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This is our. Announcement that we're talking about the draft is if we're we're not. Trevor second Myers joining us now on the AT&T hotline locked on NFL draft I Trevor Mike and Chris here thanks for your time here in advance. Yeah yeah yeah. So today I've been fixated on the schedule. Weeks here myself but I know that we've got the giants GM talking and some have found that some what controversial talking about how dangerous it is to pick a quarterback. There was a report this morning Trever that the jets are like it's a done deal but it's mayfield at three. And I see John Elway is saying with the fifth pick that it's for sale you can trade up. With any of those things in minority thing else what what what is the what are we learned today Errol those things good clues as to how the top of the draft will go Freel. Yeah. That being clean air you in a lot of and I figure but back when people look a lot thinking that John L lately they may and I I think that. That we knew that I have yet seen or relic that Senior Bowl but. I don't think Kuwait and people beat news piece it came out now they might come out and but I you'd think that. Either one way or the other stuff. I closed door he'd get information tweaking in Kia Kia Kia. So. I think yeah I did you cut it came out yet we're year what is on baker may you'll be in the eye. He's a heart that you much of a smoke screen is some people might think it is I don't really it is pre January. And that obviously we hear from from Elway today that it take you now are still look at you know you know knocked it in Arnold that illegal number one. I can't help but still it. That the New York Giants. Art that you got a unicorn back there they get up in a quarterback and number Q. Ultimately only know the big news is they call Barkley like you work are right about that report coming out they'll let that Qantas. Think that they will take what is proper it's fine but. I've got to be big element and your. Situation there and think they got a couple more years let the light and and hope we think it. I edit out any I do. So what we're here when I look at that got it could be easy transition feature. If Bob think it at that computer screen I've got to get at a boat he had that in itself. As quarterback there third quarterback those that your cat. LA that is absolutely upper elder nullified. Ordered the giants of the giants were to do that like that is being such a key element to all of this for us here in buffalo looking. Either I guess ideally for someone to fall far enough for them to trade up and yet. Or even just stay where they are although that's probably unlikely at the giants. Were to muddy the waters. From our perspective anyways you get the browns take their guided giants take a quarterback the jets take a quarterback. Then I deploy the Broncos not only. Should get out of there because their guys gone at the jets take mayfield but the heat could just have an auction etiquette it's stupid. For somebody up there and get that last guy. No one no question and the quicker the quarterback go you know it is this something that people got in about what went about trade area where it in a big move up all. The quicker. Quarterback go up in front of that will be glued the value of the quarterbacks that have yet to be paid. So you get three quarterback did you go boom boom boom 123. Middle. Edgar I meekly but it or ever I can't buy it that it that you Becky look at move up by and it'll Ares built it BP obviously that bill. With air that cheek with their take. You're talking about all the players are near where a while you know like the only stocks rose and or Josh Allen or the marquee acts that are left but and Gergen and that Natal late in the first round and keep organized start talking about me and rural. I think you're gonna trade up or at all week the quarterback domino starts orderly so that. No question. Which entered the driver's seat and tired but it would be do is get to determine how a lot of direct support goat because they. I've used to hide it in and they have potential it. Up the issues important that the court acted so yeah it really indicating what the giant you look at it. No no question in any quarterback. Or. Big you know what she's start the inning against teams that might be treat upper quarterback you did not treat upper quarter. Then it is you know it to about Greece you'd everywhere in big here really wild. Cornerback or. Trevor sic them with us at Tampa Bay traits theory on Twitter talking NFL draft Mike show in the Bulldog here on WGR. Well Trevor this probably comes as no surprise but we've been talking about that giants pick for months. Because it's not only do do we think the bills need a quarterback they seem to want one. They have loaded up with draft picks their Giambi worked for the giants GM and Carolina. What is in your mind the likelihood of a trade. You allow that eat you up in you know. I don't think the buffalo he knows I. Well it well it's you know buffalo moved to twelve at age issues. I think that that. That is true weather's going to be number two number four number five never step. It does their prime spot because when you start it a little later and that. Then you allow you that. Gulch at Q for sure it. Just start getting involved in bidding war is there any secret about adding mine he's definitely in a quarterback figures don't hit it well and I get the patriot but. All. Or moving. I think the builder in prime position to be