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Welcome it and show the time or one hi I'm bill Phillips the boards of the law. But I am Russian Sports Radio please note the following sprinters in your program Mike Hsu Oprah penalty the number 49 might show two minutes or being on here. Joseph humans for being a jerk. The time or 21 and the bulldogs have the dogs out what. What what what what it's much open the bulldogs a little bet we'll be. All right echoes of back goes way back. I am here. Very special show I am here and schedules central. Because if you have a show. And then you have like a special location for a thing that's called central. And you do have dirt all I I think this qualifies you have an additional computer. At your disposal mad is what qualifies I think as central the computer makes it sends this is scheduled central there's an dazzled laptop open it's normally not in the room it's not a company issued a piece of hardware. I can sing and write it yet yeah yeah but. We we. We. And I think I wanna speak for the audience here O bill because also very risky somebody them OK I shouldn't say so nobody test which would bring. So. You know we we would roll Dubai without doing two doing. Line. I think so too. Right I like watching the playoffs with solid recognized as a the blight. It is. 08. C. A sounder for this over for schedules and important just for the Eagles opened the season with Atlanta. Minnesota and. Hope that's upsetting. Bad rumor. That Minnesota Philadelphia rumor sat there for a month. I really liked that one. It's all right this is our just people. If you believe that a month went by with that I'll there enough and ever fixed nothing ever praised it and now Jeff McLane. From. The Philadelphia Inquirer says the first game of the season we'll be Atlanta. At Philadelphia not Minnesota Philadelphia Thursday night September 6. I don't have the bills' season opener yet. We know what you're doing something else I just reacted really saw I bought on by. What what and when we hear for wheat which it is so and a false schedules central mean that's that's why we're here. What what you do. It gives us a way to spend this day were leading up to the schedule being announced officially at 8 o'clock. That I think it's fallen it's it's interesting to know stuff ahead of time and if you didn't do what if you were insane. Men who lately have we certainly viewed text me at 10 o'clock this morning and suddenly got whatever throwing up I don't feel good. I'm not doing this show I I can't I'm not equipped to do they show. I'm not following maybe the right people. I mean I might have some still. But I'm just not in the proposal together so I would just be talking about the John Elway and did gentleman probably there were told to our insurer. As we go through the afternoon but I I like being here. For this but I I I think it's only fair to admit after all these years that I have. Nothing to do with a good tight and that is scheduled related I'll give you my opinions about you tell me is happening or maybe happening. I've not. I'm not proposal god but I what I like being around the ball. Well I just I am blown away by Howard ESCO and WIP in Philadelphia it might about a month ago might have been more. Opening night will be Minnesota Philadelphia September 6 we know the Super Bowl champion host that game. And Minnesota's on their schedule they met in his championship why aren't you. In question ended up as soon as you told me Minnesota I think when we started talking about who's gonna open the season the very first conversation we had about it I said bold Dallas talk. They're pretty launched Alison network while Dallas Opel Dallas and that's spot. And he told we Minnesota's visiting filled out going OK that trumps Dallas Minnesota they were just error that. Breed that's what the league does they'll give you that game and the supply everything is pretty surprising. Mehmet in the playoffs to be out. So. I'm just blown away by that Mike Boettcher sat there for weeks and no one fixed and no one. Like new different it was a small screen. That wasn't so it's it's silly slowdown. A smokescreen that's funny. It was not actually a smokescreen because it was from a radio guy who you know was wrong. Apparently no they use the radio got leaked to the radio guys they are using I actually. Or is that's how that's all the smoke screens where I mean somebody probably did column that was if they knew. What are the guys followed us and he's famous yeah I wonder if he's been nervous at all about this like soccer. He just is he is shocked right now. Or is he just like all right dreaded this. Possibility and I was out there maybe maybe maybe a couple of weeks ago he got word that it did while some blue blue slam dunk that he thought it was. When he reporter I wonder and has been more nervous when you think is scheduled to come out I wanna thirty for third. And how that went deep do you have feed the bills vs Packers. Because there had no hosting of the bills on September 30 according to rob the mosque before. Right there was a there was a Packers leaked but I'll give you