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Friday, April 20th

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I don't care about yeah. I didn't who even got perfect ten. And and we. Sports Radio 515. Hello everybody. I'm here again trying gates Jody B offseason behind the board. The nightcap on WGR lots of playoff action going on tonight's. NHL for re games starting in just a little bit here Pittsburgh and Philadelphia Pittsburgh able to close out that series tonight. That's about to get under way in Pittsburgh and BC assigned to check that went out. That would impact. They have an opportunity close out their series tonight as well against Minnesota Minnesota without Zachary is they obviously. That on 730 USA. And Nashville. At home as a chance to close out. Colorado. So three elimination games tonight in the NHL. We got cavs pacers. As a big about to get underway via Merck's they're about to get under way. So it's it's those nice times of year there's a lot of nice. Days on the sport's calendar. A lot of good weeks. I think of the really march and April might be just about peaks sports time. For. Basketball. And hockey fans you like ball sports is really peak sports time. I was saying and extending into it to me. And even June if it goes that long. Because you get the NCAA tournament conference tournaments. Let me go right into. The under the regular season the NHL in the MBA. Leo right into the playoffs. And now you've got you've got games going on all the time other NBA games going on tonight at 8 PM. Washington. And Toronto ESPN two and game three between the box and Celtics Boston leads that series two to nothing 930. And yes PI and we will keep you updated on what is going on with the Rochester and Merck's they're not on TV. I'll believe her and radio anywhere in buffalo I think we would have been if it were anywhere on radio. So wall will keep you up to date with what's going on with the hammer it's as. If they're in the playoffs again their playoff front starting tonight. And I was looking just to see if there was any place and watch the game. And the HL does offer a watch live package for the playoffs you can buy a package that allows you to watch. The entire playoffs. Every team every game of the Calder cup playoffs archives included so you can even go back. I served that includes previous years. Gorgeous previous games of this playoffs because I didn't pay the 250. Dollars for that package. So well maybe maybe give it every. Televised. HL Calder cup playoff game. Ever. We could also do a team past but we do a team past. Playoff team package team passing you watch rounds one and two of the Calder cup playoffs 45 dollars and this before taxes and fees. So you're on the Internet you know that everything is taxed and feed. It's just like back in the day when used to watch infomercials. Used to watch what does that q.s beat a good shopping channel as QVC QVC whatever close enough semantics. And I'm used to watch that be a processing and handling charges shipping can handle shipping and processing and a bunch different names for it. But you pay those extra fees that those continue on the Internet even now and I really do they're not processing and processing and I guess. Process the video on the and send it over the stream. But 45 dollars we only the first two rounds. Of the Calder cup playoffs on the first round as the best of five series. We'll speak. Most people will keep you. Can go up today would you be up to date on what's going on up to the minute I should say not even up to date ul. Party have I have an update. The embers are down one to nothing. 1638. Left in period one. Gabriel Dumont has scored for the crotch. So your mavericks. UR Rochester Americans your Buffalo Sabres. HL team. Down one to nothing early in Syracuse. So there it is. When you hear that sound Joseph displayed aerial now you know something has happened. Sony has happened in the Rochester and Merck's game are over six days a. A from the NFL draft maybe the schedule came out yesterday. Hands. I'm not one of these people bats I know there's a lot of people out there that they care about the schedule release and the order of the games they come out. I do enjoy seeing what time the games are going to be and if you if you decide to travel to different games. But that's important day for you if you're out of town. If your transplant. A snowbird. That is really make sense but. If you're out of town and you're looking at these games EC game that's close to your city it's that's restart making plants that restart making plans so being in the city I guess it's. A little less important to mean. I understand why people. Well. Get fired up over the decade of the schedule release the thing that I like the most about the schedule is. Fifteen games 1 PM Sunday. Beau love it. I know not everyone of them but I love it. Amani insurer. And as a person that works on the bills broadcasts having that routine. Having now won PR routine nice. And the only other game is as the prime time as a prime time Monday night game. So. Matt and I want to get all fired up over the schedule I do think it kinda stinks. That. There are only two home