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These cell comply GO. I'll tell unsealed. Now government yields. Go bungee you know it's gonna punch yields don't feel Fazio. I'll go Ponzi elves go to audio on WGR. But game two hours away from the official release of the schedule. 1 hour am one week away from the draft. I think. Sell about GO with us much over the Bulldog your by the eighteenth the hotline SLI guys. I am tired. I was is that embarrassing it heats. I think it is. I have been just. Blasting away at this schedule. And I something forebears I retired U officials ignore embarrassing and something more embarrassing for you take the mantle remembered protection Ryan this earlier today and even laughed at me and said that's really bad so. This morning. I as I normally do my my son's school is one block from us it's very easy walk I walk in their state begins at 8 o'clock. So this morning I walked in there it turned the corner and looked and I said legal awful city schools Tuesday school. I looked and I said. Max. Welcome school buses are running your schools today. Kept walking and I realized it back telkom and parents dropping their kids off at school today. And then I would literally. I agree I knew this was I would ice to be a teacher and I said. OK there are cars and a teacher parking lot but there is 00 parents around here and zero buses conference's. It was a superintendent day from off we'll see schools missed apple only had no idea because my wife and I missed that on the calendar because apparently Muster or parents or something you can't. Really now. And I literally was the only parent standing there with this child. At 8 o'clock near the door ready to go in well when I pulled out my phone all the buffalo city school awful public schools schedule. And saw that that was the reason and said okay let's go home he was really well. So you didn't just doing well were already here so you're. That that didn't work and it hit part of the teachers conferences. Now maybe you learn something that that one on dog pretty impairs well. That's also teachers. Metal I mean happen I'm I'm almost sure that at some point I've driven my kids to school on a day when they were falls to. And got burned on the same things so then great. He's part was yesterday he said we had a half day to day because he goes from school the other DNA in. We're like oh really did you realize and think I thought he just didn't you know something's for all over the front doesn't really know. And then he said something about I I do have school tomorrow I'm like of course your school tomorrow would you tomorrow he oh I didn't write. Yes just it might my oldest boy had a half day. And he had told me but I forgot so I'm sitting in the living Herman about whenever 1130 noon and I hear the door there. Did the screen door open. And I think whole package is getting left in the doors like a pool and sort of excited that I your keys. I'm like. My wife's network there's no way she's coming home unless something has gone wrong and I'm like what. And he walks in the normally go. For it. So real quick before we get into what we know about the schedule so far as we went to the break there I I was talking about Notre Dame. And apply a possible like hallowed ground Rudy. Four bills fans who might wanna go to Green Bay you can you can nick Notre Dame off. On the same trip if you have the time they are at home that that Saturday night against Stanford. So you can go to Notre Dame and and go from there to Green Bay it's about three miles from Notre Dame Green Bay and depending on how you would travel to Green Bay you're going right past it. On the way so. You know stop. Today's drive easy days drive BB six hours five hours to get to Notre Dame and then from there you go to Green Bay on Sunday morning in mural sat. Sounds really cool I might even investigate do and then. You know just maybe go on my owner something that people I've never met an ardent oh my best friend is a Notre Dame law graduate and he said to me. If you which we have a chance this year to go in the even Marat maybe the Green Bay game so this sounds like it could be something elegant yeah. Pretty cool 119. For the billed as we expect in a couple hours home on the night game against New England week eight what's your reaction. That. Look what I have set forth since the owners' meetings and I think somebody told you guys as I know I told Howard Jeremy. I had a conversation might Rico and the owners meetings he said to me that. You know they've always loved the atmosphere in buffalo Monday Night Football but it's always been about marketability and he said the only way it'll happen is if it's against a team was our power and marketability and that would mean even bodies like New England. Or like when Dallas came so. It doesn't completely surprised me because the bills to make the playoffs last year and generally teams to make the playoffs by themselves on Monday Night Football in the following year not always. And that would be one of the only logical teams that you could put them against given what he said. I like it Bert I looked him for the bills I'd rather play in a hostile environment on Monday night. Then Sunday at 1 o'clock I just think it gives them a little bit of an extra edge there that's the case so you know for her bills fans I think it's good. And it's some good spot the schedule where it's not completely. And I can be out of it by out late October I don't think measles so they'll play for it seems like and you never know what knowing what is at that time to be quite honest. So given what you just said as