what I know on the bills in the second. But this is included. Now there was a Packers leaked last night that I had like I got excited. Right I'm glad that I preface one sweepers and remember I'm gullible they say that all the time and your design and it's gonna leave everything. So that turn out to be wrong all the way somebody who follows me on Twitter caught at the dates were wrong on that looked like it was an official document Summers like no it can't be because of this. And that was good enough. All right so this is a green Bay Area writer who says the Packers host the bills week for I don't have. He's also got bearers to open the season and vikings. In week two for Green Bay this via the mosque the reporting is that the first Sunday night game of the season we won will be Chicago greenback. So I don't. Earlier than this on the bills bills attackers week for. Then we have week eight patriots at bills Monday night. October 29. And I've been told that that is the bills only night game all the season no Thursday night's. They know song they nights again. Just this one month no road games at night are scheduled to be flex late in the year. But I've been told is the only night game on the bill schedule which again this doesn't amount officially until 8 o'clock. Woolsey we might be able to have the whole thing for him by 330 who knows but. We about it via a good choice so much I can do doubt we started her political got Bob's awarding myself here. New England that buffalo week eight Monday night October 29 hosting a Monday night. Posting them on their liking him against the patriots. I mean on a Monday night they have not dog in that sense. Have they ever hosted New England on Monday night. Me maybe not. They've played at New England on a few Monday night's. Terrell Owens' game Mckelvin and they have one Sunday night game here with New England got one next and if it's on the night games there are few times. I don't whatever it's it's it's trivia. Week nine in Chicago at buffalo. Presumably a 1 o'clock home games I the bills have a chance here of playing every other game on the schedule 1 o'clock. The furthest west they go is either Green Bay. Or like Houston like they they don't go to the West Coast and all sort of go to Denver. They might have ever 15:1 o'clock games. Week eight New England to buffalo moment of football week nine Chicago buffalo week ten buffalo with the jets. 1 o'clock Sunday November 11. The jets' bye is week eleven and the patriots bye is week twelfth. I wonder if that means the bills by will be mid to late November like that that's way out. Week fourteen jets here. The bills will play the dolphins again in week seventeen. I think it's gonna be here I don't know that. And that's it we also been talking about the possibility of the bills playing Detroit. In week one. And that may be the bill's not for the first time in a long time playing Detroit in the pre season finale as a clue. Toward that that is not happening either the lions host the jets. On Monday Night Football week one. So the bills are not playing the lions week. On that one day one day at all between edgier and then home opener for the alliance that's usually we've ruled out the alliance for opening eyes at home. Didn't think about the hosting money an item in this politician but exempt from that it just didn't you know he noted are on the road we won maybe that'll work but they're going to be at home. With the jets. The jets on borders and a football a couple of weeks after that to get at Cleveland. Jets week one jets at Detroit week three Thursday jets or Cleveland or bolt my kids are older nine games but still. We we try to predict these night games I think that's on the do and the first Monday night game of the season is jets lions and I I feel like that's just the end of ever doing that after her because we give the jets lions call flies. As a week one Monday Night Football game there's no point in trying. To predict what the moment a football game will be. We like the jets an alliance made it we still do we not had any clues about that second Monday night game. I don't ever get. But I'll just update as we go here to see if we got a I don't Avaya. Then. We had some ideas about that too but yeah I mean if they're putting the jets and the linesman overburdened with Utley can but it's it's different dude it's got to be someone's someone west. So I talked yesterday about rams and chargers. Somebody on Twitter said that it seemed I did not look into whether this is valor now but it did might make some sense. Dead the NFL had agreed to not have night games. At that cut coliseum because of the college campus to USC is right there. So maybe that's out. You were down on the idea of that anyway I can elected to Los Angeles so we'll see if we get anything on that. On that front. But such a Sunday night opener is Packers at home so they get what they wanted and it's going to be the bears. So that is. That is believed to be true there are multiple reports that say that parents on the night opener is Chicago we're greenback. So what the bills opened with I don't know. I've got. We've