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Mike should open and a Bulldog and asked me not to read this but. Damage. I'm going to read it anyway. Because our notice. And it's the truth. This should allow. The best show ever. Really. Let Lee. It's Mike Hsu open spend a Bulldog. Don W. GR Sports Radio 515. All right so the draft is next Thursday's round one is anyway. Where are we asked. A question. Clumsily he rephrase meaning mostly over and over top is the plan here for the next well. Eight or nine shows. Where are we at the literally a good question. Just sort of a 21 century way of talking where I will be asked. To leave the ad out of it if you want where. Where we are with us. Relieved that you owl is where we ask you leave the U well. Where we end where we I haven't gotten that desperate to. I use that all the time at my parents rat. Your parents and their like drinking somewhere leave us alone where it's not so much. In spring. Where US mom. She's a she just ignores it. What is even mean I can't read this aspect that can't read this message. Where are we where we end. Where we. Them. I'm I'm Matt it probably costs more than I wanna pay to get to tool. So. No. Hang out. We get to Thursday. And then let's see what happens. To do you whom do you mood light grows and does he fall we talk about last segment earth segment before. Yet too is is that a good idea. And certainly something becomes a better idea that it cheaper yep to have pay less if the pay for it I think. Maybe maybe not into a quarterback that's maybe that's part of the thought process behind trading up the week Newsweek we like the guy will pay whatever costs. And the baby the the countered that is. Various people at that position that we would pick if we could pick them thirty it's there's no point. We don't believe in his tail and we don't like his personality. There's some thing that doesn't mesh with the loss. And so even if we get him at twelve are gonna go. And we may it may you know also the draft to go maybe that scenario will will present itself what we were talking about maybe Rosen does take a poll. Maybe nobody trades up to get him because he came off poorly when he met with these teams so. You know 8910. It's going body in the bills are at twelve and they go up. Can take linebacker with a three games. The will too late in Ventura thank you were gonna do that. And brood not a record between the states are not a projector or we don't were works there from two. And I know somebody eventually takes him. And maybe just like Karen Rogers he turns out to be the best quarterback in the draft. Even though he's god and you know. On the quirky is really Roy won your bullet there's questions about his personality. So I don't where we that to you that you left the the way Ryan goes. The to move with the folks moved to two. Is still an exciting idea if it's cost controls. And it probably was. Not realistic to ever think it water would be. So. I'm sort of calming down on that like I'm you know who knows how I'll feel fit if we get to draftsman and they do it I mean I might be just you know. Don't terror policy that's. That's the danger Perry gets kind of scary but right now where Ahmed is don't do that. And let's hang out and if if it gets to five. And I can manage that with twelve and 22 and something else that doesn't really hurt. Then Nam and the right guy is coming my way maybe that's Rosen maybe that's mayfield I don't know which guy the mideast Josh ailment. You go you do that I'm a beaded with. I'll tell you where I think vets that. Were today the bills and the giants. Well here we just take my steps. Are we all willing to assume that the bills are required. Yes. Were willing to assume that the bills are interest data meaning that their inquiry goes beyond the role. Base level inquiry CB can tricky team into something like that they would like to do it. Would they like to do it mean cost we'll see but would they do they like the idea I think the answer is yes I do do they may have been told. You can't do it okay well 11 is have they asked you like with interest I think the answer is yes isn't too. Have the giants told them. No way in hell. Maybe you think so I think no yeah I think baby. Because I think if they. Had done that then. Any. Everybody would know that the and the and if if if it's different like the giants wouldn't have to shield that like. Teen teams. Teams don't do that teams don't at least as far as I know why would that teens don't slam the door. He would like weeks in advance. All of the draft to. Possibilities the giants if the giants want to make OPEC I think the least. I guess that's the least they would do necessarily but what what they would do is like well you can ask you know but. Work at this point we're planning on making it and that might be worth they are now might be the only. Only reason I say ebitda that they may maybe they said no is because they were talking about two guys that work together and which. And it it if gentleman who really knows and possibly doesn't but if he if he knows of and it is his bosses said. You addressed this. Men maybe your draft and a quarter past. I don't think so maybe you are at or maybe you. The running back and you could get a guy at two I don't want you getting out of there we got Eli here for another year to we going to be as good as we can be. And don't monkey around here. That Gelman would help. Because they know we don't plan on me helping you here with two. Curtis it's not it's not gonna happen okay well all I really mean to say is that I I I doubt the the bill see their chances of trading to two as 0%. I mean I think there might be a small number where there might be a big