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Friday, April 20th

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Helping you unwind after a long day of work I like curves curves nice nightcap with running and geeks on deluge CR Sports Radio 550. And yeah. Yeah upbringing in two year. He can't hear on the nightcap. Running gates chili see paying out here it's WGR. Almost on my chair there. I was so sensual almost thought my own share. As weird you know 3055180. Needs. 550 to 550 are the phone numbers here forty nothing in Winnipeg. And DeVon dubbed nick outs of the net for the wild so looks like that series. She. Just got over. Barring a miraculous wild come back here which did not foresee coming and wrong before and I'll be wrong again. And I'd be lying to you if I said I wasn't unlike gave gentleman who's apparently hasn't total lie at sixty years. Also the second period getting under way between the air Merck's and the crunch. And there is an update there is an update from. Syracuse. Three to two. The crunch we began. Trading goals back and forth start one and nothing Amber's tied 11. You don't want to crunch the numbers tied 22 and now only a couple minutes into the second period. Dominique means and scoring for the Syracuse crunch. Entertaining game at least be nice to get watching on TV. Horror for a price law where and 45 dollars. Treasury to buy individual games for like five books. That's still quite idea. Hefty price for the American Hockey League. Who should want as many eyes on as they possibly can get. I. Maybe it'll happen and they they do show some earmarks games on television and last year around here occasionally menial happen when we get deeper into the playoffs. But I certainly would like to see that happen. I'm interest it there's a lot of. Players that we don't pay attention to for a long time down there in Bailey panties. Who leads down there and Nelson's down there see you Smith hasn't assessed CJ Smith Alex knew Lander all mark this is an interesting emirates team and I would. Really. Like to be able to watch it and patient needs a page he's back. Kevin Porter he's back. So that's. I would like to be able to see these games next week they will be in Rochester. For her games on Wednesday and Friday. And unfortunately I won't be able to make those and hopefully they can advance to the next round so that I hopefully will be able to meek won here. Along the way before. The eliminated her before they win the Calder cup. Siva can happen in 030551888. By fifty to 550 the phone numbers here taking your calls. And the NFL draft six days away we've got. Greg Greg your on the nightcap. They Ryan made no one knows what to tuck the draft but I did tell your screen is that this show you didn't rustling a couple of weeks ago it's such a refreshing. Departure from the NFL draft dot. Yeah I know we are your height and down to two Russell media and I do feel the need wrestle mania as one of the Russell menial that there is wrestling and then there's cultural bounds and I feel Russell media is more so on the side of cultural and then just a rustling show solid. I believe that against needs needs more recognition on this station and again it's all my mom I want to play the role knowing your role as they say. There you go out. They had met him at my club but I do on the treadmill watching ESPN to had a full first rounder that show with the. Wait a minute here on the treadmill right now in talking to me. Well I want you all can Ausmus that's impressive is going to be really impressed if you're like taking a jog. Watch ESP and in talking to me at the same time that's the next level multitasking. I'm gonna try that next time on. They get all wrapped up first round draft that I would agency how how it would got what what there opinion was there were four different. Announces there. They're doing it now somebody here whatever but anyway they had the bills. Picking up a linebacker at twelve and offensive line minute when he it would. I got. What they had done they had. Chuck Ellen Dolan number one. And then the that and the giants picking up the running back the jets taking Donald. And then out roses and going to the block those. And then not Miami picking up mayfield. They had a catching. At Lamar Jackson at twelve of them they have of going to the air or cardinals like they get 5060. Which you know that it mitigates that epic. The architect in the early in the and they and they give the cardinals four picks later. I didn't agree with that but. My my thing is I'm not really thrilled about about moving up just because the quarterback position is it's not a sure thing it's such a 5050 thing. Arm bar I would. Move up ahead of Miami. I would try to move up we're in the raiders battered Tampa Bay something like it right back at the give a whole lot and then that would keep. Miami from getting whoever right. Yeah that's if that were the case thanks for the call I appreciate it man. If that were the case in that scenario that was broken down on ESP and where army field is on