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WGR Sports Radio 550 presents sports talks Saturday. Yeah. Okay. Defaults I don't want to Saturday and either they Geary rank HTTP SE there on the update you heard. Should have a job you guys because I should hopefully have met Waldman on here momentarily Joe's broken up and now. Last hour you missed it yet John ledger done in of course it was grates you missed it the major factor dot com on demand audio. So we before we get an element here in the AT&T hotline we Nat did 88 he does not like a similar type of podcast breakdown thing where if video and doing a lot of stuff where he's sort of talking over film and it's. Something that Erica and I do to recover one and one of the things that I thought was really interesting as he did one on Josh Rosen. Who were gonna talk with him about pretty. Mediate he's done a mom like all the guys right I just artists ripped up a budget cap this year I got 12129. 130. On Mel Waldman here he's got Rosa and he's got ill and he's got sand Arnold I'm gonna keep digging here until I find literally every single quarterback. Well one of the interesting things and we'll pick his brain about it is. The look feel he's got number 126. QB Josh Rosen a window to the mind and this like a poet writes to ease. And it's crazy yeah he's got these he's got great pros yeah. He does. There's no doubt about it in one of the interesting things went so what he does is this video breakdown and and what I watched it is a lot of the vertical game for Josh Rosen. And we must bring them on disease now on the AT&T hotline now Waldman here joining us Matt thanks for join right and I today and Saturday. Yeah. We're doing well we're doing while we're sort of sick of talking about this is you can imagine we are ready for the draft and eventually cool it is the court back to the bills have. Been valuing and cutting all long it's gonna come to fruition and 45 days now and it's gonna be elect we have nothing to talk about after it happens but. One of the guys that I know a lot of bills fans myself included. Have been really fixated on. During this whole draft process and really since we knew he was going to be coming into the NFL draft this year is Josh Rosen. And the video the video breakdown that you've provided up on Twitter which I like quote we did an affinity wants take a look at it it's. That's just a short night minute video but it's a good breakdown in its sort of really starts to break down on the mechanics. I'm Josh Rosen in his vertical game but some of the problems and some of the issues that plagues Rosen during his time at UCLA that maybe work Matt necessarily his fault. Yeah I mean there are certainly things that you look at his game and and whether we want us on blamed one way or the other when you look at quarterbacks at this stage of the game they're incomplete. And it's the most the opposition to evaluate not only because the fact that there incomplete but there are so many layers of their game that are important to become. Good NFL quarterback and one of those players is that oftentimes. All that also includes the that would the coaching staff. And how the coaching staff and GM and the owner of value wait and make decisions with pulling the trigger on quarterbacks so Josh Rosen really trying to. His issues intersect with all of those things. But he's probably the most on technique on technician in this class on the bike pretty good margin. And he also has looked the best game plan and accuracy in the middle of the deal. When it comes to eating a really the NFL caliber roads that you wanna see a quarterback and you can see that he's a very aggressive quarterback has. At times as you mentioned of that video you see that it regrets in Barry actor Kirk. Yeah and one of the things to that you pointed out in one of the videos in a lot of number drops a lot of them were perfectly thrown footballs that were dropped by as wide receivers. So you look at that and you think about the context of his analytic his numbers. In some of them and that's why it's difficult especially when your value meeting specifically to quarterback because so many important. You know. Things that have to go right for those stats it's not just about what the quarterback does it's about what is teammates do and one of the throws that you alluded to was a touchdown should have been a touchdown to the left sideline and the weight that you talked about the trajectory of his ball but the ball placement and how the ball. Flows to two wide receivers. I don't what apple working about but it almost made it seem like. A lot of times especially looking Korda two CDs tight spirals and you really see sort of missile like football especially in people's a lot of velocity a lot of spin those aren't necessarily the easiest balls to catch for wide receivers where it made it seem like a little bit that breakdown. That that Rosen has may be a tendency to make those balls slightly more comfortable or slightly easier to catch for his wide receivers talk a little bit about his deep ball and maybe what separates his deep ball from some the other but the ball towards the strip last. What Sherman and part of that is touch and so you wanna have a really nice angle trajectory of the ball floats down and part of that is that good anticipation and certainly Josh Rosen has that to a level that. News of ahead of the curve with a lot of the quarterbacks in this classic and the B power rowers and so when you look at rose in the hole. I mean you also have to