number but I I would say there's probably a number that isn't zero. And then soul what happens now. The giants have the power. They have the pack if the giants are open of trading the pick they probably won't maybe there would be a really high price but they don't. Knoll. You know what let's say whether someone's willing to meet it all well. Well trade it. Maybe I'm not sure it's the best but the analogy you the comparison that I wanna use is when your buying a car. And the giants are the dealership and the bills or the customer and the jets straight with the colts the colts were the dealership and the jets paid sticker. But that's moved up because pay if you wanna pay sticker you can buy the car you can have it that's how this works so maybe there's a sticker price on that peck. Or maybe the president and in May be. The bills have this is probably what I would think that. The bills offer is less than it then what he could get to. It's early. They would rather not but it's a style thing to. They would rather not be. I'm just sort of supposing this amount stating this. The jets in the way that the jets wanted to make sure. Hear what we're just gonna take take the extra seconds take it. We want we want to know. And that's not what everybody would do that's not what every team would do this there's a benefit into waiting. It may be as the draft night arrives. The dealership is closing. And our goal is cars. And really would rather. Not rich tock we kind of wanted to make him feel so now will make a deal and then the bills that we can't know this yet but. We oral taking our gases like one caller earlier said they waited too long bull who knows yet mean really a no no all events before. You can even say that yeah. I mean there's no means is no knowing what you and you know it is it's very well. I would fully expect that they've. They have had. Serious. By sooners are just mean but look we really want to do this. Is there any chance if you say yes then. We need to start. Drawing and outlined here like what. What are we talking about and you know may be a guess here is that government just says to them it's the two number ones this year its next year's number one and bikes and stuff. Other stuff. But those are the principles. You want me to go to twelfth from two. Then yes I need twelve I need 22 I need next year's one and whatever else and we use the water out whatever else we can work. And bills ready to go okay well at least we know or work and when it may be negotiated maybe they just go okay that that's that's where it is. They don't say no it's okay that's what it is and the displayed. And what can your scenario it gets to beat the giants are on the clock now. And gentlemen like the idea a lot of went down. But there's not an auction for nobody else wants to meet the price. And the bills sitting there going 1222. And sixty fives and one of the tubes in my whatever. Just whatever I can put together that doesn't involve next year's one what he's saying now. But you've got it's you know it's predicated of course on the giants wanting to do it yup. And my guesses they will never go that low. My guess is the giants will never go that low and I'm so I'm I'm saying that because of who this GM seems to be. And what that franchises and Eli Manning park and what what's been rumored about them all that put together to me is they're not seeking. 1222. Etc. for two I just I think they probably think that that's. A bad deal. Ends. The you know I think there perhaps wrong it depends on what the rest of it is. And so how you get to two is to step through another team that's where Denver comes for Cleveland tonight and I. And look you can now both framework of that put together. You know I mean well that's right and here's this so. Yes or no to that it's almost like you to float chart here I'm sorry you're driving in the snow was listening in this yeah. We'll probably do golfing tomorrow maybe you could make plans to have. Pull over and draw what you need to draw. I didn't need that jokers are lost my train of thought what. Get that Denver and Denver. Okay yes. Is this or is this not before chart is this or is this not contingent on what Cleveland doesn't one. If it is and darn old wrecks the plan. Right the giants' only like Arnold of the quarterbacks so. This is all that's one scenario that's in play it's all contingent on what Cleveland doesn't one if Cleveland picks darn old we have a deal. And the bills need there browns at four or they need the Broncos with a need the other party and it all just goes through. Once the browns pick. Arnold always the browns' pick Arnold right right and if it's Alan Bennett's all its debt because. Arnold the giants want to check so that's one scenario I think. Just guessing likelier. Is a scenario where it's not about that. And it's not about that you can do that any time you couldn't it just comes down to negotiation. And timing. Do you text this guy waited night. Do you text him in the morning. What are what does he like to do and does he get up real early when does he most vulnerable does he watch your show it makes you sad that. As you make doesn't do as he is he someone that whatever. When can I. Get what I want from them because of it doesn't come down to the browns then it's just a matter of agreeing on terms. Or what you said at the beginning of this. Conversation this time maybe there's don't wanna do it. I still wanted to marry and maybe the bills. It's the it is at least cost why is saying it's likely but to me it's possible that the guy would do bringing that back debt level to sell like look. This is not gonna happen. All right I mean it's great you got all this stuff but I'm pick and I'm