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She okay. We'll. Never get this line up first I'm going to be good. Think we'll have a little bit more in their cowboy and a Bulldog. With your degree that you. None WGR. Sports great. Friday at five and it's not terrible I hope. It. Sony's shining it's still kind of cool but of course we want. Yes I just stirred up a window today at home but felt like I was watching it go. Even though it's still only one low forties out of whatever it is Foleo is watching it go. We are hoping to connect with Jonah tolls from Andy T scouting totaled about the draft with him in the meantime. We talked about we've each other and review 8030550. What we do most of the time tumbled mumble coming up next hour. In. Yup that'll be good. The theme is the drafts. Good thinking. Do the planning there Joseph mentioned that Josh Elena has is the biggest hands of the quarterback prospects. All of them are just the ones we talk about every day. Just of the top six that I saw of the top six help bigger his hands as some Africa's Rory down there this humid room picked the way to thirteen inch handers on the figure was ten and a half. Ten and a half inches. Sure sure yes so that's big it's large we measured our hands. Yes we did a did you do your big guy. I didn't do that well like I've told you all here I am a big pol you did. Individual from what I do not close I do not cut and run but I do not have. Fingers commensurate with the size of my palms norm the rest of my body I got I get sort of small fingers fingers are not commensurate I was only yeah man commensurate fingers the 99 and an eighth maybe. I think Joseph is that it was Joseph nine I think we settled on nine and eight which was tied with bolts you Mike and Greg Reid. Nine and a lot of those out there and got to nine and it's going around right and I mean I really. I don't really worked a nice stretch I brought stretched as far as I could mean. So yeah I'm disappointed but that's the telcos from me. That's I think it's ever read and re measurement rematch you're not all right stretching you doing you can do better. Up. I don't recollect maybe Jones didn't look at right now. Go back and I was really paying. Those half paint he was very meticulous with me right I feel and maybe generous I don't know maybe a so first the wonder elect. Controversy. Is sneaky Joseph. You know. Jordan tolls on the line from NTT scouting Jonah have you ever had your hands measured. Actually no I haven't. It wouldn't develop other cook or mark who. Maybe it's important may be almost the draft analysts should have their hands measured them compared with the is it something that you care about the Josh Allen has the biggest hands. No hot I don't think it would Kara I think. A team that we're looking Cuban rational like that this YouTube according cold weather but I don't think it's something that truly make a brick prospect or. Or reported extremely low like. Seven or eight inch and a quick I don't believe much that you'll brick look like that. While the make or break her then and I don't really care about Butler however booking a social culture. I won't I wonder were all missing something like I act I mean I I I understand why you'd want. A guy to have a good and size as you would improve his grip on the ball and therefore you can you can get to the cold weather thing I just. I just think it's also overstated Aaron Rodgers doesn't have big really even write the bill the bills. For for all the talk that the organization does about media guide to conclude it to the bad weather in all the stuff. But they don't play anymore cold weather games the new week Linder Pittsburgh or Cleveland or heard the jets are you know any team that's in the northeast so. Our guys don't and you just I'm wondering if were all missing something making wanted it to the teams are are basic and. Yeah I don't know either odd but I think it's. There seem like all schools are out -- see the hand side of the Columbine numbers. They don't want to front rational and the little eight acts like that. Or support hold them there so happened that commercial for the LP about or plus. May edit. It still baffles me how and sides with foreign born like that you usually it's. Look below reichel of good NFL player soak. I think it will ultimately see those same time you can use it all the coal while other typically part. Cold weather games and keep a new Yorker and English like that so. I don't you know I could get the very much overstated actually but again in difficult few observers are in the way it's built their bearish correct. They can change so I don't deserve special perhaps but again I think it's very much stated as well. Joan or less than a week away what do you expect from Cleveland at one. Yet Cleveland. Good luck Cooper reports are completely New York Joseph Shalit but you favored opener but can he. I'm particularly go to Serb honorable about that refer for long but referred to the third in the car. And while it's a lot to be able want