the board. And he's kind of fallen freefall on a little bit. And maybe they're just doing me a draft mock draft whether we're going to be any trades. But the bells were there. Sitting there at twelve. And mayfield gets all the way down to a lab and it goes to the dolphins the first thing that means to me is that the bills were not at all interest and beat army field. They'll be the first sign. Because you can trade all a couple picks probably. You have the ammunition to do it yet the picks to be able to do it with still being able to have a normal draft is that the case that to me would you show. That the bills were not at all interest and baker mayfield I got you all credit. If Josh yeah when does the old number one overall. Milk diapers and all over from the get. It was his first month drafty. Joshua Allen going to the browns and of course. The other haters came out in full force. Because a lot of people don't see what the the love affair is with Josh Allen. But iffy if he ends up going number one overall. Milk diapers still got it. Still got unbelievable. But man I just. If that were to happen bigamy fields in freefall the bill's not moving up two to go get him. I would be I would be a little bit crushed personally. I do you like baker mayfield. I like Josh Rosen. I like sand Arnold. I pretty much every quarterback side's. Josh Allen. I've kind of over the course here so often and and I Josh count stands I still would be pretty. Matt I think if they were to trade up and take Josh Allen while there were other quarterbacks that I probably like more on the board ban him. If mayfield still on the border Rosen still on the board they go Josh talents god. I probably would be a little upset about that. If you freefall and he slides down at twelve and your say in the air. And you'd of the bill scaffold like on the have to give up and he sort of assets to go get him really besides the pick that they're going to spend on them. I'm going to be. Not for real the necessarily. But I guess I'm going to accept what this front office sees. Because his mind is just assume that the they have a better idea. Of one pals gone on here. That I deal or at least I am hoping that. Because the moves so Favre made sense to me in the moves so far sends branded bead is taken over they've all seemed to line up for the army. And that one would be the first one that really really disagreed with ion. Like a personal level. I'm my own personal level I would disagree with them move. Well I would trust the guys too you know he's got a I think that's one of the good things about the raid and beaten. Is that he doesn't come exclusively from this scouting background but we geared Dave cattlemen talk. We hear that guy talk in his old school mentality. Is 67 years old by the way which. In price. To a guy that's not pass retirement age to be running your franchise. At some point the this guy 67 years old. When jamaat. Someone what a little bit more of a fresher idea. Little bit more open to ideas because statistically proven that as you get older you tend to become more closed off to new ideas. You would figure you would want someone who is now taking over your franchise after. An awful season. An awful awful season dealing with one of the most. Enigmatic. Wide receivers. In the league. I'm not sure that's the guy you really want maybe he'll prove me wrong it just come back and he did bring the Panthers with Cam Neely being the guy there. He had no problem with that. So he has dealt with eagle personality before as a GM. The man I was an owner of a team I would be looking for. A branded beats personally. These four years old he's 41 now I think. Young had a ton of experience growth through an organization. And Powell is getting his opportunity. To beat. At that pad of a football team. Amazingly cattlemen's treated for a partner. Now ballot through its official traded for a punter and he did that for a two week trade a fourth round pick. Q the browns that is going to be in this year's draft. For a partner. In Carolina the Carolina. Two years ago we trade for you trade a fourth round pick for a partner that's its two times in three years this man has treated four or what retrace the partner. This. I tell you I'm Tina c'mon it's supposed to be official. Men got his. Trade for punter. It's a conditional seventh round pick. So like us we know that's. Horrendous knowledge trading fourth round pick for upon our. Trade surplus. Okay the giants in the process of training for a rock goes partner Eileen Dixon. When mark king signed in Denver he was on the trading block and the New York Giants swooped and Rappaport the trade is finalized Dickson for a conditional seventh round pick a seventh pick is all that valuable necessarily. What is going to be on the street in like three weeks and could have just picked him up on. Yes. Probably. And or their other teams swooping and really coming in with those high level conditional seventh round picks saying well we need Riley Dixon. We need them with their big market for Allie Dixon gonna