able to outmaneuver Al idiot he's been an editor at the right you know I think it would cost them. Oh quite a lot never. Chip because they eat. What you cream remember Q you treat it get hypothetical as well so long it may fuel on the board on his. Allen wrote are still on the board at the giant to control that it. They're gonna feel they whatever they want act you like oh you know you wanna treat at that eroded by. Air is known as trying to trade 21 round pick in the future to get up from eight and now you're it at quarterback you don't you don't want. And so that it instinct dynamic when it all comes out to itself. It for buck or removal number Q can get caught in quite a bit but I will it. They seem like the only team that could really do so yet they're gonna do that. You've got to make sure they don't play themselves or play against themselves NATO did that they don't be too much more than half. You because they're really do think that these teens might be seated at quarterback the beach I might say Kate calls that seem calls the scene. The bulk of note they got that. They are of that old term a little bit even though they might be kind of see it up in court. They have that the 21 round picks is really what the key to that is. And no one oil knowingly as that of both of those Pixar are even behind Buffalo's second. For strike that I think that is the key to it. And we've we've spent some time crunching ideas here. Trevor about whether or not they can find a team to deal with sort of like Gary did would Cincinnati but. Another team closer to the top of the giants find a more palatable at the big the big problem. That I I find is getting the giants to wood to a greeting go from two to twelve point yes you have to pay a premium but like. What they even do that the giants are positioned to pick. One of the best non quarterbacks in the draft that they want. And by moving to twelve Billy Bradley job Barkley like that maybe even make Fitzpatrick that's all gone. Right right and that's why you know we use. You get something like that up and move monopoly you'd like and you know let that that it as a very. It though. Yeah I mean that they would that is being obviously get it you'll time. It poured it. And it that we you're looking at Cleveland. You're looking at. I with a rock it out there today about the stale. It can't debate that it even wary eye covered out your key in light he'd be GM. He's a former director college scouting that I need is way up you know ranked yet doubting you that your diet and. They tree orgy appear all. Not beat them. That law the third round pick the good. They're rabbit per JP are all a pretty big deal and I. You'd get a political future you know now there is near your mantra we get rolled around we don't need their. I'd be that we EG what you wanna do but what it straight back but they they swapped Evan when he he'll go to big jump we might be able to get a couple. Next year illegal pick this year now you're talking about buffalo I bet that well. Nice move up where you want Johnny but absolutely. Eat eat and marketer in the mood to treat back. They wouldn't get anything close you evident welcome or something like that and they'll get there look at the city to number Q. There are equally convincing themselves that the sub going to be work can be I write that and that is so we work. That and how he. Trevor sick among with a us talking NFL draft you're on WGR. Along that along time ago in this conversation Trevor you slipped in you think it's darn old Cleveland that one right. Yeah how. Sorry a tornado Kyle how solidly do you do you think so because part of our. Analysis and discussion here has been whether. If if it's Josh Ellan what that might mean to the bills may be that we don't know for sure with the bills prefer of those guys and even whether Cleveland mighty. As has been. Rumor not that anything has been rumored but if they wanted. Someone like you they wanted element could get the bills who might want Arnold to one that that might be in their best judgment. Yeah I think you know we're for a couple weeks ago. Maybe QQB go near that there really was. It in the beat Arnold number unless the browser absolutely blown away by it straight at at. Wouldn't want it now can eat that open sort at. There are other quarterback that they like in this class that they would be OK with depending on how are they yet then having been number four overall expert help needed any kind of intrigued that might. You know I'd even put them number orbit they know they all. At their lowest one but. Are really using Arnold on that some of it. We heard it right Eaton and later on December January you really what that may. Josh Allen and the unnamed girl around there because we got the immediate grand EO Rick but. I count that I need it they're kicking job on a number one. It. This is that it's not good. Forever I think they. Her trip back to work you are or what cards so much against you or in to make up for reform in college because. Yeah well we all know court it is in and we talk about. V quarterback. Albeit he got much potential because it is big you don't hear a lot like I doubt we. I think it logically the only other number one over what we're talking about aren't here. Beyond the bigger. And yet and it is what is the potential quarterback does not com. They're big arm or are they on the potentially everything out there. How they trot that the game. How they are still more out there. And meanwhile Josh on tape. It even beyond that may have. He