picking a guy in the it's just forget it you wanna you wanna get up here you're gonna have to find another way to do it. Angered walked. You know and maybe that's Cleveland Ford Denver five but for that they had asked that battle has the ball. I don't know what I want you think someone would be reporting that. Yeah okay. It may be. Maybe. Maybe that'll come in the next Booth between now and next Monday or who knows. I just I can't imagine. The level. Of mean being set today. You know these these things are always that interest. Oh all right but. I did I did like hearing him say you think about it all the time even when you don't want to. Right I mean. Whom we we've all got what it is in this case this would be stress but it's like your job. And it's also I think. Really interest thing at least maybe it is to me maybe it gets aggravating because it is your job and you can't ever give away from it. And it would frustrate a guy like being but. But to just be sitting like what you wake up at 2 in the morning to go to the John and like you get back in that might. I am like that Brown's likely because I mean I do that about Monday nonsense in my life been like. I had to try to think of something like. Who won the Super Bowl in 1988. It and try to like searching about who was on the team were summoned to target purposely. Well I hope for beings. What. Why sanity I opened them early vigor. I hope for a sanity that he enjoys it yet because I get up thinking about the giants. And I enjoy it I like think I'm obsessed with it I'm obsessed with it in real sports I'm obsessed with it in my fantasy sports. How can I make. This I don't this is just not the same thing but. Taught in these baseball leagues. And I've got fourteens. These are strata medically so I've got four teams three of them are good. One of them. Has to first and four seconds next year and his bed which one do you think I'm most excited about all right right like. The good ones dislike and real sports regular season is go through the regular season and you see what role the ice literally in my case you roll the dice and maybe you went. Whatever I'll probably look at him here in there and think about moves I can make but it's not for long. A year out for the first time ever would play in this game since 2006. For the first time ever. This weekend and you know I know was snowing out but it wasn't perfect weather so I was indoors but still I would be accorded on this anyway. For the first time ever I went through. I had the baseball reference dot com deep views page up when he eighteen debuts. And looked at the two drafts for next year a Elena well and who's going to be in them. There's got to be new guys and also guys across all of it well short real tiny one. Giancarlo Stanton too but what what do what do draft of looking at the AL it's two weeks in this the baseball season is going to be such a great draft but fortunately. My team with the picks is an NL team. Could he go go according asthma called up by the Braves Victor Robles by the nationals there are some good crossover guys tinkering with the Phillies is. Who Nabil it's going to be a lot of thought and I am if I wake up in the middle and I I promise you that is limping an album. My kids are in school got we got debt. Whatever else and a man until I'm thinking about it I want I know I don't know if it's if it's. A good thing but maybe it's not a good thing may be its obsession this is an obsession. Over. In my dream but it beat I think it repeats laying in bed thinking about that you can do anything about debt broiling in bed muscular come up with some idea it's quick fixes it. So all of does keeping awakens. Whenever. Right so it's not helpful sort of thing about like problems northern rise from one thing about something right that you enjoy writing usually when you are weight like that. For me it is usually well problems it's almost always things I can't really control that I'm wondering how there gonna turn. And Mike what's the one that he felt like bumps so the draft is on that list and for dean that would be that some maybe it does. Ejection when green said that today. I wondered if but he finds. It difficult to do away from it and that's what it's probably. It sounded like to be was going like I can't I I did turn off yet and that as you know the can be challenging you know. I'm I'm not at a point in my life for I want to turn it off but it's probably good to be true thoughts I didn't hockey Boston at Toronto. Tampa at New Jersey natural Colorado. Anaheim San Jose all the series are too low the sharks are the one of those teams that. Won their two games on the road everything else was the home team's winning all those games Boston Toronto I mean what I've blue Ford of that series I. I don't want it to be just a blowout. LSU which when it sold out some hope for that happening even though they have been really taken apart so far and it really. That top line is 20/20 two points 20/20 two games. It's Pasternak. Bergeron and auction and holy cow and where does this last year Ryan. Ottawa where Austin. Who was that Ryan had he won about with me with Ottawa over boss total and though both senators were way worse this leaf team. What we don't yet sports. All right more on the draft Richie being cocked the dose that is more or sell the pot she'll when we return which over the bulldogs WG RC itself. Upon GO. I'll tell unsealed so I'll go bungee ills jump on GO settled a bond yields don't jump on GO. I'll go policy goes down coat that I feel on WGR. Sales guiding sweet ass today was the first day of voluntary workouts at the stadium. Asking sell to. Answer something about what happened like who was good it was not Gerson