4-20 Schopp and the Bulldog Hour 2


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These cell comply GO. Well cup unsealed so I'll go bungee ills. Go bungee don't sound good apology go down to about Ngo. I'll go Ponzi elves around go to our geo on WGR. So I was watching the 1978. NFC wild card game today because to us. So I'll do you place that game the 78 and FC wildcard. This is. I'm not yet to watching football on TV Adam seven I'm not area and almost there. 78. NFC wildcard I would have to say it would involve a. For me. We'll see 79 was sitting I was rams Steelers right for you Walton who's a seventy. Eight would have been cowboys Steelers in Rome so how poised and probably make the wild cards I'll say it was good. I'll say shot in the dark here Tom vikings Eagles. Not bad. Eagles falcons first ever falcons' playoff game they rallied with 24 quarter touchdowns when 1413. And go on to play Dallas in the divisional round they are beating Dallas in the knockout stall. Journalists now now I would. I would. Watching your announcement yet and what style block I just don't I don't and I don't remember it's 4013 falcons' third quarter Texas Stadium divisional round. Dale's the defending champion knockout stopped by the carry him off the field. Danny white goes and two touchdowns Dell's wins style bock is a said his name three different ways already mature. Arguably serious stalk bock. Policies Roger that Roger has to say Roger Zell watcher so Bulldog grease all lost. Yeah it's hard for me. He plays the next week and then in this in which they lose. Yeah so that's note girls. Seven I can if it's it's a dream come true it was playoff games are all on YouTube and sisters value. Zone decompress after yesterday's yup. Exactly theory of schedule. I love acting I love it for the broadcast and Gary Bender and Hank strand. There in the Booth at the beginning of the game. Doing there open. Gary Bender there are standing sell so close together you might at school games where you're just like sold your ovals aren't popular person they're sitting so close together and tenderly. Looks down and hang strand when Hank is talking it just looks like he's moving in for tests his soul just. He's as lined up like just. And yet there are some games we go to US news and TV you guys know around here and yeah there are some of them feel you go to the press box is so compact. Now some other schools have nor press boxes or whatever but. I mean that I I totally get that that you're just our top like to stand up because I can't say he can two people sitting. If you're a camera person in the stats person the scoreboard person and there's just no room whatsoever sounds like that. It was it was a little bit like that Fulton county stadium in Atlanta and we have not talked about the schedule much today. And one reason why I'm not inclined to is I just think it's terrible. I just think the schedule is terrible it almost goes without saying how huge debate that I mean I guess they could. I personally like all the 1 o'clock games that 15:1 o'clock games is not exactly those sell a lot of respect from league. No at all once fox got the rights that there's an package. A I thought maybe this could happen where the bills might not late on Thursday night I think they get a prime time games somewhere Monday night might have been. You know wouldn't be setting it to me if you're gonna get one or two if you're going to be Monday Thursday maybe combination. So it doesn't holy shocker means that the patriots are here. Out of money night as I told you guys before that's what I was told when. You know I had the conversation would streak over the owners' meetings he said you know if you get it it's gonna happens got to be team every star appeal with that because the bills. Will resonate with their particular players necessarily nationally so the patriots made. The most sense but. I agree with you about the schedule just not looking it's not sexy and anyway it's routine fifteen or card games I think Sean McDermott would like that. Everything stays the same for him all year that's what coaches. Lovely it is my reason is even for late competitive purposes or anything to say that. Orchard park New York is a beautiful place on it all afternoon. And for people to get robbed of having opportunity. To go tailgate for a few hours and hang out at that stadium and watch their football team play and that type of incredible weather. It's just it's it just sucks you know you get one afternoon game at September. 1 afternoon game in October. And it. On top of that you'll get TV I loved watching bills games on TV even Michael they want and how the stadium looks and Orchard Park in western new York and it just kind of stinks that can't happen this year. Yeah I mean that is part of the trade off of giving a prime time game right I mean they could've had a 3 October is our 3 September and October. Yeah they do have another home game there but it obviously is that it's that night game. But yeah I mean bought five of the first seven on the road. Yeah I mean that that's tough and you've got again I know it at one point we had an early version of the schedule that option turned out not to be correct. And one of the things that I noticed right away in that one. Was that there weren't the 3 December games and I even mentioned in on the delegate that's right that's really nice because that's really talked. I think you know there's the point about early fall and how nice it is and then there's also looked at the other end that is. 33 games in December. Is I think to. These top and Curtis got that again. Yeah always seems like you know when this happens people wander the