4-19 Nightcap with Nate Geary & Joe DiBiase HR 1

Thursday, April 19th

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Time to relax and rewire. Novak. Come down over and over there just well let me finish my. IBM's deep sultry air every time I actually try something volunteers like god is gonna gals can be well. Mean yeah I'll be loud and talk override it. We told you volume up. Well you're not guaranteed at the bass player in the draft you draft first you may go your way you want what we want to know why we wanted to know why does your outlook because people. Over valued position at quarterback. Yet at all to me. A great. If you're arguing. It's a nightcap with Ryan gates on WGR. Sports Radio 515. It's just a handsome guy in that is on tonight that means right gates is off. They Kyrie in Jody the Osce Whitney got there Kramer on the board you and updates you got schedule release party there is. Balloons confetti. Catering to cater yes the whole hold rumble of eggs and the young guns. Pitcher. In theory in theory. Were to take your calls this evening probably more so way and the schedule -- happens which is set. To go on around eight or your eight is how it's out is how it's worked in the email that we have so. Obviously having up on the website immediately to be GR 550 dot com Sokol pot you'll have his thoughts. First you'll have them here live at 810. Who will join us in we will talk about the schedule when it comes out there as Derek is alluded to already ban. A number of leaks however the youthful bill schedule has not been leaked so at least we have something to talk about unlike. People in Sports Radio in Baltimore and people of Sports Radio for the jets because their entire schedules have been leaked and it before 6 o'clock I think it was. So yeah they just. I'm glad it happened for us are very adjusting to bike show weeded out the link to that ravens' schedule that was leaked and now when you click on that link it says not found in Johnny who went on it would be maybe maybe your theory that the NFL is trying to grab ratings not wrong so higher ups alike know that -- but think about this for second doesn't that make it more. Likely that that was a legit schedule. This is not no longer I would say that it's it was deathly widget that gaffe or should they would've taken it down that was wrong so I think that's absolutely right which would mean. The bills are playing the ravens in week one which is the exact same matchup from two years ago. Put sixteen. That's accurate yes what a terrible season that turned out to be right. Yes it started that game that was as certain back in the next week. Was the G add. That was the Romans season he got fired after week two dollar ticket player after the re Penske know Hillary fired after the jet skiing on the right so what they're just all that's right others and at home beat Greg salas game. Yes and then in recent critics. It's called excelled at getting ready yet they gave way to play a significant exists flipped into the and that's only caught about it isn't like a play that's his that's his one shining moment for the for playing with the bills or he's given torching are all right that was that was the ultimate and of Darrelle Revis out right to begin of the yen for them. People like he can't keep up and it's like Erica Iran's track that was that a Christmas uniforms do as well as well as the green and fits the towards the end of the gate that would keep reporting and Alex 360. Yards yeah Eric Decker. Rated Marshall was got killed in that game he remembered what what a season that was so. Hopefully. We know we're not getting the jets' week two because other rumors are the jets in week ten and jets in week four and then dolphins suite 1717. Or just got that money at the August the patriots at home so it that that is all pretty much confirmed right that that money ready by job at all all the if ceased being seem to be a pretty much kind of thing and then the bears in the nine. And the Packers probably in yes it and let me tell you what I'm deathly do that Packers. Noted Trenton. I was looking for something what imminently what do you guys ordered Amer I have let you know for a reason to go to Notre Dame no way a lot of Diana's I'm Sean government land. I have not I actually that's one of my things now that I've worked here at the station are they useful time and I'm only. I've made a pact to myself that I'll go to one of waiting every year. Because it like to start seeing other stadiums of Tennessee's to go over the bills for you know most of my teens and my childhood with my dads alike. I'm ready to go see some other stadiums the Lambeau Field ideas really good because that's obviously like. But at Lambeau Field in Notre Dame elected to pinnacles of football in terms of each of the levels of just. Historic and Austin that's right I mean. Thirty stadiums sort of like the pinnacle of college sports. Right or Eric would you not it's reached he set the big house I guess the big house is probably at the big house for navy aegis media sources stage he's meter say a maybe even the shoe in Columbus on. No I don't know I think order game might be more procedures. It's just the university it's the today history islands a shady as I hit three yen may miss Michigan had to minimize the big house via. And how's the August I'll I'll