games in September and October. But you look at some of the games last year late October early November. Those games weren't that bad weather wise I want the raiders game that was radian pretty cold. Of course there was the snow game last year. But you have some decent days into November. Now so maybe maybe you'll get decent days in November my thought is. Last year the I felt that blast with that snow we got in game what was. Really. Not sure of interesting to watch. Has the right word for it. It wasn't super. Entertaining football. Both an entertaining game to watch just because you are wondering how these teams are going to deal in those conditions. And just the spectacle that you got snell. Puff and up every time a tackles made you got Dionte tops and on the sideline in overtime. Mean that's spectacular catches he's falling one way catching it the other way and that he's buried. From pretty much just doubted some knowledge he's going down we have the picture from the buffalo new cozy up and our studio because it's it's like to see. So they might just say you know hey if we get another one of those games. It's that sweet. It's not often you get one of those games are people out there it's like they're sending a message the NFL's sending a message to two point goalless you need to get that. Domed stadium at that dome stadium. Maybe that's true maybe it's true but I I don't. Policy that being the case right it'll 30551. EDD 8550. To 550 NFL draft. In six days now are beyond next week. Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Friday. Monday Tuesday Wednesday it's going to be normal might capped days. Thursday since it's no longer than John Murphy show one bill's life. Will be taking you through the first round. Of the NFL draft then on Friday evening Kyrie and myself will be taking you through the second round. Of the NFL draft and that can be kind of interesting the second day of the draft depending on what happens on day one. Because the second day could be days depending and if they trade up if they have to trade up where they trade up. Mean not really a whole lot of picks going for the bills on day two of the draft they have to give up. Three of their four. Which would be a really hefty price to move up in the draft but they do have to pay that price to move up in the draft to get the quarterback that there accompanying. They took in the day or just talking about that quarterback. We're just reacting to the fact the bills made that power move to go up in the draft to grab the guy that they think is going to be franchise guy for years to com. That Kabila the second day of the draft is about how many get into the third day we'll have. More pets. I was on last year during day three of the draft. And the bills didn't have had a third round pick. They did have a pet for a really long time until they drafted I think it was mail more Lionel. Before. Nathan Peter men and there was those two and a half three hours before the bills hadn't even made a second on victory is run through those soccer's. Teams get up there they draft a guy doesn't take too long. So was it was a long way. Anyways the news of today I guess in leave NFL draft is Joe's been mentioned it all day. In his sports updates. It's the Cleveland Browns. And the Cleveland Browns in the New York Giants are the two teams that you look at. They're really out of control of this draft. You might even include the Johnson nap but you kind of know what the jets are taking a quarterback. You know we're going to take one of the guys it's just more so. Which guy is that is that your guys appear the bills and what you can do about it if they are targeting the guy. That you have on top of your board. Most of the questions you have to ask yourself about the shots but when it comes to the the browns and the giants. They sit in positions where. They can really. Just a fact the rest of the draft of course from the top of the draft board. But right now the latest from Dustin Fox. All of the athletic in Cleveland. Is that the browns. Are choosing between Joshua Allen and baker me field. Sand Arnold has been talked about for months as. The de facto number one pick for the browns is now not even in the discussion according Dawson fox. Which to me that's really interesting because when baker army field in Joshua Allen. It's kind of the polar opposites. Of the scouting process right now. You have Josh Allen who. You turn on this tape. You welcome you watch him play. You look at his stats. And he missed some throws he makes some spectacular plays but he's not consistent he's not a consistent performer. And use struggle with apple you look at what he can do physically you look at this guys look at his arm. All of the tools are there is the package in the physical way. He's the complete physical package. Many look at baker mayfield who athletically testing at the Columbine I think he's perfectly fine athletically. To play in the NFL but at the Columbine he was costing. Really low amongst quarterbacks. In the athletic trails. But you turn on his tape and he's consistent. He shows up in big games he is on the money with his accuracy. So I think it's interesting that