he referred to this conversation you have with Mike to Rico at the owners' meetings. You weren't expecting. Like a Sunday night game because the building of the. That's correct on you know it's just that that's the that's the marquee this spot and his conversation what he said to me was he said who are the bills' top three names and faces and I said. Shawn McCoy LeSean McCoy Shawn McCoy that was my cancer he said that's right he said the problem as what he said to me it made sense. He said the draft is before. Outside of the schedule is released before the draft so even if you set order to have some stud young quarterback we can put out there we don't know that it's. So that's the point but he said if they they they have got a lot discussions about coming to buffalo in the atmosphere and Monday Night Football is doing games and they are really doing that but and kind of let me to believe that they could get a Monday night home game this year but the only way that was happening. Was probably against New England I didn't see anybody else on the scheduling thought that really would bring that type of powerless to buffalo for that team. And your thoughts on what we know at least your salad you might have a different. You know lists or something and I do. But it looks like. Well we thought pretty much all day this the schedules gonna and at new England and then Miami here. The Jack games are fairly late. The opener sounds like chargers here but that is the least. Official all these things like that's the thing I just nobody has told me atoms to proposal on Matt. Green Bay week for away anything else interest do. I'm the division evening late again it seems like you're gonna have the first doing things seen on October 29 what's the money and I. Think that would be the first of these yes that would be right if if what we have rushed correct that would be their first division game week. He wouldn't have another division until a couple of weeks later even right I mean we intend. Right so I think arm I think so your packing in those division it's again it's. Reminisce on last year right where Jeanne hello last five for the right and an especially into December so. I didn't really like that but I think actually worked out maybe in the bill's favorite last year the had those games look forward to a new you can gain some ground on teams if you add to. Because you Eddie CE schemes and if she gains so from promised it Wednesday at exit could. Be pretty cool on so that leaves all those other teams earlier. I mean I know the chargers aren't official yet and the vikings still in play for week one I hope that's the case idiots who are not really challenging game for the bills they're not Minnesota is gonna host San Francisco it's a week one. Okay good I think that's that's much better. What the charges were never T I thought of coming here for week one it was always going to be Jacksonville. Detroit and there are going to be on the road I thought you know can be division game. I thought Indy was a good candidate to have on the road. Week one I think the chargers are adjusting team obviously it means that you limit. Are coming to town again Cheney's play he's he used to coach and you know it's not the first time the bills open against the chargers in the late eighties one year number. Maybe maybe even hitting mid eighties mid eighties the year before Kelly or the other before that 845 to 85 who do you know why Kelly never faced them. Okay I'll while and then and then on top of that they went they played. Seen the idol week one right leaves first game ever believe yeah 98. So that that's not foreign that played the chargers in week one I mean we added a season and it felt things like rice got. Happens it probably did in the sixties yet as well. Idiots in charge or go to mean it. It tonight's test last year here they were always in the conversation about the playoff picture and be annihilated the couple cities across the builder and away better point differential may be more than a hundred points better than ours bought the same record and they lost on ties. Yeah it's it's gonna beat him because I think the charger RT in the lot of people pick to make the playoffs this year again the rivers looks like he has a couple more years left in him. I think that they you know they played well since he's when Iverson at horrible start last year they really turn it around. We know what happened any computer meeting so that would be interesting. Anything else that jumps out at me that really look I don't think this is a if it is going down the way it's going down it's not sexy the schedule is not sexy. Whether it be opponents or mostly mostly what I mean by that is title games mostly sunny days. At 1 PM however I will tell you. Coaches. They pretty much that's what they want that they love routine they do not want a change they want summit almost all coaches of course you know you wanna be a party appears to get that but it. In this turns out to me and Mike what you reported as you know only one prime time did you get all the other basically Sunday at 1 o'clock games. I think bills coaches would love that summit erodes a yet routine I can stay exactly every week keep everything the same and not. Go off script and that's exactly what coaches want. I guess somewhat more look at coach than I thought because I love the Sunday at 1 o'clock to just further just for the routine yeah. That is not to say that I am down on the bills getting the night game of the that's really exciting that the that the patriots there. But I'm I'm fine give me you know vast majority in my game Sunday at 