I don't achieved after a couple weeks I think it a lot of smoke I overlooked coming up. But I don't think it changed my aunt I think it would alleged sexual mcsame are important parts of the Q. And. I've been tempted to stand that same spot to but I feel like it but it it it's more and more difficult. To defend our cause of all of this like it feels like every guy gets their weak and may be here we are a little less than a week out. And a Cleveland reported Dustin Fox today is talking about midfield and to my ears that's the first time that's been credibly reported that sought to say. No one out there is put him in a mock draft up that high. But as far someone saying the browns are really interested in him. That's purporting to know with the browns might wanna do me feel so now it's me feel weak you know you bet everybody's had their turn edited scenes. Yeah and I think you know the carrier sliver of the month saying I think we look at. What about noble want to get the system that we character who smoke but again when the laws smoky others are going on with Josh Allen. I think you hear a lot. More easier the more water or eat it. But again I keep going back to recite that we've heard sample to won't do much to do. I think throw that away after Kabul we to smoke aren't. They're just rumors out there you know it signal or report that they can make over policies I think could speak. But again I think and double talk tough guy and it alerts slumping. Drastic happens you know award vocalists on that I can handle the guys. And I'll bet you after a couple weeks a smoker that even though is definitely credible. What about the giants Joan. Yes it's odd that. Honestly I think burger it's hard to stick with Eli and any. Yet people lead in Davis whether the guys like him develop. Spate of our game beat Gilbert that. I think it's critical that they quote Barkley. Or brokerage. They staple it it's just a good number two is to come up or two players. Bolt and help them. Open the wet right now park optical offense or go back on the ordinary guy. Reported Dez Bryant Portugal back in the joint also of potent offense. Along with the already eaten well the new yacht broker Caribbean cricket. Your call you what bill offers possibility that portal major we just about a giant. Are you sure. To meet you are Eric which was set on Barkley you merely a pre Iraq or Turkey back to give back the playoffs. The thing that's ridiculous and accomplish by. I think you'll get a look at that aspect of the tree and hit ball forward these with with the Cooper from panic you got my book for quarterback. You got keeps their old reporter accountable for a guy like pat wouldn't Josh Al Josh GQ do you speaker made fuel so. The trade policy there but at this state put the subsequent barker broke. And quarterback you give like what percent chance that they who will Saul and go ahead in the anti terror successor Eli Manning. I didn't certainly possible because you're markets think that. You know. The giants are going to be senator Peter beat up by much off like that ought to. We are how we took a 400 I don't have to be better off to a good to stretch it but that's because every year. The chargers team very similar. I think. They in my first successful. In guilt or well. I put up 10% maybe I don't think that. Is stated offer I think they'll take it. I think they like Barkley wouldn't quit melts and enough. What they don't wanna move all went back all the ball spot or like or eleven to Miami addict wants to not pop Bible and beat one of its impact players. Because everything you heard from them working. People they swept that are written organ of the overall. Library. I think they're Coke or picking. A ready made player balance it would close but well I like it or peppers and they were the number two. Jordan tells our guest from and DT scouting abode Denver do you have a read on them. Yet Denver I don't Denver relief. Interest cynical it's quarterbacks you know they were the Senior Bowl that the coaches that don't matter coached they can make and Josh Allen. That being there is some definite interest you know the back a couple players. So if a player falls within a given it consideration. A typical forgot what Josh Rosen. I think they've done a lot that local or all the quarterbacks so they're hurt or won't stick to what action much while they don't work on the I think that. Each of the corporate what all's that is in consideration. Well local and get your triggers well it's even noted that we do what you quarterback I feel perfect elect rather Cho was also out in the war. You don't have to consider the straight backup means well because there are removed or that can be looked like eleven or twelve people or Miami call. There aren't we want your pick for the quarterback. They're gonna get a king's ransom for a trade because. There have local teams fiber optic. I think there are other really consider that spot but it moved down the elaborate well they're probably get this on I'd probably travel quite melt