understand that the guys who also. That's a great play action game is excellent under senator elect skew those 35 step drop. And he understands how to keep his feet under and so that when he sliding away from pressure he can still throw the ball with. Accuracy and velocity and he also understand how to use touched down there aren't as good touch. You don't always hear about all the time. Josh Allen actually has some decent at displayed moments of peace and touched but really what separates. You know Rosen from those two other two quarterback that he be reached appeal much better he's much more. Of appeal general at this stage of the game. Then really most of the other quarterbacks in this class and then you combine it with the fact that bickered mayfield doesn't throw the deep post nearly as well it should. And yet some accuracy issues that ball lie. Analytics on and a lot of that you know we talk about another time but. You can look at Josh Rosen and and see that some of the mistakes that he make more tend to be. In some areas where he's trying to be something that he's not because he's trying to prove something he's trying to prove that he can throw that knockout on the you know. High velocity. Row in the middle field throwing a cross body will do that sometimes in the red zone on. Sometimes on third down or type situations. And that's been the Bane but he tends to have a plan he doesn't do it in awhile away more I think I can get away with this week can't. Where were you look at Josh Allen. He's the guy who doesn't seem to have a plan about what he should be doing from the beginning of the play it just gets worse from there. Argument Matt Waldman. The AT&T hotline of rookies scouting portfolio you kind of got into a little bit there wet one of your previous articles on Josh Rosen being. That it's his footwork is a window into his mind and you can compare him to other quarterbacks in this draft who may rely more on his. His athleticism their apparatuses on. So is that something that more quickly translate into an NFL ready quarterback is the fact that a guy like Josh Rosen. Whose footwork may be at another bubble compared to guys who have in college and in previous. I'll bubbles a football relied more on their Athlon says and be able to make plays and. I'm at I would say this he could have been stronger opportunities that beat. Short term and long term because of it sometimes. Evaluated and meet you too attached to. On technique on a level where. They they kind of prescribe once certain technique works like he you know and what folks especially if you been stared at Tom Brady for several. You know per over a decade now in the AFC east. We're seeing or you know when you look at it from the east you look at and that's the important people like or Tom Brady just standard in terms of what he. He does every wants to talk about what his technique is but that's good for Tom Brady. And his body. Next on but when you look at what rose and does. The bulwark really is sync up routes I mean most often are based are off the West Coast game so you. When you're dropping 35 steps. You've really got to match at the receivers route and when you pitched. That also matched up with going to the next route and when you see. Any type of bulwark movement between. Any of drops or hitches. You're usually seen a player a quarterback who's hesitating on either because something not open or he's not sure it's coming open. And a lot of quarterbacks are very hesitant on an annual leave insignia that spell out that used to be. A beat late or happy laid out some deeper in the intermediate throws because of the fact that is. That what he saw on turned the key to the front about leverage struggle wide receivers leveraged. He wanted to wait an extra beat to make sure it and that being the difference between winning and losing the game maybe one or two rows in the game. Rosen an aggressive guy. Wrote content to see what's there and just make a row and I'm not on the one hand that's really good because you can see that he very fluid very decisive. He understands what he spoke to be doing any competent reacting dispute have been stink and that's what you want from topple ball players. The same time he's gonna make mistakes based off of that too because of that decision that decisive steel. And he also up to account for the fact that you can see deeper into the never seen before so don't be surprised that you start to see him hesitate a Peter have to beat in the NFL early in his career that can be a sign that maybe confused by what he's looking at because medical coverages are often. A hybrid of men and don't. That are hard to figure out what they are which you know priests snap an early Croat post op and that can screw up young quarterbacks. It on the other hand you have Sam Arnold and now there's rumors flying around that he may no longer be number one pick you might slide down in the bills may actually have an opportunity go get him. And when you're talking about him on your website you're talking about it's kind of a little bit different that Rosen because Rosen is described as the technical passer. And you've got Arnold who is kind of though the guy who just does what it takes to have to make the play so is that something that can translate in in your article you say he's got a little bit of Brett Favre in him. But is that something that may take a little time to develop a little more time that a guy like Roseanne Arnold's gonna take more time to blossom that would take rose and someone who was