4-19 Nightcap with Nate Geary & Joe DiBiase HR 2

Thursday, April 19th

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These cell comply GO. Well cup unsealed. I'll go bungee ills go about shield itself apology go down coupons GO. I'll look upon GO sound coach but I feel on WGR. All right big -- back here the official release of U 2018 NFL's schedule brought to you by Arthur Pressman in western New York's trafficking DW I attorney your ticket. To justice go to the AT&T hot like now soak podshow joining of course sales appearance. Crusty by now but liquor when it's time to stack up so shop every day at New York's only outlet liquor sale first thoughts of these schedule. Other than it being really hard I think we all knew their opponents going into this and it was going to be difficult schedule either way but the what is it it's it's. By. You blow yet by games on the road in its that's seven right by and sentiment that's a really difficult start of the season. Considering that on the road as the vikings Packers Texans and colts in the ravens as well so a lot your your. Basically year your off the cuff Dotson on Sina scheduled for the first time. While it does seem hard core I hope I never go by that. I think you exchange all the time honestly although it looks like a really hard schedule and apnea are scheduled to be really easy schedule. Few years ago the bills allele that their plane it was a division there although there. It's the year to you know how to get them Mika and get the playoffs and it turned out that division turned itself around whatever was then. Maybe last year hoping. That the Atlanta Falcons or as good as or thought they would you know where it would be early in the year so I ever think about harder easy and you think about location. A game time routine things like that it's insisting immediately one prime time game. And that is against New England Patriots and you know I'll go back to and we had this conversation just in case it may hasn't heard it. That the owners meetings had a conversation might Rico he told me. Then of Britain at the that you like coming here Monday Night Football in primetime and he's always loved the atmosphere it's the only way to do it is via. A named team marquee team because the bills don't have necessarily that draw and actually appeal with players and certain players in the team and you know the quarterback isn't that schedule comes up for the draft stuff so I always thought it could happen as long it was only the patriots that was all. They can really be the team that would be here in buffalo on Monday night that's what it is by the bills fans for them that's good I mean look you get the patriots at home on Monday night. In October the patriots usually don't hit their real stride until November probably maybe decade something double team that's cool. You know date and the you know this from being around football coaches love routine. Off by fifteen games at 1 PM I can guarantee you Sean McDermott's perfectly fine with that because. They don't change anything all week on Thursday night no short week work week no longer workweek except for the one there was the Monday night game and over teams and when I guess they like I don't like Kevin. All those oh home games in December I think it's tough sometimes you know lomb. You know. When it comes time it weather wise and things like that for someone who's got on the sidelines but that's a personal issue with third its first world problems that's okay. Brian and I tell you firm from my standpoint. All these 1 o'clock games I'm thrilled about it is that yeah come out of the station by 8 o'clock to get to watch that Sunday night games like. This is pretty good for me I'd allows this edu to the last in a different. What does that four games five games in December 4 of the last six schemes. At home so a lot of December football. What are your thoughts on that it it it obviously to they've got. The jaguars at home and they've also got the dolphins at home December 2 Florida teams need to get the advantage there. Well look I mean any of the dome team to write unite and get dull our team common and no they're from Detroit so I always think about that as things maybe matter. At the end of the year yet the jags in late November yet the dolphins in. December he had a dome team in the suburb maybe that'll help. You know it was beneficial last year to at least have that in front of you when you're in the playoffs Max he's you know what. He's finishing games which are also conference games and these things can matter look last year which was actually. After opening with the jets and bills that play another team and their own division until the jets in week nine. Then they had obviously all those division teams at the end of the year pats and dolphins twice in the last what four weeks five weeks. This year the patriots in week eight is the first division game. And then. The remaining five division games are all week allowed us are in week eleven right last seven weeks of the year it's crazy. Let's seven games the year so once again you're packing and we tent you've packed in all of those educated at the end of the year which is. Kind of odd so they were to see a lot of teams you don't normally see early in the season. And I think it's adjusting to because you see the start of the schedule and that's you know it's not that it doesn't look the easiest thing you mentioned kind of how you go about. You know looking at teams this early on we don't know where they're going to be but considering that three of their four. First games are on the road you'll look at. It's very possible and I look the