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There's a lot figures then too by waiting college quarterbacks is a much harder job than violating pro quarterbacks with systems though talent level some teams that are all spread some conference's play great defense some don't you go all sorts of things that you have to weigh in there those are all part of it but there's no. One factory. That's what this. Overall a fine point. At the very end here Brandon being saying that and he's erupted the next question is starting before he's done. There's no one factor. More important than any other necessarily. Okay. I've read lots of different pieces on that. Whether it's I mean wouldn't be yards per attempt probably but just what was this that football outsiders that we did a show wanted to few weeks ago success. Rates. I'm first and ten getting axed many yards you you know you get a plus or minus and second in ax and how many yards you get. Just basically the overall result all the play this is just hand off. There are a lot of pins sides only about hand size there are a lot of different things to look at. We're stole stolen tools season you know recognize and respect and that's exactly. Right ever want exactly. Sigmund bloom from football guys dot com joins us on the AT&T. Hot line segment is there one. Mat trick you'll like the most for figuring out which of these quarterbacks is the right one please say the end of the best face. The right to practice and completely you know the durable than the ability to host toward Asia. Oh. Look there isn't one and it if there is. Both much art as science. Because it's psychological emotional spiritual that quantum leap that quarterbacks. Have to make at every quarterback. And that's why it's still think that we'll get FL actually at the pretty good job we look back most of the quarterback and a being good you grew in the top five or even. Number one or number two overall. And I think there is he these these quarterbacks the top five quarterback present. But deeper range of outcomes somewhat higher ceilings and lower floors some Ers paper. They need different kinds of offenses. Different kind of a playbook and offensive coordinators. And deemed to maximize their talent and minimize their laws and that's what hopefully all of these. Teams didn't wreck will be competent at. Picking the right quarterback for their philosophy that effort really goes off the real I don't think any of the five are clearly going to be a bust but I aid they're none of them are scared he'd accept either. Some of it of course is how much time. Those the team give them. Right like what it's it that the system is is bias toward waited for the guys who were picked at the top. And of course here we might have for picked in the first four picks so those guys would all get. Presumably plenty of time do. You know to fail. Yes they'll get this into but usually we find it. It I mean there's that completely that Josh Freeman rocker that there really wonder how much injury and had to deal with that you we eat we eat out false start to player's career and and then. We keep them level off the game eventually get the best of them. So. I think for the first. Six or seven really get the bill or that final number is probably we will be. And it is because this is a good class as far as what these players present but even the best. Quarterback. Portfolio. Is still gives you what media. Fifty to 75% chance of having a franchise quarterback and that's because that's good. Call soul all over the top four guys maybe if we have enough time won't get to some some of the elder Russell Mark Jackson Mason Rudolph. Did you have the two of them rained demean. To stop do you do you feel you are just go one by one through them I mean numb how best to proceed your segment. Well it's really just to be on your labor and they're that close of outdated I'm higher on talk Collins and those some term in the topic. Percent power 5% piles of anyone writing about thinking about the draft is that we do. And I think it. He present a lot more than has been built and all of his blog have been overblown. If I had a pocket any. He was asking me would correct pick first so I would probably say he'll Mark Jackson I think became has evolved in a way that makes it is. Talent easier come come maximize. Then they Michael Vick quarterback that rightly people comparing him duke was coming into week I think speaker may feel probably has the lowest viewing. You get the highest award you the one that might need them them as much of audit equator beating him half way as Jackson or Al. Seven bloom from football guys dot com is our guest here on WGR. Any particular. Guests at this point with a as much attention as you've paid to it. How would go was at the top of the draft what you view you like Josh film like you do. And you're the browns and it's sort of of volleyball game or tennis tennis game like it's either Arnold or Allen and her plenty of people saying each. What do you think won't get. It's really equate with the outer Arnold I didn't we've got a lot of credible race now that that's the browser county and I think we'll probably know before the trapped it's trending towards Allen I think they're both worthy of the pick. And I I'll say this if it is Allen will be a lot of Cleveland Browns fans on suicide watch quit. I he taught Heatley is actually theory good person forward Josh Allen avid is the first. Up offensive. Conte leery because he's going to EU and things for him would Ben Roethlisberger with a young quarterback with dealers. Some things in common with. It got talent you would be. Pockets that had integrity he seemed to prosper indeed in the defense for. Outside of the pocket he would take too long in the pocket it happened a good walk and he really thought he's capable