see really you and the irony. It team. To me you know hard you don't have a W AC off. We're human staffed by just anything I see that they they started to wrap there. On campus police cars without 120 add celebrate the national champ and data and gotta love that you gotta love that obviously this evening's. Episode we'll call of the nightcap we will be handling the schedule lease which we mentioned. Scented go about fifteen minutes from now. And don't forget the the coverage of the any NFL. Remote scheduled release is presented by Arthur precedent western New York's traffic in DW I attorney York ticket. To justice soul what we wanna do for now is play you a clip for shall be doubled up earlier. And a friend of mine while it's not exactly a friend of mine but that does some things some podcasting with a Trevor sigma. Of up pew report he's the Bucs beat reporter there and he also. Podcast with John ledger who will be on with me on Saturday. Which I haven't I got a definite promise in addition to that got like a loaded load thing percent but we're gonna go to Trevor sick man now who was with Mike shall. Doubled up early. What are we learn today Errol those things good clues as to how the top of the draft will go Freel. Yeah. The equipment there you in a lot of and I figure but back when people with a lot seeking and that John out lately bigamy and I I think that. That we knew that have yet for what it said Senior Bowl but. I don't think Kuwait and people beat new repeat it came out now they've come out and but I you'd think that. Either one way or the other stuff. I quote or keep information tweaking and even GM. So. I think yeah I think that you cut it came out yet we're year audience on baker may you'll be in the I. He's a heart that you like a smokescreen is some people might think it is I don't really it is genuine. And that it obviously we hear from from Elway to that it hit it Alpert still look at you know you know knocked it in Arnold that you don't know one. I can't help but still it. That the New York Giants. Art that you got a unicorn back there they get up at quarterback and number Q. There ultimately only know the big news is equal Barkley a lot of work are right about that report coming out that while they want it. In that it will require proper it's fine but. I've got to be big element and your. It situation they're in they've got a couple more years let the light and and hope we think we don't want people that I hit it out any time you. So what were your eyes look at that got it could be easy transition feature. If Bob in August that computer screen I've got into that a boat yet again. As quarterback there third quarterback go to junior yet. LA that that is absolutely upper elder and a lot. Ordered the giants the giants were to do that like that is being such a key element to all of this for us here in buffalo look being. Either I guess ideally for someone to fall far enough for them to trade up and yet. Or even just stay where they are although that's probably unlikely the giants. Were to muddy the waters. From our perspective anyways you get the browns take their guided giants take a quarterback the jets take quarterback. Then I'd deploy the Broncos not only. Should get out of there because their guys gone at the jets take mayfield but they could just have an auction etiquette it's stupid. For somebody up there and get that last guy. No one no question and the quicker the quarterback go you know it is this something that people got to think about what went straight area where it hit big move up all that. The quicker. Quarterback go up in front of. That we would the value of the quarterbacks that have yet to be hate. So you get three quarterback he'd just go boom boom boom 123. That all that. Edgar I think equipment or ever five but it that it that tacky looking to move up by and you know it here don't it BP obviously the bill. With air that she treats with their kick. You're talking about all the players are near where allow you might the only stocks rose and or Josh Allen or the mark acts that are left but and you're gonna get in the middle late into the first round and keep organized start talking about me and rural like I that you got a trade up or at all week. The quarterback domino starts orderly so that. No question. Which entered the drivers eat pretty tired but it would be do is get to determine how a lot of direct support goat because they have. Hide it in and they have potential to pick. Opposition is important that the quarterback is so yeah it really indicating with a giant if you look at. No no question in any quarterback. Or. And you know what she's start the inning against teams that might be trade for quarterback you did not treat upper quarter. Then it you know that the value Greece you'd everywhere in big here really wild. Court or court. Trevor sick tomorrow with us at Tampa Bay tray teary on Twitter talking NFL draft Mike show in the Bulldog here on. WGR. Well Trevor this probably comes as no surprise but we've been talking about that giants pick for months. Because it's not only do do we think the bills need a quarterback they seem to want one. They have loaded up with draft picks their Giambi worked for the giants GM and Carolina. What is in your mind the likelihood of a trade. You allow that tee it up in you know. I don't think the