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Talks Saturday. Saturday. Sports talk Saturday. Fund Dillon Gee aren't Sports Radio 515 yeah. Yes you're not hearing things that was a good Google nickel back open right there for you like your sports talk Saturday but. And the that is like I said that we weren't gonna actually getting its name is sorry now leading off streets ahead and I hadn't started well not me off strong and at that aspect. Definitely not be. Basically I told Ryan we have to pretend we're Smart today because he had a lot of Smart guests job. Guys that would probably make us you know that would run circles around us intellectually. I know what they get on the wonder lake because we all took it here I thought I refuse to take it well and all you got to fourteen and we got enough guys you guys just put escort out for me that's not true he did. We are not fake news here you guys are fake news I've refused to take it because it's my civic right and duty to is either want to are now watching on the SAT. I don't know which you get 200 points for deciding named Joseph didn't even sent his name. Losers right could've been so much better in that show and yet he's not we got a full line up. Today on sports talk Saturday. Odyssey right gates here with me in studio. We are the finals sports talk Saturday until the draft next sports talks at will be live from around three. I sell pot will be up at the stadium a one bills drive likely giving interviews from the first two days picks. And then obviously. Saturday all they will be out of 5 o'clock when the second herbs are in the third day of the draft which is rounds four through seven. We right here live RW GR hat in hand to date as I mentioned day a few guests we've got to bring along to discuss. The final moving aside I spoke with with Eric Alco yesterday we did a pre recorded every you'll hear today. Our sports talk Saturday a lot of interesting rumors coming out in the mill whit about. Who was moving up but more importantly who's going number one because I think whoever goes number one is going to have a large effect out of sort of up. I'm home domino but like what's it called the butterfly effect. My colleague I happy the butterfly flaps its wings above the Atlantic Ocean and it costs an earthquake in China. It's exactly right. Yet so very similar situation playing out. Here at the top of the draft so 1130. What my favorite guest John Legend oh I wanna point out that it was the first one to have them on the station and now he's like the favorite. Argue Erica has yet I thought there was some stuff like me I don't believe under percent. Right here on this program right here in the sport talks I mean he has opened many doors to many other guys that's true he he was he was the original that Cayman ins. Start laid down the foundation he was with the draft wire at the time and now he's little little lungs at the pylon and he's grown his portfolio. And that is why those two. Talked to guys like you read I'll guess I'll crabs in a judgment so can old Fiat today hopefully we'll Orioles who have died yesterday Trevor second we had a few days ago. Mean he's just a draft door opener. I think it's in a draft analyst door open. Yeah there's no doubt about that so that's elect is he alluding to hopefully joining us. 1230 tomorrow Harris was a former UB players a walk on at UB. He is draft eligible he is obviously a week away. From the draft himself whether or not he gets called. Throughout any point the draft is. Will be a music store to look for too he's going to be in an interval training camp whether or not it's draft or not. And so that that's a load exciting I'd like to to hear his story a little bit in in learn about the process in which you know he he wasn't invited to come on obviously but his pro day. And so we'll talk to do moaned a little bit later in the program in the in the 1 o'clock hour and then. As I mentioned Eric telco and one of my eight. Favorite follows on Twitter and on my favor breakdowns Matt Waldman. He's gonna join us at noon or to discuss some quarterbacks with him because he is he a breakdown which I actually tweeted out from my account. They break down regarding. The number one correct mr. FY I think is Josh Rosen and talking about how a lot of people. Off how much you know about Josh Rosen. Ryan put a lot of people have been I've heard of have been knocking his. Our car for football. Deserves that that's one that's one of the physical traits that people are saying only to throw great deep ball and whatever days so I like him cause he's cerebral. Very cerebral C I told Brian to be Smart and he's he's got he's got dictionary.com open him. So on some good birds out there I want your viewing a 30551888550. To five to two because I look at and I've been thinking about. Since I talked to Eric yesterday in. I was looking at sudden. Scenarios and and how this draft plays out Peter Schrager yesterday or two days ago on good morning footballer did morning whatever that show as a ceremonial ball to Martha what's good shots. Peter Schrager seems to think that there is a possibility in fact he thinks it's likely. That sand Arnold falls out of that top three in the bills figure a way to look to get up. Which I'd. Takes a very interesting and very fun scenario for the bills that you know a month ago there was two weeks ago about there was. No doubt Sam Sam Arnold going number one over on the draft and now it seems like it might topic. Yeah I he had an even really considered him as a prospect throughout this process because I've just back and self focused on him probably going number one to the browns. And that's part of it stings he had Dustin Fox yesterday of the athletic in Cleveland talking about how the error. Considering baker may fielder Josh Allen with the number one tech. Ands. My thoughts on that is okay if that makes it