NFL's punishing the bills or sending a message I don't believe any of that. I believe this is pretty much random there's 59000. Possibilities it's been now have to worry about at shear in orgies he hears someone coming of their stadium. They have all the right things eighteen make requests that they can or can't fill sometimes. And you know this is just the way it goes where we have an open air stadium in Buffalo, New York it's gonna be called sometimes. And it's going to be snowy sometimes not always know in December we at December games that are pretty good so we'll see now look at the flip side is what the advantage is if you get to November. And you're in the hunt in year earlier fourth for underneath. You have an opportunity. I mean you got to Florida teams coming at buffalo on December don't team although it's cold weather Detroit obviously but a team that would be probably in the next two maybe if that in the NFC. I think give opportunity here at least to say mentally we got we got the street where we want it let's go get it. That is reminiscent of last year what they needed to do last year for that to happen pull one thing. Is beat the AFC human their home games they had games with Denver and Oakland. On the home schedule for early early that we all we talked about that from the schedule released to the season was spoke able drew do it. We really give much time to the idea of them actually make in the playoffs but he forgot about that those are probably really important games they have that again. With the chargers and the titans mean they only have two home games in the first seven. But those are both teams that did they not both conine and seven just like the bills last year. So note that there are in your class basically is the season you know as we get to the season. Can I look at those first two games really big for this team because I think they're kind of swing games guys like I could see this team winning at Baltimore losing at Baltimore. I can see them winning against the chargers at home or losing against the chargers at home. And that it gets super tough with those next two games at Minnesota Nat Green Bay no one's. Gonna sit here right now pick and when those games they won't be favored certainly and. Either of them and. I think after that you have some opportunity before you get to the patriots so you know you can if somehow you can go to hell and and even if you don't wanna want it to just to keep yourself alive here. But man those two games of ravens and chargers could really define. How the first half of the entire season go. Still Orioles with the jets week one last year in the division is your nota. They are seeing in no way FC east game until that New England on the night game that's right you're pretty far into him and what is it that's the game yeah while it is on sale before we leave the schedule. Do you have. Any any Intel. All on how all the bills organization feels a vote. Five the first seven on the road 3 December home games for aside as second year in a row is now more than Matt. But do you give any any reason to have to be able to characterize how they feel about how they've been treated with schedule. I have no reason to believe namely specifically fields that they worried oh given you know. Given them spore and the sticker or anything like that. I think from anybody I've talked to over the years over these kinds of things when these things that happen. The message has been consistent which is. So wait no she got to play was on your schedule in you know it's just it's it's it is what it is sought. I don't think that anybody feels that way to the new people down there maybe they do I. Britney shuttered or don't strike me as anyone who would care about this courthouse with. They they made it they just probably go OK whatever what's schedule we've plant will next sell about you with us okay to the draft. What's your latest. Opinion your latest viewpoint on the browns blew. Warming up to Alan. I think that's super interesting Dustin Fox wrote today. He tweeted now I know Dustin somewhat and mental yeah I trust what he says I've. Talk dostum before and down I think he has good information he's pretty plugged in. Over their so I think that's really interest things saying Allen or mayfield. I mean it's starting to look like you've never heard earlier this week maybe last week it was Josh rose the start of fall missing certain of all that's. That certainly get that feeling here right I mean. If he does get to two there are people who believe the giants would take him. I sold my the giants don't wanna ticket quarterback although I think Arnold be the only one point 24. Still the mine I don't think they're going to sell. Well that if the jets really love may feel that much because Arnold really slip out of the top three in that you'd have all. Lot of hack break loose if that happens I think. I wouldn't rule it out yet and I I would expect the bills to be in the middle attack so elderly I agree reaching back. I can't duplicate what that would expect them to leave. But just going hard at that point that's assuming that Arnold is someone that they would. Have. You know absolute open and I don't know that they he would make sense to me that they would but I don't know for us as. I agree you and. I go back and forth on who they might like and why they would like him but you know what their reasons I keep saying thinking are the same as any other team although. I think about the big hand in the cold weather from buffalo blitzers for any other team I think about the same thing with the all these guys you think about why. But team would like seemed are older Josh Eleanor Josh rows