now you're getting. This information. That. The browns are deciding between. Josh Allen. And baker mayfield. And you start to question what is the motives behind it because we're in that part of the draft season. Where and that part of the draft season where you you don't have to question everything that your hearing. About the draft because we only six days away. And my thought is what if Cleveland is now. Putting baker mayfield into the discussion. Because they're looking for a way to if they kind. Moved down from the number one pick. Pick up more draft picks and say okay we can still get our guy. That two or three. The guy that we covered as quarterback. And may be picked up another pick for next you know Cleveland has been building up assets for year after year at this point with Sasha brown. Up for me. That's something that's worth questioning about this report. If I was in the that the Cleveland GM shoots follows John Dorsey. I wouldn't be really entertaining much for the number one overall pick a bus that was team like the Buffalo Bills coming up and saying hey. Here's our first five draft expert much. We'll give you. Everything. That's the only way I'm entertaining it. But. We talk about this quarterback market being super hungry here in buffalo. Cleveland. Is even hungrier if you believe that. There's been a few years in buffalo where we've considered our cornerback play at least adequate. The years of Tyrod Taylor I think were adequate. Drew blood cell first season was adequate. Doug Flutie. What Cleveland. Clinton has struggled to get even adequate quarterback play. So third a city that has people who make jerseys with just the lists of the cornerbacks names. Going all the way down their backs. And if I'm John Dorsey and the guy that's brought in there and Cleveland. To kind of be the change from what was the team that was just gathering assets. That was playing the numbers and saying you know what if we have more darts that brought the draft board which is a concept I agree way if we will have more success over the long term. And he was brought in for different reasons he wasn't brought in to be the guy that was going to continue. V. Just signed it's I don't know the actions. That's. The actions at the browns were taking. Oh yeah we got an update. I. Hammerstein end up on the power play. The captain cabin Porter what they tipped in front of the that. Some sort of combination of nick panties Zach Redmond remember him and south Griffith. All together on that goal so it's tied up with the mavericks. Won the one now. Between the crunch in the embarks. No score in the the Pittsburg Philadelphia game. Wikipedia. Can be up to the minutes with all these scores. But so all's talking about John Dorsey if I'm John Dorsey I'm going up there with the number one overall pick. I'm draft in the quarterback that I think is going to be the quarterback of the future whether it be Joshua Allen or baker mayfield. Or Sam Arnold knowing that OK we have a quarterback right now and Tyrod Taylor. That if we're going to turn around quickly. We have the opportunity to do that with him to guide us. In a direction where that guy's not going to lose us games. Shot Kaiser had more interceptions last year in one season in games that he was pulled out of in games he didn't start. The Tyrod Taylor did in his three year career with the bills. So the browns are looking at it as okay Tyrod Taylor. Bridge quarterback safety that whatever you wanna call it he's a safe option for them at quarterback when this GM is trying to come in and say. I am the change I am going to be the change before this football team. It looks like he's done some of that already with the moves that he's made bring in Jarvis Landry Tyrod Taylor. Carlos Hyde was brought in replacing Isiah crow well. They still have. X 65 million dollars a cap space to. So this is a team. Eventually they are going to have to pay players because they did draft a lot of players hide and it it performed to what their draft status was. A backs they're going to have to pay players and that's where some other cap space is going to go. But thirteen that's set up right now if they get the right cornerback they find that right guy the browns could be really shot. And of course they were. Mocked relentlessly in my own sixteen the only other team to go on sixteen. Is the Detroit Lions. Got Matthew Stafford out of going only sixteen. If the it has been turned into a ton of success. For the lions obviously. But they also haven't had just the pure mock draft capital of the browns have been working with in previous years. If they are able to. Get their Matt Stafford gets someone that's better than Matt Stafford. The Cleveland Browns are a team that could be pretty good for a long time coming up next week on show open the Bulldog I've been working here. Have been working because it's it's draft week is strapped to make and I want to make sure I know all all these. Reporters are going to be busy. All these draft guys are going to be busy so I want to make sure that I got these people locked up and of course we're here from silk poncho bunch. But Monday F four's gonna be Jeff Lloyd of locked on