say no because he was treated for conditional seventh pick 2019. We should've seen with the other teams are offering conditional seventh round pick in 21 in future considerations future considerations the classic. The Hubble future considerations and how he deals and just trades in general because the class that just can't get this guy the hell off my team. We don't even want him anymore you don't even have to give us anything for him right now but maybe your future. We're gonna take something forum has anyone ever actually cashed in on that though. No probably not gonna ask the Internet has anyone ever cashed in on future considerations. It's misses this is thrown. It is thrilling radio here in the united tight very nicely. Then. Yeah. We all get really is how to shoot for auto trades work with the future considerations. And it's may and there are people who are answering this but I am not going to take time to read it right now so I'll get back to you. On the whole future considerations then my gut tells me no no one has ever cashed in on future considerations. 8030551888552. By fifty. If you remember a time that someone has cashed in on future considerations please give me a call. Because I'm not sure it's ever happened in May be your call it and I'm just dumb. And certainly a possibility but I do not call anyone ever cashing in on future considerations so someone out there can. Make me remember even even up attacks on Indian taxed and if you want take the time caller complained yeah. Who calls anymore. If your millennial there you needed just taxed me 55550. And this thing if you recall anyone being traded for future considerations and then those considerations actually being cashed in. I would like to know. But a conditional seventh trumpet for a partner not mean just why the girls going to be on the street. What's got its seventh round pick in all bent phone lines are lighting up so that means someone was definitely cashing in on those future considerations. In the previous. All right and get in some. Yes the guy from the red wings who was sold for a dollar. And call that let's go to Scotland buffalo Scott buffalo might have something for me Scott dear call anyone ever getting anything for member federations. I'd be routes. Like 260000. And you. Actually think that people will trade deadline. I think it was sort of rule is in June. As big as that you should what was it. Can actually tomorrow in early snowstorm. They Macs aren't they cute it would actually. I do it. And it's like forty weeks who does she sport games for the world. All right so that yes there you go so we do have some this is baseball also baseball future considerations do get cashton. Apparently with a CC sabathia trade thanks for the call Scott. Because yeah in an hockey trades I do not remember future considerations. Being. Cast and we do have Salma. Texts and semantics I trade in my ex wife for future considerations for Perry's peanut butter cup ice cream. So this person taxed again was put on relationship waivers apparently. Interest and nick in buffalo what do you know about future considerations. Better call. Always there was a time were a player was created for future considerations. In the end of being in the future consideration I wished they got a government a guy who wants. But they traded on. And the future generations what have they sent him right. What no wake money train and a guy for future considerations. And the future consideration of sabres to trade him right back to you. This would be here I'd I would like remember wise but there reaction would base who really cares what would you do that might. John Edward it would years ago but the player to be named later was him. While it is. Now that is the way they use. The sabres could have pretty much did do that with mammals and they got traded him for future considerations except they got a legitimate assets from animals instead of future considerations but ended up just. Citing a right back. I wish we could its trade him for future considerations right now. Abbie great. Great thanks for the call it what about Sam and pew you have some off huge consideration knowledge army. Sam. Ball yes hey. So why it was nearly Daren McCarty year we're clear here are some like that you're treated for a dollar. All that's the other red wings player who was traded for a dollar. So what's he traded for a dollar originally or was he traded for future considerations in those future considerations turned out to be one single dollar. That is correct so what happens is used planned debt traded to got sent down of the miners in Detroit. Then when he does get called up in order from actual play in the NHL there had to be stopped and exchange where the future consideration was a dollar. While that's incredible poor guy I can't be good for the old confidence. You know here in the NHL I think I hear you're doing all right it was it was Chris Draper. It'd June 30 1993. The Winnipeg jets traded him to the Detroit Red Wings for one. Dollar. Incredible. Chris Draper pretty