but just about anything and that hard he leads. Really breed him in and helped him take what the that would give him and dial things down a lot quicker decisions in the pocket a lot more cobbled pocket so. I I think it makes sense and I think it makes into the wood buffalo because of that cold weather aspect which you know is it really. You hope this. Both these teams you're planning on playing playoff games in January if everything goes right and that becomes important. We do want to say here might trigger if you wanna say here was cold everywhere. But it was not it was. Rush if the Green Bay the Packers even sweeter they got the worst blizzard and hunger in thirty years in Green Bay packers' Lambeau Field is you know sex or snow. And here it's been awful but Pittsburgh is at Pittsburgh and Philly they're playing hockey they're both in the eighties artists are good through the weather map really freaked me out. All impressed Cigna and you're already referenced it that you you are more favorable I'm Alan. Then that may be a lot of people who are writing and analyzing and talking about the draft. How do you explain away or the critiques of him what his flaws and you completion percentage for one. Like we're able to complete your birthday to look it it's there and it's not unprecedented. Break apart with a 52% passer in college. But Matt Bryant was. Under 60% his senior year. Matthew Stafford was down in that range and I think. But they've got to ask why and you have to ask what does the quarterback due to make up for that. And it in these cases you what part Stafford. Have is that ability to make the wait outside of the pocket alliger that he Alec and shrug off. Even deeper into alignment the way Ben Roethlisberger thought they Culpepper yeast do you eat does have not just arm strength but art talent. He make bruise when he beat art that are on the news or hurt with guys. Really in close quarters recant step into the group. It. That is how you can spend the entire field and he's good at extending plays so he can outlast the event's. So he can more than make up for either three to five through them most of game where his accuracy and look we talked Donovan McNabb. It took struggle to five or six years believed they were 60% passing it's what you at all other plate and did Billick got talent shows that you so erratic. That there are some through can't count on him to make that he can make all the Bruce it's just I think he takes too much on his shoulders. And he plays like a quarterback that. They it the way the intra look at Peyton Manning played as rookies where you think you have to make everything on every play. And that and we fathers quarterbacks have theory or accuracy ranking. Well below 50% as rookies because of the style of play. And I think there's a buttressed round and he still plays like that we have the NFL coach. Bridging the gap for him you know not meet the extent that McVeigh or how chain that have but that's the idea if he can turtle cross divert the weight and thought. Carson went in the polls really trust Doug Peterson and frank Reich you know that can happen for him then your then you can get a lot of there's upside in the play. Sigmund bloom of football guys dot com with us here on WG arm which over the bulldogs. Segment we're talking about the giants alive here because of the possible partnership with the bills Brandon being worked for their GM Dave Gelman a lot of people have. I looked at pointed at that point to that as a reason to think a treaty is more likely than not. It if so hum. I'm fascinated by them because. They could go either way me with with Manning still there the GM 67 and I'm by myself holding his age against him. I think they should try to quarterback because there's so much more potential benefit by that and Manning is old but. I feel like they probably won't so is the way you look at football your somebody that I wanted to ask this public what do you think we will do and and should do. I like the way. Brought up that he it. He's seven years old and basically the idea that is that we can have value we players we can project what we think it's smarter what we would do you but were actually projecting what we expect. Happens. That we have to think like that decision makers. And looking at state government to three yeah he hasn't traded down. As in looking at some of the choices he made he took a running back number eight last year in the trap that isn't even close to take on Barkley as far as this feeling the Katherine. Yeah so. Mean it sure seems like and that this thinking the kind of and you could old school white Zelikow a pejorative but it means the old school thinking here is. If you're sitting at number two. Why take a quarterback that may or may not hit where you have some delta some reservations as they're taking a player that you have no doubt about it take on Barkley and that. Feels great if you're. Assuming the mine simply cattlemen based on what we can see from the outside looking in by greet you because I think. The only bright inches here or take a quarterback and look look at next year's class. Mean if you're waiting to take your Eli Manning or placement you're you may not the train here at you but it may not come. For years. Or traded buffalo or tree to Denver or treat him Miami your airs owner or somebody else. And reap all the benefit could eat eat eat the giants are rarely picking up high and should plan on being back. Not taking take on partly which is why that a couple of minutes. I just. I love I love thinking about what motivates you in organization what pressures. Are working on it I would government from above. His age I think is relevant like how long does he think he'll be in the job even like with a long range plan. You know. I'm one hand you'd you you might