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Saturday, April 21st

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Good morning golfers if your. Time but weeks. See that he could clean. Winning golf show you're on WGR. Sports Radio 550 kind of fun on the PGA tour one help with your swing began to show a call at 8030552. He's too green on WGR. He's presented by would still wedges my Mitt go low Alter the Western New York PGA might custom her. Then by our home clubs fox valley ten terror. And dryer were. Good morning everyone from loch port town and country club TD green is on the air on a beautiful day the sun is out shining and I think golf weather is finally here as we welcome you inside. Beautiful clubhouse here block port town and country club. Michael Steele PG approach yet Venus here and we've got some guests coming just a moment Jeff good morning good morning. Thank you see you again same here our favorite petty as this event of the year it's beautiful view in the sunshine and nice and warm in. And golfers are waking up with a little better. Absolutely it's finally seemed as though spree that's going to be here after. And now. If we're here at port town and country club in paranormal a nice corner spot overlooking the first T. From inside the windows here and then on the other side of its seat. The eighteenth. Iconic eighteenth that's. We talk about that come and appear in just few minutes anyway. Lots talk about here of course the next hour of course our normal. Golf round table get our last year PGA tip of the week coming. We will also. Get some thoughts coming up on what's going on in the PGA tour. Also there's a great special going on here a lot for town and country club with the Pickens join us the marketing director. In about a half hour so from now. All of Mali's eight regional managers here with us and jet out of the new PGA professional. Done more. About it thank you thanks for all Pittsburgh for. Have let us be a part of the showed you guys have been a long supporter RT broadcast the hour. Note welcome back here's the thank you thank you love him here you know looking. Great threat though there. It's. The best the best dressed art group here super. Very very warm. Little called. That the ideally jut welcome to show here as well you're joining us here for the first time and probably excited in golf tees and going way sir accuracy guys have me obviously off to slow start this year. Now of course. Thursday afternoons now. Reports that it season. Today's the first in essence really an out all day so hopefully it's golfers out there to talk a little bit about your background sir you coming to block port now for the first year obviously this is my first year here replace an ad for it goes here effort 27 years. The opportunity to me at this week he seems like a great guy. He gave me some great impediment. Originally am from Western New York I grew up in. Just south of Rochester agro plants effort country. And talent talented Penn State for in the PGM program and he had a good fortune to work and for some top pros some top clubs network and cocktails and national golf links and down and dipped to work for Jason Taylor that the country vote buffalo which is. An excellent opportunity Jay does a great out there. In knows very fortunate in I'm super excited to be effected area where it Laporte and country club. Excellent. Well what did you. Find so attractive in Judd here and it's you brought on board. You know his experience. His mannerisms I mean he's just really. He brought a lot to the table in and it just it seemed like after our first visit. If he was leaving Iowa AGCO. That's our next grow you know week at their feelings he's going to be warm and so far. It was a great choice but great yeah that's a role in his journal managing obviously see value and an PGA professional Q tell us a little bit about what that would value PGA professional will bring to an operation like locked return country. The golf professional brings better experience here remembers that makes them play more golf just have a lot of experience instructions so. He he's gonna spent a lot of time there remembers better golfers play more golf you know Kirk without good PGA professional. To sell merchandise or tell people what they really at times he'd be told what they need to play a better game of golf. And make the game more fun which were all you know accomplished so that the router and your courses more and I see a lot of that. I see a lot transitioning their wayward people are making their course is a little bit more playable to the average golfer to make it more. Fun day for them to get out if you want him back. You know the struggling through their game. No one runs a struggle themselves while I do but most adults don't come back and keep you utilized in the course and that's that's our goal. And that's what that's the golf professional brings to it. They create better golfers. Not that makes it's not a sense you think you know when he get better you're motivated want. No matter what you're doing. Yeah outward used for golf is supposed to be enough for its use words like work and your game cigarettes that are in Europe they have fallen for a just note of the PGA professional here at locked for joining us roller mallet the general manager along with PG approach that means it's time rankled earlier on T degree or obviously here at loch port town and country club the saudis out. That is right in my eyes that I sunglasses and shut up I'm not not looking at you when you're making great points in this the sun is right of excitement you know what I'm not complaining it's I'm still a little while I that in in the sky there right there it's beautiful layers that. It's rates over the first hole it as we look at this great course and look at sports talk about the course here that's on our a couple of things though. Roloson that he really like just back on instruction and that's something that we talked about quite a bit and jeopardy your thoughts and just YouTube but. Instruction or notes something. That my son who's eight and very excited about the units it like starting off with a right foot like that could help quite yet. And no matter what the age if you wanna pick up golf indeed going. Going to PGA professional start in kind of getting yourself