Brown's discussing the browns their plans. What they are expecting to do. And just general draft stuff with the Jeff Lloyd. Tuesday Patricia train. Of the athletic and football insider she is a giants beat reporter and also does the podcast lockdown giants. So she she knows her giants stuff same deal draft giant's plans while they train now the second peck. And and Wednesday Connor Rodgers we had him on previously. Of Bleacher Report he also does the stick to the stick to the draft podcast stick to the jets podcast so is like a combination. Jets draft gassed and draft day 4 PM. We got our Bonnie Tyler Dunne joining the show so it's gonna be a nice week of guests. For show open the Bulldog as beget you guys prepared for the NFL draft only six days away. It'll 30551888550. To 550 are the phone numbers here. What do you make of that noise gas that report from Dustin Fox about the browns at the top of the draft where. Alan and me feel beating the quarterbacks at their targeting. You've seen as just noise or now are you getting more excited that potentially. Maybe Sam Arnold can fall down. If they just aren't public baker mayfield maybe it's Arnold and Rosen. That all the bills. Five or six or seven if they decide to trade up there may be the price to trade up suddenly isn't as high. What's your feeling on us. You may call 8030551888552. By 58 sunny. Friday evening here in buffalo. Much deserved for all of us here we'll have some more. Draft talk. Some more air Merck's updates as they come as well tonight cap Jody B I see behind the boredom and gates this WG air. For me. Each other. This can go to American among a lot of result there. It's sort of game you can obviously with the space no with a JR and Kyle's ability to shoot the ball and obviously care. You know Jerusalem workspace. I'm familiar showed no production no matter what lines on the floor and feel good for us to go through this. Where they're from show. After after the Bronx ball. Goes where. Goats. You rent you can put you can put Georgia together out there. I think. Anyways the cavs leading the pacers right now 23 to seventeen. Points and LeBron have rescued 46. 46 need twenty in the first quarter. Yes so he. He was incredible that game. Thoughts is he going to have to do that every single game is the question and hopefully not. Because that was a super human. Ask effort. Also. Embarks update. Turtle on Syracuse. Is in the it's in the lead again. Say McCain scored as our old friend genie nicknamed can't be. Back he's back Cheney nickname genie that pain in the NHL. And scoring. On how where Rochester hammers Jesse place for the Syracuse crunch remember he was part of the Andres a carrot trade or soccer. Kara knows Kara is a name his name is a camera or six era. So yeah areas that are there's your earmarks update we got update from the NHL and that update is. 00. Pittsburgh Philadelphia. And still. First period. Yes bullhorn for no goal. Double goal boards for double moguls. Incredible. Brought you by the nightcap this NHL playoff update brought to you by eagle entire immigration your border security. They do have a great. While Philadelphia really uses the rocky theme is their goal song. That you it paid. While Amanda turns and electronic dance near Zurich up while OK now I kind of love. Speaking of what Jaya sad news today it's 28 year old Swedish DJ VG. Passed away he was founded. Data VG known for hits such as levels. Wake me up featuring ammo black and all of her. Hit songs. Really known as a pioneer of the crossover between the different sacks of music. ED I am pop he was want the people that really started to cross over there are so if you're someone out there who hates the fact that most pop music is generated by machines. He was part of that's revolution even though that really started back in the eighties as well so. Understood why give him a shout out I did listen to a lot of his music in college and post college. And it's that only 28 years old only twenty years old. And passed away it 030551888552. By fifty. Are the phone numbers here. Six days. Six days until the NFL draft. What are the bill's going to deal. And it was something. That was brought up earlier today with Shelton bull dog brought up on my show few. Days ago as well. And it was at peace with Peter Caine had bright Gabriel and it. To where you have to really tried to predict everything up until your peck so that you're prepared for any one of these situations. To happen. And now it seems that there's kind of a wrench thrown in the bills plans because. Now all of a sudden it's baker may field hands Joshua Allen allegedly being discussed. For the number one overall pick. Wage. Well it's so hard to decipher. All this noise around the draft. Because for months at his back and Sam Arnold. And do you trust what's been reported for months and of course all these GMs will say. I think you've got to him and said yesterday at his press conference before the draft with the New York media. That he still hasn't made a decision about what he's going to do on draft day. As if he hasn't thought about this a million times but he has that excellent line about how he can't lie because his dad. Beat