schedule I think how that could possibly sorrow for a on five that's not out of the realm of possibility but then I look at really from week ten. Six of the last seven opponents are all AFC opponents if they start horribly. Let's say they start one and 4014. Bit got a really good shot towards the end of the season when there may be playing better as a better unit. At home a lot of home games so this schedule sort of sets up well for them at the end of the season if they start portly let's say. Yeah that's again I mean I don't know. You know we can we could sit here and debate the cows come home with a going to be. You know first 45 games they can be one and 4412332. I don't know I mean yet if they start portly. Are you have a chance to turn around and I understand that and that's true but would the home games. You start well. And I'll Sydney commodity pretty hot here lake. You know we're sitting pretty good here where at the after the body will be a whole lot and we're going to be in good position noted that we're kind of controlling things here so. All those things matter I think deeply into it so it's interesting that. Yeah I looked it's the patriots came there though I think it was a Monday night at two between Halloween week I just think that's going to be. Crazy as the first Monday game where field that decade the last one was 2008 now. We had a Thursday night game here at the jets couple years editors in a game against Miami of years before that so you've had those games at night but. But it it football. At that stadium in an Orchard Park first time in a decade which is going to be pretty interest. I think too we were talking about the last dollar salads like that it breeds gonna bring back some memories of that game in 2007. At home on Sunday night the last primetime game at home that they played against the patriots. And we were talking about that game do you I don't know if you hope you're listening because I have to as well last Sunday night it was the last primetime what allocating your right yep last Sunday night game they played that's less and that game they played and then the last when they played at home gets patriots but. You don't put the leading rusher for the bills was in the game. I don't know who Larry let me guess what that was 20072007. J. P. Losman quarterback. There. Starting running backs of Fred Jackson was is this didn't really play much. So wouldn't. Mean. There was a joint. Well I mean was it training camp that's good it just yet. Marshall all know so he I and I and I think this this hit might give it away but longtime Chicago bear. Longtime Chicago there. No I don't remember Anthony Thomas. How she's the HP eight train. Yeah right that's. It raise that kind of goes to show you how well on its ban to select the bills last played a son and I game. And I don't know at I actual disappointed that they didn't get a Thursday night game I don't necessarily look forward to them sale but. I kind of seems like everybody plays a Thursday night game this year the schedule though looks to be a lot more competitive than it's been in the past two years do you think there's maybe a more effort by the NFL to make those games on Thursday night since it's kind of the beginning of the the football week. To be more competitive this year. Well that there absolutely is that they've they've stated that that's the reason the reason is because. It's on fox I'll talk fox and fox basically said if were gonna bid this much money you're giving us better games and that's basically what happened. So they need they wanted a better schedule they've done away with the color rushing that it wanna make it more than wanna make a Circuit City where they wanted to get real football. You know so that's what's gonna happen now and in you're getting a better schedule welcoming. The bill made the playoffs last year they were they were you know one of twelve teams to do that. They got to make the playoffs to three years are electing to start getting the primetime respect and that's really what it comes down to. Unfortunately I. For me just as it in a football school when you see your team there in prime time and it's great that the image to do that I urged in why. People are Sadr think they deserve more than that I do but. But with this league works Buffalo's fifty something market in the country not a big. City. And it's good that that western diseases as it is you're gonna you don't have star power on the team right now and LeSean McCoy I think is a big name that resonates around the league. And you're gonna have the wind a little bit more winning once and getting the playoffs is nice he got a little bit more I think to really get. The Thursday the Sunday the Monday night cruise and production people the people make those decisions say yeah we want this done on during those times. Cell you'll have eighty your thoughts up on the web site here tonight or tomorrow. Oh it's going to be up rules will soon real soon I thought today out. Republican rated that that Monday night game and the routine of the Sunday 1 o'clock in the editing that things that I focus on so will be. Put someone up there and I'm joined Howard tomorrow from 8:9 morning showed there is out so organize to that as well and dissect this. Perfect well thanks for hopping on the sale will look forward to your article but to be Jeter affected Beckham otherwise have been. I Obama thank you thank you sir so much of their his appearance brought to buy outlet liquor when it's time to stock up. Shop New York's only outlet liquor so we got sales thoughts there what's yours yours 8030551. Triple five to two to fight it is numbers