got. I three of their home games if not for week eight week nine. Week fourteen week seventeen if the dolphins by a rumor and dolphins thing is a rumor. But they will play the dolphins here or there in week seventeen. If that's a home game and I've got four left took. Bill -- with that would be. The divisions all taking care of I've got the chargers. I don't I don't have the chargers balked in week one yet. Observers say eyes do that sort of like I've been working on yes sir well in between you're out. Had no idea darted it clear that I'm just kind of along for the ride on the schedules. Sorry if I play an event itself sounds bad news it is through chargers Jacksonville. I don't object. There's a report now that the jet that it's Jacksonville at the giants' week one. That's possible so that would their that would eliminate Jacksonville. For the for the opener. And I don't know if they are it would I think have to be against either the chargers the titans little left. Get a frozen askew if you knew that they were at home to I don't you don't I don't but we've got. Three or four of their home dates filled in well so. Yep so far like yeah you know we don't know that much but you've got some there yet may be almost as much as affable home schedule. Already locked down you're they could do now my Bulldog if if Minnesota. I have anywhere I don't have a game for Minnesota in week one yet the bills do go there. Yup. The night games are taken. Like Minnesota's in in play for week one yeah. Yep the regardless of what the rest of it ends up holding it if your your you've said your very shirt this this is the only night game. Then like we already have piloted the skip. Is basically what I want to say I suppose we brought with him right I mean. You know what went when and where these other games and what time they all take place if indeed they Elena being 1 o'clock Sunday mean you know as possible one of these matchups will be. Viewed favorably enough. Either now or even once we get into it that they can get moved to a 4 o'clock window or even a Sunday night window and some kind of crazy Goodyear and have a good match of later in the year. We're gonna get the schedule the sixteen games this. You know maybe by 8 o'clock but certainly by 8 o'clock they will be known to everyone and the best game on the schedule we already know. Because the patriots coming here Monday night is gonna be the thing that people are gonna most most be excited about I've got into the question about that things are hosting a Monday night game. The bills head. The browns were here was at 2008. All the Brown's career and that's there's not that that's the last hole Monday night game it is really a bit Thursday night game since then. I don't think they've had a Monday nighter since then they have the Dallas won in 07 in Cleveland oh wait and I don't think there's been another day. A whole game on Monday night. Here. Since then. Forgive me somebody who tweet right Abbie if they've got it then and I'm Amal on that but I'm I'm pretty sure that that's right. The other night games they've posted have been that good mandatory Thursday night there was a Miami game. You could tell the game in Detroit. That was moved there but. That's not technically that was it Monday Night Football isn't like the name of the show great and nor did you really cost but they were the home team we're a team that. You know we're we're talking about the party outside in like whole scene out there. You know that's. This will be their first as this will be their first. Monday Night Football game at where field since 2008. When did dumb we have jet game was all home opener earth that was Thursday and then moment part. On Friday I was just thinking there was a night game but with a good one was that that was those posters is again. So yeah okay so I Cleveland game is the last time cedar you're working on. Ten years of good a good long haul there without a whole one and I would think folks are going to be pretty psyched about that. And it's New England to its not just not color rush against Jacksonville. Or big whatever some some team that just gets jammed in there. You know that that maybe any ball below who knows what buffalo will be there are hardly some sort of staple on the primetime schedule. But further bills to get New England in that spot is this pretty night's Mets that'll be the mile eyeballs submitted its money like there's almost always that but. With that being the patriots look that's a toss. Modest good spot as I think you can hope to have NAFTA. Post them I don't know if I should bother to go back to this spot because not like just completely blown away at that moment that first game of the year was wrong. Like should I have dessert is there a lesson here like to never. Yet the schedule doesn't make sense. The guy that is like prominent. Media personality in Philadelphia a month went by or more and know whatever side. No I mean at least so loud. Maybe probably NFL guys were they would've been aware the whole time and right just sort of like okay well go ahead and be wrong. Yes so I think you're right that it's. The yes