didn't. You don't see a doctor green there are keenly watching that you can you would immediately become pure and there are certain call that the why did you confuse that should not. Be computed quarterback. That and tell you he's still a work in progress and yet and work him and so. The only Abbott crap like this I wrote the best quarterback in extra personally if you ask me. And I greatly or are not John Allen at a I lead. Much more mentally ready for the belt but it you want if there is circle background I end up in it dark it got. So the bills but they've they've got maybe a couple of different dumb. Agendas they could follow here I mean the the the big move which would maybe take some work even a trade. I had a time to get them in position to get to two but that's the that's the monster and that's what you do if there's a guy you just gotta have you don't like any of the other guys. Then there's may be the I don't know the position that might be described as settling. I doubt that they would say that at the news conference should they do it but. Sitting back. The draft starts and you wait to see what happens. We have with Denver's pick at five and whether the giants do take a guy or stay there and take Barkley your job. And does Rosen start the ball was Alan Ball. I don't know does mayfield somehow get past the jets maybe he doesn't get past the Broncos like your eluded to but. But there's there's like seeing the fourth or fifth guy off the board. And moving up to do that as opposed and that doesn't cost as much of course is going up all the way to two. Don't like it hit the cart engine giant than it is now they they think well mark their Bradley kept. What I eat at like that they don't take it quarter. That built there what a scene back in that every single on the they have in the building got it all because that will eat you know. You're going to be in the position to grab one. It either or or and so you have got to be yours you've got to be really big deal it for the next thirty minutes. A real eye and you gotta I. Be making sure that. They need quarterbacks you've got up and the price to be a little bit less but. It sure that there the next few straight collecting at the deck in another game I think you're right it in back is that a quarterback. Did that thirty minute sit there and they're all the work he's going to be very hectic. I think they're an absolutely be indisputable but could become a lot more audible. Or or Trevor any questions for us. Not a action. Dog but we covered however you yeah I mean and it you know if anything go in at outlook. How cute are they move up or quarterback but I think most eclectic you're covered that they're together pretty. It it seems to me like if they don't do it they're gonna die trying. But he really didn't do it could be where the bill but latter scenario I just described. They wait because they couldn't make the deal with the giants didn't wanna pay the price of the Johnson wanna move whatever that you can't do that. And then their guy isn't there so they just stay put. Or someone pays Denver or Tambo or Oakley anyone of those teams that are between Miami and and Denver. Someone else pays a premium of the bills just couldn't stomach. I I think they just get either outmaneuvered. It's the only way they don't come home the quarterback and move doing it because they they seem hell bent to do it to me. Make that young quarterback. You want. What would go bottom line is. Early Trevor thanks for your time and enjoy the draft. You're welcome sort of we Trevor sick c'mon at Tampa Bay trade TRE. On Twitter. And happening with the schedule it's awesome Miami clarity may be. Miami is as a home opener so long then this idea about. But they're out as far as bills' opener post yes they opened with Tennessee reportedly so I would of the openers down to four possibilities in the right after tweeting that. Somebody sent me what looks like it could be the whole thing cement another guy who might know. Sent me close but no. To that so I'm you know. I believe everybody all the whole thing you'd hate bill schedule yeah I mean okay yeah. Got a close but we really can't just assume this is all right. And I just believe everybody and wanna as soon as I get any thing I wanted to tell you that I got it. This one scenario as the opening at home with the chargers. But I can't tell you that's but that's for sure the date the chargers are one of the possibility still for the opener. Yes what what. I think I can say from just. Pulling proposal together is weak won will be one of these four things pole to the chargers. The colts at the ravens or at the vikings. But a lot of people seem to think Baltimore is gonna play Cleveland we won. And so there would go that. And a good just. That's the best I can do really without just. Risking everything for her skate differently about it. By saying that they know somebody who were whose. Total stranger to me has got me who who knows it. The Russ Brandon is told me in the past that that the schedule is very closely held. And he gets it and maybe third B a couple of other people in the organization that would have it it shouldn't be that many. You know the players don't need it yet the Merriman route necessarily mean there aren't that many people that need to scheduled advance. Or that would necessarily have you know be enough that's. So it doesn't have to be that many people PR in the web people would get ready with whatever. You know whatever is going to be on the site. And they've