on that right polite is the best move because the worst thing you do is. Pick up bad habits either through yourself or through someone else and all of a sudden as you know it makes it ten times or difficult try to go back and exit again. And we talk about this a lot be it if there's a lot of cliches that golfers passed around each other that are certainly detrimental to play in the game well. You know like kids that we talk about your son swing easy swinging like it's the swing easy wanna create speed. When your plane with a buddy neatly to keep your head down iron and the ball is in a bigger. Myth out there in the game of golf for your left arm straighter my theory to swing the call about towards the target well that's just a terrible movement is gonna get a lot of golfers in trouble. So little things like just understanding the simple. The simple concepts of the gulf swing are going to see a PGA pro the talk that the best players in the world have players they work with pros they were with their usually PGA professionals. That help with their swing to Nicklaus won every spring to work on his group stances linemen posture. Same thing in the spring I get a lot of a lot of lessons work Ellis is gonna look tune up let's make sure we're in good shape for the season let's make sure some things haven't got out of Wecker who have gone. No you've been trying to hit a hook maybe gone a little too far with that human network and with your grip rebuked got to to strong to weak. So those things you just wanna check with someone who's knowledgeable and if you do it all the every in been trained to do it as PGA professionals are at it certainly makes it easy for us to fix it. What about instruction justice follow on Jeff's yeah I agree with Jeff absolutely. I think instruction to. To be tailored to that each individual student obviously everyone's swings differently but you know it's important to work with them and one of the key especially it was unions is to make fun. Because of its not fun and I wanna come back to junior clinics junior leagues every week so. Wanna create different competitions. And events for them to make fun and competitive. That. That I that GG GX shirt because they are here they have fun they Wear jerseys they yourself the team heads a team thing if you hit that shot it's OK you know Wanda although I mean this setup for that is just it's just perfect last week. But the team that my son is on with which is the and Tareq box really combined team we have our first practice and already just some of the elements of taking thought into it but. Right away you could see also to even. They felt that he but even I know that the the moms and dads in Europe they felt at ease of describing the format that we're gonna play with witches. A two man scramble format I mean that's fun at buoyed its satellite that Taiwan competitive but it also. It relieves the pressure that I don't have to be clear Obama at every shot and everything like that so. I don't let that mean that's one thing Dario we talk we talk about what have been the show is of course early in the game. It's one of the mission statements I know that you guys have with the PGA professional but. The next wave of golfers coming up. We know there was the huge influx in the mid to late nineties with Tiger Woods coming in. And we're seeing now those players on the PGA tour we know. Jordan's beats Ricky Fowler's Justin Thomas is all their heroes to Patrick greet the insanity growing up that they're here with tiger while. This next generation whether there's a tiger not the hope that matter now what the find out but there the next wave of golfers which is gonna keep the industry grows strong. The gotta obviously keep them. Alive and well and enjoy the game. Absolutely. There's a lot of other opportunities out there are a lot of kids play soccer baseball summer so you really have to. Make it enticing for them to come up to the club and make competitive environments especially for the advance juniors like here at slot port town and country club and I have an advance junior program for. The more advanced and skilled juniors to have the opportunity to come out of that more in play it. Well it just how but I know that families now I know something you obviously take great pride here is the party membership but part of that as juniors involved too. What can speak upon that hear it worked out we benefited over the last probably ten years it is a lot of families joining your club. Because of the a lot of that he would do with PGA professional having. You know. Junior program for the play. We've made options for college students at a reduced rate to be here to play golf high school kids June beacon commitment play golf. Get. Very reasonable golf membership to play your round every single day I've seen kids year. Played 36 holes today and that's just youth yes it's just. And at that top of the of that walk those that are good like. That struck a lot of deals here those are the things that. Make you proud those you know in the parents bring in the kids solar in this game if they wanted to play golf. With the kids I had someone in the last week last Saturday mornings she's at their she goes I've gotten away from golf and now my kids play golf. I need a membership if I wanna start playing in my husband's gonna start playing because we wanna do this with our kids. You know and that's applause that's the change it's it. Parents are doing a lot of things with their kids and one but I think it's gonna start turning its gonna turn towards golf. Yeah I I agree with you see a lot of that Maury golf has changed golf the demographics the people that are playing in the in the mile that they are playing. I see a lot more wives and families and junior's plane. Now than ten years ago by a mile and then things people play more nine hole rounds just because it fits in their schedule nicely you know it's two hours with a family with young kids. Please do see that changing you need to adapt in and supervisors eagle on his physical professional but that's. That it to me that's a positive and I I saw that Jack Nicklaus saying too about how that in noise he goes forward with Nokia obviously involved that all the everything. With golf. Course design and he's looking to design mourned nine hole courses and fairly friendly