1 o'clock and I can I am gonna planned. You know selfish leaves its work related I complied and plan my schedule like Norman being and it just blew it works out easier for me that way. Yeah I agree with the and down you know you guys had this little debate before discussion about you know how important this day is there people making fun of it. Look I get I used to live in another state and city and it was important we have scheduled day because I wanted to know. Where I could maybe go see the bills and wet and maybe a cup to buffalo when a complaint vacations so I understand. There are many many people thousands of people around the country. Who anxiously await when they have to know. When they have the book flights and hotels and when they concede family of hey we really wanted to go to Maine and Minnesota but all shocks its money that we can't we can't take an extra day off work that's why it's important I get the excite. About. Suck botch you know with us it was not a golden day for draft talk either. You have the giants GM speaking and he made some waves you have John always saying the pick is his pick at five is for sale. Which to me I mean I know which is laughable like why would it not be. And then. Whose pick is ever not for sale like rarely right. And then there was a report early this morning not from the jets probably but all of the jets that they were set on speaker mayfield. What do you make of any Euro all of those things. I think the jets do like baker may feel a lot but I've heard a lot of roaming about the dolphins really liking me me field and that it would never surprise me if maybe there's some report because they want the dolphins know they love baker mayfield. I mean maybe that's. Why because I've I've heard from people Miami. That they do but it's very possible the jets really love baker mayfield. On the other Jack seems like cattle that every time he speaks all I can think of is he's really old school man he's just an old school guy India's he's been around this league a long time. He's an older GM and everything that comes out of his moll. Screen is basically of what old school GMs would say and think about things and that's why I've said from the beginning. I don't think that he's going to take a quarterback with the number two pick now the caveat is there are still a lot of people I trust who say. Josh Allen goes number one the giants could take Arnold number two because he does actually in the new like Donald enough where they would justify it. Otherwise it's going to be probably. Barkley or child I always leave Denver could trade out never fighting guys eleven saying I don't think magic quarterback they're they're dream scenario is. Take someone now who can really help them somewhere and we would whip even if it's twelve that they have. Move down and then maybe get their quarterback later they wanna win John Elway psyches keep him because he doesn't wanna have to spend that premium asset on a quarterback he wants a win. You think that's even if mayfield were to get there are no the jets solid they're taking them but if for some reason that was garbage. And mayfield got to Denver you still think they would pass on him. I do I think Denver really wants to draft somebody who can. Help them a lot so we'll see though Leo what one decent start to fall teams. Panic. The you know have an opportunity to grab somebody so you never know maybe mayfield of the guys there they take it could be anybody maybe if if grows its arsenal falling they like him that much and they do that so. You know we'll see imminent. I did my Moroccan I have Rosen kind of falling am listening to the chatter that we as we've talked about and I have Rosen falling kind of like other people have suggested he mightn't know what to what point does he get where the bills say. We gotta look at this guy now and that's where I had them trading sat. He by the way cell went back to the schedule for one more thing what do you think of how it played out with a primetime games I know how much you like that we like that. And so for all these weeks about what a month maybe more there was that one report Howard askew and WIP said. Vikings and Eagles in that game as far as I know it everybody accepted it but I. I don't know what was supposed to happen necessarily but. Even the guys that really follow it closely we just sort of went OK it's gonna be the vikings in the Eagles in that game and probably. You might have heard me talk about it like it was facts. At yeah okay and then mid day it's like no it's Atlanta. I wonder what the story is there I don't know ask him at all. And I know Glen MacNow from the same station I'll probably ask Glenn what he thinks at some point. I wonder if he just was misled or the whether he was worried that the whole time that it might have been wrong. It's a lot of people like to talk with the same way about the draft that a lot of these things are wrong most of them are right if the if you if you get it from someone. With a like a real media job it's gonna be right most of the time. And this one's a stood alone for weeks and bulls are right. I don't know to make a bit I believe that he believed that if that makes sense. If that someone told him that he believed it and they're very very possible. That Lee intended on that happening then something happened. Between then and now where they had to make a change we can stadium issue with either team Anna or Minnesota they'd Emeka. A switch there was something do you I don't know. That could have been just a request by team because of certain other issue we don't know these things happen. But I. I