of they spoke out on meet the best actor and the war against the blue helpers bird right away. Think tempered a team that's prime rate down. If you could offer is about what Barney look it up but this stay put look for Alec simple approach or eating out what else to go there I think again. They're not admirable record back. But at this state put to adopt a guy who's ready you ready to attack right away. Jonas tolls and DT scouting on the AT&T hotline. With us here on WGR. So who who do you think makes the most sense to connect to the bills taking into account what should happen up top. They what what's there what's that. You got any idea what room they might be targeting at this point. I think. I think community partner Josh arm and a lot of bills and finally hear that because Google that the Koch are now. But I think what they want to do ethnic war. What put this AJ McCarron mayors are right. I think ticket hedge ourselves our furry you're Q and you can learn eat out of the spotlight away. He's definitely want that's that is the impact we get all the coldly look for purchase quarterback I think that it is their top option. I think what they could also do it adult can know really our Josh wrote. I think that the data is ready the instant impact but it also kind of yeah a luxury it's hard for year on an agent because it's a little Albert you'll eat equal or her right away but jostled at what has. Portable and it already beat up or puck wrecked her pop. And wrote in to meet is what we got it a while crop of bills because we don't have been like for our road. We went like more I think it's hours but again sub orbital rotation Marla grows more so while market. Sure how to speed while tarts pop how high do you think Lamar Jackson will go. Yet this very actually questioned your crystal karma people or Jackson guys who I think you'll puppet team I can't put it past Arizona. Yeah you're went to Q football more charters I think there'd have to move up other the government had a Arizona. Because you're out. Multiple teams trying to change of outlook organization but it cyclical Mark Jackson. And he doesn't include his change her office walks seat there often quicker take coached. Really to buy into what Hughes a guy who's a dual threat option to make partners are probably had to enter in the league orbit. Its partners in the corner currently. So to me a market actually met or beat a top fifteen it depends who betrayed upper. I think he should go to Q that's gear of portable book at all on the best ball and another you bubble will have a lock. So you have to look at him in the top fifteen is if you if you hold weight if you're a couple more virtual willing to wait to hear seventeen I think in the count. They Jonah thanks a lot for today enjoy the rest your Friday. You're welcome Jonas tolls and DT scouting. Got a tweet earlier today. With this question. Would you rather have the sabres win the lottery but. The bills can't get any of the top five quarterbacks. Or. Have the bills get one of the top three quarterbacks. But the sabres draft fourth. After quarterback. Bible lottery. Without even. Flinching it's easily the lottery for me. There are other scenarios here. Like printing second in the fourth quarterback and Reverend Wright. Why don't I have to say well what do you do to the direct question. My receive this tweet as well. Yeah I would I would take the lottery win and then take my chances look. We assessed Jonah you're about. Lamar Jackson. And that is always been an idea that has been very appealing to me. A a real deep dive today. On him by meeting times that I retreated. And you know like sure there's there's there's deep dives on every one and you get sold on and on almost any guy if you like read. The right thing to the right time. But the Jackson idea. As always been something that frankly. I'm in favor of the bills trading up to get a quarterback. Because I don't think very Minnesota team that will. Find the Jackson idea appealing and I've got to be as good as I can be at that position. And at the Jackson idea doesn't appeal to them then I need to get one of these older guys I would love it if they would just stay put in draft Mark Jackson. But that would I think if I had to rank my preferences here. That would be my number one thing on the board just do. But I'm just not sure word that they are equipped. Or even want to. Taylor an offense around. This guy skill set but I think that would be a beautiful idea. So I'll take a dollar and there and win the lottery for the sabres. And take that impact and take my chances with. Mark Jackson twelfth but he would be one of the top five though would mean. Jackson. He's fifth. Sure so you can't get Jackie can attract I can have I don't get any of the top five bullet question is that win the lottery but not one of the top five OK sir top three go and picked fourth in the NHL draft. And it was so awesome site that's been all that time talking. I should listen better so I got a settle for Mason Rudolph then. I guess