sell sand Arnold this is falling what are you what are you're supposed to believe. Throughout this process because for two months we've been hearing at the browns have essentially been locked in. And Arnold as the number one prospect in the past few weeks. Josh Allen's name is Greg coming into the mix right war and now it's baker mayfield is coming when game coming into the mix and the more names that come in. Near the end. I give lacks credence to do so there's baker mayfield. Aspect of him potentially going number one of the browns I tend to not really believe that too much to I don't know was. It's so late in the process and if they really liked him that much they did there was who'd they bring in. McClellan McQuillan from the Redskins yup the former Redskins GM who was said to caliber really like big army field but. To have the name come up this late in the draft process to meet smells smoke. He's smoking yet emerge yet at the smoky smell to it and one of the things too that. Most people I've talked to haven't had very many people tell them that baker may fields. An option or at least a thought a number one I think there's a lot of there's a lot of disagreement within the the Cleveland organization about in between the coaches and front office supposedly a lot of coaches don't want Sam Sam Arnold they prefer a guy like Josh Rosenberg Josh Allen. So it'll be inching to see in shocker right some some disagreement amongst the people on the front office and the coaching staff in Cleveland. Charlotte or just anywhere in general yet. So as we get closer I think I'm starting to worry a little bit more and more about some of the teams who could potentially popular front of the bills we to I talked about missile that the other night during the skid release on the nightcap when it was in Puerto. I talked a little bit about how it feels that the bills or any unique position where. I think that they have positioned themselves. Into a spot that teens may not in the bills while that's. Always been my kind of thought process on because if you are one of these teams. He's got a team like Arizona for instance F fifteen coming up in offering you a package of text one that maybe. Depending on how far up it goes a first rounder next year or a package of second third rounder is. I'm hanging up the phone and if I'm the team on the other line like the balks at seven or something like that. I'm immediately calling the bill saying hey listen I've got this package from another team they're bumping it. Right they're offering me I can't tell you what the team is obviously ends what exactly they're offering me but property a first second and third. They what's your first second and third that you're willing to you to give up to get to this spot so but essentially it was much like I was reading the keys from. MM QB Peter King when they're talking about the Kirk cousins. Free agency and how the age and he was taking calls and taking calls from teams essentially saying. Hey give me your best offer right now we're not messing around just give me your best offer would not gone through negotiation process best offer right now. How would you like the giants ahead two and a guy like Sam Arnold does all the do that's essentially what I'm doing. Yeah Dave calls from teams and I'm like nonstop for knowledge we've got no time to waste. I think to what what makes this interesting and I was talking to Eric about this and one of the things that. I think is actually about distract is the idea that a slide could happen and specifically the two players that have been most discussed. Surrounding a potential slide open bigamy you'll put more. Josh Rosen is the guy I think potentially slide at a top tat. And a team like the patriots might have an opportunity and then move up to get him here's my thing though and this is what we talked about is sort of a it's sort of a seesaw because what you have between. Pick four and pick eleven or twelve. That's where you're seeing potential slide for Josh on our. It's interesting because from van what is it four to eleven a four to twelve that means. That five of the top six non quarterbacks are still available on the board right and it's going to be difficult to end in Joseph and I saw tweet in in July of Joseph allude to that in a second from. Chris Ballard wasn't tweet from Chris Douglass quote. Chris Baylor talked about being happy to having 88 premium player Chris I'm quarterback right employers in the strapping if you put the four cornerbacks in the top ten. And you think about eight plus four equals twelfth. So they seem like you mean we make they might be able to get one of those top eight players at number twelve so that was pretty much Chris Ballard speaks saying Haiti mr. beam onto give me a call we can do something here I think go through the media use work in the media I don't. I actually hear that I also think like so in that position what makes this whole thing interesting is if Denver takes quarterback in Denver takes a quarterback. That's why the bills are gonna train the colts today. The ability to trade the colts today give up whether they have to give up 22 or they have to give up a second and third to get up to number five maybe it's not as much is it's gonna take to get to obviously not but. I guess my thing is. Where do you start to talk about the context of how a slide happens compared to what players are still available they are between four and in eleven interestingly it's like so what child doesn't go. It took us to go number two he's available for I don't think force available I think they wanna take job and there's I've talked to some people Erica locals one of them that told me I think that. Number four is where Britney Chavez of going if he doesn't go number two. So if that happens that there are solely. A decision to make if you're Denver. After the Denver Broncos you