courses and things like that. That is something to I think. And and I'm as guilty of anybody when I played nine it's always that. If it sure little eagle ought to be like but what's my score you know that sort of thing of like well it's you know I didn't complete eighteen holes like. Is that caused it trying to get of course you know this time to write you know I had good night thanks to dot Nokia. That that mystique of that it doesn't have to be done that always have to be eighteen holes and Horry to feel like you played in and an enjoyable day right I mean eighteen. Holes is taken four and a half to five hours and a lot of people especially younger generation don't doesn't have the time is spent. That long whether it be that we threw weekend so. Nine holes becoming more and more popular. And one of the things we're doing is basically another win those barriers that people talk about Oakland Oprah for fifteen expectation the plate. And we're putting where look where they're on the PG ET US kids golf moving some forward tees up of your junior. And the win and these are Mormon and the woman he's too far for it tees up and unfairly yet sir so go up it's that whole that we have men that are playing Iraqis you know that we talked about a lot of or it how often that we talk about Q forward how successful then. How much more fun people have plane from appropriate tees one at throw it something that I was gonna bring up later I think that's a good time now we talked about pace of play. A quite a bit of actually PGA pros on Twitter responded to that topic this week kept heavily. Eight. Caddie that said that he was sitting their talking about how the pizza place and it's getting ridiculous that the PGA tour. Here's his tweets that they get these greens they're tough. With lots of run offs. And the wind blew hard he thought about last week's events at the RBC heritage a doubt he'll at least that. That adds weight more math he that we were never out of position today but we were twenty minutes shy of a six hour round c'mon turtles. This is bad for the game. Steve Flesch who actually did quite well last week on the champions tournaments that it's never gonna change. The younger they get the slower they gave green books checklist fast greens analytic swing no one seems he'll pull the trigger. And they have no re precautions here on tour were bad role models are any college golf it's. It's the same coach college it was re ridiculous and I would I would agree. They're going after all he's putting them machinations. They've got their yards books. Aggressive in the years 345 pack watching their idols do is solid and now they think that's the way that golf needs to be played. How many times he put it around off we just got to McCarty just walk yourself you play fast. I'll plainly better and think about it again I'm just by the around my buddies and are how many times judge that you played a practice round where you're just trying to get eighteen holes in deliberately. Up went on to a half three hours we've done it plays out of position ethnic. Yes so I know it our club that's that some were really working that second this year and I'm sure you'll every club works and that it just takes one person. One group to ruin the day for everybody so so that's what you just have to be cognizant of when you're out there and I think if you create their culture. I think golf going that way to people that we're trying to fire are around clubs and play and a but the PGA tour and and college golf has not setting examples. There are idled at from numbers that I know that are here that's one thing that I know they find attractive is that rounds. Don't take six hours here and a whore com. We have people in the on the show few years ago. We duplicate out in the morning you know early walk. They can walk the currency mr. height yes yes we expect that we ever looking for right now. I thought I'd look at from walking up seventeen I remember well our froth the way we were at seventeenth we were here a few years ago a bill like the former sabre members here. We are here setting up for the show so you know. 640 years we're sitting here to witness for the show and somewhat walking down seventeen and it. You know and then you tell me again he's dirty play yet every summer obviously little. More daylight but in I mean I think that stuck with the that it if you're looking for somewhere to play and time a round is an important to you which is and that's the good place to play. This is awesome for I mean. We just spoke of it you know you know you speak of these foreign four hours and 154 and a half hours I mean. They're getting it done and under four hours here which is. You know number one it takes skill you know and they know the course to get around it but that's what makes this much smoother. You know. Tee time tees they're going there's not really a lot of back up here. It's it's always spend around the four hours four hours ten minutes or are under four hours which with a lot of them walking believe it or not and this is not. The easiest course in the Western New York try to walk. And get around you've all played it's you know it's not so it's. But yeah I would say it skilling just awareness when Richard journey ahead. You hit and that's a culture that's created probably at a club and an eighteen year old force and you know increase their culture air force and so this time they hit hit. He notes that there and we you know the wind changed directions for right. Tee to green live here at Locke were tonic magical 717 at the time here opening segment thanks for being with this. Along with PG approach a mean aside rankled Lilja no auto the new PGA professional is joining us as well as. The general manager role in O'Malley and now the sun is out it's beautiful birds are. Flying away from our first tee box so spring is in the air so I hope you get a chance to play no matter where you're heading out to play. This year before we let jut go here on this first segment let's get in our Western New York PGA. Tip of the week it's brought you by the west that your PGA. The westar PGA has one goal promoting and growing the game of golf today tomorrow and beyond. We're gonna talk about creating more speed. And Jeff I know we prep. For the show I would ask you by the tip of the week it knows something