aka someone else but still would do. He still would do that I'd still we'll do we took. The other the NFL draft the quarter quarterback thing the thing we're talking about every single day is just way too unpredictable. And hockey is less so. The hockey draft is less so yet Dolly is going to be a monster. You know so. I want that via I think. I sit this yesterday briefly only was talked about for a minute. So Terry Kilgore sent a letter to sabres season ticket holders have yet to receive my embarrassing letter on mine. And I think it's respectable I think it is it's appropriate in tone. And so I do not at all like sort of question the sincerity of or Erlich exactly what he was trying to say. I also. Don't really wanna give them credit for Joss not raising prices after a miserable seasons. Because we just don't really think that's doing very much. So those are my two thoughts on as far as my future is he's ticket holder I'm waiting for the lottery. And the lottery would do a lot from me. And and I think if they win the lottery that I am right to middle stat. And I am right to have. Whoever else school weekend or wherever like I'm just right to free agency Lander mean even yeah like them. I'm I'm curious about them if they were in the lottery and if they don't. I will be less curious and I will probably instead first think about there herb there are hurdles. I don't know the lottery would be a win it would feel to win that we've wanted for years and never gotten on. It would taste like Toronto a little bit you would taste like Edmonton a little bit. And I need something like that. At least at this moment at this time I do. So I appreciate the tone of that note and the surprising. News that there are not gonna raise prices again because I know that they had planned to. I wonder what it means in the back. You know with revenue sharing and whatever like that's why they that's how they justify it they'd be doing with those believed in mind. And are not so there must be some interesting story there. But I don't know yet. Over bottom line is I don't know yet I want a lottery. That's next Saturday. Right yes yet rhetoric mr. Wright yet the twentieth 8030550. Is our number the draft lottery the schedule. Much over the whole blog here got a draft. Theory okay. Got a strong opinion about a scenario we're hearing a lot about oh yes. Rule will give you ours when we come back with the update here on WGR. It was easy top tickets. Caller. Five. Six core porn company seven days. Who show will be awesome. And it will be awesome on Friday August 10 of the Erie county fairgrounds grandstand. Darted prizes 140 bucks. General contest rules applied. The rock and roll hall of fame legends. Yeah easy top Erie county grand stand. During the fair Friday August 10 64 point 9878 caller cause. Richardson. This is easy it's obvious here is here's the. Great news. All right two areas with a solo Terry. How are you guys don't do isn't going. Good I listened to show a lot I just what Wilson and today oh about it believe talk about those letter. I got mocked yeah I mean I not to. Happy about the school's all deal but I understand look. I don't care if you raise the prices are lower prices you're not only not terrorists but I'm not buying the tickets okay about a few get hockey game. And then we'll talk about buying tickets AL lower in the lower or not reason prices. Doesn't do anything for my mentality it's ours the strange raised and are very you know you gotta get some you gotta get back out here. There's that's what both lost our report and or they hired and put in and out there. Okay thanks Terry. Of course. I hate thought much in my opinion the cool in that letter. Sounded. Serious and almost embarrassed about it and you know I don't know him personally to tell you with that's right but I thought that no. Struck the record. Records. Mr. words he wrote. This is an idiot and the other is even basically said what the callers saying needs to happen. He's admitting that needs to happen in that this could be hollow and I mean you know what what. What else can he do I guess it's no. I am not a season ticket holder. But I'd I'd like to the tenor of the no. But it doesn't really change anything. Did it it it is it is the very least that they could do is not. Mails something out that said hey sorry about how bad it's been but it's gonna cost you this much more next year I mean that's that's the bare minimum that they could do. You know you you can't send out a letter calling your shot. Were gonna go get this player we're gonna make this trade and we're going to win the lottery you mean this is not there's not a lot you can really do other than not. Raise the prices. And try to sound sincere. To your customers and I you know I think he did that. There in tough I mean it's. It's of this of all time I feel an all time bowl point. Right now for pot in memorial the fan base is just it's damaged right now. Winning the lottery would be a big swing back up and then from there you see what the rest of the