decent to leave decent player. You get that nice in 2000 plus games. In the NHL this prefer dollar. That's incredible what trade. That's going to be one of the most lopsided trades of all time. In his career in Winnipeg he played eight total. Of twenty games that he was traded to Detroit for one dollar and ended up playing 1100. And 27 games. For the right links. Great trade. That's why they made the playoffs for 25 straight years trades like that trading a dollar for a player. We got us here now but as somebody. What Barbara and I don't. I did this we know about trade ministry of all world prepared but I got going on. I put a columnist out Vermont called those possibilities might fare bunkers but I got corner right now colleague Colin. But trade numbered paper or the bambino. Golf started with big group Citigroup was created from the Red Sox the Yankees. Border right who a Broadway play called no known. Anything big but the red October broker something not your call whatever was there. And so it's a debate where you could've gone. Or a play that would not broadly within a year after he was used for the place. In real quick look like that is what I'm novices. The have to trade and I don't care about that the. Alia passing trade is absolutely phenomenal trade. I didn't it has had a great look up. Thanks man that's because he has no us. Yeah that's I'm trying to read up on this this Babe Ruth trade right now and it's apparently it was just did straight cash. Some of 125000. Celebs better thank Chris Draper being treated for a dollar gas but still. He ended up being. The legend of the game for decades. And you train them to us just for money. Apparently. Saber straight there was future considerations. And that player ended up being. John talker. That was the player that was traded. For a future considerations and then traded back for future considerations that one's John talker. They struck the knowledge guys because Iowa lose new you know future considerations gets tossed out there all the time and I was really looking for. Okay rob rape robbery traded for future considerations to the Ottawa Senators. Most ever get him back for that. Nothing that I know of or was it robbery got to come back as a broadcaster. The senators hold rob raise broadcasting rights but then they traded. And back. Jolie put a lot of to put a lot of names here we're gonna do. Trevor second. Trevor sigma yet Trevor said he was he was yesterday but that's who we're going to be listening to and. He's gonna be giving you a draft education all remember what I told you. I'm watching highlights no wonder why this is happening looked up at the TV watching highlights and SS three to nothing jets. So I immediately just assume because the NHL at the fourth goal was disallowed. But it was just highlight during the Philadelphia Pittsburgh games so it's still horrible thing. It's still four to nothing and at first when the pack up for nothing in Minnesota. Pittsburgh. And Philadelphia. Tied out one piece and I believe. I haven't seen any updates on the hammers which makes me believe that they are still down three to two. In the second period. So this NHL HL playoff update brought to you by. The eagle in our immigration your border attorney are ever hear from Trevor sakuma. And DT scouting. No he's not a DT scouting he's on the block and NFL draft podcast with John Bulger who's part of Andy T scouting. And Trevor is also part. I love the pure report which is the online fitting for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And he's the bee reporter for that so you can you can listen to him next he's going to be talking about the NHL draft. And will talk after the break after the second coming up. All right actually call it audible here on the night count we were going to bring you Trevor sakuma but it came to my attention that knee. Last night brought them back to you so we are going to bring you Steve panelists all the. Senior analyst to pro football focus NFL draft in college football analyst host of the PFF podcast at that FC palace on the line with a associate John Murphy Chris Brown. Here in buffalo we need sober headed analysis from you today we need clear thinking we don't need draft night. You're just a guy for that aren't you you're that guy. I am over draw the EU. Keep it nice and clear you guys haven't had a tree lot. I'm not dark and electric got to you know I'll get this time a year it is crazy all of sudden one of the sports this week it became a kind of a a pass after people live. Put together plans for three team trades before the draft right I mean if it's great hope and forecasts that it can predict how that might work out. No I look at I love the build up of the drought the point where it like Eric what do it routes make it looked at that thing done and start talking about what. Actually happened and what the picks that would work so above already port. I am ready as well and we were ready to read Europe. Most recent post the NFL draft narrative busters you know in the run up to the draft. As you