is bought. When he was seven years old and his no. Ever although I sense. You wanna know what that's why. Hope your dad comes back right now Biggio got because I don't care who you are not telling lies that you were seven years old. Because you are terrible liar and apparently you're dead beats you up 'cause you were bad buyer no way dude. You've told probably thousands of lines. I don't care how much of straight shooter that you are everyone lives. Everyone lies. Closest friends will lie to you at some point something they just have to accept. And Dave got to him and he lied to you he lied to the world when he said he hasn't whole life science he was seven years old called that guy 56. Sixty. Gotta be in his sixties he did. He did say something today and I'm not sure if you caught it that would kind of backed up the fact that he has never. Pull lie since the age of seven. No idea I don't believe that he 67 years old he hasn't told a lie in sixty years but he hasn't told a lie son's nineteen. What is that sixty years yet 58. 1950 if the poll I since 1958. Up a lot Ali you be to judge how honesty is sure. Don't depend upon what's on the bulletin went you know who's still on the bullet I'm open I'm open to it this is yet to be open to everything you've got to listen can't be afraid of conversation we had cults I'll I'll I'll admit to that. South of pretty honest person to me. Okay that was pretty honest there you know he's he's a mule will listen on the other hand you could just be saying that the proof. The F and to mobilize 27 in fact that's also ally he hasn't gotten calls on it and this is all big sham. So how do you men as tough as tough. Me I just I just refused to leave no arsonists to apply for sixty years. You would about an the most honest man since Abraham Lincoln and escape. The I'm pretty sure that guy told buys two. On odd I don't trust them don't trust them. He does sound pretty straightforward pretty honest about everything. So maybe he needed maybe hasn't I just I refuse to believe it 8030551888. By fifty to 550 are the phone numbers here talking NFL draft. Trade up ideas and with this new noise out there about speaker may feel potentially being the number one pick. Along with Josh Allen does that give you more hope. For the idea that the bills can potentially get me B Sam Arnold or Josh Rosen. A little bit further down the draft board. And maybe I have to give up as many of those assets one to nothing Philadelphia. Philadelphia Claude Giroux. Claude Giroux scoring. There. Game play. Goes behind the nuts. Relied open one timer. Top shelf this NHL playoff update brought to you by eagle car immigration York border attorney let's go to Dave in Rochester. Yes thoughts on the NFL draft if you got Bosnia and the draft I'm here for real let's update. I'd like to get your open up something that you don't mind I'd put it no better than fifty pit speed that they get a trade up. But I think the price might be able to hi I'm wondering if they end up taking it well. What do you think do you think they take I personally I'd like I'd love pilot Mark Jackson but wondering what you guys thanks. I definitely it's tough for me because I'm just so unsure of how the board would fall. And I feel like this is a regime that really is targeting a cornerback. So maybe. It was funny Jeremy did a mock draft the other night. Wednesday night where he was on Friday and FitzGerald which gear on this radio station after I get off the air usually. He was on a mock draft there and the way that their mock draft one was some combination of Allan Donald and rose and had gone 12 and three. And no other quarterbacks were taken until the bills pick and Jeremy end up selecting Lamar Jackson. Over Josh Allen an app. Ends its I believe that that's not what happened in that situation. Where the bills. If they were the bills it's my belief that they would probably go with Joshua Allen but I have no insight or knowledge. It's so much depends on how the the draft board falls have their say and parent and four quarterbacks are gone. I do you think Lamar Jackson is an option but I'm also wondering if they'd take a look at. The linebackers they're going to be their rope on Smith. Maine had means they start taking a look at those players because they feel like they're better value and that's what a slot in May be. They can trade up from 22 would they feel the need to go after the Mark Jackson that way. Mason Rudolph for that you just sit at 22 and get Mason Rudolph. But to me. It it just doesn't seem like third team that is going to. Really overreach for quarterback if they stay at twelfth if they're staying at twelve I think they do the classic. Best player available beyoncé is constantly. Fed to us which I think is what most teams really did. Oh man what happens. Honey you know what happened this time. Ian Rapoport reports. Sources the giants are in the process of treating. For Broncos owner Randy. Your troll. Correct also Winnipeg scored. Your troll. Also Ryan O'Reilly does not need for the lady being born and mention. And I'd scored. Gigot chose those quake. What's nice about the TV and here is that USA is relatable BC sports networks all