well hello he knows. It moved well. You know oh it's well out eight Asian. Acting in that. That is true weather's going to be number Q number four number five never step. It does their prime spot because when you start it a little later and act. And you allow you that dole at Q for sure it. Just start getting involved in a leader and speaker about adding mine needs at quarterback figures noted that well at night at the patriot but. All. Or moving. I think the builder in crime issue and should be able to outmaneuver Al the ideology but that got to do it right. I think it would cost them. Quite a lot never get the public eat. What you remember Q you treat again hypothetical as well who wanted me puke on the board on it. Allen road or on the board that giant to control that it. They're gonna feel they whatever they want act like oh you know you wanna treat it that eroded by. Arizona is trying to trade 21 round pick in the future you get from eight and now you're. Quarterback you don't you don't want. And so that it change in dynamic when it all comes out to itself. At football or removal number Q can get caught in quite a bit but I will it. They seem like the only team that could really do so they're thank you bet. You've got to make sure they don't play themselves or play against themselves they don't they don't be too much more than half. You because they're really do think that a deep he might be seated at quarterback in the giant might say they were called in calls from the scene. The book of note they got that. It all of that all term that even though they might be kind of desperate to get up and get court. Where they have that the 21 round picks is really what the key to that is. And no one oil knowingly as that of both of those Pixar are even behind Buffalo's second. First write it I think it is the key to it. And we've we've spent some time crunching ideas here. Trevor about whether or not they can find a team to deal with so what Gary did would Cincinnati but. Another team closer to the top of the giants find a more palatable at the big the big problem. That I I find is getting the giants to wood to a greeting go from two to twelve point yes you have to pay a premium but like. What they even do that the giants are positioned to pick. One of the best non quarterbacks in the draft that they want and by moving to twelve though like Bradley Charles Barkley like that maybe even make Fitzpatrick at all. Right right and that's why don't we use. Yeah something like that up and move monopoly you'd like and yell let either that that be at the very. It though. Yeah I mean that they would that is obviously try to get it you time. It for the rat. At that we you're looking at Cleveland. You're looking at. I with the Broncos out of date thought about it stale. It can't debate that it even wary eye covered out your key in light he'd be GM. He is a former director college doubting that I need is way up you know ranked yet doubting you. That you let me and they tree orgy appear all. Earlier it not even. That law the third round pick the gut now. They're rabbit forget we are all a pretty big deal and I think that you get a political future but you know now they're in your radio. Mantra we get it rolled round we don't need they're up. But yet we EG what you want you but what it straight back but they they swap seven when he he'll inherit big jump we might be able to get. Next here in eco pick this year now you're talking about buffalo night that ended well. I move up where you want Johnny but absolutely. And market there in the mood to treat back. They wouldn't get anything close you evident welcome or something like that and so if there look at them in the eighteen number Q. There obviously convincing themselves in the sub can be worked in the I write that but does so Kennedy or. That and how I see. Trevor sick among with a us talking NFL draft you're on WGR. Along with a long time ago this conversation Trevor you slipped in you think it's darn old Cleveland that one right. Yeah how it. Sorry I don't know how how solidly do you do you think so because part of our. Analysis and discussion here has been whether. If if it's Josh Ellan what that might mean to the bills may be that we don't know for sure with the bills prefer of those guys and even whether Cleveland mighty. As has been. Rumor not that anything has been rumored but if they wanted. Someone like if they wanted element could get the bills who might want Arnold to one that that might be in their best judgment. Yeah I think you know we heard reports. Couple weeks ago. I mean QQB it appeared that there really was. It in the beat Arnold number unless the browser absolutely blown away by street at at. Wouldn't want it now can eat that open court that at. There are other quarterback that they like in this class that it would be OK with depending on how are they yet then having the number oral topics certainly help needed any kind of entry ignite. You know I'd even put them number orbit they know they all at their lowest one but. But really you'd think Arnold. But and it. We heard it right Eaton and later on December January you really what Bettany. Josh Allen and been named throw around energy because we got the immediate grand EO Rick but. Account that I need it they're kicking job on a number one. It. This is that it should