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I'm not real. That not technologically. More to WG I love working in the polygamy. The apple would take so I think all of the bully that we're seeing and boutiques might show whose only involves the. Who's on the wrong. Put your real name all the law. Got time for all day and a Bulldog when you look good in a program nobody broke. Six. I'll wait waiting. That's exactly why it Garrett I think you know much open the bulldogs. Hack guy in boots. Is the state government. Smacked him booed out of it. That does not easy to trade with but he's not gonna make a smartly written and that's what I think. That's not Dave Gelman you know yeah it's more body Nixon reacts at all. Government. Girl I make fun of him in my own imperil the Boston Bruins. They don't want to really dumb decisions. And and they were just suddenly good. You never know. All right the draft and the schedule get to some schedules news here in the few next few minutes the official announcement is an eight. Were confident that the bills have one and only one night game. On the schedule it's home Monday night game against New England the week eight of the mics before Halloween so be. On duty. I take it would be one in August contract agreements that the regular season but do norms and and only element being eat Halloween I don't know old does that make it even crazier than you can even control can insane already get crazier. I don't know Medicare insane. Is like that's like infinity of crazy dad feels to be ordinarily that's already toppled like golf and it's a Monday night game and it's the patriots and we haven't had one in ten years. Like I don't know ten years ago were people jumping through tables. Maybe I was an all over the place on social media like that is its mainstream now like it's just everywhere. So they'll be nuts out there. Yes there was one about that hopefully the team isn't terrible and when New England comes in in week eight it's. But the kind of game that means something to. Here is sneak on WGR illuminate. They guys thanks for taking the call. Look I mean how depressing is it that the ball will support the candidate that this is where Iraq were so afraid. Straight up. Because we think it's gonna be a box because that's just what happens. I don't think at what point two weeks except. But it's time we have to sell the farm into a previous caller put it and we we have to get up there to get the right I mean it's huge. And I'm sick appearing in all I think we're okay twelve or want to stay at twelve would be 8888. Out of our campers say it's where pat that. We're looking Nate if you knew who that what's the opposite is a risky. If you knew that that would mean success than you would do it it's not a question of being afraid or not it's a question of Smart. I mean I guess the bill spent OJ watcher you'd take a risk and say OK at least you white Ford I mean. Look I want them to get the best guy. That's what I want any day if I thought their chances were better of getting the best guy at twelve. Then they are two or five then I would wanna trade at all but I don't think that they all. They're not also great if you go up and you're spending morsel that's where the risk comes then but look I hear you I don't. There's so much fear. In in football hit it feels like to me like you even here gentlemen were joking around like government today. Think he set today in public as someone who won the football team that missing on a quarterback would set you back five years. And I just don't think that that's what it anymore. I don't know but it never really had to be right but like financially their work there are reasons why you would draft a guy high. Pay him a crap total money. And if he wasn't working out you would probably be inclined to stick with the longer than you should and I get the fight your timeline. With those financial strings attached to those financial strings do not exist anymore. The bill stripped EJ Manuel 2013. If he was done playing a month into its second season. If you you don't have to be held back by it. In the following season are Taylor was playing and he's like most agree the best quarterback that wrote. No 100% iso. Think I don't think there is EJ Manuel in this group at least in the top five. Seriously could be you just don't know better to probably is you just don't know her name probably is there probably is I mean that's just. Who nobody knows but there probably is and is that enough to keep you from making their trade I don't think it'll be enough to keep the bills from Reagan and it I don't regret. And it's not enough for me either. Nate to keep from making that trade. At all but I am armed ready to do. Because I think you can crawl from under it quickly if you get it wrong. So. The fear I think is you know there's lots of other spots on the team that need to be addressed and you know that you you've heard at all. And it is also. When you take it taped in the mine put through the nature of the draft. It is not I admit they've been willing to do it it is not the smartest thing you could possibly do packaging up. 