to call your thoughts on the newly released schedule. Which I find to be. I think that first stretch of four games can be really tough for the bills I was the only one game at home September back Sox. And I know it's gonna suck for my. Pregame show partner Jeremy White who likes to after our show's got the parking lot most of the spam is out there at the parking lot tailgating ought not. And he's gonna have to mostly do it in the cold by the time that part of the season comes around to me not be pretty football. Based on the rest the schedule. As a match it with real fight 51885222550. You can tweet yet yet bakery to BG architecture thoughts at. To be GR affected piece of jello you or back there you while I was on your or your thoughts when you when the schedule came across your screen. My first thought what's I think a lot of people's probably their first thought is five of the first seven on the road not. That dissimilar from last year are they opened up with a three of five on the road and you know they start off pretty hot last here. When three of their first four and that set them up for success later in the season so. I think a lot of people's reaction is going to be well ya I'll be home games at the and you're really gonna have to win them because you got tough. Gains at the beginning of the season on the road but I'm kind of with cell on this I think that it's giving you an opportunity where you can start off hot. And you can win a couple of those road games even if it's one or two point if they can pull off a miracle in a miracle and you never know but in Green Bay or Minnesota. They got so many home games at the and their that I think that could set them up for success but it's. The first. Really especially with the rookie quarterback factored into it that's going to be another factor in these first seven games how well are they gonna play on the road in those 57. If they end up. Blues going to win five or something like that in the the first half of the season maybe were talking about. The rookie quarterback instead of the playoffs by the midway point of the season and I think schedule has. Presented that is a potential opportunity so. Agile let's get a piece of paper and people are gonna be tuning in for Howard when he takes the bills because he gets these if the schedule for the first time. But let's go through the schedule let's talk about each opponent. And we will compare and contrast. Once we're done with set list and figure out what the bills schedules slash records can look like next yourself. We started. We do this for a few hours now the bills would be on the road against Baltimore we won the September 9. Ads and a T bank stadium. I was right that the rate it's interesting team they signed Michael Crabtree in the offseason. They still are really have a good sign Dez Bryant they could sign it right there's talks about that they lost Benjamin Watson. The tide dance. But I think he's been gone for two years I would know he's hairless was about. Defensively. You're under aging they're eating everywhere and they've got their families pretty goods to give those is pretty good draw subs very old does that pass lesser. And then you've got who's there a model yes it's in this sync with the beard so here to football basketball whether that's fair so. What are your thoughts about that we want on the road at the ravens are to be honest right now if and when that I'd pick to take them to win two it's more earth. I don't know who's you starting at quarterback for the bill it's more to me I just don't think Baltimore is a good. Adding last year kind of proof that they should have made the playoffs. And they lost to a team in Cincinnati that would really on point for any place for exactly I don't think that's a very good team having net and they were good to begin with in their aging and up. I was kind of surprised John Harbaugh didn't get a little bit more of little bit more pressure I think they start off bad that isn't the pressure to turn up. Our group that they would have to I think really bottom out for him to be gone but yet another bad season leader and I think you're seeing his name attached like hot. See articles so weeks to. Their first home game of the season September 16 1 o'clock CDS. Chargers Los Angeles charges of second year in Los Angeles Philip Rivers. This evening and some decent players in the offseason. Well no war and it comes to mind nightly to big name and got a great corner and in Hayward. On the outside lockdown corner obviously reminiscent your. Yet you tend to remember me basically a little bit payback game after the big gamer they just absolutely all the bills. When they compete and it made its debut. I would right now that the chargers went back I think I advocate that the charges too so we are each at one and one to start the season. Week 3 September 23 another 1 o'clock game you're gonna hear that a lot as 15:1 o'clock games which is. Good news for me because I like the continuity and I like getting out of here on time so a lot more a pony up week three at the vikings. I'm a pencil not as lost I think of like he's not the best people what mixture. I would argue with that maybe the rams are but I think they're right up there and IE bright now. Is anybody can pencil and as when I mean that's I don't talk to match and I don't think on the road Kirk causes. Kelvin Cooke pact which you don't even really normally talks about anyways so this schedule itself going into week three I've got them at one to who to start. And I'm guess events where you've got an Islam that. I completely over okay so weak. For September 30 1 o'clock CDS. On the