have the third best available quarterback on the board available to you at the number five pick you have holes to fill you just signed case keep him in you have Paxson let you got to spend a first round pick on two years ago. So your in an interesting spot there do you take the best guard but that's available their quit Nelson. Do you take the best corner and excuse me that's available their Denzel war do you take take our Barkley he still available they're you discovered CJ Anderson so there's a lot of interesting things are happening number five Britney ticket corps back. The bill's trade of the occult and number six now or tomorrow or before the draft. They've now moved up it potentially put themselves in a position number six where they can't get the guiding eventually agreed try to trade up for originally. Well that's always been my position sensed that the juts straight as happened and like the first five picks to get up there. Mean and maybe next year's first on top of that. But I've I've got back to trade up don't get your guy but it's. You go you wait until draft day you wait until these scenarios play out because you you're right you're not sure what's going to be there. And if it is if there have guys specifically that their company if it's Sam Arnold or baker may fielder Josh Rosen whoever it may be. They acted kind of sit back and wait. And see what you guys go if Josh Allen and bigger mayfield go your sit there and your like sweet. Now I have an opportunity to get Josh Rosen or stand Arnold and wonder why strike and make that move in what's most cost effective. The way that I've been talking about and I want to hear your thoughts on this. Is spend describing these quarterbacks and if I'm Brandon being in the way that I value these guys. Knowing that if you do wanna get one of these top four guys you. Probably are going to have to trade up is not likely one of these four guys are going to slide deal. So you have to value these guys in terms of what you're willing to give Bob as in eight terms of a package is not just a normal I value this guy eight. Seventh on my board it's I've got you this guy enough to give up 21 routers a second round or third round to be able to go get him. Yes I'm in actually interestingly enough sale tweet out today that not enough people are talking about a scenario in which the bills can figure out a way to keep that number 22 peck. There are some areas absolutely it depends how far and how aggressive you're willing to get and it really depends on who. It is they value. And from app from what I've heard it's Josh on the tenor of it had to an affinity for Josh Allen and the tools that he has. To listen to two people that they've really since the beginning been connected to in my pain has been sand Arnold really from the start of the since November. It was I think the bills were elect Arnold they've they've went and visited their he's the only Quebec they flew across the country go meet with. So that's interest in the Josh Elena at our Josh accusing Josh government to see Josh Rosen. And just frozen the other guy and I think too what's interesting about Josh Rosie and is. That there's rumors that there are two teams in the top five who have taken him off the board he's not on our board. So that's why a lot of teams a lot of people are are making the connection that that rose in May be is that guy that falls so what I look at Rosen. And I look at the bills I see a guy if they could figure out a way ticket you could add to that the Rosen who a lot of people have is number one quarterback in the draft. Without having to give up the kind of things that they would have to but to get a garlic Josh Ellen who in my opinion is far less sure thing then Rosen is. Man don't be huge win for this bills team to be huge which for brain and beat in his first draft knowing. That every one else 31 other teams in this league know the bills are trying to trade up in get a quarterback and he could figure out a way to do that without having to mortgage the future and I think this becomes the most important question is. What trade involves a 20191 round pick because that's the trade I don't wanna make. Bob that's that's part of it and it's where can you get up without. Sound matches not giving up number 22. I mean the bills early trading up to six or seven or 81 of those spots because one of these quarterbacks are falling down onto the outrage. They might only have to give up the twelfth and 53 and 65 maybe or maybe even a later pick and another picks coming back. But if you're only going up six spots the cost of making them move up. It is just so much lower than the spot that I think a lot of us have been focused and signs the job straight which is that number two overall yeah. But if you're sitting there and you're playing the board all of a sudden your your account when your chips in your realizing men and my only have to bat. Three shifts instead of six chips don't have you know always and I can push half my staff can instead of pushing the entire thing in the air so that's why I abandoned for a while noticed okay your your in this position you have the ammunition. That's not going to change yeah none of that is going to change so just hang out. Keep doing what you're doing audit these quarterback the evaluating these quarterbacks. And on the day of the draft comes have some sort of conversations some framework worked out with the most of these teams potentially could be trading with and assay. Hey if the time comes your phone is going to be ringing from the night guys there just so you know. 8030551888552. Budget here you scared of one particular team I know there's three teams in this draft. With more than four with more than one for trumpet the bills the patriots and obviously the browns. So there are some scenarios that suggest maybe the patriots are gonna try to packaged