that the you wanted to bring to the table this week though after the getting older and you couldn't agree more rapidly and create more speed power he felt my young son don't tell on this link floats almost try to swing with speeds though what are some of the keys to swing with speed and for those that are listing this year it's at I wanna generate more speed report this year upcoming. What are some of the keys and and judging juggling your thoughts I think offers hope capital practice creating speed there's a lot of you know a lot of bad advice out there swinging the all the stuff that gets people to not create speed. I like the few drills. For all try to corrupt practice Greece beat take a seven iron and try to hit it as far as you can. You know put it down hit a hook whatever makes and swings and get in the habit of swinging with speed slots when his sergeant mock as long as you can stay imbalances still make it tactic. Com if you are swinging weighted club that that's not helping create speed that may help make you stronger but it's not creating speak speeds of swing. Talks put the golf club or put the head of the club and they about consciously took that Swedish. Try to records which allowed just passed impact. And try to create you know get in the habit of swinging faster swinging faster if you never practice swinging fast she won't you won't have the abilities and and especially with children they learn to create speed at a young age at a certain point if you haven't ever created beater than anything athletic in golf swing gets harder and harder to. Ever gain that speeds so as because it looks and swing swing heart okay I want people to hit it as hard as they came we can always teach an industry later. Absolutely agree with Jeff as a junior grown up they adapt and you work with crack permanent Oak Hill. And he would always that he just needed it to work at a fitness the vast. But he would say I don't care how. Faster swing back he said I want you to swing through as quick as you can and he taught me that from. The time I was 1011 tell. One ever put I think it's very important and you seem more and more PGA tour professionals especially working now though that has become one day where. Twenty years ago fifteen years ago before tiger was out there. No one worked out so I think that really helps as well. Before really go Judd. By the Reagan west here PG tip of the week if you learning you know ladies think you're talking here about instruction. You wanted to start golf maybe this is the year you feel like you wanna start. You wanna get your son or daughter involved everything you can check out at the last year PG website WNYPGA. Dot com. Judge you also said. Part of Europe previous track record you erection cocktails which I would I would be poor host if I didn't ask you one thing about that before really go because that's the site this year. You US open will be the next major on the PGA tour calendar. What sort of challenges are the pros gonna have here I was there in 04. Reburial four I was there always are when you sit outlasted. Mickelson he made all the putts back then you really know for which I tell a lot of people because they always ask me the wind never really blow it out the scores were super high I think the course was set up and and I think it's going to be set up a little bit different this year. That was the year there was controversy with the seventh green right screen however I heard that there were posing in between groups are now standing there watching and the he they eat pudding on six the next getting to walk over seventy and they were hosing during competition and I was pretty yet and he's a rev Dan always agree. Oh heavily from left to right so it was tough to even keep ball's on the green that would slow draw. The that option that's. Actually gonna make sure that that doesn't happen yeah I think they're gonna keep them more green. I think last time. They firmed it up quite a bit because the rough was wasn't quite high enough. As they anticipated so I think it's going to be great open I think of the wind blows the scores are going to be. Locate those greens firm and fast which makes it quite a challenge equivalents. At the ethical play a lot of Fort Hood ballots could be agree here. For me I feel like what I think election it kills the first thing I think of is Corrie net very 95. They left in the fair they have an idea where he headed it forward from a 190 fat right and it was right yet he was not a long hitter and he admits to but that was that you know with a shot at -- career out guys at 7 o'clock here and it's like. They've got the plaque. At at Oak Hill word shown keel at that you know seven a famous seven iron to I pledged that he tried hitting seven iron from Eric H. To find a verdict green goes up that credit yet Yankee got an edit drop. Role in O'Malley GM they get for having us here before really all I know we don't wanna steal Melissa the bigger and up but I know you guys are excited about. This special going on Melissa's gonna tell us all about that but that you showed us the complete patio outside. It just it looked tremendous that your very product well now. Turned out fantastic. It was that is better than what we had expected it to be and it's just created a big. Laws and adrenaline rush from your members of the you know there we finished out the year. Last year out there we have a long seasons we were able to have the fire pits going. And it just keep hold a different atmosphere a port town and country club it fit right in their like it's always been there when you look at it now you think you know. What it used to look like is it just fit in perfect. And everybody's just really enjoying it and it just created a buzz in the made it in all a lot more fun for a everybody around here looks great absolutely except for the guy that missed the sodomy team to get tackled yes. They should get. I mean I guess that's a perfect for four if you're sitting out there Ethier. You're watching people play eighteen a little gallery that the that. The researcher. And if Sylvester with the wheat Beecher and that's right yes absolutely. Kevin is up for those new by the way wondering where Kevin is normally part or he's at the Valero Texas open. To be joining us in our final five minutes of the show give us an