that are baker mayfield or. Anybody else and then you think about why they would like them and they're all really the same and it really depends on your personal preference. And there's 32 teams all the scouting departments and all that our personalities that building all the opinions. And this is why things happened that no one really projects to happen. On draft night. There one thing we pointed out earlier and I am sure you know this but. There's a big difference in price between the second pick in the fourth peck and the giants. Now the giants have the second pick if if you somehow knew for sure that they were not go to trade the pick someone else there already used it and take. Barkley or Bradley job someone who isn't a quarterback. You can save yourself a lot that the differences. Addicted to by the Jimmie Johnson chart you're trading boards your first and both your seconds. To get to four. You're trading both your first media fourth or fifth and you're getting the pick at the end of the second round. This is one way to do it. So it's a difference of like two or three players. The two and 44 and five is almost the same to enforce a lot different price. Yes here's let ruckus because. Just a little while ago today I happen to be thinking about this which is. I am just as guilty as anybody out there of doing this which is not thinking they're thinking they're not gonna have picked number 22. Like Ivan I get through this whole draft process I've been so focused on them trading up. That every time I do I basically do it now my last Motley I don't think they gave up 22 but. But but I'd been thinking about how about twelve which is going to have 11 round I've been thinking that for for months that. To have one for routers are gonna trade up. To what what they'd come out of this and in what they trade up or not they trade up I should say that you trade up but they keep 22. Just think it's something that we haven't really discussed enough and I am. Just as if not more guilty of that than anyone because I haven't thought that much as a possibility but now as they sit here. And you think about Arnold or you think about rose a herbal them dropping. If you only have to get to six or seven let's say yet one I don't think it takes twelve and 22 I think it's twelve. It's probably second rounder maybe a third if you want to victory because you have all those may be something next year I don't I don't think 22 part of the equation. The more we talk it through today. The more. I line the browns to take gallon. And if I still think the bills would call the giants if they think there's a chance I want to giants to say no we want seek while Barkley we're doing it here. Because if that happens. Then you or your into all these possibilities here whatever the jets do you still gonna have to these guys bearing get past. Pick for must somebody moves into the spot to take them which could of course happened with Cleveland but but that is that's the best I can hope for. Is that the giants stop me from overspending. At plus they've been debate they say Knoll. Don't want a boat stuff global running back Berle were doing it. And I want and that's who I think they are and that's who I want them to that sound is part of that point it. That's the sound of the old days are picking the running back and not. Looking for. I know bell got to Max out on values it that's the good old persons around you is may where Richard got it there. Yeah he he gum he's the saints and adjusting things that I just completely disagree with lately you've Italian that they've Yemeni. I mean he isn't it time more man they've got a busy time for that's what is he talks like he belongs in 1995. As an and it LG. I don't know I just don't agree with a lot of what he's saying look I tell you I and. I think even as much as the bills have you know. They have progressive people outside the building I think things like that but we think of them as still a team that Nat necessarily has been as Ford thinking and has a lot of other teams. I'm pretty confident saying I don't think the bills at the number two pick it really considers Ecuador I don't. I think I think even they even though there are people who might be progressive thinking. I think even with their traditional thought process that Michael line at one bills drive still in a lot of respects. I don't think that would even think about to music one Berkeley to be quite honest with you. But I so I don't know why why. They get it you guys have asked me before I would I would not do that I mean he's going to be a great player in this league possibly I still wouldn't do that. And it talks about how missing a quarterback and hurt you for five years. No like first of all there's a rookie salary cap or wage wage scale now. In Europe so many different avenues to go and replace that picnic bench guy but somebody else and all that stuff you can do that I just see what he's talking about. Don't use that was the wanna be so a lot of these a lot of stuff you know about the about the big guys you get a need for them I forgot I don't evident that might on your clock volleys hog how he's right I was speaking. Hawkers but that was not it was not hawkers who wasn't anyway. But he's got all that stuff but. But that the thing that's about the mean yesterday's sell was that exactly but it. It is not a fight your proposition anymore the bills we we should know that. You know a guy really guy I'm fighting against a certain portion of the audience. In in this like notion that it's gonna set them back if they blow this peck. And like no. It's not mean the bills looked EJ Manuel byte by among the end of his second season he was