road again similar division. And it seemed north. Green Bay Packers. Rogers I mean come. Rogers today had anything receiver to replace dirty else and I don't think so. But they did not. Might be able to draft went by jumping up all right so we got we won a minute take a win over Baltimore Jack. We Q I'm gonna take. You know amateur went on charges. They seem to be early seasonally. And I are out there now laden we three people victory and week three is the vikings like he left off. That's a loss and that we're a week or Packers now on I'm at a loss there data loss a year or two into original and I are one in three all right so the following week starts another home game for them October 7 1 o'clock CBS. Tennessee Titans I've got a loss of the titans might be one of the most improved teams in the AFC. Really love there two hole total rebirth on offense in terms of their running game. It Derek cannery in a lot Dion Lewis running on third down but. I have the feeling he's going to be great little Danny would had out of the backfield back for the team a CT net America's Marietta desperately desperately needed. Natalie that. Set a year for Corey Davis. That offense has got a lot of weapons that got what they're healthy enough to lie to that got the win and it's. As the other one was or the good offensive line in Delon and chips warm Mac can't. Now now it's nine. A big linemen guys yet you don't look like line got optical lost but he got to I think it's a by the way Etsy top. Ominous aid they also lose that I'm German city Buzek deemed Tennessee. On I think Tennessee's proof and and that's a four game loss losing streak I think we're talking about. If McCarron still and at that point we're talking about me deepening Iraqi court I think you're probably right. I'm. It's a home game that is this team has been pretty good at home. General Don wanna be that guy yet Jack Conklin with him when they do you stay yes two great tackles you know what I'm gonna be silly to me went home three into. Three into Jonah one for. Our number one in this last year you can have such a great I didn't it did turn out great for me. We 6 October 14 1 o'clock CBS on the road again this is the part of the schedule where they play five out of seven on the road. Mean at the Texans. Lost you know lost and John Watson back. The Andrei Hopkins. JJ watt clown he lost one as vibrant guy and he some days that's. Lamar Miller all you know it's it's gonna be it's going to be Foreman Libya did not say or warm and Dante format that's Saturday might cut the projects we'll see. Lamar Miller that's limit. The road against saint division while going three with the FC south bang bang bang leaked by six and 7 October 21. 1 PM on the road at the Indianapolis Colts I've got he win. In Indianapolis to get them to two and six day gap. What buttons to it but now to fine tune five yours through a father I'm gonna. I'm gonna have them 13 here we think can win. They're alternating wins and losses right now Mimi and they didn't call each other before the show but we yard identical picks so far I'll set you win at Indianapolis. Lock step with the zone we are two and five and its director for three and and here's the game week eight's October 29. That is Halloween week when night football 8:15 PM which is the new time permanent politely. Yes via. Patriots I'm absolutely Cole Los here at a UIQ he's our guy and I don't really have a column Wednesday night all the they're a call and a win right now because it can be due for a win their me riding high off that Indy lost her day Indy win fans are gonna be fired up Halloween. I'm take in the win got to six. You've got four and four totally bills and you've got three and five so we're all the different all right next week week nine. Stay back home which is nice one panel off should change Chicago Bears at home when he got there 54. Bear tonight it's doubt that went on to a loss. What do you mean to their etiquette you know. I like on rob it's like it is down robs a lot what I'm guess what guys future risky that makes you think they're going to be good teams. And development happens but I still think that at home but really you're near the oil guys really quarterback guy lacy anything. Okay but here's saying there's nowhere else to go put up a there's no us to go but up but I think the addition of Matt neck is going to be what. Helps him elevate his game similar to what. Happen in LA last year. With the golf and the rams. And shocked that so that that's my thought yes on a vague anyway OK so you are five in item for item or Joseph is. So I ruin your record now I'm and it's 34 and five and in every mystery there. And I am. At a loss alliance to in seven. All right so the bills to incentive going into week ten on the road at the jets 1 PM November 11 there. You know it they seem to have trouble. Sleeping the jets I think this will be no different I think they lose on the road here and go bye bye. I've no ideas when quarterback for the jets I guess I don't for the bills either but. It's Robbie Reiser telling the belts on the take away and Christian Achtenberg in his first start. Cover first NFL Perot. Mean they lose in the bills' win I've got bills winning that one on the road they moved it into -- sat did you not to say thirty seconds ago you know respect re picking them to win new England and then come out with. Christian Achtenberg is gonna do by means notices announcing it will start start late win that but somehow sleazy game that starting. Whatever and pleasing games what has accounted virtually crippled. Let's go to break when we come back we'll continue wolf finish up picketed bills