more early refined. Sure sure when you look at. You know I I quit and the boxers I joked that Josh wrote the on the race strategist who wins on points but I'm late in the fight or when he gets. Get on baited into a brawl. He tried to throw the big punch and he and a kiss in the campus every once in awhile because these. Because he's trying too hard to be something he's not. And then when you look at Sam Arnold PE is a brawl are you the got that you we want to get into the corner and into the ropes and exchange punches and counter punched. And because he can make rose all platform. He can make throws that speed parallel to the line of scrimmage where he consulted velocity and touch off of an accuracy with Ben. I'd say 2535. Yard oftentimes. And he has the the big arm and and he's he's a top athlete former linebacker. So when it comes to. All platform off rhythm plays which are very important in a cult appeal to do he's got that now he's very strong at that that it debt. That's strength wears a weakness is that. The great quarterback also find the easy solutions and not easy solutions are in rhythm with your drops. So that when you're dropping hitching her sliding or climbing. You're doing it in rhythm your beater and a good position. That's where Rosen rocket can find it easy checked down. An easy second Greek gonna be older you know slide back in rhythm away from a defender and then use Michael quiet feet. Which is ability to do it efficiently enough and keep your eyes downfield. And this is something that we clutch or golf do very well in college and he's showing in the show that last year very well. And it's something that Arnold doesn't quite have at this stage so. He's not gonna make the views like that turn the dip coal booking situation into an easy throw like Tom Brady does Drew Brees does. Right now he's gonna end up having to pile up wartime and make things harder on themselves to create a play it'll be flashy parents will love it. But it also risk that he he did he miss is easier plays and that he doesn't always hit the hard play in the park played art high percentage play. Matt Waldman here and the AT&T hotline could follow at Twitter are on Twitter at Matt Waldman he has the rookie scouting report which is Matt Wald an RSP dot council met. One of the things that I find interesting about when you talk about in terms of from the viewer the scope of the Buffalo Bills. Is you have a team right now that is on offense anyways. Then at the top and tail and on their offense is aging LeSean McCoy Charles clay that you guys that have really bad here in produced the most are sort of saint Charles clay as much as LeSean McCoy is sort of ready to be on the talent of their career. So you look at the wide receiver tale Kelvin Benjamin's A Jones. Jeremy curly as of late all guys that don't really thrive in beating players beating defenders. I'm in a foot race or being the kind of kind of vertical attack so knowing that knowing that. Throws like the back shoulder throw which of your Buffalo Bills and you haven't really seen much at all if any over the past seventeen years to very hard timing based row that many critics are comfortable making especially the transition from college to pro so if you know that just based on personnel knowing that we're gonna have to have somebody who is willing to throw the ball into one on one or even sometimes double coverage to a guy like Kelvin Benjamin who isn't making his money by beating guys with his feet but beating double coverage. So who's the guy that's may be most prepared. To take the step in the league and be confident enough to make the actual throws contested throws in the league right away. I would say that wrote user got. I mean here you got that he has a level of competency makes some really nice back shoulder throw already. He's that he's the player that also understand how to bait defenders. And there's a lot of guys that can you know beta defender down field and humble looking up safety and making the throw that tight window. But I would say that of the two guys who I actually liked the most. Who do you got. Reasonably often put good touch on the ball look at just throw a little Mark Jackson and the Marchex is also very underrated in the pocket ever want to see in the runner but he's really deep. Best player in the pocket when it comes to maneuvering and sliding away from pressure. And staying in a position where he can throw the ball and throw guy opening yet a lot of drops. Down you know. In his game in terms of receivers who are member distracting and up gains looking at at where. I was even harder on the quarterback saying I'm not gonna count diving catches that. You know an agent NFL analyst would say oh he should've caught that you know maybe I would agree that the receiver. I I gave the quarterback I gave the receiver credit that wasn't a good throw and even then when you take those up. Well Mark Jackson would've had a much higher completion percentage is got caught the ball so you know those two guys are very good with touch. And they're competent up to throw that ball toward the sideline in the right spot. If it using every apple Mark Jackson too because as we're talking about full work in the importance of it one of the things that's got to meet with him on film is how sometimes inconsistent. The full work with Jackson can be and you start to see where. And I think if you're trying to David accord can deciding who is worth trading up for a who was worth picking in the first round. You find the flaws in