those two for trump picks move up and find their. Their quarterback to to replace Jimmy drop below essentially but QB's successor to Tom Brady so there's an option and talk about. Horrifying situation for me is that they can figure awaken for adults I just don't think it's. I don't think the bills will allow something like that happen meaning I just think that they have better options in the first round that it team if they were offered. Like if if they were offered the 21 round picks to move up to let's say seven from that from the New England Patriots if you're. As consumer Dominic but I know that's not a case in lack yet Jason like like yeah if you're the GM of the Buccaneers. You're sand that's really great trade offer let me put you on hold because of medical bills because both your picks are better both of them about. So I look at that situation and SE OK you don't put themselves and in a particular spot where everybody knows. That they wanna trade up and at quarterback and I don't think anyone in this draft specially seven through ten like the box. The of the 49ers at nine B it was at eight. Paris the bears present bear bait. Niners at nine and raiders attack and none of those teams in my opinion this is my opinion I just had to be shares that they are making a trade until they talked to the bills. That's that's the way that I would do it if any of these teams is because you know the bills are interest dead in moving up to get one of these quarterbacks and have the most offer. We we took this call the other day it was from a guy that goes hey what if the bills traded twelve traded down from twelve with the patriots almost just about lost my dam finally why would I do that now would you do that if you're the bills. Let the patriots move up to a spot. I do think he mentioned that the top four quarterbacks were off the board by. But still even so if the top of extra birdie you're taking you're gonna players in the race that was talking about that seven through ten area is because let's say Rosenthal to seven. And the bills and pay triple wanna move up the problem then becomes does a team like Tampa Bay. Does it seem like. Chicago. Feel that they can get a Denzel ward or one of those players if they move back three spots. I don't know and that's to me becomes the interesting part is. They're a good chance one of these quarterbacks could all right to eleven or twelve in the only thing that have to do was getting from the dolphins that would be my biggest worry is yeah it in front of the dolphins how they'll. I just have this feeling that. The dolphins ever once talked about how they could tentative accord they really loved mayfield. They would definitely like roasted it. If you know if if if they were willing to work with Jake color they're clearly going to be able to work with Josh Rosen and I guess I look at that and I say. Why in God's name would you take a quarterback if you are the Miami Dolphins with the other holes that you haven't your roster they traded away most or released most of their top and tell. So what you're setting it up as history can get top and -- why would you trade up to treat to get a quarterback would you what are what do you think about right can't help. You have a guy who was at least in mid tier starter in this league who you haven't quite seen the ceiling of a fun being not just haven't seen the ceiling a ranking NL so. Getting rid of candy Heller are moving on from ten are trading up exit could be such a mistake for them and and I think a lot of it is really a smokescreen. I think a lot of their interest in quarterback. Is baby to push the bills its to poke the bill they know they're behind them and I think they'd like to see the bills have to trade some of their picks to move up to get a guy. I I it's a place where the dolphins are interesting team. Really picks for eleven or super adjusting to me and I don't think is much as I was pretty convinced the bills are moving to figure out a way to do it in. The bills are absolutely. From what I've heard the bills have absolutely offered in their package is 31 round picks but it has not bad enough. The other thing it is is staying back on New England for second here is another thing the bills have a New England not only having 21 round picks in front of their first round pick. Either one of them. 2019 yup if your team right now and legal Eagles roster right you're looking at the bills' roster we just didn't schedule projections mean you on Thursday both had an at seven in ninety. Mike lays out here protecting them to a Portland fortunately. If you're another team that's in the top ten. What's new England's future first tropic baby if they're tossing that out there are at thirty and that right around six Nellie back between twenty and 32 per site sleep in the bills you're looking at them I might rather have the bills 2019 peck then 22 because next season. What if I'm another team looking at the browns this year they've gotten Houston's fourth overall pick. From that trade you can be looking at and like Tampa could be looking at that or the giants and being. Like a giant Sony next year good example next year the bills really bottom out and I take their first round pick next year and said twenty this you're looking at top five pick. Next season that's another thing you have over the patriots because the patriots have two picks in the twenties this year and any future peck that you're getting from them you know that that's not been. Anywhere hi I think it's difficult to place value on for future picks basically what you have to do was take the median. But you have to take the middle of the round like you assume that the bill's gonna pick sixteenth next year and that's the value of trading that pick but I think when you look at the bills comparatively. To the patriots that's a great point I think you look at that you