31 round picks to try to get up to two to draft your god. Because it's possible Lamar Jackson at twelve will be as good or better than the guy that you give up all that for. You just don't know it at a time but. Well you know all that said I think bill's gonna do it and I can look at it here's Mardy next thanks for the call Nate I'm Marty. Hello. Mario you there. No Marty. Okay here's clones that a low ball. By Bob I want. Your allegiance. OK all I would like you guys discussed. Using the court to move up and addressed there are of course control. I'll miss you guys discussed there with a list there's I'd appreciated thank you. I don't think they'll do. I don't either I would love it if they could if they could avoid. Giving. Larry what are you what are you wanna use McCoy instead of a first round pick. I mean I would love it if that were real I just don't think there's any way in hell was the giants gives you. That trade but they all you know what rather than the 20191. Round pick will take was from Kuwait and is ten million dollar contract at the age of whatever he is thirty. Offer hands. Does any team that would maybe it's maybe it's am I just can't I can't see that our I would do it. Because I'm I'm starting over with a new quarterback and by the time he's may be ready to be really good if he's gonna be really good. Was Shawn McCoy may not be mighty mite running back and more solid I would do it. The full idea I'm not even gonna. But I would use McCord rather than a first round pick. Betrayed all day long you don't have time for that idea. No I decided. It's over but they're not and I don't think Eagles were able to betray the guy must they got a crazy offer and McCoy doesn't equal crazy offer. We if if you give the most what you said I I believe if you can trade McCoy you do it but I don't think these. Forget what other teams might think I don't think this these guys have any inclination to do that. I think they wanna you know. Write him and I think that's their plan I would like to see them two days three. Or even late in date to but. I'd like to see them land one of these. You know these running backs pretty along listing thing is true running back is quarterback it's as true or more for that. The order. That third drafted in is not going likely not going to mean that's the order of their their their careers at the quality. It's still all over the place. The giants sound like or anybody wants a scouts around the league that you quoted anonymously sound like they think it's a Kwan Barkley is an exception. Well they're probably wrong I mean they said the same thing about certain other guys that get picked wryly high. And when it comes to value of players at that position he's just not worth it. Scouts are experts in that scouts are expert in you know speed football physical skills even they. Dare to branch and personality or whatever else that's you don't want scouts running your team. Because somebody running your team running your draft has to know what value is worth and how to tell the difference. After the scouts tell them how good the prospects are that's why I think the giant sound like to me that they are not in good hands. Because the way this guy is talking is slight discount ends if they just have to have Barkley and if Todd McSherry is right that park with the giants is inevitable. Got lucky might be a fine player but is he going to make them significantly. Great. Way to quarterback would know. Even if he's a great player he still won't have that effect on them. Here is. Anthony next on WGR hi. I don't think you. Honestly speaking what's gone on par combatant and yet but he doesn't about on this giants back to twelve but that'll. And that the bills taken their quarterback Achilles. And that they use very saying that capital. To move up to. Absolutely completely still hit a guy like partly when I get choked up. I would see that sort of speak I would shorter CO sooner expect the giants to move to five. Vans twelfth think the sense I get from the giants and it doesn't have to mean any thing. Just like anybody listen to all this stuff and reading all this stuff the sense I get from the giants is the twelve was a long way down. And that babies may 85 as a spot they could live with but there's Denver wanna move up here like so the the book on Denver or the I think the consensus on Denver is that mayfield is the one they like. And the jets today there was a report about the jets that. It's mayfield for them at three. And there was also John Elway saying our pick is for sale if Denver wanted mayfield they need to probably. And we had a guest on earlier broke us down a little bit is like police to. News items today are probably related that may be Denver knew were certain thing the same way that the report about the jets in old. What what that reflected. So that's one way Denver could try to go yeah and I think that's good for the giants if they can get there that don't leave us out. Yeah the the way the caller was laying that out was that if I heard it right. Trade bill trade with the giants and in the giants trade with the Broncos. After that. Well