question Larry I saw maybe this is a thing of can you tell me who was there enough news that. And cell's response included that what why this is hard to do is that the players don't Wear jerseys. So I just sell the coaches know who they are you with without the jerseys on. They better know they are we know a lot of them. You know we can recognize most aces when I go like oh there's there's a gimmick here and there's a computer in or whoever I can tell a lot of guys are but. There are a lot of new faces who I have absolutely no clue that guys so what they actually do. They stretch they run they left they exercise they rehab injuries. Coaches are not allowed on the field except for strength and conditioning coaches so there's no actual football being done actually did post some video today of money on. Twitter feed us some of that I mean there's like medicine ball work it's really honestly guys it's. It's like walking into a Gemini go to class you see a whole bunch exercising oh and that's what it is. The can't do any football. Or they choose not to is you could still like couldn't. AJ McCarron lineup with Kelvin Benjamin and Charles clay and like we have but runs and pass routes against air something we could they organized at themselves without coaches directing them. Or without them I don't know if they could do that facility be quite honest I don't speak on that for sure of what they cannot do with coaches that's for sure right but if they wanted to do that the roan yes I don't know. Oh they could do that. At the tee facility during this period to be quite honest game. I don't know either so aren't I guess does any news from this would start with in cog neat though. And how did you find Brandon being to be about him today was he interest staying in how elixir of short he was voting cuddly don't view or not. No it is exactly what I expected which is. You know we we he got very tired list and that's what we're gonna say about it and we're gonna move on and we're gonna concentrate on the the people who are here it's exactly what I predicted which is they don't wanna. Get into it. You know I as I've said yield since I've been on about this particular issue this is not a regime that's gonna play games and I think. I personally think that reaching impact you think she's being cute or funny and playing games of some sort with this social media feed and these are not the two men that are really gonna take part. Do you think he. Wants to retire and maybe. Thinks like it's an air board thing where. He his body is his reason why and their four he should be entitled to money that the bills might want back. So theory I think well I think that could be part of it Mike I think that you know. It in a way yes OK I'm not discounting that his body like the you know those things he said in shutting down all those kinds of things in the eighties at that age and he plays that position that it's bang Downey is a missed a lot of games things like that. My my own theory personally though is that. Richie is at a point of his career where do you where he realizes that the end is much closer than the beginning. You know he probably know you go through so many. Battles and wars for so many years you'll really feel like you know. Go to keep training camp anymore like a lot of guys and at this time a year like I really wanna do this and he probably made a decision at some point that you know what may be able to step away he. Also took a pay cut which I think he's regretting now it seems like but he voluntarily ash should say did that because the team asked him to any dead. I you have to do that and maybe they gave an ultimatum from fraud no but. You know he took a pay cut about half of the as salaries making about three something you're supposed to make. Has had a six something million dollars he's mad about that he admitted that although he said that that wasn't the reason for doing this. And I think that now he's getting back to the point where is probably like. Or you know what that's a lot of money and I can still play at a high level and I do want to play so Otto I go about this now and I think he's caught in a position where he doesn't know how to treat. The situation and because he did the redo some of that salary caught. Won't was there are some bulls or new bonus that came as part of that and that could be an issue right like if he's walking away then he might have to give some of that back. Yes from what I understand that could very well be the case of the it's of millionaire a little bit over that would be at issue here but you know that's. I like I said I think really we're just we're talking a player here who probably has gone through a lot of confusion in his own mind and he simply hasn't handled it. A the way a lot of other people would or dvd really the appropriate way a professionally. Yeah Zelaya I think I know the answer to this but I didn't hear every night I joined the news conference when bring in bean was already saying the thing about. He's got a reserve retired list of must leave it there for now. I'm wondering if if there was any comment at all from either McDermott are being. About the timing of this where they've really taken aback or surprised that they just not comment at all about their feelings of the organization's. Reaction to. Into argued it was announcement. The only thing they said Bulldog was that obviously. Eric Wood Ian Ritchie and there was one other. Situation I can't think of right now what they basically said that of other thing it's gone down that obviously they didn't plan for that when they walked off the field in Jacksonville was what he said so. You know I. Eight insane like get out while he lived it