say. As much as the value of this in the realm of football in the realm of everything needs to have a value in football it's only worth so much. Bought the potential work of that pick compared to the potential worth of the patriots pick. Passed it definitely come in mind when you're talking asked if they're willing to trade future there's there's more room for growth yet stock than there is in the patriot center that is large extent the idea chip stock that's that's the stoppage again he gives them high value and a lot of yea can deathly yield something that may be something more than you could ever imagine getting this year. Hot it'll 30551885225. To John ledger took to join us next we're gonna talk some quarterbacks his list. His top ten quarterbacks came out yesterday or two days ago. And he's got an interest in top three Serena talked him there were also get his thoughts on some linebackers opposite one the bill's biggest position of needs is a linebacker. And John as one of those guys who does a ton of film work on linebackers he brought up Fred Warner to me a few elect a month to go back as a guide of the bulls could potentially bring in. He's already bent out of pre draft visit here in buffalo. Seems to be it a fit to go through some linebackers with him get his thoughts and best fit in China term's defense aid with real fight that he wanted to fight to fight the sport talks centering on the beach here. All of these top guys have. Flaws and weaknesses deficiencies that need to be cleaned up and worked on I think it depends on how their coach what's deemed area and the rest of the team a lot of different variables so. You know as I said I look at John frozen if somebody sits in the Hoosier one he'd be my wanted but. I think Arnold has a lot of work to do I think Josh Allen has a lot of work to do keynote speaker mayfield has work to do. Greg itself there NFL films I think yes yeah and now two varieties sees. Got some stuff from match up it's right on ESPN. So yeah we're talking quarterbacks shocker. In one of the interesting pieces that I that I saw yesterday that has a very very similar top 52 up. To myself. Is that why you had a month while I sought it out confirmation bias I need a little confirmation bias at step might be true. If I like talking on these these guys that guy John ledger AT&T hotline John welcome main body we appreciate Diop and on Saturday. Greater problem. Of course so I spotted interest thing I saw your rankings you put up. Odd yesterday which you could fight up at Twitter if you followed John it's let your NFL draft up it is up at Andy he's got to dot com your top ten quarterbacks which. Pretty similar to mine has Josh Rosen right at the top but interestingly before regained a rose in job you have. Baker mayfield up ahead of Sam Arnold and it's not exactly a super widely shared opinion. But one that I feel pretty good about based on a lot of things if you wanna look at justice statistics the advanced analytics the accuracy to turn overs. Things like that you start to see in you start to see a far far separation between baker with the rest of the class but in your opinion do you look at this topic this class. Why is there may be so much debate about this top three and how they fall. And where do you come in on putting baker mayfield in between the two guys that I feel really are kind of right the top with baker not far behind. Well I think that. Admirably on the point on the quarterback you know people you trust out there that I want accurate if you want people jump on it at all by the one other little wacko idea what is. Four point that I did not attend the the fact that so it's great it ought. Let the clock that they like about everybody. Couldn't. Why have got them where they couldn't protect it. Would go back to work yet felt that all the power that they say it's really difficult it'll all go back. Quarterback who collapses you're it's probably you know for the quarterback argue that the state. So why would take the quarterback if you want this to be cool but didn't believe the month develop the hoop ball or is it likely cook. Aren't accurate and complete as they I don't know why about it. While it got out in the open court if I did not backward a lot of people in the a great day. The credit that they won't and they haven't gone on this simply yeah. Athleticism and the ball I was there for the good of the view. And you know I I think 5% got Coca. There was open output welcome to work with on the back up and don't know if mental competency as a soccer ball court and I don't feel as though because I can look all that we don't believe that it could be ought to. There the court could increase and ready to go well go. The create those okay quarterback and they I detect a pot those areas quietly got it. It's a quick look like he won. Well that's what is so interesting about this entire process is you do have. Joshua Allen continuing to be discussed as the number one peck. And you you read a lot on the line from from different draft guys like like you John Marino Benjamin solar whoever whoever it may be. About watching these guys on film and I try to translate third game in projecting it. To the NFL so what do you think of Joshua Allen. And the reason why teams are falling in love with them is that maybe he does have high gloss potential but is projection and his ceiling. Might be. Far greater than some of these other quarterbacks in the draft so I guess my question is how do you balance that with your NFL team if you were in charge of an NFL team. You'd a said he would take more of the sure thing but how are other NFL front offices balancing we want the sure thing or we're gonna take at the swing at a guys. We're gonna go bit. What a capital perch quarterback in place coaching staff trots off a record that you trust. Scheme that you trust to be able to you know kind of