I have to do is what got one channel memory there. The first period just ended. Between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh that teams one to nothing Philadelphia and just over a minute into Winnipeg Minnesota. That game is won nothing so some. There are some scores fla. Yeah. In a 3055188550. To 550. I haven't really put a ton of thought to be honest about the bill's. Staying where they're at at twelfth because I think it's just. Almost in inevitable that this team is going to trade up at some point to grab one of these quarterbacks. Of course I'm not certain of that but. It just feels like. Obviously it's a need for this team. AJ McCarron has some experience. Nick nick spewed Nathan Spearman. Nathan Pearman. Has. Limited experience and and his experience hasn't been very good. He did go see some throwing guru this off season those former pitcher in the MLB he's worked with other quarterbacks including. Drew Brees and Matt Barkley. I had just gave you the whole range of the types of cornerbacks they work with there to show once the spectrum to the other. I just do not believe that they're going into this season with only those two guys their quarterbacks. And it just feels so inevitable that they're going to move up. For one of these guys. Whether that be at number two they make the big move all the way up to the giants maybe they can. Make a move up with Cleveland. Or Denver or Indianapolis. Or Tampa Bay really any of those teams. In between them and the dolphins to make a move on one of these quarterbacks. It just feels to me that that is inevitable and that if that doesn't happen. And it's not the right way to look at this especially if your a GM of a team but the fans here are going to be extremely disappointed come. Friday morning. Friday morning if there's not a quarterback on this roster. The majority of fans here are just going to be so incredibly disappointed. And questioning. What the direction of this team is even if Lamar Jackson and Mason Rudolph both remain on the board. I think fans are going to just piece asking. We're really putting our faith in Q8 Jim Carrey and really putting our faith in the knee and Peterman and some other mid round peck. While they don't really have a ton of weapons around that either the hello Shawn McCoy was still good but he's gonna be thirty. Calvin judgments coming off an injury. Charles clay. Soul I think there's going to be questions about all the direction of the team. It doesn't necessarily have to be a trade up they can stay at twelve and get on these quarterbacks I think that could be an option. I'm not sure if you wanna risk that if you're the bills and have some other team. Come up and jump you in the draft order and all of a sudden you're sitting there thinking man we're gonna miss out all of these. On all these quarterbacks. And textures and reported that. Draft class is one of the weaker once and of course all this changes. From now until I'm. This was supposed to be a strong quarterback class last year. And it appears that's going to be that way appears that a lot of court actually be drafted early. But I just would be incredibly disappointed. Sad and almost as if though the bills were to pass up on an opportunity to get one of these guys when they are in position. To get 1803055188550. To fight to get more calls coming in. After the break us and I kept hammering gates this WGR. Okay. Those that. Nose. This true ball the other two to nothing now. What do pack up two to nothing. The first time the shots slash thrashers. Could be. Moving on in the Stanley Cup Playoffs so. So we got right now. Long game to go of course. But this NHL playoff update is brought you by Figo car immigration or border turn. In a 3055188. By fifty to five that you got put in buffalo here but you on the nightcap. Thanks to that particular call a great show as always thanks Judy wanted to get into it you probably didn't. And this this new reaching that we have here one of those drives so far so good they've been doing well. I know we've been Dexter prior to the guy you'd been here come here we've always been desperate or hard court. You might disagree would be polite I'll light meat eater and not mean I really do I saw some days some bad things last year and good days. I saw something that the young Q can grown in dealers say also oddly they gave the care is going to be a decent quarterback. But CNET. I'm like explode like that so someone else's is that the bills to wrap will not be a disappointment. If they don't you know quarterback in the first. I really believe that it's still a quarter tight loop talked quite a lot in Washington State peak their quarterback who beat UCLA MP USC. At the same time you know artists who to believe that the the salt packet they don't get a quarter and its rockets are at all it's not that that was brought out before is that veteran quarterback enters its. Who said North Carolina and made the papers export. I just really believe that we get a good draft I'd love art takes its don't be wrong or COPEL quarterbacks like and the twelve or even and nine maybe two mobile. Yeah are you are you just not a fan of trading up at all I guess