think it's interesting that late it was a team that I kept looking at saying could it be but I kept going back to that report as well I can going back to what I thought would happen which is it just makes cents. For Minnesota perfectly I actually kept thinking of. Atlanta going to Green Bay on Sunday night because that would be the rematch of. What last year right on this on Sunday night to open the season. Member was that was state. We visual opening week two well Kate plus two so so they never but they could have them early on Sunday nights I kept thinking of that do we know yet. The other three teams like per share in the title right in the jets. They were also in the NFC championship the year before Brad whenever agree well bears and Packers on that Thursday night game Sunday night. Oh sorry yeah bears Packers that's right areas bears and Packers is is that one. And and the jets are in Detroit for the first one and I came we still don't have I'd not seen anything about the way you want one know convert very few teams are laughed and if we think the chargers are coming here. Than my guess is chiefs Broncos. But the raiders are still out there the ram I think greater us. Because as my good friend Jon Scott respect traditional enemy of the day we're talking about it he said. Jon Gruden Monday Night Football he's back coaching one I put him back on the first game and the app that makes cents. And the Broncos are now accounted for its gonna be reportedly. Broncos vs Seattle. On Sunday that opening weekends so. All of the West Coast teams the rams are still out there of the raiders the chiefs a third road game here the chargers are but I think we're all sort of I don't know I don't sound too confident about that sort of thing and auditor for the opener for idea that that the chargers would be the bills first opponent. So we're still loan I'd seen a single thing about that game malbec. That's up on the bills' opener know about the late Monday night game and we like mine and I just think for some way shape or form I keep thinking that. The raiders will be out there I don't know that it is what makes sense with recruiting going back into coaching and having that in the Booth for the parcel. Our itself. When you next on tomorrow while Rihanna actually tonight tonight sometime in the year he probably around like ten after eight after the scheduled. It's gonna have the schedule at 8 o'clock I'll come on have any immediate reaction post on the on the web about it and then tomorrow morning I'm in with Howard. From 8 o'clock provided my son has school and I am not actually. You know you know tested and found out. I think we've his schedules the same as if I had my oldest scheduled than he has school. OK get organ that notion of we should. Should be okay I'm still immersed mayoral country's Soviet and Marcel thanks guys all right cells appearance with us here on WGR. Brought to you by. Outlet liquor need to stock up shop New York's only outlet liquor. All right it's. Scheduled day camp but once the schedules announced I don't Carroll out about it I just don't expect that. I don't stare at the schedule and think about. Their record or any thing about buying tickets. I just wanna beat them to a that's really all it is it's not it's not to be like. Competitive burning on I just like to try to figured out. A local leaks I love the little pieces that come out and try to figure out process whole nation in this team's taken. All that sort of stuff that's what's fun for me. And we still have an hour and a half a little more than an hour half were find out for sure. And we also have not gotten the real thing yet there have been sue. Pictures of bill schedules. That are just typed out that I've seen today. Actually maybe only one of the most like doubt but I think that there have been no there are known to be mistakes in each. A lot of them a lot of these games might be right but it doesn't look like the real one to me then because. There's at least one. Deem on each of those. This type one for instance that we think is wrong. Only think. So at 6:45. Eastern here I don't I don't know the whole thing. Mike show for the Bulldog here to talk schedule or draft call us up at 8030550. This is WGR. For far more to move. What number you get a caulk and. And quite a bit but I will it. They seem like the only team that could really you still get there thank you bet. We've got to make sure they don't play themselves or play against them now they don't. Who was more than happy because they're really do think that means that he might be in a quarterback with a guy like they were called. He calls that the. The bottom of no they got that off. It all of that awful firm even though they might be kind of speed it up to get court. True revert sick of off on the show earlier today the lock done podcast team. Represents again on our show. One week to the draft. One hour and a half of the schedule. Mike show in the Bulldog airlines' open at 8030550. It was just about to go to two people in the bowl hung up. And so that door flew open for you there. The because I'm shot like I'm ready to start anybody the standards very low right now to like even for us even for me very low. For people call and you thought how did that I ever get on the year and how did he ever think of that thing he's saying more than that even worse than. Even even worse. Mental gymnastics over here. Africa yeah right this is I mean you know Booth if you've been at this what what time you really start in 38830. This morning. And you really you really yesterday into the what puts a way that not right. I'm not looking