I mean that that's basically the three team trade. And I think if the giants want to go no further than well than five excuse me. Then what you have to do through the bills have to find a way to make that work yet to get a way to get Denver to agree to go to twelfth. And and give them some stuff for the for the trouble. And you'd have to pay the giants do with answers to retain key trade it's. The I need a bridge to number two because the giants don't wanna drop as far as twelve. Well I'm telling you here's rather than leave it to the giants to make it work you I think you've got to bring the Broncos into it and going do you bring this all to the giants. Here's our planned. All right if you are are you all for this or not. And here's what we're prepared to give you to make it worth your while to go all the way down to twelve. Or are actually end up at five Denver's got to get to twelve I've got to pet them and make them whole and I get to two. So rather than leave it to New York to do with themselves. I think you've got to just bring that to them and you've got to have them were cooperating. I could the giants do it on their own after they make a single transaction with you sure. But the they'd be taking a big risk going to twelve maybe not knowing they can get to five I think it makes more sense of the ball at all. Packaged together and three team. It's all ball bearings these days. I got one more reason to think the bills will open with the chargers. Next that they will not open with Minnesota. Minnesota is off the list of possibilities. We thought for weeks that Minnesota was always off this list but then instead of Eagles playing the opening night game with the vikings it's reportedly now going to be Atlanta. That was wrong the whole time. But there's a report from a forty niners writer that it's going to be San Francisco at Minnesota. Week one that's nice. It's not gonna be San Francisco or Green Bay it's going to be Chicago Green Bay. So on the night football week one so the only teams whose. Week one games have not been leaks. That are on the bill schedule. Are the chargers the colts and the ravens. There are probably tweets about these teams too but I'm going by a certain official grouping that I've gotten that I'm using. Fans. So it's I've almost certain that the bills for scheme will be one of those three games hold of the chargers. Like 90% or more at the colts at the ravens. And I'm guessing home of the chargers but I don't know for sure. A regular week for red Green Bay is confident were confident in the week for Green Bay in week seven at Miami. Week eight is the Monday night home game with the patriots that'll be the only night game north Thursday's. Week nine is Chicago here. Week ten is at the jets. Week fourteen is the jets here. Week sixteen Christmas weekend is at New England again. And men week seventeen is Miami here too and it. Those are. Likely or are going to be right. Close New England Miami it's just the flip where Miami's here instead of we go down there that's right that was Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve was. At New England Miami oysters and closing with the same two teams just want to write 49ers full schedule is leaks if this is accurate. Were there are night games. At Green Bay. Monday night eight weeks six that's good. We seven hold the rams on Sunday Night Football like a wanna arrange 49ers on the night game we got one. Auckland at San Francisco on a Thursday night giants and San Francisco on a Monday night San Francisco Seattle and a Sunday night in December 05. Nineties for the 49ers I'm finally that either very interest thing the Thursday night's schedule from the leaks today is all law better. San Francisco Oakland is cool New Orleans Dallas is on there Eagles giants is on there. Based they're saying that the Thursday night's schedule is like the new Monday night. Monday night will be. Less exciting overall than thirst and right now fox bought the third night package for NFC rivalry games. Atlanta New Orleans is. Is on Thanksgiving night looks like Thanksgiving. Is not for the first time six NFC teams. Chicago what Detroit. Washington at Dallas and Atlanta at New Orleans three inner divisional. NFC. Games on Thanksgiving. If you ask like twelve year old me who plays on Thanksgiving. The first thing I'm Marcus said was Washington and Dale's yup the it is that that felt like and I know wasn't them every year but it it it did it's sure seemed to me like when I nearly. It maybe it's just you know a couple of years that we're in my prime. Formative sports viewing years that might have been in the game. And it just you know felt like that was that was. Both teams play each other. Thanksgiving. So old battle I'd look to me when it's going to throw the average traditional Thanksgiving lineup there right now right regarding get Chicago Detroit to Rios right. The vikings are relatively new creation but. It's like books go to paper when a New Orleans. Here is nick with us on WGR I neck. Our guys more draft situation there Victoria. And he's got a solid. I know it goes on and on a I might have a different