towards the end here. I'd like to hear your thoughts at 30551 Tripoli by fifty to buy it yet you eat. They only got one prime time game I know I was expecting one what are you peeved that you peeved about your Fazio threw like one. Tripoli but he too but if victory here Cramer Joan VB Osce the nightcap on the PG. Welcome back. Make your Joseph Diaz who they're Kramer had to leave us so he decided to leak the rest of his schedule. He's got those going nine and seven. It's very optimistic until we get to come straight from the source. That your. Not exactly sure how everything works like the bills released their schedule 5 minutes before 8 o'clock is that apple might he be honest. I think we've come leaking Derek. That'll likely to Derek leaky Derek beat you there. Always leak and stuff than we keep Derrick from our right. So about a seven for their IM at 337. So I don't think I'm getting a nine wins I'm at five and five. But I have been beating Monday night yes right you have them winning them on in a football which is just a little ridiculous 8030550. 188550. To 550. The numbers to call a few disagree you if you wanna talk about the schedule he got any thoughts about the schedule any thoughts the drafts feel free give us a call we're here for another half hour. Till 9 o'clock that he is in radio takes over I am back on Saturday. Just a brief two days well briefed daybreak for myself. And Saturday. I've got a pretty solid lineup of draft people common and not in the Burgundy on the show John ledger. Obviously from inside the pile on and locked on Steelers and locked on draft. He'll join me I've got air alcove optimum scouting he's gonna join me. I've got Benjamin soul back who if you haven't read his contextualize quarterback's stats yet there. Some. And that I've got somebody else awesome on two I should probably remember who it is. Peyton Manning. How did you now. It's. My somebody it's somebody cool like it's it's like global Peyton Manning's not cool. These aren't. No clue all Matt Waldman. That's a good one that's a good bet that's a good one like he's one effort that. It's got avenue and hammers two's hang in Ellis to us here on the nightcap tonight eleven year on the I can't think for join us again. That they can take my call it a blog make it Salmonella it and really but I hope someday to be like you guys if radio broadcaster like you guys. But anyway. I did I think that the one thing that I was really sort of disappointed about would be. The fact that the bill only got one prime time game any credit that it is there. This was a playoff team but also wasn't a great while team. I didn't you know it was one year but I thought that the bill could a guy immediately spiked up. A Thursday night game I don't think it we're gonna get another Monday night or Sunday night game. I just think that new you know. It's the act I'll always feel like does this say that they know them and screws us over fuel and there's like. You know I I think Evans and thanks for the call it and I think one of the things that I was disappointed about at least in terms of the prime time games is. Yes the prime ten games it is howling because pretty awesome obviously I think but. There's going to be a lot of rowdiness at at the of the captives are probably should be for any any primetime game but. I thought a primetime game in December would really be cool you know because you've got the snow element that could probably be playing its part especially late in the season like that lions game. Or that the jets game at home on Aman and I thought that would be kind of cool I like out I'd like to see them and a prime time when it's when it was like that game against the colts like stressed that ecstatic Celtic it was a reasonable right like watching that game I mean. People would talk about that around the legally wanting to get to that game just the right not even the bills of the colts to slate. Watching him play football ads now six feet of snow right in the thing is to is like that would be like super entertaining high octane football being played but it would be fun to watch and you wanna remind you that coverage of the NFL schedule released here on WG are presented by Arthur Pressman let's York's traffic in DW I attorney York ticket. To justice so we have been talking. The schedule released we started to pick the bills I'm at three and seven joke. Is that 55 Derek laughed at nine and seven davis'. His final seven picks over here so let's get cities extol its finish off this season. Once and for all what you think about that. That's what I can tell by DES PN primetime music that we are indeed ready to go sell three in Savion. Get the bye week he gets. Got them got to run well he got the run they had at the end in front of you got it when you got to win the next six games to make the playoffs. It starts at home with a big win against the Jacksonville Jaguars I know great defense but they have Blake portals and they re sign him. These site into an extension. For that. For the same on her that I punish you in the bills beat you week twelve. So I'm add more examining industry has been don't like those new uniforms for the jaguars you know not a fan of demeanor I. At a batter they could have guessed. It would hardly be worse there blasters it's that being said from chuck in upper lost themselves it's okay. So five and six for Joseph four and seven for me. I wanna tell you about the numbers in 0305518522550. If you like if your thoughts and we're talk in the schedule. We 13 December 2 the 1 December game of the season in and you get them home field winter advantage. Against the Miami Dolphins I'm sorry that's