done. That was anymore don't and you know they didn't make it up to pick in the way they could have though. So most its two years you know if you wanna give a guy time you have a one year and see how it goes. And hopefully there's some encouraging signs and you probably are guilty of talking yourself into even some encouraging signs because you've invested a high pick and a guy. But it doesn't go much further than part of his second season and you're done if it's not working. That's right look at the more I look at this I think okay. Just if your bills and you want them that you want them to take them as you're saying you want the joystick partly because if that happens. Arnold rose in May feel one of them gets out of the top four and then suddenly. Again I think what happens now to me is the more I think about it this is. One thing it's out of the top four and suddenly. You might be talking about trading up and not giving Atmel for routers so he could come away with one of those three. And still have. Pick number 22 I don't know that. I'm just saying that's it's it's win or possible. Maybe then I realized up until the last point four hours or so think about this by the way that Maurice Jones-Drew and out of that comic view and his mock. Number one a browns taking Barkley number four rounds seeking jobs and your quarterback with one or four. He's trying to make a certain point. But I was running back. I could help us get this could call ward sharp who I know you you know about so he's been on our show in my but on the morning show today. Yeah. I think he made this point about the giants and Carl bank shot Beckham. And he's like look. Last year with Rashad Jennings and horny sixteen the giants were way down here. In rushing against this quality of defense what do they do about it but drafted between Goldman in the fourth round. And they went like halfway up a week early down runs a lot better like it just doesn't. We reached the point is made it's been made on the show I think a Bulldog making it before I thought about it when it was who. Denver Denver Shanahan in the Broncos who was dislike. Guy after guy these rolled in there. And it worked out just worked out they just they they ran the ball effectively and it didn't matter who once that was right it was after Terrel Davis went well again motion and with. Young responded it's bigger running backs we will have. Some Kumble mumble on some new cell rolling bachelorette. That's nice and by the way had a sour note. Don the browns also. They went out got Carlos I mean you know you know I mean they they have they have the answer that's right so look I mean. Eat eat that lets say the bullets the giants take chop. Mean you know Barkley looks nice and easy to get my favorite player but it's important to think about that Satan right back you know we got guys it's okay fine. The giants are taking Barkley. I think so too like I I think so too they are this guy is like. He is he is body next without the accent he is talk about how Holly's dad taught them to never lie. So like he does even wanna play the game with the draftees he's tired. I think he's taken bar love it. All doesn't. It's just a different accent it's Bryant we all just love is love that he's out there. And he's a part of this for us that depicts. Thank you thank god he's the guy that's there. Could sell the questions for us. Think I'm good today's program that would get as and asked me that while I'm really prepared questions for you right yes I do have one question I actually thought about you. Yes it hasn't worked in my house actually turned out that part the stairs the bounce some couple cards under the stairs in my house we built that house is built in 1901. And the baseball cards from solely sixties. One is like. I can't and liberal. Earl daddy or some Mexican immigrant girl that he's a catcher yet there's a lot of guys played the Seattle pilots to us though. On the show I just don't stop late stop working on anything ready to investigate more stuff out there yeah just. No analyst at if those are nice shape they're there could now now you there there and government. They pretty much have to be. So the cards buried him boosters weren't in Latin plastered protest note though don't they look like they look like somebody is another bicycle spokes. Somebody use them to bill bolster its assets that. Yes if the cards are from 1901 of course it would matter they often coupled with that would be nice to have so there was recently a big find in our area. About his into it is I used to be but I know that there was like a hundred years old more card fine in order. Yeah Earl Badu though. Nice girl that he had a look about PS it was almost for several years with Dario if you find like a whole thing rookie was 69 chose you said Seattle there was this if this sixties it was a start 68 car for sixty. If you find like of the monsoon rookie that's not bad. Okay opulent office thank you so you'll. And then I look video card question right are there when this car questions sent home. You should start a new show about collecting additional sales appears to us by the way on today and every day brought Q buyer friends outlet liquor you need to stock up. A shop New York's only outlet liquor. Beat your calls right after the update on the draft or the schedule eagle 30550. Yes Kumble mumble leader balls out of the draft gas coming up. At 5 eastern Mike shall Bulldog WGR. If you think your team is somewhat ready. You go more quarterback. It's a great quarterback classic after high enough off. Can make another move or or do something to get a quarterback from that very stack. Clap if you decide that your team is not right