opinion slightly about dub it the value of getting your own jet I'd up toward the tippy top of the draft verses. You know taking. Now the scraps but you know who leverage their twelve day I'm wondering with Al. You know totally torture and to the potential scenarios. The chance of try to take maybe two. I'm mid round pick them and say well what we'll take our shot with at least one QB if there's two of whom maybe even take all its not filler roster hole. Toward parents Eleanor weigh up to trying to get to mid first round picks rather than spending all the capital up toward the top. Well I wanna do is take a quarterback say in the second round a quarterback in the fourth round basically this is what you're suggesting here. Well it could be any number and toward you know. If you if you had it that you're taking you know pick twelve Atlantic 33 years something you know when and if it's at 33 they'll have a QB we think is. Potentially a starter then you work in and it would if it everybody's gone out like then you know start film holes maybe you've lost last. Then not taken a risk going up you know for number yet. Look at it there's there's. In it away it makes sense your your doubling your chances and as random as it is I get it I don't I wouldn't do it I don't at all expect the bills to do it. I think the only way they do not burn through a bunch of their stuff. To give up and get a guy is if they get out maneuvered. What does that sit a guy I I think they are dying to spend. Their draft capital on a quarterback. Bay the signs are all there to me and they have been going back to last April. So. And now that doesn't mean that that that'll happen and they could end up in some sort of fallback position. Where it's a deed to diary day three guy. But I do not think they are gonna wait and like take a guy at twelve and another one in the second round and hope that it it comes together for them. There there're there're there are out fishing for our Bob. The big finish I don't think they wanna just you know fill the bowl they wanna get like. The trophy. So that's what I think they're hunting for and I think it if they don't get it it's because something. Something literally what they got somebody somebody. Who's willing to pay more or one of the diskette that got beat. That I think there probably. Dozens of reasons why. You should not expect the bills to pick two quarterbacks. Its interest saying that we get asked about this a lot and there was a time when I was thinking that this was a really good idea. There are probably dozens of reasons why they won't do it here is one that may be would put a cap on anybody else asking about it. Peterman is here. That's mentioned McCarron but like Peterman is one year ran and he is still on the roster and they talk him up. And if they wanna do any thing work that it all resembles what a competition among young quarterbacks. On their roster this summer. He would be and it. And this is. May be is as neediest they are at the position. This is not a team that would be so inclined if there even is one I know Washington that one time. But if there's a team I think Peterman being here is yet another reason to think that they just will not. I mean I don't even know if if I need to even explain it but because teams don't do this I just Peter Mahan would be. If they wanted to have a competition a contender for that that's why I think I think that's what there. Planning on having him. You know may be a part of what what they're doing here like that like that at that point of 8030550. Is the number trying to pin down the schedule the bills open either with the chargers here at the colts or rent the ravens I think it's the chargers don't know for sure one night game more details coming up here on WGR. Driver of the the caller 564 point 987 aids. And take callers seven. It's really weird email about this conference yesterday by the way. We went from caller five caller ten. Was it guys say that you're going to be a dead man because that's now a little volatility complain into the that was done hole that would kind it was very odd but. Because like not my department and that doesn't seem with some of that it happened so it was weird to me. Well now it's absolutely something that would happen OK and great anyway color 76449878. Is gonna get a pair of tickets to go see these guys these guys being so easy topic Friday August 10 at the Erie county fairgrounds values prizes 120 dollars. General contest rules apply. Kitty off. Easy topic there. This there's been this easy job to lose this disease ago. Users an easy job bears there has been some talk in this room nobody show boating. For this performance and see that conflict which read I'm in this room. I know what I was in this room at the time to what is a goal we talked about all going to show alright you set you go to that. That would go to that. But you told me later in the day that being at any concert no matter how large the venue. Makes you somewhat uncomfortable because of the person performing the obviously I'm supposed to just look at you when your doing a thing and I'm descending here are