did you find out whether or not those flaws maybe not our easily fixed birthers are reason there's a rhyme or reason to them and I look at Josh Allen. And you look back from high school from JV ball senior U junior senior year than in college. His completion percentage is Ben right around 55 to 6% nothing has really changed there you look at our Jackson. And I can start to talk about a lot to drop balls which I think over 1112%. Of his attempts last year maybe over the course of his career. We're drops that's a very high percentage for a player and that's absolutely going to affect those numbers those. Those accuracy numbers so for you when you look Lamar Jackson I see inconsistent for work and sort of the surrounding talent around him what are you seeing on film that saved maybe some of those numbers don't make sense in terms of why you or how you evaluate him. Yet first Somalia to understand that you operate a pro system and Bobby Petrino. We're as one of the top often. Quarters and leak back in the day he runs a pro style set so you have a good when you actually use Jackson from senator or give in structured three and five step drop. There are accurate. When he's given that rhythm that structure which is what you and upheld normally does so he's much more accurate off but those types set trop and read them. Then he is when they just. Haven't from shotgun pistol and there's a read option type of player of steak and yet to set his own feet with his own rhythm and yet established that. And so that tells you that. Give him console war and people working going to be fine people work is one of the easier things to develop a bomb in terms with quarterback play that's the thing that. Is eager to do than say arm you know arm motion because arm motion. You've grown that for whatever reason year it's harder of a of a motor skill so acquired and adjust to. It's kind of like learning an instrument in a certain way where. You played thousands of hours doing a certain way that you don't do with that the technique that's really prescribe port you can kind of never overcome that. On the and I think that that's one of the cases with him but you also look at the fact that he's the guy that makes. You know it is second third fourth progression read will come back to his first reach he is an absolute raw Ankara in the pocket and so when you look at the fact that. He can you know show an economy of movement away. From pressure. And still maintain as well working keep his eyes downfield and roll guy open and roll where the guy in the receivers going to be protected. In my number two quarterback in this class and it's. The problem is is that. You have teams that again they look at him they looked at his freshman and sophomore tape shape or form kind of a caricature of what they think he'll beat. On May want to compare to Michael Vick or Robert Griffin. And really. He compares to Michael Vick. But it only if Michael Vick can listen Ron Amadon years Horry went to jail and actually worked on his game and then he would be where Michael ware. Well Mark Jackson is and Michael Beckley and set the mark Jackson's way better than what I was coming out of school and he's absolutely right. He's a much better pocket passer so it you know when you look at. When you look at the data sometimes do the data can be incomplete it is just how large sample size to be statistically significant. Are met we appreciate you hopping on this is really good idea today you know you don't necessarily especially when you're trying to break down film at the to do really great job of sort of explaining everything while using film to your advantage so lot thanks a lot for coming on and it was it was fun to pick your brain. Thanks man Matt Waldman there you could follow him at on Twitter has always say follow at Twitter. It's that was a really noticed any added you're gonna go back onto an audio each oath real fight if you want Tripoli fight you to buy it if you wanna get this call. You have any thoughts and that Benjamin select and join us next to keep to Quebec where diving to see him Arnold with him because he's contextualize quarterbacking. Which is like his pre draft footwork. But more so the release point on talk a little about the mechanics that have been plaguing or people think have been playing sand you sports talk Saturday WG. All right. Puck back seat sports talk Saturday. We are talking draft for talking cornerbacks the last hour we've got a lot of Smart quarterback is smarter than us all I mean I'm baseline. So if you've watched a book about. Fifteen minutes of film your enemy that's very true. Or like almost none your basically Smart and let's go to the eighteenth I'm like oh can you read you read well. Canadian average reader you read good. Let's coaching the AT&T outlined Benjamin select joins us now on sports talk Saturday to follow him on Twitter. At Benjamin select bend expert join us but we really appreciate it. I mean Anja and I had gotten. You know good you know we've banned. Getting pretty sick and tired talking quarterbacks can tell you that. It's just been sort of a non stop saying it never stops Andy do you kind of just get used to saying the same you know. Where does say the same thing over and over again in total total cost quarterbacks for two and a half months for a joint doing that. Makes our job easier if that's true better is so obviously there's a couple of guys are really wanna focus in on with you. In one of them oddly enough it and it is is Mason Rudolph a guy who. There is some