like you'll feel like the rest of your Roth there could be ready. Here too we're here to read to compete first Super Bowl and I think. Think you've been up directing your roster right with aging parent and you're not elaborate record what you gonna have a pretty good draft pick next here. Warring sharp the aforementioned war and sharp on WGR this morning. Wanna fist things that he took the opportunity again today to. Remind everyone. Began skis you're having it this weekend your hip happening to have a conversation about the schedule. Strength of schedule based on last year's record totally meaningless dom don't even mention that. Don't be that guy. We saw it in the we are mentioned it to you in research I was doing for the schedule. There was an article from USA today on the Redskins. Vick had the headline. Redskins. Will try to never gave. The NFL's fourteenth toughest schedule I like they're just is no editors know bottomed out there that it. What is that doesn't carry over doesn't mean any thing don't ever mention it. That's another war sharp point here is Richard on WGR hi Richard. There you guys possibly. Well thanks very heavy got our group. I've listened to any ideas as far as mood of the draft I think posted print press haven't been described it like that so much. By making the move to a number of are. As soon dating make it happen. Brett you've expanded a little bit that you value added a lot of great dead end and defensive players in the off season. Let's review it took first letters edited president we can live where. Serb member of Serb. And try to get core requirement. And that would give queen windchill first round is to go after Beckham. And then the giants would certainly be looking at two important number to repeat it think it number twelve. They're not gonna get. What is happening general what what what what's happening you're going back what I'd you've lost 3 Richard I am I've got. And it really lost I don't know what just happened. Well you're talking virtually any merger first round as the number of Serbs and get a second impact. Com Cleveland. Sure sure well I mean they could trade Corey Coleman I just never heard this idea like because I guess. Well there's a group of refugees don't have enough cap space to be easily handle. Beckham's demand for a mighty and they played plot fifteen million. Could could is it possible sure it's possible as likely. No it's not likely it's possible. Although it again that guy I think we don't really understand is always good. The giants we do wanna move back. Yeah and I did not. There was high interest thing. Discussion about that and I certainly don't know from the inside but. What tonight's what can I say what we say it's possible. Just not. It's a remote possible to wanna ask a follow up question to you because I had some coffee and maybe I'm just not my mind not retaining him for. Who gets Beckham did bill could import the browns give back one of the two what OK I think. The browns a routes to mention the cap space right oh that's correct our you have different bills won't it can't Trace until mixture. When all of its own them okay. Thank you Richard you know maybe. Sure I mean anything can happen out of every ten. Calls. All during this period of the year last you know weeks or months the draft and calls about the out of every ten goals like. Six or seven. Are well. I guess it could have Clinton. But it probably won't. And the other threw for our here's what you know I'm hearing the same thing you guys are the more I think about it. You know it either is fine romantic sure I'm always went to Dubai I I'd I you're bitterly in the show said you look I was I was ready defended all off and I just I feel like I like you know because I could not really follow that I'd just blues record Coleman in and don't dot com. Being a part of it just released on. I'd like Corey Coleman on the bills a lot I just don't expect it and try to try harder this time. Corey Coleman Jarvis Landry Josh Gordon may joke who. Duke Johnson on the back field Carlos light if you Needham whatever they do in this draft. Pretty good pretty good for a bad team here is Jeanne don't excite genome. I guy that you or picnic all I like the show. What. How does suggest the little electorate tired. Their guard command of schedule they came out yesterday and it off a prediction for the bill record. And the exit I want to go back. After the end of the of the impact. See them when the build up my mind and then after the season. What people were predicting that they would goal. I don't golden six resemblance. Yeah. There and then on top of that they boots that walked into Barbara world. Marshall Beriault all Darby. And for more of this season Corbett black and so you would it odd that. It would re not and have been funny happened that they want my gay rights and soul. The point needs. What happened well big coaching we have Brendan but of course that would come up variability of soul right. I guess the point is we don't know what's gonna happen that they might goal for a ten on the in my book patents. Hey look geno you don't have to teach me this lesson I know I'm up your duffel you're totally right. We gotta say some. These people you're reading and listening to were predicting there's this thing they have to say something after produce some sort of got that right. So yeah I think you're gonna do after the schedule comes out as part of the games press. Any any gum. Or is this predicated on on us saying that we don't like the schedule. Because I couldn't meet me tell you the schedule has nothing to do with how I think they're going to do in the gains could. We would meet the schedule