point out they're just a lot of information a lot of evaluation some of it's just baloney you point out some of the biggest narratives that don't really matter anymore. In fact baker mayfield had plenty of easy throws in the Oklahoma off and you say that's true what did you see from bakery we will look at it is Oklahoma video. Ella baker may feel our top rated quarterback we love him we think he does so many things well. Or one of those knock the people used against them look at Oklahoma Oklahoma opposite field they beat beauty or amity through a lot of screen that. They were the Carpio game in the big twelve defense is a terrible it. And all that thus true you know he did have a wannabe pros he did for a 20% of the attempts there were actually screamed and you have the the hype the senator opened rose. There are charting in the entire class so all that stuff was true. The problem is that when you start to use that as a knock against them because you also really do it. At peace stop that matters which is that tight window roads and obviously get those open throws better than anybody. Actors in the so one of those narrative that's true but probably shouldn't be used as a knock against they feel because when you're looking at. But he got a cult type stuff on film it's an error as well. Yeah the tight window throws I found very interesting is as we all know the windows are tighter. When these guys get to the NFL because the coverages better. And it was mayfield and rose in kind of leading the pack. Although mayfield was kind of alone by himself apparently a full. Ten percentage points Vegas based on your guys metrics ahead of even Rosen right. Yeah absolutely so again what when things got top. Made children's parade in the two years running a few years debate are best for opera great deal with dark. Super advanced QB charting that we've just started to put it all in our. Yep up draft guide get what you all the numbers but. Mayfield a tight window pros that we're talking down the dual role post route or got a Albie you know how to step of separation we're talking. You know he had red zone rose against TCU. Where he would throw the ball up and away from coverage. Essentially all we were his receiver could gather the news for all all around sport defenders putting it all we were Newt receiver beat yet it's so. We saw that rather consistently used up its really good feel for. A leading guys through zones and also growing. Throwing you know back shoulders and all these passes out but wait covered. World hitters here can get it so there weren't a whole lot of these broke out bill but what he did make though or did attempt on the yacht ended and as well anybody in the clot. It's even at the quarterback to ask you about who also I think is somewhat polarizing in terms of people looking at his college career but Mark Jackson the former Heisman Trophy winner from Louisville. The perception that the narrative is he doesn't work through progression he just runs around scrambles you found that not to be the case at all on the Marchex. Bell not a dog again but ultramar news to advance quarterback Charlie Wi that booklet. Let's try to actually identified as the quarterback starting on one side of the field working through his reads. We charted it for ten of the draft eligible quarterbacks that pop guys in the op. And yet the second highest percentage. Of time that he actually worked to his second or third read in the progression and when he did that he is actually really act and you know that. You know I'm not a lot of people talked about that they think because he's a great athlete because he had soul but he rushing yards which he did Betty just runs around you know dropped back doesn't. But the really wanna see that feel that you just want to rotted. I'd really the opposite you know 73% of his rushing yards actually made from that side rock but you know option like look we're just keeping it and I feel that so you can part of the design running game only 47% of the rushing yards came from those scramble is not scrambling to run. And what he actually is in the pocket he is coming off as per unit trying to get respect their greed and what he does it. He's really actors so you know somebody's Tony that he just run it around try to make plays the part of the game but certainly not upbeat part of it. That's what that was the number though that surprised me the most he's effective it is 73%. Of the time. It's by design with his run right game and I wonder how. That. Inhibits. Let's just say in NFL draft evaluate her from projecting his game. To the NFL because that is such a big percentage and there's no way. Even if the team is ready to adopt. And shape an offense around Lamar Jackson that there are gonna run them that much especially with his slight frame so. How much do you think that compromises. The accuracy of a projection. To the NFL knowing the design run game was that large. A percentage you know what Louis. Not depicted the great point and it it does hurt it does hurt the projection of a