debate on where he falls in the top five maybe top six or seven. Quarterbacks in the strapped in and if you're not familiar with Benjamin's work. You could follow him on Twitter as I mentioned at and it is so like he does this contextualize quarterback in which isn't really comprehensive draft guide. In one of the things that stuck out he was something about Tim Arnold our tucked you little bit about. Sort of did the strengths of Mason Rudolph a guy that I looked at. And never was really high on in this draft. But felt that he did something maybe is slightly better than some of the other quarterbacks in the strap which is kind of the story this track is not like each guys are brings their own thing the table for me. It was just deep ball accuracy at times you know sometimes they were always great but. Mean throughout Timmy has one of the prettiest deep balls in the strip how does that translate into a guy that you'd be willing to draft in the first round. Absolutely and I like the point you brought up which is to say that he you know we everybody bring something a little bit different. Because even if you are talking about are always big I wanna get my offense even a step beyond that and you got me a little bit more retroactively you say. It is that the guy that I've gotten out and that is big I would eight draft. How much gulp at all but to make it most successful as the question we ought to be asking. And and understanding what all these quarterback do well is looking to enable you to make that decision right then and able to begin its out. Rudolph and you alluded to greatest striker and is going to be yet the down and factors in the downhill plate and now it's important to note that at all what the guy who. Am happy that. Telling people a lot and eat in every quarterback can do that isn't the reality. Eight Q&A guy who benefited greatly from wide receivers could act on tracking ability and both gene logic and Marcel Weytman. And then jailed McCloskey younger guys you're talking about the drop certainly helped out but he's opt for and the crop Durbin accurately downfield ready in the top. The crop in terms of placement outfield. Ability art it is an astounding numbers but those are gonna be his strength. Now what we met because he can dominate you shut down the field is actually really prolific intermediate absurd well you've spent a lot of time working Akamai or videos. Are working you meant concept that really opened up the intermediary the fuel and the Nike. And he was very successful there get the result is a guy who's more accurate but he is upper site out there. He'll get the ball to accountable by. But it's certainly not in daily you know reading a blocker program eagle every single time the general actors quarterback pat on it. So they make they'll you know they'll stand Arnold and the outing got an ugly site. That results main strength and and wake you order to bring in Mason Rudolph. You would need to have a really nice even place. In that that allows him to push the ball the big brunt those that level are PO that'll put up those windows and and you need to have a very good receiving corps as well be that you. You need yet to win that and on top of that account skewed because of course you walk all of the line. But Rudolph really really struggled under pressure he's not exactly like rapid system are also very important. You bring you make sure you you can protect it sick man seven man protections. All of that that you can get real it is perfect scenario. He's just starting quarterback EU like well and starting ability. This is my guy you necessarily I would they want to be your starter the other I think if you have the measures starter. How badly do you need everything else Barack had to be perpich pitching to be successful but he doesn't beat you you got one ability. Ray and several more of our round sort of targets for me to meet outside of the top five quarterbacks. It would be at peace so limited in what you're an outlook like for him to be successful we don't have enough talent to be a week in week out are you know Alec everything comes together and I. And and I really agree with that and and one of the things that I think I'd I've been getting the most push back on because in my assessments of of kind of what all these court XT well. My thing in this draft is he at least shown the ability and the willingness which it makes the most important part you're talking about deep ball. Especially when you're trying to evaluated and who may be froze the best people on the strap. Is he does it. And I think people get. Confused by what I say deep ball when someone says he Rosie really good deep ball. It's not talking arm strength. We are talking about velocity we are talking about who can throw the furthest this is about who can put it in the bucket who has been willing to in who has shown the most willingness on film. To put it in the spot where his receivers are capable of going to get it because we know you mentioned the wide receiver help he's had. But you look at some of the record exit Joshua Allen didn't have that type of you know help or you don't play making ability around him so when you're comparing two guys that context matters but in the case of who throws a good deep ball. Rudolph sticks out because of his willingness in his ability to put it in the book. Certainly don't what what I think that we say about a quarterback is evade the common Basel where battery of plaster off. Willing to give his receivers the chants strike Rudolph is a guy who