is about about days it's about winner of the game's end. The way the schedule shook out lecture five out of the first seven is not. I'll on the road is not advantageous. To getting off to a good start if you believe in it being harder to win away from home and it is at home. But that's not why don't like the effect upon the first seminar on the road. I don't like for people like to go to games in September and October at 1 o'clock on Sunday when it's nice. And spend three hours Coca out in the in the early morning and spending the day there. And that's that is a par drove the experience of enjoying the bills' season annually to do that twice that. So old that kind of stinks that that's to me what what I'm thinking about when I say we I don't what the schedule and I'm not thinking about a competitively much at all. I'm I'm merely just looking at. You know my friend has camp. And wants to go hang out there and I want to maybe go over there and have a hamburger with them and we'll do that twice before Halloween a kind of stinks. In Bosnia. Until the Monday night game right to be that if I can be technical about that before following. All the wallowing should always be on Saturday. Dude that's in an opinion that's why you on the show knots. Cute cute cute religious. Religious. Hey can we wanna listen to mad dog Russo not know who edge here and as. While you can browser as a way agreements must click I just go to break and play it on my phone for myself. So sheer and a and B is it is a big story. Yes this started for us when Ben hold the Boston Globe was on a couple weeks ago I guess may be last week and said howl. You know he is scheduled to eat what. A third time this week you referred to something is having been in the last week. And it's at least two weeks ago as well as your have a no it was it was a while ago credible I assure you now Iraq. What do you owe you three times politically hard this week you'll referred to interviews and abet a silly. We had this guy may be was just last week and Ryan and I have looked at children alone. Now. As you can see it's okay hold. Timeout. Today is April 20 when was that. It's. A lot what was then below it you can direct April 5. Okay. Right up two weeks and today. Thank you tell you it's funny it is all right so it's amusing that this happened started for us what we had been born on April 5. And he said he's scheduled geek I'm a schedule he he said the patriots have they'll probably be on the road week to which they are there Jacksonville. Because of insurance whose playing in their stadium Friday and Saturday in and we sort of the look at at Sharon's tour. And you were like. Just sort of baffled by his popularity. Playing stadiums like OK but he's playing like eight or nine NFL stadium right is all this you need to know this his tour schedule if you're trying to figure the schedule allow. That proved to be true. He is in Detroit the first week of what they got a Monday night Sarah we know it that's enough time to get the stadium clean dot wanted our window to clean edge here and scrub it down permit she her and frightens you just sweep did you know it today were sitting in here we saw EST I'm talking about right. I believe we were really ahead of the color because noble noble mention it to us then. It ensure it is being nothing this year and factor was that it was a key element of your COLT cracked this year in fact and I believe we now ESPN was talking about a today. We were talking about a lot April clip. We were way ahead of this year and Kurt. Right. Or are you working on this Ryan. Orton can you. Well I'm seeing between here that someone asked the group called mad dog Russo show I'm serious and asked him about and cheering and the apparently didn't know we was that I just need to hear that. Was it sour mad dog or was it just met we will see or good for you coming back hopefully. At fire all right we all know we will let you might not even be allowed that oral. Oldest player to play at a feel like the sort of thing you know it's out there. Joseph the tolls and DT scouting coming up with the other draft conversation. In twenty minutes much over the bulldogs WGR. What number you can o'clock and and quite yet but I will it. They seemed like the only team that could really do still get there thank you bet. We've got to make sure they don't play themselves or play against him they don't. That they don't see too much more than that cap. You because I really do think that and he got it you might be seated at quarterback to be giant like they were called in calls and seen. What don't they got that they are so that all term a little bit even though they might get up get up again. Trevor sick about one of our draft guests couple of weeks ago or was it yesterday. It did you you interplay along. Yesterday five years ago or time yesterday. Right in we'll have more draft talk coming up in store ten minutes Jonah tolls. New name I think and DT scouting. He is part of the and DT scouting Fam as islet called them because they all hang out here sometimes and it's his name on the wheel until today but it did there it is yeah I popped it in popped on the wheel. Ryan last night went to north Collins his school to speak to the National Honor Society there and graduation night. We talked about it we don't know outside graduation I know it is April. June. And HS graduation and all in one direction induction is the induction ceremony induction for next year. I don't know if they're there and they signed a book there are indeed there in the club now or whenever they're in the society. They're national honor not just in time for the next two months of school yet. Are you don't know