sitting here looking at issue and we had a we had. A performance in the kitchen area of our radio station. Yesterday afternoon. And that was a group of like I don't know 25 people standing around. Watching this this woman and two for band mates perform and I stood watch over a few moments in the public. The justices to weird environs for this site are adult and you said you feel that way. All the time concerts McDonnell I get to anywhere where it's dark. And now where I work where there's a seat next to them I'm generally pretty do. Know uncomfortable. All right next up we have Mitchell on WGR hi Mitchell. Hi guys. Unique idea to drop highlighted got you guys could judge. If we knew if I say come into the drop our or fix earth first 56 X our quarterback. Detonated yulia I think it could be a part of our it would be a Smart idea process that give during an art fault and we get the 23 and thirtieth. I'm just wondering if you know what you're bought from that what if it's the patriots had your son that we. Why why would it if quarterbacks are all disappearing. What is the New England Patriots motivation. For moving up. Are they just going up there because they really like a lineman or some thing is is that I does that make this the reason teams. First of all New England almost always moves down they don't move up. So it might be kind of weird if they did that. But the one reason you might think they would do that is to find a replacement for Tom Brady would have the quarterbacks are all disappearing I'm not sure I follow. What what you're thinking they would be after. Yes I should've been that's specified that I think I. But the pop read your four quarterbacks are gone Mike Mason Rudolph and Lamar doctors out there and don't like in my opinion I think intimate look at us as. The biggest threat to take those one of those two guys. You know I mean you can be sure and I think I think it would be smarter process. You know at that point yet. Yet reached first round pick and fill up all the issues that we have and you know like maybe haven't have a hope that care Peter could you talk. I mean I don't know Mitchell I don't see it at all. I'm sorry I just don't see it at all every time we talk about this it's about their desire to trade up in this scenario is there are quarterbacks available or not only do they not pick one they give New England the the free. Path to the to the quarterback that they could have bad. I mean I just can't think it'd be hard for me to think about less likely scenario. The math that's my opinion. Thanks for the call here's Craig next to look right. Hey guys I love the show all I want your thought on a possible three PER. Deal. Where. The bill get the first pick. The browns drop back to do. The giants would that not dropped and or and obviously leak doubt we'd have to get up. Some mob pretty heavy capital city to make that happen but. It's a great idea and everybody should do it if the browns want Josh Allen in the bills want Arnold. So wherever it. Sitting here. Yup we've talked about this idea all the time. Side tweeted about it rolled it in a column last week if the browns want Josh held in the bills want to Arnold vet is what should happen. The bill should picked Arnold first the brown should pick Allen's second the jets should pick I guess mayfield third and the giants should take Barkley fourth. And browns get some stuff from the bills and the giants get some stuff too and I think everybody's happy. Yeah. Yeah the only the only fly in this us scenario. Is. Whether or not teams. Can. Trust one another and off to tell them what they are doing. So in other than the browns you'd you'd have to get the browns to admit to you but what what they what thereafter are really it's the bills if they're gonna get into one. They're they're they're sure the brown slick look brown you want Josh jail right. So what you want we are not taking Josh Allen we want Arnold that's why we're gonna make this deal. And maybe because it's such of such a big deal and at the very top of the draft there's no higher stakes than. The top two picks changing hands on the fourth pick in the twelve pick on top of it maybe everybody has to shoulder carts. I am a merely speaking of having made him a what I guess is a mistake earlier in this whole draft process that conversation around the draft. In kind of assuming. That teams would be pretty transparent. With trade partners about what it is there're seeking. And Brendan being. Maybe that the owners meetings name was that the com buying. Said. That only one time does he know and his experience. Where a team. Felt like they needed to know why his team wanted to make the trade. And they wouldn't do it they wouldn't towel and the trade fell through. So in this case I think you would need to have that otherwise the browns were doctored out of there you also have to give the browns to agree to. You know for appearances sake step out of the way to let someone else draft a quarterback. And in effect say we beat this guy is better than your guy and I'm an old. It's not the biggest deal. But the way the browns have handled the draft the