on the road says don't get that eventually seventeen. Sweet thirteenth on the road 1 PM December 2 Miami Dolphins. Was playing quarterback for the NFL's. Tale in the details. Lets you pick this 11 at the dolphins. Week thirteen. Non going to see a deal walks. Yeah box Sierra five and seven with a win I can get back to 5%. You cut. You big win. Stay alive in the playoff on. Immediately Nate yet in this weekend ignited salmon get the win. AJ McCarron big day. Who cared still play and even though it artists won in seven Wednesday stuck with them. Because they picked what I am now 88 Josh at all they didn't want I'm to be chairing up these airwaves that happened they pick these ads Tyrod Taylor at eight and five or whenever. And then they leave McCarron and for one in seven. Sounds like Joe's already met a bar so I write seven for each of us. In very different ways five cent you have them losing on the road. At the dolphins but winning on Monday night against the patriots and that's the sort of thing you know why that's a certain reason that your call sneaky job right because the reasoning is. Things are always gonna happen you don't expect in bull weighs. So this is where that's happening no one expects him to be New England so it's gonna happen they don't expect at some pick and a Monday night went. That that being said you would expect them to win at Miami I'm seeing Nate okay. Saying nay a nice 1 PM Miami. Summer day. They lose a joint I five and seven year week four teen now December 9 1 o'clock obviously CBS. Home against the jets this starts the run of home games where they'll play three of their last four at home. Including three of the last four against division opponents. So the dolphins we know that I have the Eagles winning Joseph has them lose. We had it. I guess it doesn't seem right for me what to put a wind down. Mostly because. I have them rattling off four straight wins. After starting three and seven points or three straight wins. I think I'm going to GO. Pay the bills would their third consecutive game. At home against the jets to get to six and seven. I am also gonna take a win are really no point quarterback for the jets an appointment so we're both at six is that grant. Interesting here I think the only teams we don't know who's going to be playing quarterback or the jets and dolphins were in division four games. You pretty much know who's playing every other. For every other team. Food. The jets games that we are one for me smack dab right where we're not gonna know who the cornerbacks for entertainer. Go to the phones it's gonna mich and Florida your and I can't match. What sort out those I don't mind doing well are you. But it's fantastic investment or whether yet but it. There. You know I think the other oh with this schedule. I think they strong motive for a speakers in order to draft quarterback. That probably wanna see a guy like. Acre base fielder. Josh Eleanor even Sam Arnold. We see it I think it'll look. They wanted to auto you know shut so those stars. He's the I think that's what their bill and bush. My prediction is that. They're not gonna get to see the quarterback that we to think agent kicker is gonna. Leaders are strong she's C ten wins. Here's our more than three to talk first war games. But then the next four games Tennessee argues that Indian pass someone and I did or not. Sink which cargo jets Jacksonville Miami the Austrian born finished two and two. Note that in six seat in the locker playoff spot. And I think it director and chose that ball potentially hasn't leader that he he can be and oh lead to team with not on the stars. That haven't succeeded in another report out appeared Spartan coach McDermott. Two in a row would be something not say that much I think you figure out away especially at the camp they currently have on the roster we'll see what they do with the draft. But make in the last two years in a row with with the talent that Sean McDermott had a round and on this team would really be sent they expect we appreciate the call. So interesting theory there the NFL wants a I don't rookie quarterback in maybe by that time on motive football against the patriots they can. You know selves decent it's a decent theory. It's a decent theory 83055188852550. We'll get back to pick in the bills here in a moment if you wanna teach your thoughts in on the schedule maybe you've got some predictions of your own. Our reminded itself Apache has his reaction peace now up at WGR 550 dot com. So if you wanna check out his thoughts if you missed his brief appearance here on the campus earlier. In the segment you can go up to to be your first Beckham hasn't mentioned. Mean there will be nice write up of his thoughts and one of the things he mentioned is the uniformity. 15:1 PM games this year only one prime time games a lot of continuity. As. Sean McDermott. In Britain being quite often see Austin and Wilson. Austin year on the and I kept welcome. They guys. I'm calm because of a notice. The bills have their first divisional game we gave them by keeping at the end of all the layers kind of lying more meaningful games in the later in the year or because. They wanna see how. They built at doing again. Quickly teasing game. Ali the weather element. It's in it's interesting. Theory Austin and and thanks for the call I. Exactly no this the second time in two years where obviously they start the season. A week two against the jets. Or was that we quantity they start the season with the jets even when he played the jets really early last season and didn't play anybody get to week nine. And that it was that run toward the end of the season and the