left us with a real bad situation here so quickly before the draft what he did say was in the celeb and tell people anyway about this is. It doesn't change their draft plans mean. You know there are other ways to acquire players and sure enough you know there's there's a hole now left guard by you know that doesn't mean you do an about face and start thinking about should we trade it for quite Nelson or something like that. I. I took that almost the same way but not not always the same way like trading up is a drastic maneuver. Shouldn't the bills is it reasonable for the questioner for a fan to think the bills now need one or two offensive linemen that. That they didn't need before I guess in the answer will be here that the draft isn't the only way to acquire them that's what he said. Well that's right Mike but the other thing is too as I said before that you know it's not like they. Thought Richie intact veto was a part of their future plans you know I mean activate the fact that he. Took a pay cut the fact that. This what is ages and he was still only a one year deal means that they party knew that they didn't have this player for much longer so I don't think that it changed Coca you know might change a little bit about when he eighteen as far as how you necessarily approach to fill. Thirty your team but this these guys are about building this team in this roster up to set them up for many years I think that they were already position where they knew that this was gonna have to be addressed at some points. The only. Need purse say that you might think you would address in the draft is the starter at those positions not just guard but a starting guard and since we know right sell that they already traded their second round picks away. To Cleveland or the giants are better for it at that that they're not going to be able to address the starter then. Yeah Brandi knows that to me it's not talked told about it all the time you know and that was part of the fun part of the press conference today which was asking him questions about. You know how much you know people talk to a bouts of like that what people say you about it and you know it's his first draft peace really in charge of than. You know it's gonna be interesting to see but you know he says you can't let that effective how you think you know people and what they say eighty every time he every penny goes out someone approaches on intelligent what they think and things like that so it's quite interesting actually. So out of Roger on the AT&T hotline with us is appearances always brought you buy outlet liquor need to stock up. Shot New York's only outlet liquor so. This is beans first time at one of these pre draft once in due course was hired last year after the draft. Is he as expert as I think he is at not giving you any sort of clue who. As to what they might be thinking about doing on Thursday so. Yeah he is you know obviously. He nothing he said today. It's funny because I as I am at the press conference and tweeting things that are being said and I'm reading my Twitter feed him people are. You know basically responding to me and I a couple of different times. I had a fan or to say. Oh he's totally trading up after that went after the same comment I had another theater to go. Man I don't know he's gonna trade up now you know so it. It just depends how you wanna hear everything right having heat so I guess in that regard he did a great job of doing what he set out to do Accenture is. Not really give anybody. Any clues so I don't think that we really know anymore I thought it was interesting about the quarterbacks when I asked them I said. How do you reconcile. Specifically something like. Josh Allen someone like Josh Allen's completion percentage with who he threw two and how you have to kind of think about all of that what he said was. He said evaluating college QBs is much harder than evaluating NFL QBs because there are so many mitigating factors there is the scheme. There is the environment but the spread offense vs whatever in how you translate there is all the talent level around and how the competition early on your own team the competition that. That our group plays against on a weekly basis so I thought that was really interesting and you know you wanna think about that in terms of Josh Allen I think to meet. He's basically saying yet don't just look at the completion percentage are a lot more that goes into indeed that could lead you to believe that. They might like him more than most people think but what else I mean I don't know it just a theory that if you really want to read into the words. He sounded there like. I think I might sound talking about this whole process about how hard it is. And the lot in my mind I knew it wasn't coming sell but the logical next step. From what he was saying by that point. After that would be. And that's why trading up is really dumb because you just don't know what your getting and it's really hard to guess that if anybody bothered to look at the history this draft you would see. Almost every year an example of a team getting that wrong but he did not say that. And the drama builds here about whether they'll do it I mean most of us have been guessing that they will. But you know somebody who looks at that the way he described looking at there should did know at the very least the risks. Yeah on top of that Mikey you'll meet a point again this day. But even if I wanna trade up you know those other people need to need to wanna trade down I can't just don't make them do it agreement you know it's the the less they wanna do it the more it's gonna cost you and I think he's aware of that fact as well and he's used the word