has a comparatively a pretty high percentage of intercept or at indeed top three among that class. Along with cheap land a job out of Marshall Wyoming you mentioned earlier either guy who's gonna put it Blake is we're quarterbacks can make plays but. At the same time that's spotted very often a follow what are your can make a play. Ryan because so many spectacular catches from an article mark Salley and booed you know it is that you want to revive logic and he'll likely be an early victories collection. Even to catch idiot of the rim sort of are eager and so many plays Rudolph or you know very first read heavy offense. Well essentially if you have a shot at the first street just chucked out of responsibility go to bed. You know like they're eight and he could get taller than ever big twelve scrub corners up against him aren't you there chuck it up idol I can make it like that. Tend itself to a lot of inner circle patent that lends itself to pour placement and more so journal actors speaking of throwing it very difficult spot. What it also let you one of the most political trouble out of here I. That you guys unity we you can yeah you can talk about running up a two Rudolph throw the shorter everything that gravity discordant in the top. I've just ready Mike Gundy offered the NFL I understand that. Well we talk about Howell a guy well one. At the top level how he wanted to guard pat Rudolph what he was willing to get his playmaker shot in the book also you have good play makers broke we'll get to double. Why would Benjamin so lack on the AT&T hotline to check him out at and DT scouting. And bleeding green nation is that's what this. Bleeding green nation be yet radios grabbed my my shout directly angry nation. Parties on with neat Geary ranking it's sports talk Saturday. On WG are scheduled to Sam Arnold we've been kind of we have focused a lot of I'm Sam Arnold here in buffalo particularly because we just all kind of been assuming that he was gonna go. Number one to the browns but now we we have rumors flying around that could be Joshua L land or even bigger mayfield which I find it hard to believe I won. But if it were were now trying to get to. Learn more about Sam Arnold a little more and in your contextualize quarterbacking you talk about him. You know there's questions about decision making but the way this is throwing motion his release came just describe his release to us a little bit because he does have. A little bit of a weird throwing motion but it's one that can still work in the well. Brian that says that some a lot of talk about that thank you give me an opportunity when we gal quarterbacks or any other position. We cannot miss the forest for the trees right and sell well or court docket and accurate. I am only interested in a quarterback throwing motion in that it one Serbs for him to be completely accurate and cubed doesn't break. Greatly boat rolling motion that correct throwing motion. Isn't to be exact same arm angle and the exact same you know ball jtapi Backstreet snapping overhead per record racquet it. And it is very important during quarterback coach and mechanic experts are well I've. What it is is in the position where the quarterback is normalized Jeter will be all the same way every single time it its head and they have retreated. And then secondly it doesn't put any undue stress on his elbow or our shoulder rated alt welcome during bureau position that your opposition is an orthopedic herb. And no stress and a mottled up pushing anywhere right. And these are important because when we come through and and and natural our position or not putting undue stress or not we think injury number one. And number Q what we do that on these straps or not in the crack our position for our body types which again very personable person. Well then the mind subconsciously makes small corrections to relieve the stress on the shoulder to relieve the stress and the elbow. And that is where raw emotions become out normalized. Maybe they lose their consistency mountain passes where. Accuracy and now look at an arrogant and Arnold. Who had eight beta one and being released sir when he when he well when he releases when it sort of relief or even go to the ballpark and now and start up front about it. You docks give way down underneath and hold it up I. Is that the problem. Only if it a factor that the ball lately and it damages which are about to either gray and then you talk about release speed because that bat Alter it's you can take too long. But Arnold that would be quickest releases in. Culpable in this class arguably the quickest. Because -- each. Click again welcome a platform immediately and go walk the release is abnormal to look at. As long as you can sit down the quarterbacks coach watch and fraud okay we're not putting any and that situation or not shoulder we're slogan the ball well on five. And quality guy who delivered to a relatively consistent accuracy when he got it spot. It's not a problem the issue in bowl lower body mechanics and what Donald can the ability Q release from super rear platform which it. What do I can't go o'clock right it won't go over here while the that are ridiculous. He doesn't need to do it straight you're supposed purely from a normal based. He can pull out all the what did you good trait. But when he had the opportunity to debate and doubt and all the dog to control that is released portrait that where you dropped and accuracy. Until when you watch star called upper body getting a bit like. Forty release any Lori