the patriots Monday night home game will be the highlight here they don't play on Thursday night and were always hearing about. Teens struggling to adjust course the team you're playing is doing the same thing. But the bills do not have a as far as I know I think this is correct I've been reasonably this correct. That they will not have a Thursday night game. And there might be a competitive a small competitive advantage in that because this. Perhaps or end up playing against a team it's there it's coming off one Wellman would be extra be competitive advantage for that at least in the sense that they have extra rest. Right that'll come off that can play Sunday. A tuna to still I'd I'd I'd rather I'd rather than him. I prefer nobody to illegals and I think there are entered. Disgusting too strong guides I don't think it's a good thing for the week at all for the players. To that the play those games sold the bills and had to deal with the that's great IE I don't want to assume that that means. That the mandate that everybody. But one of the things about that Thursday night window opening was that. It it became. Something where there doses all the bills got a prime time game once a year. The last few years is at every team was gonna get a primetime game if you were on the sun in Vermont and its schedule you would get a Thursday night game. Tom now the bills have the money and I came with and we England already so they don't need the Thursday night to then get there. One primetime game but I'm wondering with this. The Dayton report that its box is carrying those games now and in their force going to be more NFC centric and there's going to be better matchups. I guess I've assumed that that means that this mandate for everybody to be on the areas gone. You can't on one hand tell me you're gonna go heavy on one conference and did better match jobs and then also tell me every one has to appear. It would I don't know how you can make that work I mean I guess I'll I'll believe it when I see it if you can't. But I'm guessing that it it it means I assumed all along way to say to go to the bills got a Monday night game because you might not have been guaranteed any night if the Thursday night. Thing is changed I am not sure the these rules they've changed a few times and I don't pay the course tension that I think. You get I think every team's on in prime time at least once. Whether that's Thursday or Monday or what. The the one that I won part of this that I think about and we've talked about it. Through the years is that the bills have not if you will qualified. For a Sunday night game. At least in terms of what has been scheduled for the season starts like what we're talking about right now since. So that I football became. The mark key. Primetime game on the weekend since NBC bought it when NBC bought so on the night football 2005. Order that was. Think that might be right. That that became what Monday Night Football was when we were kids like this is the game of the week. And the bills have never been blocked for one of those games to from a one time. That new England's undefeated and they flexed New England at buffalo in the bills were kind of plucky and interest thing. And doing 156 attack but it's different than if you were. Scheduled for vacuum if you you. In one sense you have arrived when I don't NBC wants you'll art and even with the playoff season NBC up let's appears to have had no. To the bills and of course it's a small market to tear like Dallas. To name one of several can be terrible and beyond their schedule lot. And you don't really know what this team is yet. And you know I mean that you don't even get in the summer not knowing him they they they get their quarterback you know I don't know whether he's going to be playing not so. You need to have either. Bite into it it's a huge market. You're a good team and you've got stars. I don't really have any of that you know I mean I've known a double Shawn McCoy a. How good mind and I'm not I'm not Dallas to el Al Adel has a lousy years but they'll be on prime time. Five times probably because they're Dallas and they've got stars and it's Dallas. So limited of stars on the helmet cracked out and so this is how it works so I'm not I'm not I'm not there I would I would I was not. Expecting them to give us some and again I think it would have been pandering great for them to get that notoriety that attention but. It's in no way to me much of a surprise that they are not there eat well and it. Yell at the jets for example were terrible. Biggest moment I football week one. And Thursday night football week three I believe that's all they have scheduled in prime time but you know New York. All right well I like these young I like how the timing feels here that were just starting. And this office flying around in there might be more I would like to think there would be over the course the afternoon you'll find out who the bills opened with. Whether there homer not meet upon the whole schedule. I think a timer to all over the years when this has been a prime time TV show. We've stole gnome by the end of our show