difficult. I'll let beat you would if you look at that taken advantage of Lamar skill that. You do have to try to run him valued you have to try to run of 68 and Todd Beamer at least but the rest. Okay I'm running because we did that at Louisville what it did visit you know it doesn't under the throw a few more defenders in the box to work play action off that from the front bought it off that. And just like baker may feel that how to open rose. Lamar had a lot of open throws to put I think a lot of it was not because you're playing bad defenses but it is because but rug rat. Opens things up so I do they do that's fine line of Vienna felt happy in about a lot of that the letting him make those special plate with his legs. It also creating those easier road because he's really not the most accurate quarterback you can bet a lot broad gonna. You know and that'll weeding your guy leave little bit too far behind but if you make those throws open. He totally complete remedy can have a productive guys so yeah it's it's gonna take it's going to be a challenge for catapult. Often deported to build around is still up I think there's a out there to be. And I'm Steve pals those senior analyst for pro football focus dot com their draft in college football analyst as well. I had another polarizing quarterback Josh Allen Wyoming. I act I gotta tell you see Steve. Our listeners people who participate in our show. There's more negativity about Josh Allen and I think it all centers around the 57% completion percentage. But you found out that that narrative about him being an inaccurate he is real infect you write that. Poor decisions in accurate passes litter is Tate what did you see from Jack yeah. Yeah I mean I think a lot of negativity just because from our completion percentage number which which don't show up on they'd be a bit this argument he grows it. Look he he he jumped up on our radar in 2006 the when he was surrounded by the medical caliber players tendered gentry Dick Alter bright guilty goalie at their what you guys that are on medical rosters and practice squad. And that's pretty good about Weston he did have an excellent 2016 seeded but even then he's still ranked a 101. Out of a 133 qualifiers in our jump the completion percentage number which essentially says mr. guy drops that would give you credit at all that actor though. A 101 in the nation even with all that at a felt talent. He ranked 42 and in the what we call eternal word he throws those those out that where you're. You know miss reading a linebacker throw it right do you have a book patent that should be intercepted. So he has bad decisions you gonna miss a lot of rose. They'll absolutely be a spectacular plays that make you say wow what I think that's why. Yup a lot of them between the 65 in the paper and Armon yup what system. In the special rose but you're talking down for down accuracy. Even a drug Allen's best season which was 2016. He wasn't this clean top ten piper prospect in 2017 happens. A lot of it's still a lot of its dual players bought the NFL the numbers got about what's worse. And we hear this narrative that although his supporting cast which was terrible. But the honest not much has changed with him as a player in 2016 or seventeen. You know he's still plenty of question marks heading into the draft. Perhaps. The boldest statement you made in his piece the was that sick on Barkley is not. A generational running back I'm gonna just play devil's advocate here with your contention. And and the the angle on it and take here is. Barkley skill set as a receiver out of the backfield. Could you argue that that trumps. Your criticism here in the peace switches. He doesn't maximize the yardage based on the run blocking he received at Penn State and that's why you're kind of downgrading him. In whatever capacity you you have here. You look at what. You know the kid they came Christine McCaffrey last year top ten pick due mainly to the mismatch that he is in the pass game. I think Barkley is certainly not the same body type that I think he offers similar mismatch ability so. What do you say the devil's advocate argument that he's mismatch in the passing game may lift him into generational back stats. The editor gonna argue with my point your partner make it you don't have the right way. Look nobody can attract the running game in general more than me you know there's nothing more overrated than. It doubled in the rug and you know what you know. Focus and not run blocking in run defense that's just a BP antiquated in the NFL so you make it right for you to. Be used a guy that. Get lied about why a lot of in the slot tree that matches. To maximizes value though I think you have to. You have a lot like that they accused out of Tamara who had you know eighty plus catches lot here and in light up all over the place and ignited the way. To maximize his value I think when we talk generational running back though I think the big mic is because. Is that a big edit their other guys that are similar group covet the week in recent