not good. Forever I think they were turned back to work. You are or what cards so much against you forced him to make up for reform in college because. Yeah well we all know court if it in and week talk about. C quarterback do well albeit he got so much potential accredited big you don't hear a lot like got out when it. Acting like he's the only other number one our choice it would probably aren't here. Beyond the bigger. Ernie and it is what is the potential for a quarterback does not come. They're big army air the bagel the Accenture and everything out there. How that truck that the game. How they are still more your thing and meanwhile Josh how they. It even beyond that may have. He didn't. He didn't he uncertain re there are even watching that you can he was definitely has become procure and there are certain call that the lie be confused at that should not. That and tell you he's still a work in progress and yet and work him and so. The only Abbott crap like this I wrote the best quarterback in the extra personally if you ask me. But tack greedy or talk about jockey Alan Ball at a a guy who. Much more mentally ready pretty well but it too long yet there is circle background I end up 88 dark you know. So the bills but they've they've got maybe a couple of different dumb. Agendas they could follow here I mean the the the big move which would maybe take some work even a trade. I had a time to get them in position to get to two but that's the best the monster and that's what you do if there's a guy you just gotta have you don't like any of the other guys. Then there's may be the I don't know the position that might be described as settling I doubt that they would say that if the news conference should they do it but sitting back. The draft starts and you wait to see what happens. We have with Denver's pick at five and whether the giants do take a guy or stay there and take Barkley your job. And does Rosen start the ball was Alan Ball. I don't know does mayfield somehow get past the jets maybe he doesn't get past the Broncos like your eluded to but. But there's there's liking the fourth or fifth guy off the board and moving up to do that. As opposed and that doesn't cost as much of course is going to help all the way to two. Yeah I don't like it. The cart come into giant than it is now debate they say well Barkley or Bradley cut what I eat at like if they don't take it quarter. That bill there was a scene back in every single older they app in the building got a call because that will eat you know. You're going to be in the position to grab one knows. It either or or and so you have got to be you or you're gonna be really big deal it for the next thirty minutes of real and you have got to I think. Be making sure that. They need quarterbacks you've got up and the price to be a little bit let but. It sure that there the next scene straight collecting at the Beck in there another name I do New York giant it and back isn't a quarterback. Did that thirty minute sit there and they're all the work he's going to be very hectic. But I think they're an absolutely be in gonna move up could become a lot more audible. Or or Trevor any questions for us. Dot. We covered government you yeah I've I we get it you know if anything go in at outlook. How cute are they move up or quarterback but I think mostly quickly discovered that there ethically. It it seems to me like if they don't do it they're gonna die trying. But he really didn't do it could be where the bill but latter scenario I just described they wait. Because they couldn't make the deal with the giants didn't wanna pay the price of the giants and wanna move whatever that you can't do that. And then there are guys in there so they just stay put. Or someone pays Denver or Tambo or Oakley anyone of those teams that are between Miami and and Denver. Someone else pays a premium of the bills just couldn't stomach. I I think did you ski either outmaneuvered. That's the only way they don't come home the quarterback and move doing it because they they seem hell bent to do it to me. Yeah make then make a young quarterback. You want. What would go bottom line is. Right Trevor thanks for your time and enjoy the draft. Yeah that's right and you're welcome. That was Trevor sigma there it is you probably heard during the interview could follow him at Twitter. Our follow him on Twitter at Tampa Bay Trace so we're gonna take a quick break when we come back. You were gonna start. The premature process. Talking about the schedule release that's why we wanted to. Break up a little the monotony and it's been going and since we've known all data schedules coming out today and afterward as will make Joseph talk about how. Each of the picks is going to affect the bills this season in a very in depth way so stay aid to stay really fast food. For that are they carry Jody BSE. In dare Cramer here on the night kept on WGR. And. Where do and. That's right for exactly. One week seven days. Give or take. And a half hour and a half hour is still. The draft is finally here in weakens start talking about the players that the bills actually have instead of speculating on which ones they will. Are you guys excited about that. Oh yeah perfect I'm I'm I'm so excited I can stay up until 4 am doing talk about it. It's funny you say that because we will have draft