Bjork. It can meet other call problem it it doesn't bother me at the very sorry about the mark Jackson's upper body situation beats you know very interesting upper body release as well but again. Major powers accuracy issues stem from the from Dominik all about I'd be building. The procedure right where the elbow comes through eighteen they can anywhere the rates as early 218 beaten me at all about that work. Border to eat your pick up like mechanics yet they can't get normal it's worked out so to meet Arnold isn't much finish. Yet we had met Wald and Eric for you when he Serna said the same thing like if you're gonna look at one thing on on an eighty what's the easiest thing to put together an easy thing to fix. From the transition college or pros it is the full work it's it's not necessarily be the throwing motion or anything like that but the thing that you mentioned aim in one of your odd pieces about Donald. Was that. His sort of wacky full work actually may have helped him. In the scheme that he was playing in college at USC bought when you start to transfer that to the twin NFL scheme where Matt Waldman was also talking about north with Josh Rosen where his full work as precise based on the routes being run. Tend to Arnold be a guy. Are in your mind from what you've scene be a guy that has full work that is going to tied to specific routes or is he sort of just gonna be a guy that you can't really brought it timing or full work based opposite the West Coast scheme. With Donald. Wonderful questions at an optical yet. What door open and its chief Mario off at which you finally mark up and saw. You know he's still on the just got us now from shock and turn and released prayers at. I've made a priest now free app and it collection and they could Rambo Gary RP RP RP out on just chuck intro whatever plaque from unlocked. And that would go right I'll need be able to do that but it does kind of give you bad habit. Until when we talk about transferring and you know understand our offense with play action eight and five step drop and it is to time with comeback certainly there's not much evidence that he's going to be able to do this. Right and you have to the two where. Top thirty then that becomes super valuable this is where pro date become super valuable right we beat former adult and thinking that credit matter crackers muted outlook under. Go to matter only and now I get to see you do different thing. Then you did in game situations and I'm forcing you to do it and many are comparable to what you would look like. Until I bring in a quarterback for our thirty that I didn't even take very many steps very many snapped excuse me where it. Timing routes where at first sight for work that penalize the route breaks that Matt Waldman refer. And that we'll immediately get to meet you Gail and I are expecting to be very good get practice that I'd like to see something that make if you gut. Normal to me he doesn't hobble the door Ballmer you know Carson Palmer's brother does actually sort quarterback coach. He's the guy all the what the starter for a year and a half a year quarter age right. To me there's certainly room there to develop but certainly room there to work and and to improve its own work. Donald as a guy who in my opinion you don't when Rick and Kiki when he's starting or sitting. Whatever after a development. I can do that they you know start I don't care but recognize that you're not really a win too many days when the 1218 if he needs. Pollack is the work that I wanna move away from really heated needs. Rounding out he needs every aspect of the game to be a little bit more solid he's got to meet the fill out both the rough edges that both I I get a polish whatever. You need biology at 2019 at the very out yet ready to start winning football games that and and part of that. All that your that the U 2018 is due to back the yeah yeah and you can normal life and work on timing dropped it on the. Yet and I think it's important note about Arnold to Benjamin it's like this this gives claimed linebacker until accused chief year in high school like this he does it have. Years and years he doesn't have a dad who is quarterbacks coach Earle had football coach guys you know it's like he doesn't necessarily have some of the things you look at like rose and where why. He is so precise in that area where you see at least for my opinion you look at Arnold. And you just see a guy that. Is gonna really benefit from having NFL coaches in and here's the thing too with Arnold that I see maybe more so is it necessarily on the field is his willingness to sort of be the guy who wants to change who wants to. Be coached and be co trouble I did you kind of sheds infineon. Torres wrote in the ability to be couch. I meant Arnold's not rows and that that talking about it in the context of diagonal rows and having those things especially the full work where Arnold doesn't but it seems like anyways. From everything you've hearing about art art is he's the kind of guy may be out of the most of the other of his top five guys who may be the most collectible. Well startling and and figuring out most eligible glow in the dark aura to good and very. Thirty Q. A very welcome coordinator pretty quarterbacks coaches you got 96 people now coaching different way. You know I could read it again and whoever bringing back the building is very important. Because you can you talk about Arabic tomato our jobs are being difficult to coach speak at their personalities but at the same time. As you know oh