summer holds. You know what kind of deals can you may cool can you correctly what. What will the team look like when opening night rolls around. Winning the lottery would be a huge piece of that but there's not a lot he can really say about that. Yesterday when Mel you know most letters are. I didn't usually don't go letter released not all the time deal letter from me or. It's BB from the ticket office a can't be from the owner but it's you know from just the the sabres management from you know whatever. But I thought I thought it was. I thought it was respectable. I wanna stop short of congratulating them for just not raising prices because to me that feels like the least they should do. James is on WGR I James. They are I would look paying I've listened to the whole show what are the Internet. Gave it talked about. And our war. The being Allen Bartley. Infielder Donald and right here which never filed these view that our colonel army field. In Rosen right elbow. Enthralled there's we've talked about giving up about. To your particular quarterback. Especially because there are other things that might want quarterback. I don't think they're gay. I think you you looked Eric the that trade value -- I'm and you look at these break out my Anthony's third owner even knowing land. Against what built out. You're talking about the bills not giving out their first second first round pick might give up sitcom Becker a third round. And then made it happen next year played in Arizona would have Europe that are tired crap beat you know you have to sit. Miami it would passes they give up. Their first or step in their third. Innate star quarterback at eighteen million dollars Gordon from the next three years. So I think it it's. To hunt for work. Are not quarter. Of builders don't get out of Paramount dropped. Yeah work your right dish bishop had to kill them now let's put it that way. You're right that the question will be perhaps. Whether they choose to spend the extra and take all the uncertainty out of the equation if they are allowed to. If they're allowed to get to the giants like they can of course wait and see that this is one scenario another would be quarterbacks go somehow in the top three picks maybe even four. I don't think they get left out if that happened but top three could happen without them right so then. That changes it some this would be are you how much are you willing to spend take the uncertainty out of the equation. If if your scenario here James in the one we talked about earlier happens. And their patient and they you know they waited out then they could end up looking great. Let's go to Wilbert imperative lately if they get up five. Eat eat eat give a much twelve. Rounder grounder that third year out we make that I'm not there. So you still have a per hour this year tech aren't sure that there are Byron actually. There are are there really people don't got to build organization. They're believed that the quarterback but when we wrote and then Arnold will make Phil and I are. Right it's that point there it make it worth. First rounder this year but rounder they are. And a third round that mean that year you're all about three at least meet our team player at least. That are going to would you not sure we now record billion dollars. This kind of created the what our inner acts of this Spain intelligently moving forward and I don't think keep it moving up to suck. Yeah I you're right thank you James again it's the same I've been missing boys back to you which is. As long as you get there is only you get to five and life. Right you gotta you gotta. You don't have Denver now want a guy which you know maybe you know I don't want to say seems likely it did he we we talk like it's likely I don't know for sure. But yeah the scenario that started the show today they. Felt. But this this is it's advantageous to me for the bills. If big if if if the giants stop them from lighting money and what that's basically what would be happening provided they're not also taking a quarterback or do you think with someone opened giants stayed put. And they want to draft a running back which seems like who they are and what they would wanna do. And all also also like for me it's preferable Donald as the guide it's still in the equation and the browns to lose Allen but frankly. You know for the purposes of this that purposes of this exercise. Is the same to me if the browns choose Donald. And Allen and mayfield and Rosen are all there are the jets take a guy. Again the giants are taking. Locally here our gas and then child goes for and now it's time there's two of those guys are there are. And I'm I'm fine as far as far as being a fan goes I'm fine I just want one of those guys. We don't know here is. Hull differently the bill's view. Those four guys it it would surprise me if the way that they gold output putting their board together that they've got four equals who is in. In these quarterbacks. It's it seems more likely than not that they've got a preference. And sewed