coverage we will be reacting to your tracked drafts. Thoughts results whatever happens. During the first round we will be I will be on from eleven until one following Murphy he will be with you for the first round in me. 111 and then join Derek from one to four so if you're the kind of person stays up all night. A lot of these guys if if you're if you're up for partying over whichever quarterback we've got. On Thursday night on this or did it right back to Mike his conversation where it's party. Is it part of every day or party every day I'll end this all my gut this is raising an activist awareness as part of Allah dates that you. We I don't prejudice I don't I don't doubt Joseph he's here now how long he said something. It's I want a rock and roll all night and party every day you thought it was part of every guy. At that like yeah I think. And I explain it I guess I just. I just digs at an offense to say you know predict you can't our goal every day. Yeah that was hit out was the crux of the if your rock and roll and all night then your parting every day. And that harmony for our roster and are only part where exactly I guess here is actually also makes sense and eight cents but it it's not. I was arguing that it makes far more sense I'm glad I think more I think more so its second in his rebel let's give you. An update of the leaked. Scheduled games so far we have 123456789. To little more than half the schedule released week one. At the Baltimore Ravens so that is up and these leaked. Let's start with the one we know at least it's somewhat confirmed that's the Monday night week eight game. A guy home against the New England Patriots at the we all remember the last time the bills were at home prime time against the patriots press got rusty so nicely. Tweet out a video of the last time that they were here on prime time Randy Moss had four touchdowns against the bills and I want it lost 56 to three. Six to 1056. Pan 56 tat I was expecting I was the perfect season I was thinking I sat like six rows behind the England match. And at times it was so quiet you could hear is that talking on the sidelines there. Was it a I can't believe that that team that was lost mentoring. Lost on sort of a game. A preacher lost was at work citing the bill. Pops us to a seventh is Edwards is an only traffic was an. I'm as good as it was awesome until someone tells me to let let's I remembered at a dozen bills I think come down and score on the opening drive and I remember being like. Our I let jury go to put some primetime for reasons let's go to seven. Now you're way off I am I out yet. And I never than scoring on one of the first drives in my thugs that are the bills are to do what they're gonna be the ones that snapped the schedule than the pages were that 53 points. It's a good time now that was actually don't know that really kind of ruined my it was our favorite runaway until November token was trying to. Is. Yet I mean a thing. Exactly think I was right but I had a pretty good feeling about it I don't think it was 2007. It wants to does wasn't yep it's 2007 it was Trent Edwards and it's. We've lost so we got back team on October 29 Cincinnati they'll be a lot of people in costumes probably go with it it can we just talk about some of the stats from the camera Qwikster. So that 56 to ten game against New England. 141. Downs for the bills offense Apple's Lawson. Portal yards 200 in 29 him. A 151 passing yards which is just exactly the same a lot of passing yards the week before where they beat the dolphins thirteen to ten cash. They had 78 rushing yards. The bill won the week before with 214 totally our top that's. You know that's. Doesn't selling an exciting win but it and now it doesn't. But this game look at today at two turnovers not turnovers for how many points the patriots scored a must have scored an average they get so I defensively so this should be doing lit offensively 31 downs. 510. Total yards 383. Passing yards and a 124. Rushing yards one touchdown currents are you one turnover you have players that's in front of you for Americans could I wanna I wanna guess years. Their meeting had to guess well who their leading rusher was that game and I wanna gas the name Laurence Maroney you know that's actually. One. I don't know I don't know wanted to bring that name up because I Matt Cassel went two for two when that game fours yeah patriot. Engineered lockout that canceled J. P. Losman was the quarterback for the coming balks gonna be my guest just to see if it's different fifteen to 2673. For sex. In that game do you know who. The second leading rusher in that game was the bills. The sack of our pressure yes because the leading rusher was J. P. Losman. What do secondly you're asking me am guessing you got aunt never show up early and tell you will not where I feel like he he's challenging me here guys is not for you are only adding I might not our show lake. It is somebody that you guys are never going to guess. Dominique give you a hint we're gonna do let's ask you got that your victory here at the hits he was a long time Chicago bear player. I am your brother looks like he is things are rolled and is it looks like he's hanging up the canyon. I got named Atlanta humane. And it was these first initial and then train. A way out of danger Thomas Anthony Thomas HI Omar H fraud