for sympathy no is no way of doing what I do every day which is tell you how I feel right now I feel like you your body brain is frightened for guys that you don't you're over you're over stimulated yourself for. Just choose to just too much too much of a good thing. Yeah well. That'll happen. You did you you have me we have a lot. We have a lot you know there is a reward there you should you you'd be you know go home knowing that when when you know gonna happen now rules the part ways to know that you didn't already gotten piecing together good some semblance of the schedule I do like. For all the teasing L do you for the way you approached this for. That this is the first year were spilled over into two days. And maybe that's a lesson for next year like don't don't start until the day of the schedule maybe that's part of the reason you're so should operate now. But. I do light. Could resist trying to like sit with you here in like you piece it together and then when it comes the clock looking getting going yup. OK but about Detroit that was hard that was our own okay no open up. I again adulthood to keep them. Well the ones we have for sure. We thank. Even for sure includes we think. And week for a Green Bay. We eat is the night game with New England the Monday night game here. October 29. We nine is the bears here week ten is that the jets. Week thirteen is at Miami that one moved a couple times that one. Was supposed to be weeks have been someone a dolphins reporter tweeted that and then they deleted. And Armando sell girls showed up with week thirteen. So were right now were on week thirteen for Miami. At Miami and if your family ever travels that's what you want you want Miami in December I think. Jets here week fourteen at the patriots week sixteen Miami here week's seventeen goals I think are solid. The chargers week one is less solid to suspend. It's fit all day gap with most team's opener is now oh I'll and believed to be like solid. That does not include Baltimore. Which are seeing almost nothing about all day or Indianapolis. Which have also seen almost nothing about all of those of the three. Teams that the bills played this year chargers and colts ravens. Who's openers are unknown and so was ours. And then. What else that's about that's what we don't know official thing on the bye week. I am moms it. I am relieved that they don't have to be a little Thursday night game I mean players and leave no then I don't root for will still have to do that of course there's going to be probably one of those games every week. And three of them on Thanksgiving by the way which is traditional now. I have been for a long time leaves the two movement in the third one's recent anyway I I I. I know Richie got veto he's not here anymore. Caught some flak last year after the bills got robbed on Thursday night football against the jets. For talking about how you don't wanna I want ferret is to teams and sure both teams have to deal that. I don't think it's safe for the players I don't think it gives you an opportunity get the best football you're gonna get. Because of the timeframe. For the players. And so someone who cares mostly about how the bills do in this enterprise I'm glad they don't have to be able to author tonight. I think the whole thing should be. Eradicated but we're not gonna get their fox just bought it they're there they've got a better looking schedule it seems. So those games will probably get better numbers than they have maybe in the last few years when the schedule been pretty bad and the quality of football. Has been focused. Of of criticism. All of those games. So it's probably not going anywhere for awhile but I'm. As someone again who cares about what the bills are doing and all of us I'm glad that all the point one of those game is in those games are. Scrappy and Arlen is a good idea at all. There is the there is that there is a picture I've got the ravens schedule it looks official. And they have buffalo week one. Well it looks official I don't know. Sufficient it looks like that buffalo week one it looks like buffalo at Baltimore in week one. Among I've been using this read it thread. All day it's been really solid and knowledge been linked to like the ravens schedule it looks like it comes from their website. I'm so. We've been guessing the chargers all day have tried to say like it's a gas spiked. Right now looks like maybe at Baltimore. In week one. And you can go look for that if you want. Real quick view I see here we're about to call here there's some new is I'm hockey of the squeezes him and get back to football. Leafs and Bruins are playing game for him and in Toronto and the Bruins have just announced that Patrice Bergeron. Is out tonight upper body injury that is paid more money significant injury mean he and that line had been unbelievable. Recent first two games the brief one game three. Of course to mixers to one proposal on out upper body data de no Bergeron for the Bruins in game four in Toronto tonight against ex. Okay here's Joseph with a site Joseph. Base so my pay my whole thing is in this problem inferiority complex working but. I did some research on a few weeks ago waiting schedule and every playoff team. From. Even prior to last got to Sunday night game last year. Sort hoping for once I got real open. Marquee game. Big show on TV everybody watches. But not on the rankings. Pretty disappointing for me they wouldn't have to be old like green Ayers and you know. I guess I don't get what we want. Well I mean when they're really great I mean think it's right understand that you were looking forward to