slow build off what they call content. Those are all really important thing we Al and Josh out of that whatever these delicate Arctic. Shot. Start you know we'll be realistic about thought you know we're no one actually accepted the oil that is a quote. That's why a quick shot but the other out it's because when we were caught in the bottom got. And he does it hurt that they're so I think that the we need to kind of get back to reality and then that's obviously not gonna happen but out of it which quarterback late coach of the matters almost got really really important to import. So before we move on to some other quarterbacks I I saw really interest in quote yesterday from reconcile who we just played sound from to start the segment. And one of the things he talked about we if we fail and was that it really in his mind wasn't necessarily. Not a black and white thing with accuracy and it's not that he is in an accurate passer is. It's more or less that he struggles with the anticipation part of the game which leads to inaccuracy. Because obviously you know about timing and anticipation is it's throwing the ball where the receivers gonna be not where he is. So in your mind do you see that more than anticipation problem with Allan or is it just simply a black and white he's just not very accurate. But there's always you know goes back into patient didn't look into it level you know I'll struggle without proper to. Really struggle what is that protection. Further multiply by seventeen to throw them a little bit. You'll recognize what a quarter going to be you know make an appointment historic ticket I can collect with the back or not aware audit and entry are thinking. What could have gained so it peaked at a lot of factors that got a pretty but he thought you'd think that. It would balance he's got to get more reps at the end of the day before he Serb fire I think yeah yeah well. Very it is a little bit ironic that the illicit trade that really batter in the book talk about how important this to a quarterback to beat. Mentally prepared and dollar dollars. It. How important this record back to that that took about you know quarterback has ability implants or that it is dedication and the lows there. Nokia didn't have potential they walkabout in the all they. Coaching points and girl thing to doctorate at the box. He's got a vehicle or cornerback the port so. At that early on in the outside world the great athlete bit. That we typically go to that mark good guy that he does well. That is in there is that Joshua violation. Just totally ridiculous based on what the and it felt like that the position they're at it YouTube or quarterback off the board. Noting that unlock that make of the fact that you vocal critic of his coat given everything you know culture of Goodyear. It's really our it's just strange because. You know he's the perfect of course it negative injury or not I'm not an article about doctor you know no doubt but you know getting back. Now I think that it's not quietly you know someone. Is a continent that they don't like what I've been there a market that is they expect anything. There was not a quietly taking a picture Shalit it has patients that we talked about. But surely don't really strong indication. In any upper Atlantic. What is a good general we couldn't crease he's made cynical by. Looking okay those things you know that he was terrible. Did very little indication. That the quarterback they'll be throughout the but the clerk saw it and all pro quarterback in the draft. The pact if they're poor quarterback. Hypocrisy. And he might be is that the law and order cook the particle boards that active. That's where valuation really get crazy if you know who the only guy he could under in the reached. Put yourself you guys that are clearly better from better level competition. With more block is. And neither market product about the in my. John ledger down the AT&T hotline writer for famous exports and ET scouting as a podcast locked on NFL draft contributor to pro football weekly. Scout dot com for the Steelers everything else they're doing these days Jon a really good guy thing else to add to that list. I can hear the reverend field. I don't know if you do too much menu you work too much he's onshore starts Saturday with an A Kyrie. And Brian Gay it's so the bills are in a position obviously with all this draft capital to make a move up. Ands you obviously have these different rankings are these guys not all of them have the first round grades you're just talking about Elin there if ever you've you've got to a eight late date three great on him. But the bills if they do wanna get their hands on while these top four guys are more than likely going to have to make that move vault so what are the guys that you would be most comfortable with obviously it's rows and and mayfield but knowing that the bills. Are going to probably have to move up and give up solemn. Maybe future pacs may be picks in this years draft would you be comfortable with from a bills' perspective of giving up to go get one of these guys. Yet become soft because you've you know they had somebody on our roster. Let. You you wouldn't want to see soccer and slightly you know it climbing denied any Indy what happened and then maybe move Oakland. Water you know I'll be perfect and I could seek Erik Estrada percent. He would find it backed well they're bigger get a couple of with a group of course it died as a lot cheaper than group walk. Or call five. You know so if they've moved up its all in all really that big as far out of it gave up something significant that surely not I agree with people who say. You really want to protect lectures were trying to peak in god you know built there and read our I could hear. Given the state and across Iran and it put out by Cuba but he did it get better. They just got McConnell yeah