today look at them all the same and if the guy they like the most is through the browns' pick over the jets pick then maybe you don't triple. And just wait for who comes to twelve I don't know I mean that that could be too but. I like the way it felt talking and the more we sat with a today the giants say no draft Barkley great. I'm and hang out here and wait until. Whoever comes through the jets and then I make my move and I spend. Much less than I would be. Take control taking control cost it cost. You're gonna have to pay to have control if you can live with not having control. Then. You tell us. The giants are huge. Makes sense because they're giants you know. Jets and giants means me being huge. The giants are not gonna wanna trade to twelfth no it's just gonna come down to what they do the right. And I think that's my guess I don't really expected giants straight I think about Cleveland. And buffalo and giants trade idea is pretty Smart and could happen but. Right now my guesses the giants draft Barkley to. The jets draft their quarterback whoever it is after the browns averted done so. The browns keep their pick. Or trade down and once you get to four. And then five and then six all of that from me is to sort of expecting to see the bills the button and 74567. All of it if it hasn't happened by seven ramble each in each case you take stock of what's happened so far and dessert chances Josh Rosen still not knowing if the bills really like him. And if there is like the call the callers point about price is very important. You really shouldn't. If you use the Jimmie Johnson chart. Once you get past. Three. The prices affordable to the bills more so that it would be to certain other teams if you use the chase Stewart chart and all teams are correct about that some of them. Depending on which side you're on. You may wanna use the football perspective dot com chart chief Steward who's been on the show couple times. Did another chart the Jimmie Johnson won. You may have heard it mentioned here before. Is about perceived value. In the age of analytics with Stuart says is about actual value based on the history it's better. Teams don't have to use it instead he wanted to prefer you wanna know what real value is in this is I think. The bug a beacon in all this conversation about what the right strategy is. Twelve and 42 is too much for two in real value. In the Jimmie Johnson world in perceived value was not even close to one off. But in actuality based on what happens in the straps. Its overspending just just that alone. So I guess you're the bills and try to talk other teams into using that your Zito for a good what was her current gridlock what matters or matters ultimately the chart is baby were the conversations start but what matters is going to be what all of their teams are offering. Like. In the in the hobby days. It's one thing to see online wanna card that you had. Sells for bought it doesn't really matter until you get that offer. You know do you go buy a house in one of the neighborhoods in. In buffalo the city itself that's been surging that's that can be north ball below that could be a wood village even odder is. And it's listed for you know 299. And you enjoyed all okay I I I think we could pay that I'd like to pay that and there are seven people there at the open house that wanna put offers guests who. You are not paying too many die for that helps is this towards gonna go with 350. Please you're gonna have to note operatives live with the fact that you paid way more than what the chart says you were exposed the bank as well. It happens that his dream of mine that has never been fulfilled and probably never will be filled to get to sell a house for over asking who hit. He gets in Toronto we talked to my brother in law lives there it's like he's got story after story about friends who did that elicited for a million bucks you know whatever. Not even 2000 square feet right elicited per million bucks and then they got one point three. It. Tumble mumbled still accomplish over the whole blog here on WGR. One thing that the playoff intensity and the competitiveness just wrapped up at least 50% in the first round and that's what the separatists from the American League in the NHL so it's critical for us critical for young guys they get in the playoffs have that experience. Guess that battled experience that difficult series it's difficult matchups. You know the harsh stand on the road that's all part of their overall development so we're obviously pleased that we're in the playoffs and what can be it was because we can't have. NB sexton GM of the Rochester Americans whose playoff season opens tonight. In Syracuse. I did play by play for I think it was three amor games in my life. And the first was in Syracuse. And M works beat Syracuse won the nothing if you. Maybe you've heard me tell that story about talking to Jack medical argue about Gordy Howe making a comeback on harm. Yeah where he said it with a straight face and I was nervous about even