electable eleven carries 31 yards. Back it up RE dot and then Dwayne Wright had a carrying out durable back ya I've ever and a. This is horrible. Let's hope it goes better this year. Are obviously has made it well obviously you wanted to know who the leading rusher was for doing remarks Bernie all day. Now expects. Tom Brady. What would make sense. That it marks Brody had six carries the game but he was the third leading rusher and ball can give it to me who's number one. He advocates. The full actions. The plane back ten to six. The Big Apple background rent for charity care invent the other leading rusher in that game with ten carries forty yards and touchdown. Kyle apple. Never another network back. Another full and therefore that's how I have a combined twenty carries so I can and just I can go coaches' eyes he's I'll I'll probably thirty at some point he's like you know what. Let's just let's just stuck Schiller how good we are we gonna throw a full backs up there and Watson still not be able to stop loss and they can. He DeVon six yards a carry Donte' Stallworth had five catches for 56 yards and a game Randy Moss ten catches 128 yards for touchdown great fancy. Ben Watson Neitzel day three catches for three yards. Doubt what a weird weird you probably led the way receiving for the bills up euros price. Now John Nelson. It was Josh Reed three catches 44 yards Lee Evans four catches forty yards Michael Gaines. One week it's. What do game. What a good stuff that was a night game so Erica watch that the expert in this college of reliving that nightmare. For is that we eight gain this year the first prime time game home against the patriots since that one after that. What was the last prime time game they play against patriots would have been the Leodis McKelvin Allen and you Monday night game yet there. That doesn't know I was in the next season it was two seasons after that wreck dot com bowl teams were throwback uniforms yet the bills will indeed want girls to those illegal white with a standing by Oklahoma yup. So we said we want. So far the league schedule says we've won at the ravens week for that Green Bay which we were talking about trying to figure a way to make your way up to Notre Dame and Campbell for that one we just have the entire Monday night schedule. The release out in the bill's taxes on so. And that's the only one. Yes it's a real nice if deals are the only ones are the only front and in I would assume that those likely to Thursday night game. We don't know that. All we ever with interesting here though is this is. Conflicting with earlier reports that the lions and jets we're going to be the first Monday night game. Yes not this as. It does it. Anti in my madam my mistake it's tweet it out in order and jets a guy is on ignore it it's okay because let me tell you what. That's a terrible opening weekend that's probably what it's going to be tomorrow at the Laura has turned in a Thursday nights and they actually if there's a double very nice uses it's always the double header in the first game is always trash. Well let's let's run through these are quick but yeah they're they're compatible or not are so these are these are not nor by the way of Redskins Eagles. As per usual I watch that's like got captured Broncos Broncos or raiders rivalry games are always a little more fun. Broncos. Broncos raiders chiefs Broncos and Redskins saints titans cowboys then you get the patriots bills jets lions. Giants 49ers Y giants falcons 49ers Packers chiefs rams. Steelers Buccaneers rams raiders. Hawks with a hot Seahawks I got it bears titans Texans vikings Seahawks seat papers into a I got I don't think you're some like it. This and decent match it's on looks alone is not football league and then there's the jets line Thursday night is reportedly in rumored to be better than that that's pretty good that's not an awful wide so. Thursday night must be. Realize. Is that I I I kind of like a Monday night till there's not a lot of games on the regular I don't really wanna watch. Maybe titans cowboys. That's a pretty decent one and affable schedule but. From the. At least from what I've heard in some of the indications are that president's schedule. In another thing another team to that is seeing themselves a whole bunch I'm not. In prime time is the same score 49 as the Jimmy grapple effect five gas in prime time. For the younger guys outlast what do cornerback and euphoria it is exactly what we're letting you Korea. 8030551. Tripoli fight you to fight fifty dollars in numbers to call you and Collins for Joseph and I we are talking schedule right now we just were. Speaking about in sort of releasing to use the leaked Monday Night Football schedule which shot features the bills at home. Against the New England Patriots and I'm trying to find the tweet that I was reference and for the rest of the X file away so what's that. The last time the bills and patriots play in a money football was that three to thirteen loss where us and you are content stepped out of bounds in the clocked in stop. Rights. Rates. Couple years ago member at least two years past. You either cattlemen are an Angel and the ref blew the whistle on you end result was actually an ounce there was no reason he blew the whistle number that game or anything about that game is at New England. Pitcher's game