gotten better at that. Over the years it's harder to crack that. So there don't order to be that many people don't know one guy who I think just following this I'm a legal level. And I I think this is interesting there's a guy in New Orleans. Whoever he is is a guy who works at a hotel in New Orleans. And he claims to know. This is early today he claimed to know one particular date because. The Monday night game that Washington has there. Because of something bit. He knew because of his job I don't talk to older and block out rooms or something yes a bit like that and this guy I guess people like defended them. He said these I've I get this I've been right other years you can track. And I think that has. Sorry to be true today that it is that we XX. What are we five Washington and new worlds among them a football. We'll tell you what we know and also open up fault lines on the schedule on the draft 8030550. We think these bills will play one night game this year hold against New England on a Monday night late October. We'll tell you more where we come back much open mobile blog WGR. Cool event going on us tonight. At buffalo river works via a buffalo networking happy hour. It's this Thursday tonight at buffalo river works will be live music with hit and run. Food and drinks sampling from area restaurants and it's all free but again tonight at buffalo overboard for happy. Which way to go Alex up like that. People from I. I don't know like I I I read online that. Some of the guess some of the folks from our sister station WB and are going to be there the bit prime minister rusty Susan Rosen I think come Davone Tom -- commitment the two initially from the I think they're broadcasting down right now so anyway we're here that we got too much going on with the schedule we thought. If you imagine being remotely now here your brain would fall your head I'm a I'm exhausted your point you're really gonna make it through shows it is. No we don't even know if I will. Well we don't know at all by it but it is yet to be determined whether it will survive today's. Or anyone listening. So. Bills that packers' week for. Bills' home to New England Monday Night Football week eight. First Monday night home game in ten years. Bill told the bears week nine bills at the jets week ten. Jets here week fourteen bills and patriots week sixteen that's Christmas. Are December 43 to be exact were they there last year. Yes Christmas Eve yes. And and the dolphins here week seventeen. There are couple of tweets. That look like they could be the whole bill schedule but I can't tell you for sure that they are don't know the people. One has the chargers who your opening day. That we are right. Mobile unlike the first game at home I didn't realize until I looked this up today from. 1967. Through 1994. 28. Season's beaten the bills opened at home 26 times. Hope you're all that known Joseph that they were like the reds. Are always started only to Nolan took for two years mean I think of only twice. From 67. To 94 inclusive all the polls opened a way. 89 is easy. Nine as Kelly diving into the end zone in Miami that's the nine opening up. Continent 94. Yeah I don't I then another one does this remind you this quickly is that windows. 73. Okay it's a very notable season for me but I do I decided tattooing can tell you I. Whatever I've never really had the order of the games down there arming you know that they finished at Shea against the jets of course that's were OJ went over. 2000 yards. I always knew that they hosted. Kansas City week seven that year because it was halfway through fourteen game schedule and OJ was over a thousand yards by them and sort of a new bat and it was a bingo game in there somewhere but I can't I want because I went to it but other matters to motivate that a noble and home here. They open at Foxboro and OJ went off set the tone for the year if they were holed every other year weak one but those two from 6794. They are Ryan get a second. I always got second. Did you listen to Dave cattlemen at all today. I. Mean I've listened Jude clips of him I didn't listen to the entire thing what do you think is what do you think he's doing. But I think he's doing it the way he reads. I heard one sound bite. This is the giants GM. I heard once SoundBite I read several of his comments that have been picked that bites what are. Even you don't even harshly criticized. And I wanna think and I know everything with the draft is will do they really mean it's. I want to think that he is really telling you. For that team in theirs in their situation. And in general about the draft that he thinks drafting a quarterback. Is. Very risky. And that he is setting the the stage. For the giants to not do that now we just had a guest on who didn't see it that way. And soul I wanna know as we do with the draft all the time I wanna know whether to believe what are. IE. I tend to side more with you I think he's saying these things about taking a quarterback in. It being the wrong move and set you back five years. This may be assigned to. The fan base to pretty much to say hey. Where brat right now don't expect us to be taking your quarterback brocade for right now and if we get it wrong instead of taking a different player or taking. Package of picks. That could set us back for a few years and were looking for. Things that'll help us sell more bright now gotten a quarterback that we go the quarterback who doesn't even play for a year. We kind of shadowed a player. What are we doing. What are we