ransom many times when speaking about this situation and that's probably. You know maybe putting it out there to let people know exactly do that can give up a ransom per say but. You know it is a valid point that you can't look I mean think about it guys if quarterback does go. Three of the first four or there's a trade that makes for the first four which would be amazing. Even if that happens your your thing again. You know OK we've got to jump up now get the other guy or whatever but once that starts happening those other teams are sitting there in such great positions that guys like Bradley job and say Quan are Oakley. Or Fitzpatrick a war are they quit Nelson. And I would tell you even if you don't need a quarterback you're gonna be like oh my god I can get one of these guys why that have. I ever Trey don't I'm not doing that and I think that's the point to that. You know he. Those teams up there they're gonna get really good players even if they don't need a quarterback that particular lot of them tree down. Puerto I I think the way you just said that there like it if death. The bills were to get less for the sake of this conversation say I'll maneuvered they want to go up that they can't. So somehow all whether it maybe the giants this and aired just for simplicity sake the giants take quarterback. The browns at four trade would someone who takes a quarterback that's not the bills so for guys are gone for kicks in for guys are gone. I would not want to trade up to five to take quarterback. I mean it just would not wanna do that. Unless like Lamar Jackson goes earlier and quarterback five I guess he's the guy that they have like no longer something but. Holy cow it would look like panic city I think if you were in that scenario did that I think. That's just a it it it went the way we didn't want to go and what else can I do and I'm gonna pick someone. Later on 1222. Second round whatever like I just I I would I would blow my mind that the bills reacted that way I wouldn't want to react that way. I totally get it I think the reaction the fan base would be just what you said rate there which really kind of leads to the next point of this which is he was asked. If you don't get a quarterback in the first round maybe even if you don't McCormick at all however was raised. Could you I think was even over all you know could you still having successful draft and of course he's gonna say yes right I mean. But the casino are sort of backed out of what. But but he eat he said yes because of where there are picking. And how many picks they have and that leads to what you're saying which is that doesn't fall your way you're gonna get good players you're gonna you guys are gonna. Wind up hopefully be contributors on your team pretty quickly we'll. A quick break here be back for more of our conversation would sell him pot GO after this on WGR. So watch you know will us. So. To the giants for the browns five the Broncos. Pick any of those you want sell in May be something you've thought about or read. Recently it gives you a clue one way or another what they might wanna do. The browns you know I wonder at one and four here we're talking I still think there is a debate over Alan heard Arnold and I don't know who is at one but I do think it's very very real. That they could take Josh Allen with the number one pick even those so many think. It's Arnold I think it is still very much in question who they take but at number four. It becomes interesting because we know the giants control to in the continued quarterback they might. Welcoming the browns signed Carlos hi they have they have a running game they've been they've been building here doesn't mean they're gonna take Barkley even if he's on the board. I mean I I think Barkley goes in the top four picks guys. But there's a possibility you get to the browser they go and weekend basically pair. Bradley child who. On the other side with miles was the miles Garrett and what my gosh that pass rush we can because you know they have. Problems on defense last year and that would be interesting so I. I think the browns aren't a really interesting situation it for no matter how the board fault they're gonna have a all lots of options to either improve their roster or make a trade. Like the the browns have sworn in for a few started down that road assembles thing and the browns at one in four. And I thought it's actually because shouldn't the browns have all won five. The delegate for that are trying to act. I don't you like how do you to think about it for too long. That's a problem for a joke right if you think you have to think about it the U the last communal but it is one in four is good for the browns and they have one in 32 should man Havel went five and. There's no longer commitment that I did say it or it's not gonna open moments ago on yeah it's just Sam's clubs aren't sorry I missed. I'm sorry. It is there are Sally how Howell and how intricate you wanna get. Is there if the giants. Are interested in moving but don't wanna move all the way down to where you are they can you construct a scenario where it's realistic. For the bills to work out a trade. Between the browns and the giants in the bills where. I I I get my hands on Ford to give the giants so why can get to two but what do I have to do for either team to make that realistic. Look I've seen this theory floated around I've seen people talk about it even people suggest that there are deals already being done in in the making in. You know agreed to upon I I personally think that's very hard to do. There's a lot of moving parts there it's very complicated. And you have to kind of how every one in a way who you're thinking of drafting to doing that I think having Arab half Cuba it. You know because you're you're sitting there you wanna make sure you're gonna get the right guy you're doing this in giving up all these parts yes there is a way to do it. But me and I think the bills now you're talking about the bills now that we're with the bill's point of that situation to one. Do against them move I mean yeah. Look at the more I've thought about this. It's gonna take its gonna take a whole heck of a lot of the two I just don't know what's possible and you might take another two moves I don't know you can do that on draft night and it as we talked about guys like you can't just say hey you're gonna trade up with Denver and that we're gonna trade. 