think. I needed trade back. I should trade back. And the out on the other hand you go. I got a draft quarterback because look at how much the bills are willing to pay you media get all pure and get a quarterback like I don't wanna have to be that team two years or three years from now. Desperate to pay. Quadruple prices to get up into the top. Tour three of a draft to draft someone so I should just take a quarterback play get it it just I would imagine it would endlessly. Leads you to different conclusions if you're the guy doing the job. You're the one about the limits of it it's more stimulating I think if you merger ultimate talking about the draft could implicate eligible ball blocked eighteen building. A lot to be about players what makes them good how you win games. But at the same time. I think that there's it's viewed. At in the quarterback bubble just gets worse and worse and works. And the fact they. You'd give a rookie contracts that were depressed by the when he eleventh EPA. And now you'll be 240 million dollars effort Sam Bradford. At this point executed even or that they've got to get that and did they really understand that the NAFTA with intricate with a rookie quarterback. Contract mean that you tolerate a lower. Hit rate that you do for the other players and I don't know that they release it your business and I think they. If you played a draft that the game becomes apparent immediately but not if you're making a motion based on that. Bias that some people in so positively or their jobs on the line or when your tropical light in May skew your decision making a bad way. And make you only what a big decision you can depend usually ends and you might be hard depend taken quality quarterback when the reality is it's still the Smart decision. The bottom line is no matter what seed BA you're living in Sam Bradford gets paid for everything right that it's the bottom line. All right what any thoughts on Denver likes of Denver science keyed them and and may be the bills have to settle if you will for a trade with Denver but. I don't know how they think I mean I I thought they would still signed Tony Romo last year opulent Elway. Once is veterans and wants to always be going and keep them is some form of that. Some lesser form of that do you see them doing any certain thing. No I mean it's I think there is one of the harder teams to read but I think that if we're tried to hook it. It's seemingly rational coaching and rational he buildings here are the fourth quarterback he's seen them. Makes the most sense that the bridge to baker repealed an idiot part drinks and then think you hardest with the offensive. Scheme block V playbook not being said. The seemed to be more more equipment and the idea that the jet what baker me peeled. The jets moving up from six to three whisper quarterback that people reasonably comparable way to beat need not Arnold not Allen and it may be if if the pride he takes it on park yet make the decision more difficult especially Allan good number one in the word you bought pollute start to perk up. And the I think that it's very possible that they can take a a quarterback there with me field route and I'm not actual or bowel. Of course they could use Barkley with the release CJ Anderson especially they could use. Quit Nelson on the offensive line. But I think that this is what this team that L Elway really call the shots here and await it immediate entry about most teens and I think he's still like Pakistan lynch. I think he'll host a party broker won't be surprised if they pass off on Barkley having an opportunity and take that trade down. With a couple of the good news for buffalo here to. Give it you know that the local relevance is I didn't think that most of us in areas of the pouring out we could see Josh roots and start to fall. And the longest that it. Decision makers. Haven't bought into what I think is some it's worth bunker and aired it about bruised and darker and it and it. To be fair I think it's a good thing in some ways that you will be turned off by his. Independent streak because he can beat an organization that like that and it or they compete at a pot of late will be best if we did take advantage of what he offers. That even the most similarly on the field and a computer mean in the in the book we're looking at a computer minute just a little bit of indication of what kind of quarterback they want at the point in our office. Route and would be the best it he might be who won the cheapest. Boy if the I don't is asking too much but if the bills were really sharp. And me have the best Intel. Then they could predict that if they were right and they can get Josh Rosen without having to trade anything that's a great job. Yeah and there's some talk now summit that the Miami really level through isn't he. So and that's the brought that's where we get to the subterfuge and you know the recycling oh lead nick be addressed them and I'm back from what state that was put out there and computer peeling him on their medical board and now he and Egypt and it would come out and that's all and even to adapt and think that that's just. Total that information but that's the things that start now to maybe. Get a team to this week when you look into his dagger or other right you'll historian at dean don't like uncertainty. On draft night like you think that buffalo and Miami might be jockeying with each other to move up I'd be surprised if my new path on written by do you think. You know a team like pampered Cisco might be willing to trade down. It number nine. And into it if you lay up what this week it looks like the pact which were routines you know Denver and Dallas who rim that. I'd derby to get him and that that may happen went through and it's the bills you hit that hole could treat count twice