update. What's going on there this week with our PGA tour and so that's coming up we'll get a PG check the leaderboard. Also our Champions Tour report coming up you're gonna like who's in the lead weight Champions Tour where I thought that he. I have now well it'll be a name you'll definitely known entities that threats have that coming up and also. We mention it there there's a great news special going on here at loch for town and country club so if you. Ever had your interest about this place at the chance to hear more about that. As Melissa Pickens join us and the marketing director accidentally as well John thanks so much they like guys like comedians you know while aunt of it. The that was a great thing and so what we're back for of the radio show this year does it keep your zone sound right at all it's ridiculous for next that thing excellent all right. More from lock or tonic much club here on TD green. As that we relied on it double the GR back with more just a few moments. It is time for a check of the PGA. Tour she it means to report. And it is brought to my absolute care they are playing this week in kind of a fun spot reached gale. And it's the and official hula the peaks your lie with lines. Like. That's right. It's the bass pro shops legends of golf in mr. Here's your leader it's actually a team that. Michael Allen whose partner with. One guy. I know John Daly. You always what it nobody did it occur. Proudly occur. Sometime in orders yes Alan and Daley are right now you're leaders through throughout the four round events on the PGA Champions Tour this week. It's like our. Team. They're up one shot. In a whole big group golfers including. The pair of long currently that's pretty tough there. To. Now. The pare those to follow that might be fun. The shot the pair that are to back it is and it is an old bow like the media out of that. Pronouncing it those great golf greens and liked about the ground that's true that might be more fun absolutely so. That's the daily and Allen are your leaders there. As the wrote at the bass pro shops legends of golf that are look at her PG Champions Tour report. At the PGA tour leaderboard check opener next segment kept at the masters at the Valero Texas open. In San Antonio and we will find out what's Conan Kevin I heard yesterday listing with Jimmy Walker's group. And that will find out what's going on that up. At about 750 but were at 731 here block port town and country club back for the segment. PG approach that means is I'm rankles here on WG or what thank jut notably new PGA professional for joining us here. Last segments. If you missed some of the greats that the judge had to say we'll have our entire show up on our on demand audio. Section a little bit later on this morning it double BGR five it got novels the between out the audio. You follow on Twitter at there at Bryant. WGR a role in O'Malley the gentlemen are sticking with us here for other segment and also not joining us here on our roundtable is Melissa picket the marketing director director. It was a good morning. Do you put off Melissa. Let's. I keep on try. This is the year. Teacher it's simple game. There's nothing they can go around now it's it's well it's the easiest for the world no doubt the well Melissa thank you for having us here again today. Will let you go first no. You general have both expressed that you guys have some excitement. Over and great opportunities here here blocked ports that tells all about the seller offering. Actually currently where he prepaid 2019. Students and the rest of 2018 is actually wait for the news. Responsible for like your monthly expensive treatment on the map but. It's a great deal and it's a great way to get it. Turns out. Excellent with Julie. We worked on this to try to out everything single click here with shelf parole we've done a lot of things of the golf course wolf you know. And now we worked with the board and fantastic port directors and ice that was what strikes let's get more people on the course. Get them to try this that's that you you know you need to do let's get. That's offer special. And she said. You pay your 2019. Whose. You're good for two years for the season because this is just starting today I think here you know so if you get in you get the whole year do you read that next year or rated regular. Hey it's just. 241. By what it would you know answer to play this corset as you even heard of many peoples that it's it's one of the best courses in this Hoyer we although it's been it's it's phenomenal our grounds superintendent sort of terrific job over his last. You know thirteen years of us made a lot of changes here's just a phenomenal place to be with the patio in the re re doing at the pool. And all the things that we've done we wanna get people here. So we came up with a right you know let's try to offer makes them valued at this to get people here to see how much is really locked for our country. And so far and we tried at the beginning here it's been successful for a people are coming out. Here at an ever heard of that program. Force of that interest now. That's it it's a good ways like a puppy Greg you come up for your gonna actually you never can the public in the joining the club for two years and at these into it for many many years after that. And a Melissa I think that you know obviously the challenge now trying to figure out. Ways to make it a kind of a complete package and I know that you know. Being a member is. Sometimes for some it's all about golf but for some it's all about other things and I know that you have some of those other things going on here with a great pool it's always been here but some of the new things that. We've got a chance to see with the renovations at the last two weeks spoke that it was kind of a finishing touches these renovation but now you've got this in all the way to answer very. Out with the arena it's been amazing because seeing the patio. Going and and then to completion. Has just then one of the best things that have been equally as my life because. That joy while masters. Tiebreak under. The joy that after prayers the implement you know see the patio after out to completion get out there. Bailout that it's totally. I think when you probably keep up with its vision in this plan for how was all look up there with