okay fine whatever I don't care saarc. I don't what's our graduation day so Ryan went down north Collins and spoke to these kids. And you know we O'Brien. I wanna say we helped him literally helped him. We took some advice we offered I heated town where we just kept tabs on it took maybe told him maybe not to do. You said ha ha. I don't think I would go that I've go to let him do reroute him get what average for the show back after you know it's okay whatever order they happened whatever happens happens. You're so you saw up. Compliment paid him on baseball just one of one of his former teachers. Said it's it's it's awfully rewarding deceit. You come back in conduct yourself so well are sales on the almost like there's very complimentary. Of Ryan's appearance in front of the National Honor Society last. And I mentioned that I also received an email from someone who was there. Yes I uninterested in this regional whole thing as a mine original whole thing let's go. I just thought you should know that Ryan did a fantastic job last night and our NHS induction ceremony. He had just the right amount of humor inspirational anecdotes and flew recitations for our honorees. As an aside. I just means he did good. Because he did a good job you can go over that word I know I was never a member of National Honor Society so I'll know that one solicitations congratulations. To compliments. As an aside. I was tempted and so what you've learned some but yeah. With the patients who knows us you all that was one of my that was one of my A talking points learn something keep learning never stop learning that was all the things. So I'm glad your your practicing apple block who gave more than me Malcolm be wrong Alyssa does join he means congratulations and French. As an aside this person writes. I was tempted to bring some tree house beer in four UN Bulldog. I am an avid listener. But I did not know if Ryan was 41. How old I didn't want my first year here as principal. To also be my last troops pulled up and life. There's tremendous. Mr. Brandon whoa chick principal at north Collins. Was impressed Ryan. As he told me that last night he was the one who recommended me for. This speech because he's all right here you. On the show already talked about north Collins a lot so I was like hey what about right gates and everyone's who's that. And he told them he'd already got you in there and you knew you paid him off and it and it did a good job. You actually nervous about what the chances you you seem. Like it. Maybe this latest bit but you were worried someone wrote Mike and won't wouldn't be complementary Michael ruled out. And I wasn't worried about that felt real so yeah performed last night if you call that. I was confident. Black eyed I am glad it well. Thanks beat him. It could have the cabana a disaster. Like I said there was about 47 people can't. That wasn't a big crowd wasn't a tough crowd it would have been that bad pitted on ride yet. The pressure was the best part of project it would have been minimal fitness for a number of people are for to relieve. The news so that's good for you will you. Tonight. Late tonight or tomorrow morning. Seek out think Alvin and seek out the score of the camera schemes and will you like the interest that enough in that sure. I wanna know there's a real good chance. I am going to go home tonight and go right up to the attic and start spinning records watch some hockey on the iPad. And that means I'll have my iPad which means I'll be on Twitter so the score will come to an up and I'll wanna know what's going on there. So yeah I'll be I'll be paying attention I think I'll Mobil argued about them really without even really effort to find I think it'll just come to. Well going remarks yeah Rochester Syracuse the GM of the hammer sexton. Was on this vision today and he said the Syracuse since the first little bit of the season has been about the best team in the league then so it shouldn't be easy. It's the playoffs memories are usually must apply them like a 98 flyers right then it's pretty easy. All kinds of playoff I will be paying attention to that Twitter feed too to see how old ma chemical mind our blue dog I still should Siegel. The suit gray hounds are opening. The conference final tonight. Playing against Jamie keys Kitchener Rangers all right they are in opt out there at pursue this who were the best team in the osu they've got homage to this games one and to work tonight and tomorrow. And they head down to play the games three and four Kitchener no change to go up there tomorrow to see you know. Nicole mill are not committed not to make that run. They do have the potential for a game six. In Kitchener witches only a couple of hours from here. Next Sunday. If the series goes that far. But I think it's in the afternoon and I don't know that we can make it through our got his own tournament but it has a chance we can go see a game of the series in Kitchener but we're not make him draw. There for just go to rookie camp when they get knocked out which I hope is consumed for them a week ago. I guess I hope they keep gone but I like Cheney I know right here by now have to take assigning judge Dennis. The you do. Guys I don't know you have you you can make your Irish side I could choose not to I don't have a choice side we'd like Ryan's speech minimal damage if I don't it. I'm all about that soon. You are. Okay back to the draft after the update here with Jonah tolls in DT scouting if the browns really want Josh element one. Not many of these guys we've talked to can respect that. Many of them can respect that idea wonder if this will be the same much over the Bulldog here this is WGR.