everybody finds himself attracted Kia and able to work where it's different personality. Good but what you really like about Donald number one is that he showed the ability to played a very young age which means that Kiki do you. What took it out and that you could coaches doughboy redshirt freshman and unless they shall bear creek very comfortable that redshirt freshman to be certainly a guy. We think it's going to be yet response to keep coaching which is a great site at the other thing that you that you like about Donald that in the at all odd that for him on his development track. And that he the guy who is I don't want to say you know quiet I don't want that you keep acne cure anything like that but he simply does it. Yeah as well he doesn't seem to get you know the moment isn't too big for at least in going to be very clutch. Indeed odd situation in the now it made yet been received in Marriott I don't think very go to on the probable but I did not match up. You know and a lot of pac twelve games yet a big moment you'd be able to do. Really liked the case of a very young age which is give you the sense that this centered young man and I got a feel content in his own ability and know that you can do the job but it's not necessarily hit some but they are they make Hibbert got frozen. There's cot it's their right and so that got an attractive character that you are unique in bigger hole and can't. But again you know when it comes to coach ability you gotta bring in the guys who would be Trojan quarterback you gotta bring in the potential quarterback yet in the end around Q what happened. Because people interactive. People differ way to go to sell up to make generalized comments are both stability target is no reason to believe that any good quarterback coach couldn't get good development out of sent Arnold. Yeah great points iPad I really appreciate you coming on and you do really really great work I don't think you get enough credit for it so great job I'm on your side this year. And we really appreciate you make some time that to come all of us it was a it was really great having that meant. Now of course many good luck to buffalo. I got really good bodies are built Sandler out of their governor great time I you know streaks and broke into the ditch. I would like Sean McDermott knew the Philly guy and the other guy and stuff I'd love she bobbled the example shot according to get people up that we get lucky at this yet. Thanks Ben appreciate a lot over the weekend. Are expected to select there you can follow him on Twitter at and select he's a really really just a very Smart young guy I mean he's younger than both Bryant got a bright future he really does he got a future you know I I don't think he gets enough credit for some of the work that he does that is just so much fun and it's beyond a lot of what do guys who have been in this industry for a long time do. I'm not an ice so well spoken to really really well spoken at our -- a thrill by 518852. But if you try to get your calls if you got questions for the last two hours a lot of information being threat yet. Any reaction that you feel free to give us a call we got Ramon Harris who's going to be coming in at 1 o'clock at Bradley should his stories we'll get to him. When we come back to listen to sports talk set and BG. You know they've heard that you weren't at the optional work. You know they've heard that you weren't at the optional workouts last week and a wondering is there like him. Do you plan on attending the optional workouts that are upcoming. Why can't do. Robert how he's got his dirt. Like he skills to work out. To work on so he won't be at and you the offseason training program to patriots yeah he was at this press conference to when he was decked out in full moto gear helmet at all. My toss up Comodo late I don't know I don't know like moto cross on activities were out of chemo and I'll inside that jail. Come and kimono bro I'm not that you don't show. This is where. Ryan leaves the program and I am to his other job that's true that's why I'm actually going home because I forgot my shoes. To my other job which. If you know anything about being in your feet for upwards of six hours shoes. Very important well let me tell you about the issue please I don't I've had these shoes and you know we're supposed to have that work what's called a non slips holes because right work in the restaurant industry there's there's enough fluids that frequently get on the floors. And you know it's you know he needs some non slip shoes won't have announced that she was I have new balances which I've had for approximately. None of five Sosa right shin revolution they become non stick. But no there are no threat out there today they. They slip a lot of nicely but I'm I'm of the mind at work here you know once a week. When I gonna do. Go buy new shoes go by another pair of doctors no chance no chance of had these same pair of pants for three and a half years now quite attaining our shoes for five plus years. I should probably get new shoes yeah probably really really. Moral of that story moral of the story. Get some new shoes properly all right so when we come back him on Harris a former UB walk on he finished up his senior season last year you BT is headed to. Find out whether or not he's going to be drafted next week and to let him out we'll get his can historians see how the draft process in the pre draft process has worked out for a that's far. Say let's export stocks are rank gates make your Judy BSE here. On WGR.