these renovations and then. To build a seat on a great day. You know it filled up with members having. Dinners and drinks and those conversations then and the heckler in the golfers on the eighteenth and all that goes with it and that atmosphere in the fire that I mean that's probably that's probably what's making you guys enjoy it more than anything is seeing altogether with the met. Is doing exactly that penniless ball that's. You know it's created as I said earlier the excitement you know it's. You you can people get Indo we've continued at that and you during your show here twice a year for how many years now. How we've gone with this club and just continued there's always a process there's always another. Something the following here this always done it all clubs do this you know you you've got to stay ahead of the and this project was. The last kind of what are the last niches in the whole process that we did going through this whole clubhouse and golf course we are all little nervous about it. Including myself which I drive to get these things done a point when you see the product in the excitement that you know when the naysayers covent company and they go. I was wrong this was really the right thing to do for this club that that makes us all feel good. And I think to mean let's face it the in Western New York. That night stays are not as many as there are other parts of the country and people want to take advantage of that and I think having net. Outside inside sort of both possibility mentality that you have here with all your rate rose that happened I mean. Just walking through here you got about four or five different ways you can enjoy your day depending upon. Kind of what you're in the mood who you're with what you're celebrating you know I I think that. For those that are looking for variety of ways to enjoy her golf. Membership experience here that you guys have checked a lot of those boxes. It hurts decisions we're going to set that's right. Enough they haven't been going at they have options they just don't now. That's right that's some options art so the membership together at the membership special in dispute with the details and and how they. If we they can't take you first Nora Kelly go through the technique. And eat out at eight prepaid tickets nineties to use. And the rest 2018. As like cross it's tough start and so that's a great day. They're so responsible for her monthly assessments treatment mom and of course any fees. But. There for their dues are taking care effort two years it's excellent great opportunity how could account. They can't pat checked me they can always an icing stop by. Comes it if you haven't already. Somebody's here pretty much all the time. So actually it's become another day accepted it and I remember. So Ali has seen a feel for it this topic in Simi. But he's also call for 56. Pass from. And hear some council seeking the okay it went back. Well it it does to get a note that I'll say that we always feel so welcome coming here and I'm sure that that that carries through with. People that might become addicted to be members here it's a great atmosphere that you active established it's not something that I he has tried to the people that are here. That's just something that comes natural I'd I'd just piloting your compliments you effort early it's having us have that feeling editor of the members. And they don't thank you very much. You know this is just to reach this is another part of their homes and other. Their friends are all here their families are all here so you wanna keep that same environment caring through the whole facility. My staff but it's just so it's a wonderful thing to have. Members or guests that are here come up and say you know you've got the nicest to Africa to myself I always feel so welcome when I come here and that's. And I know you get that environment anywhere you know almost the clubs and our area around here that's the that's what you get you really do get that Mets. And that's hit good staff for what you make that happen. Get the number here if you wanna call Melissa to find out more about this great opportunity for 33. 5964335969. Here at loch for our country club Melissa Rowland thank you again thank you great to be here. One more check out what's going out the Valero Texas open or are our first look when we come back and Sylvester will be line at the line is there for our. Check of the PGA tour leaderboard when we return here on T agree that live at beautiful loch ports how to country club here in a lock for New York WG. Welcome back to block port town and country club rankles he'll PGA pro Jeff Venus here on WGR. Wanna think Melissa Rollins and Judd for joining us here throughout the show. And it view. Heard about some of those great. Opportunities to maybe can be apart here of all the great stuff or not a lot for. All Melissa 4335. 69 or as they set. Honestly all right up and say hello to our experts that they'll take you through all the questions about that you might have about being part of this course Arquette Celestica capital line here is what mode from the Valero Texas open but you know you play where many times here I guess what about to variety of holes like. You've got them that. Obviously these first couple that we see by the clubhouse there's some elevation change and there's the challenge there and then there's maybe some more traditional ones toward the back and I mean at the par threes are so unique here. The par threes I'd its level look at them all to end. You know some of them had that all this when shorter it's easier but actually sometimes that first part three they hit that type is the hardest one it's like it. Just the oval look got a artist I think it's such a great variety polls. Up the par three holes here that there off the game is fun golf course and it went into little channel blockers and hills here army for Western New York that challenging from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania but. It is it is a nice course I don't know when was of course built it's it's an older looking course when. Nineteen lat at a in this regional finals in 1911 and then edit the other ones in the eighties or early ninety's. 91 we in the most it is a fun markers if it's a beautiful golf course. And it's one of those clubs it's enjoyable