92 when they're on the clock like there's just so many things can happen you have to make sure that everything's going. The right way and you know the browns might mean the Broncos might not know they may say we can't treat that we don't know how it's gonna go once reports that we see. Where one and two are so why would we trade make this deal so. I yes I do think there's a path to that simply given relationships. You're talking about two teams the bills in the grounds that it made deals Tyrod Taylor. That have. Also made a deal member Dorsey was with Kansas City last year obviously there's a relationship there with this regime you're talking about cattlemen and being we know that relationship so there's any. Type of three team. Communications that could. Kind of be easy going easy year that would be it I just think it's way too complicated to really go down that road and get this thing and get something like that. I can't wait to the giants to him it's almost equal low. I think I know what the bills are gonna do whether to have one of these guys that like the most and probably trade trade up and draft mean whoever did whatever his. Possible I think. May be will be stunned but that's kind of what I expect we've talked about it to death I wanna know what the giants are and how the giants and up mean. Eli Manning there to Super Bowl rings. Argument for trying again with him keep back on the big the portrait that Ogletree. Just like let's just see if we can be good. Right now with whatever else. And draft Barkley your trouble implement and maybe he's great right away or. Look at the long term and I don't know me. They're GM is new there he's also 67 what do what is he supposed to be focused on the Null or the future. We guys know what I've said about this from the beginning I mean from the car on the from the copper mine haven't seen you guys. I don't think the giants are taking a quarterback I just don't think that particular GM. And with that team the way it's can currently constructed. And given the circumstances of his hiring in the fact they're supposed to be better than they were last year. Is gonna. Take a quarterback that has to develop and wait and I I said all along they're gonna they're gonna take either. A really good player to help their roster or he's in a tree down to get multiple picks I think they plan on trying to win this year and have to eat wanna do that. You don't take your quarterback I understand they have to at some point. You know address the issue because Eli Manning but. I I've I've maintained for two months the giants are taking a quarterback and I still maintain that although with the caveat that I do believe they might like Sam Arnold enough. If Josh Allen goes number one they take a which takes us back to what when you were out last week Mike and I said the Bulldog on the air. If your bills and even though you might not like Josh Allen. I don't think you want to browse the ticket number one. Is that the browns take browns take a number one Arnold could very well go to and then three is gonna be Rosa mayfield and suddenly you're left with that situation we just talked about a little while ago. And as we wrap it up your Ian Rappaport has that Josh Allen is with the bills today. Yes he's reporting that says that he may make your visit with the bills today. Which is interesting because a lot of people have so kind of set what ever met with Josh Allen yet so obviously don't likable here you go another meeting with them. On official reports that the bills have all kinds of like live weather channel feeds of other cities in the northeast just to show there were not the only one or it's miserable. A lot of places they've got to I've got a big screen up all the baseball both opponents Cleveland Boston Chicago. See where that gets some self thank you. Our guys a problem thank you. Don't sell about GO his appearance on the AT&T and thus again brought you buy outlet liquor need to stock up job New York's only outlet liquor. Early. Voting on Twitter 72%. Say. That it's not a good joke my joke about the browns. Why would abrupt it's actually the browns have one in four because they should have all and five. Most 303 or four people think that's not phony. Thank you other people who think it is funny or patronizing me which picture ID I rural York. It's Twitter poll like you butter it might be if there were picked 01 program the Mike maybe it would make. Me I think it more this way and simple to like me would have gotten. Without meeting of exploiting further yeah. If the grounds that takes two and three they should really probably have 614. One in 10115. Bureau bet that's the one worst they've had one and fifteen who we got a trade. Something here because that's as bright bad karma in 31 is we're just a sitting dock with those texts. That's it for sir thanks to sales will Sigmund bloom today stay tuned the nightcap right Gates's I'm away. We'll be back tomorrow at three on WG. Government. B tree.