order hoping forty you're right that the teams that were in the playoffs last year. All did get an appearance. So you you might have expected. It's your life down. I didn't think that that was enough to assume that the bills would get one. And the uncertainty. Around their team I think is a is a good reason why if not the size of the market also when I'm sure both things play a part of mean they're there just aren't. We talked to sell about this about a half an hour ago. Joseph there's there's not star power here you don't really know who their quarterback is going to be your how good their quarterback is going to be whoever it's going to be. And it just it. To me either a tough sell for a Sunday night game that's that that's the best game of the week. And I think the bills have got to do more man squeeze into the playoffs and and Andy Dalton miracle. To demonstrate that they deserve to be in the Sunday night spotlight there to meet if if they were to make it again this year. And then get passed over. I would be more inclined to be upset disappointed about it. I just wasn't thinking that they they really rated yet that's that's how I approached. Or maybe we can you know do well early in the evening and. Yeah I mean sure I mean that's that's that's possible mean that that happens. So alone and don't you get sole hope for that yes. I was I was bracing for further supply looked into it I don't just wait for it and actually Ella. Well. Yup I also was not expecting one but your point about playoff teams getting so on the night games is. Is relevant. Buffalo or Baltimore weak one is. Looking pretty real. All right. Looking pretty real they open their three years ago. You know. Tantalizing thirteen seven loss. That was 4050 Rex a second year bill right at ravens. That was first play of the year. Yeah why are those running open rewards wide open and Taylor. Even. Yeah that was all there was an awful start to that season pitched. Thanks Joseph here's John with a solo job. Hello guys hey ya I just hope that we they packed the twellman and a little in the morning Howard and Jeremy and you guys right here all these experts and you know they have. Wrote an at large injection at two and some other external have little objection five in road and at Fordham agent. You know these experts tightening and some of the integrity. Order in which they have these quarterbacks I think one we just think Powell. I certainly don't want to give up your first round pick next year to move up. Because we don't have a really strong year this year at least half or so I've I think you hit the quarterback. You know it Karadzic. Cornerback incumbents all right Paul Jackson. The salt that we don't give up our our. More 2000. Don't you think it seems like they want to go we understand what you're saying when I'm asking you you you sort of bracing for it. Most of the way the previous caller was bracing for bad news about a Sunday night game he was hoping for. Are you a you sort of listening to everything that's going on in sort of feeling like the bills are hell bent on doing what you don't want them to do. Yeah yeah and I really. How bad and I hope they don't have what you have hold all I'm ready quarterback. Could be quarterback Trent class don't. I just get the whole bit and yet I think I think. Being a good quarterback. It's all just sold. I don't know if this all get older and that report. The couple about. It yet but yeah how many people. Don't you know so I'd rather see more accuracy. The big RG no deal. Really have a good bar stuff. Are at play an. Important get dark or twelve our mortgage loans. The what the get a little bit better just that we got hard. Or some call it camp carp are you happy about it. Yeah I have a board. But don't give that. Up. A playoff. Hole. Okay thank you John. Let's go to Greg next high Gregor on WGR. Guys I don't think it may not sure thanks columns. Or not I hope that Andre period you're gonna be wearing your blues which you are good luck. Mean for a Bulldog me. You know. Hi is not me does things to bring this up I have a waiting to be asked this cannot happen I have not made sure plans for next Thursday yet. Have a per blue suede boots but I don't know and you look at that moment. Am I am wondering that the air if the bill would even think of trading with a giant that they're looking to get rid of now are maybe getting rid of the hotel but I think it certainly given them. Our first round pick your own McCoy. And leak yet. They're number. And O'Dell back that way or the other quarterback in our favor and I must sort coming. McCoy it all but if these. I don't say he doesn't have value but he's he's getting older. I I thought if I thought I could make a trade with the giants I don't think Beckham's getting traded having that kind of died down I mean we'll see maybe it's quiet in and they know shocked everyone and do it. It was shock me anyway. That seems like it's it's quite down. He reported to offseason. Workouts in the I think they're. I'm betting that they are gonna get that worked out so I would just slightly leave that part by the side of the road then this McCoy idea came up earlier in the show. And I just. My feeling is if I could find a way. To replace something. Of value graphic wise Whipple Shawn McCoy I would do it as good as he's been and as important as he is that this offense. Nom I'm getting a new quarterback and I'm sort of getting reset here and his age with his contract I would do that. But I don't think heat because of his agent because of his contract takes the place of the value of next year's first trumpet. I could be wrong about