getting on the year what does I bought. This press release that the Syracuse crunch put out. Because you're boarding house go play for them was like really actually not only was it true it was meaningful. And so I went to the coach for that game the pregame interview and he just looked at me with a straight face that remain. Okay. A new thing Emma but that site as we did get on the air in Rochester 11 to nothing and whoever my producer was was telling me. During the deem it went to commercial he was telling me stop mentioning. That the guy has or whoever the goalie was Freddie somebody. Stop mentioning that he has shut out going. Because people are calling in upset that your drinks again. Like oh no I'm dealing with these people right you know what I'm not gonna stop sorry amend. They won one and nothing. Currency but it. Binghamton the next night and then Philly on Sunday the spectrum that was a great memory to regain the spectrum total Rolla toward roe vs Bill Barber. This is the year before. Her barber. Gets the flyers job and he's coach of the year the NHL. The year the sabres take them out enough all one. Check manic. Beat an offering that day that game. I found he right up on Colt McCoy. I don't. Eight years ago Colt McCoy was on WGR Asia today. He was a draft prospect has found an old worksheet I want to predict. Bet he reads. A little bit like baker mayfield. Well maybe you he'll know better than I would what would it reads like to me is that the writer can't figure out the road and wanna be too direct. Because you can look relieved bad and making these direct sort of predictions about the draft draft guys. So it's just there's equivocation all over the place. Despite huge knocks about his size and durability there was a total like this is a strength the search with despite huge knocks against asides and her ability. While McCoy doesn't have the strongest arm in the world he still has adequate strength. That's also a strength. Criticisms. They can't figure out how to holiest McCoy McCoy is marked down to 63 by some scouts while others have them closer to barely 61. Considering his small stature okay. We decided that and thin frame of course I could actually play into him losing ground as a top five passer in this draft. Considering overall this here's the bottom line. Considering your shoulder injury inability to throw to come by him and his already questionable accuracy and arm strength. McCoy is currently being packaged as a predetermined to bolster version. Of Alex Smith who is also arguably considered a bust. This is an art arguably considerably. Up. The guys in the league by that it. Tony time spent it its commitment that's McCoy went 85 overall in the 2010 draft to the browns. Speaking of the draft. We will have beaten another additional combo mom ball. Coming up after the update if you like the sensibilities of the show you're gonna like this combo mambo it's got. I think I'm undefeated. You might. Guitar remember the scoring changes in the mid flight can be quite quick while the there. You. We have draft trivia in the form of Kabul mumbo Ryan knew when you're afraid. I'm not afraid I'm never trade Joseph Rosen sneaky. Plan. Is red grange and answer. You'll find out. It was red grange draft could be tough if he wasn't drafted he will now be an answer there. Was he drafted they have the draft when red grange played I think he was drafted into the army yet because they have actual plan for a one right. Where where it was red grange. Like 1920 laws and that that's what nineteen to one thing down now. I don't know either Imus say the thirties for red grange the galloping ghost were talking about that red grange that's him right. I didn't galloping on opposite gelding doses and wanna do it wrong. The Gallup and go relevant though galloped in opening. I started his career with the Chicago Bears in 1925 thank you are playing two years with the New York you. Yeah she said what were you go to Wednesday mr. witty he said 1920. 220 well we all know he didn't all night and while some ad text know well. It's romantics. Also he wore number 77. But it doesn't cement. It is pouring out right now. No it's sunny and should it take some pain. A semantics. Who does rating out and I'll sit on the semantics and Sony are now did you get an answer on whether you drip or not he played O five to one. He played from 25 to 34. So we're ball brighter okay fine. That is he writes this is wearable right you can no he was immediately courted by eight teams in the National Football League including the long suffering Rochester Jefferson's. He played at Illinois right yes he did. Chu young Illinois red grange the galloping ghost. So no he wasn't drafted so he's not going to be enhanced Russia's where we began he got your answer about the in the quite in the Kabul mumbled game other people might be. Let's find out the update and cobble mumbo draft. Special of what's called special. Draft special. Who were to do that. All right much over the bulldogs here or ride in jones' WGR.