what the whole thing looks like. And we'll take your thoughts on it of course at 8030550. Or 1888550. To 550. The yum. There's also some sabres news with respect to ticket prices. Mets come out today too tough points on the same day. Wolf much you know about that what we know about that in a little bit here much over the bulldogs of course will have lots of draft talk. Bulldog is promised to pay close attention to end. Draft rumors while I do this. On so should be on the state to give us call you want with your draft ideas too much open the Bulldog WGR. How cool you're making a final decision as part of its narrow it down to the specifics. How close to your kids closure mind. Enclosure my answer you don't know what's gonna her. You're two. You know it made sure I mean you know again you know listen we'll know when we know I'm not making any decisions well. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah. I'm not making any decisions before the draft is what the giants general manager would like to believe. That means. One when Roger Goodell says restarting his side. Whatever we can't just be real with you know he's got pretty surreal at times though. Today right but he. Even sounds like on edge right there to me. Yeah well yeah I'll. He did dumb he did say one of the things that I think is Billick we we've we've spent some time this week. Even if even late last week talking about. You know if anything ends the year about. Missing out a quarterback and of course compounding missing on a quarterback by giving up multiple assets. To draft that player I mean I'm not here to tell you that it's not a mistake and it's not bad. Especially if you use you know for assets to pick a player and then he doesn't work out. But Gelman today the giants GM said you miss on a quarterback. Like that you set your franchise back five years. And I just don't believe that any them the money isn't cumbersome the bills. Were dawned with the EJ Manuel bye week for over his second year. And playing a veteran and won nine games that I'm away I mean on the Adobe Jeep final win but they want guidance sensor franchise back. Eli Manning as a quarterback and are 412. Sent it back to what. I just don't think the fear of missing I think is exaggerated. And fans I think have been walking around with a that is why fans are still so nervous about picking the wrong guy. Any idea what the bills to get it right to I don't want to pick the wrong guy. But. I. The idea it would to me even like last year re right before the draft split pick my holes if it if it doesn't work. Do what again in two years that's how you can operate in in the NFL now. The the contracts are the cumbersome you're not set back five years. And this guy he is running an NFL team telling fans of his team and whoever else is listening. That he thinks it's gonna set them back five years but the wrongdoing in a just and that's not true. It's it's not a good thing to boot to blow pick on a quarterback but it does not set you back five years you can try again as soon as you want. Sent them back. But it was so terrible it sets you back if you don't know when to move bond if you just keep tried in the guy out there because you wanna give him more time. And you know you just feel like you wanna get it right there something you like about him so you're not giving up. Mean but that's not the minutes that you have bad that's bad management Mets had a bad choice compound in. What was a bad choice so five years. They're completely. Mortgage your calls Ryan has news according to adjust how. Bills at patriots week sixty. OK so that's December 23 on a Sunday. And still beat announced today. Than it again this year everybody please. Week seventeen in the wrong division. The jets schedule was in the New York Post the jets at patriots the last game so the bills left the dolphins we think here. And he said there would be six. Divisional games in weeks sixteen and this would then be one of them that's right who was Jeff I'll. Guy you know hours and somebody. No I think he's I don't have is his Twitter account right in front me but he some sort of Boston and Ryder. Patriots beat reporter for the athletic Boston. So that you would have then. Well the patriots and tires schedule is out. One block at 815 Monday Night Football here week eight. December 23 there 1 o'clock week sixteen. McCain is for New England in week three at Detroit on Sunday Night Football. The deal with the alliance. Are always dangerous team in the league and they are on Monday night week one and saw in week three. I'll tell you why. They throw the ball on the score points they don't. The oval these boats I don't care maybe I mean. Now I. Game they throw the ball you know that is ill there. And argue about this. If if you look at and you saw that they threw the ball seventy times a little care. I just it's you don't have to agree with me I think they are death to. Primetime football Detroit. Anyway so there and twice as the jets once against each other in the first reached the they had the time most passing attempts and the 31 most rushing attempts. Did ten are there in the top