is really sort of Doug Maroney going or not I'm not Rex Ryan. Its first year thanks Tony okay you have an ethos okay bills were down one score I think the date late maybe where they were that close the whole game. There. It's not really. It's not coming back to me. So we went through ravens Packers both on the road home against. The patriots week eight Monday Night Football week nine the very next week home so too in a row home against the Bayer's and they go back on the road we Tenet the jets' week thirteen. On the road against the dolphins week fourteen that next week. The jets week sixteen at the patriots home a cell again to see no likely going to do the same thing last year where they may not play divisional game until. We tent. We hate. That's going to be yet they're gonna they're gonna play seven games I'll play divisional game this year which is interest. Bright eyed girl jam packed to the on again and again last year so the last two yet the last five games are all divisional games. Wonderful. What is gonna have huge ramifications for the playoffs if you know. They're going to be there which do we do we and we don't really knows star quarterback for. Andy to. Mean Brady hasn't firmed. Technically I guess I think he has confirmed what he wants new contract in the Martha and that he wants new contract. Does that I didn't sub radio I'm just stop. Dolphins to draft a quarterback jets are probably go a major threat to Barack is Josh McCown still starting for them by week ten. It's interesting you talked about rose and being off to general manager deaths are so Benjamin Albright I needed. But 1015 minutes ago. That Josh Rosen. Is off of two teens boards there picking in the top six my immediate thought was the browns would probably be one of them because they are also. There's been talk throughout the offseason the Rosen when wanna go to the browns in the first place so that could mean he's not on Cleveland's board. And their doubted Arnold and Allen by most people's accounts and I don't know we get a team would be but. You've got the Broncos the jets and the giants in a top six. I don't know who would have been. That's not ideal. For grew for the I just don't like I just don't really like the. And like that had an all who. Rosen because this is bad no doubt that he could fall wolf that all right right also reported last terrified of him in the idea that he could go to England as she stated that would be mean happen. If that's made it happen. I don't not terrified of that I would be terrified if it happens but I'm not very confident the new England's could be able to get high enough to get him in the first place. There are many teams any quarterback had an troop and he's left to your prospects. But the bolts then what 2331. I mean that is to first romp and yeah your right but you've got to convince team to fall back basically just the conversation we're having with the bills and early offseason. How or even convince teens dropped all the way down between one if New England somehow jumps up from 23. To. Somewhere a little bit higher before draft night that I'm really gonna be worried about it but. How are they gonna do that I don't I don't really get that they're gonna have to. May who jumps I think to get to Josh Rosen. And do they have the Kennedy and out of it yet that that that that would probably that would probably be right I think to. The interesting thing and I think there instinct position the bills have put themselves and and maybe just by. Happenstance is I think any trade off for the team gets whether it's. The browns for the giants that you brought it to the opposite five the colts at six the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at seven. Any of those teams that it a trade offer let's say New England calls hey we're looking at may be moved our 21 round picks move up. I would have to think each of those GM says are let me put you on hold. And then they put Brandan began taunting I got two for shopping extreme wanna give up your your your batter. Both of them are ordered them about like so that's the one that little sad and that's what the bills have for a lot of cases because. Let's say team like Arizona wants to move up in the earth sixteen. And they're willing to trade nineties first round pick a sec round pick this year and let's say a third round pick next year or something crazy like a big hall. Don't say it. Delicate trade lacked any one minute and then they're gonna call the bills and say listen here's what I got are you gonna give us two beatable you your two for tropics are sure will make the move though the bills. In a position where I think they hold a lot of they hope it ships in a sense in it simply don't because they they may not be able to get the guy they want but in my opinion. They hold some chips because the idea is that teams. They valuable picks it seems they're trying to move up. There wop and especially knowing at the bills are one of those teams that you want to move up other GMs know that other GMs know well that the bill's picture better. They wanna move up we might as well just double check that before it make this both. Well let's think about it if it's New England for New England even heavy shot Josh Rosen is I think we just figured out is they're back and of the do it. By jumping up how to somebody to do it