last four games serve. Three at last for injured vision opponents similar this season except five herbs are four of your last five. Our division games and then really get that the jets game on the road in the jets' week tan November 11. Yes so you know you you're not seeing a division opponent to the until week eight which I thought to might mean. On the this gives them an interesting opportunity that if they start. A cold it will have an opportunity to come towards at the end of the season based on having a lot of important. Not only division public conference games let's go to Avant in Vegas year and Europe and IKEA welcome. Hey guys that sort of equality of pay. You know I I am kind of disappointed in only one primetime game but I mean. It can't be too disappointed with Monday night against patriots. At that point. Excited about and you know I think I actually think AJ McCarron in administered single game the Bill Clinton here think the rookie gonna come and then and that's. How to light it up and I think he nodded and went on schedule and I think another another wildcard leopards don't. Like the. Yeah had a problem they accept and appreciate Collie you know I think I'll be a little bit more optimistic about the season when I know for sure who's starting quarterback week one. Or even if there's another Quebec and its roster I that they dislike AJ McCarron it's just I'm a little skeptical on what will be able to bring to the table. Outside leadership role. So area at a not not feel about AJ McCarron but. But what if if if there's rookie quarterbacks in the air edition C I might have a different conference opponents are Joseph let's go back to our picks we have the re left to go. We are both at five and seven terrible at six and seven. Yes sixes and now yes sexism. Right. Yes. As a basic design to a little runs and on your sky and it was three straight wins yet after the bye week it was a big I we could bills. This game becomes even bigger the only the second absurd second and last game on fox December 16 week 15:1 PM. At home against the Detroit Lions don't team. On the road in the cold. Now all the narratives here tonight. And I agree with them so you're going went going to win. Seven and seven still alive I'm going with a win. And Angela like a late Stephen how much the field goal that seals and snow how funny hush money in the snow who's it McCarron stored at this point yes. Now we know talking answer. Karen's on this win streak here comes the colors of the phrase tonight the Israeli jet escort they make a mistake in retrospect that number one pick in a way that Richard who'd be exciting time. So 77. Back to 77 with four straight wins following the pie. Three of which were at home. Now here comes. 87 and seven and and you get a win in socks for her in hard and you've got to win Foxboro. Joseph I not happening while not a shot. Seven in Haiti there was a lot of discussion about that pick by either let's put it in you can you can see or come from now. So seven and eight. To finish the season who's getting the better draft pick I had the feeling this game's gonna come down to this this dolphins bills game both teams right around six or seven points. I've got a loss at home to dolphins at the last game here because the last two years they beat the dolphins. At home late in the season I at a loss and the seasons seven and nine and the top. Well. So it's a typical bills the back the typical bills that ducking behind it if they don't give away a first round pick. In this draft for 2019 here they're sitting in the top twelve pick. They've got a pretty good roster they've got eighty million in cap space. I'm excited about what that season brings hopefully it that we want to talk this much about the draft we will we will. Armada on the chalk that up to a loss to which means what I have them salve their own lives up and I nine. We didn't get to the same way it is that's the most important part. I. 030551. Tripoli fight to fight if you wanna get any last thoughts and because we are going for the last call here next. The nightcap as we wrap up the east scheduled release show of course which is brought you buy it are the oppressed in western New York's traffic and DW I attorney your ticket. To justice they Kyrie Jody BSE here when we come back we'll close things off and the night kept here on WG. I look back to the nightcap they theory Jody BSE let's get a quick. Roll through here a full Thursday night and Sunday night. I'll start with Sunday night which is a pretty loaded schedule in itself usually gets. Three games for the cowboys on Sunday night and for the Eagles salon and a C north match ups the kick off which is right before. The first Sunday of the year which is the ninth. Falcons Eagles first what's that'll be a good one that's opening kick off weekends and at that that's a good one. Bears Packers September 9 giants cowboys patriots lions. Ravens Steelers all pretty good games there I don't really love the patriots lions matchup to be honest though. Quarterbacks that our backs that we get cowboys Texans on the cowboys match up early in the season here. Then you've got chiefs patriots. Which is these Sunday Night Football special happens every year that game. Rams niners which I'll be looking for that one that's like the first real good matchup I'll be excited to see. Saints vikings in a rematch of the NFC championship game that'll be an interesting one out adds yet the division I always have missed that one up all the time. That's the divisional round game. So that's are going to be a rematch Becky that Becky was so crazy you'd assume ahead in the NFC championship game