flick you can walk up to the door and meet him but he it's not there's no pretentious is there's no there's no airs about this place that's very very comfortable come to. Yeah no doubt and the such two great variety of holes at the eighteenth at the very very equal finishing hole for those that have never played here. I invite you even just when you commit to say hello but look out over whether brand new patio and check out the eighteenth hole that is. What do that the best finishing holes in western new York and it over water bunkers both Iran and its glorious thing is that the real picture exactly it's exactly to why there's no doubt about it. All right Kevin Sylvester now joining us on the line here aren't eatery as Brian and Jeff of course are here at -- we're tonic magical evidence in. San Antonio Texas Kevin good morning. About how we are organs around north and Christine and it is teacher Aaron. At the front of the green in the onto the ball stay stay in and they come down there bill picked. Plus on golf course. Yeah that's par three that you're referring to that was another one talked to us that that is challenging to judge. The distance on things like that but can you played here many many many times you mentioned one of the holes that you like but this overall for those that may be our. Interest in hearing more about this place for the golf side things what do you like about playing. Air. You know our I love the golf course. Every review at I think it is. So unique in that you have. He knows Wrigley nine holes and yet go mature trees lining. The knicks but from the back nine. 125. And come back over fifteen. Eighteen knot in your life I'd love that the par fives. You know. Well one you don't. It's not reachable but it is you know I don't. Where else. Yeah but I mean it's very tough they get it up there on the surface and because of all the green complex is. You you may be better lane back in my opinion. And. Now you're getting seven and two counts. An enemy and another seven to rapidly into the purpose of the then it's seventy. He's a real cool that what is reachable. In two but there's so much trouble they're true. By the green so it it's just great what they've done that and then they've you know we've made some. Enhancements if you will. Such an amber Sri which I think is one of the toughest par fours in all Western New York the key shot so difficult. And then that green to you've got to know the green. And it where to hit the golf ball. As many as simple as it's like professionals play golf course in order put the ball. Out of green did to be positioned to. Make a putt order it out with a partner follow location so it is just a fantastic round of golf and the members there. Are just a walk with me great people are you guys mentioned. Yeah let's get our PGA leaderboard Jackie PGA tour leader or check brought to you by uncork golf Buffalo's golf ball in by Donald Ross world's finest golf apparel. And I wish your by the way it where we're looking good and our Donald or last year here today. Yeah I wish abrupt ninety degree Donald Ross poll over yesterday I look at laundry or your colonial and I'll look in the eighties what that changed and you know I felt barracks. They've into the so that he he heard you broadcast. Carol bears Sam chilly out here being from bottle opener it was chilly. Issues to work. It includes you know they said it got the 63 degrees I don't believe it. With the do wind that it was in San Antonio where it was. It was all late day in all its future story. The leaderboard that I look at out of my phone that said route to weather with sixty twos you were right on with that. At the top the leaderboard Ryan Moore and Zach Johnson are tied. Four. The lead at minus nine. And Jack Johnson knows how to play Texas golf course he's had success there in the past. What it's been the buzz surrounding his first two rounds of Barca. Well Election Day you want this service back trickier but not at this golf course lockout. Arkin Kara. Or he won back to back titles in the Texas open. They had not won your heat and challenging first round. We're not in heparin but he was out early yesterday. And I think degree to a more receptive. I mean eagle and terrorists. It was sort in the course record just everything go. Former even said afterwards that you know I didn't ever think Herbert apparently it's more putts that I should have but I'll take it you know like. And you get something happens form this year than. You know Ryan Moore I saw him yesterday morning in his round and the most impressive thing about Ryan Moore Acer's 36 holes. He has a clean card know what else. Yet which. In the conditions they had on the first day it was incredible in this golf course so difficult to hard golf. You know some of the greens they're they're very narrow and and and talks to hold. What do you know of that and the couple wins in there and even if you missed. You miss a tee shot. The rough I mean there's a lot of limestone RX now you're gonna get. And Eli union may have to just pitch out a lot of cac Dyer run into the yellow rose of Texas as they call. A lot of those around in your Jimmy Walker number eighteen in the first he would take a drop out of the cactus. He's a tough break event you know chips out and then catches for Google has her and took two penalty strokes made a double bogey which. Was remarkable there is able to do that so very difficult golf course. Our Karl these players do they have the flatter wealth played that the the story of Texas those guys come out while reflect the wing. What's Ryan Moore is all play like we note that captain at the flat well what about Ryan Moore. All right Mort does and very LA news you know he likes to cut the golf ball and you know it just me me that he even leads the tournament in driving accuracy. As this week so we definitely. You know shape his golf ball into the wind. And got seventeen per Tripoli yesterday hole location in the back terrible plot or eating just decided not to go for the green. Now he literally have the links to get there but he decided that laid back at a 115 yards sort of have. Woes you know sometimes in the win jets you know what they're sixty yard shot can be awkward forgot to unite you mean acted the spin with Powell. You know acceleration at the from a golf ball to