is what will my question is you know. I am prepared straight now but it's it's a walker so many years but to get these type at the extent we and this. That's the commitment to work Broadway but just to give it away. On a quarterback who elevation to a three years. I don't think the quarterback if you're if you're trading up in this draft. I think AJ McCarron still probably is your starter for this season but depending on how this season go on how he performs. Near the end of the season it could be. Like gay or rounds a couple years ago with golfer he sat for I think it was kind games and started the final six. I'm going to be something like that but I think eventually if you trade off for a guy and he's had a top five top seven quarterback. He gets and by the end of the season in my opinion maybe it's like my home situation even in Kansas City. I understand that I mean that that that's our whole you know black. You know you have that person and a potential. In order to have a group of young quarterback you have to have a good teacher I believe it all scored recap is a good teacher but you look at our quarterback coach who was here last year. And that it actually turn you know what this spread out but. It be nice of ball look to bring art outspent noted author consultant. The Brigham on border. You know to help out with the quarterback but I agree that you don't be wrong but it just to move up from. It's quilted so and it Cuba now that this scenario that I I've heard it inept on network which I would be I would be met. Purse optic. A second round pick in the first round pick next year. Arctic argument that because you know he still had a year to 12222. That we are you want so you 23 article. But separate but to Cuba to warrants to a three I just hit it and that ransom right now. Optical queried not the last now artists who are more and agree with Q. The last. To quarterback that you actually. Articulate. What that aren't anywhere else. Part but thanks for the call and I appreciate it of the night yep I aid. That's that's what makes this thing entire this entire process that we've been going through. Just why we've been so enamored with it throughout the process is there is sells many different ways that can shake out. And now you're hearing rumblings. Allan verses. Mayfield at the top wish. I wonder how would change if me mayfield at end up being the number one overall pick I was reading a piece from many should not. Of the New York Daily News. A couple days ago. Where he was saying that the shots pretty much about and discussing. Rose inverse mayfield. Because those of the quarterbacks they've been expecting to be there and they've. Fall in the mall with me field and that's kind of the expectation for the shots. So if the browns do wind up taking an Allen number one. And the jets homey feel that three and the giants don't end up trading and taking sick on Barkley or Bradley job. In the ground state that he can trade up with them. And take bass player available. The Broncos are sitting there all the sudden and Sam Arnold and Josh Rosen. I wonder what they would they be willing to get out of that spot to trade all the way down twelve. When they have an opportunity to take one of these two cornerbacks and maybe they weren't expecting those to be the guys to fall down. Or they were hoping that a guy like bigamy fields default. The bills just have to be prepared that if that happens if de Arnold comes down five. Be repaired owed to pull the trigger. There was discussions last week Tony Pauline talking about how hole. He believes that there is a framework of a deal between the bills and the giants. Depending on what happens on draft night fur trade up. Try to do the same thing with the Broncos. Try to have that same framework and if things work out you can trade up go to the Broncos spot draft your quarterback. If they don't work out of the Broncos decide they want take on these quarterbacks this god. That's when things get get a little. Little theory. It 3055188. By fifty to 550. Wait around we're gonna hear from Trevor sick about. He does the lock on half a draft podcast with John majority also is the Buccaneers beat reporter for pewter report. Down in Tampa Bay. We'll hear from him coming up in the second half the show will take more of your phone calls as well after sports 8030551888. By fifty to 550. You wanna go to five if there's Garland Rosen available. I would I would men you want to give up as much it would be nice that's a dream scenario really. To not have to give up as much you thought you might have to and get a quarterback in Sam Arnold. That maybe you haven't even. Thought about because you just kind of assumed that he was going to be gone already that's how I felt. I really thought much about Sam Donald at all in this draft process and just and assuming he's. Pretty much a lock pretty much lock to go one. And you call here tonight captain Jody B Osce behind the board juts up to all three to nothing juts up three to nothing now. Kristen have former. RIT tiger. The areas he's going for the jets the looks like they're moving on. We've got more NFL draft talk coming up after sports the nightcap on WGR.