ten. So great. Maybe I should like. New England I was your time humanity and Chicago or to project it's a little differently. But it that they are having to bet that that's where it starts. Out at step one dollar. It's New Orleans night games a week three at Detroit Sunday. We Bible and Indianapolis Thursday night week six on the Kansas City Sunday night we ate at buffalo Monday night. We nine point Green Bay Sunday night that's. If five night game in the first nine weeks we 56 team that could be flexed its potency might enough. Where it's happening. In Detroit and poisoned. Liggett's. Right and jets troopers and New England opens with Houston 1 o'clock that for summit we don't know the bill open Maria right. Here's Phil on WGR I feel. I had gotten excited for the Monday night game and I also wanna say that that's gonna be Halloween games let's stadium should. All. Right. Agreed that are you still there yeah. We need to your clients and we need that yeah like we need people dressing up as wrestlers and going through tables because let's be honest there's going to be a lot of W boy costumes out there are a week what is it 89. Retreat Phil what are you going as. That's a great question I guess we'll find out sooner. Or maybe your wrestler and thank you Phil will be there will be on a garden told beyond post game. Really yeah we're back the biking post game. Schedule fine. I'm all in ready to talk about the season after these night game I'm terrible in house so so we work from what three until kick off. And then we do post game show on double that maybe the cut and interest. This there. Well I'm not I'm gonna be trouble authority agreed to a aged negotiate an old and although all know it was a mistake wobble very Red Cross from the state. He and so on them and you know I'm accompanied him. It so the possibilities can I bring this up again the possibilities for week one cure that we have a draft just a four story we'll get to the draft. Trevor succumb locked on NFL draft one of John Leonard's. Co hosts apparently. I don't know if I've talked Trevor before. Week one possibilities by mining. Sat math but. Records. If the bills indeed post the dolphins week seventeen right that's true that's a key part of this that is still only been on confirmed. Week one. Could is down to six possibilities. Home to the chargers hold the titans. At. Baltimore. At Indianapolis. At Minnesota. At Miami. Those are the possibilities for week one real Minnesota it has been reported and I suppose believed. Four weeks. That Minnesota would open the season at Philadelphia on thirst in a football the report now is that they will not that Atlanta is in that game. And not the vikings. Immense on the night football we want to Chicago greenback. Ought to be a lot of fun to go played Minnesota in week one of the Kirk cousins there. Phares like as as enforcing an idea as he was to talk about four friends here and look as much as I hated the idea. Facing him we Kwan I think would be pretty. Hit just seven would be a you know be careful what you wish for don't want this guy is not that good meat comes on throws for 400 yards on the bills that could be could be tough for me anyway it. That's the beat that beat. It's the Thanksgiving you wanna do on a Thanksgiving. What week is that we twelve. We've got. We think it's bears lions yes I saw it saw that somewhere else ends. Conflicting reports one has Atlanta at New Orleans when his new worlds in Dallas the girls tells the week after. Atlanta at New Orleans on Thanksgiving night. Okay three Arnold and second the middle would be dealt to Dallas game I don't have. Ryan you does this mean you have something or is it just for my benefit this is for your benefit. Good music. I do you feel like I I do do you think that so. The schedule but people people make fun of this this interest like people like me to a lesser extent you'd like really get into the schedule. Hands. While the apply what what do because all we already I've been a look I've been. On this hash tag NFL schedule page for two days straight okay and I don't know one out of every five or so people we Orioles are playing ball hitters OK I will not schedule lose the bills will play the jets twice. You like that it's sort of just mocking it right yeah. And so I say I mean look. Might be coming I'm not ever gonna do what you are doing here but I really meant what I said at the outset I like that you are willing to do it I think it's interesting. I like to find out I mean look. Whether you work like this or not and and and find out that you're working post game after working regular show for the night game which you just told me live on the are few minutes ago. Or you just go to the games but you heard this is you're planning your fall in your winter what you would be your weekends. Are centered around this for a lot of people that I don't think that's overstating it but we win the football games are members. Whether you wanna go on the road to see so yes sure we know who you're playing and we've known for months who you're playing. Win the games are happening can I go somewhere warm in December early