but what's so exciting it all of these things seem believable rate now. That's that's always even the teams that score on quarterback draft picks often wanted someone else who didn't work out instead. Like Dallas with Lynn should have a press god or underwear England with two brits say. Just such and such guesswork signal you you constructing a scenario where Rosen falls. And that could be good old or are you telling us Mel or maybe both of these things that Rosen is the maybe the best fit for the bills. Boat and I think he could fall and perhaps even past Miami Miami gets the chance to take broke once and it all orchard Maine Edmonds added that the do you work. Pop made the need linebackers relief aptly so. Bait me to use it. They it's hard to say because Miami even the early in the process in January people were blocking quarterbacks to them so I think there is it's out there that the the big bad piece they went on from right and he'll bite you think prisons the best bit you couldn't that we have even really talked much about the Mark Jackson. But Lamar Jackson may end up being the quarterback we look back on it three or five years take he's the best quarterback in the class. And oh but buffalo doesn't seem to want to build a profit for a quarterback like that with you know with what they had in car Taylor and look to something else. Do you. So that's a big mystery Bergen and the of course it at Jack and start to fall. Did you get him possibly winning (%expletive) with the chargers. Saints. Or exclude the patriots then. It and that's where we currently testing it with eat up and go to quarterback and he he put it that you can have a quarterback that they can allow him to deal with these. Teams don't. With these early got the court backs let him develop. And really evil a more competent when he fight except that I think there's something like imprinting the quarterback where the habits they have early. Or what they're gonna take on and they have the it's harder to outgrow them. At Heathrow and a quarterback that over his head you're really are sitting back developed. And the only way oh sorry about it this idea the only way you can get to Jackson. Being a good idea. In the bill's eyes is that they just view him as such are superior prospect Taylor likely they were unwilling to bend. What denizens offense was to Tyrod Taylor skill set. Maybe because they didn't respect his talent as much as you might look at a guy look Lamar Jackson in what he's accomplished even in college. It's like now that's a guy that's worth building your offense. Orchid didn't you know this section does that white board sessions or when you talk about the nuts and also football you can fuel. From Jack and eating get from Taylor. But you know I. I think that the addicting thing going on here is the way to Mark Jackson has handled the draft process where there's. He's gotten hurt a plaque about not having an agent having things go through his mother be difficult to region. I'm like all the other quarterback you always hear these. Herald trumpets went undefeated team for two days and things like that. Which might you find. The heat actually try to control the process and only is going to inflate team in that you want to play for which we think about it might actually be a Smart strategy. In a time when we look at it at the Augusta what we get these murmurs and I believe all the players that he got playing Cleveland. Because certain organizations can derail your career and other receipts and configure success. Signal we've taken a lot of your time is one tell you about your drafting I don't know what you guys are gonna be like I'm full go with football guys dot com rushed the article here in there I'm seeing more in the last few days. Yet if we ripping up and really be kind of opened for business after the trapped but it. The football beat goes year round but I think that does that the mobile crowd commentator should be ready in May or June and between these last few pieces default place and it is a wonderful thing and we appreciate all of the positive the star. You you're welcome it's my pleasure and I mean it Elena turns Cameron Meredith Chris Hogan. I've I've made moves I think have reached in in different drafts reach of these guys and one draft for all three. And that opportunity knock for for all these guys and then the draft pick up some more but I and I think we're gonna see it. Pretty what drafting right now I love the price that you get on rookie running back outside of sparkly ring on it if we saw last year and you're still seeing a discount. On all these running back by I would expect as many in the relevant running back commodity you're class at the what flash is an immediate impact. Slash. That's really good about looking at the teams see you would make room I've picked up till intelligent one in one draft. There there are like. I don't know maybe ten names. Court ordered that you we can you look at the logic in that same high high in the out of and he stayed right in the other when we're either working about the receiver. Good but what really put outlook mar over the top in terms of when he made a few weeks all of the path. Catching a rocket ever to back followed with drew breeze in the paint offence but you are going to get running back. That are drafted you much a part of the passing game as the our writers and in the re getting a point perception that easy cheap points. That's nice there's room for that on the bills even with McCoy here mean that he's not a great pass receiver that there's room for that hearing we never speed alternative them. Matt I like that I Roth what round it is but I like that idea here anyway we get in this summer if it ever comes to talk more outrageous if I look or. Thank you segment is always. Great pleasure thank you.