last few years and what they've done to sort of try to get over that higher or more football centric. General manager. I think they might care about that. And not wanna look like they are drafting the best guy. And and furthermore it's Joshua Allen who is be the most controversial. Of. These four quarterbacks. That are talked about up there in the top five of the draft. Looks like. A report that the bills. Trip to Miami Heat will be in wick in week seven has now been. Changed. And you bond. It's been the good dolphins. Are now expecting that it's I don't know what I'm exhausted the dolphins are expecting to play Detroit in week seven now. So bills and dolphins is back up in the year guest at least as far as I know. Two times I think like that. Not everybody of course but there are people listening or following on Twitter that do know the whole schedule. And like this is one day where I'm just completely naked in front of everybody at. And a we don't know what this is yet and people or other going well I do. It was kind of the opposite Apollo like get crappy. Or whatever with so bills at Miami week seven is crossed off. Now to win that game is now. You'll possibilities for week one appear to be. Chargers here which I'm guessing is the one. At colts at ravens and I guess now it dolphins because that was back up in the or do we. No we have Tennessee and Miami week one to wouldn't be Miami we won it okay Miami here week seventeen. All right here's Tom with a son WGR a little tot. Hey guys hurry up. You know dug a bitter remark about Oxley wanna trade there what they have the truck up. Trade what do we have the person that well in the 21 and actors first we get that. I want about it. Do what you want we're back with would that put us in a position to get what the quarterback. It's hard to say I might but but but. You're asking Denver to go from five to 21. And that that I think that's a lot that's closer to what the bills did last year mean they're getting up first next year out of it I mean I don't may be. I don't know hollow. To these specific I don't know how teams. Score. Next years picks when they do this being the draft chart is only for this year's. Like a second round pick this year should be about worth a first round pick next year for most teams would look at it like that they see the first round pick is being worth a lot more. Even if it's a year off. So it would come down to what Denver wants but you can't know the bills wouldn't know at this point whether. The could get who they wanted at five that. That's going to be tough until draft night I think to know right and then the question becomes do the bills wanna wait. They may not want to wait if they can move to to maybe go moved to and not risk you know it really. Down to how badly do they want. I bought my guess is it's Arnold. But I don't mean our I don't know Intel on that it's just you know reading. Nearest just connecting dots to me like what kind of guy you might daylight. And knowing what we know about the various candidates it feels like Arnold to me and it almost has since buddy back. What Thanksgiving even. Just reading about these quarterback guys so. If they really have. Like a slightly but that's the guy and anybody else. Is it just doesn't break. Then and then they've got to get to two or one clearly stated we've got to get their way here to find their way up there to make sure that the thing they can make that happen. You know if there are right with a couple of guys that could fall then maybe you play some cards and sit tight. And then you see what Denver wants and yeah I mean if you can make the deal for next year's one and 22. Raw rather than twelve and 22. I think I might do that because having five and twelve this year would be pretty sweet. Chris is next actress. Yeah I'm I'm just call into the got a question you know it is three way trade really does go down and the bills move up to one. Cleveland. Acted too and it turns back before. How how and we feel comfortable that Cleveland might not just back now once we tell them who we want to trade or we want to move up four. That's the way it goes Cleveland has the power. Cleveland gets what it wants and if you don't wanna do what Cleveland wants them there's no trade. Well I ever feel comfortable doing that in general giving away their hand is. Cleveland has the power. You can either. Cleveland has the choice Cleveland another make the trade and you take Sam darn old and they'll get Josh element that's what they want or conceivably the other way around. Or they won't do it. That that's it it's up to them. But this is this is. Renminbis reasoning for Bruno when I cited a little while ago when you don't wanna tell. You know you don't wanna give it away because you are you worried that the teams is gonna take your guy. Which it'll sort of implies. Like once I tell you why one thing you're gonna want them fair and and I got animal if it really. Works that way there are so they're only so many levels of paranoia I can process. Like I'm the browns. You're gonna Egypt's only because I want what I want and I'm gonna got a pick one and four