January. You know what what's the tailgate situation like why have three home games in December like I had last year it would. Wherever it is but I don't know. I mean somebody's always gonna make fun of. Something enemies so. I don't know what I highly. I think it could matters to me a lot when the game's opening up the the doubted I Carroll about it. So. The show part of the butt of the joke is that they have this primetime show and then we some of us. Go crazy trying to figure around the a schedule like yesterday and and now today. And like I I think that's really fun to do. But do you think like the league mines. Here's my question does the league do with the team's mind like that the jets' schedule the entire jets schedule is all but a New York Post by launch time. And I feel like the league is fine with all that you just what it what it amounts to is. That you're talking about it all day. So they can they can make like if they if they do mean they do say it's an unveiling they can make like that the prime time thing is were you when you'll first find out. Your team's schedule but a beat reporters. All over the league. Our I don't quite seen any here. But you know we have had a couple little nuggets here. Are reporting teams' schedules. And I think they. Wouldn't be able to do that if it to at least to some extent the team and their for the league wanted it. ID a 100% agree. I don't could be any leaking. If there was it if teams were nervous about it because the league were nervous about it I think this will be bought up. So. Noted that stops really you can control every one. But I think teams people who work for team tonight however this information gets out. It would be more careful about it when we were worried about it. I think the first thing you said there is people talking about it are spending. What will be an already the first 45 minutes of our show today and some time yesterday. Talking about the schedule is not bad for the league in any way what's. Yeah I'd I'd. So I think they're fine they're they're they're fine they're they'll have their show. And but however many people are paying attention to these leaks on Twitter. There's going to be I don't know. X but eventually I'm allowed for a ten times a hundred congress. So many more people are just gonna find alternative they're gonna get a tax from a radio station. But an email from the team overseas particular clear recently front of the TV when the schedule is actually releasing goalie go there's the schedule. ESPN. And to a lesser extent the NFL network don't need a reason. Who have you tune in to watch them talk about the NFL two hours that you would every day. So the fact that there's a schedule unveiling if you're thinking all thirty found out about schedule you might still watch is still look NFL. Panel shall basically that people tune into consul Leo anyway right rob is with us next hi rob. You know guys got a very good technical. Good sort of sick I act if we don't Mark Few of my come aboard a lot which you are noble put your rights of people make on anything but like. It's public the building put the pieces together is just something about that are going to trick me on you what else kit what some want a bigger the government dole. Comments due to all the but a lot of counsel like this that is like issue state for him because like if duplicates or what it's like playing in the tailgate. What we can promote common album different things like that steadily with the kids sing like that like this is such a big thing so so without our about the week. Up from you guys about money and I can I mean out like literally just a little muscle up or is we're just all other pop up. Monday night game at Halloween got to got to got so. I'm into it and just keep it up in on we expect the track. You gotta get the more but we'll get back the draft because we'll get back at her side about that or he stepped over which they both of you Tuesday especially not planning at the things like that everybody is just stuff. Thank you rob IE feel the same way and I'm eager to find out when the bye week is the jets in page recently. Bye weeks and that's not great for like me personally I'd rather. Why we often has been mid October mountain and that's like a long weekend or something for for me here for us and I'm hoping for that again but. It some will won't be weeks 89 or ten because we know those games for the bills we know week for a Green Bay and if you do like road trips Green Bay is once every eight years for the bills it's a very special place it's like just an all time great football. Venue. And you can get a nice day. If that matters to you like if you were you like the guy somebody listening to be able listening would be like this but when they play at Green Bay I wanna go there for the first time. And they're gonna play there in September which I think is better you know maybe you want the the classic. By the greedy half my battlefield game but I wouldn't have been a label one time it was against the bears and it was. Very memorable so bills that Packers we think we forceful waiting on the opener we think