that this is my that's my my read that's my opinion. I don't think you can you can avoid giving up next year's one by including from Korean trade he and his next hello Ian. They would sub guys kinda fall off our just I was driver what their a couple of our local forethought about what looked much. And for myself because I'm sick chicken and candle century. I made eagle Graham obviously it's worked out for lol I notre boss or I'd so far do you go. Out watch. Always tell wanna secure the body it should stop. That it from dot I ought college. L all part and actors here that we feel elderly because. I can put. So yeah we don't call girl I'd go about it but thought sicker I wanna superstar here. I X thanks Ian. Latest. Look at the schedule is bills that ravens' week one official announcement coming up at eight. He carry their Kramer sneaky Jody via SC will be all over the a guy named sneaky Joseph is really who should be. Here before the official schedule and now he's the one that just be like hearing this for many of the decide whether he's just being sneaky. Tonight BB for next year's schedule released day and finally don't feature animals more prominently by mixers but it is scheduled release show right sort felt like chargers for a while it was never solid and no that's why it wasn't solid because all the it's a very official looking ravens PDF with. All the elements in the dates times and everything has bills that ravens' September 9 at 1 o'clock. Much over the bulldogs this is WGR. Got out late like they can make. And I I think this. That we knew that I've yet seen or I don't think it coincidence that both these. New eat it came out now they might come out of eight. But I think that. Either one way or the other. Apple iCloud or. Trevor sick tomorrow. I assume that's from earlier just as accurate locked on podcast fame. Of locked on podcast fame of WG our guest appearance fame anybody. Leave with that the feet and desperate times for that person. Schedule comes out tonight latest. Scenario. That I think is probably right is the bills will open in Baltimore. The ravens did somebody on read it did a thing that I've tried. Hundreds of times probably. Change the date yeah kind of find a PDF file or find something and just change the date and have worked I guess to do that a Baltimore's web sites you have a pretty PDF file of all the helmets and dates and everything in their it is buffalo. Week one. 8 o'clock is when it all becomes official one night game for the bills week eight at home Monday Night Football against New England. It's the only light came on their schedule we've confirmed that. We we believe that. And they were old post them on the night game in their stadium for the first time in ten years with this game they played one in Detroit when there was lots of snow. Does not really count as an official on the night football game also was not played in their stadium event Thursday night games of course the opener with Rex in 2000. Me. This team go home opener this whole goal at the home or thank you was authors and make him have been auditors or the Miami game. In there are forgive me the year here but that they've had nine games but they've not any Monday night game since that Cleveland game in 2008. Here's Greg with a us hi Greg. They get there and I'm really tired. Well you know if they you know their opening game against Baltimore wonder what the over under is going to be credentialing via adulterous past. They're not that ravens' output the bill. There is there is that significant 100%. Chance. Her shortly and that's from all of them were mangled. All and those thing out you know he had mentioned about you know what what dom was set about playing on Thursday that so I think it's a big burden to the players physically yeah but the NFL can. They have they have the technology certainly. You know a few scheduled teams that were coming off their bye week. For Thursday but I played something that have. I'd buy with the seventeenth that I would get the Thursday game and that at the next Sunday up as well and there's. We want no problem for the open seat in and it they movies that buys. Right now the bite that we fight and Angela and they started before that they're twelve they could really out of those fifteen Thursday night sixteen Thursday night. They could have had where the team has not having forty term. Well you know I appreciate the work you've put into this in the thought the question is not whether they can find a way to do it the issue is that they don't wanna find a way to do it. They want Thursday night games they pay lip service to player safety but no. And it's. Beyond that this year they have made the Thursday night games relief try to make the schedule better they changed the rule thank you Greg. Beijing's rule that I didn't know about. Which was that teams playing each other on Thursday night could not be for more than one time zone part. Mad that I guess because you know we want fairness I'm person I go to the newest safety just. A West Coast team is gonna play West Coast team east east like that one time zone apart Max on the got rid of that. I don't know if there are games on the schedule haven't seen the whole schedule yet that prove that but that is the point so they're not. Trending toward. Eradicating Thursday night football or making it safer they're not doing at all. We will have the big announcement at eight guys will be in next on the nightcap to look fort of that and give their own opinions that you be cool. We'll see tomorrow at three much over the bulldogs thanks for listening to WGR. And. Government. Petrie.