to discuss what the sky set number two overall pick behind the line Manning for a year or beat you know seek mom Barkley. Right euros could happen there so the GM isn't too Lee's old but he for a you know for GM but he's no with the giants. And what Manning they have been losing he lost Beckham last year they won four games. He Manning when rates very low for the last several years combined. In like the good stats. And so and last year your memory probably do will it really messy with that he was pulled and then they fire the coach for doing that ever. If if they need drafts. Whoever Rosen button if they draft a quarterback you too. And Manning struggles and their team's struggles the whole thing is Bobby didn't do that and whether they take Manning how. Dogs are mixing up might scenarios yeah they draft they draft Rosen. And Manning struggles which is likely. He's been bad and he's older spill. And then what are we talking about in New York City when the kids go and it's really Massey. It's it gets Massey he might wanna play Eli Manning off and then announce the next award. And minutes OK next year in the draft if it if it goes barely to goes well. In part because we have a starting pass rusher or starting running back who worked pretty. Then you know were were were okay for the time being. So you know there's a scenario there where they draft a quarterback and that's all anybody is focused on there if they have another bad season. Yeah I I hail him. I all along I mean I know it's shot at a time you're you're the one who says your gullible. So you you even lead with a derelict I wanna take him at face value if he's telling me how what he really thinks. I intend to. Be the opposite of that I'm I'm I'm almost always thinking these people are lying to me. Me and saying something pursuit for for Salma fact. And and you can you can die trying to figure out maybe you've closed tight trying. Trying to figure out exactly what their motivation is and what edged they think there were perceiving that they're gonna gain but I'm usually pretty. I'm sinister is not the right word but I'm. I'm whenever the opposite of gullible is like I'm I'm cynical. I guess I've I'm jaded about these things these people say I think they're Dugard they're doing it they're saying it for a reason bought. With that all that said. With this guy. And and and just. But the way it went last year I think matters the way ownership reacted to how old Manning was handled. It. I don't think this guy gets hired to come in there and draft Eli Manning's replacement. I just don't think that that's that's the job he's been brought in their two duo now you know you may somebody out there may wanna come we will use the G he should decide. If they ownership. There is gonna wanna treat Manning they got a lot of flak for how that all went down last year the guy did wind to a suitable for them. Who were up whenever his performance has been the last few years it's not in good but I think they wanna handle that. In in a different way I just I've never thought for a second element is walking in there and drafting Manning's replacement now. Does that mean he's staying get to indefinitely drafting either Tolbert Barkley. Not necessarily like I mean he could be telling you. The risks of drafting a quarterback there. To let it be known to the bills into the cardinals into the dolphins have been whoever else is in pursuit of paying some crazy premium. But I'm not taking a quarterback. So he's not exactly city were open for business like Elway is. But he might be. By virtual fortieth said letting you know what I'm taking a quarterback that almost should meet and about Brandon being. And I didn't know this already I'm calling him again Kate. Really what you do. Gentlemen. Two years one particular word he does not strike me as slick. And if the guy was really slick is the one where you're all the time wondering if there really telling the truth but. Maybe he's just that good contract here is Ken on WG Arlo Ken. I guys thank you know the giants are very hard to reach out that I don't know why you're gonna take it that was an actor and I think I have a feeling we're all boys or that. But for me it's like it's computer what they're doing I think it is somewhat afraid of martial go to NATO. Yeah oh they're letting all their receivers Colbert talked about traded their top receiver in the beginning they opened up this year Spain were opened for business for the tech. But now it looks like rumors or golf or quarterbacks so if you look in all this pill at all. How do you sell gonna win now Eli Manning listens Beckham. Well they didn't yet and nobody knows they will let me use a credit Marshall go he let Jason Carol alt though you're letting all these. Phillips go in you're trying so we're gonna win now. While it. We still have a really good tight end they've got another good receiver in addition to Beckham like they're not. They're they're not bankrupt there if they put Barkley on that offense with what they've already got. Good no excuse for Manning William Manning's performance still suffers then it he shot I think there'd be plenty there to work. Well but you can also look at this they could be rebuilding. And so do they or quarterback and also. Yes he might have been brought in Q. Get a quarterback you'd think because of the way in the last year. It would be handled different this year that I drafted a quarterback but let me inning start accused added handle it the right way. And like look you guys 38. We're never