it's one night game only. Monday night against New England here. October 29 week eight. Much over the Bulldog here rob said it we've got a guest coming up in about sixteen minutes on the draft were figuring out the schedule best we can today. Here on WGR. Kenny Albert he's great. You know I'm really liking Ken Daniels in these games to Daniels is the Detroit. Play by play announcer and he is a friend of our bosses Allen. Five he has had the Columbus Washington Post watching game three he had. I think he's really nice to listen to. So what's tonight leaves only two games. Right leafs try to even up with the Bruins that's at 7 o'clock. I'm NBC sports network and then 733. At the stagger back here Washington and Columbus and that game. It is on the Food Network. It might be. It's on USA you also I did dumb as a yesterday I guess we're just for the first time that they had a game on the golf network. First or second OK. We. I know it's not that hard okay Blake you have a guy did and you'll find your way but. Like I I get home. You know I was out doing some stuff at home it's like the second period of soul of the two earlier games and 7 o'clock some thirty games so. A turnaround for nothing or whatever whatever Pittsburgh Philly was just me. That was NBC sports network and I now know because it's hockey playoff season so I went. CNBC 342. So reverend scroll from 220 to 3420 my god just put 342 win and it went right to CNBC. And it was Squawk Box or answers to what I don't know some things. Hum okay so I went to where USA is Knoll month. What that good now I'm swearing and of course you know first world problems is this all is taking about ninety seconds maybe less okay. But still might wearers the plain giddy blanketing the hockey game scrolling scroll which broke. Probably get. I couldn't find it in and I went to just the sports neighborhood. You don't to a 62. Like to write all call home and enjoy hockey on the Golf Channel. Of course. And it's I found this team this is a stupid. You're gonna see NBC news channel 342 house other than a CNBC news channel 355 miles okay me no and maybe that means but they are maybe if I got I was I knew was different it was out there in the news the news channel. This space of three to deep. It's out there yeah. That's. Whether it's a note that because I love to watch Staten Island hustle who don't goers who doesn't. Who doesn't who's point. Were piecing together the NFL schedule continue to do that we've got Travis succumb ought to talk NFL draft with a us in just a few minutes. And I got as if I wasn't busy enough trying to break the code here I got a tweet from a listener who said that he got a letter from the sabres. And that there will be Knoll price hike. I did I went right to my mailbox. Sampson Scott Borg commend our mail or not column. That'd active that letter myself we're announcing Miller myself but that would be interesting because that would be a change of plans yeah. It is I've seen now all social media would've seen other references to wait there's a letter from Terry from law. We all need to be better or something that in there and the no price like I I think this this person who tweet to do about it is is accurate. Yes so yeah I mean that would that. Mean you know better than me in the bit that's facts but this doesn't happen in pro sports anymore so. I think com. Like I want I wonder. How much of a factor that give you a time here you know you're busy you've got this skip schedule cold granting going on. But I wonder how old. That affects even your group like how people this. I've got the sense over the course of the season where there was really no hockey worth talking about all the was relieved to talk about was. How distant were feeling from the team are disconnected because of how bad the season was going and means how many years it's been since they've really got to spewing passionate and excited about them. I wonder like how much good that does it certainly is is better than. Then the alternative which is certainly got a notice it says hey pay 5%. By idly wonder how much good will look at that. For someone who's teetering on the brink or was thinking they were gonna walk away does the lack of a price like reel them back in. Be it in to see how that all plays out. And I I appreciate them apparently paying attention I'm sure was something that they chose to do for their business model I mean are. Are they expecting lots of people walk away. I'm not you know court of a big hurry to give them tons of credit for just not raising prices because feel like that is the absolute least that should happen. With what it cost and it's not just the sabres it's sort of a you know it's the regular season which is all to the good teams just don't you know a formality. And so I don't know but it's not trying to. Not trying to really say anything here it's just that. It's it's us it's a nice start maybe it's at least something that big colleges the frustration. That their friends largely feel okay. The schedules tonight we hope to have it figured out along the way here we'll talk NFL draft next Mike show and the Bulldog WG.