like I'm I'm sixteen I'm putting what I want here that's it. I don't know what brain and beans experiences but if I'm the browns you don't tell me if I'm not sure you're taking someone older than my choice of doing anything. I don't need fixed I don't need any thing. So the only reason I do it is if I can just get more stuff that's that's it's it's as simple as that for me. Much over the Bulldog with mortar phone calls and hopefully some more schedule nuggets coming up here on WGR. What you train for number two your great. Is hypothetical as well there was long made fuel on the borders on his. Allen wrote her off on the board that the giants who control that pitch they're gonna feel they whatever they want to act like. You wanna treat it that eroded but. Arizona's trying to trade 21 round pick in the future you get up from eight feet and now all your big against the quarterback you don't even want. That we think dynamic when it all come out. Trevor sic him off heard earlier today on the show. Locked on pod cast members Alan John ledger to. Joined us earlier today here on WG are going on demand audio brought to you by. Northwest's. Make the switch northwest to get back to living. That's at WGR 550 dot com. Quite title bubble that pretty well pretty good fit. Not about them that they could not pick my brain has been. Overdrive since. 8:30 this morning. Like a video or a little kid on Christmas morning. You have keeps one present after the other users keep opening a marquee breeders to gobble us. But the hole is good car. You just put batteries in the first thing we yell a thing in an assault started in the the next one thing after another minute like 8 in the morning their sleep on the floor. Wrapping paper little complacent Torre's general vote dispute shock. Could I sleep on this floor I don't know that. I don't know if I could. Just like good right now is a time when good I think. Probably. We're still piecing together the schedule the bills have one night game on it that is week eight hole on Monday night against New England. That's hole on Monday night against New England right before Halloween. Roll the stupidity. That's the only. Night game on the bill schedule. Almost everything else or everything else should be 1 o'clock Sunday assuming I don't grow spot like you must they get flexed into was on the night game or something. There there are a lot of lot of rumors and speculation about may be the bills' opening with the chargers here. And I don't know different there are only two or three possibilities at this point with other. We may have news of AM bills and dolphins schedule court here. As it would be the bills and the dolphins apt the dolphins December 2. Okay from. Armando Saudi air Boca. Got so walls are saying. Halloween. All the stupidity and that's rights were were. They took the charge as we go like I don't know if two or three games it could be. Indianapolis and Baltimore but. We chargers. And Green Bay away week for. Which I think if you wanted to go to Green Bay to see the bills who don't play their very often write that late September is pretty nice for that. Right so here here's where like you might want to start put some stuff together and like people who are are rolling their eyes at. The obsession with a schedule like yeah you're gonna have a all of a couple of hours. But you've known about the scream big thing for him most of our shell with not all of it. So. The bills have a road trip to Green Bay. Some I'll bet somebody heard that and went is Notre Dame home that weekend two well. Nadal battled that somebody did that like that that's a road trip me that's gonna go to South Bend in the gonna go to Green Bay. And like make make a football dream trip on. That's a pretty nice thing to do I have no idea I have not done that I'm not available lament such a road trip. But if you don't even ask him so but it Notre Dame home maybe maybe a culture in the break apology don't we could sell on the line here coming up. In the next segment whether or not that would work. But that's the kind of thing. That Buick that's why you obsess about this. Hours before its release because just it's just fun to like think about where I could goal. And what I could possibly do what kind of trips I might be. It yup and if some of the speculation that the bills by a week is week seven a law that they've had a few of those mid October. Breaks which just for me like personally I can take a weekend somewhere. Not going to football games. That's a great time to do that so we'll see 8 o'clock it'll becomes official we think we know much of the bill schedule if not all of it. Stay tune will be discussing it self upon GO infect joins us next. To discuss it from there are there with Armando report. If that's right build and dolphins week thirteen. The other meeting would be week seventeen here. And what happened last year they played Miami twice in December this could be the second year in a row where the bills play Miami twice in December. Mike showed the Bulldog your fallen date to be an NFL fans won't get into the draft and the schedule was sell after the update on WGR.