years whether or beat Elliott wave got spell a few years ago. Or even Albert Tamara last year you know it. If Barkley get a duplicate what can merited. You know that we've seen it for two straight years are with a unbelievable. Last year so I even taught early you know we talked early the guy that probably compares favorably to Barkley early this. Near MVP candidate last year because of what he did in the past game. Well we've also been a couple seasons from girly where his pork vision running the football. Made him a really an effective runner so for Barkley just beat up Herbert all around player. And we heard people stated he's got a perfect grade and that's to me that the part that's ridiculous because. What about they'd we've got to run away from contact. Not maximizing what there so you just not a perfect prospect but you make the right argument all the out. If right we'll hear more. On last call. With Steve tells a little up next. All right welcome back it's last call on the nightcap it's Friday night spending it with Steve pals so low pro football focus with John Murphy. The John Murphy show. I gotta tell you we've Chris and I today he talked a lot about the cost for the bills moving up and maybe who jumps over the bills to move up with a trip to get one of those premier quarterbacks. If you're advising the team like the bills or anyone of these other quarterback needy teams. Is this quarterback class worthy of you know the the cost of might take to move up there into the top six picks in order to get one of these premium oppressors what do you think. I saw it at really big depends on what happens of the property. It in my world public via the Reid teed off the ground the giants and the jets who all need quarterbacks and another giant pocketbook maybe get Barkley it. Run in with you lie as their starter but in my world those three teams Mott street quarterbacks and I'd feel much more culpable. About the POP3 quarterbacks in the draft but I do the next Mike operated bakery feel they're Donald Kerr rose. If you could go get one of those guys I'd feel much better about that but I do think you bill could only get to number four. Then you start to roll the type a little bit because then you're talking about in my world again the next tier of quarterbacks I think the reality is the browns take John Allen. Then I think it's probably worth the bills to go up to number four in the remains of speaker mayfield say I'm Donald regard frozen to me don't be worked so the reality is. I think it depends on what happens at the top of the drafted if doctor Allen who like they could you know could become good it's just a bigger role the type that it gets taken him out proper re. In my world that would open things up for the bill but I would go ahead and make that. And quarterback isn't needed that you've done a comprehensive review of all 32 teams and their needs going into the draft next week. Quarterback really the top of the bills that's right along with a couple other positions. Yeah I mean look the rosters the ruptured operate we know that by certainly start at quarterback position so. Whatever Wheeling and dealing may need to do of course there's been out via via the extra first topic the go ahead and do that we're back to your yacht. But I think beyond that it you know whatever quarterback they have need better play makers because you know Kelvin Benjamin they Jones still plenty of question marks. With those guys out there the opera at the line could still use some help all adult or in real couples ought not be about whether that structure linebacker so I think they. They are plenty of meat and obviously it all starts with quarterback yet that's solidified first. Steve Crist I haven't talked about how much we're looking forward to next week's trip and I wonder I know a lot of fans feel that way. What's coming up on pro football focus dot com that fans will be able to use of valuable tool. It's either there an hour or will be here between now and next Thursday night at eight. Yes there could be all butter PF edge in a wheat products because it's not just wrapped. When you sign up for edgy get our draft guide getter QB annual would break they'll quarterbacks. In ways that nobody ever has before you get in it he told you get later grades and a ball 365 days of access base side upper edge or lead. And you get our draft guide to get ready for the draft but also all the other ones who'll get. All use access dub it thought it that's so I think that everything albeit beat leading up to the draft and beyond. Yeah it's it's a great resource we thank his very much is spent a few minutes with us here today Steve good look at the draft or be a fun with a it got. OK we're out here for the night thanks to Joseph for hanging out with mean next week I'll be on. Monday Tuesday Wednesday gave you ready for the draft. And then on Friday mean I will be here for the second round and third round of the draft so. You'll be here for me next week. However has a great week irons I'm out here for the night later.