to the next week it is Packers patriots of the pitcher to play. Heck of a lot of games. Let's see there's already three to they have more. Get me out three cent making it just seems like they've got. Pushed him a lot that they played the bills Monday night to get a Thursday night game on here that it got biding their regular Joseph all the Iraqis are getting five. Prime time games Dallas Eagles again. Nosedive terrorists it's. So Delis Eagles in that line then you've. Its tests Steelers jags three next rematch of the AFC divisional round game. Then you've got falcons saints another good match up of NFC south opponents. Vikings Packers which is obvious in north division battle which will be good Seattle Lamotte at Siemens can be very good this year. The 49ers again Steelers raiders Eagles rams which should be a great game that was a great playoff match up. And chiefs Seahawks. To finish the season with two to be determined games towards in the season Joseph went up Thursday night. Aren't Thursday night football and number fox is taking over this year and they want a better match ups they got it but they are not involved in the first two thirds in nineteen does not include by the league opener. The openers falcons Eagles that does not count on a night without a BC yeah correct. So Thursday September 13 the ravens are at the dangles liberties are not fox teams yet so ravens at angles the next week September 20 the jets at the browns. Dockery right now we circuit gallant fox takes over vikings at rams. Colts at patriots. Eagles giants. Broncos cardinals and dolphins Texans. And we go Eagles which Eagles jaguars a one in game that's there's a football guess technically but it's on Sunday mornings on why two on here. Raiders at the 49ers drop below new robbery may be area papers at Steelers. Packers at sea hawks I think I agree with you I don't really see this yacht being that every team this year at that team saint at cowboys. That your at cal was to be jaguars at titans yet divisional matchup there chargers itchy 77 out of the chiefs. They're not typical cheese is my home is in tree that's out there is a ball wraps up. I'm pumped for homes. Pumped I'm pumped his seem homes and I mean I'm not really pumped for success to write all that can mean yes but it they would amend bills traded out of the pick for the next. Bridges where. Riding on what that man right but I think T there's going to be a tendency to compare what over the bills drafted quarterback to pat homes just furthers Harper's had the inning it's fair though it's not like it's. Crazy I just awesome agrees Hitler but then it that I refresh the feet they ever do that we're like your about your like in the middle of Reading this really. Important breaking news tweet. And then all of a sudden like your whole feet just refreshes and then movies that tweets on forever you can't find the tweet ever get that will now intrigued. As of the new an explosion in downtown buffalo all I was there I thought it was like draft related knowledge as there is an explosion in the there was buffalo related. To guzzle. The other happens. So I mentioned earlier in the program Ali that on Saturday I've got a full lineup of people. Are set to join me obviously it got. Matt Waldman as I mentioned John ledger. Keep forgetting everybody air telco in Benjamin soul lack and then Bryan gates and joint means studio. So that gates Geary come your way adding Joseph will be here as well earlier so we'll have a full packed schedule it's the last Saturday for the draft so. Big stuff happening very involved in Twitter at Nikki Reed of GR. Big stuff happening to Nigel way at any plants and Watson playoff hockey. So now. Nothing that I connection I can watch clips hockey James called these interviews on racial Matta tonight some washed up. Yeah. Be sure to follow need material on Twitter at night. Genome sneaky sneaky GO real quick before yadier Jerry just weeded he bet the bills over under six and a half nothing about that during the always that it that's the number that's is that yeah the aisles secret over over under. I think it could be little lower this year ID BD five and a half for six I mean they I don't know if they're gonna get a lot of respect from Vegas. That they will leader. Let's wait to let the draft so I think that's going to be terrific if they penetrate the house to gloat at one player an alien with four picks if there's a lot more holes in four holes in the steam right now especially dot polite so. They can figure a way to minimize the damage may be only at the trade a first and a second round pick to to move up tickets you know whatever it might be seven in eight whatever. We did we picked them both at 79 Buick does that mean you would take the over its exit half. I think I would. Now I now. I got a little I don't I don't know I don't there's not a lot of upside there and that's scheduled for the way I got murdered guilt and that was it that the last couple of those wins were guilt when it's great as they started on one and seven we had people calling and threatening my life because we start 17 so. You know what he had to Kevin Connors from ESPN's tweets that studied the bills Tony eighteen schedule few times compared analyze thousands of different algorithms doesn't see how they don't go sixteen. Through chance the chance. It's able. OK they Kyrie Joseph Diaz he thinks to dare Kramer who joined us a little bit earlier as well. Again I'll be back on Saturday. Howard and Jeremy jury's out tomorrow so sales at Albion. And I'm sure Howard be picking the bills more antsy wanted that's for Munich eerie jedi BSE. The nightcap right here on WG.