gonna have this kind much clout to get the guy we want. If for good so we need to get them now and addressed questions projected to be so great for quarterbacks. Didn't care parent now starting Eli in the nation felt the fear and he's gonna sit for a year or two behind me like you're too. While they year. And then you like those and you that your next franchise guy and you could sit there and save for how many years cellular plates for what 1516 years. And you get another guy that could be fraternity effort ten or twelve who commentary caricature and say we get a franchise. No wait a minute limit what are what are we trying to figure out here are not at all assuming that the next giant quarterback is going to be there for a decade or more most guys aren't. A we tried to figure out what they're gonna do right now and on what basis. Because I think there's a scenario again decide. That they draft a quarterback and if they're bad and I think that Manning is bad and he's getting older still. Why should I expect this then what ever happened last year happened last year people are going to be wanting to put the new guy in. And the giants don't have to care but that that's going to be a big topic conversation one that most teams would prefer to avoid. So I think what what they should do is draft the quarterback before trying to figure that out that's what I think they should do but. What we're talking about here at the moment is what do we think they will do. And I am in the camp of people that think that they will not do that. And that the point about this this scrutiny from the fans is one reason why potentially it's a small reason but it's a reason why. I think you can. Was he was he satisfied or what. Edit with CEOs on the hit just point and I mean you you can definitely look. You couldn't make the case of mean it I don't disagree with anything you just said there but they should take a quarter. But I don't know Marguerite I decided before ten down on the area I don't I don't think that guy is doing that's that I I believe. There are either trading that pick. Or they are taking. Barkley that's what I think they're gonna. So the Emmy too. You know. It is debt that could be good for the bills if you think it's good to get up to do that to be good for the bills if you think a quarterback getting past the giants could help them which you could. Argued somebody later that doesn't cost as much. But I'm I'm sitting here. And I have been really most of this time thinking. That the giants are not. Taking. We will take mortar calls thank you can eat 030550. What do you think the giants rolled who should do the bills the browns were all over the schedule too much show for the bulldogs WGR. People reverse calls me. Information that we act. We face. As little kid. Everytime my life. That was seven years old. Father kicked my butt and I have been like since there. You know it's to me it's silly that's me. And music. Is this is cattlemen of course but wow. I would have a field day with a scuttled we don't affect the body knicks without the drawl right. And good luck. Good luck New York. Tells me he's got a lot of new fresh ideas. All right here is Jay and WGR I. Guys thanks I've really enjoyed doctor strap that will be at the deployment of over the box next. About getting inside if that should have been really that high quality guys. And it that you always they'd out of a crapshoot. As number one it's via flop and numbers it could be great. Why aren't they a well built a great game around the dial it back and Rudolph is that the U maybe maybe they'll all you. That doesn't make that made it all the arms to get up maybe. It suppose there. Knowing you're gonna get all the guys around them well not about spot my opinion. Yeah various basic. Smart look at it. They're going up there I think I don't think there are six equaled its that's the thing Jackson's kind of wild. Just a really wild card in the whole thing Kassim. It really had any number of people not a lot of people but a few of our aggressive. Has said that he'd be in their top two or three even. In this mix but I I think would Ugandan knows maybe trampled com. And the jets will shock everyone on the table Mark Jackson third. And in our re brains are gonna melt. But I think you've got a group before. And then the other two Jackson and Rudolph are the other two are sort of like. Yeah they could goal they could go first round they could even Jackson to go early but. Nobody's talking about either of those two guys going in the top five and those other four guys. But when anybody says four guys to go in the top five or six picks it's it's organized. So. You try to get one of them I think presumably. You you want you know the guy that our guy that the consensus sizes is one of the top form. The bills would have their reasons for slogan you can eighteen boys for ranking them the way they do they might all rank him above the same way. Like that I think the caller is right I think that you should stay stay put. It or trade a couple spots if you are down to one option in the team in front of you probably wants one which is a possibility in this in this draft. I think they're gonna trade up and I'm not like you can't be sure. Either way how it'll go I think they could regret that anybody would anybody could say that. But just what it is what I would do is what I expect them to do it is when I would do we'll talk more about it after the update the latest with the schedule to. 8030550. For us Mike show in the bulldogs WGR.