I mean that the opera applied correctly you calculation that perhaps partially Kalla linebackers. On the terms that. There's holes that question mark there you know quarter you know we do not implying that a lot excuse him at the worst quotable eco. It's just the situation right now where they go to the people who do not do you much but. Important in the court like that feature you have on that you know I feel like you could be okay in the derby connection to move up. Apart from the fact about such as Kevin Garnett after the open. John budget here and the AT&T hotline is perfect Segway into the all the remaining holes in on this bills team and one of them I think that you'd just sort of alluded to a really mentioned in. And I think sticks out more than even offensive line and wide receiver. Is a linebacker position and an interesting drafts that are really sort of needle linebacker because you do have a couple of really great names up at the top of the list. Then it starts to thin out a little bit as you get into a two ND three but there is still value especially to position. On an up lettuce is and at the position and maybe some players who are your contemporary your archer you know sort of what you think about is an NFL especially at Mike linebacker where now there's some of these guys that have you don't play maybe box safety. Werth played in a lot of different positions in different kinds of college shall let pre 35 in college. A lot of systems that are really used in the pros so how do you look at some of the linebackers in this draft class knowing that if the bills. Find their quarterback at likely meant that they had to give up some of the picks that they are going to use to fill those holes to meet putting a premium on the ones that Latino. There's gonna be a premium on the four. Three or four picks that this bills team is able to hold onto so it's going to be important for them to find a player let's say day to Indy three. To fill the holes at linebacker I know you mentioned Fred Warner as one of those guys BYU linebacker slash but I. I don't know that he's going to be able to play Mike in this system so what are some names of guys that you think. Might be able to play linebacker in the Sean McDermott is in knowing as you mentioned how important those linebackers are. I think Jack can keep from what's gone for the guys that he's fully healthy you know kind of on the upswing developmentally. Copies that the goal he's getting it yeah everything apple blew the cover off wandered by. It happened early before last season that you began to I think they'll find per week one of the 2018 season. I can keep it to one with them and then walks or at linebacker he doesn't come development. You could probably get them basically to be honest with the arguable the Israeli its docket item in the what but I think the popular animal victory. Public. It dissolved it our personal. He's probably better that we like. I you can get a poking and he's got an atlas it would lives that are hacker if they get a handle it and read it. If middle linebacker corps crop as bury it goes. There's a harbor those those weeks I got you got a lot of will backers I'd sit it on get up on a lot different being under god backers. According okay well on what Google really coming. Think what got you back on ought to got boot camp they're gonna that it actually would keep in Arlington. You know like you typically geek we look on his level I think stylistically similar equally com. Cricket board and about what they. I think the other guys I work them out they'll either the death and all of that it is very as a critic as popular but. Is it that subject out between the the beacon on a little bit great activity you can cover unpaid. I think is debt is not currently part about it is almost they're needed development identity you know you're obviously not getting his political product. At that point with regard to potential of the a look at what other might backer. They're gonna and double click here click on the nose where exceptions. That are situation so. I think buffalo. McDermott is knowing how much as he powered about the initiative. I was kind of surprised if you can go work out press outdoor event outside anybody healthier not synagogue started it. Addressing their condition it be of importance to them if they don't give up too much Alex got that good topic to you government linebacker. And know our position that they have. A hole right now especially with the departure of Eric would. And Richie and I'd need owes the interior offensive line and you posted earlier this week an article ranking your top guys there and kind of the same vain if they don't have to move up too far they can get that number nine pick and grab Josh Rosen our quarterback that's sliding ahead of the dolphins are some of the guys may be in the second third or even day three guys in the interior offensive line because that's a hole that I would expect them to at least try to get some doubt there going into this season. Yeah I think that you're gonna look at probably guys that are more power oriented to include those are. Getting away from home comes over the result of their last your little dot com under the license if that's probably good move and I think it. It that's ultimately won't want to shrink what a lot of the players. At this point like. You know I think it will be more culpable for a guy like Miller work. Like outlawed militant you have like a you know they didn't OK with him that is not a great start it and be inadequate. I had. It was going to be our so called there's issues so I think that Erica that optical was being OK do you know he. Each immediate definitely better than good not so well CL and going out there by political or commercial or maybe even get me in competition at this pattern here and in that regard to we'll see how everything