up the only way I think they're getting shot at Josh Rosen if if he truly falls. Like people think that he could and Benjamin Albright's leading the charge on that with his reports that he could fall. We're yet the faulty you would have to. Basically the giants couldn't draft a quarterback Denver contract accord at Miami wouldn't draft a quarterback just for them to get a shot at him what via. Reports that the lions. Are coming to the bills. On January 16 that makes it sorry Jeremy 3 December home games ways January you said January's December excuse me. So it's 3 December games December Tony's its December 16 there the Detroit Lions coming to buffalo that's the report right now Aaron. OK well let's go to break sort of come back we will. Old maybe have some more clarity about the schedule go to break in at 8 o'clock we will be full bore into the actual full bill schedule. And laughs out Patrick Jonas at 810 as well you're listening to the McCaffrey here at the beach here. Look at all the different options we got to see what's gonna you know if we're gonna move back we've got to vote. We got to go back and look and say okay where did what we think we're gonna get a remote back brace we got to go through every different scenario as we move up what's it gonna custom of opens are worth to move up so although scenarios will start work on Monday. That day's hall of fame quarterback Andy GM for the Denver Broncos John Elway talking about that number five pick. And his openness and willingness to move down which did the all rumors are that he is willing to move out of that spot which is. Certainly good news before the bills may Kyrie Jody BIC Derek Cramer here with the F bring in you are special edition of the nightcap where we unveil the Buffalo Bills. 2018 and a full schedule so. When I think and who should probably take. Should a break earlier than we normally do so we're back right at the top of the hour for when that schedule is set to hit. And I would think what well what yet. Go a little bit longer in bed corporate events that we only have like three minutes and then the update Manson guy that's that is true that is that is true. Are they ever tell us they're really quick by with a New England could get grosans really. If Cleveland goes Allen bills get darn all the jets gave me field and and the giants Broncos end. Dolphins all pass on quarterbacks all doing would have dues in front of Arizona. Here's the thing and this is always this is always to me anyways the I think it doesn't really get talked about when you're talking about these sort of scenarios is. Although yes like when you get to whatever it is pick five and they don't take a quarterback and you get from six until eleven and the right there isn't a quarterback coming up the board the problem is once quarterback. And I don't think. The drop will be honored the fall will be on because here's a thing. I just think when he dropped if if let's say Rosenthal the fourth quarter active roster and he's there at seven. Like a team's mood up. If he gets to set Bradley did it didn't think they were gonna get this but what I'm saying is that those three teams all went quarterback in those other three teams I mentioned weren't gonna do it. You only two other teams I think might treat upper Arizona in New England into England has 21 round picks there is no it doesn't have. OK so we do have an official schedule relates. I shall Mike wrote act of ESPN has just tweeted out. The official what little schedule which was released on the Buffalo Bills website. There will be two games on fox the rest are on CDS in one game on ESPN open on the road at the ravens week to. Home against the chargers week three at the vikings spent at. Green Bay on September 30. So what eight top start of the season there for the bills. There's a really good chance they might go away and for a guy at first opened five titans at home the week after the first. October game 1 PM at home that back on the road to they play four out of five. On the road. To start the season right after the beginning to get that's a tough schedule the Texans on the road October 14 the next week on the road at the colts they get rid of those. AFC east goes to its south opponents that there's that Monday night game. At home week 8 October 28 against the patriots week nine the bears we tend at the jets' bye week week eleven. That he got home against the jaguars this is restart your home heavy stretch in November so a lot of cold games in buffalo which is what everybody was essentially not wanting. But here we are November 25 homer get to Jack's December 2 1 o'clock at the dolphins which will be nice for the people that like to travel. Down to Miami and the next week week 14 December 9 the jets then the next week of course the lions that's December 16. Home against the patriots. And then odds are a way at the patriots at home against the dolphins the close of the season will continue. Bringing you winnable goal of that schedule ghetto we come back we'll get your reaction to aid with real by fifty. One Tripoli by 52 but that the coverage of the NFL schedule leases presented by our depressed and western Europe's traffic in DW I attorney. Your ticket to justice Lake Erie Joseph dvi as he Derek Reimer when we come back we'll continue our release of the scheduled talks here on WG earth.