do that the wind will take some of that offers pure the back of the green so. He you know what was coming off the left that's where it's the golf also he put himself on the right side of the fairway. You know had his ball hold up against that wind on the cut and sixteen feet away made another birdie currently and so. Really control his play and his golf or we will all cookie. Austin look at will leave you this thought here just for those that may be watching the event on TV over the weekend what's up the suit to watch for something unique about this course that that we should keep an capitals watching TV this weekend. Well you know the sixteenth hole. The finishing holes here 161718. Sixteen carrier Greg Norman is on the course and good to talk to the shirk your debate by the way. It's critical about golf course. But sixteen Sergio Garcia helped consult met and they put a blocker in the middle agreement. Kind of a monster Revere six coal. This is more about who don't know with a back upper shelf than the lower shelf so. That we need all the watch seventeen drivable par four than eighteen are tough par five. And the last couple years kick in birdie at eighteen. To win so that's cool I expect succumbed out of the water right at the. Excellent Kevin thanks so much will be listened for you on PGA tour radio and we appreciate it join us here this morning and no it. He got up a little earlier to Jonas what is it an hour. Behind her power yet in our behind us here that our view I think it's the right one our capital wanted to work to her to a would not eatery. At best at a at a at a thank you for your dedication can we appreciate you got. It right that -- the Lester with us here live and. TD green he is that. The PGA tour event this week the Valero Texas open in San Antonio pretty equal course there. Next week for the PGA tour players they'll be the Zurich classic of New Orleans which is shaping up to be a real better field than navy. What they've been getting in the past and then for mothers we can Wear or two weeks by the way yeah appeared he would have thought about that you should. There prepare for arms. The best people the world take care of them. That's coming up in two weeks with the players championship is always. (%expletive) it it really does feel like the fifth major in that got some friction and mouse if you want players to. Submit your plans early. That's right schedule your take mama to run to get all that taking care of it and you can watch the end note dinner at the box out. Well for everyone here a lock forward and I'll cross western golf courses the Cisco this is really like opening weekend it's finally gotten here I know. And people have been shopping at the bit were excited here ticket going in for people that realistic right now have a Beagle not to play. Their first round of the year this weekend (%expletive) puppet just a quick. Last minute bit of advice for those they be playing for the first time. Mr. I would I would take the expectations. Around active out in out there and networking and thought tactic. Months and cradles the seven iron in one clip for you of course. You don't you might you might miss hit a shot that normally don't and that's okay it says that's gonna happen that. I'll let let that go right now right on the air although we are posting fees. You might want. Post round so maybe in real mats around too much to stare at it. Right next week we will be heading. South which is usually what you want for much self will be heading to Redford Pennsylvania pine acres pine acres turkeys for. Not seeing each day. Championship for a chat with him about that a little bit and it's it's a really nice course took in the low against. The the United States forest at. That is where we will be next week of course we wanna remind you just a couple of things you can be a part of our next Batavia downs meters challenge. Again we are toxic this week with our masters winner. That was Steve Kearney and he's off to Batavia downs for great night of fun a hotel night free play money restaurant entering money. And that was all courtesy corporate Batavia downs are next meters challenge will upbeat for the US open we mentioned it earlier which he used to work should cocktails. So in June seats are they're making your picks ready again now I'll have all the information on Twitter at Bryant WGR you don't follow me that's where all the info is going to be for the contest. Makes you follow me at Brian WGR but and I'll meet meet its MI ET US PGA. This the year meat isn't quarter hurt this year yet account just you know. That you've been very active and where I've been learning and so. Good luck to you in Tennessee by the way. Kudos to also proposed that from the Buffalo News this week. Thanks to Sully for he threw a couple quotes from me about scramble at the end of the second Q like lay my thing about finishing second I couldn't agree more than. You finish first you get booed you think everything's cheap they that he cheated and they were to realize our. Call Kevin did earlier in the awful sports page about about art art facility close it and increase. Its. Very very exciting. That you and Tim were quite that nice picture him their stand it and at the PGA championship here and there player and that's why they had to sell papers that are color photo that he's so good looking. Enough. Right that's right. So anyway what I think everybody airlock for tonic after a jot note of the PGA professional Melissa in the marketing director. And of course the original manager Rollins O'Malley for having us. Edit anything that you listen to today treat you you wanna stop by there welcoming to you as well. You can also get a call 4335969. Will be back here later in RTC's effort to show a lock for next week. We will be at pine acres in Bradford. And for counsel lesser at all everybody here a lot for our country club thanks Jeff me answer the throw your always on our show. Jody B Osce Becker ever studios they joke but it is rankles really appreciate it listing here TD green presented by. The Western New York PGA what's the wedges inside the world adult film. Piccolo vulture like custom turf. And our home clubs fox valley and Sarah and Breyer. Enjoy the weekend cable talk to you next week here on T theory go play golf absolutely right here on at least. The.