shakes out. I think I got a corporate from the Vatican could it be personal in the way you use them really as open averaging. You have to be probably in early second round I think without court pocketing disenchanted built on the back into the her out. Regarding Billy college it is simply go to that are. I'll let itself to him again another scheme divers got political a couple of guys who took power gap I've got a bit. Are who would make a lot of sense of Clayton caught you know what it will are natively understand. Could you but I think that Carol caught the cold war one organ of another guy you know. Crosby who donated food to people who are. Don't cry because ultimately tackle. What can they be that it benefits and I would versatility. I just didn't do any type of traditional medical school work. What is their organs were the reports are that. The political you know shop won't think that that put the Cold War or you're on the tackle. I think that would take currently in the lord and adjusting twilight in the article article that more or you got that that was quite the favoring that you're not going. Global war the third group and I think that that makes you it's doll better. I think he's either got it to the plug and play wherever he ends up but I think you will be there and route two so we could be got a good car. John homework I wanna ask about quickly before we let you go here on the leaked Jefferson a guy who's been talked properly like two years and release since he came on the scene is like the number one high school recruit Texas. Reminds me a lot of a guy that just has all of the talent who has the tale to be a first round pick there's just no question he boasts that Taylor. It's this stuff it's the mindset it's his willingness to play every down and and what he's shown on film he's sort of seems like the kind of player that gives up a lot and it doesn't have that sort of player. That NFL teams are gonna be willing to spend it for Tropicana got what do you see in hand quickly and in is he a guy that could be could really put it together if the rate organization brings to mind. I think he told you I didn't died doing guide it into the some under a little bit. Okay come I think you don't look at you for your right consistency and he's not a quick process her. The rookie you're gonna about how much information that they can handle it I have a and I'll either. I'll buy a ticket there's. They're usually they're assured that you cannot rely on you so yeah that leverage to your body just I don't like him the other gotten there yet. Players that we Kirkland that so. No I think they're acting they're gonna figure out how much of that it's just. It personally and what they do about it how much in the eighties can be in the sanctity of the word got. He has not yet prospect of Hugo group that bought prosecute. An acute if it goes there and you know I consider. Our Josh we appreciate you coming on and doing a segment with a us it was obviously it's always great avenue on and good luck he'd be happy drafting because I know I know for most people most of the people who who do this year round have already moved out of the 2019 draft class and there. Sort of just waiting to either would be extremely wrong or feel pretty good about a lot of what they've been saying for the past few months so good luck in died he said you've got an interesting article it just solid people tweeting back at you about going back it's on your drafts and being you know it and really evaluating where you were in I Edwards that respect and be because not a lot of people are willing to go back in and that they are wrong so. At that pop art pop has been right you know eloquent on the murder. They get better but not pushing you got that they are being bought back at what political destruction. I doubt appreciate that we can like. I John ledger there on the AT&T hotline late from break shocker when become back we will set up because he's got Matt Waldman coming out at noon we're gonna pick his brain. In deathly about Josh Rosen and some of the accord ex clash listen sports Auxerre and BG. Back. For by way Americans do group police tonight but I was re this lame report but I wrote for rough baker mayfield Lou my you know and it was ordinary. Dan Shawn cuts fall our way out slit where where woods who was your. Howard gaming games out of power and Jeremy was also on win the John Murphy show. The the final week John Murphy shell as they turn into. 11 pills lie if one bill's lies from one bills drive starting Monday he. Monday Monday Monday we got a great 12 o'clock hour coming your way next. We've got Matt Waldman who were gonna talk a bit about Josh Rosen. Then we've got Benjamin soul lack he's going to be out at 1230 he's got a really interest staying and draft guide that's really more of a comprehensive quarterback guide. And the contextualize quarterbacking it's called. And it is some really really in depth stuff and if you are up even if you're us sort of casual NFL in our casual. Band of evaluating for the draft. What he's able to put together and a lot of these. Charts for these top quarterbacks. Is really huge decrease you're seeing some of the advanced analytics that you won't seat by just going a pro football focus. In having a basic membership or going on sports reference or NFL reference or football reference or whatever it is in going to find some of those those sort of charted stats these are very very interesting. Charts stats in terms of where they're good. On the field. The most importantly some of the things he talks about sand Arnold that might be. A lot of narrative busting about it which would have things really really intrigues really get to that when we come back and at 12 o'clock hour Matt Waldman. And Benjamin select next here on sports talks or make your ranking it's Jodie BSE come your way next on to be here.