to get there is interest thing and important. But. In my mind I would never dislike pick any of the four or even five. And whatever the thing is that you don't like about them soffit. And taken a taken him anyway. Because the benefit is great. And the randomness is real. And the smartest people the sport has ever had to offer have been wrong constantly. So just check yourself and you pick that player anyway. And you do what they do anyway at the podium after the Pitt which is to say how happy they are. And then you go from there and in the kids I'm practice field next week. And you have a super talent at quarterback you have a real chance. And you can whisper to your friends for a long as you live for you'd actually didn't like the player. Predicament. How great would that be content. Yes this is the sort of thinking that leads me to pick Patrick Holmes last year is the draft is nearing its just I I I have a need. There's a talent. Do. And it doesn't work. Probably don't do what again this year but the Europe argue and I just keep going from there. That's how I would do it so. Sure. You can set its deficit there have been great almost certainly will have. One or more I think one or more of these guys that they don't like the for some whatever reason whether it personality or height horror of our own any gold flow it's something. And wouldn't want it even maybe they won't even touch the guy at twelfth if he falls to them alone move up and get him but sure I'm. I'm gonna grab. Dell's grab one I wanna do aren't the I want. We're right where I change wrote chased pats from you is when you tell me how many older. Players picks Ayman have to give up to get better players I don't wanna give up a lot of that stuff cern I don't in the coming I should have to. But you know. Took up until that fork in the road were were good. Like it in in early in kiwis big adventure. Where he started off looking for his bike and their goes that a truck. Right by him on the right when he stitch liking that our recent striking. And the truck goes right by him on the right and there's the white but he's not welcome to the right right and in the byte goes off to the right and he goes off with that murderer off the left. I'm your eyes open. Will be paying attention had on a swivel yup he would've seen a spike sort of almost shorter movie. Tell me and our audience that you watched. Recently right into sport where or why were you storing that it'll make what does not even gonna make me feel good. Agreed it makes me feel better that you had just watched them. Yes it's. I liked it more last night than I've ever liked all the so because your kids enjoyed it I don't know if they did they Julius given a three and a half out of five didn't he stuff he didn't love it my daughter like that she's given a five paper. I like that a lot it's simple nostalgia. That's the only reason I think as you get older those things you've held onto your past you may be just like a little bit. But it brings you back to those moments nostalgia my wife and I had an inside laugh we saw Morgan Fairchild because she recently thought Morgan Freeman was Morgan fair trial. She's like oh Morgan Freeman's and that's what I know he has now hawks. Are meant it like five minutes later ointment Morgan Fairchild says. The stories of her not knowing him people are legendary bet it is and that's another one attitude through. Morgan Freeman. And don't mention the important urged rattled you've interpreted such that it right. All right no Morgan Fairchild this well. She's in kiwis big adventures and turned out well. Celta Fazio for Mike show and the Bulldog WGR. Think about it all the time even when you don't want to think about it beaches were competitors you know you wanna win every pick. Normally you wanna feel like man we we got a steal in the first round yes you know that's that's natural can't see it always happens that way but yet there's different things that have been in my head I'm sure he has probably the same thing as guys that he's what that man that guy. Yeah. Trimmed mean talking at a news conference earlier this afternoon about. He is in his head coaches approached the draft in downtown buffalo revitalized. Come celebrate at the buffalo networking happy hour. This Thursday at buffalo river works that will be live music with hit and run. Food and drink sampling from area restaurants and it's all free this Thursday buffalo river. Works. So Al coming up in about eight minutes the press conference the work out the drafts. Ten days until around one. The buys into game tonight not surprisingly to anyone here in the area probably postponed. They have a game tomorrow and then we'll try to play a doubleheader Wednesday there looking at tomorrow's forecast to probably Wednesday. Decide that 35 and chance of stole tomorrow. High of 35. The blue jays probably felt they were safe they got home from Cleveland where they were ringing dollar snowed out Saturday and Sunday. And then a whole appeared in the Rogers Centre roof from ice falling from CN tower. Not only that but there's also snow and ice falling from the roof of the Rogers sent her. I'm too walkways. Around the stadium itself which is making it. Brad potentially really to be. The latest on this is that they plan to play. But there's a hole in the roof. So there's a week. Their bench 43. Post moments already in Major League Baseball including two today the Red Sox and the cubs at home both postponed. And the buys and spent several already or. Yeah so may be the blue jays even in a dome. Will be postponed but not yet. They have the royals to wondering collar wondering that thome with a plea please I've normally fighting Al. In 4018 I can't notice in my view that's very bright and what are you gonna get to the horse results. Release or home to. Beliefs our own two goal holes in the roof there from and at least I'd not heard. I don't are minorities and the leafs unfortunately a lot of holes there stories falling off a group of the year candidates are under providing potential hazard I'm stunned by how one side those two games have been a lot. Mean look at a couple of overtime games in Columbus in Washington it's been great. But there's been a lot Pittsburgh and Philly has been one sided. Not entirely one wave like each game is being home you know it's not good games really to sit and watch and yet those we per game. So definitely in Minnesota via last night to 62. All right cell coming up after the update Mike show with a bold look here back to the bills or return here on WGR.